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195011th St. Freight StationPittsburghPAAppliancesPRR
2004495 WarehouseTewksburyMAmisc mdseGRS
199084 LumberBradshawMDLumberB&O
199084 LumberGenesee JctNYLumberNYC
199084 LumberAmbridgePALbrPRR
199084 LumberBridgevillePALbrPRR
199084 LumberGreensburgPALbrPRR
199084 LumberMeadvillePALbrErie
199084 LumberN EastPALbrNYC
200384 Lumber CoWestminsterMDBuilding MaterialsMMID
200384 Lumber CoWhite PlainsMDLumberCSXT
1950A & A Asphalt Paving CoDetroitMIContr yd*C&O,various
2004A & K Railroad MaterialsHamdenCTrail (CWR)CSX
1960A & PKenilworthNJGrocRV
1951A & P Tea CoRutlandVTGrocD&H
2004A & RWareMAplastic pelletsMCER
2004A & RWareMAplastic pelletsMCER
1950A A W Whse IncDetroitMIWhsl groc whse*C&O,various
1950A M & I IncGrand RapidsMIMusical instr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955A&B PackingAllentownPACanned goodsLV
2004A&D Cold StorageWorcesterMAfrozen foodP&W
1966A&PGarden CityNYgroceryLIRR
1955A&P Corrugated Box CoLawrenceMAfiberboardB&M
1955A&P Corrugated Box CoLowellMAfiberboardB&M
1966A&P GroceryGarden CityNYgroceryLIRR
1966A&P MeatGarden CityNYmeat prodLIRR
1966A&P ProduceGarden CityNYgroceryLIRR
1966A&P Tea CoEvergreenNYgroceryLIRR
1966A&P Tea CoCorona Freight YardNYgroceryLIRR
1950A&P Tea CoBostonMAGrocUF*
1976A&P Tea Co.HalethorpeMDPaper TowelsBO
1950Aardema AllenCentral LakeMIFertz dlrC&O
1955ABC Building SupplyWaltham NMAbldg matlB&M
1976Abell Co % Term Corp Dundalk Marine TerlBaltimoreMDnewsprintB&O
1950Aberdeen Proving GroundsAberdeenMDMunitionsPRR
1990AbexE MeadvillePAFdy, RR partsErie
1990AbexHoustonPAFdy, RR partsPRR
1990Able PatternAspinwallPAFdyPRR
1966Able Steel EquipmentL I City Degnon TerlNYSteel prodLIRR
1966Abott GlassBushwick BranchNYGlassLIRR
1950Abrahamson-Nerheim CoLudingtonMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,Lud&N
1950AC Spark Plug Div GM CorpFlintMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW
1990Accem WarehouseBayonneNJCanned vegetablesCNJ
1971Ace Advance ProdNew BritainCTPaperNH
1955Ace Builders Supply CoChelseaMAbldg matlB&M
1950Ace Coal CoBlakelyPACoal, anthraciteErie
1950Ace Conveyors Ind IncDetroitMIConv mfr plt*C&O,various
1966Ace FlooringWestburyNYFlooringLIRR
1950Ace Furn & Appl CoFlintMIFurn, HH appl dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Ace Furn CoDetroitMIFurn dlr*C&O,various
1955Ace High Potato CoBostonMApotatoesB&M
1971Ace Hotel & Bar SupplyAllentownPAPaperLV
1966Ace PlywoodBushwick BranchNYPlywood, lumberLIRR
1950ACF Brill Motors Co.PhiladelphiaPABusesB&O
1950Ackerman Inc Ward GAltamontNYFeed, lumberD&H
1950Ackerman NursuriesSawyerMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Ackerman NursuriesBridgemanMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Ackley Wood CoBangorMILbrC&O
1950Acme Block & Supply CoSaginawMICement block plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Acme Clay Prods CoDetroitMIClay prods dlr*C&O,various
1955Acme Coal & Oil CoChicopeeMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Acme Cut Stone-Lbr Supply CoDetroitMIStone, lbr, bldrs supp*C&O,various
1950Acme Eqt CoDetroitMIMachy dlr*C&O,various
1944Acme Fast FreightE CambridgeMAfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightFitchburgMAfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightGardnerMAfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightSpringfieldMAfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightWorcesterMAfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightPortlandMEfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightManchesterNHfrt fwdrB&M
1955Acme Fast FreightNashuaNHfrt fwdrB&M
1950Acme Fast FreightSchenectadyNYFreight forwarderD&H
1950Acme Fast FreightTroyNYFreight forwarderD&H
1950Acme Fast Freight IncPhiladelphiaPAForwarder FreightPRR
1952Acme Fast FrtRutlandVTFrt FwdrRut
1950Acme Foods CoBaltimoreMDmeat, food prod*PRR,WM,B&O
1950Acme Glass CoLansingMIGlass prods dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1944Acme Salt CoE CambridgeMAsaltB&M
1990Acme StoneTorrancePAAggregatesPRR
1950Acme Svc & Container CorpDetroitMIPaper prods plt*C&O,various
1944Acme Transfer & Storage CoE CambridgeMAmdseB&M
1950Acme Trlr CoDetroitMIAuto trlr plt*C&O,various
1982Acorn Bldg Comp IncQuincyMIAlum windows, doors, stl doors, wood framesNYC
1950Acorn Iron WksDetroitMIStl plt*C&O,various
1950Acorn Lbr CoFlintMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1955Acorn Printing CoWaverleyMApaperB&M
1950Active Ind IncElktonMISoda fountain, auto, metal stampings pltC&O
1950Ada Oil CoClarksvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1944Adams Coal & Wood CoCambridgeMAcoal, woodB&M
2004Adams L PDaltonMAlumberCSX
1955Adams Paper CoWells RiverVTpaper milB&M
1950Adams Popcorn & Nut Supply CoLansingMIConfectionery dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Addison Prod CoJonesvilleMIAir cond, refr, comml, indNYC
1990Adelson ScrapOil CityPAScrap yd*Erie,NYC,PRR
1982Aden Safety Div AircoBelmontMIOpthalmic prodPRR
1955Adirondack Bottled Gas CorpFairleeVTLPGB&M
1950Adirondack Fdry & SteelTroyNYSteel products, fdyD&H,B&M
1950Adler AbeBad AxeMIScrap ydC&O
1990ADMAvonNYCorn syrupErie
1955Admiral DistributorsBostonMAapplB&M
1976Admiral Folding Box Co.LawrenceMAPulpboardBM
1950Advance Elec Supply CoFlintMIElec supp dlr*C&O,GTW
2004Advanced RecyclingConcordNHscrap metal, auto fluffNEGS
2004Advanced WarehouseMansfieldMAmisc mdseCSX
1982AE Div Hoover Ball & Bearings CoCharlotteMIAlum extr prod, fabr metal prodGTW
2004Aero HousewaresLeominsterMAplastic pelletsGRS
1950Aero Supply Mfg. Co.CorryPAAircraft partsPRR
1990AeropresHillsboroughNJGas compressedLV
1982Aeroquip Div Libby-Owens-Ford CoJacksonMIHdwNYC
2004AES ThamesMontvilleCTfly ashNECR
1950Aetna Portland Cement CoBay CityMICement plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Aetna Portland Cement CoPaines 2MICement mill*C&O,NYC
1950Aetna-Standard Eng. Co.Ellwood CityPAMachineryB&O
1990Ag Network IncAvonNYFertilizerErie
2004Agar SupplyTauntonMAfrozen foodCSX
1950Agerstrand Mfg CoMuskegonMIImplt plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
2004Aggregate IndShirleyMAcementGRS
2004Aggregate IndWilkinsonvilleMAcementP&W
2004Aggregate IndWorcesterMAcementP&W
1950Agree Ben CoFlintMIPlbg & htg contr*C&O,GTW
1971Agrico Chem CoBad AxeMIPotashC&O
1971Agrico Chem CoBlissfieldMIPotashPC
1971Agrico Chem CoEdmoreMIPotashC&O
1976Agrico Chemical CoHoultonMElimestone, groundBAR
1994AgripacBostonMAFrozen foodCR
1971Agt AARRElbertaMIStoneAA
1995AgwayAdams CenterNYSoybeansNYC
1974AgwayGranvilleNYFeed, grainD&H
1971AgwayMilfordNYBulk brewers dried grain, feedC&CV
1990AgwayS GreensburgPAFertzPRR
1956AgwaySt AlbansVTFertilizerCVt
2002Agway FeedsTransferPAGrain, feedErie
1974Agway IncGreenwichNYFertilizerGJ
1976Agway IncVoorhesvilleNYBrewers GrainsD&H
1976Agway IncMiddleburyVTCorn Gluten FeedRut
1971Agway IncNorthamptonMABird seedBM
1976Agway IncDetroitMEAmmonia SulphateMEC
1976Agway IncDetroitMETriple SuperphosphateMEC
1976Agway Inc (Fertilizers)AlbanyNYChemicalsD&H
1976Agway Inc.GreenwichNYDried brewer grains, feedGJ
1976Agway Inc.DetroitMEphosphoric acidMEC
1976Agway Inc.DetroitMItriple superphosphate*NYC,PRR,GTW,DT&I
1976Agway Petroleum CorpAftonNYLPGD&H
1976Agway Petroleum CorpGraftonNYLiquified Petroleum Gas LPGD&H
2004Ahlstrom DexterSuffieldCTpulpCSO
1947Aiello PaulUticaNYGrainNYO&W
1950Aikman Pt Huron Bread CoPt HuronMIBakery*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Air Conditioning Prods CoThompsonvilleMIMetal prods plt*C&O,AA
1990Air ProductsCreightonPAInd gassesPRR
1990Air ProductsLeetsdalePAInd gassesPRR
1990Air ProductsVictoryPAInd gassesPRR
1956Air Products & ChemicalsHometownPATungsten hexafluorideCNJ
1950Air Reduction Sales Div Air Redn CoFlintMIGases*C&O,GTW
1976Airco Selding ProductsS ActonMACalcium Carbide, ind gasesBM
1950Aircraft Armaments, IncCockeysvilleMDMilitary weaponryPRR
1950Aircraft Components IncBenton HarborMIAirplane parts plt*C&O,NYC
1950Aircraft Components IncRiversideMIAirplane parts pltC&O
1950Aircraft Marine Prods IncHarrisburgPAMachineryRdg
1950Ajax Drilling CoHartMIOilwell supply ydC&O
1966Ajayem LumberFarmingdaleNYLumberLIRR
1955Akeson Fuel CoStonehamMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Akron Elev CoAkronMICoal yardC&O
1950Akron Lbr CoBendonMILbr ydC&O
1990Akzo Nobel SaltRetsofNYSaltGn&Wy
1990Akzo Nobel SaltWatkins GlenNYSaltPRR
1990Akzo SaltMarine CityMISaltPH&D
1950Alan Wood Steel CoConshohockonPASteel sheetPRR
1939Alan Wood Steel Co Scrub Oak MineHopatcong JctNJIron oreCNJ
1955Alaska Freezer CoWinchendonMAfz fdsB&M
1950Albany Car Wheel CoAlbanyNYRailroad wheelsD&H
1950Albany Corrugated Container CoCohoesNYBoxes, cardboardD&H
1970Albany FeltAlbanyNYfelt matlD&H
1950Albany Sand & Supply CoElnoraNYSand, foundryD&H
1976Albany Steel Iron Supply CoAlbanyNYSteel Bars ReinfD&H
2004Albert BrosWaterburyCTscrap metalGRS
1966Albert PipeBushwick BranchNYlarge pipes 3-4'LIRR
1966Albert PipeBushwick BranchNYPipeLIRR
1966Albertson LumberMineolaNYLumberLIRR
1982Albion Div Hayes-Albion CorpAlbionMIFdy gray, ductille, malleable ironNYC
1970Albion Malleable Iron CoAlbionMIFdySLS*
1956Alcan AluminunOswegoNYAluminum ingotsNYC,DL&W,NYO&W
1956Alcan RecyclingOswegoNYAluminum scrapNYC,DL&W,NYO&W
1956Alchem AluminumColdwaterMIAluminum scrapNYC
1976Alco Gravure c/o Eastern WHHalethorpeMDPaper newsprint nlt 60% groundwood rollsB&O
1976Alco Gravure IncBaltimoreMDSteel, CoresB&O
1955Alco Scrap Iron CoLowellMAscrap metalB&M
1990AlcoaMassenaNYAluminum ingotsMTR (NYC,GT)
1970Alcoa AlumMassenaNYBauxiteMTR (NYC,GT)
1950Alcott WmBenton HarborMIPaper box dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Alden Mktg AssocAldenMICoal yard, feed, grain, impltsC&O
1950Aldrich NursuriesDetroitMINursery stock dlr*C&O,various
1950Aldrich Pump CoAllentownPAPumpsLV
1950Alenik JScottvilleMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Alexander Provision CoDetroitMImeat, food prodvarious
1950Alexander Stafford CorpGrand RapidsMIInsul engr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990All American CleanupsDunellenNJConstr waste (boxcars)CNJ
2004All American FoodsDavisvilleRIfrozen foodSVT
1990All American PolyDunellenNJPlastic pelletsCNJ
1990All American PolyS PlainfieldNJPlastic pelletsRdg
1955All State Coal & Oil CoArlingtonMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1966All State PlywoodFarmingdaleNYPlywoodLIRR
2004All States AsphaltConcordNHcalcium chlorideNEGS
2004All States AsphaltMillers FallsMAcalcium chlorideNECR
1950Alladin CoBay CityMIPrefabricated housing plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1976Allan & Gray CorpCrown PtNYPrinting PaperD&H
1950Allan Packing CoElizabethNJdressed meat*PRR,CNJ
1950Allegan City ofAlleganMISupply yard*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan Cty Rd CommAlleganMISupply yard*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan Cty Rd CommFennvilleMISupply ydC&O
1950Allegan Cty Rd CommPullmanMISupply ydC&O
1950Allegan Farmers Coop AssnAlleganMIFeed, tile, coal yard*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan Fruit Produce CoAlleganMIPickle station*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan Lbr CoAlleganMILumber yd*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan NewsAlleganMINewspaper*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan Paper ProdsAlleganMIPaper prods plt*C&O,NYC
1950Allegan Sand CoAlleganMISand*C&O,NYC
1950Allegand Bd of EducAlleganMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1990Allegheny Cold StoragePittsburghPAFz fdsPRR
1956Allegheny FibreboardMt JewettPAFibreboard, med density (furn)*B&O,Erie
1955Allegheny LudlumTroyNYstl prod, stainlessB&M
1990Allegheny LudlumBagdadPAStl whse, alloysPRR
1990Allegheny LudlumBrackenridgePAStl whse, alloysPRR
1990Allegheny LudlumNatronaPAStl whse, alloysPRR
1990Allegheny LudlumW LeechburgPAStl whse, alloysPRR
1950Allegheny Ludlum SteelTroyNYSteel productsD&H
1950Allegheny Ludlum Steel CorpBrackenridgePASteel sheetPRR
1950Allegheny Ludlum Steel CorpW LeechburgPASteel sheetPRR
1950Allegheny Pittsburgh Coal CoPlum Twp (Allegh Co)PACoal, bituminousB&LE
1950Allegheny River Mining CoCadogan TwpPACoal, bituminousP&S
1971Allen H K Paper CoOwossoMIPaperAA
1950Allen Ind IncPlymouthMITextile pltC&O
1950Allen R C Bus Mach IncGrand RapidsMIAdding mach plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Allens Implt StoreColemanMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Allentown Bobbin WorksAllentownPABobbins textileLV
1950Allentown Whsl GrocAllentownPAGrocLV
1966Alliance PaperNew Hyde ParkNYPaperLIRR
1990Allied BlockCourtneyPAConcrete block pltPRR
1960Allied ChemSyracuseNYCaustic sodaNYC
1947Allied Chem & Dye CoUticaNYChemNYO&W
1976Allied Chem CoBaltimoreMDFertzPRR
1944Allied Chemical & Dye Corp National Aniline DivCambridgeMAchem, dyesB&M
1950Allied Chemical Co Barrett DivPhiladelphiaPATarPRR
1950Allied Chemical Co Genl Chem DivNewellPACoal chemsP&LE
2004Allied Cold StorageSouthboroughMAfood productsCSX
1976Allied Container Corp.Danville JctMERolls, Pulpboard NOIBNMEC
1950Allied Farm WagonFlintMIWagon factory*C&O,GTW
1955Allied Grocers of Merrimack ValleyLawrenceMAgrocB&M
1955Allied Kid Co Bresner DivPenacookNHtextiles, glove matlB&M
1976Allied Mills IncEversonPAA&P FeedBO
1955Allied NH Gas CoGonicNHLPG, suppliesB&M
1955Allied NH Gas CoPortsmouthNHLPG, suppliesB&M
1950Allied Novelty Shoe CorpSanfordMEShoesS&E (B&M,MeC,PTC,CN)
1982Allied Paper Sub SCM CorpKalamazooMIPaperPC
1971Allied Paper Sub SCM CorpKalamazooMIWoodpulpPC
1976Allied Parts WarehouseCenter RutlandVTground clay, baggedCV
1950Allied Plbg CoWayneMIPlbg & htg dlr*C&O,NYC
1955Allied PlywoodManchesterNHplywoodB&M
1990Allied PlywoodNew YorkNYPlywoodNYC
1950Allied Roofing & Insul CoGrand RapidsMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Alling & CoryPittsburghPAPaper merchantPRR
1947Alling & Cory CoUticaNYPaper prodsNYO&W
1950Allis-Chalmers Mfg CoPittsburghPAMachineryB&O
1950Allison E J Motor SalesPlymouthMIAuto dlrC&O
1971Alloy Metal AbrasiveAdrianMICrushed stoneDTI
1950Allweather Packing SvcDetroitMIPacking box plt*C&O,various
1950Alma City ofAlmaMISupply yd*AA,C&O
1950Alma HatcheryAlmaMIHatchery*AA,C&O
1950Alma Iron & Metal CoAlmaMIScrap yd*AA,C&O
1950Alma Piston CoAlmaMIAuto accessories plt*AA,C&O
1982Alma Plastics CoAlmaMIPlastic prod*AA,C&O
1950Alma RecordAlmaMINewspaper*AA,C&O
1950Alma Sugar Beet Growers IncAlmaMISugar beets*AA,C&O
1950Alma Trailer CoAlmaMIAuto trailer plt*AA,C&O
1950Alma-St Louis Ice & Coal CoAlmaMICoal yd*AA,C&O
1976Almacs IncPhillipsdaleRIPaper Towels, Toilet PaperNH
1976Almanzor DutilEssex JctVTCL Antharacite Coal RiceCV
1950Alof Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIDie jig & stamping plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Alpena Power CoAlpenaMISaltD&M
1955Alpert J Iron CoChelseaMAscrap metalB&M
1950Alpha Creamery CoShelbyMIDairyC&O
1950Alpha Portland Cement CoMartins CreekPACementDL&W,PRR
1950Alstrom Constr CoMuskegonMIContr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Alto Farm Eqt CoAltoMIImplt dlrC&O
1939Alum Co of AmerGarwoodNJAluminum, lead, zincCNJ
1956Alumax/HowmetFrederickMDAluminum ingotsPRR
1950Aluminum Co. of AmericaCressonPAAluminum productsPRR
1950Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co.New KensingtonPAAluminum productsPRR
1990Alverton CokeAlvertonPACokePRR
1966Amagansett LumberAmagansettNYLumberLIRR
1950Amble Creamery CoLakeviewMIDairyC&O
1966Amco PlasticsJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYPlastic pelletsLIRR
1950Amer Aggregates CorpDetroitMIConcrete aggregates dlr*C&O,various
1950Amer Aggregates CorpGreen OakMISand & gravel pitC&O
1950Amer Agric Chem CorpDetroitMIFertz plt*C&O,various
1950Amer Auto Felt CoGrand RapidsMIMattresses*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Bakery CoGrand RapidsMIBakery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1971Amer BarrelHamtramckMIStl drumsDTI
1947Amer BluestoneSidneyNYStoneNYO&W
1950Amer Box Bd CoGrand RapidsMIPaper prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Brass CoDetroitMIFdy*C&O,various
1950Amer Brass Novelties CoGrand HavenMIBrass fdy*C&O,GTW
1960Amer Can CoPortlandMECansPT
1970Amer Carbide Tool CoAnn ArborMITool bits, eqtSLS*
1982Amer Chain & Cable CoAdrianMIWire nonferr, drawing, insul*DT&I,NYC,Wab
1950Amer Coating MillsGrand RapidsMIFolding paper box dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Coil Spg CoMuskegonMICoil spg factory*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Amer Cordage CoGrand RapidsMIFibre cord plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Excelsior CorpGrand RapidsMIExcelsior wrappers*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer FabrWebbervilleMIBicycle trlr pltC&O
1950Amer Fruit GrowersDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1947Amer Fuel CoUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1950Amer Grease Stick CoMuskegonMIBulk lubr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Amer Line CoLowellMIPoultry eqt dlr*C&O,M&NE
1950Amer Logging CoGrawnMIPulpwood & log shipperC&O
1950Amer Logging Tool CoEvartMILogging tool pltC&O
1950Amer Metal Prods CoDetroitMIMetal tubes plt*C&O,various
1966Amer Oil CoShenangoPAPetr prodPRR
1959Amer OIl CoCenter RutlandVTFuel oil, gasolineRut
1950Amer Petr CoFlintMIBulk fuel oil*C&O,GTW
1950Amer Porcelain Enamel CoMuskegonMIEnamel prods plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Amer Pulp & Paper Div Amer Box Bd CoManisteeMIPaper prods pltC&O
1950Amer Radiator & Std Sanitary CorpDetroitMIPlbg supp whse*C&O,various
1950Amer Radiator & Std Sanitary CorpGrand RapidsMIPlbg fixtures dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Roofing CoFlintMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW
1982Amer Seating CoGrand RapidsMIFurn public, bldrsC&O
1971Amer Seating CoGrand RapidsMIPlywoodC&O
1950Amer Smelting & Ref CoBaltimoreMDCopper ingotsPRR
1962Amer Smelting & Ref CoPerth AmboyNJBrass & copper scrap for remelting. ashesLV
1950Amer Spg & Mfg CoHollyMIWire prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Amer Steel & Wire CoAllentownPASteel prodLV
1950Amer Store Eqt CoMuskegonMIStore fixtures plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1954Amer Thread CoMohassuck SpringsMASewing notionsSNE*
1950Amer Tile & Terrazzo CoGrand RapidsMIContr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Tobacco CoGrand RapidsMITobacco dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Amer Twisting CoE SaugatuckMIPaper prods pltC&O
1950Amer Vitrified Prods CooGrand LedgeMIClay prods pltC&O
1944American Agricultural Chemical CoCambridgeMAfertzB&M
1944American Alcohol CorpBostonMAalcoholB&M
1950American Aniline Prods IncLock HavenPADyePRR
1966American AsbestosJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYAsbestos prodLIRR
1944American Bag & BurlapChelseaMAbags, fabricB&M
1966American BakeriesJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYBakery suppLIRR
1956American Bean & GrainSunfieldMIBeansC&O,GTW
1976American Biltrite Co Plant # 1TrentonNJGround Limestone, 1600 bagsPRR
1955American Bosch CorpBrightwoodMAmachyB&M
1950American Bridge Co.ElmiraNYSteel products, miscPRR,Erie,DL&W
1955American Building ProdsDeering JctMEbldg prodsB&M
1976American CanEastonPAPaper Cups*DL&W,LV,CNJ,L&HR,PRR
1950American Can CoBaltimoreMDCansPRR
1955American Can CoDeering JctMEcans, containersB&M
1976American Can Co c/o Lechmere TerminalsCambridgeMAPaper Towels & Toilet Paper, paper cupsBM
1950American Car & Foundry CoBerwickPARolling stock partsDL&W,PRR
1950American Car & Foundry CoMiltonPARolling stockPRR
1950American Chain & CableDuryeaPARopeDL&W
1950American Chain & CableReadingPAPumpsPRR
1950American Chain & CableYorkPAChainMa&Pa
1950American Chemical Paint CoAmblerPAChemicalsRdg
1966American Chicle Corp.L I City Degnon TerlNYChickleLIRR
1950American Cider Vinegar CoMelvaleMDVinegarPRR
1976American Cyanamid CoGrasselliNJLiquid Mining ReagentCNJ
1950American Cyanamid CoDerry TwpPAExplosivesPRR
1950American Cyanamid CoS Fayette TwpPATarP&WV
1971American Cyanimid CoGagetownMIPotashGTW
1970American Door & LumberGreen IslandNYLumberD&H
1955American Door CoWalthamMAlbr, millworkB&M
2004American Dry IceBondsvilleMAcarbon dioxideNECR
1944American Eagle Coal CoSomervilleMAcoalB&M
1955American Excelsior CorpLebanonNHexcelsior, wood prodB&M
1950American Export LinesHarsimus CoveNJMdse, food prods, mach tools, machy, plasticsPRR
1950American Export LinesHarsimus CoveNJSteel products, misc.PRR
1955American FibreGardnerMArags, waste textilesB&M
1944American Flour CoBostonMAflour, feedB&M
1944American Glue CoEverettMAadhesivesB&M
1944American Hampton Roads LineBostonMAmdseB&M
1950American Hide & Leather CoBallston SpaNYLeatherD&H
1966American Home CenterL I City Degnon TerlNYBldg matlsLIRR
1944American Ice CoEverettMAice, cold stgB&M
1950American Instrument Co.Silver SpringsMDScientific instrumentsB&O
1950American Insulator Co.New FreedomPAElectrical componentsStwtn (PRR)
1950American LaFranceElmiraNYVehiclesPRR,Erie
1955American Latex Fibre CorpLawrenceMAtreated textilesB&M
1950American Locomotive CoSchenectadyNYRolling stockD&H
1950American Locomotive CoLatrobePASteel shapesPRR
1966American LumberFarmingdaleNYLumberLIRR
1956American Lumber CoUnion CityPALumberErie
1950American Machine & MetalsSellersvillePAScientific instrumentsRdg
1955American Mineral Spirits CoSomervilleMApaint matlsB&M
1955American Oil CoCambridgeMApetr prodB&M
1944American Oil CoChelseaMApetr prodB&M
1955American Oil CoSomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1955American Oil CoS PortlandMEpetr prodPTRy
1955American Oil CoPortsmouthNHpetr prodB&M
1955American Oil CoNorwichVTpetr prodB&M
1955American Optical CoBrattleboroVTglass prod, machyB&M
1956American Pad & PaperHolyokeMAPaperB&M
1956American Pad & PaperWestfieldMAPaperB&M
1955American Pad & Paper CoHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
2004American Paper RecyclingMansfieldMAscrap paperCSX
1956American Plywood SupplyLime KilnMDParticle board, plywoodB&O
1944American President Steamship CoBostonMAmdseB&M
1950American Radiator & Std. Sanitary Corp.PittsburghPAPlumbing fixturesB&O,PRR
2004American Rock SaltHartfordCTsaltCSO
2004American Rock SaltTauntonMAsaltBCLR
1955American Shredded Paper CoN SomervilleMAscrap paperB&M
1950American Smelting & Refining CoBaltimoreMDCopper Anodes*B&O,PRR,WM
1950American Smelting & Refining CoBaltimoreMDCopper Matte*B&O,PRR,WM
2004American Steel & AlumAuburnMAsteelP&W
1966American Steel WoolL I CityNYSteel woolLIRR
1950American Stores Co.PhiladelphiaPAFlour, salt, sugarPRR
1950American Sugar Refining CoPhiladelphiaPASugarB&O
1955American Table CoOak GroveMAfurnitureB&M
1956American Tape CoPort HuronMIMerchandiseC&O
1950American Thread CoMiloMEWood turningsBAR
1950American Viscose CoLewistownPAFabric, syntheticPRR
1950American Viscose CorpMarcus HookPAFabric, syntheticRdg
1950American Window Glass CoArnoldPAGlass, sheetPRR
1950American Wire Fabrics CoMt WolfPAWire clothPRR
1950American Woolen CoFairfieldMEFabric, naturalMEC
1955American Writing Paper CoHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1976American-StandardTrentonNJPlumbing suppliesPRR
1990Americhol Corp Sub Dow Chem CoEdisonNJLotion ingredients, cellulose, glucose, lanolinPRR
1990AmericoldBostonMAFrozen foodsNYC
1990AmericoldS BostonMAFz foodNH
1950Ames Bldg Supp CoDetroitMIBldrs supp*C&O,various
1955Amesbury Metal Products CoAmesburyMAmetal prodB&M
2004AmgraphVersaillesCTplastic pelletsP&W
1955Amherst Farmers SupplyAmherstMAfertz, seed, feedB&M
1966Amityville FeedAmityvilleNYFeedLIRR
1955AmocoClaremontNHFuel oil, gasolineC&C
1990Amoco Petr ProdsYorktownPAAsphalt, av gas, diesel, lube, oil, waxCR
1990Amos Dolby Plant Atlas Power CoAtlasPACoalPRR
1955Amoskeag BuildersManchesterNHbldg matlB&M
1956Ampel Corp.KutztownPAFertilizerRdg
2003AmportsCurtis BayMDVehicles, new/usedCSXT
1956AmsatE GreenvillePAOresRdg
1990Amsource SteelEriePAStl whse*NYC,PRR
1950Amt J H CoPullmanMIPickle staC&O
1990AmwayAdaMIMixed foods, soapsC&O,GTW
1990AmwayAdaMISoda ashC&O,GTW
1982Amway CorpAdaMICosmetics, toiletries, housewares, vitaminsC&O,GTW
1950Anaconda Wire & Cable CoMuskegonMIWire prods plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Anaman Coal CoFlintMICoal yd, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW
2004AnastasioN HavenCTsteel, structural; lumberCSX
1966Anchor CoalQueens VillageNYCoalLIRR
1956Anchor GlassSalemNJGlasswarePRSL
1944Anchor Hocking Glass CoSomervilleMAglasswareB&M
1966Anchor Post & FenceFarmingdaleNYLumber, steel prodLIRR
1982Anderson Automation IncGrandvilleMIWelding eqt automatedC&O
1944Anderson Clayton & CoBostonMAgrainB&M
1990Anderson FertilizerOwossoMIFertilizerGTW
1950Anderson FrankNewaygoMICoal ydC&O
1950Anderson J ATraverse CityMINursery stock dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Anderson N RStevensvilleMIBox & crate pltC&O
1950Anderson NurseriesScottvilleMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Anderson Tank & Mfg CoFlintMIFuel oil tank plt*C&O,GTW
1950Anderson W H CoDetroitMIMachy plt*C&O,various
1955Andover Iron WorksPhillipsburgPAWrought ironPRR
1955Andover St Builders Supply CoLawrenceMAbldrs suppB&M
1976Andrew Wilson CoConcordNHCoil Steel SheetsBM
1950Andrews BrosDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1955Andrews Paper CoBostonMApaperB&M
1980Androscoggin Paper CoW HartfordVTPaper prod (mfr)CV*
1950Angell, ChasAldenMIRoofing dealer, hdwC&O
1966Anheuser Busch CorpL I CityNYBeerLIRR
1970Anheuser Busch DistMedfordMAbeerB&M
1950Anheuser-Busch IncDetroitMIBeer distr*C&O,various
2004Annheuser BuschMerrimackNHgrainGRS
1950Anstey Fdy CoStevensvilleMIFdyC&O
1971Ansul CoPaoliPAFire apparatusPC
1982Anthony Ind Grp Div Shakespeare FlexKalamazooMIMV parts & acc*GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Anthony Lumber CoLynnMAlbrB&M
1950Anthracite Shirt Co.ShamokinPAClothing productsRdg
1996Antis Food ProductsAltoonaPATomato productsCR
1950Antrim Cty A A ABellaireMIFertz dlr*C&O,EJ&S
1950Antrim Cty Rd CommAldenMISupply yardC&O
1950Antrim Cty Rd CommBellaireMISupply yd*C&O,EJ&S
1950Antrim Cty Rd CommCentral LakeMISupply ydC&O
1950Antrim Cty Rd CommElk RapidsMISupply ydC&O
1990AP Green RefractoriesLeetsdalePABrick, refractoryPRR
2004Apkin GeoN AdamsMAscrap metalGRS
1990Apollo RefractoriesApolloPABrick, refractoryPRR
1955Appalachian Flooring CoSomervilleMAlbr, tileB&M
1955Appalachian SulfidesKendallVTsulfides, chemB&M
1950Apple Prods CoScottvilleMIApples, vinegar millC&O
1976Appleton PapersCamphillPAPrinting PaperRdg
1956Appleton PapersRoaring SpringPAPulpboardPRR
1950APW Products Co.AlbanyNYPaper productsD&H
1950Arbaugh F N CoLansingMIPvt whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1952Arcadia Fisheries LtdNew LandsportMESeafoodAGE*
1950Arcady Farm MillsTraverse CityMIFlour, feed, seed mill*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1966Arch Built Box (Archbilt Container)Bushwick BranchNYcardboard box manufacturerLIRR
1950Archers HatcheryHartMIHatcheryC&O
1955Architectural Stone CoTurners FallsMAbldg stoneB&M
1990Arco ChemicalBeaver ValleyPAMaleic anhydride, plastic pelletsRdg
1950Arctic Dairy CoFlintMIDairy*C&O,GTW
1950Arctic Dairy CoLansingMIDairy*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Arctic Refr CoLansingMIDisplay cases & elec prods dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Argo Milling CoCentral LakeMICoalC&O
1950Argo Milling CoCentral LakeMIFeed millC&O
1950Argo Milling CoCharlevoixMICoalC&O
1950Argo Milling CoCharlevoixMIFeed, flourC&O
1955Arlington Chair CoGardnerMAfurnB&M
1955Arlington Lumber CoArlingtonMAlbrB&M
1950Armco Drainage & Metal Prods CoSaginawMIPipe plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Armco Steel CorpWatervlietNYBeams ChannelsD&H
1961ArmourGlens FallsNYPHPD&H
1950Armour & CoTraverse CityMIPHP*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1939Armour & CoElizabethNJPHPCNJ
1939Armour & CoPlainfieldNJPHPCNJ
1950Armour & CoElmiraNYMeatPRR
1966Armour & CoFlatbush AveNYPHPLIRR
1950Armour & CoHerrs IslandPAMeatB&O
1950Armour & CoPittsburghPAmeat prod*PRR,B&O,P&LE
1956Armour & CoHartfordCTMeat proodNH
1950Armour & CoNew HavenCTPHPNH
1956Armour & CoCumberlandMDPHPB&O
1950Armour & CoGrand RapidsMIPHP whse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1944Armour CoE CambridgeMAwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoFitchburgMAwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoLowellMAwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoLynnMAwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoWorcesterMAwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoBiddefordMEwhsl meatB&M
1957Armour CoPortlandMEwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoManchesterNHwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoPortsmouthNHwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoWoodsvilleNHwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour CoTroyNYwhsl meatB&M
1955Armour Fence CoWakefieldMAwire, stl prodB&M
1950Armour Leather CoHollandMILeather prods pltC&O
1950Arms & ColeTraverse CityMIPlbg-htg dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1990ArmstrongBeaver FallsPALumberPRR
1990ArmstrongBeaver FallsPAWood panelingPRR
1956ArmstrongMariettaPAWood panelingPRR
1950Armstrong Bldg matlsBad AxeMILbr ydC&O
1950Armstrong CoDetroitMIPutty mfr*C&O,various
1950Armstrong CorkBraintreeMAGasket materialsNH
1950Armstrong CorkFultonNYGasket materialsNYC
1950Armstrong Cork CoLancasterPALinoleumPRR
1950Armstrong Machine CoThree RiversMIPlumbing materialsNYC
1976Arnold Graphics Ind c/o Merchants StorageHagerstownMDPaper printing rollsBO
2004Arnold LumberKingstonRIlumberP&W
1950Arnold SCentral LakeMIPotato whseC&O
1950Aroostook Potato Co.LimestoneMEPotatoesBAR
1950Aroostook Potato Co.New SwedenMEPotatoesBAR
1944Aroostook Potato Growers & Packers of MaineCambridgeMApotatoesB&M
1955Aroostook Valley Potato CoN SomervilleMApotatoesB&M
1955Arrow Metal ProductsEverettMAmetal prodB&M
1950Arrow Wrecking CoDetroitMIBldrs supp*C&O,various
1970ArsenalWatervlietNYmil eqtD&H
1950Art Sample Furn CoSaginawMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Artcraft Tile & Terrazzo CoFlintMITile contr*C&O,GTW
1955Artesan Metal CoWaltham NMAstl, ironB&M
1976Arthur Schroeder Paper CoPejepscot MillsMEPaper groundwood sheets on skidsMEC
1976Arthur Schroeder Paper CoPejepscot MillsMEPaper printing rollsMEC
1950Artz Coal & Feed CoHollandMICoal, feedC&O
1976Arwood CorpTiltonNHSand, Ground or PulverizedB&M
1950Asarco CorpAllentownPAPlumbing materialsPRR
1939Asbury Graphite CoLudlowPAGraphiteCNJ
1950Ash Trading Corp.AlbanyNYMachineryD&H
1990Ashland ChemicalNeville IsPAMaleic anhydridePC&Y
1955Ashland Oil & Ref CoGlendonPAChemicalsLV
1955Ashland Paper Mills IncAshlandNHpaper millB&M
1990Ashland ValvolineFreedomPAOil, motorPRR
1990Ashley Home CenterOgdensburgNYLumberNYC
1955Ashuelot Paper CoHinsdaleNHpaper millB&M
1955Ashuelot Valley Lumber CoKeeneNHlbrB&M
1990Asphalt ProductsPittsburghPAPetr prodPRR
1960Asphalt StoneSchenectadyNYAggregatesD&H
1955Assabet CoalMaynardMAcoalB&M
1950Assoc AggregatesSawyerMISand pitC&O
1950Assoc Fruit Produce CoFlintMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW
1971Assoc GrocHoltMIPaperPC
1950Assoc Matl & Supply CoGrand RapidsMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Associated BoxCourtneyPACorrugating boardPRR
1955Associated Folding Box CoLawrenceMApaper boxesB&M
1966Associated Food StoreJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYGrocLIRR
1955Associated GrocersManchesterNHgrocB&M
1955Associated GrocersWorcesterMAgrocB&M
1955Associated Grocers Coop Assn of N ShoreSalemMAgrocB&M
1976Associated Grocers of Maine IncS GardinerMEBagged Clay 'Glamour Kitty'B&M
1955Associated Paper CoWatertownMApaper prodB&M
1950Associated Spring Corp.CorryPASpringsErie
1955Astle LumberContoocookNHlbrC&C
1956Astor Wax Corp.TitusvillePAWaxNYC
1956Astor Wax Corp.TitusvillePAWaxNYC
1966Astoria LumberL I CityNYLumberLIRR
2004Astro ChemicalsSpringfieldMAchemicalsCSX
1980Astrolane PetroBurlingtonVTFuel oil (distributor)CV*
1955Athol Coal CoAtholMAcoalB&M
1955Athol Farmers Supply CoAtholMAfertz, seed, feedB&M
1955Athol Table Mfg CoAtholMAfurnitureB&M
1955Atkinson Coal CoAmesburyMAcoalB&M
1950Atkinson Mfg CoLudingtonMIStl plt*C&O,Lud&N
1955Atlantic CoalBostonMAcoalB&M
1955Atlantic Coast TerlsRevereMAmdseB&M
1950Atlantic Comm CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Atlantic Comm CoFlintMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Atlantic Comm CoGrand RapidsMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Atlantic Comm CoGrantMIProduce dlrC&O
1944Atlantic Commission Co c/o A&PSomervilleMApototoes. fruit, vegB&M
1955Atlantic Distributing CoLowellMAgrocB&M
1955Atlantic Distributing CoBiddefordMEgrocB&M
1944Atlantic Excelsior CoBostonMAexcelsior, wood prodB&M
1966Atlantic FertilizerJamesportNYFertzLIRR
1955Atlantic Foam Products CoSalemMAplastic resinsB&M
1955Atlantic Gelatin CoStonehamMAgelatin, animal prodB&M
1955Atlantic Lumber CoBerlinNHlbrB&M
1950Atlantic Market Cold Stg & Whse CoBostonMAProduce, grocUF*
1971Atlantic PaperDarlingtonRIPaperPC
2004Atlantic PlywoodE ProvidenceRIplywoodP&W
2004Atlantic PlywoodS WindsorCTplywoodCSO
1970Atlantic PlywoodWoburnMAlumber, plywoodB&M
1955Atlantic Refining CoRevereMApetr prodB&M
1955Atlantic Refining CoWorcesterMApetr prodB&M
1950Atlantic Refining Co.PhiladelphiaPAGasolineB&O
1955Atlantic RegisterWalthamMAnewsprintB&M
1955Atlantic Roofing & SkylightArlingtonMAroofing matl, glass, steelB&M
1976Atlantic StatesMenandsNYCabinets, kitchen woodenD&H
1955Atlantic Steel CastingsPhillipsburgNJSteel castingsNJN*
1955Atlantic StoresCambridgeMAgrocB&M
1950Atlantic TerminalsBaltimoreMDLumberPRR
1955Atlantic Union CollegeThayerMAcoalB&M
2004Atlantic WireBranfordCTwireP&W
1966Atlas BoxBushwick BranchNYstructural steelLIRR
2004Atlas DistributingAuburnMAbeerP&W
1944Atlas Flour CoBostonMAflourB&M
1955Atlas Iron & Metal CoLynnMAI&S prodB&M
1955Atlas Paper CoSomervilleMApaper prodB&M
1955Atlas Plywood CoLawrenceMAplywoodB&M
1950Atlas Plywood Corp.HowlandMEPlywoodMEC
1976Atlas Powder CoTamaquaPAExplosives*L&NE,Rdg
1950Atlas Supply CoEvartMIClay prods dlrC&O
2004ATO FinaBerlinCTplastic pelletsCSO
1950Atomic Oil CoDetroitMIBulk fuel oil*C&O,various
1944Atwood & McManus Box CoChelseaMAboxes, containersB&M
1950Atwood Feed MillEllsworthMIFeed millC&O
1950Auburn Bean & GrainIthacaMIBeansAA
1990Auburn Steel CoAuburnNYSteel bars*LV,NYC
1955Aucoin HenryHennikerNHpulpwoodC&C
1976Augusta Iron Wks Div Cives CorpAugustaMEBeams Angles Tees Str steelMEC
1950Aukerman JuliusHudsonvilleMIHay dlrC&O
1956Aunt Janes Pickle CoCroswellMIMixed foods, picklesC&O
1950Aurora Gasoline CoBay CityMIPetr prods plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1966Aurora PlasticsHicksvilleNYPlastic pelletsLIRR
1959Austin BurrowsLeicesterVTFeed, fertzRut
1950Austin CoDetroitMIContr yd*C&O,various
1950Austin CoMidlandMIContr yd*C&O,NYC
1956Austin MillingS DaytonNYSoybean meal, feedErie
1950Austin Trlr Eqt CoMuskegonMITrlr parts plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Auto Prods Transport Sales & Whse CoFlintMIBoxing & keg matl dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Auto Specialties CoBenton HarborMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,NYC
1950Auto Specialties CoHartfordMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1982Auto Specialties Mfg CoSt JosephMICastings, auto jacks, hyd cranes, brakes*C&O,NYC
1975Auto unloadingAlbanyNYAutos (Volkswagen)D&H
1970Auto unloadingVoorheesvilleNYAutos (Chrysler)D&H
1955Auto Unloading CoE CambridgeMAautosB&M
1961Auto unloading facilityWatervlietNYAutosD&H
1986AutoAlliance IntlFlat RockMIautos Mazda 6, Ford MustangDTI
1950Autocar CoArdmorePAAutosPRR
2004Automated Matl HdlgBerlinCTscrap paperCSO
2004Automated Waste DisposalDanburyCTconst / demo debrisHRR
1944Automatic Cone CoN CambridgeMAfood machyB&M
1950Automotive Bin SvcDetroitMIFurn factory*C&O,various
1971Automotive WhseGrand RapidsMIPaperPC
1950Autopulse CorpLudingtonMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,Lud&N
2003Autorail Services of MarylandAnnapolis JctMDVehicles, new/usedCSXT
1950Avoca Elev CoAvocaMICoalC&O
1950Avoca Elev CoAvocaMIElevC&O
1995Avon Food MarketAvonNYGrainErie
1990Avonmore Rail Loading IncAvonmorePAMdsePRR
1990Avtex FibersMeadvillePATextilesErie
1950Ayers Fuel & Supply CoDetroitMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,various
1950B & B Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIFurn frame factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950B & B Paint CorpFlintMIPaint plt*C&O,GTW
1950B & G Candy CoDetroitMIConfectionery dlr*C&O,various
1950B & W Distr CoGrand RapidsMIElec appl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950B F D CoOaklandMEPaperMEC
1955B&B ChemicalS MiddletonMAchemsB&M
1955B&B Corrugated Box CoN SomervilleMApaper boxesB&M
2004B&D WarehouseLawrenceMAmisc mdseGRS
1944B&F Coal CoChelseaMAcoalB&M
1950B&O coal dockBaltimoreMDCoal, bituminousB&O
1966B&P StoneJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYBldg stoneLIRR
1950Baabs Sugar HseFlintMIStg whse*C&O,GTW
1950Babbitt B T IncAlbanyNYSoap*D&H,NYC
1950Babcock & WilcoxAmbridgePABoilers, machinery, plumbing matlPRR
1990Babcock & WilcoxApolloPAInd boilers, machyPRR
1950Babcock & Wilcox Co Koppel WorksBeaver FallsPASteel Pipe, stainless stl tubingP&LE
1950Babcock & Wilcox Co Koppel WorksBeaver FallsPATube i&s, boilers, machyP&LE
1950Babcock Iron & Metal CoDetroitMIScrap yd*C&O,various
1990Babcock LumberSwissvalePALbrPRR
1950Babitt B T IncAlbanyNYChemicalsD&H
1950Backart Coal CoGrand RapidsMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bad Axe City ofBad AxeMISupply ydC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoApplegateMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoApplegateMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoBad AxeMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoBad AxeMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoHarbor BeachMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoKindeMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoKindeMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoMcGregorMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoMcGregorMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoPt AustinMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoPt AustinMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoPt HopeMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoPt HopeMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoRuthMICoalC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoRuthMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoSix LakesMICoal ydC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoSix LakesMIElevC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoUblyMICoal ydC&O
1950Bad Axe Grain CoUblyMIGrain elevC&O
1950Bader Milling CoMt PleasantMIFeed, grain*C&O,AA
1955Badger MilkCharlestownMAmilk prodB&M
1956Baer AggregatesCarpentervilleNJStonePRR
1950Baiers E C & H CWatervlietMIFertz dlrC&O
1960Bailey & SonsPatchogueNYLumberLIRR
1956Bailey & Sons S JHonesdalePAFurnitureErie
1990Bailey MineEnonPACoalPRR
1950Baileys Lbr & Bldg Matls CoSuncookNHBox matl, lbr, shooksSuncV (B&M)
1990Baillie LumberUnion CityPALbr*Erie,PRR
1956Baillie Lumber Co.TitusvillePALumberNYC
1966Baisley Lumber Co.W Hempstead BranchNYLumberLIRR
1976Baker & Brothers Inc H JPhiladelphiaPAPhosphate Rock, Bulk Ground*PRR,Rdg
1955Baker BoxWorcesterMApaper boxesB&M
1976Baker Co J EYorkPAMagnetite Iron OreWM
1971Baker D & SonsGrand HavenMILumberC&O
1950Baker Furn CoHollandMIFurn factoryC&O
1982Baker Furn Sub North Amer Philips CoGrand RapidsMIFurn HH wood*NYC,PRR
1956Baker Gas ServiceMalone JctNYLPGRut
1950Baker Perkins IncSaginawMIBaking machy plt, chem process eqt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Baker Steel Co IncWatertownMAReinforcing Steel BarsBM
1950Baker Wood Prods CoMt MorrisMIMillwork pltC&O
1966Bakers PurchasingEvergreenNYBakery suppLIRR
1990BalchemSlate HillNYEthylene oxideM&NJ
1955Balcom IceNashuaNHice, cold stgB&M
1950Baldwin & CoGrand RapidsMIBusiness mach dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Baldwin Duckworth Chain CorpBrightwoodMAchainB&M
1955Baldwin H IHennikerNHpulpwoodC&C
1950Baldwin Lbr CoBaldwinMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1950Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton CorpBurnhamPARolling stock, partsPRR
1950Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton CorpEddystonePARolling stockB&O,PRR
1976Baldwinville ProdsBaldwinvilleMAWaste paper for recyc purp onlyBM
1960Ball Metal ContainerSaratoga SpgsNYsteel coilsD&H
1950Ball Mill LumberNew YorkNYLumberNYC
1990Ballantine Brewing CoWethersfieldCTBeerNH
1950Ballpark BrandsPhiladelphiaPAhot dogs*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1950Baltimore Fruit & Produce AssnBaltimoreMDWood Shingles, raisinsBO
1950Baltimore Lumber CoBaltimoreMDLumber, plywood*B&O,PRR,WM
1976Baltimore News AmericanBaltimoreMDStd Newsprint Paper, white, 93 rlsB&O
1976Baltimore News AmericanBaltimore CamdenMDnewsprintBO
1976Bancroft & Martin IncBrewer JctMESteel bars reinfMEC
1976Bancroft & Martin Inc.PortlandMEsteel bars reinforcement, teesBM
1960Bancroft & Martin Rolling MillsPortlandMEStl culverts, fabricatedPT
1950Bandeen Chevrolet CoMidlandMIAuto dlr*C&O,NYC
1976Bangor & Aroostock RRW SeboisMEPet Lube OilMEC
1950Bangor Coal & Feed CoBangorMICoal, feedC&O
1950Bangor Fruit Growers ExchangeBangorMICoalC&O
1950Bangor Fruit Growers ExchangeBangorMIProduceC&O
1950Bangor Implt CoBangorMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Bangor Lbr CoBangorMILbr ydC&O
1950Bangor Plastics CoBangorMIPlastics pltC&O
1950Bangor Prods CoBangorMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1950Banner Laundering CoDetroitMILaundry*C&O,various
1950Banner Lbr CoDetroitMILbr yd*C&O,various
1955Banta Coal & Oil CoW MedfordMACoal, cokeB&M
1950Barber & BennettAlbanyNYFeedD&H
1990Barber Ag ServiceAvonNYFertilizerErie
1955Barber Geo Lumber CoWaltham NMAlbrB&M
1950Barclay-Ayers Bertsch CoGrand RapidsMIPipe plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Barden & Robeson CorpPenn YanNYBasketsPRR
1950Barden F OPetoskeyMIPulpwood, bolts*C&O,PRR
1950Barden F OCharlevoixMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Barden P OBay ShoreMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Barenstein Candy CoBenton HarborMICandy mfr*C&O,NYC
1950Barker & Son Coal & Lbr CoDetroitMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,various
1950Barker Coal CoIoniaMICoal yd*C&O,GTW
1955Barker E G Lumber CoWoburnMAlbrB&M
1950Barker Harold Salvage CoMcGregorMICoalC&O
1950Barker Harold Salvage CoMcGregorMIScrap ydC&O
1970Barker SteelMedfordMAsteel productsB&M
2004Barker SteelS DeerfieldMArebarGRS
2004Barker SteelWestfieldMAsteelPV
2004Barker SteelPawtucketRIsteel, rebarP&W
1950Barker-Fowler Elec CoLansingMIElec appl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Barkley Body WorksGrand RapidsMITruck body plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Barley-Earhart CoPortlandMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1955Barney BrassClaremontNHTurnings, scrap ironC&C
1950Baroda Coal & Lbr CoStevensvilleMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1939Barrett CoElizabethNJRoofing matlCNJ
1960Barrett Co Div Allied Chem & DyePortlandMERoad oilsPT
1950Barrett Co.OneontaNYAsphaltD&H
1950Barrett FoodsMaspethNYmeat prodLI
1990Barrett Paving MaterialsNorwoodNYLimestoneNorw&StL (NYC,Rut)
2004Barrett WarehouseMansfieldMAmisc mdseCSX
2004Barrett WarehouseNorwoodMAmisc mdseCSX
1944Barris Lumber CoSomervilleMAlbrB&M
1955Barrows Coal CoBrattleboroVTcoalB&M
1976Bartash Publication Inc, Valley WhsePhiladelphiaPANewsprint Paper*PRR,Rdg
1950Bartel Thos HDetroitMIWhse*C&O,various
1955Barteldes Seed CoE CambridgeMAseedB&M
1950Bartlett Insul CoDetroitMIInsul dlr*C&O,various
1955Bartoli G Oil CoN AdamsMApetr prodB&M
1950Barton Mines Corp.N CreekNYAbrasivesD&H
1950Barton Mines Corp.North CreekNYAbrasivesD&H
1966Barton Transit MixW Hempstead BranchNYCement, aggregatesLIRR
1990BASFWyandotteMIPlastic pellets, resinsGTW
1990BASFMt OliveNJPlastic pellets, resinsCR
1976BASF WyandotteKearnyNJOctyl AlcoholCNJ
1982BASF Wyandotte Pigments DivHollandMIDyes, org pigments, cyclc crudesC&O,GTW
1947Bassert CorpUticaNYStlNYO&W
1950Bastian-Blessing CoGrand HavenMIStore fixtures plt*C&O,GTW
1950Bata Shoe Co.BelcampMDShoesB&O
1950Bate J Herb CoNew YorkNYLumberNYC
1950Batenburg T Insul CoGrand RapidsMIInsul dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Bates Corr Box CorpTownsendMApulpboardBM
1976Bates FabricsLewistonMEcotton, compress bailsMEC
1990Bath Iron WorksAugustaMESteel plate, struct, machinery (shipyard)MEC
1950Bathey Mfg CoPlymouthMIMetal parts pltC&O
1950Battenburg TonyTraverse CityMIInsul dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Battenfeld C F Oil CoDetroitMIBulk fuel oil*C&O,various
1950Battle J F Motor SalesMt PleasantMIAuto dlr*C&O,AA
1950Batts John ThomasGrand RapidsMIWire prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bauer & WaggonhammerGrawnMIPotato whseC&O
1950Bauer AlbertReeseMIFertz dlr*C&O,NYC
1947Bauer HdwUticaNYRoofing matlNYO&W
1955Baush Machine Tool CoBrightwoodMAmach toolsB&M
1952Baxter Shoe CoS DoverMEShoesAGE*
1950Bay City Flour & Feed CoBay CityMIFeed & flour mill*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Bay City Plaster & SupplyBay CityMICoal, plaster*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Bay City Shovels IncBay CityMICrane, power shovel plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Bay Cty Rd CommBay CityMISupply yd*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Bay Port Fish CoBay PortMIFisheryC&O
1966Bay Shore FlooringBay ShoreNYFlooringLIRR
1955Bay State Chemical CoPeabodyMAchemsB&M
1976Bay State Frt. & Whse.SomervilleMAfurniture, woodBM
2004Bay State GasBrocktonMApropaneCSX
2004Bay State GasW SpringfieldMApropaneCSX
1944Bay State Insulation CoN SomervilleMAinsulB&M
1955Bay State Macaroni CoLawrenceMAmacaroni, food prodB&M
1955Bay State Smelting CoSomervilleMAmetals non-ferrB&M
1955Bay State SteelWilmingtonMAstl prodB&M
1950Bay View Furn CoHollandMIFurn factoryC&O
1966Bayport LumberBayportNYLumberLIRR
1950Bayshore Industries, Inc.ElktonMDToysPRR
1966Bayslip Plumbing SuppliesIslipNYPlumbing SuppliesLIRR
1939Bayway TerlBaywayNJStg warehuseCNJ
1947Baz JosUticaNYSugar, cd gdsNYO&W
1950Bazley Co J RobertSt ClairPACoal, anthraciteRdg
2004BB&S Treated LumberDavisvilleRIlumberSVT
1950Bd of EducBellaireMICoal yd*C&O,EJ&S
1971Bd of EducationFlintMIPaperC&O
1950Beach Milling CoHollandMIFeed, grainC&O
1955Beach Soap CoLawrenceMAsoaps, cleaning compdsB&M
1955Beacon CoCambridgeMAWax prodB&M
1980Beacon FeedBethelVTFeed, fertz (distributor)CV*
1976Beacon Feed ServiceCastletonVTPeanut Meal, Bulk 50%D&H
1955Beacon Feed SupplyWhite River JctVTgrain, feed baggedB&M
1955Beacon Grain CoDoverNHgrain, feedB&M
1966Beacon MillingEastportNYGrainLIRR
1957Beacon Milling CoPortlandMEfeedB&M
1955Beacon Sales CoSomervilleMAfeedB&M
1944Beacon WarehouseE CambridgeMAwhseB&M
1990Beacon WarehouseNew KensingtonPAMdsePRR
1990Beacon WarehousePittsburghPAMdsePRR
1960Beals Furn Thomas BPortlandMEFurniture mfrPT
1949Bean Co D DJaffreyNHMatches wooden, paperB&M
1976Bean Co D DJaffreyNHpulpboard n/cBM
1950Bean John Mfg CoBeldingMIFdyC&O
1950Bear Pickle CoTraverse CityMISalting sta*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Beard Roy D Cut Stone CoLansingMIStone yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Beardslee FrankGrawnMILbr shipperC&O
1950Bearing & Gear Lubr CoMilfordMIBulk oilC&O
1950Bearse BrosDeckervilleMIFeedC&O
1950Beatrice Foods CoGrand RapidsMIDairy*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Beaubien Ice & Coal CoDetroitMICoal, ice*C&O,various
1944Beaver Beer & Ale CoE CambridgeMAbeerB&M
1982Beaver Prec Prod Div Warner Elec BrakeTroyMIAircraft parts & eqtNYC
1950Beck M J CoLansingMIBeekeeper supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Beckler John LSaginawMIFruit dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Beckwith Container CoLawrenceMApaper boxesB&M
2004Becton DickinsonCanaanCTplastic pelletsHRR
1965Bedelement CoDetroitMIProduce, bananasNYC
1950Bedell Flour CoDetroitMIFlour dlr*C&O,various
1966Bedford Can MfgFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYCan mfrLIRR
1980Beech-Nut Foods/Life SaversCanajoharieNYBaby foods, snacksNYC(W)
1971Beech-Nut Foods/Life SaversCanajoharieNYPaperPC
1950Beechnut PackingRochesterNYCandy*B&O,Erie,LV,NYC
1950Beekman Lbr CoMuskegonMILbr yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1952Beggs-Cobb TanneryS DoverMELeatherAGE*
1950Behler A LLake OdessaMILivestock shipperC&O
1950Behler-Young CorpGrand RapidsMIAbrasives plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1970Behling ElectronicsBig FlatsPAElec eqtBH&BF*
1950Behr Manning CorpDetroitMIAbrasives plt*C&O,various
1950Behr Manning Corp.TroyNYAbrasivesD&H
1950Bekkering Insul CoMuskegonMIRoofing, insul dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Belanger BrosInterlochenMIPulpwood, boltsC&O
1950Belding Basket CoBeldingMIBasket pltC&O
1950Belding Coop CoBeldingMICoalC&O
1950Belding Coop CoBeldingMIElevC&O
1950Belding Hosiery MillsBeldingMIHosiery millC&O
1950Belding Lbr CoBeldingMILbr ydC&O
1950Belding Oil CoBeldingMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1982Belding Prod CorpBeldingMIAir cond, refr, comml, indC&O
1950Bell Coal CoFlintMICoal yd*C&O,GTW
1956Bell-Foster Glass Co.MillvilleNJSandPRSL
1950Bellaire Hdw CoBellaireMIHdw*C&O,EJ&S
1950Bellaire Lbr & Supply CoBellaireMILbr yd, bldrs supplies*C&O,EJ&S
1950Bellaire Log Cabin CoBellaireMIPrefab log cabin mfr*C&O,EJ&S
1950Bellock A & Sons IncDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1956Bellows Falls Coop CreameryBellows FallsVTCreamery (shipped B&M)Rut
1950Belshaw Mfg CoGreenvilleMIMach shop*C&O,GTW
1955Belsky Bros Coal & OilChicopeeMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Bemis Brothers Bag CoPepperillMAbagsB&M
1976Bemis Brothers Bag CoPepperillMApaper, wrapping kraftBM
1976Bemis CoNashuaNHplasticsBM
1956Bemis CoFlemingtonNJPlastic pelletsPRR
1955Bemson Lobster CoPortlandMEcd seafoodB&M
1970Bendix BrakeGreen IslandNYAsbestos, machineryD&H
1970Bendix BrakeGreen IslandNYResinsD&H
1970Bendix CorpJacksonMIAuto partsSLS*
1982Bendix Corp Abrasives DivJacksonMIAbrasive prodNYC
1982Bendix Corp Hyd DivSt JosephMIMV parts & acc*C&O,NYC
1956Bendix Corp.ElmiraNYAppliancesPRR,Erie
1982Bendix Electr & Eng Control Syst GrpTroyMIElectr compsNYC
1982Bendix Mach Tool CorpWarrenMIMach tools, spec machyNYC
1950Benedict RossIoniaMITractor dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Benkert Fz Food LockersReed CityMIFd lockers*C&O,PRR
1959Benmont Papers IncBenningtonVTPaper, coal, drumsRut
1959Benmont Papers IncBenningtonVTWrapping paperRut
1970Bennett Feed & SeedParmaMIFeed, seedSLS*
1950Bennett Fred JPt HuronMIBldrs supp, implts*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Bennett J WFountainMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Bennett John JrFreesoilMIFeedC&O
1955Bennett L E Coal CoWakefieldMAcoalB&M
1950Bennett Lbr & Mfg CoZeelandMIWood prods pltC&O
1990Bennett PaperSharpsburgPAPaper prodPRR
1990Bennett SupplySharpsburgPAOffice prodPRR
1955Bennette Coal CoTurners FallsMAcoalB&M
1947Bennington Cty Coop CreameryManchesterVTCreameryRut
1976Bennington Iron WorksBenningtonVTBeamsRut
1950Bensinger LZeelandMIPoultry eqt dlrC&O
1955Benson Goss FuelsMelroseMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Bent Tubes IncFowlervilleMITubing pltC&O
1950Benton Center Fruit ExchBenton HarborMIProduce shipper*C&O,NYC
1950Benton Hbr City ofSt JosephMIFiltration plt*C&O,NYC
1950Benton Hbr Fdy & Supply CoBenton HarborMIFdy*C&O,NYC
1950Benton Hbr Fdy Supply CoGlenlordMIScrap ydC&O
1950Benton Hbr Malleable IndBenton HarborMIFdy*C&O,NYC
1950Ber White C M Co Md Shaft 1St MichaelPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Ber White C M Co Md Shaft 1WilmorePACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Berdan Bread CoBay CityMIBakery*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Berger Auto CoIoniaMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Berger Foods CoCentral LakeMIPickle staC&O
1944Berger Metal Culvert Co of NESomervilleMAstl coilsB&M
1950Berghorst B J WZeelandMIPlbg supp whseC&O
1950Bergmooser CCarletonMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Bergsma BrosGrand RapidsMIWood novelties factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bergy Bros ElevAltoMICoalC&O
1950Bergy Bros ElevAltoMIElevC&O
1939Berkew & MathewsLebanonNJFeedCNJ
1956Berks ProductsKutztownPALumberRdg
1955Berkshire Coal CoN AdamsMAcoalB&M
1952Berlinton Paper CoE BerlintonNHPaperAGE*
1950Berman Iron Metal CoAlmaMIScrap yd*AA,C&O
1955Bernard Tire CoManchesterNHtires, auto suppB&M
1950Berner Robt LFountainMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Berner Robt LKent CityMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Berner Robt LMuskegonMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Bernies GarageKalevaMIAuto accessories dlrC&O
1950Berrien Coop Fruit ExchgStevensvilleMIFeed. fertzC&O
1950Berrien Cty Coop Fruit AssnBenton HarborMIFruit shipper*C&O,NYC
1950Berrien Cty Farm Bureau Oil CoWatervlietMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Berrien Cty Package CoBenton HarborMIFruit package plt*C&O,NYC
1950Berrien Cty Rd CommBenton HarborMISupply yd*C&O,NYC
1950Berrien Cty Rd CommColomaMISupply ydC&O
1950Berrien Cty Rd CommWatervlietMISupp ydC&O
1950Berwind White Coal Mining Co.Adams Twp Cambria CoPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Berwind-White Coal Mining Co.WinberPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Bese Beef CoFlintMIWhsl meat dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Beshars Rugs & CarpetsNew YorkNYCarpetNYC
1950Bessemer Limestone + Cement Co.BessemerPACementPRR
1950Besser CoAlpenaMIMachineryD&M
1990Best Feeds SupplyOakdalePAFeedPRR
1980Bethel Mills LbrBethelVTPlywood, lumber (whslr)CV*
1990Bethlehem #58MariannaPACoalPRR
1950Bethlehem Cornwall CorpCornwallPAIron orePRR
1955Bethlehem Gas & Electric CoLittletonNHutil suppB&M
1976Bethlehem Globe Publ CoBethlehemPAStd Newsprint Paper, 72 rolls*CNJ,L&NE,LV,Rdg
1950Bethlehem Mines CorpCokesburgPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Bethlehem Mines CorpConemaugh Twp Cambria CoPACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Bethlehem Mines CorpEllsworthPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Bethlehem Mines CorpJohnstownPACoal, bituminousC&BL (B&O,PRR)
1950Bethlehem Mines CorpMariannaPACoal, bituminousPRR
1976Bethlehem Mines CorpTamaquaPAAnthracite Coal*L&NE,Rdg
1976Bethlehem Steeel CorpSparrows PtMDCoil Steel SheetsB&O
1976Bethlehem SteelSparrows PtMDSteel sheet, platePRR
1939Bethlehem SteelElizabethNJSteelCNJ
1976Bethlehem SteelLackawannaNYSteel BilletsLV
1950Bethlehem SteelSouth BuffaloNYSteel productsNYC,SB
1976Bethlehem SteelBethlehemPAAmmonia SulphatePB&NE
