Eagle River Div CTC Panel






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Dispatcher Control train movements over the Eagle River Division, line routes and signals using CTC, terminate trains, call crews as needed.  Keep trains, merchandise, and passengers moving.

Waldo Yardmaster.   Oversee operations in Waldo Yard.  Build outgoing and classify incoming trains, communicate with the dispatcher and train crews; work local industries at Westburg.

Hoegaarden Local (Mopac) Train HGL.   Perform switching operations at a brewery and paint factory. Stop in for a cold one at the brewery during your break (not really).  Return train to Waldo Yard.

Quarry Job (Frisco) and Riverside Cement.  Work the Sulphur Springs Quarry, Ready-Mix companies, and River Cement factory.  Local switch moves, then report to South Park Terminal to pick up your assembled train bound for the cement factory.  Make pick-ups and set-outs and return to South Park Terminal (staging).

Steel Mill Job (Mopac) Job  This job consists of 2 trains: a turn and local switching.  Start your job at Ferritin City Steel, where you’ll use the US Steel switch engine to take care of some inter-plant moves and moving cars in and out of the yard.   When finished, pick up the turn at South Park. After stopping  to pick up some scrap loads, you will be on your way.  Upon arrival at Ferritin, leave your delivered cars on the main, and make pick ups of outgoing cars from the yard.  Return to South Park Terminal with your train.  You’ve had a full day – the next crew will move the cars off the main and into the steel yard.

Ferritin Industrial Park Turn (TRRA) Train FTL.  Stop on your way out of South Park Terminal for any pick-ups and/or set-outs at the South Park interchange track.  Proceed to Ferritin Industrial Park to work its various industries.  Return your train to South Park Terminal (staging).

Train #90 Westbound MOP Dodger.  Pick up your train at Lafayette Terminal (Staging) Yard, head west to Waldo, first stopping at Oak Hill to drop off and pick up cars, and working other locations along the way as required.  Terminate your train at Waldo Yard after obtaining permission to enter the yard from the yardmaster.

Train #91  Eastbound MOP Manifest. Pick up train at Waldo yard,  light switching at Hoegaarden if needed, then head east to Lafayette Terminal (Staging) where you will terminate intact.

Train KOHT: Oak Hill Turn (M-K-T).  Pick up your assembled train at Katy Staging.  Work Katydid industries and the MKT-ATSF interchange track, then continue eastward to Beaver Cove and Oak Hill before returning to Katy Staging.

MPE Coal Drag.   With coal coming from the Powder River Basin now, you will pick up your train intact at Waldo.  A Mopac loco has been added to the BN power that brought the train this far.

Purina Local (SLSF) Train LOHS.  This train SLSF train is discontinued.  All Oak Hill industries are now worked with a dedicated M-K-T switch crew.

South Park Local (SLSF) Trains LSP, SPL. Run train from Lafayette Terminal to South Park.  Work local industries and terminate train intact at South Park Terminal.  May also originate in South Park Terminal as train SPL and terminate at Lafayette Terminal after working South Park industries.

NEW! Oak Hill Job.  Work multiple industries at Oak Hill, including the large Purina Mills complex, building trains for visiting M-K-T and Mopac trains.


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