Motive Power

This Alco RS2 is still kicking cars on the Eagle River Division.

A number of the Motive Power Roster photos are from a former layout, the Meramec Valley & Pacific Lines. 

The Eagle River Division is now entirely on the main level of my current layout. The now-separate upper level is known as the Molina Sub. 

The roster is in the process of rebuilding to include images of  locomotives in Eagle River Division and Molina Sub scenes.

The Eagle River Division is set in the 1970’s.

Motive Power Photo Roster

Motive Power Action Photos

(In 2015, the upper deck was still part of the Eagle River Division.  In 2018 it was separated from the lower deck and became the Molina Sub.  In 2019, the upper and lower decks were reconnected.)

Cab Ride Video of Eagle River Div. Upper Level – January 2015:

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