1976Bethlehem SteelBethlehemPAAmmonia Sulphate, ingot molds, stl billetsPB&NE
1976Bethlehem SteelBethlehemPAIngot moldsPB&NE
1950Bethlehem SteelBethlehemPASteel bars, beams, plate, rods, shapesPB&NE
1950Bethlehem SteelBethlehemPASteel bars, beams, plate, rods, shapesPB&NE
1976Bethlehem SteelBethlehemPASteel BilletsPB&NE
1950Bethlehem SteelJoannaPAIron oreRdg
1990Bethlehem SteelJohnstownPASteel productsC&BL (B&O,PRR)
1950Bethlehem Steel CoHighspirePARailsPRR
1950Bethlehem Steel CoLettsdalePASteel, structuralPRR
1950Bethlehem Steel CoPottstownPASteel, structuralRdg
1950Bethlehem Steel CoRankinPASteel prodsP&LE
1950Bethlehem Steel CoSteeltonPASteel slabs, reinf bars, pipePRR
1955Bethlehem Steel CoCambridgeMAstl prodB&M
1976Bethlehem Steel Co Saucon Steel DeptBethlehemPASteel scrap F R P OPB&NE
1976Bethlehem Steel CorpBaltimoreMDSteel, Reinforcement BarsPRR
1976Bethlehem Steel Corp (Barker)AlbanyNYSteel, Reinforcement BarsD&H
1976Bethlehem Steel Corp c/o Lackawanna PltBuffaloNYIngot MoldsSB
1950Bethlehem Steel WireWilliamsportPAWirePRR
1950Bethlehem Stl CorpBaltimore (Sparrows Pt)MDStl sheet, coil, cold rolled, galvanizedPRR
1950Bethlehem Wire RopeBethlehemPAWire ropePB&NE
1955Bettinger EnamelWalthamMApaint prodB&M
1950Bev Prods CoSt JosephMIBev distr*C&O,NYC
1950Beverly Lbr CoRiversideMILbr ydC&O
1950Beverly Lbr CoWatervlietMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Beverly Lbr CoBenton HarborMILbr yd*C&O,NYC
1950Beyster John & SonsDetroitMILbr yd*C&O,various
2004BFI Brockton RecycleryBrocktonMAscrap paperCSX
1970Bicknell & FullerW PeabodyMApaperB&M
1976Bicknell & Fuller Corr Contr CorpPeabodyMAPulpboardB&M
1976Bicknell Manufacturing CoRocklandMESandblasting SandMEC
1955Biddeford & Saco Coal CoBiddefordMEcoalB&M
1955Biddeford Box CoBiddefordMEpaper boxesB&M
1955Biddeford DistributorsBiddefordMEgrocB&M
1976Biddeford Textile CoBiddefordMESyntetic FibersBM
1950Biehl Gerald & SonBellaireMICoal, feed, fertz*C&O,EJ&S
1950Biehl Gerald & SonBellaireMIGrain, potatoes*C&O,EJ&S
1950Bieler Coal CoE SaugatuckMICoal ydC&O
1950Bieler Coal CoNew RichmondMICoal ydC&O
1966Bienenfeld GlassEvergreenNYGlassLIRR
1944Big Bear FruitCambridgeMAfruit, produceB&M
1950Big Bear Mkts IncDetroitMIWhsl groc whse*C&O,various
1982Bil-Mar Foods IncZeelandMIPoultry, beef proc, fz prep foodsC&O
1950Binghamton Brick Co.BinghamtonNYBrickD&H
1976Binney & Smith CoBethlehemPACrayons (Crayola)*CNJ,L&NE,LV,Rdg
1976Binney & Smith CoEastonPACrayons (Crayola)*DL&W,LV,CNJ,L&HR,PRR
1950Birch Run HdwBirch RunMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Birch Run Oil CoBirch RunMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Birchwood RanchCharlevoixMILivestock shipperC&O
1950Bird Coal Co. Bird 3Tire HillPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Bird F FCharlevoixMIPoultry shipperC&O
1950Bird Gas CoDetroitMICompressed gas mfr*C&O,various
1950Bird J T Coal CoLansingMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Birds Eye Div., General Foods Corp.Pocomoke CityMDMeatPRR
1950Birdsboro Steel Fdry & Mach CoBirdsboroPAMachineryRdg
1950Birdseye Co.MarionNYCanned goodsPRR
1950Bishop Furn CoGrand RapidsMIHome furn dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bishop Furn CoMuskegonMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Bisnack EdwPalmsMIHdwC&O
1950Bissell Carpet Sweeper CoGrand RapidsMICarpet sweepers*NYC,PRR
1960Bixby E M DistributorsPoultneyVTCoal, grain prodsD&H
1955Blachard Lumber CoCambridgeMAlbrB&M
1950Black & Decker Mfg CoHampsteadMDToolsWM
1950Black & Decker ToolsTowsonMDHand Tools, power tools*B&O,WM,M&P
1950Black & Gay Canners IncThomastonMECanned goodsMEC
1950Black Sivalls & Bryson IncMt PleasantMIOilwell supp yd*C&O,AA
1955Black TopWestboroNHasphalt, aggregatesB&M
1950Blackett Russell CoMarletteMIImplt dlrC&O
1955Blackinton Coal CoN AdamsMAcoalB&M
1950Blackport Comm CoGrand RapidsMIPacking house*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Blacksmith Shop PastriesRockportMAbakeryB&M
1950Blair Co J CHuntingdonPAPaper productsPRR
1950Blair Fuel Co.Carbon Twp.PACoal, bituminousH&BTM
1955Blake Chevrolet CoBradfordVTautosB&M
1960Blake W LPortlandMEPlumbing, mill suppliesPT, B&M
1955Blanchard Lumber CoArlingtonMAlbrB&M
1966Blanchard PressGarden CityNYPaperLIRR
1974Blandy PaperGreenwichNYPaperGJ
1950Blanford H B CoGrantMIOnion shipperC&O
1950Blaw Knox Piping DivPittsburghPASteel PipePRR
1950Blaw-Knox Co.BlawnoxPARolling stock partsPRR
1950Bldg Matls IncWayneMILbr, bldrs supp yd*C&O,NYC
1950Bldg Prods CoGrand RapidsMIStl bldgs*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bldrs Lbr & Supply CoPortlandMILbr ydC&O
1950Bldrs Sash & Door CoLansingMIMillwork*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Bleau Brick CoTroyNYbrickB&M
1959Blodgett G S CoBurlingtonVTPipe, steel, insulationRut
1976Blodgett G S CoShelburneVTCorrugated Boxes - FlatRut
1956Blommer ChocolateE GreenvillePAChocolate productsRdg
1956Blommer ChocolateE GreenvillePACocoa beans, sugarRdg
1950Blood Bros CoAlleganMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,NYC
1966BloomingdalesL I City Degnon TerlNYMdse (dept store)LIRR
1960Blue Rock QuarryPortlandMEReady mix concrete, crushed stonePT
2004Blue Seal FeedsBowNHgrainNEGS
1995Blue Seal FeedsArcadeNYCorn meal*PRR,A&A
1996Blue Seal FeedsBainbridgeNYfeedD&H
1956Blue Seal FeedsRichfieldVTOatsCVt
1978Blue Seal FeedsRichfordVTGrainCP
2003Blue Seal FoodHagerstownMDFeedCSXT
1950Board of Water & LightLansingMICoal, bituminousGTW
1950Boardman LumberUpper PortalMILogs, lumber, poles, pulpwood, tiesGL&N*
1950Boardman Sales CoTraverse CityMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Bodker DairyDetroitMIDairy*C&O,various
1950Boeve Oil CoHollandMIBulk oilC&O
1966Bohack H CBushwick BranchNYCd gds, meat, produce, grocLIRR
1966Bohack H CBushwick BranchNYgrocery chain, canned goodsLIRR
1950Bohack N C CoBrooklynNYMeat prod*LI,BEDT,Bush,SB
1955Bohannan L & SonsContoocookNHpulpwoodC&C
1950Bohn Alum & Brass CorpCabletonMIFdyC&O
1950Boichot Concrete Prods CorpLansingMIConcrete prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
2004Boilard LumberSpringfieldMAlumberCSX
1990Boise CascadeRumfordMEPaper, pulpboardMEC
2004Boise CascadePortsmouthNHlumberGRS
1976Boise Cascade CorpRumfordMEGround Clay, bulkMEC
1976Boise Cascade CorpRumfordMEKCS SD ClayMEC
1976Boise Cascade CorpRumfordMEStarchMEC
1976Boise Cascade Paper GroupRumfordMEIron Printing Paper Winding Cores - ReturnedMEC
1976Boise Cascade Paper Grp Rumford MillRumfordMEPaper printing rollsMEC
1928Boker & Co H IncMaplewoodNJCutleryRV
1955Boldue Fuel CoFitchburgMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Bolhuis Lbr & Mfg CoHollandMILbr ydC&O
1952Bolton CreameryBolton MillsMEMilk productsAGE*
1952Bolton Woolen MillsBolton MillsMECoalAGE*
1952Bolton Woolen MillsBolton MillsMEFabricAGE*
1955Bon Marche Dry Goods CoLowellMAmdse (dept store)B&M
1950Bonafide Mills, Inc.LisbonMELinoleumMEC
1976Bond Baking CoPhiladelphiaPABulk Flour*PRR,Rdg
1950Bond INoviMIPotato whseC&O
1944Bonded Oil CoSomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1966Bonded Paper c/o Gay TruckingL I City Degnon TerlNYPaperLIRR
1950Bonded Roofing CoLansingMIRoofing, insul dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1947Bonnell G CSidneyNYCoal, anthraciteNYO&W
1947Bonomo F & CoUticaNYGrainNYO&W
1950Boostra BrosMuskegonMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Booth John IncCarbondalePACoal, anthraciteD&H
1951Borden & CoWilkes-BarrePACreameryD&H
2004Borden & RemingtonFall RiverMAchemicalsCSX
1970Borden ChemicalN AndoverMAChemB&M
1976Borden Chemical Corp.BainbridgeNYFormaldehyde, liquid 50-0%D&H
1956Borden CoBurlingtonVTCreamery (team track)Rut
1944Borden CoEverettMAfood prodB&M
1950Borden CoBad AxeMIDairy prod pltC&O
1955Borden Co Amer Resinous Chem DivPeabodyMAchemsB&M
1950Borden Co Chemical DivBainbridgeNYGlueD&H
1950Borden CreameryTroyPAMilkPRR
1951Borden Farm ProdCentral BridgeNYCreameryD&H
1951Borden Farm ProdSchenevusNYMilk prodD&H
1951Borden Farm Prods CoOtegoNYCreameryD&H
1951Borden Farm Prods CoWells BridgeNYCreameryD&H
1960Borden Farm Products Co.BainbridgeNYButtermilkD&H
1950Borden Farm Products Co.Ft AnnNYMilkD&H
1950Borden Farm Products Co.Cherry ValleyNYMilkD&H
1950Borden Farm Products Co.WhitehallNYMilkD&H
1970Borden Farm Products Co.PoultneyVTmilk prod, cheeseD&H
1982Borden IncSaginawMIMilk prod*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Borden IncGrand RapidsMIMilk prod*NYC,PRR
1982Borden IncLansingMIMilk prod*NYC,GTW
1982Borden IncMadison HtsMIMilk prodDT&I
1951Bordens Farm ProdSharon SpringsNYCreameryD&H
1982Borg & Beck Div Borg-Warner CorpSterling HtsMIMotor veh parts & accNYC
1939Borne Scrymser CoElizabethNJOil, greaseCNJ
1976Bornstein & FisherCambridgeMAFurniture, woodBM
1976Bornstein & FisherE CambridgeMAWooden Furniture SLC&WBM
1966Boro Hall LumberNew Hyde ParkNYLumberLIRR
1966Boro Kitchen CabinetEvergreenNYLumber, plywood, suppliesLIRR
1971Borough J LBoyne CityMIFz meatBCRR
1971Borough J LCadillacMIFz meatPC
1971Borough J LDetroitMIFz meatPC
1971Borough J LLansingMIButterPC
1950Bortz Coal Co. Daugherty 2SmithfieldPACoal, bituminousPRR
1966Borus Bros. Paper Co.Garden CityNYPaperLIRR
1950Bos John Sand CoSawyerMISand pitC&O
1950Bos Leather CoGrand RapidsMIShoe findings*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Bosby MetalsL I City Degnon TerlNYScrapLIRR
1950Boscoe Fruit CoBay CityMIProduce dlr*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Bosgraaf BenHudsonvilleMIOnion shipperC&O
1950Bosgraaf BenLowellMIProduce*C&O,M&NE
1950Boss HughAldenMIPotato warehouseC&O
1950Boss HughBatesMIPotato whseC&O
1950Boss HughGreenvilleMIPotato whse*C&O,GTW
1950Boss HughTraverse CityMIPotato whse*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1947Bossert CorpUticaNYCoal, stlNYO&W
1944Boston AmericanBostonMAnewsprintB&M
1944Boston Burial Case CoN SomervilleMAcasketsB&M
1955Boston Consolidated Gas CoEverettMAutil suppB&M
1955Boston EdisonEverettMAutil suppB&M
1944Boston Elevated Ry CoBostonMAutil suppB&M
1944Boston Evening TranscriptN SomervilleMAnewsprintB&M
1955Boston Fibre CorpEverettMAscrap textilesB&M
2004Boston GlobeBillericaMAnewsprintGRS
1956Boston GlobeDorchesterMANewsprintNH
2004Boston GlobeS BostonMAnewsprintCSX
1944Boston HeraldBostonMAnewsprintB&M
1944Boston Ice CoBostonMAice, cold stgB&M
1955Boston Machine Works CoLynnMAmachyB&M
1955Boston Naval ShipyardBostonMAstl, machy, naval storesB&M
2004Boston Paper BoardSomervilleMApaperGRS
1950Boston Paper CoDetroitMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,various
1944Boston Publishing CoBostonMAprtg paperB&M
1944Boston Regional Produce MarketCambridgeMAproduceB&M
2004Boston Ry Terl CorpS BostonMAsteel, structuralCSX
1970Boston Sand & GravelCharlestownMAsand & gravelB&M
1944Boston Sand & Gravel CoE CambridgeMAaggregatesB&M
1955Boston Sand & Gravel CoRevereMAaggregatesB&M
1950Boston Sausage & Provision CoBostonMAmeat prod*NYC,B&M,NH
1944Boston Sawdust CoSomervilleMAsawdustB&M
1955Boston Steel Warehouse CoBostonMAstl prodB&M
1955Boston Stove Foundry CoReadingMAfdy, stovesB&M
2004Boston Terminal MarketChelseaMAproduceCSX
1944Boston Tidewater TerminalBostonMAmdseB&M
1944Boston Varnish CoEverettMApaint prodB&M
1955Boswell Coal CoSalisburyMAcoalB&M
1990Boswell Oil Co.DravosburgPAPetr prdPRR
1950Bouchard Potato Co.Van BurenMEPotatoesBAR
1950Boughey Bottling WorksTraverse CityMIBev distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Boulin-Gorrell Lumber CoLaconiaNHlbrB&M
1939Bound Brook Crushed StoneBound BrookNJStone crushedCNJ
1950Boutin John Lbr CoMerrillMIBldrs suppC&O
1971Bouyea BakingPlattsburghNYFlourD&H
1950Boviard & Seyfang Mfg CoBradfordPAOil well suppliesB&O,PRR
1950Bow Coal & Gravel CoGreenvilleMICoal & gravel yd*C&O,GTW
1990Bowater/Great Northern PaperE MillinocketMENewsprint, paperBAR
1950Bowland D EColemanMIAuto dlrC&O
2003Bowman R D & Sons (Feed Mill)WestminsterMDAnimal & Poultry FeedCSXT,MMID
1950Bowron Allen & SonBad AxeMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Boyce Lbr CoCroswellMILbr, bldrs suppC&O
1960Boyce Machinery, Brown's WharfPortlandMEMarine engineeersPT
1957Boyd CorpPortlandMEwhsl HH applB&M
1950Boyd-Cooper CoDetroitMIFurnace dlr*C&O,various
1956Boyea BrosMaloneNYLbrRut
1950Boyer Wm J & SonsSaginawMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1990Boyertown AutobodyBoyertownPAMilitary vehiclesRdg
1950Boyle V EMilfordMICoal, feedC&O
1971Boyne CommodBoyne CityMICartons, dried eggsBCRR
1971Boyne CommodCadillacMIMilkPC
1955Boynton & EllisClaremontNHAnthraciteC&C
1950Brace Twine & Supply CoGrand RapidsMITwine, upholstery supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1970Brach Candy CoAnn ArborMIConfectionerySLS*
1952Bracket & ShawRutlandVTFeedRut
2004Bradco SupplySpringfieldMAroofing materilsCSX
1990Bradford Forest ProductsBradfordPALumberB&O
1982Bradford-White CorpMiddlevilleMIAppliances HHNYC
1950Bradleyville Elev CoFairgroveMICoalC&O
1950Bradleyville Elev CoFairgroveMIElevC&O
1950Bragg L JScottvilleMIAuto dlrC&O
1955Bragg Lumber CoBellows FallsVTlbrB&M
1990Brake BoltPiscatawayNJPlastic pelletsLV
1950Brake Wm JBellaireMILbr yd*C&O,EJ&S
1955Brampton WoolenNewportNHRags, Piece Goods, bit coalC&C
1950Brand & Hardin Milling CoSaginawMIElev*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Brandel HHartMIApple shipperC&O
1947Brant BrosUticaNYCoal, bituminousNYO&W
1950Brant JerryLudingtonMICement block plt*C&O,Lud&N
1990Braun BakingPittsburghPABakeryPRR
1950Brayton Block CoLansingMICement block plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Breckenridge Bean & Grain CoBreckenridgeMICoalC&O
1950Breckenridge Bean & Grain CoBreckenridgeMIElevC&O
1950Breckenridge Farmers Elev CoBreckenridgeMICoalC&O
1950Breckenridge Farmers Elev CoBreckenridgeMIElevC&O
1950Breckenridge Farmers Elev CoWheelerMIGrain elevC&O
1950Breckenridge Oil CoBreckenridgeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Breckenridge Village ofBreckenridgeMISupply ydC&O
1950Breen Bros Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIMillwork plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Breen Color Lambertville PltRingoesNJChems dry (cov hop)PRR
1939Breidt Peter Brewing CoElizabethNJBeerCNJ
1950Breimayer Chevrolet SalesBeldingMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Bremer HaroldZeelandMISugar whseC&O
1950Bremmer-Bain CoPetoskeyMIAppl, hdw, roofing*C&O,PRR
1950Brenna Trucking CoDetroitMITrucking*C&O,various
1950Brennan Appl DistrDetroitMIAppl dlr*C&O,various
1950Brenne Ole MBaldwinMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Brenne Ole MCusterMILbr, pulpwood shipperC&O
1950Brenne Ole MFountainMIBolts, pulpwood shipperC&O
1950Brenne Ole MKalevaMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Brenne Ole MScottvilleMILbr, pulpwood shipperC&O
1950Brenne Ole MWalhallaMILbr, pulpwood shipperC&O
1966Brenner Paper Corp.L I CityNYPaperLIRR
1950Brewer C JTraverse CityMILivestock shipper*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Brewer Mfg CoOld TownMEWood turningsMEC
1944Brewer Petroleum ServiceSomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1950Brewers City Coal DockHollandMICoal ydC&O
1950Brick & Supplies CorpLansingMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Bricker Lbr CoBeldingMILbr ydC&O
1950Bricker RayHemlockMIContr ydC&O
1950Bricker Stanford CYaleMILbr & bldrs supp ydC&O
1950Briddell Inc Chas DCrisfieldMDCutleryPRR
1955Bridge Fuel & Grain CoWalpoleNHcoal, grain, feedB&M
1955Bridge Table & Novelties CoLowellMAfurn, mdseB&M
1950Bridgeman Castings CoBridgemanMIFdyC&O
1950Bridgeman Coal CoBridgemanMICoal ydC&O
1950Bridgeman Farmers ExchgBridgemanMIFeed, flourC&O
1950Bridgeman Supply CoBridgemanMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Bridgeport Core Sand CoJuniataMISand pitC&O
1950Bridgeport Core Sand CoLudingtonMISand pit*C&O,Lud&N
1950Bridgeport Core Sand CoMcHaleMISand pitC&O
1950Bridgeport Lbr & Supply CoBridgeportMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Bridges GarageWatervlietMIAuto dlrC&O
1971Bridgewater LbrSalineMILumberAA
1955Briggs Coal CoLynnMAcoalB&M
1950Briggs O J Lbr CoWhite CloudMILbr & bldrs supp ydC&O
1955Bright Star Steel CoLynnMAstl prodB&M
1950Brighton City ofBrightonMISupply ydC&O
1944Brighton Dressed Beef & Veal CoSomervilleMAfresh meatB&M
1950Brighton Tool & Die CoBrightonMITool & die pltC&O
1966Brillo MfgFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYCleaning suppliesLIRR
1950Brimberry Insul CoElktonMIInsul dlrC&O
1950Brink Lbr CoHamiltonMILbr ydC&O
1950Brinker Lbr CoBad AxeMILbr ydC&O
1950Brinker-Armstrong Lbr CoBeldingMIElevC&O
1950Brinker-Armstrong Lbr CoPt HopeMILbr, bldrs suppC&O
1950Brisbois Coal & Mfg CoBay CityMICoal yd*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1990Bristol ConsolidatorsVictoryPAMdsePRR
1950Bristol-Meyers CorpHillsideNJHousehold suppliesLV
1955Bristol-Myers CoHillsideNJToiletries, pharmaceuticalsLV
1947Broad St WhseUticaNYCd veg, otherNYO&W
1976Broadmore HomesRingtownPAFibreboard boards or sheets not wlbd nlt 3/8 in thickRdg
1976Broadway FurnitureBangorMEWooden FurnitureMEC
1950Brochu & Hass CorpGrand RapidsMIStl plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Brockelman Bros IncWorcesterMAmeat prod*NYC,B&M,NH
1976Brockway Glass CoWashingtonPAGlass JarsB&O
1971Brockway Smith CoE LongviewMAWoodworkNH
1976Brockway Smith CoLowell JctMAScreen DoorsBM
1960Brockway-Smith-Haigh-LovellPortlandMEDoors, windows, moldings whslPT, B&M
1990Brodey's Furn WhseCanonsburgPAFurnPRR
1950Brody BrosLudingtonMIFeed*C&O,Lud&N
1950Brody BrosLudingtonMIScrap yd*C&O,Lud&N
1950Bromfield F G & SonBay CityMIFeed, flour*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1961Bronk Coal & LumberHudson FallsNYCoalD&H
1950Bronkema Jack Farm Eqt CoGrand RapidsMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bronte Wine CoHartfordMIWineryC&O
1966Brooklyn Steel WarehouseBushwick BranchNYsteel beams, structural steelLIRR
1966Brooklyn Terminal MarketE New YorkNYProduceLIRR
1966Brooklyn TireE New YorkNYTiresLIRR
1966Brooklyn Union GasVanderveer ParkNYPipe,machyLIRR
1971Brooks & PerkinsCadillacMIPlywoodAA
1990Brooks indS PlainfieldNJPersonal-care prod, hair, skin prepLV
1950Brothwell Genl StoreBlaineMIGenl storeC&O
1950Brott Lbr & Fuel CoKent CityMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Brott Lbr CoBaldwinMILbr ydC&O
1950Browar Prods CoElwellMIChem dlrC&O
1959Brown & HitchcockManchesterVTLbr, bldg matlsRut
1955Brown B W Grain CoConcordMAgrain, feedB&M
1990Brown BoveriS GreensburgPAMachyPRR
1950Brown City Elev CoBrown CityMICoalC&O
1950Brown City Elev CoBrown CityMIElevC&O
1976Brown CoLawrenceMAWoodpulp bales sl&cB&M
1955Brown CoBerlinNHpaper mill, pulpboard, toilet paperB&M
1976Brown CoBerlinNHPaper towels ctns, woodpulp bundlesB&M
1976Brown CoBerlinNHSodium Sulfite, crudeB&M
1976Brown Co Sthse Cascade MillBerlinNHClay in bulkB&M
1976Brown CompanyBerlinNHPaper, Scrap in BalesBM
1950Brown FisheriesHarbor BeachMIFisheryC&O
1951Brown H M & CoCastletonVTFeed, grainD&H
1951Brown H M & CoCenter RutlandVTFeed, grainD&H
1950Brown Ice & Coal CoSt JosephMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1950Brown Jim StoreIoniaMIFarm supp dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Brown Lbr CoMidlandMIBldrs supp*C&O,NYC
1950Brown Lbr CoTraverse CityMILbr shipper*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Brown Morse CoMuskegonMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Brown Paper Stock CoGrand RapidsMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1956Brown PrintingE GreenvillePAPaper wasteRdg
1956Brown PrintingE GreenvillePAPrinting paperRdg
1976Brown Prods IncNashuaNHPulpboard corr nlt 80% waste paperB&M
1950Browne Thos FDetroitMIFlorist*C&O,various
1950Bruce E L CoReed CityMIHardwood flooring mill*C&O,PRR
1971Bruce Hall Corp.MilfordNYChesnut-size coalC&CV
1971Bruce ProdHowellMITripoli, grd, bagsAA
1950Brummer Stl Prods CoGrand RapidsMIStl prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Brune MonumentsDetroitMIMarker & monument dlr*C&O,various
1947Brunner Mfg CoUticaNYTanksNYO&W
1950Brunswick-Balke-Collender CoMuskegonMIBowling alley supp factory*C&O,GTW
1971Brussette Constr CoEscanabaMIBrickELS
1955Bryant Chicking Grinder CoSpringfieldVTmach toolsSTerl
1950Bteson W ELudingtonMIBldrs supp*C&O,Lud&N
1950Buck Constr CoMuskegonMIContr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Buck E R Chair CoClintonMAfurnB&M
1950Buckeye Coal CoNemacolinPACoal, bituminousMonong
1950Buckeye Furn CoMonroeMIFurn dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1971Buckeye PacificAnn ArborMILumberAA
1950Buckingham Prods CoDetroitMIChem plt*C&O,various
1950Buckler Bev CFlintMIBev distr*C&O,GTW
1976Buckley Dunton Linde Lathrop IncTiconderogaNYPrinting PaperD&H
1959Bucklin V R for Eastern StatesShelburneVTFeed, fertzRut
1982Budd CoTroyMIAuto stampings, plastic prodNYC
1950Budd CoPhiladelphiaPAAuto parts, rr rolling stockPRR
1982Budd CoClintonMIAuto stampings, plastic prodNYC
1955Budd's Beverages IncLebanonNHbeer, liquorsB&M
1950Budlong Pickle CoPaw PawMIPickle staC&O
1950Budlong Pickle CoGrand JctMIPickle staC&O
1950Budlong Pickle CoLawrenceMIPickle staC&O
1950Buff & BuffSchenectadyNYIron + steel, scrapD&H
1950Buffalo ForgeBuffaloNYIndustrial blowers, machy, air cond eqtNYC
1956Buffalo Structural SteelTitusvillePASteel beamsNYC
1950Buhl Sons CoGrand RapidsMIAuto parts, furn, hdw, appl*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1956Buick Assembly Plant Div GM CorpFlintMIAutosC&O
1950Buick Motor Div GMCGrand BlancMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1955Builders Equipment CoW MedfordMAcontr eqtB&M
1944Builders Iron & Steel CoEverettMAstl prodB&M
1955Builders Lumber & Supply CorpLondonderryNHlbr, bldrs suppB&M
1955Builders Material WholesalersBostonMAlbr, bldrs suppB&M
1955Builders Specialty CoManchesterNHlbr, bldrs suppB&M
1976Building Materials c/o Martins Ferry SidingHooksettNHFurniture-Kitchen Cabinets and Furn Parts WoodBM
1990BulkmaticPittsburghPACement, chems, plasticsPRR
1950Bulman E O Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIStl store fixtures plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Bumstead BrosNewaygoMIRoofing dlrC&O
1950Bunday Bedding CoLansingMIBedding dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Bundy Tubing Div Bundy CorpWarrenMIStl pipe, tubeNYC
1950Bunnelt D AFowlervilleMIHorse dlrC&O
1950Bunyea WilfordPlymouthMIFertz dlrC&O
1960Burbank E W Seed CoPortlandMESeeds, dairy, poultry, pet suppliesPT
1955Burchell Coal CoBradfordMAcoalB&M
1950Burdich H B Seed HouseSaginawMISeeds dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1971Bureau of Surplus FoodsUticaNYFz meatPC
1950Burg 'R Packing CorpNew Hyde ParkNYmeat prodLI
1950Burke Cyril JDetroitMIContr eqt dlr*C&O,various
2004Burke DistributingRandolphMAbeerCSX
1980Burlington Elec CoBurlingtonVTFly ashCV*
1980Burlington Elec CoBurlingtonVTWood chipsCV*
1959Burlington Groc CoBurlingtonVTWhsl grocRut
1959Burlington Paper Stock CoBurlingtonVTScrapRut
1959Burlington Rendering CoBurlingtonVTFertz, coalRut
1959Burlington Rendering CoBurlingtonVTTallow, hidesRut
1950Burmeister HHartMIPotato whseC&O
1950Burnash F F Constr CoFlintMIContr yd*C&O,GTW
1950Burnett BrosBay ShoreMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Burnett BrosBay ShoreMIPotato whseC&O
1950Burnett LeoCentral LakeMIPotato whseC&O
1976Burnett W T CoBaltimoreMDcell foam paddingBO
1976Burnett W T Co.JessupMDformed pads, plasticBO
1950Burnette BrosCharlevoixMIPotato whseC&O
1950Burnette Castings CoHartfordMIStl pltC&O
1950Burnette Farms Packing CoHartfordMIFruit & veg canning pltC&O
1950Burnham & MorrillFarmingtonMECanned goodsMEC
1950Burnham & MorrillNorridgewockMECanned goodsMEC
1960Burnham & MorrillPortlandMEBeansPT, B&M
1957Burnham & MorrillPortlandMEcd gds, beans (B&M Baked)PT, B&M
1939Burnham Boiler CoElizabethNJFurnaces, boilersCNJ
1950Burnham C J Cartage CoDetroitMICartage*C&O,various
1950Burns & WynkoopTraverse CityMIAuto dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Burns DaleCentral LakeMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Burr Harry dba Burwood Prods CoTraverse CityMIBasket & fruit pkg mfr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Burritt Lumber Sales CoBridgeportCTLumberNH
1950Burroughs Adding Mach CoPlymouthMIAdding mach pltC&O
1950Burroughs Elev CoFlintMIFeed, grain*C&O,GTW
1950Burroughs J P & Sons IncFlintMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1971Burt Forest ProdAnn ArborMIPulpboardAA
1950Burt Lbr & Fuel CoGrand LedgeMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1966Burts Coal CompanyGreenportNYCoalLIRR
1950Bush Roofing CoAlmaMIRoofing dlr*AA,C&O
1950Bush RussellGrawnMIPotato whseC&O
1950Buss Mach CoHollandMIMachy pltC&O
1950Bussis BrosZeelandMIImplt dlrC&O
1990Busy BeaverNew KensingtonPABldg suppPRR
1955Butcher WaxEdgeworthMAwax prod (Butcher's)B&M
1950Butler Food Prods CoCedar LakeMISoybean prods pltC&O
1950Butler Lbr CoBenton HarborMILbr yd*C&O,NYC
1950Butler Paper CoDetroitMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,various
1976Buy Rite Foods, Inc.SalemNHToilet PaperBM
1955Buy Rite Wholesale Groceries IncLawrenceMAgrocB&M
1950Bye FritjofTraverse CityMIPulpwood bolts shipper*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Bye FritjoffAldenMIPulpwoodC&O
1950Bye FritjoffCentral LakeMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Bye FritjoffEllsworthMIBolts, pulpwood shipperC&O
1950Bye FritjoffGrawnMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Bye FritjoffInterlochenMIPulpwood, boltsC&O
1950Bye FritjoffKalevaMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Byers A M CoHarmony Twp (Beaver Co)PASteel sheetPRR
1950Byers A M CoPittsburghPAPipe, iron and steelPRR
1950Byers Lbr & Supply CoDetroitMIBldrs supp*C&O,various
1955Byfield Felting CoLowellMAfelt textilesB&M
1950Byrne Doors IncDetroitMISash & door plt*C&O,various
1970C & K Box CoJacksonMIBoxes corrugatedSLS*
1980C D F Bldg ProdWhite River JctVTPlywod, lumberCV*
1956C P M CoClaremontNHPaper wasteClCd (B&M)
1990C&C CoalSaltsburgPACoalPRR
2004C&E WarehousePawtucketRImisc mdseP&W
1956C&K Coal CoRimersburgPACoalPRR
2004C&M WarehouseE HartfordCTmisc mdseCSO
1955C&S WholesaleClaremontNHGrocC&C
1950CA Fruit Growers ExchgGrand RapidsMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950CA Packing Sales CoSaginawMIFruit juice dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Cabin MetalBushwick BranchNYScrapLIRR
1990Cadbury BeveragesBendersvillePAJuices, bevRdg
1997Cadbury BeveragesMt Carmel #2PACanned goods, mixed foods*LV,Rdg
1950Cadillac Asphalt Paving CoDetroitMIAsphalt plt*C&O,various
1971Cadillac Candy CoCadillacMIPaperAA
1950Cadillac Fence & Supply CoDetroitMIFencing dlr*C&O,various
1950Cadillac Metal Refining CoDetroitMIRefined metals plt*C&O,various
1950Caf-O-Lite CorpMuskegonMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Cafferty T JLakeMICoal ydC&O
1976Cahill Co J DHamptonNHPulp Board or Fiber Board, NOIBNBM
1950Cain Distr CoMt PleasantMIBulk lubr oil*C&O,AA
2004CainsAyerMAvegetable oilGRS
1950Calahan Paper CoBay CityMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Calavo IncDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1939Calco Chem CoBound BrookNJChemsCNJ
1950Calif Fruit Growers ExchgDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Calif Fruit Produce CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1955California Canners CoE CambridgeMAcd gdsB&M
1944California Fruit Growers ExchangeBostonMAproduceB&M
1955California OilPortlandMEpetr prodB&M
1970California Olive OilSalemMAvegetable oilB&M
2004California ProductsTewksburyMAchems, pigmentsGRS
1950Callard Furn CoLansingMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1956Calumet & Hecla Mining CoLake LindenMICopper barsDSS&A
1950Calvert Distilling CoRelayMDSpiritsB&O
1950Cambria Clearfield Mng CoWestoverPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Cambria Fuel CoConemaugh Twp Somerset CoPACoal, bituminousB&O
1955Cambridge Builders SupplyWatertownMAbldrs suppB&M
1955Cambridge Lumber CoCambridgeMAlbrB&M
1944Cambridgeport Savings BankE CambridgeMAcoalB&M
1950Camfield Coal J EMechanicvilleNYCoal, oilD&H
1950Camfield Mfg CoGrand HavenMIBarrel plt*C&O,GTW
2004Camosse Masonry SupplyWorcesterMAbricksCSX
1976Campbell & Sons H TWhite MarshMDShale cinders lfvcPBR
1950Campbell ChasSunfieldMIFertz dlrC&O
1955Campbell EnvelopeNorthumberlandNHenvelopes, stationeryB&M
1950Campbell-Zings Supply CoElwellMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1976Canada Colors & ChemRichmondPAManganese Ore - ground - baggedPRR
1966Canada DryMaspethNYBeveragesLIRR
2004Canal ElectricSagamoreMAfly ashBCLR
1950Canandaigua Kraut CoCanandaiguaNYCanned goodsPRR
1950Canandaigua Veterans HospitalCanandaiguaNYCoal, bituminousPRR
1990Cannonsburg MillingCanonsburgPAFlourPRR
1966Canover PaperMaspethNYPaperLIRR
1990Canterbury CoalAvonmorePACoalPRR
1956Cantissa FoodsFairportNYTomato productsNYC
1950Canton Coal PiersBaltimoreMDCoal, bituminousPRR
1955Canton Fuel CoWhitefieldNHcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Canton Wood ProductsCantonPABoxes, woodPRR
1944Cap's Auto Wrecking CoRevereMAscrap metalsB&M
2004Capco SteelProvidenceRIsteel, structuralP&W
1950Cape Ice CreamMilfordMIIce cream pltC&O
1955Capital Heating & Plumbing CoConcordNHpldg supp, furnacesB&M
1950Capitol Automotive Supply CorpLansingMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Capitol Castings CoLansingMIFdy*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Capitol City Stg CoLansingMIPool car whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Capitol City Wrecking CoLansingMINew & used lbr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Capitol Erection & Welding CoLansingMIWelding shop*C&O,GTW,NYC
2004Capitol RecyclingHartfordCTscrap paperCSO
1950Capitol Scrap Matl CoLansingMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Capitol Stl Div Hausman Stl CoLansingMIStl prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Caplan AbeNewportNHwool wasteC&C
1955Caplan DustingNewportNHBit coalC&C
1990Caplan ScrapKoppelPAScrap ydPRR
1950Captiol Wholesale GroceryBrooklynNYTomatoesLIRR
1990Captive PlasticsS Bound BrookNJPlastic pelletsRdg
2004CaraustarVersaillesCTclay slurry, scrap paperP&W
1944Carbide & Carbon Chemicals CorpCambridgeMAchemB&M
1960Carbondale Machine CoCarbondalePAMachinery, refrigerationD&H
1976Carborundum CoKeasbeysNJAluminum Oxide*CNJ,LV
1976Carborundum Co.BuffaloNYAluminum OxideLV
1976Cardinal Container CorpMt CarmelPAPulpboard*LV,PRR,Rdg
1950Careva Machine Co.YorkPAMachineryMa&Pa
1971Carey Philip CoPerth AmboyNJRoofing granulesCNJ
1974Cargil IncFair HavenVTSaltD&H
1980CargillWhite River JctVTSalt, roadCV*
2004CargillWorcesterMAcorn syrup, sugarP&W
2004Cargill / K&LFranklinCTgrainNECR
1976Cargill IncCharlestownMACorn SyrupBM
2003Cargill IncWalkersvilleMDAnimal & Poultry FeedCSXT,MMID
1976Cargill IncAugustaMEFeed, corn glutenMEC
1976Cargill IncBurnhamMECorn gluten mealMEC
1976Cargill Inc Notify Lutz Feed MillOneontaNYCorn glu feedD&H
1976Cargill Inc.BainbridgeNYFeed, corn glutenD&H
1976Cargill Inc.DanbyVTFeed, corn glutenRut
2004Cargill SaltWestfieldMAsaltCSX
1976Cargill, Inc.CambridgeMACorn SyrupBM
1950Carl Jack CoGrantMICarrot shipperC&O
1950Carl Kasco FeedsPlymouthMIFeed dlrC&O
1950Carleton Village ofCarletonMISupply ydC&O
1976Carling Brewing CoMt ClareMDMalt LiquorB&O
1950Carlisle F W CoSaginawMILeather tannery*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Carlisle Livestock CoGettysburg Jct.PALivestockPRR
1950Carlisle Shoe CoCarlislePAShoesPRR
1950Carlson ATraverse CityMIBrick tile & supplies dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Carlson Lumber CoWorcesterMAlbrB&M
1950Carnation CoFremontMIDairy prods pltC&O
1950Carnation CoScottvilleMICanned milk pltC&O
1950Carnation CoSpartaMICanned milk pltC&O
1951Carnation CoAlbanyNYMilk prodD&H
1956Carnation CoS DaytonNYMilk productsErie
1966Carnation PaperBrentwoodNYPaperLIRR
2004CarneyTauntonMApoles, used, cut upCSX
1950Caroline Poultry Farms IncFederalsburgMDMeatPRR
1950Carpenter Geo GMilfordMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Carpenter Steel CoDetroitMIStl dlr*C&O,various
1950Carpenter Steel Co.ReadingPASteel shapesRdg
1950Carpentertown Coal & Coke CoMt PleasantPACokeB&O
1960Carr BrosPortlandMEProducePT
1976Carr Cotton Felt Co IncChelseaMACotton Waste for RecycBM
1959Carrara JCenter RutlandVTCementRut
1956Carrier CorpSyracuseNYAir conditioners incl autoNYC
1959Carris ReelsCenter RutlandVTWallboardRut
1950Carroll HousePt HuronMIMdse*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Carrom Ind incLudingtonMIFurn factory*C&O,Lud&N
1950Carson Kit Lbr CoCharlevoixMILbr ydC&O
1950Carsonville Elev CoCarsonvilleMIElevC&O
1950Carsonville Farm BureauCarsonvilleMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Carter A G & CoGrand RapidsMIFibre importers*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Carter R WColomaMIBasket pltC&O
1950Caruso, Rinella & BattaAlbanyNYFruitsD&H
1950Cascade Lbr CoMcCordsMILbr ydC&O
1955Cascade Paper CoN AdamsMApaper millB&M
2004Casco Bay SteelSacoMEstructural steelGRS
1955Casco Container CoNorthamptonMApaper boxesB&M
1966Case PaperL I City Degnon TerlNYPaperLIRR
2004Casey TransportationLeominsterMAmisc mdseCSX
1971Cash & Carry Lbr CoCasanoviaMILumberC&O
1950Cassil Armond IncDetroitMIRR contr*C&O,various
1976Cassone Paper StockWalloomsacNYWastepaper for Recycling PurposesB&M
1982Cast Metal Ind IncSouthfieldMIFdy gray iron,alum castingsC&O
1976Castle & OvertonPhiladelphiaPAPaper, Scrap in Bales*PRR,Rdg
1976Castle and Overton IncBridgeportPAWaste Paper FRPORdg
1950Caswell Oil CoSix LakesMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Catalano-Purpura Fruit CoPittsburghPAHoneydew melons*PRR,P&LE,B&O
1944Catania Importing CoCambridgeMAfood prodB&M
2004Catania-SpagnaAyerMAvegetable oilGRS
1956Catch-Up LogisticsS GreensburgPACarrotsPRR
1939Causse Mfg & ImportingBound BrookNJFruits glazedCNJ
1955Cawley Coal CoLowellMAcoalB&M
1950Cayo Mfg CoBenton HarborMIPaper prods plt*C&O,NYC
2004CCLBerkeleyRIaerosol propellantsP&W
2004CCRC RecyclingS WindsorCTcullet (crushed glass )CSO
1976Cdn Imp Weaver FuelsCressonaPAAnthraciteRdg
1950Ceco Stl Prods CoDetroitMIStl plt*C&O,various
1950Cedar Lake Food Prods CoEdmoreMISoybean prods pltC&O
1950CEI Products IncDetroitMImeat prodvarious
1976Celanese Chemical CorpNewarkNJVinyl Acetate*DL&W,Erie,CNJ,PRR
1956Celanese Corp of AmerAmcelleMDWoodpulpB&O
1950Celanese Corp of AmerAmcelleMDYarnB&O
2004Cellu TissueE HartfordCTpulpCSO
1955Celluose Sales CorpPortlandMEwoodpulp (export)B&M
1971CelotexL'AnseMIMineral wool, micaSOO
1950Celotex CorpDetroitMIInsul plt*C&O,various
1976Celotex CorpBaywayNJWooden PalletsB&O
1976Celotex CorpLindenNJWooden PalletsBO
1951Cent VT Pub Svc CorpCenter RutlandVTUtilityD&H
1952Center Monson Slate CoCenter MonsonMESlateAGE*
1950Central Brick & Supply CoDetroitMIBldrs supp*C&O,various
1950Central City Pickle CoBaileyMIPickle station, vinegarC&O
1971Central CT AcousticsWallingfordCTWallboardPC
2004Central CT CoopManchesterCTgrainCSO
1950Central DistrLansingMIRefrig dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Central Farmers HatcheryZeelandMIHatcheryC&O
1966Central FoundryFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYFdyLIRR
1955Central Grain & FeedSomersworthNHgrain, feedB&M
1955Central Grain CoPepperillMAgrain, feedB&M
1971Central Groc CoFlintMIPaperGTW
1955Central Hardware CoFitchburgMAhdw prodB&M
1950Central HH Appliance CoFlintMIHH appl dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Central Iron & Steel CoHarrisburgPASteel sheetPRR
1966Central Islip State HospitalCentral IslipNYGroc, supplies, coalLIRR
1950Central Lake Farmers Mktg AssnCentral LakeMIProduce shipperC&O
1950Central Lake Lbr YdsCentral LakeMILbr ydC&O
1955Central Maine Light & Power CoBiddefordMEutil suppB&M
1955Central Maine Light & Power CoDeering JctMEutil suppB&M
1957Central Maine Light & Power CoPortlandMEutil suppB&M
1971Central MI FoodOwossoMIPotatoesAA
1955Central Mills Supply CorpLowellMAmachy, lubes, tools, hdwB&M
1947Central NY PowerUticaNYCoal, bituminousNYO&W
1950Central Paper CoMuskegonMIPaper prods plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Central Paper ProductsManchesterNHpaperB&M
1955Central Parlor Frame CoSaugusMAfurnB&M
1950Central Penna Livestock MktWilliamsportPALivestockPRR
1950Central Pipe & Steel Supply CoBenton HarborMIPipe & supplies dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Central Produce CoEastonMEPotatoesBAR
1955Central Screw CoKeeneNHfasteners, hdwB&M
1966Central SmeltingL I City Degnon TerlNYRefined metalsLIRR
2004Central SoyaPawtucketRIvegetable oilP&W
1990Central Soya (Export Elevator)BaltimoreMDGrainPRR
1950Central St Distr CoMt PleasantMIBeer distr*C&O,AA
1950Central St Oil & Gas CoMt PleasantMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,AA
1970Central SteelCharlestown Yard 21MASteelB&M
1950Central TerminalBuffaloNYLbr*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1959Central Vt Public ServiceRutlandVTLPG, poles, elec applRut
1960Central Wharf Cold StoragePortlandMECold storagePT
1966Centre LumberFresh PondNYLumberLIRR
1966Centre LumberLaurel HillNYLumberLIRR
1950Centri Spray CorpPlymouthMISpray booths pltC&O
1950Centri-Spray CorpDetroitMISpray booth mfr*C&O,various
1950Centrifugal Fdy CoMuskegonMIFdy*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1956Century Boat CoManisteeMIBoatsC&O
1950Century Fuel & Matl CoGrand RapidsMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Century WasteHuntingtonNYCotton goodsLIRR
2004CerestarFraminghamMAcorn syrupCSX
1976Certain-Teed Prod Corp LtdAmblerPAAsbestos FibrePRR
1955Certain-Teed Products CorpBostonMAinsul, roofing, vinyl siding, windowsB&M
2004CertainteedNorwoodMAgranules, paper prod, petr prodCSX
1956Certainteed CorpWilliamsportMDSidingPRR
1956Certainteed CorpJacksonMISidingNYC
1990Certainteed CorpAlbionNYFiberglassNYC
1990Certainteed CorpBuffaloNYPlastic pipeErie
1956Certainteed CorpMountaintopPAInsulationLV
1950Certified Concrete CoMuskegonMIReadymix concrete plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1966Certified StoneHicksvilleNYBldg stoneLIRR
1950Cesar FarmsS LyonMILivestock shipperC&O
1971CF IndColdwaterMIPotashPC
1976Chadbourne J F Co Care CascoS PortlandMECanned OystersBM
1976Chain BikeShoenersvillePABicyclesL&NE
1950Chain Link Fence & Constr CoDetroitMIFencing dlr*C&O,various
1955Chairtown Lumber CoGardnerMAlbrB&M
1950Challenge Mach CoGrand HavenMIPrinting machy plt*C&O,GTW
1950Challenge Stamping & Porcelain CoGrand HavenMIRefrigerator linings plt*C&O,GTW
1974Chambers WmSalemNYFeedD&H
2004Champion City RecoveryBrocktonMAconst / demo debrisCSX
1950Champion Corr Contr CorpPlymouthMICorr box pltC&O
1950Champion Fuel CoDetroitMICoal dlr*C&O,various
1955Champion InternationalLawrenceMApaperB&M
1955Champion InternationalHooksetNHpaperB&M
1990Champion IntlQuinnesecMIPulpboard, woodpulpC&NW
1990Champion IntlDefereitNYPaperCR
1990Champion IntlBucksportMEPaperMEC
1955Champlain Brick CoMechanicvilleNYbrickB&M
1952Champlain Milk CoChamplainNYDried milkRut
1959Champlain Valley Fruit CoBurlingtonVTFruit, vegRut
1955Champlin Box CoLittletonNHpaper boxesB&M
1944Champlin Box CoRochesterNHpaper boxesB&M
1944Champlin Box CoBostonMApaper boxesB&M
1966Chapman LumberCenter MorichesNYLumberLIRR
1966Chapman Wm. Southampton LumberE MorichesNYLumberLIRR
1950Chapman's IncSaginawMIBev dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Charles A Holt, Holt Oil CoEllsworthMEPetro Lube OilMEC
1944Charles River StoresBostonMAmdse, applB&M
1944Charlestown Furniture CoBostonMAfurnB&M
1944Charlestown Parlor Frame CoBostonMAfurnB&M
1955Charlestown Ready MixSpringfieldVTcement, aggregatesSTerl
1955Charlestown StorageBostonMAwhseB&M
1950Charlevoix City ofCharlevoixMISupply ydC&O
1950Charlevoix Coop AssnCharlevoixMICoal, feed, grainC&O
1950Charlevoix Cty Rd CommEllsworthMISupply ydC&O
1950Charlevoix Lbr CoCharlevoixMILbr ydC&O
1950Charlevoix Oil CoCharlevoixMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1976Charlton CoN LeominsterMALumberBM
1990Charmin Paper div Proctor & GambleCheboyganMIPaper productsD&M
1971Charmin Paper div Proctor & GambleCheboyganMIWoodpulpD&M
1956Charter PlasticsTitusvillePAPlastic pelletsNYC
1955Chase & AveryNewportNHautosC&C
1957Chase C SPortlandMEbldrs suppB&M
1955Chase D D Lumber CoHaverhillMAlbrB&M
1955Chase Grain MillPlymouthNHgrain, feedB&M
1950Chase Paper CoGrand BayMIPaper, bags, prntg paper, wrpg, lignin liqGL&N*
1957Chase Transfer CoPortlandMEtruck lineB&M
1950Chateau Wine CoSawyerMIWineryC&O
1950Chatfield Bean & Grain CoBay CityMIElev*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Chazy Lime & Stone CoChazyNYLimestone, fluxingD&H
1950Checker Motors CorpKalamazooMIAutos, parts,car bodies, stampingsNYC
1950Checkerboard Feed StoreTraverse CityMIFeed whse*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Checkerboard Feed StoreConcordNHfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Checkerboard Feed StoreNashuaNHfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Checkerboard Feed StoreBellows FallsVTfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Checkerboard Feed StoreBradfordVTfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Checkerboard Feed StoreBrattleboroVTfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Checkerboard WarehouseWestboroNHfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Checkerboard WhseGreenfieldMAfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
2003Cheetah Bulk ServicesKeymarMDRail/Truck TransferMMID
1950Chef Boy-ar-Dee Quality Foods IncMiltonPACanned goodsPRR
1944Chelsea Bottle CoChelseaMAglasswareB&M
1970Chelsea indsChelseaMIMachySLS*
1955Chelsea Industrial Supply CoChelseaMAlube, hdw, ragsB&M
1950Chem-Gas IncPt AustinMIInd gasC&O
1956Chem-Pak CorpCranstonRISodium sulphateNH
1974Chemalloy Co.Center RutlandVTLimestoneCl&Pit (D&H,Rut)
1955Chemical Grinding & CompoundingLawrenceMAchemsB&M
1955Chemical Paper Mfg CoHolyokeMApaper prod, treatedB&M
1955Cheney F S Lumber CorpWinchendonMAlbrB&M
1956Cherry Creek WoodcraftersS DaytonNYPlywoodErie
1944Cherry-Burrell Corp Wright-Ziegler BranchBostonMApackaging machyB&M
1956Cherryland CoopTraverse CityMICanned fruit, juice, cd gdsC&O
1950Cherryland Rural Elec CoTraverse CityMIPole yd*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Cheshire Cty Farmers ExchgKeeneNHfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1949Cheshire Oil CoPeterboroNHPetr prodB&M
1959Chester Grain CoChesterVTFeedRut
1955Chesterfield Paper CoN SomervilleMApaper prodB&M
1950Chevrolet Div GM CorpBay CityMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Chevrolet Grey Iron Fdy Div GM CorpSaginawMIFdy*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Chevrolet Service Mfg Div GMCSaginawMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Chevrolet Transm Div GMCSaginawMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Chicago Quartermasters DepotCharlestownMAmil eqt, suppliesB&M
1955Chicopee Mfg CoChicopeeMApaper millB&M
1955Chicopee Mfg CoManchesterNHpaper millB&M
1955Chicopee Prov CoChicopeeMAgroc, produceB&M
1950Chief Coal & Coke CoDetroitMICoal dlr*C&O,various
1950Chikaming GardensSawyerMINursery stock dlrC&O
1944Chimney Construction CoCambridgeMAbrick, bldrs suppB&M
1955Chinook Packing CoCharlestownMAcd seafoodB&M
2003Chopp & CoWaldorfMDLumberCSXT
1982Chris Craft CorpHollandMIAircraft parts & eqt, boats, motorsC&O,GTW
1976Chris Craft IndustriesWaterfordNYRags old scrap bagging cut & torn for conv into fiber onlyD&H
1950Chris-Craft CorpGrand RapidsMIBoat motors plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1980Christie EntKenilworthNJPlastic pelletsRV
1950Christman CoTraverse CityMIContr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Christman CoLansingMIContr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Chronicle NewsAllentownPANewsprint*CNJ,LV,L&NE,Rdg
1950Chryser Corp Dodge DivDetroitMIAutomobilesGTW
1950Chrysler Assembly PlantPlymouthMIAutosGTW
2004Chrysler Auto FacilWestboroughMAautomobilesCSX
1970Chrysler CorpAnn ArborMIAuto partsSLS*
1955Chrysler CorpCenter LineMISpecialized whsgNYC
1955Chrysler CorpRochesterMIMotor veh supp & parts*GTW,NYC
1956Chrysler CorpSouthfieldMIParts & accessoriesC&O
1956Chrysler CorpNewarkNJAutos*Erie,CNJ,LV,PRR
1960Chrysler CorpDeWittNYAutos & vehiclesNYC
1955Chrysler CorpTappanNYAutos & vehiclesNYC
1955Chrysler CorpMalvernPAAutos & vehiclesPRR
1956Chrysler CorpPittsburghPAAutos & vehicles*PRR,P&LE,B&O
1956Chrysler Corp (Lynch Rd)DetroitMIAutos (Gran Fury, St Regis, Newport, New Yorker)*GTW,NYC
1950Chrysler Corp De-Soto Div (sic)DetroitMIAuto plt*C&O,various
1982Chrysler Corp Sterling Defense DivSterling HtsMIMil tanks & compNYC
1982Chrysler Corp Sterling Stamping PltSterling HtsMIAuto stampings, missles, space vehNYC
1982Chrysler Detr Tank PltWarrenMIMil tanks & compNYC
1955Chrysler Dodge Main PlantHamtramck (Detroit)MIAutos (Volare, Aspen), partsGTW
1990Chrysler Jefferson North PlantDetroitMIAutos (Jeep Grand Cherokee)*GTW,NYC
1956Chrysler Mack Ave Engine PlantDetroitMIEngines*GTW,NYC
1956Chrysler McGraw Glass PlantDetroitMIGlass products*GTW,NYC
1956Chrysler Mound Rd Engine PlantDetroitMIEngines*GTW,NYC
1956Chrysler New Mack Ave PlantDetroitMIAutos*GTW,NYC
1956Chrysler Newark Assy PlantNewarkDEAutos (Volare, Aspen, Dodge Durango)B&O
1956Chrysler Sterling Stamping PlantSterling HtsMISteelNYC
1955Chrysler Trenton Engine PlantTrentonMIEnginesD&TSL
1955Chrysler Warren Stamping PlantWarrenMIAuto stampingsNYC
1955Chrysler Warren Stamping PlantWarrenMISteelNYC
1956Chrysler Warren Truck PlantWarrenMIAutos,trucksNYC
1990Church & Dwight CoSyracuseNYDetergent, liq laundry; cat litterNYC
1950Church BrosBangorMIImplt dlrC&O
1954Church Seat CoN Monson JctMAToilet seatsSNE*
1950Churchill Seed CoReed CityMISeed dlr*C&O,PRR
1970Ciba GeigyHudson FallsNYAuto paint pigmentsD&H
1974CIL AmmunitionW EndNYAmmunitionD&H
2004Ciment QuebecBowNHcementNEGS
1956Cincinnati MilacronHillsideNJMachine toolsLV
1950Cinder Block IncDetroitMICinder block plt*C&O,various
2004Circle of LifeN HavenCTconst / demo debrisCSX
1966Circle WireHicksvilleNYWire, cableLIRR
1966Circle Wire & CableMaspethNYWire, cableLIRR
1982Citation Co IncGrand RapidsMIHdw*NYC,PRR
1957Cities Service OilS PortlandMEpetr prodPTRy
1950Cities Svc Oil CoLake OdessaMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Cities Svc Oil CoManisteeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Cities Svc Oil CoMuskegonMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Cities Svc Oil CoTraverse CityMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1959Citizens Coal CoBurlingtonVTCoal, anthracite & bitRut
1950City Bev CoTraverse CityMIBev distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955City CoalNashuaNHcoalB&M
1955City Coal CoConcordNHcoalB&M
1952City Coal CoRutlandVTCoal, bituminous, anthraciteRut
1955City Coal CoEverettMAcoalB&M
1955City Concrete CoPortsmouthNHcement, aggregatesB&M
1955City Fuel CoManchesterNHcoal, petr prodB&M
1955City Grain CoMarlboroMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950City Ice & Fuel CoFlintMICoal, ice*C&O,GTW
1950City Ice & Fuel CoGrand RapidsMICoal, ice*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955City Ice & Fuel CoMechanicvilleNYcoal, petr prodB&M
1950City of Benton HbrBenton HarborMIWater plt*C&O,NYC
1944City of CambridgeCambridgeMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1955City of ChicopeeChicopeeMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1955City of ClaremontClaremontNHsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesC&C
1955City of EverettEverettMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1955City of FitchburgFitchburgMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1955City of GardnerGardnerMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1955City of MaldenMaldenMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1955City of PeabodyPeabodyMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1950City of Philadelphia Pier 38PhiladelphiaPAMdse, food prod, mach tools, machyPRR
1950City of Philadelphia Pier 38PhiladelphiaPAPlastics, steel prodPRR
1944City of SomervilleN SomervilleMAsalt, asphalt, muni suppliesB&M
1950City of ZeelandZeelandMIPower pltC&O
1995City SteelClaymontDESteelPRR
1950Clapsaddle & EdinboroughRiversideMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Clarage Fan CoKalamazooMIIndustrial blowers, machyNYC
1950Clare Cty Rd CommClareMISupply yd*AA,C&O
1950Clare Mfg CoClareMIAuto accessories plt*AA,C&O
1955Claremont Compressed SteelClaremontNHscrap ironC&C
1955Claremont Gas & LightClaremontNHLPGC&C
1955Claremont Metal & PaperClaremontNHWaste Paper, scrap metalC&C
1955Claremont PaperClaremontNHWrapping paperB&M
1976Claremont Paper MillClaremont CtrNHWoodpulpCC
1955Claremont WasteClaremontNHBitumunous, flock, ragsC&C
1951Clarendon Bldg SupplyRutlandVTBldg suppD&H
1950Clark A WPittsfieldNHGrainSuncV(B&M)
1950Clark D TGrawnMILbr shipperC&O
1982Clark Eqt Co Constr Machy DivBenton HarborMIConstr machy & eqtC&O
1982Clark Eqt Co Ind Truck DivBattle CreekMIInd trucks, tractors, stackersGTW,NYC
1982Clark Eqt Co Transm DivJacksonMIMV parts & acc on & off roadNYC
1950Clark Jos WElwellMIAgric lime dlrC&O
1950Clark's Store FixturesFlintMIStore fixtures dlr*C&O,GTW
2004Clark-Cutler-McDermottFranklinMAplastic resinsCSX
1950Clarkston DairyCroswellMIDairyC&O
1950Clarksville Elev CoClarksvilleMIElevC&O
1950Clawson & BallsHollandMIBall brg pltC&O
1971Clayville EqtUticaNYAg impltsPC
1950Clearfield Bit Coal BarrDixonvillePACoal, bituminousPRR
1985Cleo Wrap CorpAlbanyNYPaper productsD&H
1985Cleo Wrap CorpN BillericaMAPaper productsB&M
1956Cleo Wrap CorpWoburnMAPaper productsB&M
1956Cleo Wrap Corp. (1985)PawtucketRIPaper productsNH
1950Cleveland Metal Abrasive CoHowellMIMetal abrasives plt*C&O,AA
1990Cliffs Forest ProductsForest CenterMIPulpwoodSoo
1956CliffstarDunkirkNYJuices, fruitNYC
1955Cliftondale WoodworkingSaugusMAfurn, wood prodB&M
1990Climax MolybdenumLangelothPAAlloysPRR
1944Clinton Corn Syrup Refining CoE CambridgeMAcorn syrupB&M
1950Clinton County DairymenPlattsburghNYMilkD&H
1944Clinton FoodsBostonMAfood prodB&M
1950Clinton PrisonDannemoraNYCoal, bituminous; canned gdsD&H
1950Clio Fdy IncClioMIFdyC&O
1950Clipper Belt Lacer CoGrand RapidsMIBelt fasteners (conveyor)*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Clipper Carloading CoBaltimoreMDFreight forwarderPRR
1950Clippert Brick CoDetroitMIBrick kiln*C&O,various
1950Clock W H Beer Distr CoGrand RapidsMIBeer distr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Clorox CoJersey CityNJBoxes fibreboard KD flat or folded*PRR,Erie,LV,NYC,DL&W,CNJ
1955Clough GrainConcordNHgrain, feedB&M
1950Clover Fdy CoMuskegonMIFdy*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Cloverland Dairy CoTraverse CityMIDairy*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1970Cluett Peabody & CoCohoesNYshirts, clothingD&H
1950Cluett Peabody & CoWaterfordNYClothing productsD&H
1950Cluett Peabody & CoShamokinPAClothing productsRdg
1990Cluss Lumber O CGreensburgPALumberPRR
1990Clyde MineFredericktownPACoalPRR
1950Clyde NurseryHighlandMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Coal Mining Co of Graceton IncCenter Twp (Indiana Co)PACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Coastal Foods CoCambridgeMDCanned foodsPRR
2004Coastal RecyclingProvidenceRIconst / demo debrisP&W
1950Coats C WHartfordMIFertz dlrC&O
1970Cobleskill Coal Co.CobleskillNYCoalD&H
1956Coca-ColaKearnyNJPhosphoric acidPRR
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoTraverse CityMIBev distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoBay CityMIBottling plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoDetroitMIBottling plt*C&O,various
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoFlintMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoGrand RapidsMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoHollandMIBottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoIoniaMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoLansingMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoMuskegonMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Cocheco Bottling CoRochesterNHglassware, sugarB&M
1990Cochranton Co-opCochrantonPAElevErie
1957Coffin & WhimpleS PortlandMEHH applB&M
1944Coke DistributorsBostonMAglassware, sugarB&M
1950Colby R EAltoMIAg limestone dlrC&O
1956Coldwater VeneerColdwaterMILogsNYC
1950Cole BrosTraverse CityMIImplt dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1957Cole C BPortlandMEappl distrB&M
1950Cole Co B ENorwayMEShoesGT
1947Cole Steel CoYorkPASteelPRR
1976Coles ColonialBeltsvilleMDFurniture, woodB&O
1950Collier Hansen Distr CoMuskegonMIBev distr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
2004Collins & AikmanRochesterNHplastic pelletsNHN
1956Collins ClarMalone JctNYFeedRut
1955Collins Publishing SupplyHolyokeMApaper, inksB&M
1950Collord IncDetroitMIStamping plt*C&O,various
1950Colocrete IndHollandMIConcrete machy pltC&O
1950Coloma Coal CoColomaMICoal ydC&O
1950Coloma Coop Canning CoColomaMICanning pltC&O
1950Coloma Farm Bur Fruit & Produce CoColomaMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Coloma Fruit ExchgColomaMIFruit shipperC&O
1944Colonial Beacon Oil CoEverettMApetr prodB&M
2004Colonial BeverageDartmouthMAbeerCSX
1944Colonial Engineering CoCambridgeMAcontrB&M
1947Colonial Eqt CoUticaNYAg impltsNYO&W
1976Colonial Fibre CoRochesterNHwoodpulp noibnBM
1990Colonial Iron WorksCanonsburgPAI&SPRR
1970Colonial LiquorMenandsNYliquorsD&H
1950Colonial Mfg CoZeelandMIClock, furn factoryC&O
1966Colonial PressGarden CityNYPaper, inkLIRR
1944Colonial Provision CoBostonMAgroc, meat prodB&M
1944Colonial Solvent CoRevereMAalcohols, petr prodB&M
1955Colonial Supply CoManchesterNHgrocB&M
1955Colonial Tanning CoAyerMAhides, chem, barkB&M
1944Colonial Vinegar CoEverettMAvinegarB&M
1959Colonial WhseRutlandVTMdseRut
1955Colonial Whse CoWorcesterMAwhseB&M
1955Colony Food ProdsMedfordMAfood prodB&M
2004Colony/KamcoE HartfordCTlumberCSO
1955Colorado Fuel & Iron CorpClintonMAstl prodB&M
1955Columbia Box Board MillsWalloomsacNYfiberboardB&M
1944Columbia Cornice CoSomervilleMAcement, stoneB&M
1976Columbia Corp.New YorkNYWastepaper for Recycling PurposesNYC
1950Columbia Malleable Castings Co.ColumbiaPAMalleable iron castingsPRR
1956Columbia MfgWestfieldMAAluminum barsB&M
1956Columbia MfgWestfieldMABicyclesB&M
1950Columbia Mills IncSaginawMIShade rollers, venetian blinds plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1995Columbia PlasticNew MarketNJplastic resinLV
1995Columbia Plastic DivRidgevilleNJplastic resinCR
1976Columbia Plywood Corp Indian Head DivPresque IsleMEVeneer native hardwoodArVy
1955Columbus FoodsCharlestownMAgrocB&M
1966Comet ContainerBushwick BranchNYContainerboardLIRR
1955Comfort Pillow & Feather CoSomervilleMAtextiles, feathersB&M
1950Commercial Buying AgencyDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1956Commercial DistributorsWestfieldMABeerB&M
1960Commercial DistributorsPortlandMEAppliances, elecPT
1955Commercial FiltersOak GroveMAfilters, eqtB&M
1944Commercial Freight CoE CambridgeMAmdseB&M
1950Commercial Marine WhseDetroitMIStg whse*C&O,various
