Motive Power


MOP locomotive waiting for a green signal at Westburg on the Eagle River Division layout.

Although the Eagle River Division is my current layout,  many of these photos were made on my previous layout, the Meramec Valley & Pacific Lines.   Scenery on the MV&P was mostly complete when it was dismantled to accommodate the rebuild which resulted in the creation of the Eagle River Division.

I am slowly rebuilding the roster page to include some locomotives in Eagle River Division scenes.

The locomotive roster has seen a few changes since the move to the Eagle River Division layout. Some of the early first generation diesels were retired, but there are still a few GP7s around as well as some modern diesels of the mid-1970’s.

Motive Power Photo Roster

Motive Power Action Photos

Cab Ride Video of Eagle River Div. Upper Level – January 2015:

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