1944Commercial Molasses CorpEverettMAmolasses, sugar syrupB&M
1944Commercial Solvent Corp of DelBostonMAsolvents, petr prodB&M
1950Commercial Stl Trtg CoDetroitMIStl heat trtg plt*C&O,various
1944Commonwealth Grocery CoCambridgeMAgrocB&M
1955Commonwealth PlasticFitchburgMAresins, plasticsB&M
1950Commonwealth Shoe & Leather CoGardinerMEShoesMEC
1990Commonwealth Whse & StgPittsburghPAMdsePRR
1990Community DistributorsBranchvilleNJMdseCNJ
1950Community Elev & Fuel CoHowellMICoal*C&O,AA
1950Community Elev & Fuel CoHowellMIElev*C&O,AA
1955Community Feed StoresEasthamptonMAfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1955Community Feed StoresWestminsterVTfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1957Community Oil CoPortlandMEgasoline, tires, fuel oilB&M
1944Community Service StationCambridgeMAgasoline, tires, fuel oilB&M
1955Community StoresWorcesterMAgroc, mdseB&M
1950Community Supply CoElk RapidsMICoal, feed, fertz, grainC&O
1990Component TechnologyBranchvilleNJSheet plastic (boxcars)CNJ
1950Composite Forgings IncDetroitMIForgings plt*C&O,various
1982Computer Peripherals IncRochesterMIComputer eqt*GTW,NYC
1950Comstock CanneryMarionNYCanned goodsPRR
1995Con Agra Flour MillingMartins CreekPAWheatCR
1966Con EdisonCorona Freight YardNYPoles, elec eqtLIRR
1990Conagra Flour MillingMarch CreekPAWheatCR
1971Conagra IncMt PleasantMIWheyAA
1974Conc. Building SupplyW EndNYConcrete blocksD&H
2004Concord Crop CenterConcordNHgrainNEGS
1955Concord FoundriesW ConcordMAfdyB&M
1955Concord FoundryConcordNHfdyB&M
1976Concord Litho Co IncConcordNHpuplboard or fiberboard, 14 skidsBM
1955Concord LumberConcordNHlbrB&M
1955Concord Natural GasConcordNHLPGB&M
1955Concord SteelEverettMAstl prodB&M
1955Concord Woodworking CoW ConcordMAmillwork, sash, windowsB&M
1950Concrete Eqt CoHollandMIConcrete machy pltC&O
1966Concrete SteelL I City Degnon TerlNYSteelLIRR
1950Conde Nast PublishingGreenwichCTMagazinesNH
1956Condea VistaMansfieldMAPlastic pelletsNH
1990Condea VistaBaltimoreMDSurfactant, detergentsWM
1950Cone Gear CoTraverse CityMIMachy parts plt*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1956Conewango Valley MillsConewango ValleyNYFeedErie
1976Congoleum CorpCederhurstMDAsbestos shortsWM
1976Congoleum IndustriesBaltimoreMDAsbestos shortsBO
1950Congoleum-Nairn IncCedarhurstMDFloor coveringsWM
1950Congoleum-Nairn IncTrainerPABuilding materialsPRR
1950Conlisk Coal CoMonroeMICoal yd*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1952Conn Valley Cabinet CoWoodsriverNHCabinets, millworkB&M*
1955Conn Valley Planing MillChicopeeMAmillwork, sash, windowsB&M
2004Connecticut ContainerN HavenCTlinerboardCSX
1976Connecticut Light & PowerMt TomMAcoal, LPGBM
2004Connecticut PlywoodHartfordCTplywoodCSO
1956Connecticut Power & LightMontvilleCTFly ashCVt
1976Connelly Containers IncPencoydPACorrugated Boxes - Flat*PRR,Rdg
1955Connely FuelsBellows FallsVTcoal, petr prodB&M
1990Connemaugh Valley LumberBlairsvillePALbrPRR
1950Connor Auto Supply CoIoniaMIOil, grease, auto accessories*C&O,GTW
1955Connor F A Co Wamesit SupplyLowellMAhdw, plbg suppB&M
1950Connor Fdy CoGrand RapidsMIFdy*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Conoco ChemicalsFairfieldMDPetroleum Alkylate DetergentB&O
1976Conoco Oil CoFairfieldMDmuratic acidB&O
1976Conslidated FibersAlbanyNYScrap or Waste Paper for Recycling - BaledD&H
1950Consol Furn Factory IncFlintMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW
1950Consol Gas Electric Light & Pwr CoBaltimoreMDCoal, bituminousPRR
1950Consol Gas Electric Light & Pwr CoTurnerMDCoal, bituminousPRR
1950Consol Groc CoEllsworthMICanning pltC&O
1950Consol Paper CoMonroeMIPaper prods plt*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1955Consolidated Chemical IndS WilmingtonMAchemB&M
1944Consolidated Expanded Metals CoE CambridgeMAmetal prodB&M
1976Consolidated FibersElizabethportNJScrap or Waste Paper for Recycling - BaledCNJ
1976Consolidated FibersShoenersvillePAWaste paper frpoL&NE
1976Consolidated Fibers IncBridgeportPAWaste PaperRdg
1955Consolidated FoodsNashuaNHgrocB&M
1955Consolidated Fuels IncMedfordMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Consolidated Fuels IncRevereMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1966Consolidated LithoMineolaNYpaper, inkLIRR
1976Consolidated NewsprintAlbanyNYnewsprintD&H
1955Consolidated Paper Bag CoSomervilleMApaper bagsB&M
1955Consolidated Paper Box CoN SomervilleMApaper boxesB&M
1970Consolidated PlastechsPlaistowMAplasticsB&M
1971Consolidated Plbg SupplyMt VernonNYTubsNH
1955Consolidated Rendering CoManchesterNHgrease, tallow, oilsB&M
1955Consolidated Rendering CoBrightwoodMAgrease, tallow, oilsB&M
1955Consolidated Rendering CoLowellMAgrease, tallow, oilsB&M
1944Consolidated Rendering CoSomervilleMAgrease, tallow, oilsB&M
1950Constr Aggregates CoFerrysburgMIConcrete aggregates pltC&O
1950Construction Sales CorpLyon MountainNYIron oreD&H
2004Construction ServiceSpringfieldMAcementCSX
2004Construction ServiceWilbrahamMAcement, fly ashCSX
1950Consumers Coal CoBenton HarborMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1950Consumers Gravel CoGrand RapidsMISand & gravel pit*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Consumers Ice CoGrand RapidsMIIce plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Consumers Mining CoHarmar Twp (Allegh Co)PACoal, bituminousP&S
1950Consumers Oil & Gas CoGreenvilleMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Consumers Petr CoDetroitMIBulk oil*C&O,various
1950Consumers Power CoErieMISupply ydC&O
1950Consumers Power CoFennvilleMISupply ydC&O
1950Consumers Power CoFlintMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1950Consumers Power CoGrand RapidsMIPower plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Consumers Power CoIoniaMISupp yd*C&O,GTW
1950Consumers Power CoKalevaMISupp ydC&O
1950Consumers Power CoManisteeMIPole ydC&O
1950Consumers Power CoMullikenMISupp ydC&O
1950Consumers Power CoMuskegonMIPower plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Consumers Power CoNewaygoMISupp ydC&O
1950Consumers Power CoPortlandMIPole ydC&O
1970Consumers Power Co Essexville PlantBay CityMICoalNYC
1950Consumers Supply CoHartfordMICoal ydC&O
1955Container CorpW MedfordMApaper boxesB&M
1976Container Corp of AmerWakefieldMARolls, Pulpboard NOIBNBM
1950Container Corp of AmerReadingPABoxes, cardboardRdg
1976Container Corp of AmericaPencoydPAPulpboard*PRR,Rdg
1976Container Corp of AmericaPhiladelphiaPAPulpboard*PRR,Rdg
1976Container Corp of AmericaW MedfordMAPulpboardBM
1966Continental BakingJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYBakeryLIRR
1950Continental Baking CoDetroitMIBakery*C&O,various
1990Continental CanOil CityPACans, containers*Erie,NYC,PRR
1966Continental Can CoMaspethNYContainerboardLIRR
1955Continental Can CoMaplewoodMAcontainers, glass, metalB&M
1976Continental Can Co. Inc.CambridgeMApulpboard or fiberboard, rollsBM
1955Continental Can Robt Gair DivBradfordMApackaging machyB&M
1950Continental Diamond Fibre CoBridgeportPAPlasticsRdg
1950Continental Rubber WorksEriePARubber productsPRR
1950Contl Aviation & Eng CoMuskegonMIEngine plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1947Contl Baking CoUticaNYGrainNYO&W
1982Contl Can CoThree RiversMIPaper coatingNYC
1950Contl Motors CorpMuskegonMIEngine plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Contoocook Valley PaperEmersonNHwood pulpC&C
1950Contr Supply CoLansingMIContr eqt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Contrs Machy CoGrand RapidsMIContr machy dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Converse Rubber CoEdgeworthMArubber prod, shoe heelsB&M
1955Converse Rubber CoN SomervilleMArubber prod, shoe heelsB&M
1950Conway Coal DockConwayPACoal, bituminousPRR
1955Conway Grain CoConwayNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1955Conway Supply CoConwayNHhdw, plbg suppB&M
1950Cook Coal & Feed CoHollandMICoal, feedC&O
1950Coon-DeVisser CoDetroitMIInsul & power plt eqt dlr*C&O,various
1950Coop Food DealersPt HuronMIGroc*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955Coop Reserve Supply CoCambridgeMAhdw, mdseB&M
1990Cooper Power SystemsCanonsburgPAElec machy, enginesPRR
1994Cooper Resource SupplyW CambridgeMAPlywoodBM
1950Cooper Wells CoSt JosephMIHosiery mill*C&O,NYC
1971Cooper WidmanAnn ArborMILumberAA
1950Cooper-Bessemer CorpGrove CityPAMachineryB&LE
1950Copco Stl & Eng CoDetroitMIStl plt*C&O,various
1950Copperweld Steel Co.GlassportPABrass productsP&LE
1990Copperweld Tubular Div LTV SteelFerndaleMIStl tubing, weldedGTW
1950Corbin JackHartMIApple shipperC&O
1957Corey Co EPortlandMEalum, stl, ind suppB&M, PT
1955Cork Engineering & Insulation CoBostonMAinsul, corkB&M
1950Cork Robt ESanduskyMIImplt dlr*C&O,DC&S
1950Corkran Hill & CoBaltimoreMDCanned meatsPRR
1955Cormier Hosiery MillsFranklinNHhosiery, textile sprodB&M
1950Cormier John JPortageMERoofing materialsBAR
1955Corn Products Refining CoBostonMAcorn syrup, sugar syrupB&M
1950Corning GlassHorseheadsNYGlasswarePRR
1990Corning GlassCharleroiPAGlass prodPRR
1950Corning Glass c/o Holding Pt FacilHorseheadsNYGlasswarePRR,LV,Erie
1956Corning Glass CoCorningNYGlassDL&W,Erie, NYC
1955Corning Glass CoE CambridgeMAglass prodB&M
1950Corning Glass WorksWellsboroPAGlasswareNYC
1976Corning Glass WorksValley FallsRIGround or Pulv SandNH
1971Cornwell LbrClareMILumberAA
1971Cornwell LbrGrand HavenMILumberGTW
1950Corr Francis J & SonsLansingMIContr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Cott Bottling CoSomervilleMAsugar, g;lasswareB&M
1955Cott Bottling CoManchesterNHsugar, g;lasswareB&M
1950Cotter TimClareMIAuto dlr*AA,C&O
1950Couhorn Distr CoDetroitMIAlum & htg eqt*C&O,various
1944County Coal CoMedfordMAcoalB&M
1955Courer Fred WWarnerNHpulpwoodC&C
1955Courier CitizenLowellMAnewsprintB&M
2004Cousineau Forest ProductsForestvilleCTpulp woodGRS
2004Cousineau Forest ProductsPalmerMApulp woodNECR
1950Cousino I J & B LMonroeMIHay & straw shipper*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Cousino Lbr CoErieMILbr, bldrs suppC&O
1950Covel Lyman T Lbr & Coal CoWhitehall-MontagueMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1955Cover Grain & Feed CoLowellMAgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Cox ClydeHemlockMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1955Coy PaperClaremontNHWoodpulp, Paper Waste, coalC&C
1976Coy Paper CoW ClaremontNHPaper wrapping rollsCCR
1976Coy Paper CoW ClaremontNHpaper, scrap for recycling onlyCCR
1990Cozzi Iron MetalMonongahelaPAScrap ydPRR
2004CPFAyerMAcorn syrupGRS
1950Craig Elev CoFowlervilleMICoalC&O
1950Craig Elev CoFowlervilleMIElevC&O
1950Craine-Schrage Stl Div Detroit Stl CorpDetroitMIStl dlr*C&O,various
2003Cramer N ZWoodsboroMDBuilding MaterialsMMID
1950Crampton ManufacturingGrand RapidsMIHinges, misc hdw*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Crampton Mfg CoHollandMICastingsC&O
1950Crandall's Concrete Prods CoBenton HarborMICement block plt*C&O,NYC
1966Crane & Clark LbrMaspethNYLumberLIRR
1950Crane Chevrolet CoS LyonMIAuto dlrC&O
1957Crane CoPortlandMEplbg suppB&M
1950Crane CoGrand RapidsMIPipe & plbg supp whse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Crane Co.TrentonNJBathroom FixturesPRR
1950Crankshaw C HPaw PawMIImplt dlrC&O
1955Cream of Wheat CorpE CambridgeMAcerealB&M
1950Creamline DairyFlintMIDairy*C&O,GTW
1966Creedmoor State HospitalFloral ParkNYCoalLIRR
1950Crescent Pipe & Supply CoAlleganMIPipe yd*C&O,NYC
1976Cressey DockhamAndoverMAPaper TowelsBM
1955Cressy & WilliamsBradfordNHfarm eqtC&C
1990Crestline WindowColumbusPAWindows, millworkErie
1950Cribley LeoLansingMIAg limestone dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Crippen Mfg CoAlmaMIMachy plt*AA,C&O
1950Crique EdHollyMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Crisfield Shirt & Pajama CoCrisfieldMDClothingPRR
1953Criswell DocksGladstoneMIGenl mdse (rail-lake transfer)G&NH*
1950Crittenden M E CoFlintMIMagazine distr*C&O,GTW
1955Crocker Burbank PapersW FitchburgMAnewsprintB&M
1947Cromwell WoodwardUticaNYCotton, balesNYO&W
1950Crook & SonBitelyMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1956Crop Production ServicesE WindsorCTFertilizerNH
2004Crop Production ServicesScanticCTfertilizerCNZR
2004Crop Production ServicesS DeerfieldMAfertilizerGRS
2003Crop Production ServicesKeymarMDDry Bulk FertilizerMMID
1959Crosby E CDanbyVTGrain, bldg matlsRut
1944Crosby Steam Gauge & Valve CoE CambridgeMAvalves, gauges, plbg suppB&M
1955Cross Abbott CoWhite River JctVTSugar, flour, groc, cd gdsB&M
1950Cross Bros. Packing CoPhiladelphiaPAmeat prod*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1982Cross CoFraserMIMach toolsGTW
1955Cross Coal CoLawrenceMAcoalB&M
1976Cross SiclaireElm ParkNYPaper printing rollsSIRT
1950Crosse & Blackwell CoDetroitMIFood brokers*C&O,various
1976Crossmans IncGlens FallsNYSheets of Wood Shavings and Resin Combined FlatD&H
1950Croswell Auto PartsCroswellMIScrap ydC&O
1950Croswell Farmers Elev CoCroswellMICoalC&O
1950Croswell Farmers Elev CoCroswellMIElevC&O
1950Croswell Milling CoCroswellMIElevC&O
1950Croswell Pickle CoCroswellMIPickle staC&O
1950Croswell Village ofCroswellMISupply ydC&O
1951Crowley Milk CoBinghamtonNYDry milkD&H
1950Crown Can CoPhiladelphiaPACansPRR
1939Crown Central Petr CoElizabethNJPetr prodCNJ
1970Crown Cork & SealLawrenceMAPaper prodB&M
1950Crown Cork & Seal CoBaltimoreMDBottle capsPRR
1944Crown Gas & Oil CoSomervilleMApetr rpodB&M
1966Crown LbrFresh PondNYLumberLIRR
1966Crown Oil Chem Co.L I CityNYPetr prod, chemsLIRR
1950Crown Onion ShippersGrantMIOnion shipperC&O
1950Crown Packing CoDetroitMImeat prodvarious
1970Crown Point Iron Co.Crown PointNYI&SD&H
1956Crown Vantage CorpMilfordNJPaper productsPRR
1956Crown Vantage CorpMilfordNJPulpboardPRR
1956Crown Vantage PaperCascadeNHPaperGT
1956Crown Vantage PaperCascadeNHWaste paperGT
1956Crown Vantage PaperMilfordNJPulpboardPRR
1970Crownover ConcreteJacksonMIConcrete readymixSLS*
1950Crucible Steel Co.MidlandPASteel shapesPRR
1950Crucible Steel Co. of AmericaCruciblePACoal, bituminousMonong
1950Crucible Steel Co. of AmericaPittsburghPAIron, pigB&O,PRR
1976Crusader Paper Board ConvertingWilmingtonMAPulpboard, rollsB&M
1970Crystal Cold StorageMedfordMAfood prod, frzB&M
1970Crystal WarehouseWilmingtonMAmisc mdseB&M
2004CSX intermodal terminalAllstonMAintermodalCSX
2004CSX intermodal terminalW SpringfieldMAintermodalCSX
2004CSX intermodal terminalWorcesterMAintermodalCSX
1955Cty Gas ServiceDanversportMALPGB&M
1971Cty of AlleghenyPittsburghPAPaperB&O
1955Cudahy Packing CoCharlestownMAwhsl meatsB&M
1955Cudahy Packing CoHolyokeMAwhsl meatsB&M
1957Cudahy Packing CoPortlandMEwhsl meatsB&M,PT
1950Cudahy Packing CoGrand RapidsMIPHP*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Cullen Fuel CoDanversMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1957Cumberland Cold StgPortlandMEcold stg wheB&M
2004Cumberland FarmsWestboroughMAcorn syrupCSX
1956Cumberland FeedCumberlandMDFeedB&O
1956Cumberland Lbr CoCumberlandMDLumberB&O
1956Cumberland Steel CoCumberlandMDSteel prodB&O
1956Cumberland TimesCumberlandMDNewsprint (Canadian)WM
1956Cumberland Undergarment CoCumberlandMDClothingB&O
1960Cummings Bros (Nationwide Stores)PortlandMEGroc, beef, provisions, fz fdsPT,B&M
1950Cummings C B & SonsNorwayMEWood turningsGT
1955Cummings E Leather CoLebanonNHleatherB&M
1955Cummings FuelWorcesterMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Cummings Lbr CoTroyPALumberPRR
1990Cummins Engine CoJamestownNYDiesel engines*Erie,NYC
1950Cuneo Eastern Press, IncPhiladelphiaPAPrinted matterPRR
1950Curmis Feed StorePlymouthMIFeed dlrC&O
1950Currier C AFowlervilleMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Curtice J E Lbr CoColemanMIBldrs suppC&O
1940Curtis O C Fruit & Produce CoLeroyNYGrain, beans, produceErie
1950Curtis Printing CoFlintMIPrinter*C&O,GTW
1950Curtis Publishing CoPhiladelphiaPAPrinted matter, magazinesB&O
1950Curtis Wire CoPetoskeyMIWire prods plt*C&O,PRR
1955Cushing Stone CoScotiaNYaggregates, bldg stoneB&M
1955Cushman Bakery CoLynnMAbakeryB&M
1957Cushman Baking CoPortlandMEbakeryB&M
1959Cushman H T Mfg CoN BenningtonVTCoal, lbr, hdwRut
1959Cushman H T Mfg CoN BenningtonVTFurnitureRut
1950Custer Lbr CoCusterMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1955Custom & Modern UpholsteryGardnerMAtextiles, hdwB&M
1990Custom Coals DilltownDiasPACoalPRR
1971Custom Farm SvcRosebushMIPotashAA
1971Custom Farm SvcSchoolcraftMIPotashPC
1966Custom Made BagDeer ParkNYPaper prodLIRR
1950Cutler & Downing CoBenton HarborMISpray matls*C&O,NYC
1950Cutler Oil CoLansingMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Cutter Fire BrickWatertownMAbrickB&M
1950Cuyahoga Wrecking CoDetroitMIWrecking contr whse*C&O,various
1982CWC Casting Div Textron IncMuskegonMIGray iron fdy*C&O,GTW
1944Cwlth of Mass - Dept of Public Welfare - Surplus Commods DivCambridgeMAgrocB&M
1976CY/RO IndPortlandMEPlastic matl synth sheets as FAKB&M
1990Cybertech PolymersS Bound BrookNJPlastic pelletsRdg
1990Cyprus Emerald MineWaynesburgPACoalMonong
1990Cytemp Spec Stl Div Cyclops CorpKirwinPAAlloy steelsPRR
1947D&H CreosotingSidneyNYForest prodsD&H
1976D&H RyWatervlietNYCleaning compounds noinb lag and powderD&H
1976D&H RyWatervlietNYSwitch Ties, lbrD&H
2004D-A LubricantsWatervilleCTlubricantsNAUG
1950Daane M H CoGrand RapidsMIFood brokers*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1982DAB Inds IncVassarMIMotor veh parts & acc*C&O,NYC
1990Dacar ChemicalCarnegiePAChemPRR
1960Dacy PaperSchenectadyNYPaperD&H
1990Dads Dog FoodMeadvillePAPet fdErie
1990Dailey's JuiceVeronaPAFruit juicesPRR
1982Daimler-ChryslerSterling HtsMIautos Dodge Stratus, Chrysler SebringNYC
1995Daimler-Chrysler Connor AveDetroitMIautos Dodge Viper*C&O,various
1996Daimler-Chrysler TruckWarrenMItrucks Dodge Ram, DakotaE
1950Dairy Eqt CoLansingMIDairy supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1947Dairymen's League CoopUticaNYCoal, paper prodsNYO&W
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocWest NewarkNJMilkPRR
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocEssexNYMilkD&H
1970Dairymen's League Coop AssocCobleskillNYmilk prodD&H
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocCrown PointNYMilkD&H
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocCrown PtNYMilkD&H
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocPeruNYMilkD&H
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocW ChazyNYMilkD&H
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocCedar LedgePAMilkPRR
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocLight StreetPAMilkPRR
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocMiddleburgPAMilkPRR
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocMiltonPAMilkPRR
1950Dairymen's League Coop AssocRising SpringsPAMilkPRR
1951Dairymens LeagueAftonNYCreameryD&H
1951Dairymens LeagueFt EdwardNYCreameryD&H
1951Dairymens LeagueHartwickNYMilk prodD&H
1947Dairymens LeagueMaloneNYCreameryRut
1951Dairymens LeagueMilfordNYCreamery, cheeseD&H
1953Dairymens LeagueMoiraNYCreameryRut
1951Dairymens LeagueWindsorNYCreameryD&H
1951Dairymens LeagueVergennesVTCreameryRut
1950Daisy Mfg CoPlymouthMIAir rifles pltC&O
1950Daisy Valley Foods CoDetroitMIFood prods dlr*C&O,various
1950Dake Engine CoGrand HavenMIFdy*C&O,GTW
1955Dallaire Lumber CoManchesterNHlbrB&M
1955Dalrymple Oil CoLawrenceMApetr prodB&M
1950Daly Bros. Shoe Co.BelfastMEShoesB&ML (MEC)
1950Daly O PFountainMICanning pltC&O
1990Damascus Steel Casting CoNew BrightonPAStl castingsPRR
2002Damascus TubeTransferPASteel tubeErie
1990Dameo TruckingFinderneNJPlastic pelletsCNJ
1950Damm RoyPigeonMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW
1947Damsky E S SonsUticaNYSugar, cd gdsNYO&W
1966Dan's Supreme & MeatFlatbush AveNYGrocLIRR
1955Dana CorpOttawa LakeMIMotor veh supp & partsNYC
1955Dana CorpPontiacMIParts & accessories, drive shaftsGTW
1955Dana CorpRochesterMIAuto parts*GTW,NYC
1955Dana CorpSt JohnsMIFluid power appl &GTW
1955Dana CorpWarrenMIMech power trans eqt, speed changersNYC
1955Dana CorpSewellNJParts & accessoriesPRSL
1955Dana CorpBerwickPASteel springs, auto partsDL&W
1990Dana CorpLancasterPATrucksPRR
1955Dana CorpPittsburghPAMotor veh supp & parts*B&O,P&LE
1955Dana CorpReadingPAParts & acc, bodies, metal stampingsPRR,Rdg
1955Dana CorpSheltonCTAuto parts & accessoriesNH
1955Dana CorpAuburnMAParts & accessoriesNH
1955Dana CorpLudlowMARubber & plastic hoNYC
1955Dana CorpAnn ArborMIAuto stampingsAA
1955Dana CorpBirminghamMIMotor veh supp & partsGTW
1955Dana CorpBrightonMIHardware NECC&O
1955Dana CorpMuskegonMIFluid power appl &C&O
1956Dana Corp Plumley DivMarine CityMIPlastics machy, moldsPH&D
1955Dana Corp Warner Elec DivBristolCTMotors & gen, voltaage reg, ind cntlsNH
1950Dana Corp. Spicer Mfg. Div.PottstownPAAuto partsRdg
2004DanafilmsWestboroughMAplastic pelletsCSX
1950Daniels C R IncDanielsMDCanvas productsB&O
1950Danin JoeGrand LedgeMIWool dlrC&O
1950Danin JoeLake OdessaMIWool dlrC&O
1950Danin JoePortlandMIWool shipperC&O
1950Danin JoeSaginawMIWool whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Danvers Hardware CoDanversportMAhdw prodB&M
1956Darling IntlColdwaterMIBone meal, tallowNYC
2004Dartmouth Building SupplyDartmouthMAlumberCSX
1955Dartmouth CollegeNorwichVTcoal, suppB&M
1955Dartmouth WoolenClaremontNHSoda Ash, rayon, woolC&C
1950Dasher BrosWayneMIFertz dlr*C&O,NYC
1950David FieglemanScrantonPAIron + steel, scrapD&H
1971Davidson HowardOwossoMILumberAA
1950Davidson Howard A Lbr CoDetroitMIInd lbr dlr*C&O,various
1950Davidson Howard R CoGrand RapidsMIMfrs agent*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Davidson PressSt JosephMIPrinter*C&O,NYC
1950Davies Lbr CoGrand RapidsMILbr dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Davis & SymondsClaremontNHWood Chips, lumber shavingsC&C
1950Davis C C & SonDeckervilleMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Davis Stamping CoDetroitMIStl stamping plt*C&O,various
1950Davis Supply CoFlintMIDairy supp dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Davis Walter PSaginawMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Davison Chemical CoBaltimoreMDFertilizerPRR
1950Davison-Applegate CoFlintMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Dawson CecilMarletteMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Day BrosGrand BlancMIPacking houseC&O
1950Day Fish Bait CoPt HuronMIFish bait*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1956Day LumberWestfieldMALumberB&M
1955Day Lumber CoBrightwoodMAlbrB&M
1976Days Inc.PortlandMEfurniture k.d.BM
2004DCI TransportationPortlandMEpaperGRS
1950Dead River CoCalaisMEWood turningsMEC
2004Dead River GasWestbrookMEpropane, clay slurry, latexGRS
1971Deaman Lbr CoLake GeorgeMILumberAA
1950Dean & HarrisLansingMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950DeAngelis Coal CoCarbondalePACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950DeAngelis Coal CoJermynPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Dearborn Box CoDetroitMIBox plt*C&O,various
1970Dearborn LP GasDearbornMILP gasSLS*
1950Dearborn Refining CoDetroitMIBulk oil*C&O,various
1950Dearborn Stamping CoDetroitMIStl stamping plt*C&O,various
1955Dearing Orange Juice CoWoburnMAfruit, juicesB&M
1950DeBoer Coal CoHollandMICoal ydC&O
1950Debruyn FrankFlintMIFurnace dlr*C&O,GTW
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoClarksvilleMIOnion shipperC&O
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoGrantMIOnion shipperC&O
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoIoniaMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoLake OdessaMIOnion shipperC&O
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoLowellMIProduce dlr*C&O,M&NE
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoSunfieldMIOnion whseC&O
1950DeBruyn Seed & Produce CoZeelandMICold & dry stg whseC&O
1980DeCato BrosWhite River JctVTCement (distributor)CV*
1950Decker Chevrolet CoHollandMIAuto dlrC&O
1970Decker Mfg CoAlbionMIMachySLS*
1950Deckerville Feed MillDeckervilleMICoalC&O
1950Deckerville Feed MillDeckervilleMIFeedC&O
1950Deckerville Oil & Gas CoDeckervilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Deep Freeze Refr Sales & SvcLansingMIRefr & deepfreeze dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Deerfield Specialty Papers IncCharlemontMAWoodpulp Not Powered NOIBMBM
1960Deering Co RufusPortlandMEBldg matl, suppliesPT
1970Deering LumberMelroseMAbldg matls, lbr, brickB&M
1971Defense DepotMechanicsburgPAShafting pulleysPC
1950DeFoe Shipbuilding CoBay CityMIShipyard*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950DeGarmo Lbr CoMilfordMIBldrs suppC&O
1950DeHaan J & SonGrand RapidsMIGreenhouse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950DeJonge MyronHollandMILivestock shipperC&O
1950DeKleine Pickle CoFilmoreMIPickle staC&O
1950DeKraker JohnHollandMIImplt dlrC&O
1995Del MonteSwedesboroNJCanned foodCR
1956Del Monte CorpSwedesboroNJMixed foodsPRSL
1966Delano LumberBushwick BranchNYLumberLIRR
1957Delano Mill CoPortlandMEwoodworkers, finishersB&M
1976DeLaval TurbineTrentonNJMachyPRR
1970Delaware BreakerBig FlatsPACoal, anthraciteBH&BF*
1947Delaware CtySidneyNYStoneNYO&W
2004Delaware ExpressWorcesterMAbulk dryCSX
1955Delaware Feed StoreFarmingtonNHfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1950Delaware Power & LightNew CastleDECoal, bituminousPRR
1950Delaware Power & LightWilmingtonDECoal, bituminousPRR
1950Delaware State HospitalNew CastleDECoal, bituminousPRR
1955Delco Chassis DivWarrenMIMotor veh supp & partsNYC
1956Delco ElectronicsTroyMIParts & accessoriesNYC
1955Delco ElectronicsBurtonMISpecialized whsgGTW
1955Delco ElectronicsFlintMIParts & accessories*C&O,GTW
1950Delhi Foundry Sand Co.Saratoga SpgsNYSand, foundryD&H
1950Delisle WalterRapid CityMICoal ydC&O
1950Delmont Fuel Co #10YukonPACoal, bituminousPRR
2004Delta BulkPlainfieldCTsoda ashP&W
2004Delta BulkLeominsterMAplastic pelletsCSX
2004Delta BulkWestfieldMAsoda ashPV
2004Delta BulkWorcesterMAbulk dryP&W
1976Delta Chemical CoSearsportMEAnhydrous AmmoniaBAR
1950Delta Coal CoDeltaMICoal ydC&O
1950Delwood IncPhiladelphiaPALath*PRR,Rdg,B&O
2004Den-L-TransportationOxfordMAplastic pelletsP&W
2004Denman & DavisSlatersvilleRIsteel platesP&W
1955Dennison Mfg CoMaynardMApaper prod, office suppB&M
1955Denny Steel ProdsBostonMAstl prodsB&M
1955Densmore C EClaremontNHSalt, flour, milkC&C
1950Denton BrosFarwellMICement block pltC&O
2003Dependable StorageJessupMDPaper prodsCSXT
1966DePiaz Duck FarmMasticNYFeedLIRR
1955Depot Store IncLittletonNHgroc, mdseB&M
1950DePree CoHollandMIDrug pltC&O
1950DePree SyndicateZeelandMIFurn factoryC&O
1950Dept of Mental HealthNorthvilleMISupp ydC&O
1976Derby & CoBaltimoreMDFerro ManganesePRR
1949Derby's Furniture WarehousePeterboroNHFurniture, appliancesB&M
1990Desmet LumberBridgevillePALbr ydPRR
1976Desoto Inc, Eastern Div.DelairNJWollastonite p.4PRR
1950Despres Dowel Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIWood prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Detecto ScaleL I City Kearney SidingNYMachinenryLIRR
1950Detr House of CorrectionDehocoMIsupply ydC&O
1950Detrex CorpDetroitMIChem plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Alliance Brick CoDetroitMIBrick dlr*C&O,various
1950Detroit Brass & Malleable WorksDetroitMIBrass prods plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Chem Specialties CoDetroitMIChem dlr*C&O,various
1950Detroit Chem WorksDetroitMIChem plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit City ofDetroitMISupply yd*C&O,various
1950Detroit Concrete Prods CorpDetroitMIConcrete prods plt*C&O,various
1970Detroit Copper & SteelFort St Ind DistrMIMetal prodSLS*
1950Detroit Creamery CoBrightonMIMilk staC&O
1950Detroit Creamery CoFowlervilleMIMilk staC&O
1950Detroit Cut Stone CoDetroitMICut stone yd*C&O,various
1950Detroit Diesel Eng Div GM CorpDetroitMIDiesel eng plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Display & Cabinet CoBay CityMIShowcases & counters*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Detroit EdisonMarysvilleMIMachineryPH&D
1950Detroit Edison CoPt HuronMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Detroit Edison CoVassarMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950Detroit Edison Co Delray PltDetroitMICoal*C&O,various
1956Detroit Edison Service CenterDetroitMITransformers, turbinesC&O
1950DETROIT FORWARDERDetroitMIForwarder Freight*C&O,various
1970Detroit Free PressDetroitMINewsprintSLS*
1971Detroit Gasket & MfgMarine CityMIWallboardGTW
1950Detroit Gasket & Mfg CoBeldingMIGasket pltC&O
1950Detroit Gasket & Mfg CoBrightonMIGasket pltC&O
1950Detroit Gasket & Mfg CoDetroitMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Graphite CoDetroitMIPaint plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Harbor Terls IncDetroitMICold, dry stg plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Insul CoDetroitMIInsul dlr*C&O,various
1950Detroit Lead Pipe WorksDetroitMILead pipe dlr*C&O,various
1971Detroit NewsDetroitMINewsprintC&O
1950Detroit Packing CoDetroitMImeat prodvarious
1950Detroit Pure Milk CoDetroitMIDairy*C&O,various
1950Detroit Sanitary Rag CoDetroitMIWiping cloths plt*C&O,various
1950Detroit Sheet Metal WorksDetroitMISheet metal dlr*C&O,various
1950Detroit Star Grinding Wheels CoDetroitMIEmery wheels etc*C&O,various
1950Detroit Terl Cartage CoDetroitMICartage*C&O,various
1950Detroit Tomato & Produce CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Detroit Union Produce TerminalDetroitMICantaloupes, grapes, onions, potatoesUB(PRR,C&O,Wab)
1950Detroit Union Produce TerminalDetroitMICelery, pears, peaches, honeydew melonsUB(PRR,C&O,Wab)
1950Detroit Wood Prods IncDetroitMIWood prods plt*C&O,various
1950Deur EugeneFremontMIAuto dlrC&O
1947Devine BrosUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1950DeVisser A & SonsHollandMIImplt dlrC&O
1950DeWent HHudsonvilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1955Dewey & Almy Chemical CoCambridgeMAchemB&M
1955Dewey & Almy Chemical CoW ConcordMAchemB&M
1950Dewey Hoy MEllsworthMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Dewey Prods CoGrand RapidsMIDrug plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Dewitt HomerBlanchardMIBldrs suppC&O
1982Dexter Lock Div Kysor-Industrial CorpGrand RapidsMIHdw*NYC,PRR
1944Diamond Coal CoCambridgeMAcoalB&M
1950Diamond Crystal SaltSt ClairMISalt bags, bulkPH&D
1976Diamond Crystal Salt CoPort HuronMISalt (evap from brine)C&O
1976Diamond Crystal Salt CoEnglewoodNJSalt - PkgErie
1955Diamond Gardner CoDoverNHlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoLaconiaNHlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoPortsmouthNHlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoRochesterNHlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoAmesburyMAlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoBondsvilleMAlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoLawrenceMAlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoNewburyportMAlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoWorcesterMAlbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1955Diamond Gardner CoBiddefordMElbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1957Diamond Gardner CoPortlandMElbr, bldg matls, suppB&M
1980Diamond IntlOld TownMEPaperMEC
1976Diamond Intl CorpPlattsburghNYPulpbd or wdpulp plates & dishesD&H
1950Diamond Match CoPlattsburghNYMatchesD&H
1959Diamond Natl CorpRutlandVTLbr, bldg matlsRut
1971Diamond Natl CorpW WalpoleMAWallboardPC
1971Diamond SaltPt HuronMISaltGTW
1976Diamond Shamrock CorpBayonneNJCaustic soda*CNJ,LV,PRR
1955Diamond Spring CoLawrenceMAsprings, wire prodB&M
1950Dibble IncGreenvilleMICoal yd*C&O,GTW
1950Dickerson Clark Lbr CoKalevaMILbr shipperC&O
1950Dickerson Clark Lbr CoReed CityMILbr shipper*C&O,PRR
1950Dickson A DHowellMIBakery*C&O,AA
1939Diehl Mfg CoElizabethNJElec motors, fansCNJ
1950Diesel Eqt Div GMCGrand RapidsMIDiesel motor parts plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Dietrich HWayneMIAuto dlr*C&O,NYC
1966Dietz P CoalEvergreenNYCoalLIRR
1990Dillner StorageW ElizabethPAMdsePRR
1950Dillon Fish CoPt HuronMIFishery*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955Dinan V W Potato CoMaplewoodMApotatoesB&M
1944Direct Sash & Door CoCambridgeMAmillwork, sash, doorsB&M
1950Distr IncFlintMIRefrig stove & furnace dlr*C&O,GTW
1990Diversey Corp.WyandotteMIChemicalsGTW
1990Diversey WyandotteAnalominkPAChemicalsDL&W
1944Dix Lumber CoCambridgeMAlbrB&M
1950Dixon Jos Crucible CoJersey CityNJPencil Slats*PRR,Erie,LV,NYC,DL&W,CNJ
1955Dodge Geo & CoN WeareNHfeedC&C
1955Dodge Geo E CoHennikerNHfeedC&C
1955Dodge Grain CoSalemNHfeedB&M
1956Dodge Steel CoPhiladelphiaPASteel products, miscPRR
1950Dodge Tool & Die CoGrand RapidsMITool plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Doehla Greeting Card CoNashuaNHpaper prodB&M
1950Doehler-Jarvis CorpPottstownPAMachineryRdg
1950Doehler-Jarvis Corp Jarvis DivGrand RapidsMIDie stamping plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Doering Mason SupplyMelroseMAcement, tile, brickB&M
1954Dolkos Coal CoChagfordMACoalSNE*
1959Donahue Salvage CoRutlandVTScrap metalRut
1960Donnelley R R & Sons CoLancasterPAPrinted matter, magazinesPRR
1990Donnelley R R & Sons CoOld SaybrookCTPrinted matlNH
1982Donnelly Mirrors IncHollandMIMirrors, auto, windows, coatingsC&O,GTW
1966Donnelly R HL I City Degnon TerlNYPublicationsLIRR
1950Dooley Distr CoSaginawMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Dornbos H JGrand HavenMIFish dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Dorney C PIoniaMIOnion shipper*C&O,GTW
1950Dorney ClarenceGreenvilleMIOnion shipper*C&O,GTW
1955Dorr WoolenNewportNHSoda Ash, saltC&C
1950Dorstewitz Lbr & Coal CoPaw PawMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Doty Chas C Ice & fuel CoPaw PawMICoal, iceC&O
1982Double A Prods Div Brown & Sharp Mfg CoManchesterMIPumps fluid power, valves, systemsNYC
1947Doubleday & CoHanoverPAPublicationsPRR
1976Doubleday CoHagerstownMDPaper printing sl&cWM
1950Douglas Box PlantFennvilleMIBox pltC&O
1971Douglas Forest ProdGrand RapidsMIPlywoodPC
1950Douglas Gas & Oil CoFennvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1955Dover Grain CoDoverNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
2004DowAllyn's PointCTbutadieneP&W
1960Dow ChemBayonneNJCaustic soda*CNJ,LV,PRR
1956Dow Chem CoGales FerryCTColloidal silica, latex rubberNH
1956Dow Chem CoLudingtonMICaCl, MgOH, bromine, bromideC&O
1956Dow Chem CoLudingtonMIMagnesium chloride, NaOHC&O
1956Dow Chem CoMidlandMIAcylamide, chlorine, sodium hydroxideC&O
1956Dow Chem CoMidlandMIMonochloroacetic acid, caustic sodaC&O
1982Dow Chem CoMidlandMIPlastics, syn resins, elastomersC&O
1976Dow ChemicalLancasterPAAluminum IngotsRDG
1982Dow Corning CorpMidlandMISilicone prod, syn resins, styrofoamC&O
1990Dowell ChemicalCorryPAChems*Erie,PRR
1950Dowell IncWayneMIAcid dlr*C&O,NYC
1956Down River Forest ProductsHazeltonPAFiberboard*LV,PRR
1950Downington Paper CoDowningtonPABoxes, cardboardRdg
1950Doyle Fdy CoGrand RapidsMIFdy alum*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Dozeman Elec CoHollandMIHH appl dlrC&O
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoFlintMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoLansingMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoTraverse CityMIBev distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1960Dragon CementThomastonMECementMEC
1950Draper Chevrolet CoSaginawMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Draper CorpNewportNHpulpwoodC&C
1955Draper Fuel CoMilfordNHcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Dravo Corp.Neville IsPACoal, bituminousPC&Y
1950Dravo Shipbuilding CorpNeville IsPASteel sheetPC&Y
1955Dreikorns BakeryHolyokeMAbakeryB&M
1983Dresser Crane Hoist OpnsMuskegon HeightsMICranes, constr machyGTW
1950Dresser Ind IncBradfordPAOil well suppliesPRR
1950Drew RobtPearleMISugar beetsC&O
1976Dreyfus Co L AOak TreeNJGround Limestone, 1680 bagesLV
1990Dreyfus L APiscatawayNJWax, corn syrupLV
1990Drug Plastics & Glass Co.BoyertownPAPlastic bottlesRdg
1990Drug Plastics & Glass Co.BoyertownPAPlastic pelletsRdg
2004DSM ThermoplasticLeominsterMAplastic pelletsCSX
1950Du Bois & HughesLansingMISeeds, fertz*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IPhiladelphiaPAPaintB&O,PRR
1976Du Pont De Nemours E IDeepwaterNJFreonCR
1976Du Pont De Nemours E I Co IncGrasselliNJAluminum SulfateCNJ
1982Du-Wel Metal Prods CoBangorMIAlum castings, nonferr, plastic prodC&O
1959Duffy Coal CoRutlandVTFuel, oil, coalRut
1990Duffy-MottWaterlooNYFruit juices (ReaLime, ReaLemon)*LV,NYC
1950Duffy-Mott Co IncVoorheesvilleNYFruit juiceD&H
1950Duffy-Mott Co IncVoorheesvilleNYFruit juiceD&H
1956DuFort BrosMaloneNYWhsl grocRut
1950Dugan ANew BostonMICoal & lbr ydC&O
2004Duke EnergyWestfieldMApropanePV
1950Dulaney John H & Son IncFruitlandMDCanned foodsPRR
1960Dumbarton Paper MillGreenwichNYpaper prodGJ
1955Dunbar Fuel CoManchesterNHcoal, petr prodB&M
1971Dundee Crop SvcDundeeMIPotashAA
1990Dunkirk Ice CreamDunkirkNYDairy prod*Erie,NYC,PRR
1947Dunlop Tire & RubberUticaNYCotton, balesNYO&W
1950Dunlop Tire & Rubber CorpBuffaloNYTires*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1990Dunlop Tire CoTonawandaNYTiresLV
1950Dunn A J CoBad AxeMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Dunn J R & CoDetroitMIRoofing dlr*C&O,various
1976Dunn Mfg CoManchesterNHfurniture metal or woodBM
1950Dunn Paper CoPort HuronMIPaper, printing, wrappingGTW
1950Dunn Stl Prods CoPlymouthMIStl prods pltC&O
1950Dunn-Rainey CoDetroitMIPutty mfr*C&O,various
1957Dunning R BPortlandMEwhsl paint, wallpaper, painters suppB&M
1962Dunphy Thos J CoBaltimoreMDMty glass bottles n/o 1 gal capyWM
1950Dunsten Wm E Supply CoPetoskeyMIPlbg, hdw*C&O,PRR
1950Duplan CorpHazletonPAFabric, syntheticLV
1976Duplex Products IncBottsPAPrinting PaperCNJ
1955duPont de Nemours E I & CoOak GroveMAchemsB&M
1950DuPont de Nemours E I & CoFlintMIChem plt*C&O,GTW
1950DuPont de Nemours E I & CoMonroeMIExplosives*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1944duPont de Nemours E I & Co Grasselli Chem DivBostonMAchemsB&M
1971DuPont E IWyandotteMISodaDTI
1950Duquesne Brewing CoCarnegiePABeerPC&Y
1950Duquesne Brewing CoPittsburghPABeerPRR
1990Duquesne LightPittsburghPACoalPRR
1950Duquesne Light CoMonongahelaPACoal, bituminousMonong
2004Dur-A-FlexE HartfordCTvinyl, lumberCSO
1956Durand Glass CoS MillvilleNJSandPRSL
1955Durkee Famous FoodsE CambridgeMAgroc, food prodB&M
1976Durkee Mower IncLynnMAGlass JarsBM
1950Duro Supply CoBay CityMIPlumbing supplies whse*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Durr C A Packing CoUticaNYMeat prod (slaughterhouse)*EL,NYC
1955Dustbane CoIpswichMAsweeping cmpdB&M
1950Dutch Boy Baking CoHollandMIBakeryC&O
1950Dutch Boy CoHollandMIFlourC&O
1950Dutch Novelty CoHollandMINovelty pltC&O
1950Dutch Tea Rusk CoHollandMIBakeryC&O
1955Dutton A C Lumber CoWalthamMAlbrB&M
1950Dwan Home Canning CoSt JosephMICanning plt*C&O,NYC
1950Dyer Coal CoTwin LakeMICoal ydC&O
1950Dyers H ALansingMIFruit dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Dyke BrosPullmanMIOnion shipperC&O
1966Dykes LumberBrentwoodNYLumberLIRR
1966Dykes LumberWestburyNYLumberLIRR
1950Dykman J CFremontMIBrick & stone dlrC&O
1966Dynamic Elec.Jamaica Freight FacilitiesNYElec suppliesLIRR
2004Dyno NobelMiddlefieldCTamonium nitrateP&W
1944E Boston Coal CoRevereMAcoalB&M
1971E MI UnivYpsilantiMIPaperPC
1950E MI Whse CoPt HuronMIBeans, peas*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955E Side Beverage CoManchesterNHbevsB&M
1966E. Greene PaperMaspethNYPaperLIRR
1955Eagle Can CoSomervilleMAcontainersB&M
1966Eagle CoalFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYCoalLIRR
1950Eagle Insul CoFlintMIInsul dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Eagle Lbr CoEagleMILbr, bldrs suppC&O
1950Eagle Ottawa Leather CoGrand HavenMITannery*C&O,GTW
1947Eagle Rockwool InsulUticaNYInsulNYO&W
1959Eagle Square Mfg CoS ShaftsburyVTSteel, coal, lbrRut
1955Eagle Tribune CoLawrenceMAnewsprintB&M
1950Earle Eqt CoDetroitMIContr eqt dlr*C&O,various
1966East Coast TrestleFarmingdaleNYCoalLIRR
1966East Hampton LumberE HamptonNYLumberLIRR
1956East Jordon Iron WorksE JordonMIFire hydrants, manhole coversC&O
1956Eastalco AluminumLime KilnMDAluminaB&O
1956Eastalco AluminumLime KilnMDAluminum productsB&O
1944Easterbrook Coal CoE CambridgeMAcoalB&M
1955Eastern Bridge CoWorcesterMAstr stlB&M
1966Eastern CabinetFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYLumber, plywood, suppliesLIRR
1955Eastern Distilled Spirits CoCharlestownMAalcoholsB&M
1951Eastern Farm Prod IncWorcesterNYCreameryD&H
1971Eastern Fine Paper IncBrewerMEPaperMEC
1950Eastern Fine Paper IncBrewerMEPaperMEC
1976Eastern Fine Paper Inc.S BrewerMEBags of ClayMEC
1944Eastern Gas & Fuel AssocEverettMAcoalB&M
1950Eastern Gas & Fuel AssocSalt Lick TwpPACoal, bituminousB&O
1956Eastern IndKutztownPAStoneRdg
1959Eastern Magnesia Talc CoGassetsVTTalcRut
1976Eastern Magnesia Talc CoJohnsonVTTalc tailings bulk & bagsVtNor
1970Eastern PackagingLawrenceMAplastic pelletsB&M
1990Eastern Petroleum ProdEriePAPetr prod*NYC,PRR
1950Eastern Produce MarketNew YorkNYTomatoes, raisinsNYC
2004Eastern PropaneRochesterNHpropaneNHN
2004Eastern PropaneWells BeachMEpropaneGRS
1955Eastern Salt CoEverettMAsaltB&M
1959Eastern Sates Farmers ExchangeLudlowVTFeed, fertzRut
1950Eastern Stainless Steel CorpDundalkMDSteel sheetB&O
1951Eastern States (Sheldon Bros)PoultneyVTFeed, grainD&H
1959Eastern States Farmers ExchangeFlorenceVTFeed, fertzRut
1959Eastern States Farmers ExchangeMiddleburyVTFertzRut
1959Eastern States Farmers ExchangeRutlandVTFeed, bldg matlsRut
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgClaremontNHFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainC&C
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgConcordNHFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgDoverNHFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgManchesterNHFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgMilfordNHFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgNewportNHfeedC&C
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgWoodsvilleNHFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgBrattleboroVTFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgAtholMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgCambridgeMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgFitchburgMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgN AdamsMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgNorthamptonMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgPutnamvilleMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgShelburne FallsMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgW ConcordMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgWaltham NMAFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Farmers ExchgCumberland MillsMEFertz, feed, salt, seed, grainB&M
1955Eastern States Plywood CoManchesterNHplywoodB&M
1955Eastern States WarehouseCambridgeMAmdseB&M
1944Eastern States WhseN SomervilleMAmdseB&M
1939Eastern Steel BarrelBound BrookNJBarrels steelCNJ
1955Eastern Storage Warehouse CoChelseaMAmdseB&M
1955Eastern Storage Warehouse CoEverettMAmdseB&M
1950Eastern Tablet CoAlbanyNYPaper productsD&H
1960Eastern TractorPortlandMEEquipment ind, loggingPT
1976Eastern Whse CoCharlestownMAdry earth pigmentsBM
1976Eastern Wiper CoWorcesterMAGround Clay - Bagged NOIBN SL&CBM
1966Easthampton LumberBridgehamptonNYLumberLIRR
1955Easthamton Grain CoEasthamptonMAgrain, feed, fertz, seedB&M
1955Eastman Gelatin CorpPeabodyMAgelatin, animal byprodB&M
1976Eastman Gelatin CorpPeabodyMAmuratic acid, HCl, cow bonesBM
1950Eastman KodakKodak ParkNYFilmNYC
2004Eastwood CarriersWestfieldMAlumberCSX
1982Eaton Corp Fluid Power OpsMarshallMIMV parts & accNYC
1982Eaton Corp Genl Prod DivVassarMIGray iron fdy*C&O,NYC
1982Eaton Corp Saginaw DivSaginawMIMV parts & acc*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Eaton Corp Transm DivKalamazooMIMV parts & acc*GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Ebensburg Coal Co 1Barr TwpPACoal, bituminousC&I (PRR)
1950Eberhardt L V Super MktsGrand RapidsMIWhsl groc*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004ECDCAllstonMAmunicipal solid wasteCSX
2004ECDCW SpringfieldMAmunicipal solid wasteCSX
1966Eckert Iron WorksNew Hyde ParkNYI&S prodLIRR
1950Eckles Coal & Supply CoPlymouthMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
2004ECM PlasticsWorcesterMAplastic pelletsP&W
1975Econo-flo FlourCheswickPAFlourPC
1955Economy Coal CoKeeneNHcoalB&M
1950Economy MillsElwellMIBeans, feed, grainC&O
1950Economy MillsElwellMICoalC&O
2003Eddie Mercer IncFrederickMDGranular FertilizerCSXT
1950Eddy & CoLansingMIContr eqt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1956Eddyville Forest ProdOgdensburgNYPaper, prtg*NYC,Rut
1950Edgar W H & Sons IncDetroitMISugar whses #5 & 9*C&O,various
1976Edgecomb Steel of NENashuaNHBeams, Channels, anglesBM
1990Edgewater SteelOakmontPAStl prodPRR
1950Edgewater Steel CoOakmontPARolling stock partsPRR
1966Edgewood State HospitalDeer ParkNYCoalLIRR
1950Edick CoTraverse CityMITractor distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1970Edison #3 Power PlantBurnt HillsPACoalBH&BF*
1944Edison Electric Illum CoN CambridgeMAcoalB&M
1950Edison-Moore & CoFlintMICarpet & floor covering dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Edmore Grain & Elev CoEdmoreMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Edmore Grain & Elev CoEdmoreMIElevC&O
1950Edmore Grain & Lbr CoMcBridesMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1950Edmore Grain & Lbr CoMcBridesMIGrainC&O
1950Edson LeeHudsonvilleMILivestock shipperC&O
1950Edwards & Co JPhiladelphiaPAShoesB&O
1950Edwards DwightGrand LedgeMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Edwards Lbr CoMuskegonMILbr yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1976Edwards Manufacturing Co, IncAugustaMECompressed Cotton BalesMEC
1950Edwars Window CoHollandMIWindow sash pltC&O
1950Eelsingen & Lugtigheld CoGrand RapidsMIImporters*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Eggers & SonBravoMICoal, lime, impltsC&O
1950Eichbauer BrosMonroeMIMonuments*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1955Eileen's Wholesale IncManchesterNHmdseB&M
1950Eiston Richards Stg CoMuskegonMIStg whse*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Ela Box CoWarnerNHbox matlC&C
1950Elam-Elkhart Stationery CoAlleganMIStationery mfr*C&O,NYC
1950Elec Tamper & Eqt CoLudingtonMIRR eqt plt*C&O,Lud&N
2004Electric BoatGrotonCTsteel, machyP&W
1960Electric Co.PatchogueNYCoalLIRR
1950Electric Storage Battery CoN PhiladelphiaPAElectrical componentsPRR
1950Electrolux CorpOld GreenwichCTVacuum CleanersNH
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaRiverviewMIAlkylalkanolamines, alkylaminesGTW
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaRiverviewMIAmylphenol disulfidesGTW
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaRiverviewMIEthyl, methyl mercaptanGTW
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaGeneseoNYOrganic peroxides, MEKNYC
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaBuffaloNYOrganic peroxides, MEKNYC
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaHomerNYLubricantsDL&W
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaBirdsboroPAAdhesives, resins, NaOH, NaSPRR
1956Elf Atochem North AmericaCornwells HtsPACleanersPRR
1939Elizabethtown Consol Gas CoElizabethNJOil, coalCNJ
1950Elk Rapids Packing CoElk RapidsMICanning pltC&O
1950Elk Rapids Lbr CoElk RapidsMILbr ydC&O
1950Elkton Coop Farm Prods CoElktonMICoal ydC&O
1950Elkton Coop Farm Prods CoElktonMIGrainC&O
1950Elkton Elev Co (Wallace & Morley)ElktonMICoal ydC&O
1950Elkton Elev Co (Wallace & Morley)ElktonMIElevC&O
1950Elkton Hdw CoElktonMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Elkton Lbr & Tile CoElktonMILbr & tile ydC&O
1952Ellen Feed & Grain CoEllenMEGrainAGE*
1950Elliott CoRidgewayPAElectrical componentsB&O
1955Elliott Earl L Coal CoIpswichMAcoalB&M
1990Elliott SteelNew CastlePAStl whse*Erie,PRR
1990Elliott TurbomachineryJeanettePAMachyPRR
1950Elliott TurbomachineryJeanettePATurbines, compressorsPRR
1957Ellis Paperboard CoPortlandMEpaper boxesB&M
1950Ellston-Richards Stg CoGrand RapidsMIStg whse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Ellsworth Farmers ExchgEllsworthMICoal, feed, fertzC&O
1950Ellsworth Farmers ExchgEllsworthMIPotatoesC&O
1950Ellsworth Lbr CoEllsworthMILbr ydC&O
1950Ellswrth Feed CoEllsworthMIFeedC&O
1944Ellwood Fdy & Mach CoBostonMAmachy, castingsB&M
1950Ellwood Stone CoEllwood CityPASand, glassP&LE
1955Elm City Grain CoKeeneNHgrain, feed, fertz, seedB&M
1950Elmore Milling CoOneontaNYFeedD&H
1950Elmore Milling CoOneontaNYGrainD&H
1950Ely C R & Son Coal & Ice CoNorthvilleMICoal, ice, fuel oilC&O
1950Emelander C H CoAlpineMICoal ydC&O
1950Emelander C H CoSpartaMICoal ydC&O
1950Emerald Coal & Coke Co 2ClarksvillePACoal, bituminousMonong
1950Emerson MfgSuncookNHLbrSuncV(B&M)
1955Emery Warehouse CoManchesterNHheavy hdwB&M
1959Emilo CoalMiddleburyVTCoal, bldg matlsRut
1950Emlong's NurseryStevensvilleMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Emmet Cty AAAPetoskeyMIFertz*C&O,PRR
1950Emmet Cty Rd CommPetoskeyMISupp yd*C&O,PRR
1957Emory Warehouse CoPortlandMEheavy hdwB&M
1966Empire CarpetL I City Degnon TerlNYFloor coveringLIRR
1955Empire Carpet CorpSomervilleMAfloor coveringsB&M
1955Empire Freight CoE CambridgeMAmdseB&M
1955Empire Furniture Mfg CoClintonMAfurnB&M
1944Empire Furniture Mfg CoN SomervilleMAfurnB&M
1950Empire Lbr CoGrandvilleMILbr ydC&O
1966Empire MillworkCorona Freight YardNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1966Empire MillworkMerrickNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1950Empire Millwork CoCoronaNYLumberLI
1950Empire OrchardsIoniaMIFruit growers & processors*C&O,GTW
1950Empire Roofing CoFlintMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW
1947Empire TackleUticaNYCoal, bituminousNYO&W
1947Empire Wall PlasterUticaNYCementNYO&W
1950Enewald's Feed StoreMuskegonMIFeed*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
2004Enfield LumberEnfieldCTlumberCSO
1950Eng Prods CorpBrightonMIWater heater pltC&O
1955Englander Mattress CoMedfordMAmattresses, beddingB&M
1950Englehart Seven-Up Bottling CoFlintMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW
1957English China Clay SalesPortlandMEClay (imported), kaolinB&M
1966Englo Paint CorpL I CityNYPaintLIRR
1990Enlow MineEnonPACoalPRR
1966Enquist ChemicalBushwick BranchNYChemsLIRR
1950Enright-Taphan CoSaginawMIMagazine distr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Ensign & Smith Coal CoN AdamsMAcoalB&M
1950Enterprise Iron & Metal CoGrand RapidsMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Enterprise Paper & Chem CoBaltimoreMDPaper towels ctnsCanton
1955Enterprise Wall Paper Mfg CoN SomervilleMAwallpaperB&M
1990Environmental InsulationNew KensingtonPAInsulPRR
1976Environmental Systems IncJaffreyNHA&P FeedBM
1950Ephrata Shoe CoEphrataPAShoesRdg
2004EPICAyerMAcorn syrupGRS
1956Epilson ChemicalMarcus HookPAPlastic pelletsRdg
1966Equitable LumberBrentwoodNYLumberLIRR
1966Equitable Paper Corp.L I City Degnon TerlNYpaperLIRR
1955Erickson Farm SupplyS ActonMAfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Erickson Grain MillS ActonMAgrain, feedB&M
1950Erickson MColomaMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Erie Alfalfa MillsErieMIAlfalfa meal & hay shipperC&O
1950Erie Chemicals & CoatingsMonroeMIChemicals, paint, NaOHGL&N*
1950Erie Coal CoErieMICoal ydC&O
1950Erie Coal DocksEriePACoal, bituminousPRR
1990Erie CokeEriePACoke*NYC,PRR
1956Erie Coke CoEriePACokeNYC
1990Erie ConcreteEriePAReadymix plt*NYC,PRR
1990Erie CrateEriePAWooden packaging*NYC,PRR
1950Erie ElevErieMIElevC&O
1959Erskine R BChesterVTFeedRut
1955Erving Paper MillsErvingMApaper millB&M
1976Erving Paper MillsErvingMAScrap PaperBM
1955Erving Paper MillsOrangeMApaper millB&M
1971Escanaba PaperGroosMITitanium, saltCNW,SOO
1971Escanaba PaperGroosMIWoodpulpCNW,SOO
1976Eshelman & Sons John W Div Carnation CoYorkPAA&P Feed Bulk Prep C/LWM
1976Esleeck Manufacturing Co.Turners FallsMARags, Scrap, Not Clean WAFS Compressed BalesBM
1960Esna (Elastic Stop Nut Corp of Am)UnionNJNuts, boltsRV
1947Espasito DUticaNYCoal, anthraciteNYO&W
2004Esquire GasEnfieldCTcarbon dioxideCSO
1950Essenberg Bldg & Lbr CoHollandMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Essenberg John LEllsworthMIFertz dlrC&O
1976Essex Chemical CorpPhoenixNJSulphuric Acid 66 SL&CRR
1955Essex Oil CoLynnMApetr prodB&M
1955Essex Whse & Fin CoLawrenceMAwhseB&M
1950Essexville Dock & Terl CoBay CityMISand & stone yd*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1955Esso Standard Oil CoGreenfieldMApetr prodB&M
1955Esso Standard Oil CoWaltham NMApetr prodB&M
1957Esso Standard Oil CoS PortlandMEpetr prodPTRy
1955Esso Standard Oil CoLittletonNHpetr prodB&M
2004Essroc MaterialsPalmerMAcementNECR
2003Essroc MaterialsLime KilnMDaggregate, ore, clay, roofing, slag, fly ashCSXT
2003Essroc MaterialsLime KilnMDroofing granules, cement, lime, silicaCSXT
1955Estey Organ CoBrattleboroVTorgans, musical instrB&M
1952Ethan Allen FurnitureRangeley River JctMEFurnitureAGE*
1976Ethan Allen IncOrleansVTFurniture, wood & hardwood lbrCP
1990Ethan Allen InteriorsFrewsburgNYFurnitureNYC
1990Ethan Allen InteriorsIsland PondVTFurnitureGT
1990Ethan Allen Interiors IncRandolphVTFurnitureCVt
1950Etscovitz Potato CorpFt KentMEPotatoesBAR
1950Eugene NMilfordMIScrap ydC&O
1955Eureka Bank BookHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1950Eureka Elev & Supply CoBrown CityMICoalC&O
1950Eureka Elev & Supply CoBrown CityMIElevC&O
1950Eureka Lbr CoGreenvilleMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1947Evans & EdwardsUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1971Evans LbrCadillacMIWallboardPC
1971Evans Prod CoRichvilleMIPlywoodPC
1950Evans Prods CoPlymouthMIRR eqt pltC&O
1950Evans Prods CoGrand HavenMIRadio cabinet factory*C&O,GTW
1950Evart Coop CoEvartMIElevC&O
1950Evart Milling CoEvartMICoal & bldrs supp ydC&O
1950Evart Milling CoEvartMIGrainC&O
1982Evart Prod Sub Amer Motors CorpEvartMIPlastic prodC&O
1976Evening Bulletin c/o Alco Gravure IncGlen BurnieMDPaper newsprintB&Ann
1976Evening TimesSayrePAStd Newsprint Paper, whiteLV
1944Everett Bag & Bundle Wood CoEverettMAbags, woodB&M
1955Everett Bottle CoChelseaMAglasswareB&M
1955Everett Floor CoRevereMAflooring, tileB&M
1955Everett FlooringChelseaMAflooring, tileB&M
1944Everett Fuel CoEverettMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Everett Implt CoNoviMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Everett Piano CoCabletonMIPiano pltC&O
1951Evergreen Slate CoGranvilleNYSlate prodD&H
1950Everhot Heater CoDetroitMIHot water tank plt*C&O,various
1950Evinrude Elto Flint SaalesFlintMIBoat & outboard motor dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Ex-Cell-O CorpDetroitMIPrecision tool plt*C&O,various
1950Excelsior Supply Co Sub Amer Supply CoGrand RapidsMIExcelsior wrapping plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Exeter Electric CoExeterNHutil supp, applB&M
1955Exeter Feed & SupplyExeterNHfeed, grain, fertz, seedB&M
1955Exeter Lumber CoExeterNHlbrB&M
1980Exide CorpLaurel DalePAAuto batteriesRdg
1950Export grain elevatorGreenvilleNJGrainPRR
1944Export Lumber CoBostonMAlbr (export)B&M
1950Extensole CoSpartaMIFurn factoryC&O
1966Extrin FoodsL I CityNYGrocLIRR
1982Extruded Metals CoBeldingMIBrass scrapC&O
1990Exxon ChemicalBayonneNJPhthalic anhydride, plasticizerCNJ
1956Exxon Chemical AmericasLindenNJLube oilPRR
1976Exxon Chemical Co USABayonneNJPetroleum Oil #1CNJ
2004ExxonMobilStratfordCTplastic pelletsCSX
2004F & F DistributorsNew LondonCTbeerNECR
1950F & M Packing CoLudingtonMIProduce dlr*C&O,Lud&N
1950F & M Packing CoTraverse CityMICherries, brined*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Faas Foods IncCentral LakeMICanning pltC&O
1950Fabr Metal Slats CoFennvilleMIStl prods pltC&O
1955Fagan Coal CoTroyNYcoalB&M
1950Fain Furn & Appl CoFlintMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Fairchilds Gas & Oil CoLowellMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,M&NE
2004Fairfield ProcessingDanburyCTplastic resinHRR
1950Fairgrove Farmers Elev CoFairgroveMIElevC&O
1950Fairgrove Oil CoFairgroveMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Fairmont Creamery CoBad AxeMIDairy prod pltC&O
2004Fall River Line PierFall RiverMAmisc mdseCSX
1955Falulah Paper CoFitchburgMApaper prodB&M
1976Family Products Inc.TyngsboroMAPlastic articles NOIBNB&M
1950Fanning JesseMonroeMIFertz dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1944Fanueil Beef CoE CambridgeMAfresh meatB&M
1966Fargo PotatoLaurelNYPotatoesLIRR
1950Farm Bur Elev CoColemanMICoalC&O
1950Farm Bur Elev CoColemanMIElevC&O
1955Farm Bureau AssnGreenfieldMAfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Farm Bureau AssnLowellMAfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Farm Bureau AssnHollisNHfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1950Farm Bureau Fruit ProdsBay CityMICanning plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Farm Bureau Fruit ProdsHartMIFruit dlrC&O
1950Farm Bureau IncSaginawMIElev*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Farm Bureau Svcs IncYaleMICoal ydC&O
1950Farm Bureau Svcs IncYaleMIGrain elevC&O
1950Farm Bureau Svcs IncLake OdessaMIFeed, seedC&O
1950Farm Coal. Co.NemacolinPACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Farm Supply CoBeldingMIWhseC&O
1955Farmers CoopHubbardstaonMAfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1950Farmers Coop AssnHudsonvilleMICoalC&O
1950Farmers Coop AssnHudsonvilleMIElevC&O
2003Farmers Coop AssocFrederickMDFertilizerCSXT
1950Farmers Coop Creamery CoElmdaleMICoalC&O
1950Farmers Coop Creamery CoElmdaleMIDairy prods, grainC&O
1950Farmers Coop Elev CoZeelandMIGas & oilC&O
1950Farmers Coop Elev CoZeelandMIGrain elevC&O
1950Farmers Coop Grain CoKindeMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Farmers Coop Union of Tuscola CtyUnionvilleMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Farmers Elev & Produce CoBad AxeMICoalC&O
1950Farmers Elev & Produce CoBad AxeMIProduceC&O
1950Farmers Elev CoJeddoMICoalC&O
1950Farmers Elev CoJeddoMIElevC&O
1950Farmers Elev CoLakeviewMICoalC&O
1950Farmers Elev CoLakeviewMIElevC&O
1950Farmers Elev CoLansingMIElev*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Farmers Elev CoMinden CityMICoal, implt dlrC&O
1950Farmers Elev CoMinden CityMIElevC&O
1966Farmers FeedBushwick BranchNYFeedLIRR
1955Farmers Feed & Supply CoBlackmountNHfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Farmers Feed & Supply CoHillsboroNHfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Farmers Feed & Supply CoLancasterNHfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Farmers Feed & Supply CoLebanonNHfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1976Farmers Feed CoNewarkNJDried Brewers Grains in Bags*DL&W,Erie,CNJ,PRR
1955Farmers Grain & Feed CoWindsorVTfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Farmers Grain CoLittletonMAfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1952Farmers Supply CoWarren DepotMEFeedAGE*
1950Farmers Union Coop of WaltzWaltzMICoal, fertz, feedC&O
1952Farmers Union ElevatorWoodsriverNHFeedB&M*
1950Farmington Gardens NurseryNoviMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Farmington Lbr & Coal CoDetroitMICoal & lbr yd*C&O,various
1950Farmington Lbr & Coal CoNoviMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Farmington MillsNoviMIElev & millC&O
1957Farnham M F CorpPortlandMEdoors & sashB&M,PT
1955Farnsworth Storage WarehouseWorcesterMAwhseB&M
1950Farnsworth Wood Prods CoFryeburgMELumberMEC
1957Farrar Brown CoPortlandMEwhsl auto suppB&M
1950Farwell Lbr CoFarwellMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Farwell Mill & Elev CoFarwellMIElevC&O
1955Father Johns Medicine CoLowellMApatent medsB&M
1950Fava G Fruit CoBaltimoreMDLima Beans, pearsBO
1966Favorite PlasticsVanderveer ParkNYPlastic pelletsLIRR
1976Fawcett Printing CorpHalpineMDPaper printing rollsBO
1950Fay & ScottDexterMEMachineryMEC
1950Faylor Lime & Stone CoMiddleburgPAStone, road metalPRR
2004FCR Auburn Matls RecoveryAuburnMAscrap paperCSX
2004FCR RedemptionHartfordCTscrap aluminum (cans)CSO
1950Fdy Matl CorpSawyerMISand pitC&O
1950Fead John L & Son Knitting MillsPt HuronMIKnitting mill*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Feather Mfg CoPetoskeyMIToy factoy*C&O,PRR
1950Featherweight Foods CoFt KentMEDried foodsBAR
1971Feder L HBrooklynNYJunk ragsNYD
1939Federal Amer Cement TileLincolnNJCement, tileCNJ
1928Federal Cement Block CoMaplewoodNJCement, aggregatesRV
1950Federal Creosoting CoSidneyNYTiesD&H,NYO&W
1955Federal EnamelingE CambridgeMAenameled wareB&M
1950Federal Enameling & Stamping CoMcKees RocksPAEnameled wareB&O,PRR,P&LE
1950Federal Govt Central Htg PlantWashingtonDCCoal, bituminousPRR
1950Federal Govt WarehouseWashingtonDCPaper productsPRR
1950Federal Motor Truck CoDetroitMIAuto truck plt*C&O,various
1956Federal Paper BoardVersaillesCTPaper, fiberboardNH
1976Federal Paper Board Co. Inc.MedfordMAPulpboard NOIBNB&M
2004Federal Pipe & SteelGoffs FallsNHstructural steelGRS
1982Federal-Mogul CorpSt JohnsMIMetal stampingsGTW
1982Federal-Mogul CorpGreenvilleMIMV parfts & accC&O
1990Federal-Mogul CorpJacksonMIAuto camshafts*GTW,NYC
1950Feibus-Gordon CoScrantonPARagsD&H
1950Felder & Son Bldg ContrBrightonMIContr ydC&O
1939Feldman BrosElizabethNJAbbatoir (hides, tankage)CNJ
1966Feldman Wood ProductsMineolaNYLumberLIRR
1956Feldspar CorpFeldsparCTMicaNH
1990Felmley P MWhite HouseNJCoal, lumberCNJ
1950Fels & CoPaschallPASoapPRR
1955Fels CoE CambridgeMAsoaps, cleansersB&M
1966FencecraftMerrickNYLumber, steel prodLIRR
1950Fendt L FNoviMIContr ydC&O
1960FenimoreUnion BagS Glens FallsNYPaper bagsD&H
1950Fenkel Lbr CoDetroitMILumber yd*C&O,various
1950Fennville Coop AssnFennvilleMICoal, feedC&O
1950Fennville Fruit ExchgFennvilleMIFruit shipperC&O
1950Fennville Lbr CoFennvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Fennville Milling CoFennvilleMICoalC&O
1950Fennville Milling CoFennvilleMIGrainC&O
1950Ferguson Harry IncDetroitMITractor plt*C&O,various
1950Ferguson Supply CoGrand RapidsMIPlbg supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Fernald SchoolWaltham NMAcoalB&M
1955Fernald W E SchoolWaverleyMAcoalB&M
1950Ferranti Bros.ScrantonPABeerD&H
1956FerrellgasThree BridgesNJLPGPRR
2003Ferrellgas CoTaneytownMDPropaneMMID
1950Ferris AlfredPortlandMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Ferris Bev CoLudingtonMIBev dlr*C&O,Lud&N
1950Ferris Coffee & Nuts CoGrand RapidsMICoffee dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Ferry-Morse Seed CoDetroitMISeeds*C&O,various
1944Fertilizer Sales CorpCambridgeMAfertzB&M
1976Festival Homes of New York IncSaratoga SpgsNYFibreboard boards or sheets not wlbd nlt 3/8 in thickD&H
1955Fibertex CorpPortsmouthNHtextilesB&M
1955Fichera Grain CoMethuenMAgrain, feedB&M
1950Fick & SonTraverse CityMIWhsl groc*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Fidelity Corp of MIGrand RapidsMIHH appl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1947Field & StartUticaNYSugar, cd gdsNYO&W
1950Field F G & SonSpartaMIBeansC&O
1990Fierman Jos & Sons Hunts Point TerlNew YorkNYProduceNYC
1956Filer City Paper CoFiler CityMIFiberboardC&O
2004Filkins TransportationPittsfieldMApaperHRR
1950Filmore CreameryFilmoreMICreameryC&O
1950Filmore HatcheryFilmoreMIHatcheryC&O
1960Finch Pruyn & CoGlens FallsNYAnhydrous ammonia, Chlorine, ChemicalsD&H
1960Finch Pruyn & CoGlens FallsNYAppliances (retail business)D&H
1976Finch Pruyn & CoGlens FallsNYBulk Enzo StarchD&H
1976Finch Pruyn & CoGlens FallsNYClay, Mistrofil, ground clay bulkD&H
1970Finch Pruyn & CoGlens FallsNYHemlock woodpulpD&H
1976Finch Pruyn & CoGlens FallsNYPrinting paper rollsD&H
1950Finger Lakes Cider & Vinegar CoPenn YanNYVinegarPRR
1950Finger Lakes Fruit Products CorpWatkinsNYFruitsPRR
1971Fingerle LbrAnn ArborMILumberAA
1950Finlan JohnFowlervilleMIFeed, fertz, farm suppC&O
1971Firestone Stl ProdWyandotteMIStl tank, wooden skidsDTI
1950Firestone Tire & Rubber CoPottstownPATiresRdg
1950Firestone Tire & Rubber CoGrand RapidsMITire dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1970Firestone tire warehouseAlbanyNYtiresD&H
1955First National StoresBlackmountNHgroc, produceB&M
1976First National StoresKearnyNJPaper Products*DL&W,CNJ,Erie
1955First National StoresDeering JctMEgroc, produceB&M
1976First National Stores IncSomervilleMACitrus Fruit Juices, cannedBM
1976First National Stores IncSomervilleMAClay in Bags, groc, produce, paper bagsBM
1976First National Stores IncSomervilleMAGround ClayBM
1950Fischer Geo J & Sons IncSaginawMIRefr dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Fisher Body Div GM CorpDetroitMIAuto body plt*C&O,various
1950Fisher Body Div GM CorpFlintMIAuto body plt*C&O,GTW
1950Fisher Bros Celery CoMuskegonMICelery shipper*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Fisher Produce CoGreenvilleMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Fisher Sales & SvcUnionvilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1990Fisher ScientificRaritanNJChemCNJ
1950Fisher Stl & Supply CoMuskegonMIIron & stl plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Fishler M W & SonsFlintMIFuel oil tank plt*C&O,GTW
1950Fishman Produce CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Fishman Waste Paper CoDetroitMIWaste paper broker*C&O,various
1950Fiske Tire SvcsFlintMITire dlr*C&O,GTW
1955Fitchburg Engr CorpFitchburgMApaper machineryB&M
1955Fitchburg Hardware CoFitchburgMAhdwB&M
1955Fitchburg Paper CoW FitchburgMApaper millB&M
1976Fitchburg Paper Co.W FitchburgMAwoodpulp, balesBM
1976Fitchburg Paper MillFitchburgMAWoodpulp balesBM
1955Fitchburg Welding CoFitchburgMAwelding suppB&M
1955Fitchburg Yarn CoFitchburgMAtextilesB&M
1950Fitzeman HAltoMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Fitzjohn Coach CoMuskegonMIBus body plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Fitzpatrick Elec CoMuskegonMIElec supp dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Five Point Coal CoLawrenceMAcoalB&M
1950FL Citrus ExchgDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950FL Citrus ExchgGrand RapidsMIFruit dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950FL Fruit MktSaginawMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Flagg & Co Stanley GStowePAPlumbing fixturesRdg
1950Flamegas Detroit CorpDetroitMIPropane gas dlr*C&O,various
1944Flanders Fuel CoCambridgeMAcoal, petr ptodB&M
1980Flanders LbrEssex JctVTPlywood, lumber, cement (whslr)CV*
1955Fleming Foundry CoBrightwoodMAfdyB&M
1956Flemington Film ProductsFlemingtonNJPlastic pelletsPRR
2004Fletcher GraniteWestfordMAgraniteGRS
1950Fletcher Oil CoBay CityMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1971Fletcher PaperAlpenaMIWoodpulpD&M
1950Fletcher Paper CoAlpenaMIPaper, printing paper, pulpboardD&M
1950Fletcher Works IncN PennPAMachineryPRR
1944Flex-O-Crete CorpSomervilleMAcement, aggregatesB&M
1950Flexatalic Gasket CoCamdenNJGasket materialsPRSL
1971Flinkle B & SonsPawtucketRIPaperNH
1960FlinkoteHowes CaveNYClinkerD&H
1950Flint BevFlintMIBev distr*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Bldrs Supply CoFlintMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Block CoFlintMICinder block plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Cartage & Terl CoFlintMICartage*C&O,GTW
1950Flint City ofFlintMIWaterworks yd*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Development CoFlintMILbr yd*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Excavating CoFlintMIContr yd*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Fireproof Whse CoFlintMIStg whse*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Furn MartFlintMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Home Furnishing CoFlintMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW
2003Flint InkJessupMDInk ProductsCSXT
1956Flint Ink CoDetroitMIInksNYC
1950Flint Iron & Wire Works IncFlintMIIronworks plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flint JournalFlintMINewspaper*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Milk Bottle ExchangeFlintMIBottle exchange*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Mosaic Tile & Terrazzo IncFlintMITile contr*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Moulding Prods CoFlintMIMetal mouldings plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Piston Svcs CoFlintMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Reclaiming CoFlintMIGlass cullet dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Sash & Door CoFlintMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Sash & Door CoSaginawMISash, doors plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Flint Scrap Iron & Metal CoFlintMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Sterilized Prods CoFlintMISterilized prods*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Stl FabrFlintMIStl fabr plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Str Stl CoFlintMIStl plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Truck & Eqt CoFlintMITruck accessories dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Venetian Blind Mfg CoFlintMIVenetian blinds*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Warm Air Supply CoFlintMIHtg supp whse*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Weekly ReviewFlintMINewspaper*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Whsl Groc CoFlintMIWhsl groc, produce dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Flint Wood Prods CoFlintMIWood prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Flintkote CoDetroitMIRoofing dlr*C&O,various
1966Floral Park Building MaterialFloral ParkNYBldg matlLIRR
1955Florence Stove CoGardnerMAstoves, fdyB&M
1950Flores ProduceMidlandMIProduce*C&O,NYC
1955Florida Citrus ExchgE CambridgeMAfruit, produceB&M
1950Floyd HowardNoviMIChem dlrC&O
1955Flynn Coal CoSalemMACoalB&M
1950Foentman Motor CoPetoskeyMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,PRR
1976Food Center WholesaleN BillericaMAGround Clay, dry milkBM
1950Food Fair Stores Co WarehouseNew YorkNYCanned Pears, vegNYC
1950Food Fair Stores, IncPhiladelphiaPACanned foods, fruit, meat, potatoes, vegsPRR
1955Foote Mineral ProductsCold RiverNHlithium products, mineralsB&M
1976Foote Minerals CoExtonPAMagnetite Iron Ore, type 6PRR,Rdg
2004Footer W NMerrimackNHpolesGRS
1944Forbes Lithograph Mfg CoChelseaMAprinting machyB&M
1990Forbes SteelCanonsburgPAStl whsePRR
1952FordWayneMIautos Ford Focus*C&O,NYC,SLS*
1957FordWixomMIautos Lincoln Town Car, LS, Ford TBird, GTC&O
1948FordEdisonNJtrucks Ford Ranger, Mazda B-seriesPRR
1982Ford Auto Assby DivUticaMIMotor veh parts & accNYC
2004Ford Automotive FacilAyerMAautomobilesGRS
2004Ford Automotive FacilAyerMAautomobilesGRS
1950Ford Collieries CoW Deer Twp (Allegh Co)PACoal, bituminousB&LE
1950Ford Implt ShopMarletteMIImplt dlrC&O
1971Ford IndUticaMICellulose waddingPC
1964Ford MI TruckWayneMItrucks Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator*C&O,NYC,SLS*
1950Ford Motor CoPlymouthMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1950Ford Motor CoRiver RougeMIAutos, parts, glassDT&I
1990Ford Motor CoRomeoMIFarm machy, eqt, auto partsGTW
1955Ford Motor CoRomulusMIMotor veh supp & parts*C&O,Wab
1955Ford Motor CoShelby TwpMIParts & accessoriesC&O
1956Ford Motor CoSouthfieldMIAutosC&O
1956Ford Motor CoSterling HtsMIMotor veh parts & accNYC
1955Ford Motor CoTrentonMIAuto stampings, parts*D&TSL,DT&I,NYC
1982Ford Motor CoTroyMITractors farm, industrialNYC
1971Ford Motor CoUticaMIAuto parts, palletsPC
1950Ford Motor CoZug IslandMIAuto partsDT&I
1956Ford Motor CoEdison/MetuchenNJAutos (Pinto, Bobcat), trucks, buses (SUVs)PRR
1955Ford Motor CoHackensackNJAutos & vehicles*Erie,NYS&W
1955Ford Motor CoMahwahNJAutos (Fairmont, Zephyr, light trucks)Erie
1955Ford Motor CoTeterboroNJMotor veh supp & partsErie
1950Ford Motor CoGreen IslandNYRadiatorsD&H
1950Ford Motor CoTroyNYAuto partsD&H
1950Ford Motor CoChesterPAAutosPRR
1955Ford Motor CoE LibertyPAAutos & vehiclesPRR
1955Ford Motor CoHatfieldPAAutosRdg
1955Ford Motor CoStratfordCTAutos & vehiclesNH
1944Ford Motor CoSomervilleMAauto partsB&M
1955Ford Motor CoSouthboroughMAAutos & vehiclesNH
1955Ford Motor CoBellevilleMIParts & accessoriesWab
1955Ford Motor CoDearbornMIAuto stampings, glass prodsC&O,DT&I,NYC
1918Ford Motor CoDearbornMIAutos (Mustang, Capri) & partsC&O,DT&I,NYC
1955Ford Motor CoDearbornMIElectrical mach, air cond eqtC&O,DT&I,NYC
1955Ford Motor CoDearbornMIIron & steel forgings, castingsC&O,DT&I,NYC
1971Ford Motor CoDearbornMIStl ingotsC&O,DT&I,NYC
1955Ford Motor CoHighland ParkMIAutosGTW
1955Ford Motor CoLincoln ParkMIGlass productsPRR
1955Ford Motor CoLivoniaMIAutos & vehicles, partsC&O
1955Ford Motor CoMilanMIParts & accessories*AA,Wab
1950Ford Motor CoMilfordMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1955Ford Motor CoMonroeMIParts & accessories*B&O,C&O,D&TSL
1950Ford Motor CoNorthvilleMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1955Ford Motor Co Genl Parts DivSalineMIParts & accessoriesNYC
1950Ford Motor Co Rouge PltDetroitMIAuto plt*C&O,various
1950Ford Motor Co Vinyl PlantMt ClemensMIAuto trim (vinyl), plastic shapesGTW
1982Ford Motor Co Ypsilanti PltYpsilantiMIAutos, partsNYC
1950Ford Motor Truck DivHighland ParkMIAuto partsC&O
1950Ford Paint & Varnish CoGrand RapidsMIPaint plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Ford Pressed Steel WorksBuffaloNYAuto partsNYC
1990Ford Service Parts DivBrownstownMIAuto partsNYC
2004Ford TruckDearbornMItrucks Ford F-150C&O,DT&I,NYC
1999Ford TruMack AssyDetroitMItrucks Ford motor homes, THINK elec vehicle*C&O,various
2004Fore River DistributionPortlandMEmisc mdseGRS
1944Fore River Shipbuilding CoBostonMAstl, machy, naval storesB&M
1971Foremost FdyAllen ParkMICarbide briquettesDTI
1955Forest Wedge & ClogWilderVTwood prodB&M
2004Forestville LumberPlainvilleCTlumberGRS
1976Forman M RBaltimoreMDToilet paperB&O
1950Formax Mfg Corp Plt #2DetroitMIPaint plt*C&O,various
1966Formulite Paper Corp.L I City Degnon TerlNYPaperLIRR
1950Forncrook Auto Supply IncFlintMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Forney W E Coal CoNorthvilleMICoal ydC&O
1955Forster Lumber CoMethuenMAlbrB&M
1957Forster Mfg CoPortlandMEwood prodB&M
1955Fort Hill Paper CoSomervilleMApaper prodB&M
1956Fort Howard Paper CoCastleton-on-HudsonNYPulpboardNYC
1950Fort Pitt Bridge WorksCanonsburgPASteel, structuralPRR
2004FortifiberAttleboroMApaper prodCSX
2004Fortune PlasticsOld SaybrookCTplastic pelletsP&W
1955Foss Chemical CoBradfordMAchemsB&M
2004Foss ManufacturingHamptonNHplastic pelletsGRS
1955Foster Beef CoManchesterNHfresh meatB&M
1980Foster BellSummitNJLumberRV
1950Foster Boat CoCharlevoixMIBoat pltC&O
1947Foster Bros Mfg CoUticaNYCoal, wood, machyNYO&W
1976Foster Grant Co.ManchesterNHChemicals, NOIBN, CaprolactamBM
1947Foster PaperUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1990Foster-Wheeler EnergyDansvilleNYMachineryD&MM
1950Fosters Louis Lbr & Bldrs Supply CoPt HuronMILbr, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Fountain Elev CoFountainMIElevC&O
1956Four Seasons ProduceDenverPAFrozen produceRdg
1950Fowler & BurkeWhite CloudMICoal ydC&O
1950Fowler Chair CoFowlervilleMIFurn factoryC&O
1950Fowler ChasFremontMIInsul dlrC&O
1959Fowler E JManchesterVTFeedRut
1971Fowler Farm SvcIthacaMIPotashAA
1950Fowler Roy W Cartage CoLansingMICartage*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Fowler's GrainSuncookNHGrainSuncV(B&M)
1950Fowlerville Coop CoFowlervilleMIFeed, grain, coalC&O
1950Fowlerville Lbr CoFowlervilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Fox Cliff MillworkFlintMIWood prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Fox DeLuxe Brewing CoGrand RapidsMIBrewery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Fox N J & SonsShelbyMIFertz dlrC&O
1976Fox N T Co IncDeering JctMERfg & Rfg Cement (ctn & cans) & Asb shingles bdls & Asb wal Bd shtsMEC
2004Fox PackagingAyerMAmethanolGRS
1956Foxboro TerminalFoxboroMAMixed foods, misc mdseNH
2004Foxboro TerminalsFranklinMAmisc mdseCSX
1950Frailey WAldenMIPulpwoodC&O
1950Fraleigh J OCasnoviaMIApple shipperC&O
1950Franchi Beer DistrFlintMIBeer distr*C&O,GTW
1950Franck Heinr Sons IncPt HuronMIChicory plt*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955Franconia Paper CoLincolnNHpaper prodB&M
1966Frank Bros CoalBay ShoreNYCoalLIRR
1950Frank Deveso & SonBuffaloNYTomatoes*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1950Frankenmuth Brewing CoGeraMIBreweryC&O
1950Frankfort GroceryPhiladelphiaPATomatoes*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1944Franklin Construction CoCambridgeMAcontrB&M
1955Franklin Cty Lumber CoGreenfieldMAlbrB&M
1950Franklin Cty Sugar Beet CoCarletonMISugar beetsC&O
1955Franklin Fuel CoGreenfieldMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Franklin Fuel CoShelburne FallsMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Franklin HosieryFranklinNHhosiery, textilesB&M
2004Franklin PaintFranklinMAchems, pigmentsCSX
1955Franklin Paper CoHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1955Franklin Park Hay & GrainSaugusMAgrain, hay, feed, fertzB&M
1990Franklin SteelFranklinPAStl whse*Erie,NYC,PRR
1955Frankson Furniture Mfg CoMt WhittierNHfurnB&M
1950Frantz OraSunfieldMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Franzblau & WartellDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Franzburg JHollandMIWhsl grocC&O
1976Fraser Paper LtdMadawaskaMEclay in bulkBAR
1976Fraser Paper LtdMadawaskaMEPaper printingBAR
1976Fraser Paper LtdMadawaskaMESteel coresBAR
1990Fred Lattanzio Iron & SteelLatrobePAScrap ydPRR
1976Fredman R K & Son IncAlbanyNYScrap SteelD&H
1966Free Milling P CJamestownPAFlour, feedPRR
1955Freed PackingE CambridgeMAcd cgsB&M
1950Freedman Artcraft Eng CoCharlevoixMIFurn factoryC&O
2004Freedman JSpringfieldMAscrap metalCSX
1966Freedom OilSharonPAPetr prodPRR
1950Freeland Bean & Coal CoFreelandMIBeansC&O
1950Freeland Bean & Coal CoFreelandMICoalC&O
1950Freeman BasilWebbervilleMIOnion whseC&O
1947Freeman HUticaNYCarrotsNYO&W
1955Freeman Parlor Furniture CorpSomervilleMAfurnB&M
1957Freeport Sulphur CoPortlandMEsulphur, fertz (import)B&M
1950Freestone Cider CoBangorMICider millC&O
1950Freestone Pickle CoBangorMIPickle stationC&O
1970FreihofferAlbanyNYBagged flourD&H
1950Fremonot Coop Produce CoFremontMICoal, feedC&O
1950Fremont Feed CoFremontMIFeedC&O
1950Fremont Lbr & Fuel CoFremontMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1955French Sardine CoCharlestownMAcd seafoodB&M
1950Friars Ale BreweryPt HuronMIBrewery*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Fricke GrainMiddletonMISoybeansGTW,AA
1950Fried & ReinemanPittsburghPAmeat prod*PRR,B&O,P&LE
1950Fried & Reineman Packing CoMillvalePAMeatB&O
1944Friedland Parlor Frame CoBostonMAfurnB&M
1955Friend Lumber CoLowellMAlbrB&M
1944Friend Lumber CoMedfordMAlbrB&M
1966Friendly FrostWestburyNYApplLIRR
1950Frigidaire Sales CorpDetroitMIRefrigerators*C&O,various
2004Frito-LayKillinglyCTvegetable oilP&W
1950Froma Mfg CoStevensvilleMILaundry mach pltC&O
1950Frontier TelephoneMortimer JctNYPolesLV
1956Frost LumberCherry CreekNYLumberErie
1950Frost Pack Distr CoGrand RapidsMIFz fds dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Frosted FoodsManchesterNHfz fdB&M
1955Frozen Foods Storage CorpCambridgeMAfz fdB&M
1950Fruit Belt Bev CoStevensvilleMIBev distrC&O
1950Fruit Belt Gas & Oil CoBenton HarborMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1955Fruit GemsSomervilleMAcandy, confetioneryB&M
1950Fruit Growers Package CoPaw PawMIBox & crate pltC&O
1950Fruit Produce Package CoHartfordMIPaper prods pltC&O
1950Fruit Sales AgencyNoviMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Fruitland Packing CoShelbyMICanning pltC&O
1955Fruitvale CanningE CambridgeMAcd gdsB&M
1955Fruston Lumber & Supply CoScotiaNYlbr, bldg matlsB&M
1950Frutchey Bean CoCliffordMICoalC&O
1950Frutchey Bean CoCliffordMIElevC&O
1950Frutchey Bean CoGrand LedgeMIBeans, seedC&O
1950Frutchey Bean CoMayvilleMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Frutchey Bean CoMayvilleMICoalC&O
1956Fry CopySturgisMIInksNYC
1976Fry Lloyd A RoofingWalthamMAroof feltBM
1971Fry Lloyd A Roofing CoDetroitMIStonePC
1955Ft Howard Paper CoE CambridgeMApaper prodB&M
1950Fuel Gas CorpFlintMIBottled gas plt*C&O,GTW
1950Fuhrman GustPt HopeMICoal, cement, fertzC&O
1950Fuler Supply CoGrand RapidsMIPlbg & mill supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Fulkerson Fuel & Htg Eqt CoDetroitMICoal yd, bulk fuel oil*C&O,various
1976Fuller Co.AllentownPAPpr Mkng Eq*CNJ,LV,L&NE,Rdg
1950Fullerton G O & SonsClareMIImplt dlr*AA,C&O
1957Fullham BrosPortlandMEfish dlrsB&M
1982FunDimensions Div Genl MillsMt ClemensMIGames, toys, childrens vehiclesGTW
1950Funk FBangorMIFruit shipperC&O
1950Funkhouser Quarry CoSlate HillPASlate productsMa&Pa
1950Furman Lumber IncBostonMALumber*B&M,NYC,NH
1950Furn Mfrs Assn WhseGrand RapidsMIFurn whse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Furniture City Casket CoGrand RapidsMICasket plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Furniture City Dowel CoGrand RapidsMIWood prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Furniture City Upholstering CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Furniture Corp of LisbonLisbonNHfurnB&M
1950Furniture Masterpices IncAlleganMIFurn factory*C&O,NYC
1950Furstenberg Bros CoSaginawMICoal, lbr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950G F PettinosElnoraNYSand, foundryD&H
1955G M CorpRomulusMIEngines, parts*C&O,Wab
1955G M CorpBristolCTBall & roller beariNH
1956G M CorpWilmingtonDEAutos (Chevette, Acadian)Rdg
1955G M CorpBostonMAMotor veh supp & parts*B&M,NYC,NH
1980G M CorpFraminghamMAAutos (Century, Regal, Cutlass)NYC
1955G M CorpFraminghamMAWarehousing & storageNYC
1955G M CorpBay CityMIAuto stampings*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976G S F CorpAndoverMApolypropylene glycolBM
1966G&R PackingBay RidgeNYPHPLIRR
2004G&U transloadN GraftonMAcornG&U
1966G.L.F.BridgehamptonNYGrain, feedLIRR
1966G.L.F.BridgehamptonNYGrain, feedLIRR
1966G.L.F. CoopCentral IslipNYGrain, feedLIRR
1950Gaddis Bros CoE MachiasMERoofing materialsMEC
2004GAFMillisMAstone granules, shingles, glass matlBCLR
1976GAF Corp, Felt MillFullertonPAAsbestos Shorts, 1046 bagsLV
1990GAF Corp.EriePAChems*NYC,PRR
1950Gale E B CoBinghamtonNYmeat prod*D&H,DL&W,Erie
1970Galente T A PaperMechanicvilleNYpaper prodD&H
1952Galina Pulpwood CoJakes SidingMEPulpwood, xmas treesAGE*
1950Gall NormanScottvilleMISandC&O
1950Gallmeyer & LivingstonGrand RapidsMIFdy, mach shop*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Gallo IronBushwick BranchNYI&SLIRR
1966Gallo IronBushwick BranchNYI&SLIRR
1956Gallo WineMt HollyNJWinePRR
1956Gallo WineElizabethNYWineNYC
1990Gallo WineL I CityNYWineLI
1956Gallo WineNew HavenCTWineNH
1956Gallo WineMansfieldMAWineNH
1971Gallo Wine DistFarmingtonNYWineLI
1950Gamble StoresPetoskeyMIGenl mdse*C&O,PRR
1950Gamble StoresFowlervilleMIDept storeC&O
1950Gar Wood Ind IncWayneMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,NYC
1955Garbose Metal CoGardnerMAscrap metalsB&M
1966Garden City Paper Co.Garden CityNYpaperLIRR
1950Gardiner Shoe CoGardinerMEShoesMEC
1955Gardner Beef CoGardnerMAfresh meatB&M
1955Gardner Coal CoGardnerMAcoalB&M
1955Gardner Electric Light CoGardnerMAutil suppB&M
1955Gardner Fuel ServiceLaconiaNHLPGB&M
1955Gardner Fuel ServiceLakeportNHLPGB&M
1950Gardner HarryCroswellMILimestoneC&O
1944Gardner Pad CoBostonMApaper prodB&M
1955Gardner State HospitalGardnerMAcoalB&M
2004Gare CeramicsRosemontMAclayGRS
2004Garelick FarmsFranklinMAplastic pelletsCSX
2004Garland PlasticsSacoMEplastic pelletsGRS
1950Garlock Gacket CoPalmyraNYGasket materialsNYC
1950Garlock-Ennis CoLansingMIInsul dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1971Garrison FarmWaldenNYAg impltsPC
1990Gartin A RDunellenNJSteelCNJ
1951Gartner & GartnerRutlandVTFarm prodD&H
2004Garvey TransportHolbrookMAlumberCSX
1955Gas Co of VtSpringfieldVTLPGSTerl
1955Gas Service CoKeeneNHLPGB&M
1950Gast P B & Sons CoGrand RapidsMISoap*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Gately CoSaginawMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Gates H D CoLake OdessaMIHay shipperC&O
1950Gates Harry DIoniaMIHay shipper*C&O,GTW
1960Gateway BeverageSchenectadyNYbeer, liquorD&H
1955Gateway Frozen FoodsNashuaNHfz fdsB&M
2004Gateway TerminalNew HavenCTsteelP&W
1956GATX TerminalsPhiladelphiaPAChemicalsRdg
1970GELynnMAjet enginesB&M
1950GE Apparatus Service ShopRiverviewMIMachinery, transformers, turbinesGTW
1976GE Co Appliance DivAppl Park EMDCooling boxes or RefrgrsB&O
1976GE Co c/o Transportation Sys Bus DivEriePATees Angles*NYC,PRR,Erie
1990GE PlasticsSelkirkNYPlastic pelletsNYC
1950GE Supply CoSaginawMIElec appl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950GE Supply CoGrand RapidsMIElec supp & appl*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Gee BrosBaileyMICoal ydC&O
1950Geer Victor HWebbervilleMILog shipperC&O
1950Geering Bros Oil CoZeelandMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Geerpress Wringer CoMuskegonMIWringer plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1956Gehman Feed MillDenverPASoybean meal, feedRdg
1950Gelock Heavy Moving & Contr CoGrand RapidsMIRiggers*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Gem Crib & Candle CoGardnerMAfurn, notionsB&M
1976Gen ElectricLynnMASteel PlatesBM
1955General Baking CoBrightwoodMAbakeryB&M
1950General Baking CoDetroitMIBakery*C&O,various
1955General Body & Hoist CoEverettMAstl, machyB&M
1955General Box CoWinchendonMApaper boxesB&M
1976General Box Div c/o SW Forest Inds IncWinchendonMABases, Production Pattern and Stock (crated)B&M
1966General BronzeGarden CityNYBronze, copperLIRR
2004General Builders SupplyNorwoodMAlumberCSX
2004General Building SupplyE HartfordCTstructural aluminumCSO
2004General CableTauntonMAplastic pelletsCSX
1955General Cable CoRevereMAwire, cableB&M
1966General ChemicalLaurel HillNYChemsLIRR
1955General Chemical CoMedfordMAchemsB&M
1950General Cigar CoNanticokePACigarsCNJ,PRR
1990General Commodities WarehouseBlawnoxPAMdsePRR
1990General Crushed StoneJamesvilleNYStoneDL&W
1990General Crushed StoneLeroyNYStone*Erie,NYC
1959General Elec CoBurlingtonVTCoal, mdseRut
1982General Elec Co Hermetic Motor DivHollandMIMotors, generatorsC&O,GTW
1955General Electic Distr CoManchesterNHelec machyB&M
1950General ElectricElmiraNYSteel products, miscPRR
1966General ElectricFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYElec eqtLIRR
1950General ElectricBuffaloNYLight Bulbs, TV tubes*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1970General ElectricHudson FallsNYPlastic pelletsD&H
1966General ElectricL I CityNYElec eqtLIRR
1950General ElectricSchenectadyNYTurbinesNYC,D&H
1990General ElectricKirwinPAElec machyPRR
1976General ElectricLynnMAScrap SteelBM
1966General Electric % HeinzFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYElec eqtLIRR
1990General Electric ApplianceE LibertyPAApplPRR
1955General Electric CoSomersworthNHelec machyB&M
1950General Electric CoScrantonPAMachineryL&WV
1955General Electric CoEverettMAelec machyB&M
1955General Electric CoFitchburgMAelec machyB&M
1955General Electric CoHolyokeMAelec machyB&M
1955General Electric CoLowellMAelec machyB&M
1955General Electric CoMedfordMAelec machyB&M
1955General Electric Co River WhseLynnMAstl, machy, elec suppB&M
1976General Electric Co Silicone Prods DeptWaterfordNYMethyl chloride (flam comp gas)D&H
1976General Electric Co Turbine DeptSchenectadyNYSteel Plates, forgingsD&H
1960General Electric Insulating MaterialsS SchenectadyNYChemicalsD&H
1976General Foods CorpSaratoga SpgsNYRolled Wrapping PaperD&H
1976General Foods Corp Carton & Contr DivSaratoga SpgsNYPulpboard, fiberboard KD flat or foldedD&H
1976General Iron & Steel Works Inc.LawrenceMABeams Channels AnglesBM
1976General Latex & Chem CoLocust Pt StaMDRubber LatexBO
1944General MillsCambridgeMAgroc prod, cerealsB&M
1990General MillsBuffaloNYFlour, mixed foodsLV
1956General MillsCarlislePACerealRdg
1959General MillsBrandonVTFeed, fertzRut
1959General MillsMiddleburyVTFeed, fertzRut
1955General Mills Farm Service DivBiddefordMEgrain, feedB&M
1955General Mills Feed StoreExeterNHgrain, feedB&M
1966General MotorsBethpageNYAuto partsLIRR
2004General MotorsWestwoodMAauto partsCSX
1955General Motors CoSomervilleMAauto partsB&M
2004General PolymersWestfieldMAplastic pelletsPV
1966General RefractoriesLaurel HillNYRefractory brickLIRR
1990General RefractoriesSalinaPARefractory brickPRR
1950General Refractories CoClaysburgPABrick, ganisterPRR
1950General Refractories CoMt UnionPARefractory productsEBT
1950General Seafoods CorpRocklandMEShipyardMEC
1976General Serv. Adm.Read ValleyNJPrinting Paper*LV,Rdg
1950General Steel Casting CorpEddystonePASteel products, miscPRR
1966General TinBushwick BranchNYTinLIRR
1955General Tire & Rubber CoRockinghamNHtiresB&M
1976General Tire & Rubber CoLawrenceMAPlastic GranulesB&M
1955General Tire & Rubber Co Bolta Products DivLawrenceMAhousewares, metal prodB&M
1950Genesee Barrel & Bag CoFlintMIBarrel & bag dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Genesee Cement Prods IncFlintMICement block plt*C&O,GTW
1950Genesee Cty Rd CommFlintMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1990Genesee Leroy Stone CorpLeroyNYStone*Erie,NYC
1950Genessee Brewing CoSodus PointNYBarleyPRR
1990Genessee CorpRochesterNYBeer*B&O,Erie,LV,NYC
1990Genessee ReserveMortimer JctNYBuilding matlNYC (WS)
1971Genessee WholesalersFlintMIWallboardGTW
1950Genl Bag CorpEdmoreMITextile pltC&O
1950Genl Coach WorksMarletteMIAuto trlr pltC&O
1950Genl Cold Stg CoGrand RapidsMICold & dry stg plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Genl Distr CorpSaginawMIAntifreeze dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Genl Elec Supply CoLansingMIElec prods whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Genl Fdy & Mfg CoFlintMIFdy*C&O,GTW
1976Genl Foods Corp C&C DivSaratoga SpgsNYBoxes fibreboard KD flat or foldedD&H
1947Genl Ice CreamUticaNYPaper prodsNYO&W
1947Genl Ice Cream CoBangorNYIce cream mixRut
1960Genl Ice Cream Corp (Sealtest)PortlandMEDairy prodPT
1950Genl Iron & Metal CoFlintMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW
1990Genl Latex & Chem CorpBillericaMALatex cmpds, polyurethane prodsB&M
1990Genl MeasurementSalemNHPrecision temp sensorsBM
1950Genl Parts & Svc IncLansingMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Genl Reclaiming CoDetroitMIGlass cullett broker*C&O,various
1982Genl Safety CorpSt Clair ShoresMITextilesPH&D
1950Genl Sheet Stl CoDetroitMISheet stl dlr*C&O,various
1982Genl Tire & Rubber CoIoniaMIMV parts & acc*C&O,GTW
1950Genl Wood ProdsDetroitMIBox plt*C&O,various
1982Genova IncDavisonMIPipe, fittigs, gutters vinyl, plastic tubeGTW
1990Genpak CorpMiddletownNYFoam productsM&NJ
1990Genpak CorpMiddletownNYPlastic pelletsM&NJ
1950Genzink ArnoldFilmoreMICoal ydC&O
1976George A Rowley Sub Peltz RowleyPhiladelphiaPAWollastonite grd or pulv bags*PRR,Rdg
1950George Will L CorpGrand RapidsMIStore eqt plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Georgetown Sand & Gravel CoNewburyportMAaggregatesB&M
1955Georgia PacificWaltham NMApaper prodB&M
1990Georgia PacificBuckeystownMDLumberB&O
1990Georgia PacificE MillinocketMENewsprint, paperBAR
1976Georgia PacificWoodlandMEKiln Dried StudsMEC
1950Georgia PacificGaylordMIPlywoodD&M
1966Georgia PacificHicksvilleNYBldg matlLIRR
1976Georgia PacificPlattsburghNYPaper ProductsD&H
1960Georgia PacificThomsonNYpaper prodGJ
1976Georgia PacificAbramsPAKiln Dried StudsRdg
1990Georgia PacificHunkerPALbrPRR
1990Georgia PacificPittsburghPALbrPRR
1976Georgia PacificPt RichmondPAlignin liquorRdg
1976Georgia PacificYatesvillePAPine Plywood Native, particleboardD&H
1970Georgia Pacific - box manufacturer?WilmingtonMApaperB&M
1976Georgia Pacific CorpLowell JctMALumber, wood, lam w/veneer, plywoodBM
1976Georgia Pacific CorpBangorMEhardboard, plywoodMEC
1976Georgia Pacific CorpDeering JctMEpulpboard, bundles, plywoodPT
1976Georgia Pacific CorpWoodlandMEPaper printing rollsMEC
1976Georgia Pacific CorpWoodlandMEWoodpulp balesMEC
1976Georgia Pacific CorpManchesterNHParticleboard, plywood, pulpboardBM
1976Georgia Pacific CorpManchesterNHwood, lam w/veneerBM
1976Georgia Pacific CorpGilmanVTclay slurryMEC
1976Georgia Pacific CorpShelburneVTParticleboardRut
1976Georgia Pacific CorpShelburneVTPine plywood, nativeRut
1976Georgia Pacific Corp Hopper Paper DivReadingPAWoodpulp bales*PRR,Rdg
1976Georgia Pacific Corp.WoodlandMEClay & water mixed not exc 70% solidsMEC
1976Georgia Pacific Tissue ProductsPlattsburghNYCorrugated Boxes - FlatD&H
1982Georgia-Pacific CorpKalamazooMIPulp, paper*GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Gerber Baby WearFort KentMETextilesBAR
1956Gerber Baby WearEphrataPATextilesRdg
1950Gerber Packing CoBuffaloNYmeat prodvarious
1950Gerber Prods CoCasnoviaMIProduce shipperC&O
1956Gerber Prods CoFremontMICanned goods, mixed foods, baby foodC&O
1950Gerber Prods CoGrantMIProduceC&O
1955Gerber Products CoCambridgeMAbaby foods, food prodB&M
1950Gerish Coal CoWaltzMICoal ydC&O
1950Gerlock LouisAvocaMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Germain CoSaginawMILbr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Gersoonde Bros Eqt CoBenton HarborMIImplt dlr*C&O,NYC
1966Gertz B WarehouseJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYMdse (dept store)LIRR
1950Gertzman Brick & Supply CoDetroitMIBrick dlr*C&O,various
1950Geyer BrosGeraMIBreweryC&O
1955Giadone Furniture CoFitchburgMAfurnB&M
1990Giant EaglePittsburghPAGrocPRR
1950Gibralter Insul CoClareMIInsul dlr*AA,C&O
1947Gibson Door CoUticaNYShinglesNYO&W
1950Gibson Refr CoIoniaMIElec appl plt*C&O,GTW
1950Gibson Refrigerator CoBeldingMIRefrigerator, stove pltC&O
1956Gibson Refrigerator Div Frigidaire CorpGreenvilleMIAppliances, refrC&O
1950Gielow J J & SonsCroswellMICanning pltC&O
1956Giers Farm ServiceCherry CreekNYFertilizerErie
1950Gilberton Coal CoLost CreekPACoal, anthraciteRdg
2004Gilles & PrittieScarborough BchMElumberGRS
1976Gillette CoAndoverMAFreon, aerosol propellantBM
1950Gillingham P L Fishing CoBay PortMIFisheryC&O
1966Gimbel Bros.L I City Degnon TerlNYMdse (dept store)LIRR
1950Ginsburg Iron & Metal CoTraverse CityMIScrap yd*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Giraldi DistributorsAtholMAgroc, produceB&M
1959Girard BakingBurlingtonVTFlourRut
1971Girl Scouts of AmerDepewNYPaperPC
2004GivaudanBoardman BridgeCThydrochloric acid, soda ashHRR
1953Gladstone Fuel & Coal CoGladstoneMICoalG&NH*
1953Gladstone PressGladstoneMINewsprint, inkG&NH*
1971Glasers ElevVernonMILumber, firAA
1960Glatfelter Paper Co P HSpring GrovePAPaperPRR,WM
1976Glazon Sales of NEHaverhillMAbrickBM
1950Gleason CoTraverse CityMIFruit grower, buyer & shipper*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Glendale Coal & Oil CoSomervilleMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1944Glendale Coal CoMedfordMAcoalB&M
1955Glendale Coal CoW MedfordMAcoalB&M
1966Glendale SteelFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYSteel prodLIRR
2004Glens Falls CementProvidenceRIcementP&W
1970Glens Falls Lehigh CementWilmingtonMAcementB&M
1950Glens Falls Portland Cement CoGlens FallsNYCementD&H
1976Glens Falls Portland Cement CoGlens FallsNYPortland Cement, coalD&H
1944Glenwood Coal CoMedfordMAcoalB&M
1966GLFHuntingtonNYGrain, feedLIRR
1966GLFRiverheadNYGrain, feedLIRR
1950Glidden Corp Food Products DivElmhurstNYCoconutLI
1976Glidden Durkee CorpCox CreekMDFerrous SulfateBO
1970Glidden Paint CoDearbornMIPaintSLS*
1970Global PetroleumE BostonMAbenzeneB&M
2003Global Stone/ChemstoneMedfordMDaggregate, ore, clay, roofing, slag, fly ashCSXT
2003Global Stone/ChemstoneMedfordMDroofing granules, cement, lime, silicaCSXT
1990Globe BatteryOwossoMIBatteriesGTW
1950Globe Knitting MillsGrand RapidsMIKnitting mill*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1944Globe NewspaperBostonMAnewsprintB&M
1955Globe Union CoMedfordMAvalves, unions, plbg suppB&M
1947Globe Woolen MillsUticaNYWoolNYO&W
1950Gloostrick HIoniaMIFertz dlr*C&O,GTW
1935GMBaltimoreMDautos Chev Astro, GMC SafariB&O
1902GMLansingMIautos Pontiac Grand Am, Chev Malibu, Olds Alero*C&O,GTW,NYC
1937GMLindenNJtrucks Chev S10, Blazer, GMC Jimmy,.SonomaPRR
1950GM AC Spark Plug DivMuskegonMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1982GM Assembly PlantLake OrionMIAutosGTW
1982GM Assy Div Willow Run PltYpsilantiMIAutos, eng electrical eqt, partsNYC
1982GM Buick Motor DivFlintMIVehicles, bodiesC&O
1950GM Cadillac Asbly PltDetroitMIAutos (Cadillac) parts, I&S forgingsGTW,NYC,Wab
1982GM Chev Flint Engine DivFlintMIAuto eng*C&O,GTW
1982GM Chev Flint Mfg DivFlintMIAutos (Buick, GMC SUVs, Suburban), parts*C&O,GTW
1955GM Chevrolet Saginaw Parts PltSaginawMIFdy gray iron, malleable iron, alum*C&O,GTW,NYC
1956GM CorpOrion (Lake Orion)MIAutos (Buick, Olds, Pontiac)NYC
1956GM CorpTroyMIAutos, eng elec eqtNYC
1955GM CorpWarrenMIAutos & parts, electr eqt, blast furnaceNYC
1980GM CorpWillow RunMIAutos (Skylark, Citation, Omega)NYC
1955GM CorpNew BrunswickNJStorage batteriesPRR
1956GM CorpParsippanyNJAutos & vehiclesMor&Erie (DL&W,Erie)
1955GM CorpLockportNYParts & accessories*Erie,NKP
1955GM CorpMassenaNYNonferrous castingsNYC
1955GM CorpN TarrytownNYAutos (Citation, Phoenix, Skylark)NYC
1956GM CorpPurchaseNYAir cond eqptNYC
1955GM CorpRochesterNYEngine electrical eqt, parts*B&O,Erie,LV,NYC
1956GM CorpSyracuseNYAutosNYC
1955GM CorpTonawandaNYNonferrous forgingsLV
1955GM CorpW HenriettaNYAir cond eqpt, partsErie
1955GM CorpBedfordPAParts & accessoriesPRR
1956GM CorpBensalemPAMotor veh supp & parts*PRR,Rdg
1956GM CorpW MifflinPAAutosPRR
1955GM CorpAdrianMIPlastic products*DT&I,NYC,Wab
1955GM CorpBellevilleMIParts & accessoriesWab
1956GM CorpBuick City (Flint)MIAutos*C&O,GTW
1955GM CorpBurtonMIWarehousing & storageGTW
1955GM CorpCoopersvilleMIParts & accessoriesGTW
1955GM CorpFlintMIBlast furnace & steel*C&O,GTW
1955GM CorpGrand BlancMIAutos, partsC&O
1955GM CorpLansingMIAuto stampings, trim, engines, forgingsNYC
1955GM CorpLivoniaMIEngines, partsC&O
1956GM CorpMilfordMIAutosC&O
1950GM Corp Chevrolet Motor DivDetroitMIAuto parts whse*C&O,various
1960GM Corp Fisher Body DivPittsburghPAAutos & vehiclesP&LE
1955GM Corp GR Stamping DivGrand RapidsMIAuto stampings, engines, partsPRR
1995GM Craft CentreLansingMIautos Chev SSR*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955GM DelcoSpring ValleyNYWarehousing & storageErie
1955GM Delco Chassis RochesterRochesterNYMotors & generators*B&O,Erie,LV,NYC
1955GM Delphi East PlantFlintMIParts & accessories*C&O,GTW
1985GM DetroitHamtramckMIautos Cad DeVille, Seville, Buick LeSabreE
1982GM Diesel Eqt DivGrand RapidsMICarburetors, pistons, rings, valves*NYC,PRR
1972GM EastPontiacMItrucks Chev Silverado, GMC SierraGTW
1982GM Electr CompMilfordMIElectr compsC&O
1982GM Fisher Body DivFlintMIAuto parts & acc*C&O,GTW
1955GM Fisher Body DivKalamazooMIAuto stampings*GTW,NYC,PRR
1982GM Fisher Body DivPontiacMIMotor veh & car bodies, trucksGTW
1955GM Fisher Body DivW TrentonNJAuto PartsPRR,Rdg
1982GM Fisher Body Div 36th St PlantGrand RapidsMITextilesPRR
2002GM Grand RiverLansingMIautos Cad CTS, SRX*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955GM Hydra-Matic DivThree RiversMIAuto transm, partsNYC
1982GM Hydra-Matic DivYpsilantiMIAuto transmNYC
1956GM Oldsmobile DivPurchaseNYAutos & vehiclesNYC
1950GM Oldsmobile DivLansingMIAutos (Cutlass, 88, 98, Alero, Pontiac Grand Am, Chev Classic)GTW
1982GM Parts Fabr Div (was Hydramatic?)WarrenMIMotor veh parts & accNYC
1955GM Pontiac East AssyPontiacMIParts & accessoriesGTW
1982GM Pontiac Motor DivPontiacMIAutos (Le Mans, Grand Prix, Catalina, Bonneville)GTW
1956GM Saginaw Steering GearSaginawMIAuto partsC&O
1947GM SaturnWilmingtonDEautos Saturn L SeriesRdg
1956GM Service Parts OperationWaterfordMIAuto partsC&O
1974GMC Hardwoods, Ethan AllenW RutlandVTLumberD&H
1982GMC Truck & Coach DivPontiacMIMotor veh & car bodiesGTW
2004GMXAyerMAmisc mdseGRS
1955Goddard J HClaremontNHflourC&C
1955Goduti WineriesSomervilleMAwineB&M
1950Goebel Brewing CoMuskegonMIBrewery*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Goes Seed & Eqt CoSaginawMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Gold Bond Building ProdsPortsmouthNHvermiculite, in bagsBM
1939Gold PeterElizabethNJScrap ironCNJ
1950Golden & Boter Trfr CoGrand RapidsMITruck contr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Golden CookieWatertownMAbakeryB&M
1950Golden Triangle Sausage CoPittsburghPAmeat prod*PRR,B&O,P&LE
1950Goldstein & LevinJohnstownPAClothing productsB&O
1947Goldstone GeoUticaNYRags, waste paper, scrap ironNYO&W
1966Good HumorBushwick BranchNYDairy prod, chocolate, sugarLIRR
1950Goodall-Sanford, IncSanfordMERugs, upholsteryS&E (B&M,MeC,PTC,CN)
1950Goodman MillingWayneMIFeed & grain dlr*C&O,NYC
1957Goodman WmPortlandMEwaste paperB&M
2004Goodman WmS PortlandMEscrap paperGRS
1970Goodrich B FLawrenceMAchemicalsB&M
1950Goodrich B FOaksPATiresPRR
1950Goodrich Coal & Lbr CoGrand BlancMIWhsl hdwC&O
1959Goodro Lbr CoMiddleburyVTBldg matlsRut
1950Goodsell C JPetoskeyMIPotato whse*C&O,PRR
1950Goodsell C JLansingMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Goodwill Ldy & ClnrsFlintMILndry*C&O,GTW
1950Goodwin Carl & SonsAlleganMIContractor*C&O,NYC
1955Goodwin Paper CoLaconiaNHpaper prodB&M
1955Goodyear Insulation CoN SomervilleMAinsulB&M
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberCumberlandMDTires & tubes*B&O,WM
1950Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoGrand RapidsMITire dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoNiagara FallsNYChems*DL&W,LV,NYC,PRR
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoUticaNYTextiles*DL&W,NYC,NYO&W
1955Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoWindsorVTtiresB&M
1982Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co Jackson PltJacksonMITires psgr, truckNYC
1955Gordon Feed & Supply CoMaplewoodMAfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1971Gordon Food SvcGrand RapidsMIPaperPC
1970Gordon PlasticsDearbornMIPlastic prodSLS*
1950Gordon Sausage CoDetroitMImeat prodvarious
1950Gordon Scheurman CoDetroitMIBldg contr*C&O,various
1944Gorman-Boston Fuel CorpBostonMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1990Gorton Corp.GloucesterMAFish, fz fishB&M
1966Gotham Builders SuppliesL I City Degnon TerlNYBldg matlLIRR
1966Gotham Builders SupplyLaurel HillNYBldg matlLIRR
1950Gotham Paper MillsGreenwichNYPaper productsGJ
1950Gotham Tissue CorpSalemNYPaperD&H
1950Gotlib Max & CoFlintMIWine distr*C&O,GTW
1966Gottesfeld GraniteEvergreenNYBldg stoneLIRR
1950Gottschalk BrosSaginawMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Goudey Sta power plantJohnson CityNYCoal, bituminousDL&W
1950Gould Clifford BDetroitMIRd machy*C&O,various
1955Gould National BatteryMarlboroMAbatteriesB&M
1950Goulds Pump IncSeneca FallsNYHardware, machy, pig ironNYC
1955Gove Lumber CoBeverlyMAlbrB&M
1956GPU PowerPortlandPACoalDL&W
1976Grace & Co W RNashuaNHsodium caustic liqBM
1976Grace & Co W R FormPacTuckertonPAPolystyrene Trays - DisposableRdg
1976Grace Co W RW ConcordMAVinyl AcetateBM
1956Grace W REasthamptonMAInsulationB&M
1956Grace W REasthamptonMAVermiculiteB&M
1947Graffensburg DairyUticaNYSugarNYO&W
1955Grafton County FarmersWoodsvilleNHfeed, seed, fertz, grainB&M
1955Graham Paper CoMedfordMApaper prodB&M
1950Graham Paper CoGrand RapidsMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Granada Wine CoCambridgeMAwinesB&M
1950Grand Bay BoatsGrand BayMIBoats, cabinetsGL&N*
1950Grand Blanc Cement Prods CoGrand BlancMICement block pltC&O
1950Grand Blanc Coop Elev CoGrand BlancMICoalC&O
1950Grand Blanc Coop Elev CoGrand BlancMIElevC&O
1950Grand Blanc Feed StoreGrand BlancMIFeed dlrC&O
1950Grand Blanc Gas & Oil CoGrand BlancMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Grand Crossing Coal & Feed CoBenton HarborMICoal yd, feed*C&O,NYC
1944Grand Furniture CoBostonMAfurnB&M
1950Grand Haven Brass fdyGrand HavenMIFdy*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven City ofGrand HavenMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven Coal & Docks CoGrand HavenMICoal yd*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven Daily TribuneGrand HavenMINewspaper*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven farm BureauGrand HavenMIFeed*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven Harbor indGrand HavenMIWood prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven Novelty CoGrand HavenMINovelty plt*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Haven Stamped Prods CoGrand HavenMIStl stamping & plbg supp plt*C&O,GTW
1940Grand Isle Coop CreameryGrand IsleVTBarrels, coalRut
1940Grand Isle Coop CreameryGrand IsleVTMilk, cream, dried skim milk (LCL)Rut
1940Grand Isle Grain CoGrand IsleVTFeed, salt, branRut
1950Grand Ledge Chair CoGrand LedgeMIFurn factoryC&O
1950Grand Ledge City ofGrand LedgeMISupply ydC&O
1950Grand Ledge Clay Prods CoGrand LedgeMIClay prods pltC&O
1950Grand Ledge Coal & Ice CoGrand LedgeMICoal, iceC&O
1950Grand Ledge Coop AssnGrand LedgeMILivestock shipperC&O
1950Grand Ledge Face Brick CoGrand LedgeMIBrick kilnC&O
1950Grand Ledge Farm StoreGrand LedgeMIFlour, feed, seedC&O
1950Grand Ledge Lbr CoGrand LedgeMILbr ydC&O
1950Grand Ledge Milk CoGrand LedgeMIDairyC&O
1950Grand Ledge Produce CoGrand LedgeMICoal, produceC&O
1950Grand Rapids Accoustical CoGrand RapidsMIInsul engr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving CoGrand RapidsMIAsphalt plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Boiler WorksGrand RapidsMIBoiler plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Brass Div Crampton Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIHdw plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Cabinet CoGrand RapidsMIStore fixtures plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids City ofGrand RapidsMIDisposal plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids City ofGrand RapidsMISupply yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Coffee CoGrand RapidsMICoffee, groc*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids CreameryGrand RapidsMIDairy*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Die & Tool CoGrand RapidsMITool & die plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Dinette CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Forging & Stl CoGrand RapidsMIForging plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Gravel CoGrand RapidsMISand & gravel pit*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Hdw CoGrand RapidsMISash, hdw*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Hide CoGrand RapidsMIHide dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Marble & Fireplace CoGrand RapidsMIFireplace mfr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Mattress CoGrand RapidsMIMattress & furn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Metalcraft CoGrand RapidsMIMetal stampings*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Millwork CoGrand RapidsMIMillwork plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Roofing CoGrand RapidsMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Sash & Door CoGrand RapidsMIBldrs supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Sash & Door CoTraverse CityMISash & door factory*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Stl & Supply CoGrand RapidsMIStl fabr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Textile Mach CoGrand RapidsMIMachy plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Tile & Mosaic CoGrand RapidsMITile dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Whsl Groc CoGrand RapidsMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Wood Finishing CoGrand RapidsMIWood finishing paints, lacquers*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Rapids Wood SpecialtiesGrand RapidsMIWood novelty plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grand Traverse Auto CoTraverse CityMIAuto dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Grand Traverse Constr CoTraverse CityMIContr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Grand Traverse Cty Rd CommTraverse CityMISupply yd*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Grand Traverse Super Svc CoTraverse CityMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1960Grand Trunk Wharf #8PortlandMEMdse, dry cargoPT
1950Grand Trunk Whse & Cold StgDetroitMICanned TomatoGTW
1976Grand Union CoWaterfordNYCitrus Fruit & juices, canned, vegetablesD&H
1976Grand Union CoWaterfordNYClay - grnd - 5/10#bags Grand UnionD&H
1976Grand Union CoWaterfordNYToilet paper, paper towels, bagsD&H
1976Grand Union Co- Waterford WhseWaterfordNYPaper Bags on PalletsD&H
1976Grand Union Co.WaterfordNYAluminum ChairsD&H
1960Grand Union Distr WHGreen IslandNYGroceriesD&H
1950Grand Valley Chair CoIoniaMIChair factory*C&O,GTW
1950Grand Valley Packing CoIoniaMISlaughter house*C&O,GTW
1950Grande Brick CoGrand RapidsMIBrick kiln*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grandville Bldrs Supply CoGrandvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Grandville Elev CoGrandvilleMIElevC&O
1950Grandville Fuel CoGrandvilleMICoal, stokers, bldrs suppC&O
1950Grange League FederationAlbanyNYFarm machinery, feedD&H
1950Grange League FederationAlbanyNYGrainD&H
1952Granite Center Delivery IncBarrettNHMdseB&M*
2004Granite State ConcreteMilfordNHcrushed stoneGRS
2004Granite State ConcreteWiltonNHcrushed stoneMBRR
2004Granite State MineralsPortsmouthNHcalcium carbonateGRS
1955Granite State Packing CoManchesterNHPHPB&M
1955Graniteville FoundryGranitevilleMAfdyB&M
1950Grant Coop Creamery CoGrantMIDairyC&O
1950Grant Lbr & Fuel CoGrantMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Grant Onion & Stg CoGrantMIOnion shipperC&O
1990Grant Steel CorpPittsburghPAStl whsePRR
1971Grant W T DistrThoroughfareNJRefrigPRSL
1951Granville Coop GLFGranvilleNYFeed, cement, fertzD&H
1950Gratiot Fuel & Supply CoSaginawMICoal, lbr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Gravure Div Triangle Publ IncPhila Broad StPAFibre CoresPRR
1950Gray C LTraverse CityMILivestock shipper*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1951Gray FdyPoultneyVTFdyD&H
1950Graybar Elec CoFlintMIElec prods whse*C&O,GTW
1950Graybar Elec CoLansingMIElec supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Great A & P Tea CoBaltimoreMDCd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegPRR
1960Great A & P Tea CoPortlandMEGrocPT
1950Great A & P Tea CoGrantMIGroc, produceC&O
1950Great A & P Tea CoOcean GroveNJCd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegPRR
1950Great A & P Tea CoWaverlyNJCd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegPRR
1950Great A & P Tea CoBrooklynNYSugarLIRR
1950Great A & P Tea CoBuffaloNYSugar*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1950Great A & P Tea CoAltoonaPACd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegPRR
1950Great A & P Tea CoPhiladelphiaPACd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegPRR
1950Great A & P Tea CoPittsburghPACd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegPRR
1950Great A & P Tea CoScrantonPACd gds, meats, fruits, pot, salt, sugar, vegD&H
1966Great A&P TeaMaspethNYGrocLIRR
1955Great A&P Tea CoClaremontNHgroc, watermelons, milkC&C
1944Great A&P Tea CoSomervilleMAgroc, veg, produceB&M
1955Great A&P Tea CoSpringfieldMAgroc, veg, produceB&M
1957Great A&P Tea CoPortlandMEgroc, veg, produceB&M
1976Great American Chem CoFitchburgMAclayBM
1955Great Falls BleacherySomersworthNHtextilesB&M
1990Great Lakes Color & PrintDunkirkNYPrinted matter*Erie,NYC,PRR
1950Great Lakes Fdy Sand CoSawyerMISand pitC&O
1976Great Northern PaperLowellMAgd wood paper, rollsB&M
1976Great Northern PaperE MillinocketMEpaper, newsprintBAR
1976Great Northern Paper CoMillinocketMEBulk ClayBAR
1976Great Northern Paper CoMillinocketMEPaper groundwood rollsBAR
1976Great Northern Paper CoMillinocketMEprinting paper, newsprintBAR
1950Greater New York Packing CoNew YorkNYmeat prodNYC
1956Green A P IndSproulPABricksPRR
1944Green Brothers Coal & Wood CoChelseaMAcoal, woodB&M
1956Green Ind A PMiddletownPABricksRdg
2004Green J WPlainvilleCTscrap metalGRS
1955Green Mountain Box CoWhite River JctVTwooden box shooks, panelsB&M
1955Green Mountain Paper CoBellows FallsVTpaper millB&M
1959Green Mtn Farmers ExchangeChesterVTFeedRut
1951Green Mtn Jr CollegePoultneyVTCollegeD&H
1959Green Mtn Paper CoBellows FallsVTCoalRut
1959Green Mtn Paper CoBellows FallsVTPaper prodRut
1959Green Mtn Power CoBurlingtonVTCoalRut
1955Greenacres Supply IncWareMAfertz, seedB&M
1950Greenberg JakeVassarMIScrap yd*C&O,NYC
1950Greencastle Packing CoGreencastlePACanned goodsPRR
1950Greene & BaconMayvilleMIPickle staC&O
1955Greenfield Broken StoneGreenfieldMAaggregatesB&M
1955Greenfield FarmersGreenfieldMAfertz, feed, seedB&M
1955Greenfield Tap & DieGreenfieldMAtoolsB&M
1950Greenings Nursery CoMonroeMINursery stock dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950GreenleysFlintMIRefrig & stove dlr*C&O,GTW
1966Greenport Dog FoodLaurel HillNYPHP, grain mill prodLIRR
1990Greensburg BeverageGreensburgPABevsPRR
1990Greensburg Lumber & MillingGreensburgPALbrPRR
1950Greenville Coop AssnGreenvilleMIElev*C&O,GTW
1950Greenville Daily NewsGreenvilleMINewspaper*C&O,GTW
1955Greenville GrainGreenvilleNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Greenville Lbr CoGreenvilleMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1990Greenville MetalsVictoryPAMetals whsePRR
1982Greenville Prod Div White Consol IndGreenvilleMIRefrig HHC&O
1990Greenville Wood ProductsVictoryPAWood prodPRR
1950Greenwich Coal PiersPhiladelphiaPACoal, bituminousPRR
1955Greenwood Packing CoN SomervilleMAcd gdsB&M
1974Gregory Supply Co.DannemoraNYLumberD&H
1950Greif & Bro L IncMt UnionPAClothing productsPRR
1990Greif BrosArdenPAContainersPRR
1990Greif BrosCourtneyPAContainersPRR
1982Greif Bros CorpRahwayNJFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticRV (CNJ,DL&W)
1982Greif Bros CorpTeterboroNJFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticErie
1982Greif Bros CorpBuffaloNYFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plastic*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1982Greif Bros CorpNiagara FallsNYFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plastic*DL&W,LV,NYC,PRR
1982Greif Bros CorpSolvayNYFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticNYC
1982Greif Bros CorpStaten IsNYFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticSIRT
1982Greif Bros CorpBaltimoreMDFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plastic*PRR,WM
1956Greif BrothersWestfieldMAFiberboardB&M
1956Greif BrothersRenoPAContainers*Erie,NYC
1956Greif BrothersRenoPAFiberboard*Erie,NYC
1951Gren Mtn Marble CoW RutlandVTMarbleD&H
1976Greutker IncVoorheesvilleNYSpent MashD&H
1947Griffin & HoxieUticaNYSugar, cd gdsNYO&W
1944Griffin Wheel CoChelseaMARR suppliesB&M
1955Griffith LadderWaverleyMAladders, wood prodB&M
1950Grifkaa MichaelUblyMIFertz dlrC&O
1988Grimm Building MatlsGreen IslandNYBrickD&H
1966Grinnell LithographIslipNYPaper, chemicalsLIRR
1966Grnp Fire BrickL I City Degnon TerlNYRefractory brickLIRR
1955Grocer's Service CoManchesterNHgrocB&M
1982Grocers Baking CoGrand RapidsMIBread, bakery prod*NYC,PRR
1944Grogan Lumber CoBostonMAlbrB&M
1955Groisser & Shlager Iron WorksSomervilleMAI&SB&M
1950Groll BrosHarbor BeachMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Grootendorst A MBenton HarborMIFertz dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Grootendorst A MWatervlietMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Gross WmAlpineMIProduce shipperC&O
1971Grosse Pointe FoodsDetroitMIPaperGTW
1950Grossman LHudsonvilleMICelery shipperC&O
1955Grossman LumberBillericaMAlbrB&M
1976Grossmans IncGlens FallsNYWood Shavings and Resin Combined FlatD&H
1955Groton Weatherboard CoW GrotonMAlbr, bldg suppB&M
1955Groveton PaperNorthumberlandNHpaper millB&M
1976Groveton Paper CoGrovetonNHClay in Bulk Kaofill, woodpulpB&M
1955Groveton Paper CoGrovetonNHpaper millB&M
1950Grow Solvent CoDetroitMIChem dlr*C&O,various
1990Growers Co-opWestfieldNYProduceNYC
1955Growers OutletBrightwoodMAfertz, seedB&M
2004GRS Intermodal TerminalAyerMAintermodalGRS
1950Grt A & P Tea CoDetroitMIWhsl groc, produce*C&O,various
1950Grt A & P Tea CoFlintMIWhsl groc, meat, produce*C&O,GTW
1950Grt A & P Tea CoGrand RapidsMIGroc, meats, produce*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Grt A & P Tea CoLansingMIGroc, meats*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Grt A & P Tea CoLudingtonMIWhsl groc*C&O,Lud&N
1950Grt A & P Tea CoMidlandMIGroc*C&O,NYC
1950Grt A & P Tea CoMuskegonMIGroc*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Grt A & P Tea CoPetoskeyMIGroc*C&O,PRR
1947Grt A & P Tea CoUticaNYCanned milkNYO&W
1947Grt Eastern Pkg & Paper CoUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1950Grt Lakes Distr CoLansingMIBev dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Grt Lakes Fdy & Mach CoLudingtonMIFdy*C&O,Lud&N
1950Grt Lakes Fdy Sand CoLudingtonMIFdy sand*C&O,Lud&N
1956Grt Lakes FeedMalone JctNYFeed, fertzRut
1950Grt Lakes Oil CoDetroitMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,various
1950Grt Lakes Prod IncDetroitMICasting rod mfr*C&O,various
1950Grt Lakes Sugar CoMerrillMILivestock (experimental farm)C&O
1950Grt Lakes Wrecking CoDetroitMIUsed lbr yd*C&O,various
1950Gruen MartTraverse CityMIProduce dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1966Grumman Plant #1 tank cars onlyBethpageNYPetr prodLIRR
1966Grumman Plant North side #1 inboundBethpageNYMetals, plastics, machyLIRR
1966Grumman Plant North side #3 coal runBethpageNYCoalLIRR
1966Grumman SidingManorvilleNYMetals, plastics, machyLIRR
1989GTE SylvaniaWellsboroPAGlasswareNYC
1990GTP PlasticsBoyertownPAPaper waste, plastic wasteRdg
1970Guardian FibreglassAlbionMIPlasticsSLS*
1982Guardsman Chem IncGrand RapidsMIPaint, varnish, lacquer, enamel*NYC,PRR
1950Guiffre M CoPetoskeyMIProduce dlr*C&O,PRR
1950Guiffre M CoTraverse CityMIProduce dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1970Guilderland Army DepotVoorheesvilleNYmil eqtD&H
1982Gulf & Western Auto Appl Mfg CoMiddlevilleMIMachy & eqt indNYC
1966Gulf OilLong BeachNYPetr prodLIRR
1955Gulf Oil (Limoges)ClaremontNHGasoline, fuel oilB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoConcordNHpetr prodB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoLebanonNHpetr prodB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoManchesterNHpetr prodB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoOssipeeNHpetr prodB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoPortsmouthNHpetr prodB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoWoodsvilleNHpetr prodB&M
1939Gulf Oil CoDunellenNJPetr prodCNJ
1959Gulf Oil CoRutlandVTFuel oil, keroseneRut
1955Gulf Oil CoBeverlyMApetr prodB&M
1955Gulf Oil CoChelseaMApetr prodB&M
1944Gulf Oil CoE CambridgeMApetr prodB&M
1957Gulf Oil CoPortlandMEpetr prodB&M
1950Gulf Oil CorpPhiladelphiaPAGasolinePRR
1950Gulf Refining CoBrown CityMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoFlintMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Gulf Refining CoGrantMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoHollandMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoMuskegonMIBulk plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Gunn Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Gunther Brewing CoBaltimoreMDBeerPRR
1952Gurin Woodlot DHaverhill JctNHPulpwoodB&M*
1950Gustafson Implt CoIoniaMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW
1956H B Smith ManufacturingWestfieldMAScrap metalB&M
1947H K LbrUticaNYShinglesNYO&W
1976H K Webster CoBainbridgeNYDried Brewers Grains in BagsD&H
1966H&M PackingBushwick BranchNYPHPLIRR
1950H&R Packing CoDetroitMImeat prodvarious
1955Haarman Steel CoChicopeeMAstl prodB&M
1950Habitant Shops incBay CityMIFurn factory*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1955Habitant Soup CoManchesterNHcd fds, soupsB&M
1950Hacker Ice & Fuel CoDetroitMICoal, ice*C&O,various
1950Hadder Wm F & SonSix LakesMIPotato whseC&O
1950Haddix & SonsMonroeMIImplt dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Haddix HowardLake OdessaMILog shipperC&O
1955Hadley Grain & CoalHadleyMAcoal, grain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1955Haffners Service StationLawrenceMApetr prod, tiresB&M
1971Hager T W Lbr CoCadillacMILumberPC
1950Hager T W Lbr CoGrand RapidsMILbr broker*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1971Hager T W Lbr CoMesickMILumberAA
1950Haggerty Brick CoDetroitMIBrick yd*C&O,various
1971Haggerty Lbr CoHowellMILumber, plywoodAA
1950Hahn Lbr & Millwork CoDetroitMILbr, millwork plt*C&O,various
1950Hahnenberg JTraverse CityMIGroc*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1959Haigh Lbr CoBurlingtonVTLbr, bldg suppRut
1950Hake Albert Coal & Coke CoGrand RapidsMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Hall Baking CoSomervilleMAbakeryB&M
1966Hall FlooringFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYFlooringLIRR
1950Hall OrvidWayneMIWood post dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Hall Supply CoGrand RapidsMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Hallahan Lumber CoSpringfieldMAlbrB&M
1950Hallowell Shoe CoHallowellMEShoesMEC
1955Halpin Lumber CoWalthamMAlbrB&M
1950Halsted NedIoniaMIHides & furs*C&O,GTW
1955Ham Lumber CoBradfordMAlbrB&M
1955Hamblet Machine CoLawrenceMAmachyB&M
1955Hamel L H Leather CoHaverhillMAleatherB&M
1950Hamilton & Sons W CMiquonPAPaper productsPRR
1950Hamilton Celery Growers Coop IncHamiltonMICelery shipperC&O
1950Hamilton Farm Bureau Coop AssnHamiltonMICoal, feedC&O
1950Hamilton Farm Bureau Coop AssnHamiltonMIGrainC&O
1950Hamilton Lbr & Veneer CoGrand RapidsMILbr dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Hamilton LumberEriePALbr*NYC,PRR
1955Hammond Brick Co.WatertownMAbrickB&M
1950Hammond Coal CoButler TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Hammond Coal CoW Mahoney Twp (Schuylkill Co)PACoal, anthraciteRdg
1955Hampden Brewing CoChicopeeMAbreweryB&M
1955Hampden Glazed PaperHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1976Hampshire Art PublishersNashuaNHGreeting cards printed ctns sl&cB&M
2004Hampshire ChemicalNashuaNHchemicalsGRS
1955Hampshire Lumber CoNorthamptonMAlbrB&M
1950Hampton Coop CanneriesBay CityMICanning plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1955Hampton MillsEasthamptonMAtextilesB&M
1950Hamtramck Lbr & Coal CoDetroitMICoal, lbr yd*C&O,various
1955Hancock M S Lumber CoDeering JctMElbrB&M
1976Hancock PaperPhiladelphiaPAWaste Paper for Recyc*PRR,Rdg
1950Handling Eqt Mfg CorpWixomMIMetal prods plt*C&O,GTW
1990Handy & Harman Div Wheeling-Pittsburgh SteelOriskanyNYStainless steel wireNYC
1990Handy & Harman Div Wheeling-Pittsburgh SteelCockeysvilleMDStainless steel wirePRR
1950Handy Elec MillsAlleganMIFeed, grain, produce*C&O,NYC
1950Handy Things Mfg CoLudingtonMIStl plt*C&O,Lud&N
1950Handy Wacks CorpSpartaMIWax paper pltC&O
1950Haney School Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Hank JS LyonMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Hanna Lay Dock CoTraverse CityMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Hanna M A Co Susq Coll DivGlenlyonPACoal, anthracitePRR
1950Hanna M A Co Susq Coll Div 7Newport Twp (Luzerne Co)PACoal, anthracitePRR
1950Hanna M A Co Susq Coll Div Glen Burn CollShamokinPACoal, anthracitePRR
1990Hanna MiningRandvilleMIIron oreC&NW
2004Hanna Paper RecyclingMansfieldMAscrap paperCSX
1976Hannaford BrosPortlandMECharcoal, Briquettes in BagsMEC
1957Hannaford BrosPortlandMEfz fds Birds EyeB&M,PT
1957Hannaford BrosPortlandMEwhsl fruit, produce, dairy, meatsB&M,PT
1976Hannaford Brothers CoS PortlandMEConcentrated Orange Juice, frozenB&M
1952Hannover Dowel CoRangeley River JctMEWood productsAGE*
1950Hanover Shoe CoHanoverPAShoesWM
1955Hansburg P J Lumber CoHamiltonMAlbrB&M
1950Hansen & Petersen Chevrolet CoLudingtonMIAuto dlr*C&O,Lud&N
1950Hansen M CHemlockMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Hansen M CReeseMIImplt dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Hanson Wholesale LumberDearbornMILumber*C&O,DT&I,NYC
1950Harbey SalesDetroitMIPlbg supp*C&O,various
1950Harbison-Walker Magnacite PltCape May PtNJrefactoriesPRSL
1950Harbison-Walker RefractoriesClearfieldPARefractory productsB&O
1950Harbison-Walker RefractoriesMt UnionPARefractory productsPRR
1956Harbison-Walker RefractoriesLudingtonMIMagnesium chlorideC&O
1955Harbison-Walker Sales CoSomervilleMArefractory brickB&M
1950Harbor Beach City ofHarbor BeachMISupply ydC&O
1950Harborside WarehouseJersey CityNJOliveOilPRR
1957Harcon Iron & Steel CoPortlandMEI&SB&M
2004Harcros ChemicalNashuaNHchemicaslGRS
1956Harden Furniture CoMcConnellsvilleNYFurnitureNYC
1950Harder Refrigerator CorpCobleskillNYAppliancesD&H
1950Hardin-Near CoShelbyMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Hardwood Products CoGuilfordMEWood turningsBAR
1955Hardwood Terminal WarehouseBostonMAlbr, woodsB&M
1956Hardy Salt CoManisteeMISalt bags, bulkC&O
1950Hardy's Farm SvcStantonMIImplt dlrC&O
1976Harmon Paper Stock CoElizabethportNJWaste PaperCNJ
1950Harper W HAlmaMIImplt dlr*AA,C&O
1950Harring S JGrantMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Harris A & CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1960Harris CoPortlandMEShip chandleryPT
1950Harris H G CoLansingMICold stg plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Harris J SWellstonMICoal ydC&O
1950Harris Lbr & Supply CoSaginawMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Harris Milling CoAlmaMICoal*AA,C&O
1950Harris Milling CoAlmaMIElev*AA,C&O
2004Harris RebarRochesterMArebarBCLR
1950Harris Sample Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Harrisburg Childrens' Dress CoHarrisburgPAClothing productsRdg
1976Harrisburg PaperHarrisburgPAToilet Paper*PRR,Rdg
1976Harrisburg Paper CoReadingPAWoodpulp dishes plates trays nested*PRR,Rdg
1950Harrisburg Steel CorpHarrisburgPASteel shapesPRR
1955Harrison Abrasive CoManchesterNHabrasivesB&M
1950Harrison Chevrolet CoPaw PawMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Harshaw Chem CoDetroitMIChem plt*C&O,various
1982Hart & Cooley Mfg CoHollandMIRegisters, grills for HVAC systemsC&O,GTW
1947Hart & CrouseUticaNYScrap ironNYO&W
1950Hart BrosSt LouisMIElevC&O
1950Hart BrosVassarMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1950Hart BrosVassarMIGrain elev*C&O,NYC
1950Hart Cherry PackersTraverse CityMICherry shipper*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Hart Cherry PackersEllsworthMICherries in brineC&O
1950Hart Cherry PackersHartMICherriesC&O
1950Hart Creamery CoHartMIDairyC&O
1950Hart Farm Bureau Coop IncHartMICoal, feed, seedC&O
1950Hart Hydro Elec CoHartMIPole ydC&O
1950Hart Lbr CoHartMICoal, lbrC&O
1950Hart Mirror Plate CoGrand RapidsMIGlass prods dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Hart Petroleum CoHartMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1955Hart Top Mfg CoHolyokeMAtoys, gamesB&M
1955Hartford DispatchCambridgeMAnewsprintB&M
1955Hartford Dispatch WarehouseBrightwoodMAnewsprintB&M
2004Hartford FreezersE HartfordCTfood productsCSO
1950Hartford Gleaners Coop Elev CoHartfordMIElevC&O
1955Hartford Oil CoWhite River JctVTpetr prod (Atlantic)B&M
1950Hartland MillsBrightonMIElevC&O
1950Hartland Tanning CoHartlandMELeatherMEC
1955Hartt MaytagNewportNHapplC&C
1962Hartz Mtn CorpNew York Pier 13NYMty glass bottles n/o 1 gal capyEL
1970Harvard IndJacksonMIChemsSLS*
1950Harvest Baking CoMidlandMIBakery*C&O,NYC
1947Harvey L J CoUticaNYShinglesNYO&W
1950Harvin Ice Cream CoLansingMIIce cream plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Harwein Feed & FuelBabylonNYFeed, coal, petr prodLIRR
1950Harwood Wm JrHarbor BeachMIFeed, mealC&O
1955Haskell W Lumber CoDanversMAlbrB&M
1955Haskins Coal & OilChicopeeMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1976Hastings A MSomervilleMAfiberboardBM
1976Hastings A W of MaineDeering JctMEBoards, building, painted wallboardBM
1982Hastings Mfg CoHastingsMIMV partsNYC
1944Hathaway BakeriesCambridgeMAbakeryB&M
1950Hathaway Bros.Columbia FallsMETimber, sawnMEC
1950Hathaway C F Co IncWatervilleMEClothing products, shirtsMEC
1952Hathaway Shirt CoS DoverMEClothingAGE*
1950Hatzel & Buehler Elec CoLansingMIElec supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Hausbeck Pickle CoSaginawMIPickle sta*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Haveman & CookFremontMIFeedC&O
1950Haven-Busch CoGrand RapidsMIStl fabr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Haverhill Charcoal CoHaverhillMAcharcoalB&M
1955Haverhill Coal SupplyBradfordMAcoalB&M
1955Haverhill Electric CoNewburyportMAutil supp, applB&M
1955Haverhill Gas Light CoHaverhillMAutil supp, applB&M
1955Haverhill Grain & Coal CoHaverhillMAcoal, grain, fertz, feed, seedB&M
1955Haverhill Hardware & Plumbing Supply CoHaverhillMAhdw, plbg suppB&M
1955Haverhill Lumber CoBradfordMAlbrB&M
1976Haverhill Paper ProductsHaverhillMAPaper Waste FRPO C/LBM
1976Haverhill Paperboard CorpBradfordMAScrap PaperBM
1950Haviland Prods CoGrand RapidsMIChem dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Hawes EnosRiverdaleMILivestock, fertzC&O
1950Hawkins E BGrand RapidsMIMfrs agent*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1944Hawkins Lumber & Warehouse CoBostonMAlbrm bldg suppB&M
1990Hawley Fuel Coal IncConnellsvillePACoalPRR
1950Hawley L A & SonScottvilleMIAg limestoneC&O
1950Haws Refractories CoHawstonePABrick, ganisterPRR
1950Hawthorne FarmsWayneMIHatchery*C&O,NYC
1955Hawthorne TannersSalemMAleatherB&M
1955Hay Fuel CoWalthamMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Hay-Con Tile CoDetroitMICinder block plt*C&O,various
1950Hayden Supply CoGrand RapidsMIFactory supp*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1947Hayes W F CoalUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1982Hayes-Albion CorpJacksonMIAuto stampings, fdy, malleable ironNYC
1950Hays Mfg. CoAlbionPAPipe fittingsB&LE
1950Hazel-Atlas Glass CoWashingtonPAGlass Bottles, jarsB&O
1950Hazelton Perkins Drug CoGrand RapidsMIWhsl drup supp*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Hazen Paper CoHolyokeMAFibre Content not less than 80% woodpulp,waste paper, straw pulp or mixturesBM
1974Hazleton Lumber / Ward LumberAusable ForksNYBuilding suppliesD&H
1950Hazzard Co R PAugustaMEShoesMEC
1955Heald MachineWorcesterMAmachyB&M
1982Heath Div Schlumberger LtdSt JosephMIInstr, motors, generators*C&O,NYC
1955Heath MotorsNewportNHautos (Chev)C&C
1976Hechinger's WarehouseBladensburgMDPeat moss balesB&O
1950Heidema BrosHollandMIFeedC&O
1950Heidema BrosSpartaMIProduce shipperC&O
1950Heidema BrosZeelandMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Heifetz Pickling CoHartMIPickle staC&O
1950Heineman J R & Sons IncSaginawMILbr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Heinz H JFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYGroc prodLIRR
1950Heinz H JChambersburgPACanned goodsWM
1950Heinz H JPittsburghPACanned goods, food prodB&O,PRR
1957Heinz H JPortlandMEwhsl food prodB&M
1950Heinz H J CoCentral LakeMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoCharlevoixMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoDetroitMIFood prods dlr*C&O,various
1950Heinz H J CoEllsworthMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoFountainMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoFremontMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoGrantMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoHemlockMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoHollandMICanning pltC&O
1950Heinz H J CoNew EraMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoPetoskeyMIPickle sta*C&O,PRR
1950Heinz H J CoSaginawMIPickle sta*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Heinz H J CoScottvilleMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoShelbyMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoTallmanMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoThompsonvilleMIPickle sta*C&O,AA
1950Heinz H J CoUnionvilleMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoWhite CloudMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoZeelandMIPickle staC&O
1950Heinz H J CoAllentownPAFrozen Food, canned tomatoesLV
1990Heinz Pet ProductsBloomsburgPACanned pet foodRdg
1955Heinze Electric CoLowellMAelec suppB&M
1950Hekman Biscuit CoTraverse CityMIBakery prod whse*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Hekman Rusk CoHollandMIBakeryC&O
1966Helena RubensteinRoslynNYCosmeticsLIRR
1950Helicker & Smith CoBeldingMIRoofing dlrC&O
1950Hemily Lbr CoNewaygoMILbr ydC&O
1950Hemlock Coop Creamery CoHemlockMIDairy prod, grainC&O
1950Hemlock Coop Creamery CoHemlockMIFeedC&O
1956Hemlock Farmers CoopHemlockMISoybean mealC&O
1950Hemstreet Fdy CoSaginawMIFdy*C&O,GTW,NYC
2004Hendel PetroleumWaterfordCTpropaneP&W
1950Henderson BrosPaw PawMIImplt dlrC&O
1960Hendrick Mfg CoCarbondalePAScreensD&H
1950Hendricks Htg CoGrand RapidsMIHtg eqt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004Hendrix Wire & CableMilfordNHplastic pelletsGRS
1951Henneys CreameryW RutlandVTCreameryD&H
1955Henniker Handle CoHennikerNHbirch squaresC&C
1950Henning GeoS LyonMILivestock shipperC&O
1950Henry Disston & Sons IncTaconyPAToolsPRR
1950Henry House/TysonHollandMImeat prodC&O
1950Henry JohnFarwellMIBeansC&O
1990Henry Miller SpringSharpsburgPASpringsPRR
1950Henry Vogt CoFogelsvillePAPlumbing materialsPRR
1950Heppenstall CoPittsburghPASteel products, miscPRR
1950Heppenstall CoDetroitMITool & die plt*C&O,various
1950Herald Press Pub CoSt JosephMINewspaper*C&O,NYC
1990HerculesW ElizabethPAExplosivesPRR
1950Hercules Cement CoStockertownPACementL&NE
1976Hercules IncGlens FallsNYAluminum SulfateD&H
1976Hercules IncGlens FallsNYAnhydrous Ammonia Nonfl Comp GasD&H
1976Hercules IncGlens FallsNYFerrous SulfateD&H
1976Hercules IncGlens FallsNYFerrous Sulfate, aluminum sulphateD&H
1956Hercules Inc Parlin PlantSayrevilleNJNitrocellulose (explosive)RarRiv (CNJ,PRR)
1956Hercules Powder CoGillespieNJWoodpulpRarRiv (CNJ,PRR)
1939Hercules Powder CoLake Jct (Kenvil)NJExplosivesCNJ,DL&W
1950Hercules Powder CoWilmingtonDEResins, plastic pelletsPRR
1955Hercules Powder CoChicopeeMARosin sizing, drums, bagged, chemsB&M
1950Hercules Powder CoKalamazooMIChemicalsNYC
1976Hercules Powder Co c/o Imperial Color & Chem DptGlens FallsNYSulphate of Ammonia bagsD&H
1974Hercules Powder Co Imperial Color & Chem DptGlens FallsNYChromium ore for pigmentsD&H
1950Heresy P DCasnoviaMIApple shipperC&O
1990Herfine Realty/ Elwood ShotblastingEconomyPAAbrasivesPRR
1957Herman Bag CoPortlandMEburlap bagsB&M,PT
1950Herman Gordon Housing ProjectDetroitMISupply yd*C&O,various
1950Herman's Hdw CoCarletonMIHdwC&O
1966Hermans Star BakeryFarmingdaleNYBakeryLIRR
1955Hermsdorf Fixture Mfg CoManchesterNHfixtures, furnB&M
1950Herpolsheimer CoGrand RapidsMIDept store*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Herrick Grain CoBeverlyMAgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Herrick H FLudingtonMIFruit containers*C&O,Lud&N
1950Herrud & CoGrand RapidsMIGroc, meats*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Hersey Gravel CoHerseyMISand pitC&O
1955Hersey Paper CoOak GroveMApaper prodB&M
1950Hershey ChocolateHersheyPAChocolate products, candyPRR
1976HershmanJersey CityNJScrap Paper - Baled*PRR,Erie,LV,NYC,DL&W,CNJ
1950Herzog Furn CoSaginawMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Heshbon Coal Co 2HeshbonPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Hess Goldsmith & CoWilkes-BarrePAFabric, syntheticD&H
1950Hess Michigolden Duck FarmHemlockMIPoultry farmC&O
1950Heuscheles Svc StaAlmaMIBulk gas & oil*AA,C&O
1950Hewitt & SonAlleganMILimestone dlr*C&O,NYC
1966Hewlett Fuel & SupplyWoodmereNYCoal, petr prodLIRR
1966Hewly Sash & DoorNew Hyde ParkNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1950Heyboer CoGrand RapidsMIGenl mdse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1971HG FertzGrantMIPotashC&O
1990Hi-Ho ProductsNew KensingtonPAFood prodPRR
1950Hi-Klas Bev CoLansingMIBev dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Hi-Therm Gas CorpReed CityMILPG plt*C&O,PRR
1950Hickok Oil CoVassarMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1950Higgins Geo Coal CoPt HuronMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955Highland Coal CoN SomervilleMAcoalB&M
1944Highland Oil CoCambridgeMApetr prodB&M
1950Highland Park Beer DistrDetroitMIBeer distr*C&O,various
1950Highland Park Dairy CoMuskegonMIDairy*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Highland Producers Assn CoHighlandMICoal, feedC&O
1950Highland Producers Assn CoHighlandMIGrainC&O
2004Highliner FoodsPortsmouthNHfrozen foodGRS
1974Highway dep'tW PawletNYSaltD&H
1974Highway Dep'tPoultneyVTHighway saltD&H
1950Hilands CanneryLewisburgPACanned goodsRdg
1950Hilbert J ETraverse CityMIHoney butter*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1976Hillcrest PoultryAugustaMECS Polystyrene Disp TraysMEC
1950Hilliard Eugene VMt PleasantMIOilwell driller*C&O,AA
1950Hillman C & Coke Co Poland 3PolandPACoal, bituminousMonong
1950Hillman Coal & Coke CoCanton TwpPACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Hillman Coal & Coke CoConemaugh TwpPACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Hillman Coal & Coke CoFallowfield TwpPACoal, bituminousP&WV
1950Hillman Coal & Coke CoFootedalePACokeMonong
1950Hillman Coal & Coke CoMonongahelaPACoal, bituminousPRR
1971Hills BrosMarquetteMICoffeeLS&I
1955Hills BrothersE CambridgeMAcoffeeB&M
1966Hills GroceryBrentwoodNYGroc, produceLIRR
1950Hillsamer RBrethrenMIFeed, flour, grainC&O
1955Hillsboro Lumber CoHillsboroNHlbrB&M
1955Hillsbourough MillsWiltonNHtextilesB&M
1982Hillsdale Tool & Mfg CoHillsdaleMIMV parts & accNYC
1950Hilltop OrchardsHartfordMIFruit shipperC&O
1928Hilton Brass FdyMaplewoodNJBrass prodsRV
1966Hinch ProduceJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYProduceLIRR
1950Hinde & Dauch Paper CoDetroitMIPaper box plt*C&O,various
1976Hinsdale ProductsHinsdaleNHScrap PaperBM
1966Hiram Walker CoL I City Kearney SidingNYLiquorsLIRR
1950Hirn Edw GLansingMIFruit mkt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Hirschberg Dept StorePittsburghPAMdsePRR
1950Hirschfield H & SonsBay CityMIScrap yd*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1982Hitachi Magnetics Corp (was GE)EdmoreMIMetal prod fabrC&O
1952Hitchcock Fuel CoWellsNHPetr prodB&M*
1966HixNewcreteHicksvilleNYCement, aggregatesLIRR
1950Hixon-Peterson Lbr CoMonroeMILbr yd*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1955Hoague & SpragueW HopkintonNHBit coal, paper stockC&C
1950Hoberman Coal & Junk CoLock HavenPAIron and steel, scrapPRR
1950Hodgkiss & DoumaPetoskeyMICrushed stone*C&O,PRR
1971Hoerner-Waldorf CorpOntonagonMICaustic soda, pulpwoodMILW
1950Hoffer Mfg CoPetoskeyMIFurn & toy factory*C&O,PRR
1950Hogan & DubayMerrillMIFeedC&O
1950Hoker Glass & Paint CoGrand RapidsMIGlass, paint*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Holbrook Groc CoKeeneNHgrocB&M
1955Holbrook Groc CoWoodsvilleNHgrocB&M
1955Holden Farmers SupplyHoldenMAgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Holgate Bros CoKanePAWood turningsPRR
1971Holkins C NHowellMILumberAA
1944Holland American LineBostonMAmdseB&M
1950Holland Bev CoHollandMIBev dlrC&O
1950Holland Castings CoHollandMIFdyC&O
1950Holland Celery Planters CoHollandMIMachy pltC&O
1950Holland City Bottling CoHollandMIBottling pltC&O
1950Holland City ofHollandMISupp ydC&O
2004Holland CoZyloniteMAsulphuric acid, bauxiteGRS
1950Holland Color & Chem CoHollandMIChem pltC&O
1950Holland Coop AssnHarlemMIFeed dlrC&O
1950Holland Cotton Prods CoHollandMITextile pltC&O
1950Holland Furn CoHollandMIFurn factoryC&O
1955Holland Furnace CoSomervilleMAfurnaces, HVAC eqtB&M
1950Holland Furnace CoHollandMIFurnace pltC&O
1950Holland Hitch CoHollandMIHitchesC&O
1950Holland Honey Cake CoHollandMIBakeryC&O
1950Holland Ladder & Mfg CoHollandMILadder mfrC&O
1990Holland ManufacturingRandolphNJPulpboardCNJ
1950Holland Precision Div Bohn Alum CoHollandMIBall brg pltC&O
1950Holland Racine Shoe CoHollandMIShoe factoryC&O
1950Holland Rendering WorksHollandMITallowC&O
1990Hollenbach Co WBoyertownPALumberRdg
1950Holley Carburetor CoDetroitMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,various
2004Hollingsworth & VoseWalpoleMAlatexCSX
1976Hollingsworth & Vose CoW GrotonMAPlastic MaterialBM
1976Hollingsworth & Vose CoTriondaNYCotton Linters Pulp, woodpulpGJ
1976Hollingsworth & Vose CoTriondaNYPine woodpulpGJ
1950Hollingsworth & Whitney CoWinslowMEPaperMEC
1995Hollingsworth LogisticsDetroitMIAuto parts (engines)CR
1966Hollis Brick & Paragon BuildersJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYBldg suppLIRR
1995HollogmanDearbornMILiquidified Natural Gas*NYC,PRR
1950Holly Feed CoGrand BlancMIFeed dlrC&O
1950Holly Lbr & Supply CoHollyMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1976Holt & Bugbee CoTewsburgMALumberBM
1955Holt M A Coal CoHoldenMAcoalB&M
1950Holtrop Concrete Prods CoFerrysburgMIConcrete prods pltC&O
1955Holyoke Card & Paper CoBrightwoodMApaper prodB&M
1955Holyoke Coal & WoodHolyokeMAcoal, woodB&M
1956Holyoke Gas & ElectricHolyokeMATransformersB&M
1955Holyoke Machine CoHolyokeMAmachyB&M
1955Holyoke Valve & Hydrant CoHolyokeMAvalves, hydrants, castingsB&M
1955Holyoke Warehouse CoHolyokeMAwhseB&M
1955Holyoke Water Power CoHolyokeMAutil suppB&M
1950Home Dairy CoSaginawMIDairy*C&O,GTW,NYC
2004Home DepotBloomfieldCTbuilding materialsCNZR
2004Home DepotNorwoodMAbuilding materialsCSX
2003Home Depot CorpLandoverMDBuilding MaterialsCSXT
1950Home Fuel & Supply CoZeelandMICoal ydC&O
1950Home Furnace CoHollandMIFurnace pltC&O
1950Home Furniture CoYorkPAFurnitureMa&Pa
1955Home Gas CorpGrassmereNHLPGB&M
1944Home Heating SystemsE CambridgeMAfurnaces, HVAC eqtB&M
1950Home Lbr & Coal CoAlmaMICoal & lbr yd*AA,C&O
1950Home Lbr CoReed CityMILbr yd*C&O,PRR
1950Home Oil CoScottvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Home Oil CoBaldwinMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Home Roofing & siding CoPt HuronMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW,PH&D
2004Homestead BakingE ProvidenceRIflourP&W
1956Homestead HouseForrest DaleRIFertilizerNH
2004Homestead NitrogenSlatersvilleRIfertilizerP&W
1950Honnegers CoMt PleasantMISoybean mealAA
1955Hood H P & SonsBeverlyMAmilk prodB&M
1955Hood H P & SonsLawrenceMAmilk prodB&M
1955Hood H P & SonsLowellMAmilk prodB&M
1944Hood H P & SonsSomervilleMAmilk prodB&M
1950Hood H P & SonsAuburnMECreameryMEC
1950Hood H P & SonsBangorMECreameryMEC
1950Hood H P & SonsIsland FallsMECreameryBAR
1950Hood H P & SonsNewport JctMECreameryMEC
1957Hood H P & SonsPortlandMEmilk prodB&M
1950Hood H P & SonsUnityMECreameryB&ML
1950Hood H P & SonsW FarmingtonMECreameryMEC
1950Hood H P & SonsColebrookNHCreameryMEC
1951Hood H P & SonsEagle BridgeNYCreameryD&H,B&M
1950Hood H P & SonsSalemNYMilkD&H
1956Hood H P & SonsBarnerVTCreameryCP
1956Hood H P & SonsBethelVTCreameryCV
1951Hood H P & SonsCharlotteVTCreameryRut
1951Hood H P & SonsFlorenceVTCreameryRut
1960Hood H P & SonsMiddleburyVTCreameryRut
1956Hood H P & SonsMorrisvilleVTCreameryStJ&LC
1946Hood H P & SonsN FerrisburgVTCreameryRut
1950Hood H P & SonsNew HavenVTCreameryRut
1956Hood H P & SonsNewportVTCreameryCP
1956Hood H P & SonsPlainfieldVTCreameryB&C
1956Hood H P & SonsRandolphVTCreameryCV
1951Hood H P & SonsSalemVTCreameryD&H
1951Hood H P & SonsShelburneVTCreameryRut
1956Hood H P & SonsSt AlbansVTCreameryCV
1950Hood H P & SonsVergennesVTCreameryRut
1956Hood H P & SonsWhitingVTCreameryRut
1952Hood H P CreameryWarren DepootMEMilk productsAGE*
1952Hood H P Dairy CoEllenMEMilk productsAGE*
1976Hood Inc H PBostonMAOrange Juice, Hoods ChilledBM
1950Hood Lbr & Supply CoEvartMIBldg suppC&O
1950Hood Lbr & Supply CoMt PleasantMIBldrs supp*C&O,AA
1955Hood Rubber CoLawrenceMArubber prod, heelsB&M
1955Hood Rubber CoWatertownMArubber prod, heelsB&M
1966Hooker Chemical R CHicksvilleNYChemsLIRR
1950Hooker ElectroChemicalNiagara FallsNYCaustic sodaLV
1950Hooker ElectroChemicalNiagara FallsNYChemicalsLV
1950Hooper & Sons Wm EWoodberryMDFabric, naturalPRR
1955Hoosac Valley Farmers ExchgSchaghticokeNYgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1990Hoosier MagneticsOgdensburgNYMagnetiteNYC
1982Hoover Univ Auto Seating DivSalineMIAuto seatsNYC
1955Hope Coal CoKeeneNHcoalB&M
1950Hopson W C CoGrand RapidsMIStl prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004Horizon Milling div CargillAyerMAgrainGRS
2004Horizon Milling div CargillAyerMAflourGRS
1950Horlein Provision CoBuffaloNYmeat prodvarious
1950Horn Fuel & Supply CoDetroitMICoal, lbr yd*C&O,various
1956Horner FlooringDollar BayMIFloring, woodenDSS&A
1950Horowitz HarryDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Horseheads Brick CoHorseheadsNYBrickPRR
1950Horton DonPlymouthMIFarm suppC&O
1960Hoscox ChemicalPatchogueNYChemicalsLIRR
1950Hosier Coal CoGrossMICoal ydC&O
1974Hosky Ind.Cooperstown JctNYCharcoalD&H
1950Hostess Cake KitchenDetroitMIBakery*C&O,various
1950Hostess Ice Cream CoDetroitMIIce cream plt*C&O,various
1957Hotpoint Appliance SalesPortlandMEHH appl, TVB&M
1955Hotpoint Appliance SalesManchesterNHHH appl, TVB&M
1960Houdaille QuarrySummitNJAggregatesRV
2004Houghton ChemicalAllstonMAchemicalsCSX
1950Houghton F M CoClioMICoalC&O
1950Houghton F M CoClioMIElevC&O
1944Houghton Oils CoN SomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1950House DanCarletonMIFertz dlrC&O
1970House of David Cold StorageDetroitMICold storage whseSLS*
1947House of the Good ShepherdUticaNYCoal, bituminousNYO&W
1950Household Distr incGrand HavenMIHH appl distr*C&O,GTW
1955Household Fuel CorpMelroseMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Household Fuel of LawrenceLawrenceMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950Housing Prods CoFlintMILbr, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1990Houston StarWilkinsburgPANewspaperPRR
1950Howard Feed & Milling CoNew BostonMIFeedC&O
1950Howard Feed & Milling CoNew BostonMIFertzC&O
1944Howard Fuel CoN CambridgeMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Howard Hardware CoBellows FallsVThdwB&M
1950Howard Ind IncSaginawMITrlr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Howard RubberMaspethNYRubber prodLIRR
1950Howe Martz Glass CoBay CityMIGlass dlr*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1955Howe MotorsClaremontNHautosC&C
1959Howe Scale CoRutlandVTSand, steel, pig iron, coalRut
1959Howe Scale CoRutlandVTScales, parts (incl LCL)Rut
1950Howell City ofHowellMISupp yd*C&O,AA
1950Howell Farmers Elev CoHowellMIElev*C&O,AA
1950Howes BrosKalevaMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Howes BrosKalevaMIPotato shipperC&O
1950Howes Leather CoW HickoryPALeatherPRR
1947Howes SupplySidneyNYCementNYO&W
1982Howmet Turbine Comp CorpMuskegonMISuperalloys, titanium ingot, sponge*C&O,GTW
1976Hub CityTrentonNJBeerPRR
1944Hub Cycle CoE CambridgeMAbicyclesB&M
2004Hub Folding BoxMansfieldMAlinerboardCSX
1950Hub Oil CoClareMIBulk gas & oil*AA,C&O
1950Hubbard & CoPittsburghPAHardwaresPRR
1950Hubbard E R & SonsHartMIProduceC&O
1950Hubbard G W Hdw CoFlintMIWhsl hdw*C&O,GTW
1955Hubbard Shoe CoRochesterNHshoesB&M
1950Hubbell E GGrand RapidsMIFeed*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Hubbell Mfg CoZeelandMIFurn factoryC&O
1970Huber J M (team track)LawrenceMAclay slurryB&M
1950Hubunger Lbr CoGeraMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Hucks Millwork CorpDetroitMIMillwork plt*C&O,various
1939Hud-Cin Bldg ProdsGarwoodNJCement blocksCNJ
1950Hudson Chem CoSidneyMIAg chem pltC&O
1950Hudson Coal CoArchbaldPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoCarbondalePACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoHudsonPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoLaflinPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoMayfieldPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoMoosicPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoOlyphantPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoParsonsPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson Coal CoScrantonPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Hudson J L CoDetroitMIPvt whse*C&O,various
1950Hudson Motor Car CoDetroitMIAutomobiles*C&O,various
1976Hudson Pulp & Paper CorpGreenwichNYFacial TissueGJ
1976Hudson Pulp & Paper Corp.ThomsonNYWoodpulp, not powdered NOIBNGJ
1976Hudson Pulp & Paper Thomson PlantThomsonNYToilet paperG&J
1950Hudson Scrap IronAlbanyNYIron + steel, scrapD&H
1951Hudson Scrap Iron CoW RutlandVTScrap ironD&H
1955Hudson Worsted CoHudsonMAtextilesB&M
1950Hudsonville Box & Basket CoHudsonvilleMIBox & basket pltC&O
1950Hudsonville Creamery CoHudsonvilleMIDairyC&O
1950Hudsonville Lbr CoHudsonvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Hughes Herman Lbr & Coal CoFlintMILbr & coal yd*C&O,GTW
1950Hughes JohnFairgroveMIFertz dlrC&O
1955Hughes Lumber CoBedfordMAlbrB&M
1950Huhn Chevrolet SalesGrand LedgeMIAuto dlrC&O
1944Hulse Roofing CoSomervilleMAroofing, insulB&M
1955Hume Pipe CoLynnMApipeB&M
1955Hume Pipe of NEMerrimackNHpipeB&M
2004Humko A CNew MilfordCTvegetable oilHRR
1950Hunt F GClarksvilleMIFertz dlrC&O
1956Hunt Wesson FoodsNew KingstonPACanned goodsPRR
1950Hunter A JMuskegonMIPlbg supp dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Hunter Springs CoLansdalePASteel products, miscRdg
1950Hunter St Produce MarketNewarkNJCantalopes, grapes, potatoes, celery*DL&W,Erie,CNJ,PRR
1950Hunter St Produce MarketNewarkNJHoneydew melons, pears*DL&W,Erie,CNJ,PRR
1956Hunterdon Building SupplyFlemingtonNJLumber, plywoodPRR
1990Hunterdon LumberAnnandaleNJLumberCNJ
1966Hunters Point SteelL I City Degnon TerlNYSteelLIRR
1940Hurlburt VGrand IsleVTAnthraciteRut
1990Hurlbut Paper CoS LeeMAPaperNH
1950Hurley HospitalFlintMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1956Huron CementBenton HarborMICement sacks, bulkC&O
1950Huron Cty Rd CommHarbor BeachMISupply ydC&O
1950Huron Cty Rd CommPigeonMISupp yd*C&O,GTW
1950Huron Cty Rd CommSebewaingMISupp ydC&O
1950Huron Milling CoHarbor BeachMIPaste, starch, starch prodsC&O
1950Huron Portland CementAlpenaMICement sacks, bulkD&M
1950Huron Portland Cement CoBay CityMICement whse*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Huron Portland Cement CoMuskegonMIBulk cement plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Huron Portland Cement CoSaginawMICement whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Huron River Poultry FarmRomulusMIPoultry shipper*C&O,Wab
1970Huron Valley Cold StorageAnn ArborMICold storage whseSLS*
1950Hurst Arthur RGrand RapidsMICd gds dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Husband & AndersonFremontMIImplt dlrC&O
1974Husky Lumber Co.CobleskillNYlbrD&H
1990Hussey Copper LtdLeetsdalePACopper prodPRR
1950Huston & CoPlymouthMIHdwC&O
1950Hutchins H A Lbr CoFennvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Hybells Produce CoIoniaMIProduce shipper*C&O,GTW
1950Hyde Fuel & Lbr CoGrand RapidsMICoal & lbr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Hyde Windlass CoBathMEMachineryMEC
1982Hygrade Food Prod CorpLivoniaMIMeat prod, sausageC&O
1982Hygrade Food Prod CorpMt ClemensMIMeat prod, sausageGTW
1966Hygrade PaperFarmingdaleNYPaperLIRR
1980I B MEssex JctVTPlastic pelletsCV*
1953I Luvtah Screw & Bolt CoGladstoneMIFastenersG&NH*
1953I Luvtah Screw & Bolt CoGladstoneMISteel bar stockG&NH*
1950I T E Circuit Breaker CoPhiladelphiaPAElectrical componentsB&O
1950I-X-L Mach CoHollandMIMachy pltC&O
1956IBME FishkillNYPaper wasteNYC
1944Ideal Broom CoEverettMAbroomsB&M
1955Ideal Can CoEverettMAcans, containersB&M
1950Ideal Fdy CoGrand RapidsMIFdy*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Ideal Mfg CoSaginawMILaundry tubs plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Ideal Seating CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Ideal ToysJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYToysLIRR
1950Ilgenfritz Nurseries IncMonroeMINursery stock & implt dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Illinois Cooper & BoxGrand BayMIBarrels, boxes, drums, cratesGL&N*
2004ImerysS PortlandMEclay slurryGRS
1976Impco Plastics DivNashuaNHSteel Plates 3881 VarBM
1950Imperial C Co Cardiff 1Twin RocksPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Imperial C Co Smokeless 1CoalportPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Imperial Carving CoAlleganMIWood carving plt*C&O,NYC
1950Imperial Metal Prods CoGrand RapidsMIMetal prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Imperial NewsMineolaNYPaper, inkLIRR
1950Imperial Paper & Color CoGlens FallsNYWallpaperD&H
1950Imperial Paper & Color CoPlattsburghNYWallpaperD&H
1974Imperial Paper Co.W EndNYPaper productsD&H
1955Imperial Upholstering CoLowellMAtextiles, furnB&M
1976Imperial WallboardPlattsburghNYPlastic LiquidD&H
1976Imperial Wallpaper MillsPlattsburghNYclay in bulk (70%)D&H
1955Improved Paper MachNashuaNHmachyB&M
1950IN Prods CoSawyerMISand pitC&O
1950IN-MI Elec CoHartfordMISupp ydC&O
1950Ind Fuel Oil CorpGrand RapidsMIBulk fuel oil*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Ind Metal FabrDetroitMIMachy*C&O,various
1950Ind Pipe CoDetroitMIPipe, valves, fittings*C&O,various
1950Ind Rubber Gds CoSawyerMIRubber goods pltC&O
1950Ind Rubber Gds CoSt JosephMIRubber gds plt*C&O,NYC
1950Ind Welding & Brazing CoLansingMIWeld shop*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Ind. Plywood & PlygemJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYPlywoodLIRR
1950Independent Biscuit CoDetroitMIBakery*C&O,various
2003Independent CementSecurityMDaggregate, ore, clay, roofing, slag, fly ashCSXT
2003Independent CementSecurityMDroofing granules, cement, lime, silicaCSXT
1955Independent Chair MfgMedfordMAfurnB&M
1966Independent ChemFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYChemLIRR
1944Independent Coal Tar CoChelseaMAchem, asphaltB&M
1950Independent Distr IncGrand RapidsMIWhsl appl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Independent Elec CoMuskegonMIElec supp dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1944Independent Glass CoSomervilleMAglass prodB&M
1955Independent Lock CoFitchburgMAhdwB&M
1950Independent Oil CoLakeviewMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1944Independent Packing CoE CambridgeMAcd gdsB&M
1950Independent Pump CoMuskegonMITanks, pumps*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Indian Head Coal CoTremontPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1955Indian Head MillworkNashuaNHmillwork, sash, doorsB&M
1982Indian Summer CoBeldingMIApples, fruit, juices, ciderC&O
1950Indiana Machine & FoundryMonroeMIAuto parts, machy, steel barsGL&N*
1950Industrial Brownhoist CorpBay CityMICrane plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1955Industrial Building CorpChicopeeMAcontrB&M
1990Industrial CeramicsDerryPACeramic prodPRR
1976Industrial DistributorsLewistonMERFG Matrll RlsMEC
1971Industrial Fiber ProdUticaMIPulpboardPC
1955Industrial Paper CoManchesterNHpaper prodB&M
1990Industrial Timber & Land Co.McClintockPALbrPRR
2004Infra-MetalsWallingfordCTsteel, structuralCSO
1970Ingersoll-RandBurnt HillsPAMachyBH&BF*
1950Ingersoll-Rand CoAthensPAMachineryLV
1950Ingham Cty Rd CommWebbervilleMISupp ydC&O
1950Ingham Cty Rd CommWilliamstonMISupp ydC&O
1990InjectronS PlainfieldNJPlastic pelletsCNJ
1990Inland ContainerEriePAContainers*NYC,PRR
1976Inland Container Corp.HazletonPACorr fibrebd boxes flat*LV,PRR
2004Innovative LogisticsLeominsterMAplastic pelletsCSX
1950Insul Windows of FlintFlintMIStorm doors & windows*C&O,GTW
1944Insulation Eng CoN CambridgeMAinsulB&M
1955Insuline CoManchesterNHinsulB&M
1955Int Narrow-Fabric CoKeeneNHtextiles, fabricB&M
1955Int'l ShoeNewportNHBituminousC&C
1955Int'l ShoeNewportNHHeels, Boots & ShoesC&C
1966Inter County BakersW HempsteadNYBakeryLIRR
1982Interkal IncKalamazooMIFurn office metal*GTW,NYC,PRR
1950International Color Printing CoWilkes-BarrePAPrinted matterD&H
1990International MillingBuffaloNYFlourPRR
1955International Mineral & ChemicalS WilmingtonMAfertzB&M
2004International PaperPutnamCTlinerboardP&W
1956International PaperPutnamCTPaperNH
2004International PaperFraminghamMAlinerboardCSX
1976International PaperLivermore FlsMEBulk ClayMEC
1976International PaperRileysMElignin liquorMEC
1956International PaperSturgisMIPaperNYC
1956International PaperSturgisMIPaper wasteNYC
1950International PaperNiagara FallsNYBook Paper*DL&W,LV,NYC,PRR
1976International PaperTiconderogaNYMistrofil Clay 101AD&H
1990International PaperEriePAPaper prod*NYC,PRR
1976International Paper (Androscoggin Mill)RileysMErolls carbonizing paperMEC
1955International Paper CoN SomervilleMApaper prodB&M
1950International Paper CoJayMEPaperMEC
1955International Paper CoManchesterNHpaper prodB&M
1976International Paper CoCorinthNYPaper printing rollsD&H
1976International Paper CoCrown PointNYSulphuric Acid 66 SL&CD&H
1976International Paper CoCrown PtNYSulphuric Acid 66 SL&CD&H
1976International Paper Co c/o Androscoggin MillRileysMEClay bulkMEC
1976International Paper Co.CorinthNYClay, bulk, slurry; coalD&H
1976International Paper Co.CorinthNYSodium HydrosulfiteD&H
1976International Paper Co.Crown PointNYClay in bulk, KaofillD&H
1976International Paper Co.Crown PtNYClay in bulk, KaofillD&H
1976International Paper Co.Crown PtNYPrinting PaperD&H
1976International Paper Co. Mill #10Crown PtNYBales Woodpulp, not Powdered NOIBND&H
1976International Paper Co. Mill #12CorinthNYBales Woodpulp, not Powdered NOIBND&H
1950International Paper CorpTiconderogaNYPaperD&H
2004International SaltPortsmouthNHcalcium carbonateGRS
1982International SaltRetsofNYSaltGn&Wy
1950International SaltWatkins GlenNYSaltPRR
1950International SaltDetroitMISalt bulkC&O
1955International Salt CoBostonMAsalt (import)B&M
1955International ShoeClaremontNHBituminousC&C
1955International ShoeClaremontNHshoesC&C
1955International Shoe CoManchesterNHshoesB&M
1955International Silver CoNorthamptonMAhousewaresB&M
1995Internatl CommoditiesTroyNYGrainNYC
1976Interpace CorpWillsboroNYPaper Bags on PalletsD&H
1976Interpace CorpWillsboroNYPaper Bags on PalletsD&H
1976Interpace CorpWillsboroNYWollastonite grd or pulv bagsD&H
1950Interstate Bakery CoGrand RapidsMIBakery: bread, rolls (Wonder, Butternut,Home Pride)*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Interstate CigarNew Hyde ParkNYTobacco prodLIRR
1960Interstate CommoditiesTroyNYGrain & feedD&H
1966Interstate ContainerFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYGlassware, containerboardLIRR
1976Interstate Container CorpLowellMApulpboard n/cBM
1990Interstate PaperAllenportPAPaper prodPRR
1971Intl ChemWhite PineMICopperSOO
1995Intl Feed CoVergennesVTGrain*NYC,Rut
1950Intl Harvester CoAlbanyNYFarm machineryD&H
1950Intl Harvester CoBenton HarborMIImplt dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Intl Harvester CoGrand RapidsMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1947Intl Heater CoUticaNYScrap ironNYC
1971Intl MultifoodsAllen ParkMIFlourDTI
1976Intl Paper Androscoggin MillJayMEAlkaline Corrosive Liq NOS Sulfide WasteMEC
1976Intl Paper Co Androscoggin Mill DivRileysMEPaper printing rollsMEC
1976Intl Paper Hudson Riv MillCorinthNYGround Clay in BulkD&H
1950Intl Sectional HomesDetroitMIPrefab houses*C&O,various
1950Intl Tube CorpDetroitMIStl tubing plt*C&O,various
2004Intransit ContainerWorcesterMAintermodalP&W
1950Ionia City ofIoniaMISupp yd*C&O,GTW
1950Ionia Cty Rd CommIoniaMISupp yd*C&O,GTW
1950Ionia Iron & metal CoIoniaMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW
1950Ionia Mfg CoIoniaMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW
1950Ionia St HospIoniaMICommissary supp*C&O,GTW
1955Ipswich Grain CoIpswichMAgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
2004IPTLochmereNHclay slurryNEGS
1971Iron City Sash & DoorWindberPAWoodworkPRR
1950Iron City Tool WorksPittsburghPAToolsPRR
1947Irona CreameryIronaNYCreameryRut
1955Irwin Marine CorpLakeportNHmachy, lbr, stl, naval storesB&M
1950Irwin Robt W CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Irwin Seating CoGrand RapidsMIChair factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Isaac BrassClaremontNHscrap ironC&C
1950Isabella Cty Farmers Grain CoMt PleasantMICoal*C&O,AA
1950Isabella Cty Farmers Grain CoMt PleasantMIGrain*C&O,AA
1950Isabella Hay CoElwellMIAlfalfa meal shipperC&O
1950Isabella Sugar CoAldenMISugar beetsC&O
1950Isabella Sugar CoMt PleasantMISugar refinery*C&O,AA
1950Ishpeming MinesMunisingMIIron oreLS&I
1966Island Coal & Lumber Co.MedfordNYCoal, lumberLIRR
1950Island Coal CoDunkard Twp (Greene Co)PACoal, bituminousMonong
1966Islip Coal & FeedIslipNYCoalLIRR
1976ITOFCA Inc c/o Mate TruckingNewarkNJBatteriesLV
1982ITT Hancock IndJacksonMIHdwNYC
1950Ivan Clark Furn CoLyonsMIFurn factoryC&O
1950Ivano CoBenton HarborMISynthetic sponge factory*C&O,NYC
2004IvexNewton HldsMAplastic pellets, linerboardBCLR
1950Izzo Sam JSaginawMIBeer distr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950J & G Block WorksBenton HarborMICement block plt*C&O,NYC
1950J & R Motor Supply CoFlintMIAuto parts dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Jacklin Stl Sypply CoLansingMISheet stl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1959Jackman FuelsVergennesVTCoalRut
1990Jacks Run CoalJacks RunPACoalPRR
1982Jackson Crankshaft Div Wyman-Gordon CoJacksonMIMV parts & accNYC
1944Jackson Door & Window CoEverettMAlbr, glass, millworkB&M
1970Jackson Iron & Metal CoJacksonMIScrapSLS*
1956Jackson JordanLudingtonMIMOW equipmentC&O
1955Jackson Lumber CoLawrenceMAlbrB&M
1950Jacob M & SonsDetroitMIBottles, cullett broker*C&O,various
1950Jacobs F L CoHollyMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW
1960Jaeger LumberUnionNJLumberRV
1966Jakobson ShipyardsOyster BayNYMachy, steel, lumberLIRR
1966Jamaica FoodJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYGrocLIRR
1966Jamaica LumberJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYLumberLIRR
1966Jamaica Water SupplyJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYChemsLIRR
1956James River CorpMilfordNJPulpboardPRR
1990James River CorpAdamsMAPulpboardB&M
1990James River CorpLivermore FallsMEPaperMEC
1982James River Corp K V P Bd/Carton GrpKalamazooMIPaper*GTW,NYC,PRR
1976James River IncPepperillMAwaste paperBM
1976James River Mass IncWachusettMABleached Kraft Woodpulp, clay slurryB&M
1976James River Mass IncWachusettMAPaper, Scrap or Waste for RepulpingB&M
1976James River Pepperell Paper CoE PepperellMAWoodpulp, not powdered NOIBNB&M
1950Jamestown China CoMt ClemensMIChinawareGTW
1966Jamestown Paint & VarnishJamestownPAPaintsPRR
1950Jamison Coal & Coke CoHostetterPACoal, bituminousPRR
1966Janine Paper & TwineMaspethNYPaper, cordageLIRR
1966Jansa WoodworkingBushwick BranchNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1950Jarecki Mach & Tool CoGrand RapidsMIStl stamping & mach plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1957Jarka CorpPortlandMEmdse (import stevedores)B&M
1950Jarka EdwManisteeMICoal, feedC&O
1966Jasco AluminumNew Hyde ParkNYAluminumLIRR
1976Jay Madden CorpDundalk StaMDPrinting PaperBO
1955Jct Grain StoresWhite River JctVTgrain, feed baggedB&M
1950Jeanette Glass CoJeanettePAGlasswarePRR
1990Jeannette Sheet GlassJeanettePAGlass prodPRR
1950Jebavy & SorensenManisteeMICoalC&O
1950Jebavy & SorensenManisteeMIFruit growerC&O
1950Jeddo Highland Coal CoBlack CreekPACoal, anthraciteLV
1950Jeddo Highland Coal CoFoster TwpPACoal, anthraciteCNJ
1950Jeddo Highland Coal CoHazel TwpPACoal, anthraciteLV
1950Jeddo Highland Coal CoJeddoPACoal, anthraciteLV
1955Jeffers J D Lumber CoPeabodyMAlbrB&M
1950Jeffords H D IncDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Jeffords H D IncIoniaMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Jeffords H D IncLowellMIOnion shipper*C&O,M&NE
2004Jen-CoatWestfieldMAplastic pelletsPV
1950Jenison Fuel CoJenisonMICoal ydC&O
1953Jennie B MineNisulaMIIron oreG&NH*
1950Jennison Hdw CoBay CityMIWhsl hdw*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Jensen Bridge & Supply CoSanduskyMICulverts, wire prods plt*C&O,DC&S
1966Jericho Sash & DoorFloral ParkNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1950Jersey City Stock Yards CoHarsimus CoveNJLivestockPRR
1976Jersey Tab Card CorpUnionburyNJPulpboard - 96 rollsRV
1950Jessop Steel CoCanton Twp (Wash. Co)PASteel sheetB&O
1959Jewell Brook Woolen CoLudlowVTRagsRut
1970Jiffy Mix CoChelseaMIWheatSLS*
1944Jiffy Pad & ExcelsiorBostonMAexcelsior, wood prodB&M
1950Jiroch CoMuskegonMIWhsl foods*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1990Johns ManvilleFranklinPAInsul*Erie,NYC,PRR
1955Johns Manville CorpNashuaNHinsulB&M
1955Johns Manville CorpTiltonNHinsulB&M
1955Johns Manville CorpBillericaMAinsulB&M
1976Johns Manville ProdsManvilleNJRfg & Rfg Cmnt & Asph shgls bdls & Asb wal Bd shts*CNJ,LV,Rdg
1976Johns Manville ProdsManvilleNJWooden Pallets*CNJ,LV,Rdg
1976Johns Manville Sales Co c/oo Eastern States DistrVinelandNJMineral wool batts in pkgsCNJ
1944Johns Manville Sales CorpCambridgeMAinsulB&M
1939Johns-Manville CoFinderneNJAsbestos,asphaltCNJ,LV,Rdg
1939Johns-Manville CoFinderneNJInsulation, bldg matlsCNJ,LV,Rdg
1950Johnson & Son IncDetroitMIWax dlr*C&O,various
1959Johnson Bldg Matl CoBurlingtonVTBldg matlRut
1955Johnson Building Material IncManchesterNHbldg matls, wallboardB&M
1955Johnson Building Material IncWestboroNHbldg matlsB&M
1951Johnson Carl MotorsW RutlandVTAutosD&H
1950Johnson D J & SonsSpartaMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Johnson E PShelbyMIFruit shipperC&O
1950Johnson Elev CoClareMICoal*AA,C&O
1950Johnson Elev CoClareMIElev*AA,C&O
1971Johnson F S PaperAuburnNYPaperPC
1950Johnson Farm SvcPlymouthMIFarm suppC&O
1950Johnson Feed StoreDetroitMIFeed store*C&O,various
1950Johnson Fuel & Bldrs Supply CoFremontMICoal yd, bldrs suppC&O
1950Johnson Geo Chevrolet CoAlmaMIAuto dlr*AA,C&O
1950Johnson Handler Johnson CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Johnson Lumber CoFitchburgMAlbrB&M
1950Johnson NelsyBravoMISugar beetsC&O
1950Johnson R EMoseleyMIAg limestone dlrC&O
1950Johnson Robt EGreenvilleMIAg limestone dlr*C&O,GTW
1966Johnson S CL I CityNYCleaning proodLIRR
1950Johnson-Howard CoKalamazooMIHardware, lumber, plumbing ,matlNYC
1955Jones & Lamson Machine CoSpringfieldVTmach toolsSTerl
1950Jones & Laughlin Steel Aliquippa WorksAliquippaPASteel proosP&LE
1950Jones & Laughlin Steel CorpPittsburghPASteel sheet, productsB&O,P&LE,PRR
1950Jones & Laughlin Steel ShannopinPolandPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Jones & Laughlin Steel Vesta 4CaliforniaPACoal, bituminousPRR
1982Jones & Laughlin Stl Corp Spec Stls DivWarrenMISpec stls, elec arc furnace, blooming millNYC
1950Jones & Laughlin Supply CpReed CityMIOilwell supp dlr*C&O,PRR
1950Jones C DAvocaMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Jones CarlBeldingMIFertz dlrC&O
2004Jones ChemicalMerrimackNHchemicalsGRS
1950Jones Edw L Monument CoPt HuronMIStone yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955Jones Grain CoGoffstownNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Jones HarryLansingMIFruit dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1947Jones-Clark Trkg & StgUticaNYCd gdsNYO&W
1950Jordan L CFremontMITractor dlrC&O
1950Jordan Lee Oil CoEdmoreMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1955Jordan Marsh CoE CambridgeMAmdse (dept store)B&M
1955Jordan Marsh CoMedfordMAmdse (dept store)B&M
1976Jos E Seagram & SonsSt DenisMDSpent MashBO
1950Jost & CoSpartaMIAg limestoneC&O
1955Joy MfgClaremontNHBit coal, sand, drilling machy, steelC&C
1990Joyce MoldingRockawayNJPlastic pelletsCNJ
1982JSJ CorpGrand HavenMIAuto stampings, valves, fittings, engines*C&O,GTW
1950Jud's Lbr YdLansingMILbr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Juice CorpFresh PondNYJuicesLIRR
1950K O ProdsBenton HarborMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,NYC
1950Kahlbaum BrosCarletonMICoalC&O
1950Kahlbaum BrosCarletonMIElevC&O
1976Kaiser Aluminum & ChemPlymouth MtgPAMortar high temp bndn, Firebrick*PRR,Rdg
1950Kaiser Metal ProdsBristolPAFurniturePRR
1950Kaiser-Fraser CorpWillow RunMIAutomobilesNYC
1950Kal-Pro Gas CoHartMIBottled gas pltC&O
1971Kalamazoo Container CorpKalamazooMIWoodpulp, fiberboardPC
1950Kalamazoo Paper CoKalamazooMIPaper bags, printing, wrappingNYC
1950Kalamazoo Table Saw CoKalamazooMIMachineryNYC
1950Kaleva Produce CoKalevaMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Kaleva Produce CoKalevaMIFeed, fertzC&O
1944Kalman Steel CorpBostonMAstl prodB&M
1950Kanapp GlenAlmaMIStraw shipper*AA,C&O
1994Kane HardwoodErialyPALumberCR
1990Kane HardwoodsKanePALumberB&O
1956Kane WarehouseTaylorPAWineCRPa
1950Kanmak Mills IncKulpmontPAFabric, syntheticPRR
2004Kanzaki PaperWareMApaper prodMCER
1955Kapiloff Poultry CoKeeneNHfz poultryB&M
1939Karagheusian A & M IncRoselleNJRugsCNJ
1950Karl Lieberknecht IncLaurel DalePAMachineryRdg
1976Karnark Chemical CorpClarkNJAsbestos shortsLV
1955Kashulines Grain CoNashuaNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Kaskinen Motor CoKalevaMIAuto dlrC&O
1947Kassauf J SUticaNYPotatoesNYO&W
1950Kaufman C DBellaireMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,EJ&S
1950Kaufman Oil EqtFlintMITank dlr*C&O,GTW
1982Kawneer Div Alumax Alum CoNilesMIAlum walls, windows, doors, sash, framesNYC
1950Kay Displays IncGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004Kay's TruckingS WindsorCTmisc mdseCSO
1950Kaywood Mfg CoBenton HarborMISled factory*C&O,NYC
2004KB LaminatePawtucketRIplastic resinsP&W
1955Kearsarge ReelsBradfordNHreels (cable)C&C
1955Kearsarge ReelsWarnerNHbox matlC&C
1950Kearsley Plbg & Hdw SupplyFlintMIPlbg & hdw supp whse*C&O,GTW
1956Keebler Biscuit CoSayrevilleNJBiscuits, cookies, bakery gdsRarRiv (CNJ,PRR)
1966Keelan & Bost AgwayShenangoPAFeed, farm suppPRR
1950Keeler Brass CoGrand RapidsMIHdw & plbg supp plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Keeler Brass CoLake OdessaMIBrass fdyC&O
1950Keeler Fruit ExchgHartfordMIFruit shipperC&O
1982Keene Corp Kaydon Bearing DivMuskegonMIBearings ball, roller*C&O,GTW
1955Keene Industrial Paper CoKeeneNHpaper prodB&M
1955Keene Wood Heel CoKeeneNHheelsB&M
1952Kehm Oil CoWoodsriverNHPetr prodB&M*
1952Keiffer Coal CoEllenMECoalAGE*
1947Keith-Clark CoSidneyNYPaper prodsNYO&W
1947Keith-Clark CoSidneyNYPaper prodsNYO&W
1955Keiver Q O Lumber CoBeverlyMAlbrB&M
1950Keller Tool CoGrand HavenMITool plt*C&O,GTW
1950Keller Trfr CoGrand RapidsMIWhse & trucking*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kellner J JElktonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1976Kellog Inc T WS RoyaltonVTcreosoted polesCV
1950Kellog Paul CoLowellMIVinegar plt*C&O,M&NE
1947Kellogg C C & SonsUticaNYCoal, glass prodsNYO&W
1956Kellogg CoLancasterPACerealRdg
1982Kellogg CoBattle CreekMICereals, food prodGTW,NYC
1971Kellogg CoBattle CreekMIPaperGTW
1956Kelly-Springfield Tire CoCumberlandMDTiresB&O,WM
1982Kelsey-Hayes Sub Freuhauf CorpJacksonMIAuto disk brakes, vehicle parts & accNYC
1982Kelsey-Hayes Sub Freuhauf CorpRomulusMIAuto disk brakes*C&O,Wab
1950Kelsey-Hayes Wheel CoPort VuePARailroad wheelsP&LE
1950Kelsey-Hayes Wheel CoDetroitMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,various
2003Kemar FertilizerKeymarMDFertilizerMMID
2004Ken's FoodsMarlboroughMAflour, veg oilCSX
1950Kendall Refining CoBradfordPAPetroleum productsB&O
1970Kendrick & brownGlens FallsNYWood productsD&H
1990KennametalLatrobePAAlum prodPRR
1950Kennametals IncLatrobePAMachine toolsPRR
1976Kennebec River Pulp & PaperMadisonMEWoodpulp balesMEC
1970Kennedy Bros. DistributorsGlens FallsNYAppliancesD&H
1950Kenney CoMullikenMIFurn dlrC&O
1950Kent Block CoGrand RapidsMIBldg block plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kent Casting CoGrand RapidsMIAlum castings plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kent Chem CoGrand RapidsMIChem dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kent City Farm BureauKent CityMICoal, feedC&O
1950Kent City Farm BureauKent CityMIGrainC&O
1950Kent Co Pickle Works CoEdmoreMIPickle staC&O
1950Kent Co Rd CommEdmoreMISupply ydC&O
1950Kent Cty AAALowellMIFertz*C&O,M&NE
1950Kent Cty Rd CommAltoMISupply ydC&O
1950Kent Cty Rd CommGrand RapidsMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kent Cty Rd CommKent CityMISupp ydC&O
1950Kent Cty Rd CommLowellMISupp yd*C&O,M&NE
1950Kent Cty Rd CommSpartaMISupp ydC&O
1950Kent Elev CoReed CityMICoal*C&O,PRR
1950Kent Elev CoReed CityMIElev*C&O,PRR
1950Kent Grain & Hay CoMelvinMICoalC&O
1950Kent Grain & Hay CoMelvinMIGrain, hayC&O
1950Kent of Grand Rap IncGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kent Whsl DistrGrand RapidsMIAppl & furn dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Keppels T SonsHollandMICoal & lbr ydC&O
2004KeriteSeymourCTplastic pelletsGRS
1950Kern Geo IncNew YorkNYmeat prodNYC
1957Kern John & SonsPortlandMEwhsl meatsB&M,PT
1956Kerr Glass CoMillvilleNJGlass bottlesPRSL
1974Kerr McGee ChemicalSalemNYFertilizerD&H
1950Kerrigan John LCroswellMIImplt dlrC&O
1990Kerry Coal Co.KoppelPACoalPRR
1950Kessle Tire CoFlintMITire dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Kesslen Shoe CoKennebunkMEShoesMEC
2004Key ContainerPawtucketRIlinerboardP&W
1966Key FoodsVanderveer ParkNYGrocLIRR
1950Keyes Fibre CoWatervilleMEContainers, paperMEC
1976Keyes Fibre CoWatervilleMEWdplp dishes paltes or trays nestedMEC
1950Keystone Hide CoLancasterPAHidesPRR
1971Keystone MetalsMarsPACopperB&O
1950Keystone State Shoe CoTunkhannockPAShoesLV
1950Keystone Trappe Rock CoGlenmorePAStone, road metalPRR
1990KeywellBuffaloNYScrap ironSB
1950Kidd-Dater-Price CoBenton HarborMIWhsl groc*C&O,NYC
1955Kidder LumberFranklinNHlbrB&M
1955Kidder Press CoDoverNHprinting paperB&M
1955Kieckhefer Container Co Eddy DivCumberland MillsMEfiberboardB&M
1944Kieckhefer Container Co of DelMedfordMAfiberboardB&M
1950Kiefer Bros Lbr CoScottvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Kiefer Edgar S Tanning CoGrand RapidsMITannery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Kiene Coal CoEasthamptonMAcoalB&M
1959Kilbourne BrosNew HavenVTFeedRut
1950Killem JackPalmsMIFertzC&O
1950Killem JackPalmsMIPotatoesC&O
1950Kimbal Harvey LPt HuronMIFeed dlr*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1996Kimberly ClarkWillsboroNYTampax tamponsD&H
1990Kimberly-ClarkDanburyCTPaper prodsNH
2004Kimberly-ClarkNew MilfordCTpulpHRR
1990Kimberly-Clark CorpE RygateVTPaperCP
1950Kinde Lbr CoKindeMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Kindel Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1970King Bros LumberDetroitMILumberSLS*
1950King Cigar CoFlintMITobacco dlr*C&O,GTW
1976King Co Inc E FGrasselliNJCaustic Soda LiquidCNJ
1990King Cole BeanAvonNYSoybeans, oil, mealErie
1966King KullenHicksvilleNYGrocLIRR
1982King MillingBeldingMIWheatC&O
1982King MillingLowellMIFlourC&O
1982King MillingLowellMIWheatC&O
1953King MineNisulaMIIron oreG&NH*
1950King Seeley CorpGrand RapidsMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kings Creek Canning CoPrincess AnneMDCanned foodsPRR
1955Kingsbury Machine ToolKeeneNHmach toolsB&M
1950Kingsley & TaylorRomulusMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,Wab
1990Kingston J K LbrTraffordPALbrPRR
1966Kingsway PlumbingFloral ParkNYPlbg suppLIRR
1955Kiniry J HClaremontNHCoke, cement, coal anthr, bitC&C
1950Kirchen & Gifford CooHartfordMIElevC&O
1950Kirk W R & SonsFairgroveMIFeed & seed dlrC&O
1982Kirsch CoSturgisMIHdw drapery*NYC,PRR
1950Kitely Lbr CoMarletteMIBldrs suppC&O
1995KL FeedsSelinsgrovePAStock feedPRR
1950Klaty's Salvage YdCarsonvilleMIScrap ydC&O
1950Klayman L & CoPhiladelphiaPAmeat prod*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1966Kleet LumberHuntingtonNYLumberLIRR
1966Kleigman Bros Jordan ChemFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYChemLIRR
1971Klein Fertz CoShepherdMIPotashAA
1971Klein Fertz CoFowlervilleMIPotash, feed, fertzC&O
1950Klein Paper & Bag CoAllentownPAPaper prodLV
1950Kleinheksel Elev CoMcCordsMIFeed, implt dlrC&O
1950Kleinheksel Elev CoMcCordsMIGrainC&O
1950Kleis A PHollandMIHidesC&O
1982Knape & Vogt Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIHdw*NYC,PRR
1950Knapp GlenMt PleasantMIStraw shipper*C&O,AA
1950Knapp J W CoLansingMIDept store*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Knapp John EPt HuronMIFeed dlr*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Knapp Oil CoKalamazooMIFuel oilNYC
1950Knickerbocker QuarryFrazerPACrushed stonePRR
1955Knight A T Fuel CoHudsonMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Knight Grain CoNewburyportMAgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Knight Screw Prods CoDetroitMIScrew plt*C&O,various
1950Knoblock FloydPt AustinMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Knoblock HdwFlintMIWhsl hdw*C&O,GTW
1950Knouse Foods CoopOrtannaPACanned goodsWM
1955Knowlton Stone CoKeeneNHaggregates, bldg stoneB&M
1950Knox Glass Assoc IncDetroitMIGlass prods dlr*C&O,various
1944Knox Glass Bottle CoE CambridgeMAglasswareB&M
1966Kobi Polyethelene BagEvergreenNYPlastic pelletsLIRR
1950Kochton Plywood CoDetroitMIPlywood dlr*C&O,various
1950Koehler BrosSaginawMISteel fabr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Koenig Coal & Supply CoDetroitMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,various
1950Koertz Glass & Paint CoFlintMIPaint & glass dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Kohnstaman H & CoDetroitMIInd laundry supp dlr*C&O,various
1950Kolvoord L AAlleganMIFencing dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Komejean Box & Lbr CoZeelandMILbr & bldrs suppC&O
1947Kopel BrosUticaNYBev, wineNYO&W
1990Kopp GlassSwissvalePAGlass prodPRR
1995Kopp SteelEconomyPAScrapPRR
1990Koppel SteelEconomyPAStl whsePRR
2004KoppersN HavenCTpolesCSX
1955Koppers CoEverettMAtar prodsB&M
1957Koppers CoPortlandMEtar prodsB&M
1950Koppers CoReed CityMIWood preserving plt*C&O,PRR
1955Koppers CoNashuaNHtar prodsB&M
1947Koppers CoUticaNYPetr prodsNYC
1956Koppers Co IncClairtonPACoal tarPRR
1956Koppers Co IncMuncyPATiesRdg
1956Koppers Co IncMuncyPATies, untreatedRdg
1950Koppers Co IncPotter Twp., Beaver Co.PAChemicalsP&LE
1976Koppers Co IncYarmouth JctMETreated PolesMEC
1990Koppers Co Inc Kobuta WorksAliquippaPACokeP&LE
1976Koppers IncBallston LakeNYPine Poles (Treated)D&H
1951Koppers IncCastletonVTRoad matlD&H
1966Korbro OilJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYPetr prodLIRR
1952Korstange Produce CoS DoverMEProduceAGE*
1950Korth Poultry FarmsCharlevoixMIPoultry feedC&O
1950Koster HHudsonvilleMIAg limestoneC&O
1971Kraft FoodsTaylorMICheeseN&W
1990Kraft FoodsDunkirkNYFood prod*Erie,NYC,PRR
1976Kraft FoodsChapmanPABoxes, fiberboard; liners; padsRdg
1976Kraft FoodsChapmanPACheese - DrumsRdg
1957Kraft FoodsS PortlandMEprocessed food stabilizersB&M
1976Kraft Foods IncMiddleburyVTBoxes, fiberboard; liners; padsRut
1976Kraft Foods IncMiddleburyVTCheese sl&cRut
1990Kraft Genl FoodsAvonNYFood prod, veg oilsErie
1955Krauzer G G Paper CoManchesterNHpaper prodB&M
1976Kresge Co S SFairlessPAFacial Tissue*PRR,Rdg
1950Kretchmer CorpSaginawMICereal dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Kreuter Paint CoGrand RapidsMIPaint dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Krieghoff-Lenawee CoMonroeMIContr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1990Krisp Pak Sales Hunts Point TerlNew YorkNYProduceNYC
1950Kroehler Mfg CoBinghamtonNYFurniture, householdD&H
1950Kroger CoGrand RapidsMIStg wgse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Kroger Co WarehousePittsburghPACanned Vegetables*PRR,P&LE,B&O
1950Kroger Groc & Baking CoTraverse CityMIGroc*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Kroger Groc & Baking CoFlintMIWhsl groc, produce & meats*C&O,GTW
1950Kroger Groc & Baking CoLansingMIGroc, meats*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Krum JohnElmdaleMICoal, fertzC&O
1950Krumm JohnMcCordsMICoal ydC&O
2004KTI RecyclingCharlestownMAscrap paperGRS
1953Kubajak Cold StorageGladstoneMIFz fds (distributor)G&NH*
1950Kurtz Gravel CoFlintMISand & gravel dlr*C&O,GTW
1955Kyanize PaintsChelseaMApaintsB&M
1955Kyanize PaintsEverettMApaintsB&M
1950L & H Wood Mfg CoNoviMILbrC&O
1966L I PotatoAquebogueNYPotatoesLIRR
1966L I PotatoCalvertonNYPotatoesLIRR
1966L I PotatoMattituckNYPotatoesLIRR
1966L I PotatoSoutholdNYPotatoesLIRR
1944L&H Lumber CoEverettMAlbrB&M
1966L.H. Smith Moriches ProduceE MorichesNYProduceLIRR
1966L.I. WholesaleBushwick BranchNYMdse, appliancesLIRR
1950La Mantia J VGlenlordMIFertz dlrC&O
1950La Salle Wines & Champaigne IncNoviMIWineryC&O
1976La-Z-BoyWhitehallNYChairs - Partial LoadD&H
1950La-Z-Boy Chair CoMonroeMIChair factory*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Lab Eqt CoSt JosephMILab eqt plt*C&O,NYC
1950Labell Screw ProdsFlintMIScrew prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Laboratory Eqt CoBenton HarborMILab eqt dlr*C&O,NYC
1966Laboratory FurnitureMineolaNYFurnLIRR
1950Lackawanna Beef & Provision CoScrantonPAMeatsD&H
1970Lackawanna Tool & DieScrantonPAMachyBH&BF*
1956Laclede SteelFairless HillsPASteel pipe*PRR,Rdg
1955Laconia Malleable Iron CoLaconiaNHforgings, castingsB&M
1955Laconia Milling CoLakeportNHflourB&M
2004LaFarge CementShirleyMAcementGRS
2003LaFarge CorpMedfordMDAggregatesMMID
1955Lafayette Oil CoManchesterNHpetr prodB&M
1950Lafayette Packing CoRocklandMECanned goodsMEC
1955Lajoie & Bros Coal CoLowellMAcoalB&M
1955Lake Asphalt CoGreenfieldMAasphalt, aggregatesB&M
1976Lake Champlain Coal Co.WhitehallNYAnthracite CoalD&H
1955Lake City Beverage CoLaconiaNHsugar, corn syrup, glass bottles, cansB&M
1950Lake Cty Rd CommBaldwinMISupply ydC&O
1971Lake IsabellaMt PleasantMIFertz compdAA
1950Lake Odessa Canning CoLake OdessaMICanning pltC&O
1950Lake Odessa Coop AssnLake OdessaMICoalC&O
1950Lake Odessa Coop AssnLake OdessaMIElevC&O
1950Lake Odessa Produce CoLake OdessaMIFarm produceC&O
1950Lake Odessa Village ofLake OdessaMISupp ydC&O
1971Lake Shore IncMarquetteMIShafting pulleysLS&I
1950Lake Shore Produce CoHollandMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Lake Shore Sugar CoHollandMISugar refineryC&O
1950Lake Shore Sugar CoSt LouisMISugar refineryC&O
1956Lakeland PaperSturgisMIPaperNYC
1955Lakes Region Chipping CoAshlandNHwood chipsB&M
1955Lakes Region Feed & SupplyLaconiaNHfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
1950Lakeshore Machy CoMuskegonMIMachy*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Lakeside Ice CoHollandMIIce, coalC&O
1950Lakeside Meat Prod CoWixomMIMeat prod*C&O,GTW
1990Lakeside WarehouseDunkirkNYMdse*Erie,NYC,PRR
1950Lakeview Lbr CoLakeviewMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Lakey Fdy & Mach CoMuskegonMIFdy*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Lamar Pipe & Tile CoGrand RapidsMIPipe & tile plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Lamar Pipe & Tile CoSaginawMICement pipe*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lamb A EBitelyMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Lamb E G Fuel CoSt LouisMICoal ydC&O
1955Lambert SupplyClaremontNHbldg matlC&C
1950Lamer Chevrolet SalesMidlandMIAuto dlr*C&O,NYC
1955Laminated Coated Paper CoHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1976Laminated Coated Paper CoHolyokeMApulpboard n/c, linerbd, resin sizingBM
1955Lancaster Fuel CoThayerMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1976Lancaster Grain & SupplyThayerMAA&P Feed, seed, fertzBM
1950Lancaster Malleable Castings CoLancasterPAMalleable iron castingsPRR
1950Land O' the Sky FoodsW MiltonPACanned goodsRdg
1950Land O'Lakes CreameriesCharlevoixMITurkeysC&O
1944Land-O-LakesE CambridgeMAdairy prod, mixed foodsB&M
1955Landen Putty CoOak GroveMAputty, paint matlsB&M
1950Landis Machine Tool CoWaynesboroPAMachineryWM
1950Landis Stone Meal Co IncRheemsPAStone, road metalPRR
2004Landon LumberMadisonCTlumber, brickP&W
1950Lane Coal CoBenton HarborMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1950Lane R JAltoMIPickle staC&O
1950Lang C C & SonsFremontMIPickle staC&O
1950Lang C C & SonsHartMIPicklesC&O
1950Lang C C & SonsMt PleasantMIPickle sta*C&O,AA
1950Lang C J HdwSebewaingMIHdwC&O
1947Langdon & Hughes CoUticaNYPipeNYO&W
1956Langdon W AMaloneNYSpinachRut
1950Lange F W & SonDetroitMIFeed, seed, fertz*C&O,various
1950Langworthy RolandManisteeMIBev distrC&O
1950Lankin LeeLowellMIOnion shipper*C&O,M&NE
1950Lansing Bag & Barrel CoLansingMIBag & barrel dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Dairy CoLansingMIDairy prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Elec MotorsLansingMIElec motor dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Eng CoLansingMIFurnaces & htg eqt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Eqt CoLansingMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Htg & Ventilating CoLansingMIHtg apparatus dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Iron & Metal CoLansingMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1971Lansing Lbr CoHoltMIWallboardPC
1950Lansing Oil CoLansingMIBulk fuel oil*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lansing Supply CoLansingMIPlbg supp whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Lapointe Machine Tool CoHudsonMAmach toolsB&M
1950Larsen CoCasnoviaMIBeet shipperC&O
1950Larsen CoGrantMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Larsen CoKent CityMICanning pltC&O
1950Larsen Fuel & Tile CoNewaygoMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Larsen H JScottvilleMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Larson & HeydenbeckHartMIFeedC&O
1955Larson Flooring CoWorcesterMAflooring, carpetsB&M
2004Larson ReloadBillericaMAgranite, stl, pipe, lumberGRS
1950LaSalle Food Prods CoBridgeportMIKraut pltC&O
1950LaSalle Wines & Champagne IncDetroitMIWine distr*C&O,various
1950LaSalle Wines & Champagne IncErieMIWine distrC&O
1947Lassonde J MUticaNYMachyNYO&W
1950Lathrop HatcheryLake OdessaMIPoultry & eggsC&O
1950Latrobe Elec Steel CoLatrobePASteel shapesPRR
1990Latrobe Lumber SupplyLatrobePALbrPRR
1990Latrobe SteelLatrobePAStl prodPRR
1990Latrobe WaterLatrobePAChemPRR
1960Laughlin Co Thomas Div Amer Hoist & DerrickPortlandMEHdw ind, marinePT
2003Laurel Sand & GravelWoodsboroMDAggregatesMMID
1976Law Whse for WestvacoNashuaNHpaper, printingBM
1976LawpoolNashuaNHMetallic furnitureB&M
1955Lawrence A C Leather CoPeabodyMAleatherB&M
1955Lawrence A L Leather CoWinchesterNHleatherB&M
1950Lawrence Coop Assn incLawrenceMICoal, lbr, fertzC&O
1955Lawrence Gas & Electric CoLawrenceMAutil supplyB&M
1950Lawrence Lbr & Coal CoLawrenceMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Lawrence Packing CoLawrenceMICanning pltC&O
1955Lawrence Plate Glass CoLawrenceMAglass prod, paint, suppliesB&M
1952Lawrence Plywood CoRangeley River JctMEPlywoodAGE*
1950Lawrence Roller MillsLawrenceMIFeedC&O
1966Lawrence ScrapIslipNYBuilding Supplies, scrapLIRR
1955Lawrence Sunday Sun CoLawrenceMAnewsprintB&M
1955Lawrence Warehouse CoBostonMAmdseB&M
1955Lawrence Warehouse CoNashuaNHmdseB&M
1955Lawrence Waste Paper CoLowellMAwaste paperB&M
1955Lawrence Wool Scouring CoLawrenceMAwool, textilesB&M
1950Lawrence-Portland Cement CoThomastonMECementMEC
1990Lawson MardonS Bound BrookNJPlastic pelletsRdg
1950Lawson Oyster CoCrisfieldMDFood productsPRR
1950Lawton Produce CoHartfordMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Lbr Dlrs WhseTraverse CityMIBldrs supp*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Lbr Eng CoDetroitMIPrefab houses*C&O,various
1950Lbr Fabr IncElktonMIWood prods pltC&O
1956Le Boeuf Plant FoodMill VillagePAFertilizerErie
1990Le Bouf Plant FoodsMill VillagePAFertz prodErie
1950Leach Farm Eqt CoEvartMIImplt dlrC&O
1955Leach Meckle Leather CoSalemMAleatherB&M
1950Leadbetter Coal CoElmMICoal ydC&O
1990Lear CorpMarletteMIAuto seats, interiorsC&O
1956Lear CorpWarrenMIAuto seatsNYC
1976Lear SieglerSalemMAauto body partsB&M
1976Lear Siegler Inc - HoodFoam Ind DivSalemMAPolypropylene Glycol /NIAX Polyol 16-46B&M
1982Lear Sigler Inc Burroughs DivKalamazooMIFurn office metal, shelving, display*GTW,NYC,PRR
1982Lear Sigler Inc Instr DivGrand RapidsMIAerospace navig eqt*NYC,PRR
1950Learman LowryHarbor BeachMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Leath & CoSaginawMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Leavitt Corp.EverettMARunner split shelled peanutsB&M
1995Lebanon ChemicalLebanonPAFertlizer*PRR,Rdg,Cornwall
2003Lebanon Chemical CorpBaltimoreMDPhosphates, potash, nitrogen productsCSXT
2003Lebanon Chemical CorpMasseyMDFertilizerMDDE
2003Lebanon Chemical CorpPenn-Mary JctMDFertilizerCSXT
2003Lebanon Chemical CorpSnow HillMDFertilizerMDDE
1950Lebanon Steel FoundryLebanonPASteel products, miscRdg
1976Lechmere Sls Co.CharlestownMAtrunks,mty,not nstd, bicyclesBM
1950Lee & Cady CoSaginawMIWhsl groc*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Lee & Cady CoTraverse CityMIWhsl groc*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1944Lee Construction CoN CambridgeMAcontrB&M
1950Lee E J & CoMidlandMICoal, implt dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Lee EqtMt PleasantMIImplt dlr*C&O,AA
1950Lee Rubber & Tire CoConshohockonPATiresPRR,Rdg
1950Lee Salvage CoVassarMIScrap yd*C&O,NYC
1950Leerico HenryHollandMIRoofing dlrC&O
1974LeGore Lime CoLeGoreMDLimePRR
1950Lehigh Nav & Coal CoBlythe TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Lehigh Navigation & Coal CoLansfordPACoal, anthraciteL&NE
1956Lehigh Portland CementYorkPACement*Ma&Pa,WM
2003Lehigh Portland CementWoodsboroMDLightweight AggregatesMMID
1950Lehigh Portland Cement CoOrmrodPACementIronton (Rdg,LV,CNJ)
1950Lehigh Structural Steel CoAllentownPASteel structLV
1950Lehigh Valley Coal CoW WyomingPACoal, anthraciteLV
1966Lehman Sewer PipeFloral ParkNYCement, aggregatesLIRR
1950Leiderman & Silverstein Comm CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Leisur-Maid Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIIroning bd factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Leitelt Iron WorksGrand RapidsMIElev hdlg eqt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1939Leiton Mfg Co C ALincolnNJRoofing cementCNJ
1960Leland PaperGlens FallsNYPaper productsD&H
1950Lemmen Leghorn FarmHollandMIHatcheryC&O
1950Lenhart A BKent CityMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Lenton Fred SUblyMIBldrs suppC&O
1955Leon BushwayBradfordNHlbrC&C
1982Leon Plastics Div U S Ind IncGrand RapidsMIPlastic prod*NYC,PRR
1955Leonard Fuel CoWatertownMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955Leonard Iron FoundrySalemMAfdyB&M
1950Leonard Pipe Line CoAlmaMICrude oil loading*AA,C&O
1950Leonard Pipe Line CoNewaygoMICrude oil loadingC&O
1950Leonard Pipe Line CoOliversMICrude oil loadingC&O
1950Leonard Refineries IncAlmaMIOil refinery*AA,C&O
1955Leonard Tissue CoSomervilleMApaper prodB&M
1995Leopold F B CoWatsontownPACoal (pea, anthracite)CR
1955Lepages GlueGloucesterMAglue, adhesivesB&M
1950Lepard Chevrolet SalesFowlervilleMIAuto dlrC&O
1990Lerner PackagingCranfordNJPlastic pelletsCNJ
1982LescoaGrand RapidsMIMetal stampings, hdw, auto st, tools*NYC,PRR
1950Leslie Ann Mfg CoTower CityPAClothing productsRdg
1950Lester S CraneWhitneyvilleMETimber, sawnMEC
1950Letts Drop Forge CoDetroitMIForging plt*C&O,various
1955Lev Hardware CoN AdamsMAhdwB&M
1947Levenson MUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1955Lever Brothers CoWalthamMAsoaps, detergentsB&M
1950Levine Bag & Burlap CoDetroitMIBag dlr*C&O,various
1950Levine Waste Paper CoIoniaMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW
1990Levinson SteelEconomyPAStl whsePRR
1976Levis J J Paper CorpLawrenceMAWrapping Paper NOIBN, rollsBM
1966Levitt FlooringWoodmereNYFlooringLIRR
1971Levy HenryBrooklynNYFlourPC
1947Lewis F S & SonSidneyNYStoneNYO&W
1950Lewis Industries JohnBrownvilleMEWood turningsBAR
1955Lewis Lumber CoDeering JctMElbrB&M
1950Lewis Mfg CoBay CityMIWood prod plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Lewis P CoSaginawMIOffice eqt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Lexington Coal CoLexingtonMAcoalB&M
1955Lexington Lumber CoLexingtonMAlbrB&M
1966LI NewsNew Hyde ParkNYPaper, inkLIRR
1966LI ProduceRiverheadNYProduceLIRR
1950Libby McNeil & LibbyRemusMIPickle staC&O
1950Libby McNeil & LibbySt LouisMIPickle staC&O
1950Libby McNeil & LibbyStantonMIPickle staC&O
1950Libby McNeill & LibbyClareMIPickle sta*AA,C&O
2004Liberty CartonPeabodyMAlinerboardGRS
1950Liberty Coal & Metal CoFlintMICoal*C&O,GTW
1990Liberty IronEriePAScrap yd*NYC,PRR
1990Liberty LumberCanonsburgPALbrPRR
1990Liberty MirrorBrackenridgePANewspaperPRR
1966Lieb Iron WorksJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYI&SLIRR
1950Lifschultz Fast FreightPhiladelphiaPAForwarder FreightPRR
1976Lignum Chemical WorksJersey CityNJPulverized Wood*PRR,Erie,LV,NYC,DL&W,CNJ
1950Liken Alfred CoSebewaingMIImplt dlrC&O
1966LILCOBabylonNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOGarden CityNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOGlen CoveNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOGreenlawnNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOBrentwoodNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOHicksvilleNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOLong BeachNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOPt JeffersonNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCORiverheadNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCORiverheadNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCORockville CentreNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1966LILCOSouthamptonNYPoles, elec suppLIRR
1950Lilly Lbr CoStantonMILbr ydC&O
1950Lincoln Brass WorksDetroitMIBrass prods plt*C&O,various
1950Lincoln Brick CoGrand RapidsMIBrick & tile distr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Lincoln Farmers Fruit & Supply CoStevensvilleMICoal yd, fertzC&O
1955Lincoln Foods CoLawrenceMAfood prod, grocB&M
1950Lincoln Motor CoDetroitMIAuto plt*C&O,various
1944Lincoln Oil CoBostonMApetr prodB&M
1950Lincoln Oil CoDetroitMIBulk oil*C&O,various
1976Lincoln Pulp & Paper Co.LincolnMET/C Clay & Water MixtureMEC
1950Linde Air Prods CoGrand RapidsMIOxygen gas mfr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Linde Air Prods CoSaginawMIAcetylene & oxygen gas*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Linde Air ProductsS SudburyMAind gassesB&M
1944Linde Air Products CoCambridgeMAind gassesB&M
1976Linden Chlorine ProductsNew YorkNYCaustic Soda LiquidNYC
1950Linden PackingNewarkNJmeat prod*CNJ,LV,PRR
1950Linderme Mach & Tool CoDetroitMIMach shop*C&O,various
1944Lindsay R H Co Term StoresBostonMAmdseB&M
1966Linesville AgwayLinesvillePAFeed, farm suppPRR
1950Link A C Coal CoManisteeMICoal yd, lbr, bldrs suppC&O
1950Link-Belt CoPhiladelphiaPAMachineryRdg
1950Linn Coach & Truck CoOneontaNYVehiclesD&H
1950Lintemuth M LFowlervilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Linton R JAltoMICoal, bldrs suppliesC&O
1976Lipton Inc T JWilmingtonMAMacroni or Ndls unprepBM
1976Lipton Inc T JWilmingtonMASoup Mix Dry, Meat Sup DryBM
1976Lipton Inc T JHarrisburgPAMacroni or Ndls unprep*PRR,Rdg
1976Lipton T JFlemingtonNJSoup Mix Dry, Meat Sup Dry*CNJ,LV,PRR
2004Liqui-BoxAuburnMAplastic pelletsP&W
1950Liquid Dust & Lime CoE LakeMILime, lime dust pltC&O
1950Liquid Glaze Prods IncLansingMIGlazed prods, polishes*C&O,GTW,NYC
1944Liquid MaltE CambridgeMAmaltB&M
2004Liquid TransportWorcesterMAdeicerP&W
1955Lisbon Building MaterialsLisbonNHbldg matlsB&M
1955Lisbon Grain & CoalLisbonNHcoal, grain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Lith-I-BarHollandMIMachy pltC&O
1976Little Lake IndPottstownPACushions W/o Innerspg Constr*PRR,Rdg
1976Little Lake IndustriesN LeominsterMACushions W/o Innerspg ConstrB&M
2004Little RillWestfieldMAsaltPV
2004Little RillWestfieldMAdeicing productsPV
1955Littlefield Lumber CoPortsmouthNHlbrB&M
1955Littleton Coal CoLittletonNHcoalB&M
1950Litton IndustriesCollege ParkMDElectronicsB&O
1950Livingston Cty Rd CommFowlervilleMISupply ydC&O
1950Livonia Coal & Supply CoStarkMICoal ydC&O
1950Lobdell Emery Mfg CoAlmaMIBicycle rims, furniture plt*AA,C&O
1950Lock Joint Pipe CoDetroitMIConcrete pipe plt*C&O,various
1950Lockaway-Stouck Paper CoBenton HarborMIPaper dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Lockett Coal CoOld ForgePACoal, anthraciteDL&W
1955Lockhead MillsNashuaNHtextilesB&M
1950Lockwood CoWatervilleMEFabric, naturalMEC
1950Locust Coal CoW Mahoney Twp (Schuykill Co)PACoal, anthraciteRdg
2003Locust Industries LLPBaltimoreMDPaper prodsCSXT
1950Loew Leo MHollandMIStg whseC&O
2004LogistecNew HavenCTmisc mdseP&W
1950Lohrey Henry CoPittsburghPAmeat prod*PRR,B&O,P&LE
1939Loizeaux T R Fuel CoPlainfieldNJCoal,wood,fuel oil, lumberCNJ
1966Lombo ConcreteHuntingtonNYCement, aggregatesLIRR
1976Lone Star Industries IncNazarethPAPortland Cement*DL&W,L&NE
1966Long Island Coal Co.Oyster BayNYCoalLIRR
1976Long Island PressBrklyn Eastn Dist TermNYCoresBEDT
1950Longnecker ORothburyMICoal ydC&O
1955Loom Weave CorpLawrenceMAtextilesB&M
1944Loose Wiles Biscuit CoBostonMAbakeryB&M
1950Loose Wiles Biscuit CoAllentownPABakeryLV
1966Loper Bros. Lumber Corp.Pt JeffersonNYLumberLIRR
1950Lorangers Feed StoreClioMIFeedC&O
1955Lord Coal CoWoburnMAcoalB&M
1955Lorden Lumber CoMilfordNHlbrB&M
1950Lorenz Chas & SonsPt HuronMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1990Louis Dreyfus Corp (Export Elevator) (1975)Pt CovingtonMDGrainWM
1950Louis Rose Refining CoSaginawMIOil refinery*C&O,GTW,NYC
1990Louisiana PacificSagolaMIWaferboardE&LS
1980Louisiana PacificMohawkMIPaperDSS&A
1980Louisiana PacificNewberryMIPulpwoodSoo
1990Louisiana PacificNewberryMIWood products, particleboardSoo
2004Lounsbury C CWillimanticCTlumberNECR
1950Lovejoy BMilfordMIMdseC&O
1955Lowell Gas CoLowellMAutil supply, propaneB&M
1955Lowell Insulated Wire CoLowellMAwire prodB&M
1950Lowell Lbr & Supply CoLowellMICoal & lbr yd*C&O,M&NE
1950Lowell Mfg CoLowellMISprayers*C&O,M&NE
1947Lowery BroosUticaNYRags, cotton strippingNYO&W
1950Loyal Hanna C & Coke Co 6CairnbrookPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Lubbers John & CoE SaugatuckMICoal ydC&O
1950Lubrication Eqt CoDetroitMILube eqt dlr*C&O,various
1950Lucke & HeinricksInterlochenMIPotato whseC&O
1950Luckhards NurseriesSebewaingMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Ludington Bev CoLudingtonMIBev dlr*C&O,Lud&N
1950Ludington City ofLudingtonMISupp yd*C&O,Lud&N
1950Ludington Daily NewsLudingtonMINewspaper*C&O,Lud&N
1950Ludington Fruit Exchg IncLudingtonMIProduce dlr*C&O,Lud&N
1950Ludington Lbr CoLudingtonMICoal & lbr yd*C&O,Lud&N
1976Ludlow CorpHolyokeMAPulpboardBM
1959Ludlow FeedLudlowVTFeedRut
1955Ludlow PapersWareMApaper prodB&M
1970Ludlow ValveCohoesNYvalvesD&H
1950Lufkin Rule CoSaginawMIRuler factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Luiden BrosHollandMIFood brokersC&O
1995Lukens SteelConshohoctonPASteel plateCR
1976Lukens Steel a/c Luria BrosCoatesvillePAMetal shredded for recycling lfvc*PRR,Rdg
1950Lukens Steel CoCoatesvillePASteel sheet, plate, welded tank componentsPRR,Rdg
1956Lukens Steel CoConshohockenPASteel plateRdg
1950Lumber Drying Specialty CoGrand RapidsMIKiln drying plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Lumber ServiceMaspethNYLumberLIRR
1950Lupher Drilling CoMt PleasantMIDrilling contr*C&O,AA
1990Luria BrosKoppelPAScrap ydPRR
1990Luria BrothersParkhillPAScrap metalCR
2003Lutheran World ReliefNew WindsorMDTextiles, usedMMID
1950Lutz & Schramm CoBellaireMIPickle sta*C&O,EJ&S
1950Lutz & Schramm CoKalevaMIPickle staC&O
1956Luzenac AmericaSmithvilleVTTalcRut
1976Lydall IncRochesterNHWoodpulpBM
1988Lydall ManufacturingGreen IslandNYResinD&H
1990Lyell Scrap MetalGenesee JctNYScrapNYC
1944Lykes Steamship CoBostonMAmdseB&M
1959Lyman Elias Coal CoBurlingtonVTCoal, anthr & bitRut
1950Lymburmeis NurseriesSpartaMINursery stock dlrC&O
1955Lynn Builders Supply CoLynnMAbldrs suppB&M
1955Lynn Gas & Electric CoLynnMAutil supplyB&M
1955Lynn Sand & Stone CoLynnMAaggregates, bldg stoneB&M
1955Lynn Storage Warehouse CoLynnMAmdseB&M
1950Lyon IncDetroitMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,various
1950Lyons Creamery CoLyonsMIDairyC&O
1950Lyons Elev CoLyonsMICoalC&O
1950Lyons Elev CoLyonsMIElevC&O
1976Lyons Iron Works Inc.ManchesterNHBeams Channels TeesBM
1955Lysters MarketLittletonNHgrocB&M
1950M B Ice Cream CoSaginawMIIce cream plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950M & S Bev CoFlintMIBev dlr*C&O,GTW
1950M & S Tractor Eqt CoDetroitMITractor dlr*C&O,various
2004M J MetalBridgeportCTscrap metalCSX
1955M&M BakeriesDoverNHbakeryB&M
1970M&M WeldingBurnt HillsPASteel fabrBH&BF*
1950Mablo R E & CoRiverdaleMICoal ydC&O
1990Mac PlasticCanonsburgPAPlastic prodPRR
1944MacArthur Concrete Pile CorpSomervilleMAcement, aggregates, stl rebarB&M
1950MacArthur Roofing CoSaginawMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950MacClaren H CDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1971Mace H CoWashingtonDCPaperB&O
2004MacFarlane Steel TransloadOsipeeNHstructural steelNHN
1971MacGillis & GibbsGladstoneMIWood fencingSOO
1950Machiasport Canning CoEastportMECanned goodsMEC
1950Machino JoeOtisvilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1939Mack Mfg CoPlainfieldNJTruck partsCNJ
1950Mack Truck IncAllentownPATrucksLV
1956Mack Trucks IncMacungiePATrucksRdg
1950Mackey Millwork CoDetroitMIMillwork plt*C&O,various
1976MacMillan Bloedel Bldg MatCamdenNJLumberPRR
1990MacMillan Bloedel Bldg MatlsFinderneNJBldg matl (boxcars)CNJ
1955MacMillan Ring Free Oil CoN SomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1950Macomb Trlr & Coach CoPt HuronMITrlr plt*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1966Macy R HL I City Degnon TerlNYMdse (dept store)LIRR
1950Madison H W & CoSix LakesMIPickle staC&O
1950Madison H W & CoBlanchardMIPickle staC&O
1950Madison H W & CoEdmoreMIPickle staC&O
1950Madison Woolen CoMadisonMEFabric, naturalMEC
1950Magee Carpet CoBloomsburgPARugs + upholsteryRdg
1966Magic Chef - LI StoveMineolaNYAppliancesLIRR
1950Magnus E JClareMIImplt dlr*AA,C&O
1955Magnus Metal CoFitchburgMAbearings, RR partsB&M
1955Mahoney Oil CoLowellMApetr prodB&M
1950Maiers Geo & SonMayvilleMICoal ydC&O
1976Maine Bag CoCaribouMEWoodpulpAVR
1957Maine Cement ProductsPortlandMEcement prodB&M
1952Maine Farmers CoopBolton MillsMEFeedAGE*
1960Maine Hdw & Plbg SupplyPortlandMEHardware, plumbing gdsPT,B&M
1957Maine Marine Products CoPortlandMEmarine hdw, naval storesB&M
1950Maine Potato Growers CorpAshlandMEPotatoesBAR
1950Maine Potato Growers CorpMapletonMEPotatoesBAR
1950Maine Potato Growers CorpMasardisMEPotatoesBAR
1950Maine Potato Growers CorpNew SwedenMEPotatoesBAR
1952Maine Potatoe Bag CoS DoverMEBags, potatoAGE*
1952Maine Potatoe ServicesS DoverMEPotatoesAGE*
1952Maine Poultry ProuctsNew LandsportMEFrozen foodsAGE*
1955Maine Sea ProductsPortlandMEcd seafoodB&M
1950Maine Seaboard Paper CoBucksportMEPaperMEC
1950Maine Spinning CoSkowheganMEYarnsMEC
1960Maine State & Grand Trunk WharvesPortlandMEGrain for exportPT
1955Maine SteelPortlandMEstl prodB&M
1944Maine Wood CoCambridgeMAwood prod, firewoodB&M
1971Maines Candy Paper CoBinghamtonNYPaperEL
2004Maki LumberGardnerMAlumberGRS
1955Malden City Lumber CoMaplewoodMAlbrB&M
1955Malden Coal CoMaplewoodMAcoalB&M
1950Malden Paper CoDetroitMIPaper prods plt*C&O,various
1950Malecki Meats /Manes Sausage & Provision CoBuffaloNYmeat prodvarious
1990Mallet Meadow GoldCarnegiePADairy prodPRR
1950Malloch Sheet Metal ShopSaginawMISheet metal plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1956Malone BakingMaloneNYFlour, sugarRut
1956Malone Concrete ProdsMaloneNYCementRut
1956Malone Feed & Farm SupplyMalone JctNYFeed, fertzRut
1950Malone Paper CoMaloneNYPaperRut
1956Malone Sand & GravelMalone JctNYSandRut
1950Maloney P JDetroitMILbr & coal yd*C&O,various
1955Malrex Chemical CoEdgeworthMAchemsB&M
1959Maltex Co div Heublin CoBurlingtonVTCerealRut
1959Maltex Co div Heublin CoBurlingtonVTFlour, boxesRut
1955Manchester Coal & Ice CoManchesterNHcoal, iceB&M
1955Manchester Food & ProduceManchesterNHgroc, produceB&M
1955Manchester Gas CoManchesterNHLPG, util suppliesB&M
1955Manchester Paper Supply CoManchesterNHpaper prodB&M
1955Manchester Redi-Mix CoManchesterNHcement, aggregatesB&M
1955Manchester Sand & Gravel CoHooksetNHaggregatesB&M
1966Manhattan DoorBushwick BranchNYMillworkLIRR
1950Manhattan Produce YardMeadowsNJVegetables, fruitPRR
1950Manhattan Refrigerating CoNew YorkNYCantaloupes, grapes, potatoes, celeryNYC
1950Manhattan Refrigerating CoNew YorkNYHoneydew melons, pears, fz vegNYC
1950Manistee Cty Rd CommKalevaMISupp ydC&O
1956Manistee ForgeManisteeMIAuto parts, machyC&O
1956Manistee FoundryManisteeMIAuto parts, machyC&O
1950Manistee Mfg CoManisteeMIFurn factoryC&O
1956Manistee OrchardsManisteeMIApplesC&O
1950Manistee Salt WorksManisteeMISalt pltC&O
1990Manistique Pulp & PaperManistiqueMIPulpboardSoo
1950Manley Sand CoSawyerMISand pitC&O
2004Mann ChemicalWarwickRIchemicalsP&W
1976Manning Paper CoGreen IslandNYWoodpulp balesD&H
1950Manning Paper Co J ATroyNYPaper productsD&H
1950Manning-Maxwell-Moore IncMuskegonMICrane mfr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1947Mansky CUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1944Manteca Canning CoBrightonMAcd gdsB&M
1990Maple Creek MineCourtneyPACoalPRR
2004Maple Leaf DistributionBondsvilleMApaperNECR
1965Maplewood Bldg Specialties incNewark HtsNJSlate, bldg prodRV
1970Marathon Oil RefineryWayneMIPetr prodSLS*
1966Marben Lumber & FlooringBayside Team TrackNYLumber, flooringLIRR
1939Marcal Paper MillsE PatersonNJTissues, paper towels, toilet paperNYS&W
1976Marcotte Furn WorldDeering JctMEWooden FurnitureMEC
1976Marcotte Furniture WorldLewistonMEWooden FurnitureMEC
1947Marcy F L CoUticaNYCd veg, otherNYO&W
1950Marienville Glass CoMarienvillePAGlass containersB&O
1950Marinette Paper CoGlens FallsNYPaper productsD&H
1950Marinette Paper CoPt EdwardNYPaperD&H
1990Marino Bros. Scrap & IronRochesterPAScrap ydPRR
1950Marion & WillingBrown CityMIGenl storeC&O
1950Marion Canning Co.MarionNYCanned goodsPRR
1971Marion Grain CoMarionMIPeanut skinsAA
1955Market Forge CoEverettMAI&S prodsB&M
1950Market Service CoBay CityMIWhsl groc*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Markille Coal & Feed CoHartfordMICoal, feedC&O
1950Markle Cement & Coal CoMuskegonMICement, coal yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Marlete Oil & Gas CoMarletteMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Marlette Farmers Coop Elev CoMarletteMICoalC&O
1950Marlette Farmers Coop Elev CoMarletteMIElevC&O
1966Marquett AppliancesBushwick BranchNYAppliancesLIRR
1950Marquette Mfg CoLudingtonMIFurn factory*C&O,Lud&N
1966Marsh Ball ProduceMineolaNYProduceLIRR
1955Marsh J A Coal CoSomervilleMAcoalB&M
1950Marshall Bros Elevator CoPittsburghPAMachyPRR
1950Marshall Wright CoIoniaMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1959Martel & SonLudlowVTFuel, oilRut
1950Martin & SonsLansingMIConcrete block plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Martin BruceHowellMIHay dlr*C&O,AA
1950Martin Chevrolet SalesHemlockMIAuto dlrC&O
1955Martin HardwareNewportNHBituminous, coke, anthrC&C
1955Martin Harold MW HopkintonNHcement baggedC&C
1974Martin LumberGlens FallsNYFinished lumberD&H
1956Martin MariettaStronachMIMagnesium chlorideC&O
1976Martin MariettaSiegfriedPABulk CementCNJ
1976Martin Marietta Cement CoWilmingtonMABulk CementBM
1950Martin Paper Stock CoWatervlietMIPaper prods pltC&O
1944Martin Senour CoBostonMApaintsB&M
1955Martin T J Coal CoWoburnMAcoalB&M
1950Martin Wm Lbr CoBrown CityMIBldrs suppC&O
1976Martin-Marietta Corp.RocklandMECement in BagsMEC
1950Martini L MBrooklynNYGrapes for wineLIRR
2003Martins Elevator IncHagerstownMDUrea, potash, liquid nitrgenCSXT
1950Marvel Refining CoGrand RapidsMIOil refinery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Marvel Schebler Carburetor Div Borg Warner CorpFlintMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW
1950Maryland Chicken Processors IncSnow HillMDMeatPRR
1976Maryland Cup CorpOwings MillMDcups, dkg ppr nstd w/wo lidsWM
1950Maryland Green Marble CorpWhitefordPABuilding materialsMa&Pa
2003Maryland MaterialsLeslieMDaggregate, ore, clay, roofing, slag, fly ashCSXT
2003Maryland MaterialsLeslieMDroofing granules, cement, lime, silicaCSXT
1950Maryland Plastics, IncFederalsburgMDPlasticsPRR
1950Maryland Tobacco Packing CoMarlboroMDTobaccoPRR
1950Masell Mfg CorpYorkPAFurnitureWM
1950Masland C H & SonsCarlislePARugs + upholsteryPRR
1970Mason Coal LoadingMasonPACoal, anthraciteBH&BF*
1950Mason Cty Coop AssnScottvilleMICoal yd, feedC&O
1950Mason Cty Rd CommScottvilleMISupp ydC&O
1950Mass Bay Fish MarketBostonMASeafood, freshUF*
1955Mass Cement BlockMedfordMAcement, fly ash, aggregatesB&M
2004Mass CentralPalmerMAintermodalMCER
1944Mass Coal & Wood CoChelseaMAcoal, firewoodB&M
2004Mass ContainerMarlboroughMAlinerboardCSX
1955Mass Lumber CoS SudburyMAlbrB&M
1955Mass Lumber CoWaylandMAlbrB&M
1955Mass Mohair Plush CoLowellMAtextilesB&M
1955Mass National Guard Ft DevensAyerMAmil eqtB&M
1955Mass Plumbing Supply CoBostonMAplbg suppB&M
1944Mass Poultry Producers CoopCambridgeMApoultryB&M
1944Mass State PrisonCharlestownMAcoal, suppB&M
1944Mass Wood CoChelseaMAwood prod, firewoodB&M
2004Massa A BSuffieldCTpulpCSO
1966Massapequa Fuel Co.MassapequaNYCoal, petr prodLIRR
1950Massey-Harris Implt CoLowellMIImplt dlr*C&O,M&NE
1966Master MillworkGarden CityNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1950Mastercraft Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Masters Planter CoBenton HarborMIImplt plt*C&O,NYC
1950Mastick Earl S CoPlymouthMITractor dlrC&O
1950Mather CollieriesMorgan Twp (Greene Co)PACoal, bituminousMonong
1950Mathews Conveyor CoEllwood CityPAMachineryB&O
1950Mathews DistribSable PtMIMdseGL&N*
1990Mathies MineCoal BluffPACoalPRR
1950Mathieu & SonsBridgemanMIFdyC&O
1955Matinac Packing CoScotiaNYPHPB&M
1990Matls Processing IntlRiverviewMIAuto parts (remfrd)GTW,NYC
1990Matthews & Fields LumberHenriettaNYLumberLV
1955Matthews Lumber CoN SomervilleMAlbrB&M
1970Matton Ship YardsCohoesNYsteel, machyD&H
1955Matz Tanning CoPeabodyMAleatherB&M
1966Maufacturers Corrugated Box CoMaspethNYFiberboardLIRR
1956Maui PineappleCroydonPACanned goodsPRR
1971Mauk E H & SonsVernonMILumberAA
1971Mauk E H & SonsHowellMILumberAA
1950Mauser Milling CoAllentownPAGrainLV
1950Mauthaan JoeGrantMIFertz dlrC&O
1955Maverick MillsRevereMAflourB&M
1950Mavis Nu-Icy Bottling CoDetroitMIBottling plt*C&O,various
1966Max Rosen LumberGarden CityNYLumberLIRR
1950Maxwell Concrete Prods CoBenton HarborMIConcrete prods plt*C&O,NYC
1950May & SchofieldHowellMIStl plt*C&O,AA
1950Maybury Wm H SanitariumNorthvilleMISupp ydC&O
1971Mayco ChemPittsburghPAGrease, yellowNYC
1950Mayer Bros Tool Mfg CoPt AustinMITool pltC&O
1976Mayer PollockPottstownPAScrap Steel*PRR,Rdg
1955Mayflower Gas CoBrattleboroVTLPG, util suppB&M
1952Maynard & Metzger Gas CoS DoverMEPetroleum prodAGE*
1955Maynard CoalMaynardMAcoalB&M
1955Maynard Ordinance Testing StationHudsonMAmil ordnance, explosivesB&M
1971Mays Coal CoRimersburgPACrane (multicar load)PC
1950Mayville Hdw CoMayvilleMIRoofing dlrC&O
1950Mayville Lbr CoMayvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Mazzola J RDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950McArthur Impt CoScottvilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1950McBride & Mott Flour CoDetroitMIFlour dlr*C&O,various
1950McBrides Oil Co (Shell)McBridesMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1990McBroom FeedDerryPAFeedPRR
1950McCabe JAltoMIImplt dlrC&O
1950McCabe JohnKent CityMIFertz dlrC&O
1950McCabe's IncCharlevoixMIHdw, applC&O
1955McCadam Cheese Sales CorpBostonMAcheese, food prodB&M
1990McCain FoodsGoodingsMEPotatoesBAR
1950McCarn MyronAlleganMIFeed, implt dlr*C&O,NYC
1955McCarthy M J Potato CorpBostonMApotatoesB&M
1956McCarthy PackingMaloneNYMeat, beefRut
1950McCarthy-Root Mfg CoDetroitMIAuto parts mfr*C&O,various
1970McCarty QuarryHamptonNYSlateD&H
1950McCaslin W AAldenMIApple shipperC&O
2004McCauley EnterprisesHartfordCTconst / demo debrisCSO
1950McClory Paper & Stationery CoFlintMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,GTW
1950McCollum MurrayUnionvilleMIFertz dlrC&O
2004McConnellBraintreeMAconst / demo debrisCSX
1956McConway & TorleyKutztownPACouplersRdg
1950McConway & TorleyPittsburghPASteel products, scrapPRR
1950McCorkle Oil CoBridgeportMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950McCormick HThompsonvilleMIPulpwood shipper*C&O,AA
1950McCough Coal & Feed CoTraverse CityMICoal yd, feed dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950McCoy Lawrence R & CoWorcesterMALumber*BM,NYC
1950McCrumb G EGrand RapidsMIFeed*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950McCrumb Lbr CoEagleMILbr ydC&O
1950McCrumb Wrecking CoPortlandMILbrC&O
1950McDonald Coal & Brick CoDetroitMIBrick & coal yd*C&O,various
1957McDonald Lumber CoPortlandMEwhsl lbrB&M
1950McDonald Tank & Mfg CoHollyMITank plt*C&O,GTW
1976McDowell & WalkerBainbridgeNYCornD&H
1976McDowell & Walker IncOneontaNYSpent MashD&H
1976McDowell & Walker Inc.AftonNYSpentmash dried grainD&H
1950McEwan Coal CoAlbanyNYCoal, anthracite, bituminousD&H
1939McFadden Publication/Art Color Printing CoDunellenNJMagazines, printed matlCNJ
1950McFaddin Distr CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1955McGinnis C J Fuel CoWaverleyMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955McGlone Varnish CoRevereMApaint prodB&M
1955McGoohan Fuel CoLowellMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1947McGough P SonsUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1955McGrath Storage & Warehouse CoBostonMAmdseB&M
2003McGregor Printing CoWestminsterMDInk Products; PaperMMID
1957McGuire & Jones CoPortlandMEStr stl & iron worksB&M,MEC
1976McIlvan Lbr Co J GWhite MarshMDLumber or timber rough or dressedBO
1982McInerney Sprg & Wire CoGrand RapidsMIWire spgs*NYC,PRR
1950McIntosh Stamping CoDetroitMIStl plt*C&O,various
1976McIntyreAlbanyNYFuel OilD&H
1950McIntyre FrankHerseyMICoal ydC&O
1970McIntyre FuelsMiddleburyVTPetr prodRut
1950McIntyre John G Implt CoMarletteMICoal, implt dlrC&O
1950McKay CoYorkPAChainPRR
1950McKay PressMidlandMINewspaper*C&O,NYC
1950McKenna Bldg SuppliesClareMIBldrs supp*AA,C&O
1966McKeon LumberHicksvilleNYLumberLIRR
1955McKesson & RobbinsBrightwoodMAfood prodB&M
1950McKesson & Robbins IncFairfieldCTWholesale drugs.NH
1976McKinney Jas & Son IncAlbanyNYSteel Plates, beamsD&H
1950McKissick Provision CoNewcastlePAmeat prod*B&O,EL,PRR,P&LE
1950McLain GeoMt PleasantMIAuto dlr*C&O,AA
1947McLaughlin JUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1950McLouth SteelWyandotteMISteel coils, plate, prodsD&TSL
1947McMahon P GUticaNYSugar, cd gdsNYO&W
1950McManus R H & CoDetroitMIMachy dlr*C&O,various
1950McMillen Bros Implt CoLake OdessaMIImplt dlrC&O
1971McNaughton Broom CoBuffaloNYCrushed stone, bagsBCK
1939McNeal Cooperage CoPhillipsburgPABarrelsCNJ
1950McPherson Oil CoS LyonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950McPherson Oil CoWilliamstonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950McPherson Oil CoHowellMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,AA
1950McPherson Oil CoMilfordMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1947McQuade & BanniganUticaNYMachyNYO&W
1955McQuesten Lumber CoBillericaMAlbrB&M
1947McRorie SautterUticaNYAutosNYO&W
1976Md & Va Milk Prod AssnJessupMDNonfat dry milkB&O
1956Md Glass CoCumberlandMDGlassB&O
1976MDC IndustriesPhiladelphiaPASandblasting Sand*PRR,Rdg
1950Meach BrosTraverse CityMIBoat dlrs*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1976Mead ContainerGardnerMApulpboard or fiberboard, 38 rollsBM
1955Mead CorpN LeominsterMAcontainersB&M
1990Mead CorpWorcesterMAPaper envelopes*BM,NYC
1990Mead CorpKalamazooMISchool notebooks, paper prodNYC
1990Mead PaperGroosMIPaperSoo
1994Mead PaperGroosMIPrinting paperWC
1990Mead Paper CoS LeeMAPaperNH
1990Mead Paper CoEscanabaMIPulpwoodE&LS
2004Mead WestvacoPortlandMEcoalGRS
1950Mead-Johnson & CoZeelandMIBaby foods pltC&O
1966Meadowbrook PaperHicksvilleNYPaperLIRR
1950Meadowside Coal CoDunsmorePACoal, anthraciteErie
1990Meadville MetalsMeadvillePAMetals whseErie
1990Meadville Moving & StorageMeadvillePAMdseErie
1976Mearl CorpRoselle ParkNJWater evaporated tank*CNJ,LV,RV
1976Mearl CorpEastportMEWater evaporated tankMEC
1955Mears Fred W Heel CoErvingMAheelsB&M
1955Mears Fred W Heel CoConwayNHheelsB&M
1990Measurement & Flow ControlWilkinsburgPAMachyPRR
2004Mechandise WarehouseWalpoleMAmisc mdseCSX
1955Mechanicville Coal Supply CoMechanicvilleNYcoalB&M
1950Mecosta Cty Rd CommRemusMISupp ydC&O
1950Mecosta Farmers Elev CoRemusMIElevC&O
1944Medford Laundry CoSomervilleMAcoal, soaps, chemB&M
1976Medford TerminalSommersvilleMEWooden FurnitureMEC
1950Medomak Canning CoRocklandMECanned goodsMEC
1950Medorff & RobinsonPhiladelphiaPAProduce wholesaler*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1950Medusa Portland Cement CoCrescentdalePACementP&LE
1947Medusa Portland Cement CoYorkPACementPRR,WM
1950Medusa Portland Cement CoHollandMICement pltC&O
1955Megowan Educator Food CoLowellMAbakeryB&M
2004Megquier & JonesS PortlandMEstructural steelGRS
1971Meijer WhseLansingMIPaperGTW
1950Meister A Feed StoreMuskegonMIFlour, feed*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Meivor J A LumberDetroitMILumber*C&O,various
1950Melling Forging CoLansingMIForging plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Melrath Supply & Gasket CoKensingtonPAAuto partsPRR
1955Melrose GrainMelroseMAgrain, feedB&M
1970Menands Produce MarketMenandsNYproduceD&H
1970Menasha CorpDearbornMIWood productsSLS*
1950Mendham DMilfordMIFertz dlrC&O
1965Menner Packing CoMaplewoodNJPHP, food prodRV
1990Menominee PaperMenomineeMIFiberboardE&LS
1990Mensa CementNew BrightonPAReadymix cementPRR
1950Menzies RHowellMIImplt dlr*C&O,AA
1944Mercantile Produce CoBostonMAproduceB&M
1950Mercer Scrap MetalsSharonPAScrapPRR
1950Mercer Tube & Mfg. CoSharonPATube, iron and steelPRR
1955Merchant BoxGloucesterMAfiberboardB&M
1950Merchant Warehouse Co -- Webb #1PhiladelphiaPACanned Vegetables, ricePRR
1950Merchants Chem CoDetroitMIChem plt*C&O,various
1947Merchants GrocUticaNYSugarNYO&W
1944Merchants Terminal CoBostonMAmdse, grocB&M
1950Merchants Terminal CorpBaltimoreMDAppliances, cd gds, furniture, shoesPRR
1950Merchants Warehouse CoPhiladelphiaPAAir condrs, cd meats, chain, htg eqtPRR
1955Merchants Whse Co (Charles River Stores)BostonMAgrocB&M
1956Merchants Whsl Groc CoCumberlandMDGrocB&O
1960Merck & CoN RahwayNJPharmaceuticals, health care prodPRR
1976Merck CoS DanvillePACaustic Soda LiquidD&H
1976Merck Co, Inc.S DanvillePACaustic sodaD&H
1966Mercury LithoBushwick BranchNYPaper, inkLIRR
1955Meredith Grain StoreMeredithNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Mergraf Oil Prods CoNorthvilleMIBulk oilC&O
1955Merit Paper CoCambridgeMApaper prodB&M
1990MeritexS Bound BrookNJWaste packaging (gondolas)Rdg
1950Merkel Packing CoJamaicaNYmeat prodLI
1976Merkle Press IncWashingtonDCPaper printing rollsBO
1995Merosene Chocolate Co.MansfieldMADry milk, milk prodNH
1955Merrick LumberHolyokeMAlbrB&M
1957Merrill C G CoPortlandMEpaper mill eqtB&M
2004Merrill DistributionScarborough BchMEpaperGRS
2004Merrill DistributionScarborough BchMEpaperGRS
2004Merrill Marine TerminalPortlandMEpaperGRS
1950Merrill Prods CoSaginawMIExcelsior plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
2004Merrill WarehouseS PortlandMEmdseGRS
1955Merrimac Grain CoKeeneNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1955Merrimac Lumber CoLawrenceMAlbrB&M
2004Merrimac PaperLawrenceMApulpGRS
1955Merrimac Paper CoLawrenceMApaper millB&M
1955Merrimack Beef CoLowellMAfresh meatsB&M
1955Merrimack DistributorsManchesterNHgrocB&M
1955Merrimack Essex Electric Light CoLowellMAutil supplyB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchangeManchesterNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgBradfordNHfeedC&C
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgClaremontNHFertz, feedC&C
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgConcordNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgContoocookNHbldg matlsC&C
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgEppingNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1950Merrimack Farmers ExchgEpsomNHCoal, grainSuncV(B&M)
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgExeterNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgFranklinNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgGoffstownNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgHennikerNHCement, anthracite, feedC&C
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgLaconiaNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgMilfordNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgNashuaNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgOssipeeNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgPlymouthNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgRochesterNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgWarnerNHCement, feedC&C
1955Merrimack Farmers ExchgWoodsvilleNHgrain, feed, seed, fertz, bldg matlsB&M
1949Merrimack Farmers' ExchangePeterboroNHFeed, farm suppliesB&M
1970Merrimack PaperLawrenceMApulpB&M
1955Merrimack Paper Tube CoLowellMApaper tubesB&M
1955Merrimack Textile Fibre CoLowellMAtextilesB&M
1955Merrimack Valley Dist CoLawrenceMAgroc, produceB&M
1955Merrimack Valley Supply CoLowellMAbldg suppB&M
1971Mershon Eddy ParkerRosebushMILumberAA
1966Messina Produce/Valley GrocSharonPAProduce, grocPRR
1950Messman J F JrDeckervilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Messoni Coal CoArchbaldPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1950Mesta Machine CoW HomesteadPAMachineryB&O,P&LE
1944Metal Clad Door IncCambridgeMAstl prodB&M
1955Metal FabricatorsWaltham NMAstl prodB&M
1950Metal Glass Prods CoBeldingMIGlass prods pltC&O
1955Metal HydridesTapleyvilleMAchemB&M
2004Metal ManagementHartfordCTscrap metalCSO
2004Metal ManagementN HavenCTscrap metalCSX
1950Metal Office Furn CoGrand RapidsMIStl furn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Metal PurchasingL I City Kearney SidingNYMetal prodLIRR
1990Metal Service Co.ApolloPAStl whsePRR
2004Metals RecyclingProvidenceRIauto fluff, scrap metalP&W
2004Metals USASeekonkRIsteelP&W
1955Methuen Grain CoMethuenMAgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
2004Metro Freezer & StorageNatickMAfrozen foodCSX
1966Metro MillworkBushwick BranchNYLumber, millworkLIRR
1950Metropolitan Clay Prods CoDetroitMIClay & tile dlr*C&O,various
1944Metropolitan Coal CoCambridgeMAcoalB&M
1944Metropolitan District CommMedfordMAutil suppB&M
1944Metropolitan Ice CoSomervilleMAcold stgB&M
1955Metropolitan Transit AuthorityBostonMAutil suppB&M
1947Mettlemen J & SonsUticaNYRags, cotton strippingNYO&W
1950Metz BrosFennvilleMISugar beetsC&O
1944Mexican Petroleum CorpCambridgeMApetr prodB&M
1944Mexican Petroleum CorpChelseaMApetr prodB&M
1950Meyers & SnyderShelbyMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Meyers Don FFreelandMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Meyers Implt Sales CoFremontMIImplt dlrC&O
2003Meyers Liquid FertilizerMt AiryMDLiquid fertilizerCSXT
2004MHFPalmerMAcontaminated wasteMCER
2004MHFWorcesterMAconst / demo debrisP&W
1950MI Bakeries IncTraverse CityMIBakery*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950MI Bean CoRiverdaleMIElevC&O
1950MI Bean CoSaginawMIElev*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950MI Bean CoSanduskyMICoal*C&O,DC&S
1950MI Bean CoSanduskyMIElev*C&O,DC&S
1950MI Bean CoSilverwoodMICoal ydC&O
1950MI Bean CoSilverwoodMIElevC&O
1950MI Bean CoVestaburgMICoal ydC&O
1950MI Bean CoVestaburgMIGrain elevC&O
1950MI Bell Tel CoPlymouthMIPole ydC&O
1950MI Bell Tel CoReed CityMIPole stg*C&O,PRR
1950MI Bell Tel CoTraverse CityMIPole yd*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950MI Chem CoSt LouisMIChem pltC&O
1971MI Cigar CoBig RapidsMIPaperPC
1950MI Consol Gas CoReed CityMISupp yd*C&O,PRR
1950MI Elev ExchgPt HuronMIElev*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950MI Land CoSunfieldMIOnion whseC&O
1950MI Livestock ExchgPortlandMILivestock shipperC&O
1950MI Livestock ExchgSpartaMILivestock shipperC&O
1950MI Orchard Supply CoS HavenMIBox plt*C&O,NYC
1950MI Plbg & Htg Supply CoS HavenMIPlbg & htg whse*C&O,NYC
1950MI Producers Dairy CoSebewaingMIDairyC&O
1950MI Public Svc CoTraverse CityMIGas plt*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950MI Salt CoSt LouisMISalt pltC&O
1950MI St HospTraverse CityMIHospital*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950MI St Hwy DeptPaw PawMISupp ydC&O
1950MI St Hwy DeptS HavenMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950MI St Hwy DeptSanfordMISupp ydC&O
1950MI St Hwy DeptSpartaMISupp ydC&O
1950MI St Hwy DeptSt JosephMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950MI St Hwy DeptStantonMISupp ydC&O
1950MI St Hwy DeptVassarMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950MI St Hwy DeptNewaygoMISupp ydC&O
1950MI Sugar CoSaginawMISugar refinery*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950MI Sugar CoSebewaingMISugar refineryC&O
1950MI Tractor & Machy CoTraverse CityMITractor distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950MI Wineries IncPaw PawMIWineryC&O
1950Mich Assoc Tel CoGrand LedgeMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich Assoc Tel CoMilfordMISupp ydC&O
1950Mich Assoc Tel CoMuskegonMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Mich BakeriesPetoskeyMIBakery*C&O,PRR
1950Mich Bakeries IncGrand RapidsMIBakery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Bakeries IncMuskegonMIBakery*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Mich Baking CoFlintMIBakery*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Bean CoAlmaMIElevator*AA,C&O
1950Mich Bean CoBlanchardMICoalC&O
1950Mich Bean CoBlanchardMIElevC&O
1950Mich Bean CoCroswellMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Mich Bean CoCroswellMICoalC&O
1950Mich Bean CoDeckervilleMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Mich Bean CoDeckervilleMICoalC&O
1950Mich Bean CoMerrillMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Mich Bean CoMerrillMICoalC&O
1950Mich Bean CoMidlandMIBeans, grain*C&O,NYC
1950Mich Bean CoMidlandMICoal*C&O,NYC
1950Mich Bell Tel CoDetroitMISupp yd*C&O,various
1950Mich Bell Tel CoEllsworthMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich Bell Tel CoGrand RapidsMISupply yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Bell Tel CoIoniaMISupp yd*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Bell Tel CoLansingMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Bell Tel CoMonroeMISupp yd*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Bell Telephone CoCentral LakeMIPole ydC&O
1950Mich Bell Telephone CoCharlevoixMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich Blue Print & Supply CoDetroitMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,various
1950Mich Broach CoDetroitMITool plt*C&O,various
1950Mich Certified Concrete Prods CoGrand RapidsMIConcrete prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Certified Seed Growers AssnEllsworthMIPotato whseC&O
1950Mich Colprovia CoGrand RapidsMIAsphalt plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Consol Gas CoDetroitMICoal sta*C&O,various
1950Mich Consol Gas CoGrand RapidsMIGas mfr, appl*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Consol Gas CoLudingtonMISupp yd*C&O,Lud&N
1950Mich Consol Gas CoMuskegonMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Mich Cottage Cheese CoNew RichmondMICheeseC&O
1950Mich Elev ExchgAlleganMIElev*C&O,NYC
1950Mich Eqt SalesLansingMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Fdy & Supply CoMuskegonMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Mich Fleet Eqt CoGrand RapidsMITruck tank plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Frame CoGrand RapidsMIFurn frame plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Fruit Canners incFennvilleMICanning pltC&O
1956Mich Fuel & Light CoSturgisMISteel pipePRR
1950Mich Gas & Elec CoHollandMISupp ydC&O
1950Mich Gas Heat CoFlintMIHtg supp whse*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Hdw CoGrand RapidsMIHdw*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Hydrant & Valve CoDetroitMIStl pipe plt*C&O,various
1950Mich Ind Pipe SupplyWyandotteMIPlumbing materialsNYC
1950Mich Insul & Roofing CoGrand RapidsMIInsul & roofing dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Insul CoLansingMIInsul dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Land CoAltoMIProduce dlrC&O
1950Mich Land CoClarksvilleMIProduce shipperC&O
1950Mich Land CoIoniaMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Lbr CoManisteeMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Mich Liquor Control CommDetroitMILiquor whse*C&O,various
1950Mich Liquor Control CommLansingMILiquor whse, wineC&O
1950Mich Lithographing CoGrand RapidsMIPrinters*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Metal & Supply CoDetroitMIRefiners non-ferrous metals*C&O,various
1950Mich Pickle CoLakeviewMIPickle staC&O
1950Mich Piggery CoGrand RapidsMILivestock feeders*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Pipe CpBay CityMIPipe plt*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Potato GrowersGrawnMIPotato whseC&O
1950Mich Potato Growers ExchgEllsworthMIPotato whseC&O
1950Mich Potato Growers ExchgKalevaMIPotato whseC&O
1950Mich Powdered Metal CoNorthvilleMIMetal prods pltC&O
1950Mich Power Shovel CoBenton HarborMIShovel plt*C&O,NYC
1950Mich Processed FoodsLowellMIPotato flour*C&O,M&NE
1950Mich Processed Foods IncGreenvilleMIDehydrated foods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Prods IncLansingMIChem dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Pub SvcGrawnMIPole ydC&O
1950Mich Pub Svc CoLudingtonMISupp yd*C&O,Lud&N
1950Mich Refr & Whse CoLansingMICold & dry stg plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Refrig Trkg Svc IncDetroitMIPool cars*C&O,various
1950Mich Ring Free Oil CoFlintMIBulk oil*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Rural Elec CoBellaireMIPole yd*C&O,EJ&S
1950Mich School for the BlindLansingMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich School for the DeafFlintMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1950Mich Sheet Metal Works CoLansingMIRoofing & sheet metal dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Shore Lbr & Supply CoCabletonMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Mich Shore Lbr & Supply CoColomaMICoal, lbr, bldrs suppC&O
1950Mich St Bd of HealthLansingMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich St Coal & Scrap CoFlintMICoal*C&O,GTW
1950Mich St CollegeLansingMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich St Hwy DeptCharlevoixMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich St Hwy DeptDetroitMISupply yd*C&O,various
1950Mich St Hwy DeptFlintMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1950Mich St Hwy DeptGrand LedgeMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich St Hwy DeptGrand RapidsMISupply yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich St Hwy DeptMt PleasantMISupp yd*C&O,AA
1950Mich St Hwy DeptMuskegonMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Mich St IndIoniaMIFurn & shirt factory*C&O,GTW
1950Mich St Seed CoGrand LedgeMISeedsC&O
1950Mich State Hwy DeptBaldwinMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich State Hwy DeptBay CityMISupply yd*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Mich State Hwy DeptBrightonMISupply ydC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoAlmaMISugar refinery*AA,C&O
1950Mich Sugar CoCentral LakeMISugar beetsC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoCharlevoixMISugar beetsC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoCroswellMIMolasses, sugarC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoDeckervilleMISugar refineryC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoEllsworthMISugar beetsC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoHarbor BeachMISugar beetsC&O
1950Mich Sugar CoLansingMISugar refinery*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Mich Supply AssocClioMICoal ydC&O
1950Mich Tag CoGrand RapidsMIPaper prods plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Tank & furnace CoDetroitMIRange & boiler plt*C&O,various
1950Mich Terl WhseDetroitMIPublic whse*C&O,various
1950Mich Tile & Marble CoDetroitMITile, marble*C&O,various
1950Mich Tractor & Machy CoDetroitMITractor, constr machy dlr*C&O,various
1950Mich Tractor & Machy CoGrand RapidsMITractor dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Wheel CoGrand RapidsMIWheel plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Whsl Groc CoGrand RapidsMIWhsl groc*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mich Wool Prods CoBenton HarborMITextile plt*C&O,NYC
1950Mich-I-Penn Oil & Grease CoDetroitMIBulk oil & grease*C&O,various
1950Michael Berkowitz Coal CoUniontownPAClothing productsB&O
1976Michelin Tire & Rubber of CdaWoodlandMErubber synthetic crudeMEC
1956Michigan State UnivE LansingMICoal, bituminousC&O
1950Michigan Bean CoAlmaMICoal*AA,C&O
1956Michigan Elevator ExchangeCarrolltonMISoybean mealC&O
1950Michigan Furnture CoGrand BayMIAuto seats, cabinmets, furnitureGL&N*
1956Michigan PackagingEaton RapidsMIFiberboardNYC
1956Michigan PackagingGrand RapidsMIFiberboardPRR
1956Michigan PackagingMasonMIFiberboardNYC
1981Michigan Silica Sand (1981)RockwoodMISandD&TSL
2004Micron PlasticsAyerMAplastic pelletsGRS
1990Mid America PackagingOakmontPAContainersPRR
1956Mid America RecyclingClareMIScrap metalAA
1976Mid City Press incPhiladelphiaPAPaper printing rollsBO
1954Mid State Packing CoE BuffaloNYCattleWab
1950Mid West Refining CoGrand RapidsMIOil refinery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004Mid-City ScrapWestportMAscrap metalBCLR
2004Mid-City ScrapWestportMAstructural steelBCLR
1950Mid-State Fdy CoClioMIFdyC&O
1990Mid-State LumberBranchvilleNJLumberCNJ
2004Mid-State RecoveryPortlandCTconst / demo debrisP&W
2004Mid-States bulk transferWorcesterMAplastic pelletsP&W
1971Mid-States Fruit CoCadillacMIPaper, flourAA
2004Mid-States WarehouseWorcesterMAplastic pelletsP&W
1950Mid-West Fdy Sand CoSawyerMISand pitC&O
1959Middlebury CollegeMiddleburyVTCoalRut
1944Middlesex Cty Farm Bureau IncCambridgeMAgrain, feedB&M
1955Middlesex Lumber & FuelBedfordMAlbr, coal, petr prodB&M
1955Middlesex Printing CoCambridgeMAprinting paperB&M
1955Middlesex Reed CoWakefieldMAmusical instr, suppliesB&M
1951Middletown Milk & Cream CoFt EdwardNYCreameryD&H
2004Middletown SewerMiddletownCTsludgeP&W
1950Midland Ammonia CoMidlandMIAmmonia plt*C&O,NYC
1950Midland City ofMidlandMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950Midland Cty Rd CommMidlandMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950Midland Farmers Elev CoMidlandMIElev*C&O,NYC
1950Midland Farmers Elev CoMidlandMIFertz*C&O,NYC
1950Midland Paper CoMidlandMIPaper prods plt*C&O,NYC
1962Midland Wire CorpThree RiversMICopper rods rolled unfinished not drawnNYC
1955Midstate Gas CoAtholMALPGB&M
1950Midtown Veal & Mutton CoElizabethNJmeat prod*PRR,CNJ
1950Midway Tool CoMt PleasantMIOilwell supp yd*C&O,AA
1950Midwest Bldg Distr CoSt LouisMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Midwest Door CoDetroitMIDoors*C&O,various
1950Midwest Plywood CoDetroitMIPlywood dlr*C&O,various
1950Midwest Refineries IncAlmaMIOil refinery*AA,C&O
1950Midwest Whsl Groc CoDetroitMIWhsl groc*C&O,various
1950Mifflin Packing CoReedsvillePACanned goodsPRR
1950Mihlethaler CoHarbor BeachMICoal, genl storeC&O
1971Milan Lbr CoMilanMILumberAA
1950Milan WineriesDetroitMIWine distr*C&O,various
1959Miles Lbr CoArlingtonVTLbr, bldg matlsRut
1950Miles Machy CoSaginawMIMachy dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Milford BakeryMilfordMIBakeryC&O
1955Milford Grain & Coal CoMilfordNHgrain, feed, coalB&M
1950Milford Village ofMilfordMISupp ydC&O
1950Milk Dlrs Bottle ExchgLansingMIBottle exchg dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1995Mill SupplyW HavenCTSteelNH
1950Millburg Growers ExchgBenton HarborMIFruit shipper*C&O,NYC
1985Millburn FeedSpringfieldNJFeedRV
1939Miller BSomervilleNJCoal, feedCNJ
1950Miller BrosManisteeMIScrap ydC&O
1950Miller Chevrolet CoGrand HavenMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Miller Eqt CoGrand RapidsMIContr machy dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1982Miller Herman Furn CoZeelandMIFurn office wood, public bldgC&O
1950Miller Howard Clock CoZeelandMINovelty prods pltC&O
1950Miller J C CoGrand RapidsMIChems dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Miller J G Silica Sand CoLewistownPASand, glassPRR
1950Miller Junk & Waste CoLancasterPAIron and steel, scrapPRR
1950Miller Lbr CoGrand BlancMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1955Miller Oil CoWalthamMApetr prodB&M
1950Miller R D NurseryLansingMINursery stock dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Miller Ready MixWestboroNHcement, aggregatesB&M
1950Miller Stamping CoDetroitMIFuel oil tank plt*C&O,various
1950Miller Tractor Sales CoAlleganMITractor dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Miller W EFountainMIFruit shipperC&O
1950Miller W E CoTallmanMIApple shipperC&O
1976Millers Falls Paper Co. Inc.Millers FallsMAWood Pulp, not powdered, NOIBN; coalBM
1950Milliken Door & Trim CoDetroitMIDoor sash & trim dlr*C&O,various
1957Milliken Thomlinson CoPortlandMEwhsl grocB&M
1976Milliken TomlinsonPresque IsleMEPaper Bags (NOIBN)BAR
2004Millis IndustriesE FreetownMAscrap metal, crushed autosCSX
1950Mills C W Paper CoGrand RapidsMIStore supp, paper prods dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mills C W Paper CoTraverse CityMIPaper dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1955Milstone Undergarment CorpHoosick FallsNYclothingB&M
1956Milton Coop CreameryAlburghVTCreameryRut
1955Milton Leather Board CoMiltonNHleather prodB&M
1976Milton Mfg. Co.MiltonPAsteel rebar*PRR,Rdg
1950Minardo BrosBangorMIApple shipperC&O
1950Mindel M & SonsBenton HarborMIScrap yd*C&O,NYC
1950Minden City Gas & Oil CoMinden CityMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1966Mineola CoalMineolaNYCoalLIRR
1966Mineola PlumbingMineolaNYPldg gdsLIRR
1966Mineola WasteMineolaNYScrapLIRR
1955Minnesota Valley CanningCharlestownMAcd gdsB&M
1950Minor Walton Bean CoMullikenMICoal, feedC&O
1950Minor Walton Bean CoMullikenMIGrainC&O
1959Mintzer BrosRutlandVTGrain, flourD&H
1959Mintzer BrosRutlandVTHdw, bldg matlsRut
1955Minute Tapioca CoOrangeMAfood prodB&M
1947Mirabito JSidneyNYGrainNYO&W,D&H
1966Miron LumberBushwick BranchNYLumberLIRR
1955Miron MillsClintonMAgrain, feedB&M
1950Miskotten EdHamiltonMIFeed dlrC&O
1955Mitchell Baking CoSomervilleMAbakeryB&M
1982Mitchell CorpOwossoMIMV parts & accGTW
1950Mitchell Hay CoGrand LedgeMIHay shipperC&O
1950Mitchell Hay CoLake OdessaMIHay shipperC&O
1950Mitchell R L CoGrand RapidsMIFood brokers*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Mitchell-Rand CorpJersey CityNJRoofing (shingles)CNJ
1950Mkt Dlrs Svc CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1990Mn Mining & MfgBelle MeadNJMachine partsRdg
1950Mntgomery Ward CoAlmaMIWhse*AA,C&O
1956Mobil ChemicalStratfordCTPlastic pelletsNH
1956Mobil ChemicalHolyokeMAPlastic pelletsB&M
1956Mobil ChemicalHolyokeMAStyrene monomerB&M
1956Mobil ChemicalEdisonNJLube oil, additivesPRR
1956Mobil OilPaulsboroNJAviation fuel, diesel, fuel oil, gaslinePRSL
1956Mobil OilPaulsboroNJLube oil, LPGPRSL
1976Mobil OilAlbanyNYFuel oilD&H
1959Mobil Oil CoBurlingtonVTGas, oilRut
1959Mobil Oil CoBurlingtonVTLPGRut
1959Mobil Oil CoRutlandVTOil prodsRut
1971Mobil Oil CoFordhavenMILube oil, drumsDTI
1976Mobil Oil CorpPaulsboroNJAlkaline Corrosive Liq NOS Sulfide WastePRSL
1950Mobile Trlr CoFlintMIAuto trlr plt*C&O,GTW
1955Modene Paint CoChelseaMApaintsB&M
1950Modern Bev CoHollandMIBev dlrC&O
1950Modern Brick CoSaginawMIBrick, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Modern Plastics CorpBenton HarborMIPlastics plt*C&O,NYC
1950Modern-Crete IncFlintMIConcrete prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Modernize Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Mogan David WineWestfieldNYWineNYC
1950Mohawk Carpet MillsAmsterdamNYCarpets & RugsNYC
1947Mohawk Contr CoUticaNYPaper prodsNYO&W
1976Mohawk Europa Inc Beebe Rubber DivNashuaNHKaolin clayB&M
1944Mohawk Paper MillsBostonMApaper prodB&M
1976Mohawk Paper Mills IncCohoesNYClay in water, clay bulkD&H
1950Mohawk Paper Mills IncCohoesNYPapers, printingD&H
1976Mohawk Paper Mills IncCohoesNYWoodpulpD&H
1947Mohawk Valley FuelUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1982Molded Fiber Glass CosUnion CityPAFiberglass plastic prod, concrete moldsErie
1982Molded Fiber Glass Tray CoLinesvillePAFiberglass plastic prod, concrete moldsPRR
1950Molded Fibre IncAlleganMIFibre prods plt*C&O,NYC
1966Molloy Bros. Joyland FeedFreeportNYGrain, feedLIRR
1950Mona Lake Ice & Fuel CoMuskegonMICoal, ice*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1949Monadnock LumberPeterboroNHLumberB&M
1976Monadnock Paper MillsBenningtonNHBulk ClayBM
1955Monadnock Paper MillsBenningtonNHpaper millB&M
1976Monadnock Paper MillsBenningtonNHWoodpulp N/Grd or Pwdrd balesBM
1955Monarch Finer Foods CoSomervilleMAcd gdsB&M
1966Monarch LumberBushwick BranchNYLumberLIRR
1955Monarch Packing CoSalemMAfood prodB&M
1944Monarch Retinning CoE CambridgeMAmetal prodB&M
1944Monarch Shoe CoBostonMAshoesB&M
1950Monette E JBrunswickMICoal, feed, seedC&O
1959Monier's UtilitiesChesterVTLPGRut
1950Monitor Sugar CoBay CityMISugar (beet) bags, bulk, molassesGTW
1950Monmouth Canning CoMonmouthMECanned goodsMEC
1957Monmouth Canning CoPortlandMEcd gds (Maine Canned Foods)B&M,PT
1990Monongahela Iron & MetalMonongahelaPAScrap ydPRR
1950Monroe Beer DistrMonroeMIBev dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Bev CoMonroeMIBev dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Coca Cola Bottling CoMonroeMIBottling plt*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Coop Oil CoMonroeMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Cty AAAMonroeMIFertz dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Cty InformaryMonroeMICty farm*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Cty Rd CommMonroeMISupp yd*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Ice & Prods CoMonroeMIIce, bev dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe L C CoMuskegonMIBldg supp*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Monroe NurseryMonroeMINursery stock, implt dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Paper Prods CoMonroeMIPaper prods plt*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Stl Castings CoMonroeMIFdy*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Tool & mfg CoMonroeMITool plt*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Monroe Welding Supply CoMonroeMIWelding supp dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1956MonsantoTrentonMIPhosphoric acidNYC
1956MonsantoKearnyNJEthylene oxide, phosphorus, soda ashPRR
1956MonsantoKearnyNJNonyl dodecyl phenolPRR
1956MonsantoKearnyNJPara cumyl phenol, phosphoric acidPRR
1955Monsanto Chemical CoPortlandMEchemB&M
1955Monsanto Chemical Co Merrimac DivEverettMAchemB&M
1960Monsell Bros.PatchogueNYBuilding Supplies, concreteLIRR
1966Monsieur Henri WinesBushwick BranchNYWinesLIRR
2004MonsonS PortlandMEchemicalsGRS
1952Monson-Moosehead FurnitureS DoverMEFurnitureAGE*
1976Montany & Montany, IncGassettsVTAnthracite CoalRut
1966Montauk SteelL I City Degnon TerlNYSteel prodLIRR
1950Montcalm Creamery CoGreenvilleMIDairy*C&O,GTW
1950Montcalm Cty Ag CommStantonMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Montcalm Cty Rd CommStantonMISupp ydC&O
1950Montcalm Cty Rd CommGreenvilleMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1950Montcalm Cty Rd CommLakeviewMISupp ydC&O
1950Montgomery J Lee Coal CoHollyMICoal yd*C&O,GTW
1990Montgomery LumberFreeportPALbrPRR
1950Montgomery Mills IncMontgomeryPAFabric, naturalPRR
1950Montgomery WardAlbanyNYHard goodsD&H
1950Montgomery WardAlbanyNYHard goods, wall cabinets, furnitureD&H
1950Montgomery WardAlbanyNYHardware, htg eqt, linoleum, paint, plasticsD&H
1950Montgomery WardAlbanyNYPlumbing fixt, radios, rugs & upholsteryD&H
1950Montgomery WardAlbanyNYShoes, tools, toysD&H
1976Montgomery WardAlbanyNYUph FurnitureD&H
1976Montgomery WardAlbanyNYWall Cabinets, appl, fixt gas & elec, furnD&H
1950Montgomery Ward & CoSaginawMIwhse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1980Montgomery Ward & CoNew StantonPAMdseB&O
1950Montgomery Ward & CoBaltimoreMDAir condrs, furn folding, appl, clothingPRR, B&O
1950Montgomery Ward & CoBaltimoreMDFixtures, gas + elec, furn, hdw, htg eqtPRR, B&O
1950Montgomery Ward & CoBaltimoreMDLinoleum, paint, plastic prod, plbg fixtPRR, B&O
1950Montgomery Ward & CoBaltimoreMDRugs + upholstery, radios, shoes, tools, toysPRR, B&O
1950Montgomery Ward CoLansingMIWhse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Montgomery Ward CoMuskegonMIDept store*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Montgomery Ward CoPt HuronMIWhse*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Montgomery-Ward CoPetoskeyMIWhse*C&O,PRR
1955Montouri Oil CoFitchburgMApetr rpodB&M
1950Mooi Geo Rofing CoHollandMIRoofing dlrC&O
1990Mooney ChemicalFranklinPAChems*Erie,NYC,PRR
1950Moore & Carter CoCroswellMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1950Moore & Carter Lbr CoSanduskyMICoal, lbr yd*C&O,DC&S
1959Moore & ThompsonBellows FallsVTPaper prodRut
1959Moore & ThompsonBellows FallsVTPaper, coalRut
1955Moore Drop Forging CoBrightwoodMAI&S forgingsB&M
1955Moore Drop Forging CoChicopeeMAI&S forgingsB&M
1955Moore G C Wool Scouring MillN ChelmsfordMAwoolB&M
1955Moore GeoNewburyNHpulpwoodC&C
1955Moore GeoNewportNHpulpwoodC&C
1950Moore HarryBellaireMIPulpwood, bolts shipper*C&O,EJ&S
1951Moore J WCenter RutlandVTPulpwoodD&H
2004Moore LumberAyerMAlumberGRS
1990Moore MetalS GreensburgPAMetals whsePRR
1950Moored F & SonsAlleganMIImplt dlr*C&O,NYC
1944Mooremack Gulf LinesBostonMAmdseB&M
1950Moose River Shoe CoOld TownMEShoesMEC
1955Mor Pak Preserving CoCharlestownMAfood prodB&M
1955Moran Coal CoLynnMAcoalB&M
1950Morden Oil CoLansingMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Morehouse Baking CoLawrenceMAbakeryB&M
1971Morenci Crop SvcMorenciMIPotashPC
2004MorganW HavenCTlumberCSX
1955Morgan ConstructionWorcesterMAcontrB&M
1950Morgan J C Canning CoTraverse CityMICanning plt*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1944Morgan LineBostonMAmdseB&M
1971Morgan MillworkWhite MarshMDWoodworkB&O
1950Morgan Motor CoYaleMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Morgan RBangorMIStone dlrC&O
1950Moringstar M LFremontMITractor dlrC&O
1950Morley BrosGrand RapidsMIHdw, appl, floor coverings*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Morley BrosSaginawMIWhsl hdw*C&O,GTW,NYC
1944Morrell John & CoE CambridgeMAfresh meatsB&M
1950Morrell John & CoGrand RapidsMIPHP dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Morrill Geo H Div Sun Chem CoDetroitMIInk mfr*C&O,various
1955Morrill Leather CoPeabodyMAleatherB&M
1955Morrills Coal & Gas CoDeering JctMEcoal, LPGB&M
1950Morrin HaroldErieMIChem dlrC&O
1950Morris Glenn JMonroeMIImplt dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1956Morris Sand & GravelWhite PigeonMIStoneNYC
2003Morris ServicesBaltimoreMDPaper prodsCSXT
1950Morris Wm & SonIoniaMIContr*C&O,GTW
1950Morrisdale C Mng Co Mapleton 5BoyntonPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Morrison & SchiffBrightonMAmeat prodNYC
1955Morrison Knudsen CoRevereMAcontrB&M
1955Morrison Knudsen Landers & GriffinPortsmouthNHcontrB&M
1976Morrison Lumber CoChapmantownVTLumber white pine pkgs sl&cRut
1955Morrison Mills IncManchesterNHtextilesB&M
1950Morrison P GAngellMIFertz dlrC&O
1947Morrison Ry SupplyUticaNYRailsNYO&W
1956Morrisville Scrap MetalsMorrisvillePAScrap metalPRR
1950Morse A B CoSt JosephMICatalog publisher*C&O,NYC
1950Morse ElmerShelbyMIFruit shipperC&O
1950Morton Mfg CoMuskegonMIMachy mfr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1956Morton SaltManisteeMISalt bags, bulkC&O
1950Morton SaltMarysvilleMISalt bags, bulkPH&D
1990Morton SaltSilver SpringsNYSaltErie, Gen&Wyo
1955Morton Warehouse CorpNashuaNHmdseB&M
1955Morton Warehouse CorpLawrenceMAmdseB&M
1955Mosaic TileWalthamMAtile, flooringB&M
1950Moseler Distr CoManisteeMIBev distrC&O
1950Moshers BakerySanduskyMIBakery*C&O,DC&S
1974Mosley H A & SonsEagle BridgeNYFeedD&H
1950Motley Coal CoMayfieldPACoal, anthraciteD&H
1955Motor Car SupplyManchesterNHauto parts, tiresB&M
1982Motor Wheel Sub Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoLansingMIAuto, truck weheels, brake drums, rotors*NYC,GTW
1950Motors Metal Mfg CoDetroitMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,various
1956Mott OrchardsFlintMIApplesC&O
1995Mou FarmsFrankfordDECorn meal, animal feedsPRR
1955Moulton Ladder Mfg CoSomervilleMAladders, wood prodB&M
1950Mowery OwenMilfordMICoal ydC&O
1990Moyer A D LumberBoyertownPALumberRdg
1950Moyer Bev CoFlintMIBev dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Mpls Moline Power Implt CoGrand LedgeMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Mpls-Moline Power CoLansingMIFarm implts*C&O,GTW,NYC
1990Mrs Smiths BakeriesPottstownPAPressed foil prods (pie tins)*PRR,Rdg
2004MSR BrickMiddletownCTbricksP&W
2004MSW transfer facilityOtisMAmunicipal solid wasteBCLR
2004MSW transfer facilityYarmouthMAmunicipal solid waste, sludgeBCLR
1955Mt Jewett Sand CoLashersNYsand, aggregatesB&M
1950Mt Morris Lbr & Supply CoGeneseeMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Mt Morris Lbr & Supply CoMt MorrisMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Mt Morris Woodworking CoMt MorrisMIWoodworking prods pltC&O
1950Mt Pleasant City ofMt PleasantMISupp yd*C&O,AA
1950Mt Pleasant Coop Elev CoMt PleasantMIElev*C&O,AA
1950Mt Pleasant Lbr CoMt PleasantMICoal & lbr yd*C&O,AA
1976Mt Savage RefractoriesMt SavageMDBrick, Fire ClayWM
1976Mt Washington Scenic RyFaybanNHCoalBM
1950Mudge A A & SonsAftonNYFeedD&H
1950Mueller Brass CoPort HuronMIHardware, plumbing matlGTW
1982Mueller Brass CoPt HuronMINonferr smeltg, ref, alum extr prod*C&O,PRR,PH&D
1950Mueller Wm & SonArthurMIElevC&O
1950Muir's Cut Rate Drug StoresGrand RapidsMIDrug distr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Mulder WillisHollandMIProduce dlrC&O
1966Muldoon BreweryBushwick BranchNYbeerLIRR
1950Mulkey J F CoDetroitMIHtg eqt plt*C&O,various
1950Muller E B & CoBad AxeMIChicory pltC&O
1950Muller E B & CoMt PleasantMIChicory plt*C&O,AA
1966Muller PaperL I City Degnon TerlNYpaperLIRR
1976Mullin C K Inc % White Pigment CorpWalthamMAClay in bagsBM
1944Munder Cork CorpCambridgeMAcork prodB&M
1950Mundet Cork CorpDetroitMIAuto accessories, cork insul plt*C&O,various
1950Municipal PierJersey CityNJMdse, food prods, mach tools, machy, plasticsPRR
1950Municipal PierJersey CityNJSteel products, misc.PRR
1950Murphy BernardHemlockMIFertz dlrC&O
1955Murphy Coal CoPeabodyMAcoalB&M
1950Murray Corp. of AmericaScrantonPAAppliancesD&H
1950Murray Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Murray Printing CoForge VillageMAprinting paperB&M
1955Murray Printing CoN WilmingtonMAprinting paperB&M
1955Murray Tire CoChelseaMAtiresB&M
1947Murray Whse CoUticaNYGrain, cd gdsNYO&W
1950Muskegon Barrel CoMuskegonMIBarrel factory*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Bev Distr CoMuskegonMIBeer distr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Bldg Matls CoMuskegonMICoal, bldrs supp*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon ChronicleMuskegonMINewspaper*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon City ofMuskegonMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Coop Celery Growers AssnMuskegonMICelery shipper*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Cty Rd CommWhitehall-MontagueMISupp ydC&O
1950Muskegon Farm Supply CoMuskegonMIFeed*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Hdw & Supply CoMuskegonMIHdw*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Hts Furn CoMuskegonMIFurn dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Lbr & Fuel CoMuskegonMICoal & lbr yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Meat CoMuskegonMIPacking house*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Motor Specialties CoMuskegonMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Paper Box CoMuskegonMIPaper prods plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1982Muskegon Piston Ring CoMuskegonMIMachy*C&O,GTW
1950Muskegon Piston Ring CoSpartaMIFdyC&O
1950Muskegon Rag & Metal CoMuskegonMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskegon Whsl Groc CoMuskegonMIWhsl groc*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Muskin Shoe CoMillersburgPAShoesRdg
1950Mussleman C H CoBiglervillePACanned goodsRdg
1950Mutchler Coal CoAlleganMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1950Mutter HHowellMITire dlr*C&O,AA
1947Mutual Box BdUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1955Mutual Citrus CoE CambridgeMAproduceB&M
1955Mutual Oil CoBiddefordMEpetr prodB&M
1950Mutz RhineBridgemanMIFertz dlrC&O
1955Mystic Bituminous Products CoEverettMAtar, asphaltB&M
1955Mystic Coal Dock IncBostonMAcoalB&M
1955Mystic Gas CoEdgeworthMAutil suppB&M
1955Mystic Iron WorksEverettMAI&S prodB&M
1955Mystic Steel CoCambridgeMAstl prodB&M
1955Mystic Wharf StoresBostonMAmdseB&M
1955N Adams Flour & Grain CoN AdamsMAflour, grain, feedB&M
1955N Andover Coal CoN AndoverMAcoalB&M
1955N Berkshire Gas CoN AdamsMALPG, util suppB&M
1944N Cambridge Coal CoN CambridgeMAcoalB&M
1955N Deering Lumber CoNashuaNHlbrB&M
1976N L IndustriesNorth CreekNYIlmenite ore, magnetite ore, sintered iron oreD&H
1977N L IndustriesTahawusNYIlmenite (titanium) ore, magnetite oreD&H
1977N L IndustriesTahawusNYSintered iron oreD&H
1944N Shore FuelRevereMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1955N Shore Steel CoLynnMAstl prodB&M
1955N Shore Waste Paper CoPeabodyMAwaste paperB&M
1955N Shore Waste Paper CoSalemMAwaste paperB&M
1955N Somerville Fuel CoN SomervilleMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1951N Y S Elec & Gas CoGranvilleNYPropaneD&H
1990NabiscoNiagara FallsNYShredded Wheat, Triscuits*DL&W,LV,NYC,PRR
1990NabiscoE LibertyPABakeryPRR
1950Nachtegal Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1959Nadeau JosN BenningtonVTAnthraciteRut
2004Nadel IndustriesStratfordCTplastic pelletsCSX
1950Nagel Iron & Metal CoBreckenridgeMIScrap ydC&O
1950Nagel, IncLong Island CityNYmeat prodLI
1950Nagy Pickling CoDeckervilleMICanning pltC&O
1950Naph-Sol Refining CoGrand JctMICrude oil loadingC&O
1950Naph-Sol Refining CoMuskegonMIOil refinery*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Naph-Sol Refining CoRemusMICrude oil loadingC&O
1950Naph-Sol Refining CoZeelandMICrude oil loadingC&O
1955Nash KelvinatorWatertownMAapplB&M
1950Nash-KelvinatorGrand RapidsMIAppliancesPRR
1950Nash-Kelvinator CorpDetroitMIRefrigerator plt*C&O,various
1955Nashau Wholesale Groc CoNashuaNHgroc, produceB&M
1960NashuaGreen IslandNYAdhesive tapeD&H
1960NashuaGreen IslandNYPaper, resins, sandD&H
1955Nashua BeefNashuaNHfresh meatB&M
1976Nashua CorpMerrimackNHPaper Wrapping No1bn SL&CB&M
1976Nashua CorpNashuaNHpaper, wrapping noibnBM
1955Nashua FinishingNashuaNHtextilesB&M
1955Nashua FoundryNashuaNHfdyB&M
1955Nashua GrainNashuaNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1955Nashua HeelNashuaNHheelsB&M
1955Nashua Iron & Metal CoNashuaNHscrap metalB&M
1950Nashua Mfg CoMonmouthMEBlanketsMEC
1955Nashua Motor ExpressNashuaNHBeef, PHPB&M
1955Nashua Textile CoNashuaNHtextilesB&M
1966Nassau Hardwood FlooringWestburyNYFlooringLIRR
1966Nassau Suffolk FuelHuntingtonNYCoal, petr prodLIRR
1966Nassau Suffolk LumberAmityvilleNYLumberLIRR
1966Nassau Suffolk LumberGlen CoveNYLumberLIRR
1966Nassau Suffolk LumberHuntingtonNYLumberLIRR
1950Nat'l Plastic Products CoOdentonMDPlasticPRR
1950Nat'l. Auto FibresWaterfordNYAuto partsD&H
1947Nathan A E SonUticaNYRags & waste paperNYO&W
1944National Aniline & Chemical CoE CambridgeMAchemsB&M
1955National Bank BookHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1950National BearingMeadvillePABall Bearings*B&LE,EL
1950National BiscuitBeaconNYCompany Labels*NYC,NH
1950National BiscuitBeaconNYFlour*NYC,NH
1955National Biscuit CoDoverNHwhsl bakersB&M
1955National Biscuit CoLebanonNHwhsl bakersB&M
1955National Biscuit CoManchesterNHwhsl bakersB&M
1950National Biscuit CoPittsburghPABaked goodsPRR
1955National Biscuit CoFitchburgMAwhsl bakersB&M
1955National Biscuit CoLawrenceMAwhsl bakersB&M
1944National Biscuit CoSomervilleMAwhsl bakersB&M
1957National Biscuit CoPortlandMEwhsl bakersB&M
1950National Brewing CoBaltimoreMDBeerPRR
1966National CanBushwick BranchNYTinplate, fiberboardLIRR
1950National Can CoBaltimoreMDCansPRR
1950National Carloading CoBaltimoreMDFreight forwarderPRR
1950National Carloading CorpBrooklynNYForwarderLIRR
1950National Carloading CorpPhiladelphiaPAForwarder FreightPRR
1966National CasketL I CityNYCasketsLIRR
1955National Chair CoN SomervilleMAfurnB&M
1955National Coal CoWorcesterMAcoalB&M
1990National CoatingsSharonPAPaints*Erie,NYC,PRR
1966National Concrete Co.L I CityNYCement, aggregatesLIRR
2004National EasternPlainvilleCTsteel, structuralGRS
1950National Electric Prods CoAmbridgePAMachineryPRR
1976National Felt CoHolyokeMAVisose Staple FiberBM
1990National ForgeEriePAForgings*NYC,PRR
1955National Furn Traffic ServiceGardnerMAfurnB&M
1990National GypsumAlabaster JctMIGypsum, wallboardD&M
1955National GypsumPortsmouthNHwallboard, gypsum, plasterB&M
1950National Gypsum CoChemicalPALime, limestoneBellCtl (PRR)
1976National Gypsum CoNew ColumbiaPAGrey Rolls PLPBoardRdg
1950National Gypsum CoNatl CityMIGypsum lath / 80lb bagged plasterD&M
1976National Gypsum Co - Feemans PtPortsmouthNHGrey Rolls PLPBoardBM
1950National Lead CoN CreekNYIron oreD&H
1950National Lead CoNorth CreekNYIron oreD&H
2004National LumberN HavenCTplywoodCSX
2004National LumberMansfieldMAlumberCSX
1955National Lumber CoSalemMAlbrB&M
1944National Metals CoSomervilleMAmetals distrB&M
1990National NickelVictoryPANickel prodPRR
1955National OatsE CambridgeMAfeed, cerealsB&M
1955National Paper Bag CoSomervilleMAbagsB&M
1956National PlasticsJeanettePAPlastic pelletsPRR
1950National Radiator CoJohnstownPAHeating equipmentB&O
1944National Radiator CorpE CambridgeMAradiators, castingsB&M
1995National RefractoriesMillvilleNJDichlorodlfluoromethanePRSL
1995National RefractoriesMillvilleNJSulfuric AcidPRSL
1950National Refractories CoVan DykePARefractory productsPRR
1990National RollAvonmorePAMill rollsPRR
1956National Rolling MillsFrazerPASteel sheetRdg
1990National Starch & ChemicalBridgewaterNJAdhesives, plastic, resinsCNJ
1990National SteelDetroitMICoil steel (steel sheet)DelCon
1976National Sugar Refining CoPhiladelphiaPASugar C/L Palletized*PRR,Rdg
1950National Supply CoAmbridgePASteel pipePRR
1950National Wholesale Grocery CoBaltimoreMDCanned goods cd meats, dried fds, food prodPRR
1950National Wholesale Grocery CoBaltimoreMDCantaloupes, grapes, onions, potatoesPRR
1950National Wholesale Grocery CoBaltimoreMDTomatoes, celery, pears, honeydew melonsPRR
1944National-Aniline div Allied Chem. & Dye Corp.E CambridgeMAchems, dyesB&M
1990Nationwide Auto CrushingHighlandPAScrap ydPRR
1950Natl Asphalt Prods CoGrand BlancMIRoofing dlrC&O
1956Natl Biscuit CoCumberlandMDBakeryB&O
1960Natl Biscuit CoPortlandMEBaked goodsPT
1950Natl Biscuit CoGrand RapidsMIBakery*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Natl Biscuit CoHollandMIBakeryC&O
1950Natl Biscuit CoAllentownPABakery gdsLV
1959Natl Biscuit CoBurlingtonVTFlour, bakery prodRut
1950Natl Brass CoGrand RapidsMIHdw*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1959Natl Carbon CoBenningtonVTCoalRut
1950Natl Carloading CoAlbanyNYFreight forwarderD&H
1950Natl Carloading CorpDetroitMIFrt fwdr*C&O,various
1950Natl Carloading CorpFlintMIFrt fwdr*C&O,GTW
1950Natl Carloading CorpGrand RapidsMIFrt fwdr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Natl Carloading CorpLansingMIFrt fwdr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Natl CastingsFarrellPAStl prodPRR
1960Natl DistributorsPortlandMEBeerPT,B&M
1950Natl Elec Washer CoDetroitMIWashing mach mfr*C&O,various
1990Natl GypsumShippingsportPADrywall bdPRR
1982Natl Gypsum Co Cement DivSaginawMICement*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Natl Gypsum Co Cement DivSt JosephMICement*C&O,NYC
1982Natl Gypsum Co Cement DivAlpenaMICementD&M
1982Natl Gypsum Co Cement DivDetroitMICement*GTW,NYC,PRR,C&O,Wab
1982Natl Gypsum Co Cement DivMuskegonMICement*C&O,GTW
1950Natl Homes c/o Holding Pt FacilHorseheadsNYPrefab housing componentsPRR,LV,Erie
1956Natl LeadSayrevilleNJIlmenite (titanium) oreRarRiv (CNJ,PRR)
1950Natl Mattress CoSaginawMIMattress factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1951Natl Milk Sugar Div BordenBainbridgeNYMilk prodD&H
1950Natl Motor Castings CoCabletonMIFdyC&O
1947Natl Peters CoUticaNYStoneNYO&W
1976Natl Plywood - c/o West Lbr CoRouses PtNYParticle Board - FlatD&H
1950Natl Prods CoGrand HavenMIMetal cabinet factory*C&O,GTW
1950Natl Roll & Foundry CoAvonmorePASteel products, miscPRR
1950Natl Sawdust CoEvartMISawdust mfrC&O
1990Natl StarchDunellenNJAdhesivesCNJ
1982Natl Std CoNilesMIStl wire prodsNYC
1950Natl Supply CoGrandvilleMIOilwell supp ydC&O
1950Natl Supply CoReed CityMIOilwell supp yd*C&O,PRR
1950Natl Supply CpMt PleasantMIOilwell supp yd*C&O,AA
1982Natl Twist Drill Div Lear Sigler IncRochesterMITools metal cutting*GTW,NYC
1950Natl Util Co of MichAlleganMISupply yd*C&O,NYC
1950Natl Util of MITraverse CityMISupp yd*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Natl Varnish CoDetroitMIVarnish plt*C&O,various
1971Natpac IncHazarvilleCTCoolersNH
1950Nauman P JDeckervilleMIHay shipperC&O
1955Naumkeag Lumber CoSalemMAlbrB&M
1950Naval Reserve ArmoryLansingMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Nay Aug Coal CoDunsmorePACoal, anthraciteErie
1950Nazareth Dress Mfg. CoNazarethPAClothing productsL&NE
1970NBC BakeryGlens FallsNYBagged flourD&H
1955NE Brick CoGonicNHbrickB&M
1957NE Cold Storage CoPortlandMEcold stg whseB&M
1945NE DairiesHoughs CrossingVTCreameryRut
1947NE DairiesSalisburyVTCreameryRut
1957NE Grain CoPortlandMEgrain, feedB&M
1955NE GrocersWorcesterMAgroc, produceB&M
1957NE Metal Culvert CoPortlandMEculverts, pipeB&M
1955NE Metal Culvert CoWilderVTculverts, pipeB&M
1955NE Power CoSalemMAutil suppB&M
1970NE Resins and PigmentsWilmingtonMAchemicalsB&M
1955NE Tel & TelSunapeeNHMty reelsB&M
1955NE Tel & TelSunapeeNHPoles, cableB&M
1955NE Wood Heel CoAmesburyMAheelsB&M
1950Neeland Lbr CoClioMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Nehi Bev CoGrand RapidsMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Nehi Bev IncLansingMIBev distr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Nehi Bottling CoTraverse CityMIBev distr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Nehi-Royal Crown Bottling CoFlintMIBottling plt*C&O,GTW
1950Neitrin Oil CoGrand HavenMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Nelis NurseryHollandMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Nelson Chem CorpDetroitMIInd chem dlr*C&O,various
1960Nelson, Morris Co.PatchogueNYDressed BeefLIRR
1950Nemeth Oil CoSt LouisMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Nems-Clark IncSilver SpringsMDElectronicsB&O
1966Neptune PaperJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYpaperLIRR
1950Nessen Oil & Coal CoMuskegonMICoal, fuel oil*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Nestle CoCambridgeMAfood prodB&M
1950Nestle CoUblyMIMilk prods pltC&O
1971Nestles CoNew MilfordCTDry yeast, bagsPC
1955Neuweiler L F BreweryAllentownPABeerLV
1990Neville - Synthese OrganicsMcClintockPAChemPRR
1990Neville Pulverized LimeLeetsdalePALimestonePRR
1950New Buffalo Lbr & Coal CoNew BuffaloMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1955New Can CoEdgeworthMAcontainers, cansB&M
1950New Departure-HyattChippins HillCTBearingsB&M
1955New England Alcohol CoEverettMAalcoholsB&M
1950New England AppleLittletonMAApplesB&M
1955New England Asphalt & Tar CoChelseaMAtar, asphaltB&M
1944New England Asphalt & Tar CoRevereMAtar, asphaltB&M
1955New England Bedding CoMedfordMAmattresses, springsB&M
1950New England BeverageBostonMABeveragesUF*
1955New England Box CoConcordNHboxes wood, paperB&M
1944New England BrickCambridgeMAbrickB&M
1955New England CharcoalSomervilleMAcharcoalB&M
1944New England Chemical & Paint CoEverettMAchems, paintsB&M
1955New England Chemical & SuppliesMerrimackNHchemsB&M
1955New England Coal & Coke CoEverettMAcoal, cokeB&M
1944New England Coal & Wood CoChelseaMAcoal, firewoodB&M
1955New England Coal CoManchesterNHcoalB&M
1955New England Cold Storage CoLawrenceMAfz fdsB&M
1976New England Cont.CorpChicopeeMApulpboard n/cBM
1955New England ContainerChicopeeMAcans, containersB&M
1944New England Creamery Prod CoE CambridgeMAmilk prodB&M
1944New England Distributing & Warehouse CoBostonMAmdse, grocB&M
2004New England DistributionAyerMAmisc mdseGRS
1955New England Dressed Meat & Wool CoSomervilleMAfresh meats, woolB&M
1944New England Feather CoEverettMAfeathersB&M
2004New England FertilizerQuincyMAfertilizerFRT
1944New England Fuel & Transp CoEverettMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1960New England Grain CoPortlandMEGrain,cornPT,B&M
1955New England Kennel SupplyCambridgeMApet food, hay, strawB&M
1990New England MillingAyerMAFlourB&M
1944New England Pipe & SupplyBostonMApipe, plbrs suppB&M
1955New England Pole & Wood Treating CoMerrimackNHpoles, lbr, tiesB&M
1955New England Prod AssnBradfordVTfeed, grain, seed, fertzB&M
2004New England Produce TerlChelseaMAproduceCSX
1944New England Publishing CoBostonMAprinting paperB&M
1970New England RecyclingCharlestownMAscrap paperB&M
1976New England Resins & PigmentsWoburnMABagged ClayBM
1955New England RetinningEverettMAprocessed meatlsB&M
1944New England Salt CoBostonMAsaltB&M
1944New England Sawdust CoE CambridgeMAsawdustB&M
2004New England SilicaS WindsorCTsandCSO
1955New England Steel SupplyHolyokeMAstl prodB&M
1944New England Stock YardsSomervilleMAlivestockB&M
2004New England StoneDavisvilleRIstoneSVT
1944New England Tank & Tower CoEverettMAstl prod, sheet, structuralsB&M
1955New England Tel & TelGreenfieldMAutil suppB&M
1955New England Tel & TelNorthamptonMAutil suppB&M
1955New England Tel & TelWatertownMAutil suppB&M
1955New England Tel & TelLancasterNHutil suppB&M
1954New England Tool & DieMohassuck SpringsMASteelSNE*
1955New England Vinegar WorksLittletonMAvinegarB&M
1944New England Waste CoRevereMAwaste textiles, paperB&M
1944New England Welded Product CoChelseaMAweldmentsB&M
2004New England Wild Birdfood CoE DeerfieldMAseedGRS
2004New England Wooden WareGardnerMApaperGRS
1976New England Wooden Ware CorpWinchendonMAPulpboard not less than 80% wood pulpBM
1950New Era Canning CoNew EraMICanning pltC&O
1990New Federal Cold StorageLeetsdalePAFz fdsPRR
1950New Haven Board & Carton CoIlcestorsMDBoxes, cardboardB&O
1982New Haven Fdy IncNew HavenMIGray iron fdyGTW
1966New Haven PaperboardFarmingdaleNYPaperboardLIRR
1950New Holland Belleville PltLewistownPAAg eqtPRR
1950New Jersey State PrisonTrentonNJCoal, bituminousPRR
1939New Jersey State SanitoriumGlen GardnerNJCoalCNJ
1976New Jersey Zinc CoAquashicolaPAAnhydrous Ammonia 3 (metallurgical grade)ChRg (CNJ,L&NE)
1944New PetroleumCambridgeMApetr prodB&M
1955New Process DivE SyracueNYParts & accessoriesNYC
1950New Shawmut Mng Co 5BrockwayPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950New York & Penna Co IncJohnsonburgPAPaper, fineB&O
1950New York & Penna Co IncLock HavenPAPaperPRR
1950New York State Gas & ElectricBainbridgeNYCoal, bituminousD&H
1956New York State Gas & ElectricW SomersetNYCoal, limestoneNYC
1966New York TelephoneJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1950New York Wire Cloth CoYorkPAWire clothMa&Pa
1976Newark Morning Ledger CoNewarkNJPaper cores*DL&W,Erie,CNJ,PRR
1990Newark Star-LedgerS Bound BrookNJNewsprintRdg
1971Newark StlRoselandNJFireplace partsME
1950Newaygo Cty AAAFremontMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Newaygo Cty Rd CommWhite CloudMISupp ydC&O
1950Newaygo Eng CoNewaygoMIStl prods pltC&O
1950Newaygo Village ofNewaygoMISupp ydC&O
1966Newberry J JL I City Degnon TerlNYMdse (chain store)LIRR
1955Newburyport Coke CoNewburyportMAcokeB&M
1982Newcor IncBay CityMIWelding apparatus, mach tools, ind machy & eqt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Newell Mfg CoLowellMIMetal prods plt*C&O,M&NE
1947Newloue H FUticaNYAutosNYO&W
1990Newlywed BakingWatertownMAflour, starchBM
1955Newman Lumber CoWoodsvilleNHlbrB&M
1955Newport ClothingNewportNHbit coalC&C
1955Newport PoultryNewportNHfeedC&C
1976News Journal CoWilmingtonDEPaper newsprint rollsBO
1950News PalladiumBenton HarborMINewspaper*C&O,NYC
1966NewsdayGarden CityNYpaper, inkLIRR
1955Newton Sash & DoorWalthamMAmillwork, lbrB&M
2004NexcyclePortlandMEcullet (crushed glass)GRS
1955NH ForestryContoocookNHpulpwoodC&C
1955NH Iron & Metal CoManchesterNHscrap metalB&M
1955NH ProvisionPortsmouthNHgroc, produceB&M
1955NH State HighwayBradfordNHChloride, saltC&C
1955NH State HighwayHennikerNHChloride, saltC&C
1955NH State HighwayNewportNHChoride, tar, saltC&C
1955NH State HighwaySunapeeNHChloride, saltC&C
1955NH State HighwayWarnerNHChloride, saltC&C
1976NH State Liq CommConcordNHAlchoholic LiquorsBM
1955NH Supply CoManchesterNHplbg suppB&M
1990Niachlor (Olin/Du Pont)Niagara FallsNYChlorine, HCl, NaOHNYC
1956Niagara Mohawk PowerMaloneNYLPGRut
1950Niagara Mohawk Power CoAlbanyNYCoal, bituminousD&H
1955Niagara Mohawk Power CoGlenmontNYBituminous CoalDH, NYC
1970Niagara Mohawk Power CoS Glens FallsNYPower polesD&H
1950Niagara Mohawk Power CoTroyNYCoal, bituminousD&H
1990Niagra Mohawk PowerDunkirkNYCoal*Erie,NYC,PRR
2004Niantic LumberNianticCTlumberP&W
1955Nichols Hardware CoThetfordVThdwB&M
1950Nichols Paper CoMuskegonMIPaper prods plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Nichols Poultry FarmNewton JctNHfeed, grainB&M
1970Nicholson Terl & Dock CoFort St Ind DistrMIMarine terminalSLS*
1950Nickel Don F Eqt CoGrand RapidsMIContr eqt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Nicolay-Dancey IncMonroeMIPotato chip mfr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1976Nicolet IncNorristown Mill StPAUsed wooden pallets, used rbbr dunn bags*PRR,Rdg
1976Nicolet IncPhiladelphiaPApallets - used & rubber inflatable dge -used*PRR,Rdg
1976Nicolet Ind Inc Plant 4 Dept 431AmblerPAAsbestos Fibre, 1120 bagsPRR
1956Niece C ALambertvilleNJLumberPRR
1950Niethamer F SLake OdessaMIImplt dlrC&O
1966Nigro Coal Co.Glen CoveNYCoalLIRR
1950Nineteen Hundred CorpSt JosephMIWashing mach plt*C&O,NYC
1955Nissen Baking CoLynnMAbakeryB&M
2004Nissen J JBiddefordMEflourGRS
2003Nissen J J (Hostess cupcakes)BiddefordMEFlour, bakery suppB&M
1971NJ Reserve CoGarfieldNJWallboardEL
1966No. American Winfield DoorBabylonNYMillwork, doorsLIRR
1950Noble & Price Plumbing CoBenton HarborMIPlumbing supplies*C&O,NYC
1955Noble & Wood Mach CoHoosick FallsNYmach toolsB&M
1990Noco EnergyLisbonNYLube oilRut
1971Noehla Greeting CardsNashuaNHPaperBM
1950Noholik Hardware CoAlphaMICoalC&NW
1955Nonantum LumberWalthamMAlbrB&M
2004Noonan J PMansfieldMAbulk mineralsCSX
1990Norfolk PaperNorfolkNYPaperNorw&StL (NYC,Rut)
1990Norfolk PaperNorfolkNYSodium hydroxide, pulpboardNorw&StL (NYC,Rut)
1950Norge Div Borg Warner CorpMuskegonMIRefr & stove plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Norge Mach Prods DivMuskegonMIMachy plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1976NorliteCohoesNYShale cinders lfvcD&H
1976Norristown HeraldNorristownPAnewsprintRDG
2004North / WinLeominsterMAmethanolGRS
1958North American Cement CoHowes CaveNYBauxite, coal, iron ore, gypsum, shaleD&H
1950North American Cement CoHowes CaveNYCement, bauxiteD&H
1970North American Cement CoHungry HollowNYShaleD&H
1956North American ChemicalPhiladelphiaPASoda ashB&O
1955North American Chemical CoLawrenceMAchemsB&M
1956North American Refractories CoKatharine FurnacePARock, ganisterCVal
1950North American Refractories CoMt UnionPABrick, ganisterEBT
1966North American Wine Atlas ImportLaurel HillNYLiquorsLIRR
1952North Atlantic FuelNew LandsportMEPetroleum prodAGE*
1990North Cambria FuelBlairsvillePACoalPRR
1955North East Cold StgDeering JctMEfz fdsB&M
1944North End Coal CoBostonMAcoalB&M
1944North German Lloyd LineBostonMAmdseB&M
1950North O JEvartMICoal ydC&O
1944North Packing & Provision CoSomervilleMAmeats, food prodB&M
1950North Range Mining Co (Book Mine)AlphaMIIron OreC&NW
1966North Shore Mason SupplyGreat NeckNYBldg suppliesLIRR
1976North Shore Recycled Fiber CorpNazarethPAPaper Waste FRPO C/L*DL&W,L&NE
1976North Shore Recycled FibersBridgeportPAScrap PaperRdg
1970North Shore Recycled FibersSalemMAscrap paperB&M
1950North Side Coal CoManisteeMICoal ydC&O
1950North Side Scrap & Tin CoPhoenixvillePAIron and steel, scrapPRR
1990North Star RecyclingMonroeMIScrapD&TSL
1981North Star SteelMonroeMISteel prods (elec furnace)D&TSL
1955North Warehouse CoSomervilleMAmdseB&M
1955Northampton Auto PartsNorthamptonMAauto parts, tiresB&M
2004Northeast Environmental SvcsSlatersvilleRIantifreezeP&W
2004Northeast GraphicsN HavenCTpaperCSX
1976Northeast HardwoodsBlackmountNHhardwood dowels in the roughB&M
2004Northeast Paper ServiceScarborough BchMEpaper prodGRS
1966Northeast PlywoodMineolaNYPlywoodLIRR
2004Northeast Refrigerated TerlTauntonMAfrozen fishBCLR
2004Northeast TreatersBelchertownMAlumberNECR
1976Northeastern AmmoniumBillericaMAAnhydrous Ammonia 3 (metallurgical grade)B&M
1944Northeastern Asbestos Mfg CoSomervilleMAasbestos prod, insulB&M
1955Northeastern DistributorsManchesterNHgrocB&M
1976Northeastern ProductsSchenectadyNYSawdustD&H
1955Northeastern Supply CoIpswichMAhdw, plbrs suppB&M
1950Northern Auto CoCharlevoixMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Northern Auto CoPetoskeyMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,PRR
1950Northern Boneless MeatsBronxNYmeat prodNYC
1944Northern Box CoEverettMAboxesB&M
1955Northern Coal CoLowellMAcoalB&M
1960Northern DistributingGlens FallsNYBeerD&H
1950Northern Fibre Prods CoZeelandMIFibre prods pltC&O
1950Northern Fruit CoLudingtonMIProduce dlr*C&O,Lud&N
1955Northern Illinois CerealE CambridgeMAcereals, food prod, feedB&M
1950Northern Insul CoPetoskeyMIInsul dlr*C&O,PRR
1950Northern Livestock CoGrand RapidsMILivestock shipper*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1956Northern NY GrocMaloneNYWhsl groc, cd gds, cereals, butter, flourRut
1950Northern Oil & Gas CoPetoskeyMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,PRR
2004Northern PropanePortlandMEpropaneGRS
1955Northern Steel CoMedfordMAstl prodB&M
1960Northern Steel Co.S SchenectadyNYsteel prodD&H
1950Northern Wood Prods CoHollandMIWood prods pltC&O
1955Northfield Sand & Gravel CoGreenfieldMAaggregatesB&M
1950Northland Dairy CoEvartMIDairyC&O
1950Northland Distr CoPetoskeyMIBev distr*C&O,PRR
1966Northport LumberNorthportNYLumberLIRR
1950Northside Packing CoPittsburghPAmeat prod*PRR,B&O,P&LE
2004Northstar Pulp & PaperSpringfieldMAscrap paperCSX
1950Northville Fdy & Mfg CoNorthvilleMIFdyC&O
1950Northville LabsNorthvilleMIChem pltC&O
1950Northville Milling & Lbr CoNorthvilleMILbr, millwork pltC&O
1956Northwest HardwoodsTitusvillePALumberNYC
2004Norton CoBarberMAcoal, abrasive grainsGRS
1955Norton CoWorcesterMAabrasivesB&M
1976Norton Co Coated AbrasiveTroyNYCotton PC - RolledD&H
1976Norton Co.TroyNYClay, baggedD&H
1970Norton Co.WatervlietNYabrasive prodD&H
1959Norton E G & A WVergennesVTFeed, cementRut
1950Norwest Plbg & Htg Supply CoDetroitMIPlbg supp whse*C&O,various
1950Noud Lbr CoManisteeMILbr ydC&O
2004NovacorIndian OrchardMAplastic pelletsCSX
2004NovacorWareMAplastic pelletsMCER
1996Novacor Chemical (1996)Beaver ValleyPAMaleic anhydride, plastic pelletsRdg
1976Novamont CorpN LeoministerMAPlastic MaterialsB&M
1955Novel SalvageMaplewoodMAscrap metal, textilesB&M
1950Novi Auto Parts CoNoviMIAuto accessories dlrC&O
1950Novi Eqt CoNoviMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1950Novi Supply CoNoviMICoal, fertzC&O
1950Nowels Lbr & Coal CoNorthvilleMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1955Noyes FoundryGreenfieldMAfdyB&M
1950Nuclear Prods Div ACF IndRiverdaleMDElectronicsB&O
1950Nucraft Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Nugent Sand CoMuskegonMISand pit*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1966Nut-Ola FatEvergreenNYFood oilsLIRR
2003NVR Building ProductsThurmontMDBuilding MaterialsMMID
1990NVR Products (Ryan Homes)EnonPABldrs suppPRR
1950NY & Penna CoWillsboroNYWood pulpD&H
1966NY EnvelopeL I City Kearney SidingNYPaperLIRR
1939NY Lubricating Oil CoElizabethNJOilCNJ
1955NY Mattress CoE CambridgeMAmattresses, beddingB&M
1947NY St Elec & Gas CorpSidneyNYForest prodsNYO&W
1947NY St Hwy DeptSidneyNYStoneNYO&W
1950NY State Custodial AsylumNewarkNYCoal, bituminousPRR
1955NY State Electric CoMechanicvilleNYcoal, util suppB&M
1947NY Tel CoUticaNYWire & cableNYO&W
1966NY TelephoneGarden CityNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY TelephoneBushwick BranchNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY TelephoneHicksvilleNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY TelephonePatchogueNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY TelephoneRiverheadNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY TelephoneSouthamptonNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY Telephone CompanyBay ShoreNYPoles, elec suppliesLIRR
1966NY Trap RockBrookhaven Lab (Upton)NYAggregatesLIRR
1950NYC Diesel ShopNilesMIScrap metalNYC
1950Nylen Prods CoGlenlordMIFdyC&O
1950O & A Elec Coop AssnBaldwinMIPole ydC&O
1950O & A Elec Coop AssnEvartMISupply ydC&O
1950O & A Elec Coop AssnNewaygoMISupp ydC&O
1950O & A Elec Coop AssnWhite CloudMIPole ydC&O
1953O B Long Box CoNestoriaMIBoxes, fibreG&NH*
1953O B Long Box CoNestoriaMIFibreboard, hardwareG&NH*
1950O K Plbg & Htg CoFlintMIPlbg & htg whse*C&O,GTW
1951O'Brien Bros Slate CoGranvilleNYSlate prodD&H
1944O'Brien Dist CoE CambridgeMAbeer, liquorsB&M
1955O'Connell Supply CorpEverettMAplbg suppB&M
1950O'Connor Howard FCarsonvilleMILbr, bldrs suppC&O
2004O'LearyLeominsterMAplastic pelletsCSX
1955O'Neill Fuel CoSomervilleMAcoal, petr prodB&M
1950O'Tool J C CoDelwinMIFertz dlrC&O
1976O. J. Michaud & SonsE CambridgeMECommon FurnitureBAR
1976Oakite ProductsMetuchenNJCleaning compounds noinb lag and powder*LV,PRR
1950Oakland Cty Rd CommHighlandMISupp ydC&O
1950Oakman Mfg CoDetroitMIStl processing plt*C&O,various
1950Oakridge Stone CoDetroitMIStone yd*C&O,various
1950Obits FredFremontMIFertz dlrC&O
1990Occidental ChemicalDelaware CityDEChlorine, potassium hydroxide, NaOHCR
1990Occidental ChemicalDelaware CityDEPotassium chlorideCR
1990Occidental ChemicalNiagara FallsNYChlorine, gypsum, HCl, methylene chlorideNYC
1990Occidental ChemicalNiagara FallsNYPotassium hydroxide, sulfur dioxideNYC
1990Occidental ChemicalNiagara FallsNYPotassium sulfate, sodium hydroxideNYC
1956Occidental ChemicalPottstownPAPlastic pelletsRdg
1956Occidental ChemicalPottstownPAVinyl chloride monomer, vinyl acetateRdg
1956Ocean SprayS MiddleboroMACorn syrupNH
1976Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.MiddleboroMAJuices and Jellies, o/t frz edible NOIBNNH
2004Ocean State OilDavisvilleRIlubricantsSVT
1944Ocean Steamship CoBostonMAmdseB&M
1950Oceana Canning CoShelbyMICanning pltC&O
1950Oceana Cty Rd CommShelbyMISupp ydC&O
1950Oceana Cty Rd CommHartMISupp ydC&O
1950Oceana Cty Rd CommNew EraMISupp ydC&O
1950Oceana Fruit GrowersHartMICanning pltC&O
1947Ogden GrainUticaNYGrainNYO&W
1950OH Plate Glass CoFlintMIGlass prods dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Ohio China CoMonroeMIEarthenware dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Ohio Coal & OilPentwaterMICoal, bituminous, diesel fuel, oilGL&N*
1950Ohio Oil CoBay CityMIOilwell supply yd*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Ohio Oil CoLakeviewMIOilwell supp ydC&O
1956Oil Creek PlasticsTitusvillePAPlastic pelletsNYC
1950Oil Well Supply CoGrandvilleMIOilwell supp ydC&O
1950Oil Well Supply CoMt PleasantMIOilwell supp yd*C&O,AA
1950Okemos Elev CoOkemosMICoalC&O
1950Okemos Elev CoOkemosMIElevC&O
1950Okemos Lbr CoOkemosMILbr ydC&O
1950Okonite CoWilkes-BarrePAWire, copperPRR
1956Old Bridge ChemicalsRunyonNJHydrochloric acidPRR
1955Old Colony Furniture CoNashuaNHfurnB&M
1955Old Deerfield Fertilizer CoS DeerfieldMAdry chem, fertzB&M
1950Old Forge Coal CoOld ForgePACoal, anthraciteDL&W
1976Old Fox AG ChemWhatelyMAPhosphoric acidBM
1956Old German BreweryCumberlandMDBeerWM
2004Old Mother HubbardAyerMAflourGRS
1950Old Town Canoe CoOld TownMEShipyardMEC
1950Oldberg Mfg CoGrand HavenMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW
1953Olde Frothingslosh Brewing CoNestoriaMIHops, barley, containersG&NH*
1966Olin MathesonL I CityNYChemsLIRR
1955Olin Warehouse & Dist CoSomervilleMAgroc, beer, wineB&M
1950Oliver Farm Eqt Sales CoLansingMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Oliver Iron & Steel CorpPittsburghPAHardwaresP&LE,PRR
1982Oliver Machy CoGrand RapidsMIMachy, woodworking*NYC,PRR
1966Olympic RadioFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYAppliancesLIRR
1976Olympic Sales c/o Concord LithoConcordNHWood Pulp, not powdered, NOIBNBM
1997Omya CorpFlorenceVTCalcium carbonate slurryCl&Pit (D&H,Rut)
1956Omya CorpFlorenceVTLimeCl&Pit (D&H,Rut)
1974Ondawa AgwaySalemNYFeed & grainD&H
1947Oneida CharcoalUticaNYCharcoalNYO&W
1947Oneida Cty WelfareUticaNYPotatoesNYO&W
1960OneontaOneontsNYGlass for recyclingD&H
1950Oneonta Coal & Supply CoOneontaNYCoal, anthracite, bituminousD&H
1950Ontario Fitting & FastenerSable PtMIBarrels, hdwGL&N*
1970Ontario MineMasonPACoal, anthraciteBH&BF*
1950Ontario Mining CoCokesburgPACoal, bituminousPRR
1956Opdyke LumberMilfordNJLumberPRR
1950Opportunity Mfg CoSaginawMICasket factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Orange Coop CoalOrangeMAcoalB&M
1955Orange FarmersOrangeMAfeed, seed, grain, fertzB&M
1955Orange Foundry CoOrangeMAfdyB&M
1976Orchard Food PrdWoburnMAcorn syrupBM
1982Ore-Ida Foods Div H J Heinz CorpGreenvilleMIFz fds, juices, vegC&O
1976Organic ChemicalsNashuaNHCaustic Soda LiquidBM
1976Orleans WarehouseChelseaMAFurnitureNYC
1955Orrtanna CanningE CambridgeMAcd gdsB&M
1950Orsino Fruit CoBay CityMIProduce dlr*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Osceola Cty Rd CommReed CityMISupp yd*C&O,PRR
1955Osgood ConstructionNashuaNHcontrB&M
1955Osgood MillsN AndoverMAtextilesB&M
1955Osgood's GarageBellows FallsVTpetr prodB&M
2004OSRAM SylvaniaCentral FallsRIsilica sandP&W
1970Ossipee AggregatesEverettMAsand & gravelB&M
1955Ossipee Oil CoOssipeeNHpetr prodB&M
1955Ossipee Oil CoWolfeboroNHpetr prodB&M
2004Ossipee Sand and GravelOsipeeNHsandNHN
1950Osterink Constr CoGrand RapidsMIContr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004Osterman GasPlainfieldCTpropaneP&W
1950Otis Elev CoGrand RapidsMIElevators mfr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Otisville Elev CoOtisvilleMICoalC&O
1950Otisville Elev CoOtisvilleMIElevC&O
1950Ottawa Cty Rd CommZeelandMISupp ydC&O
1950Ottawa Cty Rd CommGrand HavenMISupply yd*C&O,GTW
1950Ottawa Cty Rd CommHollandMISupp ydC&O
1950Ottawa Hitch & Eqt CoHollandMIMachy pltC&O
1990Ottawa Silica SandRockwoodMISandD&TSL
1944Otter River MillsBostonMAtextilesB&M
1955Outlet Fruit CoLowellMAproduceB&M
2003Overflow Public WarehouseBaltimoreMDPaper prodsCSXT
1955Overhead Door CoNashuaNHstl prod, millwork, elec eqtB&M
1950Overisel Mill & Elev CoHamiltonMILbr, feedC&O
1950Overton S E & CoCabletonMIWoodworking pltC&O
1947Owen W E SonUticaNYGrain, saltNYO&W
1950Owen-Ames-Kimball CoGrand RapidsMIContr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Owen-Mowery IncMilfordMICanning pltC&O
1966Owens Ill Glass Paper Products DivL I City Kearney SidingNYPaperboardLIRR
1944Owens Illinois Glass CoE CambridgeMAglasswareB&M
1976Owens Illinois Lily TulipOld TownMEwoodpulp dishes plates traysMEC
1970Owens PetroleumParmaMIPetr proodSLS*
1950Owens Yacht Co.DundalkMDShipyardB&O
1950Owens-Corning Glass Co.ClarionPAGlass, containersLEF&C
1950Owens-Corning Glass Co.HuntingdonPAFiberglassPRR
2004Owens-IllinoisNashuaNHplastic pelletsGRS
1990Owens-Illinois GlassCharlotteMIGlass bottlesGTW
1990Ownes-Illinois IncBrockwayPAGlass containersPRR
1952Oxford Cty Pulpwood CoJakes SidingMEPulpwoodAGE*
1966Oxford FilingGarden CityNYpaper prodLIRR
1976Oxford Paper CoRumfordMEBulk Enzo StarchMEC
1976Oxford Paper Co Div Ethyl CorpRumfordMEPaper printing rollsMEC
1966Oyster Bay Lumber Co.Oyster BayNYLumberLIRR
1976Oyster Shell ProductsCantonMDCrushed Oyster Shells - Bagged*PRR,Cant
1950Ozalid Div Genl Aniline & Film CorpDetroitMIPaper prods dlr*C&O,various
2004P&O Cold LogisticsTauntonMAfrozen foodCSX
1960PA Glass Sand CoMcVeytownPAGlass sandPRR
1976Pa Glass Sand CorpNewportNJGround or Pulv SandCNJ
1950PA Glass Sand CorpMapletonPASand, glassPRR
1976PA Glass Sand CorpPhiladelphiaPASand*PRR,Rdg
1950Paalman Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
2004Pac WarehouseAyerMAplastic pelletsGRS
1950Pacific & Atlantic Shippers AssnBrooklynNYForwarder FreightLIRR
1950Pacific Fruit Express CoDetroitMIRailcar service*C&O,various
1970Pacific PackagingWilmingtonMAPaper prodB&M
1976Pacific Paper Products CoLawrenceMAPulpboard, Plain (Rolls), paperBM
1976Packaging Corp Of AmericaMt TomMAPulpboardBM
1976Packaging Corp of AmericaNorthamptonMAPulpboard, rollsB&M
2004Packaging GraphicsPawtucketRIpaperP&W
1950Packard A F & SonLudingtonMIReadymix cement plt*C&O,Lud&N
1950Packard Furn StoreAlmaMIFurn dlr*AA,C&O
1955Packard Paper Box CoEdgeworthMApaper boxesB&M
1956Packer AvenuePhiladelphiaPAFrozen meatsRdg
1950Packer Meat & CheeseMonroeMIButter, cd gds, cheese, meatsGL&N*
1944Packers Supply CoBostonMAfiberboard, wrapping paperB&M
1950Packing Matls CoBaldwinMIWood prods pltC&O
1950Padnos Louis Iron & Metal CoHollandMIScrap ydC&O
1950Palace CorpFlintMIAuto trlr plt*C&O,GTW
1960Palette StoneSaratoga SpgsNYbldg matlsD&H
1955Palm Grain CoLowellMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1944Palmer Clay Producers CoE CambridgeMAclayB&M
1955Palmer Electric & Mfg CoWakefieldMAelec eqt, machyB&M
1930Palmer Lime CoW YorkPALimePRR
1955Palmer Plumbing Supply CoRochesterNHpldg suppB&M
1950Palmer-Shile CoDetroitMIHdlg eqt plt*C&O,various
1950Palmreuter Ludwig OGeraMIImplt & fertz dlrC&O
1944Pan-Atlantic SS CoBostonMAmdseB&M
1995Panamerican BuildersCornwells HtsPASteel BarsPRR
1982Panax CorpE LansingMINewspaper publ*C&O,GTW
1956Panel ProcessingColdwaterMIPlywoodNYC
1944Panther Panco Rubber CoChelseaMArubber goods, heelsB&M
1976Paper Mfrs CoPhiladelphiaPAPaper printing rolls*PRR,Rdg
1955Paper Mill SupplyHolyokeMAlube, paper cores, wire prodB&M
1952Papp Fuel DistribBolton MillsMEPetroleum prodAGE*
1939Parafine CoSomervilleNJLinoleumCNJ
1966Paragon LumberHicksvilleNYLumberLIRR
2003Paramount Feed & Supply (Elevator)HagerstownMDPhosphates, potash, anhydrous ammoniaCSXT
1974PargasSalmon River JctNYL.P.gasD&H
1950Paris Tanning CoS ParisMELeatherGT
1950Park Chem CoDetroitMIChem plt*C&O,various
1982Parke-Davis Parkdale Biol LabsRochesterMIPharmaceuticals*GTW,NYC
1955Parker BrosSalemMAgames, toysB&M
1951Parker R E IncCastletonVTCoalD&H
1950Parker Wolverine Div Udylite CorpDetroitMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,various
1950Parkers Paint & Wallpaper CoLansingMIPaints, painters supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Parkwood LaminatesWakefieldMAlbr, veneer, wood prodB&M
1955Parle Ice & Coal CoDoverNHcoal, iceB&M
1970Parma CoopParmaMIGrainSLS*
1950Parmenter & Andre CoGrand RapidsMIFertz & elev eqt dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Parrish Distr CoGrand RapidsMIBev distr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Parsons Chem CoGrand LedgeMIChem pltC&O
1950Parsons Mfg CoTraverse CityMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1976Parsons Paper Div NVF CoHolyokeMACotton Linters PulpBM
1950Partlo F D Coal CoOtisvilleMICoal ydC&O
1955Pasco Canning CoCharlestownMAcd gdsB&M
1970PASNY trackW RichmondvilleNYHighway saltD&H
1960PASNY trackW RichmondvilleNYPulpwoodD&H
1959Patch-Wegner CoRutlandVTSand, pig iron, cokeRut
1960Patchogue Lace MillPatchogueNYcanvas, laceLIRR
1960Patchogue Lace MillPatchogueNYCoal, textile materialsLIRR
1950Paterson Parchment Paper CoBristolPAPaper productsPRR
1976Patrician Paper BoardS Glens FallsNYWaste paper for recyclingD&H
1955Pats MarketHolyokeMAgroc, produceB&M
1971Patterson BuckDearbornMIPlywoodUBD
1950Paul Automootive IncLansingMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Paul Bunyan Meat Products IncSaginawMImeat prod*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Paul IncPigeonMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Paw Paw Canning PltPaw PawMICanning pltC&O
1950Paw Paw Coop AssnPaw PawMIFeed, fertz dlrC&O
1950Paw Paw Juice CoPaw PawMIJuice pltC&O
1950Paw Paw Lbr & Coal CoPaw PawMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1950Paw Paw Wine CoPaw PawMIWineryC&O
1955Pay & Take Furniture CoSomervilleMAfurnB&M
1957Peabody & LanePortlandMEmdse (steamship agent)B&M
1955Peabody DistributorsWakefieldMAbeer, wine, liquorB&M
1955Peabody Lumber CoPeabodyMAlbrB&M
1960Peacock Canning Co R J, Brown's WharfPortlandMESardines, cannedPT,B&M
1950Peacock Lbr CoMinden CityMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Pearson Constr CoBenton HarborMIContractor*C&O,NYC
1959Pease A D Grain CoBurlingtonVTFeedRut
1950Peerless CementPort HuronMICement sacks, bulkGTW
1950Peerless Distr CoDetroitMIBulk gasoline*C&O,various
1955Peerless Electric Supply CoBostonMAelec eqt, wireB&M
1950Peerless Glove CoGrand HavenMITextile plt*C&O,GTW
1950Peerless Mattress CoFlintMIMattress dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Peerless Novelty CoGrand HavenMINovelty plt*C&O,GTW
1966Peerless Oil & ChemicalL I City Degnon TerlNYOils, chemsLIRR
1966Peerless Oil & ChemicalLaurel HillNYOils, chemsLIRR
1950Peet Lbr CoAlleganMILbr yd*C&O,NYC
1982Peet Packing CoBay CityMIMeat packing*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Peet Packing CoCadillacMIMeat packing*AA,PRR
1950Peet Packing CoChesaningMImeat prodNYC
1950Peet Packing CoFlintMIPacking house*C&O,GTW
1982Peet Packing CoGaylordMIMeat packingD&M
1982Peet Packing CoGrand RapidsMIMeat packing*NYC,PRR
1982Peet Packing CoJacksonMIMeat packingNYC
1982Peet Packing CoLansingMIMeat packing*NYC,GTW
1982Peet Packing CoYpsilantiMIMeat packingNYC
1976Pejepscot Paper CoBrunswickMEWaste Paper FRPOMEC
1950Pejepscot Paper CoTopshamMEPaperMEC
1950Pendock FredAldenMILumber yardC&O
1950Penfold DarwinEllsworthMILbr ydC&O
1955Penick & FordBostonMAalcohols, chemB&M
1950Peninsula Stl CoGrand RapidsMIStl distr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Penn ContainerLatrobePAContainersPRR
1966Penn Crest OilL I City Degnon TerlNYPetr prodLIRR
1955Penn Culvert CoSomervilleMAstl sheet, coils, pipeB&M
1990Penn Dixie CementCentral BridgeNYCementD&H
1960Penn Dixie CementHowes CaveNYCementD&H
1950Penn Dixie Cement Co. #6Upr Nazereth TwpPACementL&NE
1976Penn Fdry Supply & Sand CoPhiladelphiaPASand #0 Albany*PRR,Rdg
1995Penn FieldRohrerstownPASoybeans,feedPRR
1955Penn Hemp Oil CoConcordNHveg oilB&M
1944Penn Metal CoCambridgeMAscrap metalsB&M
1950Penn PetrDetroitMIPetr prods dlr*C&O,various
1990Penn PlasticCreightonPAPlastic prodPRR
1950Penn SaltRiverviewMIAlkanolamines, chem, chlorine, FeClGTW
1971Penn State Union Genl StoresState CollegePAPaperBellCtl (PRR)
1950Penn State UnivState CollegePACoal, groc, bldg matlBellCtl (PRR)
1960Penn-Maine Oil CoPortlandMEPetr prodPT
1955Penn-Tex Oil CoChelseaMApetr prodB&M
1950Penna Electric Coal CoWheatfield Twp (Indiana Co)PACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Penna. Power & Light Co gas worksHarrisburgPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Penna. Power & Light Co gas worksWilliamsportPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Penna. Rubber CoJeanettePAPlasticsPRR
1950Penna. Warehousing & Safe Deposit CoPhiladelphiaPALinoleum, machine tools, pianos, rugsPRR
1980Pennant ProdsRochesterNYDonut mix, muffin mixB&O
1980Pennant ProdsRochesterNYFlour, sugar, veg oil, corn sweetenersB&O
1955Penney J CChelseaMAmdseB&M
1950Penney J C CoFlintMIDept store*C&O,GTW
1950Pennsylvania Coal CoPittston TwpPACoal, anthraciteErie
1950Pennsylvania Crusher CoAllentownPAMachy crushersLV
1975Pennsylvania Glass SandDividing CreekNJSandCNJ
1950Pennsylvania Industrial Oil CoAllentownPAPetr prodLV
1955Pennsylvania Oil CoSomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1950Pennsylvania Optical CoReadingPAOptical goodsRdg
1950Pennsylvania Produce TerminalPhiladelphiaPACantaloupes, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1950Pennsylvania Produce TerminalPhiladelphiaPACelery, peas, dried fruit, honeydew melons*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1990Pennsylvania Steel TechnologiesSteeltonPARailsStl&Hsp (PRR,Rdg)
1995Pennsylvania Steel TechnologiesSteeltonPASteelStl&Hsp (PRR,Rdg)
1950Pennsylvania Transformer CoCanonsburgPAElectrical componentsPRR
1950Pennwoven IncLock HavenPAWirePRR
1950Penny J C CoLansingMIWhse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1966Penny LumberMattituckNYLumberLIRR
1990PennzoilMcClintockPAChems, lubePRR
1990PennzoilRousevillePAChems, lubePRR
1950Pennzoil CoRousevillePALube oilPRR
2004Pennzoil-Quaker StateWorcesterMAmotor oilP&W
1952Penobscot Bay CanningNew LandsportMECanned goodsAGE*
1950Penobscot Chem Fibre CoGreat WorksMEPaperMeC
1950Penrod Jurden & ClarkGrand RapidsMIWhsl veneer dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1976Pentech Papers IncMadisonMEGroundwood Paper 83 rollsMEC
1976Pentech Papers IncMadisonMESlurry ClayMEC
1950Penthouse Meat CoDaltonPAmeat prodDL&W
1982Penton IncBirminghamMIPublisherGTW
1950Pentwater Lbr CoHartMILbr ydC&O
1951Peoples Coal CoRutlandVTCoalD&H
1959Peoples Fuel CoRutlandVTGasoline (Shell)Rut
1950Peoples Gas & Oil CoMayvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1955Peoples Ice & CoalGardnerMAcoal, iceB&M
1950Peoples Milling CoMuskegonMIFeed, grain*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Peoples Outfitting CoDetroitMIFurn whse*C&O,various
1950Pepperell Mfg CoBiddefordMEBlankets, textiles, beddingB&M
1995Perdue FarmsBridgvilleDEAnimal FeedPRR
1944Perfect Oil Products CoN SomervilleMApetr prodB&M
2004PeriniBowNHstructural steelNEGS
1950Perkins ClarenceEdmoreMIPotato whseC&O
1950Perkins ClarenceMcBridesMICoal, feed, fertzC&O
1950Perkins FrancisLyonsMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Perkins FrancisPortlandMILimestoneC&O
1950Perkins Glue CoGrand RapidsMIGlue distr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1990Perma TreatReeds GapCTTiesCCCL
2004PermaTreatNew BritainCTtiesGRS
2004PermaTreatNew BritainCTtiesGRS
1950Perrigo L CoAlleganMIDrug & chem plt*C&O,NYC
1952Perrini Bros GraniteBarrettNHGraniteB&M*
1950Perry & OudmanGrand RapidsMIFood prod broker*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1947Perry & ShermanUticaNYBev, wineNYO&W
1957Perry EPortlandMEiron & metalB&M
1950Perry Prtg CoFlintMIPrtg*C&O,GTW
1976Perry TransferBaltimoreMDPaper toilet, towels, trays, holdersBO
1974Peru Propane GasPeruNYL.P.gasD&H
1956Pet IncVinelandNJCanned goods*CNJ,PRSL
1990Pet IncAllentownPAFrozen foodsLV
1956Pet IncChambersburgPAFrozen foodsPRR
1956Pet IncEriePAFrozen seafoodNYC
1990Pet IncPortlandMECanned goodsB&M
1971Pet IncFrankfortMIWaffles, fzAA
1955Pete & Rogers Oil ServiceWestboroNHpetr prodB&M
2004Peter PaulBeacon FallsCTcorn syrupGRS
1955Peterboro Basket CoPeterboroNHbaskets, wood prodB&M
1949Peterboro Basket CoPeterboroNHPlywoodB&M
1950Peters ClydeWalhallaMIAg limestoneC&O
1950Peters ClydeKalevaMIFertz & limestone dlrC&O
1950Peters J LDetroitMIStl processing plt*C&O,various
1950Peters Sausage CoDetroitMIsausagevarious
1950Peters Stockyard JohnWilliamsportPALivestockPRR
1950Peterson & Packer CoalTroyNYCoal, anthracite, bituminousD&H
1950Peterson R WLakeviewMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Petoskey Cigar CoPetoskeyMITobacco, candy, paper dlr*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey City ofPetoskeyMISupp yd*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey Gas CoPetoskeyMILP gas plt*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey House Furnishing CoPetoskeyMIFurn dlr*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey Mfg CoPetoskeyMIMetal prods plt*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey News CoPetoskeyMIPublisher*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey Packing CoPetoskeyMIPacking house*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey Portland Cement CoPetoskeyMICement plt*C&O,PRR
1950Petoskey Portland Cement CoEllsworthMIClayC&O
1950Petoskey Portland Cement CoHarperMIClay pitC&O
1950Petr Svcs IncDetroitMIPetr prods dlr*C&O,various
1950Petraskey Chevrolet SalesRomulusMIAuto dlr*C&O,Wab
1976Petro Tex Terminal CorpThoroughfareNJButadiene Inhibited Fmbl Comp GasPRSL
1980PetrolaneEssex JctVTFuel oil (distributor)CV*
1990Petroleum Pipe & SupplyCarnegiePAOilfield gdsPRR
1990Pettibone CorpBaragaMIConstruction equip.DSS&A
1950Pfaff Sash & Door CoDetroitMIWood prods dlr*C&O,various
1947Pfaltzgraff PotteryYorkPACeramicsPRR,WM
1950Pfeiffer Brewing CoFlintMIBrewery*C&O,GTW
1990PfizerAdamsMALime, slurryB&M
1976Pfizer Co.EastonPAdry earth pigments*DL&W,LV,CNJ,L&HR,PRR
1966Phalanx WoodworkMerrickNYMillwork, lumberLIRR
1940PhelpsGrand IsleVTFertzRut
1966Phelps DodgeLaurel HillNYMetalsLIRR
1939Phelps Dodge Copper Prod CoElizabethNJCopper prodCNJ
1976Phelps Dodge Refining CorpNichols SidingNYScrap copperLI
1956Phelps-DodgeYanticCTCopper bars, plateCVt
1950Phenix Furniture CoWarrenPAFurnitureNYC
1950Phila & Rdg C & I CoBlythe TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Phila & Rdg C & I CoButler TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Phila & Rdg C & I CoMahoney TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Phila & Rdg C & I CoPorter Twp Schuykill Co)PACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Phila & Rdg C & I CoReilly TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Phila & Rdg C & I CoWalker Twp (Schuykill Co)PACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Phila Electric CoChesterPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Phila Electric CoKensingtonPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Phila Gas WorksPhiladelphiaPACoal, bituminousPRR
1976Phila Newspapers IncPhiladelphiaPAPaper Cores Returned*PRR,Rdg
1950Philadelphia Navy YardPhiladelphiaPACoal, bituminous, steel shapes, sheetPRR
1976Philadelphia Newspaper IncPhiladelphiaPANewsprint Paper*PRR,Rdg
1950Philadelphia Quartermaster DepotPhiladelphiaPAMilitary Rations, QM stores, tentsPRR
1955Philadelphia Wool Scouring CoCharlestownMAwoolB&M
1950Philco CorpBristolPARadiosPRR
1950Philco CorpFairhillPARadiosPRR
1950Philco Corp Lansdale Tube CoLansdalePARadiosRdg
1950Philco Corp Watsontown Cabinet DivWatsontownPAFurniturePRR
1960Philco WholesalersPortlandMEWarehousePT
1939Philgas CoBound BrookNJLP gasCNJ
1976Phillip Morris IncManchesterNHCigarettesBM
1950Phillips Bros Screw Prods CoLansingMIScrew plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Phillips Mine & Machy CoPittsburghPAMine suppliesPRR
1950Phillips Petr CorpAlmaMIBulk gas & oil*AA,C&O
1955Phillipsburg Coal & LumberPhillipsburgNJCoal, bituminousCNJ
1955Phillipsburg Coal & LumberPhillipsburgNJLumberCNJ
1939Phillipsburg Supply CoPhillipsburgPACoal, bldg matlCNJ
1950Phoenix Glass Co.MonacaPAGlasswareP&LE
1950Phoenix Iron & Steel CoPhoenixvillePASteel, structuralPRR
1950Phoenix Silk CoAllentownPASilkLV
1970Piantadosi BakingMaldenMAflourB&M
1950Piasecki Helicopter CoMortonPAAircraftPRR
1950Pickands-Mather & Co Mather MineMatherPACoalP&LE
1950Pickett HarryAlleganMITractor dlr*C&O,NYC
1955Pie Beverage CoPortlandMEbeer, wine, liquorB&M
1950Piedt John E & SonsBenton HarborMIBasket plant*C&O,NYC
1966Piel BrosE New YorkNYBeerLIRR
1950Pier 11Pt RichmondPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Pier 18Pt RichmondPAIron oreRdg
1950Pier 27New YorkNYMdse, food prod, mach tools, machyPRR
1950Pier 27New YorkNYPlastics, steel prodPRR
1950Pier 49New YorkNYMdse, food prod, mach tools, machyPRR
1950Pier 49New YorkNYPlastics, steel prodPRR
1950Pier EPt RichmondPAGrainRdg
1950Pier JHarsimus CoveNJMdse, food prods, mach tools, machy, plasticsPRR
1950Pier JHarsimus CoveNJSteel products, misc.PRR
1938Pierce Arrow CoBuffaloNYAutos*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1950Pierce Williams CoS HavenMIFruit packing plt*C&O,NYC
1950Pigeon Dairy CoPigeonMIDairy prods plt*C&O,GTW
1950Pigeon Elev Co (Wallace & Morley)PigeonMICoal*C&O,GTW
1950Pigeon Elev Co (Wallace & Morley)PigeonMIElev*C&O,GTW
1950Pigeon Lbr & Supply CoPigeonMILbr, bdrs supp*C&O,GTW
1950Pilgrim Drawn Stl CorpPlymouthMIStl prods pltC&O
1950Pilgrim Packing CoE SyracuseNYmeat prodNYC
1944Pilgrim Parlor Frame CorpSomervilleMAfurnB&M
1950Pilgrim ProduceBostonMAProduceUF*
1966Pilgrim State Hospital StorehouseBrentwoodNYGroc, suppliesLIRR
1966Pilgrim State Hospital TrestleBrentwoodNYCoalLIRR
1976Pine State Beverage CoAugustaMEMalt LiquorMEC
1950Pine Twp Coal Co IncHeilwoodPACoal, bituminousPRR
1990Pinkham LumberAshlandMELumber, wood chipsBAR
1976Pinkham Lumber CoSkerryMELumber or timber rough or dressedBAR
1950Pioneer City Coal CoCarbondalePACoal, anthraciteD&H
2004Pioneer ColdSuffieldCTfrozen foodCSO
1970Pioneer Packing CoDetroitMIPackinghouse prodSLS*
1976Pioneer Paper Stock DivBaltimoreMDBaled PaperPRR
1955Pioneer Plastics CorpSalemMAplastics, resinB&M
1976Pioneer Plastics Corp.AuburnMEpulpboardGTE
1955Pioneer Valley Refg WhseBrightwoodMAfz fdsB&M
1976Pioneer Valley StlS DeerfieldMALift BarsBM
1955Pipe FoundersCambridgeMAstl coil, sheetB&M
1966Pirrsburg Plate GlassMineolaNYGlassLIRR
1952Piscataquis Cty Potato GrowersEllenMEPotatoesAGE*
1950Pittsburg Corning CorpPt AlleghenyPAGlasswareC&PA (PRR)
1960Pittsburg Plate GlassScrantonPAGlassD&H
1950Pittsburgh Coal CoMt Pleasant Twp (Wash Co)PACoal, bituminousP&WV
1950Pittsburgh Coal CoPeters Twp (Wash. Co)PACoal, bituminousMontour
1950Pittsburgh Coal CoRobinson TwpPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Pittsburgh Coal CoStrabane Twp (Wash Co)PACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical CoNeville IsPAIron, pigPC&Y
1950Pittsburgh Forgings CoCoraopolisPASteel products, miscP&LE
1990Pittsburgh Penn OilCreightonPAPetr prodPRR
1950Pittsburgh Plate GlassFord CityPAGlass, sheetP&S
1950Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoSaginawMIGlass, paint dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoKeeneNHglass, paintB&M
1955Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoManchesterNHglass, paintB&M
1950Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoAllentownPAGlass, paintLV
1950Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoCreightonPAGlass, sheetPRR
1950Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoGrand RapidsMIGlass prods & paint dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1965Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co Cumberland WorksCumberlandMDGlass, plateB&O,WM
1965Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co Cumberland WorksCumberlandMDRouge (iron oxide), packaging matlB&O,WM
1965Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co Cumberland WorksCumberlandMDSoda ash, limestone, sand, salt cakeB&O,WM
1950Pittsburgh Produce TerminalPittsburghPAApricots, Dried, cd pears, cantaloupesPRR
1950Pittsburgh Produce TerminalPittsburghPAFruits, veg, potatoesPRR
1950Pittsburgh Produce TerminalPittsburghPAGrapes, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, pearsPRR
1950Pittsburgh Produce TerminalPittsburghPAPeaches, almonds, honeydew melonsPRR
1950Pittsburgh Screw & BoltNeville IsPAHardwaresPC&Y
1950Pittsburgh Screw & BoltWoods RunPAHardwaresPRR
1990Pittsburgh Spring Inc.PittsburghPAMetal prodPRR
1950Pittsburgh Steel CoAllenportPATube, iron and steelPRR
1950Pittsburgh Steel CoMonessenPASteel prodP&LE
1950Pittsburgh Steel Foundry CorpGlassportPASteel products, miscP&LE
1990Pittsburgh Tank CorpCanonsburgPASteelPRR
1950Pittsburgh Terminal Warehouses IncPittsburghPACanned Soup*PRR,P&LE,B&O
1990Pittsburgh Water PlantAspinwallPAChemsPRR
1950Pittsfield Box & Lbr CoPittsfieldNHBox matl, lbr, shooks, wod chipsSuncV (B&M)
1950Pittsfield Town ofPittsfieldNHSaltSuncV(B&M)
1990Plainfield Iron & MetalS PlainfieldNJScrap metalCNJ
1939Plainfield Union Water CoPlainfieldNJWater treatmentCNJ
1950Plankington Packing CoSaginawMIPHP whse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Plankinton Pkg CoDetroitMIPacking house*C&O,various
2004PlasminePortlandMEchemicals corrosiveGRS
1966Plastic CalendaringFarmingdaleNYPlastic pelletsLIRR
1955Plastic Coat CoHolyokeMAplastic, resinsB&M
1966Plastic MaterialsHicksvilleNYPlastic pelletsLIRR
2004Plastic Packaging CorpW SpringfieldMAplastic pelletsCSX
2004PlasticanLeominsterMAplastic pelletsGRS
2004Plastics GroupWoonsocketRIplastic pelletsP&W
1960Plattsburgh Air Force BasePlattsburghNYJet FuelD&H
2004Pleasant FarmsHartfordCTmisc.CSO
2004PliantS DeerfieldMAplastic pelletsGRS
2004PliantSlatersvilleRIplastic pelletsP&W
1950Plockmeyer Feed & Supply CoHollandMIFeed dlrC&O
1950Plotner O WMonroeMIHay & straw shipper*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Plumb & NelsonLudingtonMIWhsl groc*C&O,Lud&N
1955Plumbing Sales CoSomervilleMAplbg suppB&M
1976Plunkett & WebsterDurhamNJLumber native slcRdg
1976Plycraft IncLawrenceMAUnfigured veneerB&M
1950Plymouth City ofPlymouthMISupp ydC&O
1955Plymouth Grain CoPlymouthNHgrain, feed, seed, fertzB&M
1950Plymouth Lbr & Coal CoPlymouthMICoal, lbrC&O
1950Plymouth Mill Supply CoPlymouthMIWoodworking pltC&O
1950Plymouth NurseriesPlymouthMINursery stock dlrC&O
2004Plymouth RubberCantonMArubberCSX
1950Plymouth Stamping CoPlymouthMIStamping pltC&O
1950Plymouth Tube CoPlymouthMITubing pltC&O
1950Plymouth Wood Prods IncPlymouthMIWood prods pltC&O
1950Plywood CorpPattenMEPlywoodBAR
1966Plywood DistMaspethNYPlywoodLIRR
1950Plywood Grand Rapids CoGrand RapidsMIPlywood dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Plywood Wholesale CoManchesterNHplywood, lbrB&M
1955Pocahantas Fuel CoSalemMAcoalB&M
1950Pocahontas Coal CoLansingMICoal yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1960Pocahontas Fuel Co WharfPortlandMECoal for ship bunkersPT
1950Poff Chevrolet Sales CoLake OdessaMIAuto dlrC&O
2004PolarWorcesterMAcorn syrupP&W
1959Polygraphic Co of AmerN BenningtonVTPaper, coalRut
2004PolymatrixPittsfieldMAplastic pelletsCSX
2004PolyOneAyerMAplastic pelletsGRS
1956Polysar ResinsLeominsterMAPlastic pelletsNH
2004Polyvinyl FilmsWilkinsonvilleMAplastic pelletsP&W
1955Pomeroy Coal CoChicopeeMAcoalB&M
1950Pomeroy Oil CoS HavenMIBulk oil*C&O,NYC
1950Pompeian Olive Oil CoBaltimoreMDVegetable oilPRR
2004Pond ViewE ProvidenceRIconst / demo debrisP&W
1976Ponderosa NEFt EdwardNYWaste Paper for RecycD&H
1976Poplin SupplyE CambridgeMAFurniture, common householdB&M
1966Porch & PatioFarmingdaleNYGarden suppliesLIRR
1990Port of BaltimoreBaltimoreMDCocoa beans, sugarPRR
1950Port Reading coal docksPt ReadingNJCoal, anthraciteRdg
1966Port Washington LumberPt WashingtonNYLumberLIRR
1950Porter AndrewKalevaMIPotato whseC&O
1950Porter C O Machy CoGrand RapidsMIWoodworking machy plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Porter H KSomervilleMAmachyB&M
1955Portland Box CoCumberland MillsMEboxesB&M
1957Portland CoPortlandMEmachy, boilers, stl fabrB&M
1950Portland Coop AssnPortlandMICoal, potashC&O
1950Portland Coop AssnPortlandMIElevC&O
1955Portland Copper & Tank CoS PortlandMEsteel, copperPTRy
1957Portland DistributorsPortlandMEwhsl beerB&M
1955Portland Dowel CoMountainviewNHwood prodB&M
1957Portland Gas Light CoPortlandMEsuppB&M
1955Portland Machine Tool CoS PortlandMEmach toolsPTRy
1950Portland Motor Sales CoPortlandMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Portland Oil CoPortlandMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1955Portland Paper Box CoSomervilleMAboxesB&M
1944Portland Stoneware CoBostonMAceramic prodB&M
1957Portland Stove FoundryPortlandMEfdy, stovesB&M
1955Portland TractorDeering JctMEag eqtB&M
1955Portland Water DistrictPortlandMEsuppB&M
1955Portsmouth City BeveragePortsmouthNHbevsB&M
1955Portsmouth Metal FabricatorsPortsmouthNHsteelB&M
2004Portsmouth Naval ShipyardKitteryMEnuclear fuelGRS
2004Portsmouth Naval ShipyardKitteryMEnuclear fuel wasteGRS
1955Portsmouth Scrap Iron-Metal CoPortsmouthNHscrapB&M
1956Post C W CoBattle CreekMICerealGTW,NYC
1944Post PublishingBostonMApaperB&M
1960Post StarGlens FallsNYNewsprintD&H
2004Post-Script WarehouseNorwichCTmisc mdseNECR
2003Potomac ElectricDickersonMDaggregate, ore, clay, roofing, slag, fly ashCSXT
2003Potomac ElectricDickersonMDroofing granules, cement, lime, silicaCSXT
1950Potomac Electric PowerWashingtonDCCoal, bituminousPRR
1956Potomac Produce CoCumberlandMDProduceB&O
1955Potter Drug CoMaldenMAdrugsB&M
1950Potter E E & CoBreckenridgeMILbr ydC&O
1955Potter PressWalthamMApaperB&M
1955Potter W N GrainGreenfieldMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1955Potter W N Grain StoreCharlemontMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1955Potter W N Grain StoreGardnerMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1955Potter W N Grain StoreShelburne FallsMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1955Potter W N Grain StoreWilliamstownMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1950Powell Fuel CoBinghamtonNYCoal, anthracite, bituminousD&H
1947Powell MufflerUticaNYCoal, bituminousNYO&W
1982Power Controls Div Midland-Ross CorpOwossoMIMV parts & accGTW
1990Power PipingDonoraPAStl pipePRR
1955Powers Paper CoBrightwoodMApaperB&M
1955Powers-Scranton CoalWorcesterMAcoalB&M
1955Pownal Tanning CoN PownalVThidesB&M
1990PPG IndGenevaPAChemsNYC
1990PPG IndSpringdalePAChemsPRR
1950Pranger Gas & Coal CoShelbyMICoal ydC&O
1950Prater F GCasnoviaMICoalC&O
1950Prater F GCasnoviaMIProduce shipperC&O
2004PraxairSuffieldCTcarbon dioxideCSO
2004PraxairTewksburyMAcarbon dioxideGRS
1950Precise Tool CoMilfordMITool pltC&O
2003Premier Auto ServiceFairfieldMDVehicles, newCSXT
2003Premier Auto ServicePt Breeze (Baltimore)MDVehicles, newCSXT
1950Premier FoodsE BostonMAmeat prodNYC
1990Premier PlasticsCreightonPAPlastic prodPRR
1955Prescott Fuel CoStonehamMAcoal, oilB&M
1955Prescott Lumber CoMeredithNHlbrB&M
1955Prescott Oil CoFranklinNHpetr prodB&M
1971President Container CoMoonachieNJFiberboardEL
1944Prest-O-Lite CoCambridgeMAbatteriesB&M
1950Presto Gas Mfg CoBreedsvilleMILPG pltC&O
1955Presto GrainClaremontNHCorn, wheat, oatsC&C
1950Presto-Lite CoAllentownPABatteriesLV
1982Prestolite Div Eltra CorpBay CityMIElec eqt, int comb ehgines*C&O,GTW,NYC
1982Prestolite Wire Div Eltra CorpPt HuronMIWire nonferr, drawing, insulating*C&O,PRR,PH&D
1955Preston Coal & Coke CoLowellMAcoal, cokeB&M
1950Price Wood Prods CoDetroitMIWood prods plt*C&O,various
1966Prima AsphaltHoltsvilleNYAsphaltLIRR
2004Primary SteelMiddletownCTsteelP&W
2004Prime SourceWaterburyCTlumberGRS
1990Prime Tanning CoRochesterNHLeather, processedBM
1944Prince LineBostonMAmdseB&M
1971Prince Macaroni CoLowellMAFlourBM
1955Prince Macaroni Mfg CoLowellMAfood prodB&M
1976Prince Packaging CorpLowellMAPulpboardBM
1970Process EngineeringPlaistowMAcryo gassesB&M
1970Process EngineeringPlaistowMAsteelB&M
2004Process EngineeringPlaistowNHsteelGRS
2004Process EngineeringPlaistowNHcryogenic tanksGRS
1955Process Engineering CoLawrenceMAcontrB&M
1955Process Engineering CoSomervilleMAcontrB&M
1976Procter & GambleStaten IsNYflourSIRT
1990Proctor & GambleSt GeorgeNJDetergentsSIRT (B&O)
1976Proctor & GambleMenophanyPAPaper Towels, Toilet PaperCR
1976Proctor & Gamble Dist Co c/o Distrib UnltdVoorheesvilleNYToilet PaperD&H
1950Proctor Bros Radio & Appl CoFlintMIElec prods whse*C&O,GTW
1951Proctor Coal CoCenter RutlandVTCoalD&H
1959Proctor Coal CoProctorVTCoal, oilRut
1976Proctor Paper CoLowell JctMAToilet paperBM
1971Proctors IncFair HavenVTAg impltsD&H
1950Prods Eng & Mfg CorpBridgemanMIZinc fdyC&O
1944Produce Dealers Supply CoBostonMAbaskets, fiberboardB&M
1950Produce Dept Grand Rapids Whsl Groc CoGrand RapidsMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Producers Core Sand CoSawyerMISand pitC&O
1950Producers Elev CoWilliamstonMICoal ydC&O
1950Producers Elev CoWilliamstonMIGrain elevC&O
1950Production Die Cast CoGrand RapidsMIDie castings plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Production Pattern Foundry CoChicopeeMAfdyB&M
1950Production Welding CoDetroitMIWelding shop*C&O,various
2004Prolerized New England CoEverettMAscrap metal, auto fluffGRS,CSX
2004Prolerized New England CoEverettMAscrap metalGRS,CSX
1960Propane WholesalersPortlandMELP gasPT
1944Prospect Hill Bottling CoE CambridgeMAsugar, syrup, cans, bottlesB&M
1955Prospect Hill Bottling CoSomervilleMAsugar, syrup, cans, bottlesB&M
1955Prospect Iron & Steel CorpSomervilleMAsteelB&M
2004Providence JournalProvidenceRInewsprintP&W
1950PRR grain elevators and dockBaltimoreMDGrainPRR
1950PRR ore pierBaltimoreMDIron orePRR
1950PRR Pier 53PhiladelphiaPAFood products. mach tools, machy, plasticsPRR
1950PRR Pier 53PhiladelphiaPAMdssePRR
1950PRR Pier 53PhiladelphiaPASteel products, misc.PRR
1966Prudential PaperCorona Freight YardNYPaperLIRR
2004PSNH Power Sta.BowNHcoal, chems (for scrubbers)GRS,NEGS
1960PT #3, GT, Me State WharfsPortlandMEWoodpulp (Scandinavia)PT
1950Pt Austin Level & Tool Mfg CoPt AustinMITool pltC&O
1950Pt Austin Village ofPt AustinMISupply ydC&O
1950Pt Huron City ofPt HuronMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Pt Huron Lbr CoPt HuronMILbr yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1982Pt Huron Paper CoPt HuronMIPaper*C&O,PRR,PH&D
1950Pt Huron Sulphite & Paper CoPort HuronMIPaper bags, prods, printingGTW
1960PT Wharf #3PortlandMEClay, china, importedPT
1960PT Wharf #3PortlandMEScrap iron for exportPT
1960PT Wharf #3, GT, Me State WharvesPortlandMEWoodpulp for newsprint - exportPT
1960PT WharvesPortlandMECasein (binder for paper, from Australia/NZ)PT
1960PT WharvesPortlandMEFish meal (pet food, from S Africa)PT
1960PT WharvesPortlandMEFlour for exportPT
1960PT WharvesPortlandMEHides (for shoes, from Australia/NZ)PT
1960PT WharvesPortlandMETapioca flour (wood binder for paper)PT
1960PT WharvesPortlandMETitanium dioxide (paper whitener, from Finland)PT
1955Public Service NH CoManchesterNHsuppB&M
1955Public Service NH CoPortsmouthNHsuppB&M
1955Public Service Oil CoSomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1976Publication PressBaltimoreMDprinting paperBO
1956Publicker Chemical CoOld GreenwichCTMethylene diphenyl diisocyanateNH
1956Publicker IndWilmingtonDECarbon dioxideRdg
1950Publicker Industries IncPhiladelphiaPAAlcoholPRR
1950Publix Shirt CoHazletonPAClothing productsLV
1950Puffer E WHartfordMIPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Puffer-Hubbard CoGrand HavenMIRefrig dlr*C&O,GTW
1955Pullman Standard Manufacturing CoWorcesterMAsteel, rr car partsB&M
1950Pullman Supply CoPullmanMICoal, lbrC&O
1950Pullum Window CorpDetroitMIWood prods dlr*C&O,various
1955Pulp Sales CorpPortlandMEwoodpulp (import)B&M
1950Pumicent Mfg CoPlymouthMIAbrasives pltC&O
1956Purdue FarmsSeabrookNJSoybean mealCNJ
1956Purdy Coal & OilMaloneNYAnthraciteRut
1955Pure CarbonicWalthamMAind gassesB&M
1950Pure OIl CoBay CityMITank farm*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Pure Oil CoMidlandMIOil refinery*C&O,NYC
1950Pure Oil CoMt PleasantMITank farm*C&O,AA
1950Pure Oil CoReed CityMICrude oil loading*C&O,PRR
2003Purina Mills IncHagerstownMDFeedCSXT
1955Puritan Dist CoBostonMAgrocB&M
1955Puritan Furn CoOak GroveMAfurnB&M
1990Puritan PaintsSharpsburgPAPaintsPRR
1944Puritan Sanitary Supply CoCambridgeMApaper prod, chemB&M
1947Purity Cream ProdsMalone (Morton Siding)NYCreamery, cheeseRut
1950Purity Cylinder Gases IncGrand RapidsMIGases*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Pyle A GZeelandMITractor distrC&O
1966Pyrofax GasMedfordNYLPGLIRR
1955Pyrofax Gas CoLakeportNHLPGB&M
1955Pyrofax Gas CoLondonderryNHLPGB&M
1955Pyrofax Gas CoCambridgeMALPGB&M
1955Pyrofax Gas CoS DeerfieldMALPGB&M
1950Pyrology Eng CoGlenlordMICastingsC&O
2004Quaboag TransferBondsvilleMAlumberNECR
1954Quaboag Valley Co-opChagfordMACreamerySNE*
1960Quackenbush WarehouseScrantonPAMerchandiseDL&W
1960Quad GraphicsSaratoga SpgsNYPaperD&H
1950Quail Oil & Gas CoCroswellMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Quaker City Cold Storage CoPhiladelphiaPAFruits, meat, vegPRR
1950Quaker City Rubber Corp.TaconyPAClothing productsPRR
1950Quaker Oats CoTecumsehMIPasta, macaroni*DT&I,NYC
1950Quaker St Oil Ref CoEmlentonPALube oilPRR
1950Quaker State Oil Ref CoFarmers ValleyPAPetroleum productsPRR
1950Quality Chevrolet SalesHowellMIAuto dlr*C&O,AA
1956Quality Coal CoSayrePACoalLV
1950Quality Foods IncPhiladelphiaPAmeat prod*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1955Quality Fruit Prod CoFitchburgMAproduce, sugar, containersB&M
1950Quality Millwork & Lbr CoHollandMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Qualtiy Seal Oil CoSaginawMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,NYC
1956Queen City BrewingCumberlandMDBeerWM
1950Queen City Implt CoTraverse CityMIImplt dlr*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1966Queens ScrapCorona Freight YardNYScrapLIRR
1955Quick Flour Filter CoBushkirkNYmachyB&M
1955Quincy Adams Colonial Door IncManchesterNHdoors, sashB&M
1955Quincy Market Cold Stge & Whse CoWalthamMAfz fdsB&M
1950Quinn J RElktonMIImplt dlrC&O
1950R & D Screw CoHowellMIScrew plt*C&O,AA
1950R & I E Equip DivS GreensburgPAElectrical componentsPRR
1976R K Freedman & SonTroyNYSteel scrap F R P OD&H
1960R. Cohen & Son ScrapGlens FallsNYScrapD&H
1976R. Kelly Friedman & Sons SalvageGreen IslandNYSteel scrap F R P OD&H
1951Race Milling CoGranvilleNYFeed, coalD&H
1990Race Street LumberMeadvillePALbrErie
1950Rademaker Chem CoE LakeMISalt pltC&O
1950Radio Distr CoGrand RapidsMIAppl, radio dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Radio Foods CoLawrenceMAgrocB&M
1950Rafelson AHartMIPotato whseC&O
1956Railroad Distribution ServicesWestfieldMALumberB&M
1956Railroad Weed ControlWestfieldMAWeed killerB&M
1950Rainbo Bread CoSaginawMIBakery*C&O,GTW,NYC
1956Rainey C & I Co 1LeetoniaPACoal, bituminousCVal
1990Ralston PurinaDunkirkNYFood prod*Erie,NYC,PRR
1956Ralston PurinaMalone JctNYFeed (Checkerboard)Rut
1971Ralston PurinaLemoynePAWheyPC
1960Ralston PurinaPortlandMEFeedsPT
1955Ralston Purina CoN AdamsMAfeedB&M
1955Ralston Purina CoDeering JctMEfeedB&M
1955Ralston Purina CoManchesterNHfeedB&M
1950Ralston Purina CoAllentownPAFeedLV
1955Ramano Oil CoWestboroNHpetr prodB&M
1976Rand Whitney Packaging CorpN LeominsterMAPulpboard, rollsBM
1960Randall & McAllisterPortlandMEFurnaces, coalPT
1966Randall LumberFarmingdaleNYLumberLIRR
1950Randolph O W CoErieMIAlfalfa meal shipperC&O
1956Ranney RefrigerationGreenvilleMIAppliances, refrC&O
1939Ransome Concrete MachyDunellenNJConcrete mixersCNJ
1950Rapid City Bldg Supply CoRapid CityMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1944Rapids Furniture CoE CambridgeMAfurnB&M
1982Rapistan Div Lear Sigler IncGrand RapidsMIConv & eqt, casters, wheels*NYC,PRR
1939Raritan MillsRaritanNJClothCNJ
1950Rasmussen O AGreenvilleMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW
1955Rath Packing CoBostonMAPHPB&M
1951Rathbun Geo & SonGranvilleNYCoalD&H
1950Raven Run Coal CoCoyngham TwpPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1970Raycon CorpAnn ArborMIMachySLS*
1944Raymond Concrete Pile CoRevereMAcement, steelB&M
1950Raymond Prods CoSaginawMITrlr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Raytheon Mfg CoLawrenceMAelectr prodB&M
1955Raytheon Mfg CoLowellMAelectr prodB&M
1955Raytheon Mfg CoWalthamMAelectr prodB&M
1955Raytheon Mfg CoWaylandMAelectr prodB&M
1950Reader & SonsScottvilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1976Reading Anthracite Coal CoCressonaPAAnthracite Coal RiceRdg
1976Reading Anthracite Coal CoSt NicholasPAAnthracite CoalRdg
1950Reading Clothing Mfr CoReadingPAClothing productsRdg
1955Reading GrainReadingMAgrain, feed, seedB&M
1990Reagent ChemMiddlesexNJChem waste (tanks)LV
1950Real Pie CoPittsburghPABaked goodsPRR
1950Reck Chas ABridgemanMIAuto dlrC&O
1990Reckitt-ColmanBelle MeadNJChemsRdg
1976Recor IncSalemMAMetal shredded for recycling lfvcB&M
1955Record PressRochesterNHnewsprintB&M
2004Recycle AmericaTauntonMAcullet (crushed glass )BCLR
1976Recycled Metals CorpConshohockenPAScrap Steel*PRR,Rdg
1950Red Lion Cabinet CoRed LionPAFurnitureMa&Pa
1950Red Mill Lbr CoTraverse CityMIBldrs supp*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1960Red RosePatchogueNYPlumbing SuppliesLIRR
1976Red Rose Feed & Farm SupplyLeicesterVTA&P Feed Bulk Prep C/LRut
1950Red Seal Turkey Ranch & HatcheryBeldingMITurkey shipperC&O
1966Redan PackagingFresh Pond Glendale/WoodhavenNYFibreboardLIRR
1955Reddi - WhipWatertownMAfood prodB&M
1955Redimix CementWilmingtonMAcement, aggreagtesB&M
1955Redimix CementNashuaNHcement, aggreagtesB&M
2004Redland BrickS WindsorCTbricksCSO
2003Redland BricksRocky RidgeMDBuilding MaterialsMMID
1950Redman BrosAlmaMIWhsl grocer*AA,C&O
1950Redman Bros of LansingLansingMIWhsl groc*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Redman Roths Distr CoAlmaMITractor dlr*AA,C&O
1950Redman Trlr CoAlmaMIAuto trlr plt*AA,C&O
1956Redpac FoodsCedarvilleNJCanned vegetables, fruit, catsup, tomato prodsCNJ
1956RedwingDunkirkNYFrozen fruitsNYC
1976Reeb Millwork CorpAllentownPAWindow & door millwork*CNJ,LV,L&NE,Rdg
1944Reece Folding Machine CoE CambridgeMAmachyB&M
1950Reed City Kiln Dry CoReed CityMILbr kiln*C&O,PRR
1950Reed City Shipping AssnReed CityMILivestock shipper*C&O,PRR
1955Reed Coal & GrainS ActonMAcoal, feedB&M
2004Reed MineralsBowNHabrasives mat'l mfg (coal slag)NEGS
1950Reed SFennvilleMISugar beetsC&O
1950Reese Farmers Elev CoReeseMIBldrs supp*C&O,NYC
1950Reese Farmers Elev CoReeseMIElev*C&O,NYC
1960Reeses TextileWaterfordNYtextilesD&H
1950Reever Wm EYaleMIHay shipperC&O
1966Refined MacaroniEvergreenNYMacaroniLIRR
1955Regan Coal CoPortsmouthNHcoalB&M
1950Reichart Furn CoPittsburghPAFurnPRR
1939Reichhold Chem CoElizabethNJChemCNJ
1990Reichhold ChemicalsBridgevillePALatex rubber, resin solutionP&WV
1976Reichhold Chemicals Inc.Lowell JctMAcarbolic acidBM
1955Reichold Chemical IncAndoverMAchemB&M
1956Reid Ice CreamBlue PointNYDairy prod, sugar, flavorsLIRR
1971Reid Paper CoSaginawMIPaperPC
1950Reid-Murdoch & CoDetroitMIWhsl groc*C&O,various
1950Reid-Murdoch CoBellaireMICanning plt*C&O,EJ&S
1950Reid-Murdoch CoEllsworthMICanning pltC&O
1950Reifs ElevStantonMICoal ydC&O
1950Reifs ElevStantonMIGrain elevC&O
1956Reilly-WhitemanConshohockenPACanola oil, esters, fatty acidRdg
1956Reilly-WhitemanConshohockenPACastor oil, glycerine, tall oil, waxesRdg
1950Reindel & Bronner Lbr CoGeraMIBldrs suppC&O
2004Reisner ScrapClintonMAscrap metalCSX
2003Reisterstown LumberGlen MorrisMDLumberMMID
1955Reliable Lumber CoWaltham NMAlbrB&M
1950Reliable Motor SupplyGrand RapidsMIAuto supply dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Reliable Tire & Accessories CoMuskegonMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1970Reliable Whse & Stg CoFort St Ind DistrMIStorage whseSLS*
1950Reliance Stl Div Detr Stl CorpDetroitMIStl brokers*C&O,various
1950Remenap Hdw CoReed CityMIHdw*C&O,PRR
1950Remington-Rand IncBenton HarborMIOffice supplies plt*C&O,NYC
1971Remis IndPeabodyMAGlue stockBM
1950Remus Coop Creamery CoRemusMIDairyC&O
1950Remus Elev & Lbr CoRemusMICoal, lbrC&O
1950Remus Elev & Lbr CoRemusMIElevC&O
1950Remus Ind Oil CoRemusMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1990Renegade Drilling Mud CorpFranklinPAMinerals*Erie,NYC,PRR
1955Reneham & AkarsWhite River JctVTplywood, bldg m atls, lbrB&M
1955Reney D JNewportNHLbr, box matlC&C
1950Rengo Svc StaKalevaMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Renham A H & SonSykesvilleMDCanned foodsB&O
1950Reo Motors Sales & SvcLansingMITruck dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Reproduction Prods CoDetroitMIPaper prods plt*C&O,various
1966Republic AerojetMontaukNYAvgas, metals, eqtLIRR
1966Republic AviationFarmingdaleNYAvgas, metals, eqtLIRR
1976Republic Container Corp.Jersey CityNJPulpboard*PRR,Erie,LV,NYC,DL&W,CNJ
1950Republic Distr CoGrand RapidsMIAppl dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1939Republic Fireproofing CoBound BrookNJFireproofing matlsCNJ
1976Republic Paper StockNew YorkNYWaste PaperNYC
1976Republic Paper Stock CoBrooklyn Bush TerlNYWaste paper for recyc purp onlyBT
1944Republic Pipe & Supply CoSomervilleMApipe, steel prodB&M
1966Republic SteelL I CityNYsteel beams, structural steelLIRR
1950Republic Steel CoLyon MountainNYIron oreD&H
1950Republic Steel CoPt HenryNYIron oreD&H
1950Republic Steel CoTroyNYIron pigD&H
1950Republic Steel CoIndianolaPACoal, bituminousB&LE
1950Republic Steel Co Banning #2Jacobs CreekPACoal, bituminousP&LE
1950Republic Steel Co Banning #4W NewtonPACoal, bituminousP&LE
1950Republic Steel Co Burder wks)S TroyNYIron pigD&H
1950Republic Steel Corp Clyde 1FredericktownPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Republic Steel Corp Clyde 3ClydePACoal, bituminousMonong
1990Reserve PetroleumCharleroiPAPetr prodPRR
1950Retail Growers Produce CoLansingMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
2004Retail PrintingTauntonMApaperCSX
1950Reutledge Mfg CoMonroeMIClay pigeons & traps*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1944Revere Coal CoRevereMAcoalB&M
1944Revere Sugar RefineryN SomervilleMAsugarB&M
1950Rewire Metal Prods CoThompsonvilleMIWire prods plt*C&O,AA
1950Rex Clay Prods CoDetroitMIClay prods dlr*C&O,various
1955Rex Lumber CoSomervilleMAlbrB&M
1976Rex Lumber CompanyW CambridgeMALumber SL&CBM
1990Reynolds AluminumMt. ClemensMIAluminum scrapGTW
1990Reynolds MetalsMassenaNYAluminum ingotsNYC
1950Reynolds Metals CoGrand RapidsMIAlum extr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Reynolds V JAlleganMIAuto dlr*C&O,NYC
1966RheingoldBushwick BranchNYBeerLIRR
1990Rhone PoulencMcClintockPAChemsPRR
1976Rice C M Paper CoConcordNHPrinting paperMEC
1959Rice Lbr CoShelburneVTBldg matlsRut
1955Rice M F Oil CoGreenfieldMApetr prodB&M
1971Rich Plan of UticaNew YorkNYRefrigPC
1950Richards Glendon A CoGrand RapidsMISheet metal works plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Richards Mfg CoGrand RapidsMIPlbg supp plt*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1957Richardson Dana CoPortlandMEwhsl lbrB&M,PT
1976Richardson Jas & SonsCatawissaPABrewers Grain in SacksD&H
1955Richland Oil CoPortlandMEpetr prodB&M
1950Richmond Carl & StanleyWebbervilleMIOnion whseC&O
1944Richmond Radiator CoSomervilleMAhtg eqtB&M
1950Ridley GaillardPalmsMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Riedell L H Lbr CoHarbor BeachMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Riedell L H Lbr CoMarletteMIBoxes, prefab houses, bldrs suppC&O
1950Riemink JakeReemanMICoal, produce dlrC&O
1950Riethmeir E W & M EGeraMICoal, fertz (genl store)C&O
1950Rifkin Scrap Iron & Metal CoSaginawMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1971RigdonFlat RockMIBallastDTI
1948RighterAltamontNYLumber, grain, coalD&H
1955Riley StokerWorcesterMAhtg eqtB&M
1950Rinella A J IncAlbanyNYVegetablesD&H
1990Rinella LumberVictoryPALbrPRR
1959Ring B HNew HavenVTFeedRut
2004Ring's EndBethelCTlumberP&W
2004Ring's EndDarienCTlumberCSX
1990Ringoes Feed & LbrRingoesNJLumber, feedPRR
1950Rinshed-Mason CoDetroitMIPaint plt*C&O,various
1950Ripley Mfg CoCroswellMIAuto accessories pltC&O
1976Ris Paper Co New England Inc.BostonMAPulpboard, prtg paperBM
1951Rising & NelsonPoultneyVTSlate roofing matlD&H
1950Ritzema Jas HGreenvilleMICoal yd*C&O,GTW
1955Rival FoodsPortsmouthNHpet foodsB&M
1950Riverdale Elev CoRiverdaleMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1966Riverhead Redi-MixRiverheadNYCement, aggregatesLIRR
1955Riverside Fuel CorpMedfordMAcoal, oilB&M
1950Riverside Package CoRiversideMILbr ydC&O
1955Riverside Paper Stock CoHolyokeMAwaste paperB&M
1976Riverside Supply CoSouth RiverNJBuilding BrickRR
1950Riverside Truck & Stg CoBay CityMIPublic whse*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Riverview HatcheryScottvilleMIHatcheryC&O
1955Riviera PackingCharlestownMAgd gdsB&M
1950Road Standard CorpSpring Garden Twp (York Co)PAMachineryMa&Pa
1956Roaring Spring Bound Book CoRoaring SpringPAPaperPRR
1956Roaring Spring Bound Book CoRoaring SpringPAPaper wastePRR
1950Rob Roy Co IncCambridgeMDClothingPRR
1976Robbins Door & Sash CoScrantonPAInsulating Fiberboard - packagedD&H
1950Robbins Flooring CoReed CityMIFlooring*C&O,PRR
1950Roberts Coal & Supply CoPlymouthMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1947Roberts Roy CoalUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
1950Robertshaw-Fulton ControlsYoungwoodPAScientific instrumentsPRR
1950Robertson Mfg CoMorrisvillePAClay productsPRR
1955Robertson Paper CoBellows FallsVTpaper prodB&M
1959Robertson Paper CoBellows FallsVTPaper, coalRut,B&M
1950Robeson Seed FarmHallNYSeedsPRR
1950Robey Mfg CoOkemosMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Robinson Cartage CoGrand RapidsMICartage*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1966Robinson ChemicalBushwick BranchNYChemsLIRR
1966Robinson Clay ProductsJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYCeramic gdsLIRR
1982Roblin Ind IncBattle CreekMIWire prod fabrGTW,NYC
1990Roblin SteelDunkirkNYStl prod*Erie,NYC,PRR
1955Roche Bros Barrel & Drum CoE CambridgeMAbarrels, drumsB&M
1955Roche Bros Barrel & Drum CoMedfordMAbarrels, drumsB&M
1950Rochester & Pitts C Co Ernest 1ErnestPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Rochester & Pitts C Co Kent 3Coal RunPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Rochester & Pitts C Co LucerneHomer CityPACoal, bituminousPRR
1990Rochester & Pittsburgh CoalAtlasPACoalPRR
1950Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal CoBrady TwpPACoal, bituminousB&O
1950Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal CoCenter Twp (Indiana Co)PACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal CoRayne Twp (Indiana Co)PACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal CoYoung Twp (Indiana Co)PACoal, bituminousPRR
1990Rochester Box LumberRochesterPALbrPRR
1960Rock Wool Insulation Co of MainePortlandMEInsulationPT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 1RobertsdalePACoal, bituminousEBT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 10WoodPACoal, bituminousEBT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 11WoodPACoal, bituminousEBT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 12WoodPACoal, bituminousEBT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 14RobertsdalePACoal, bituminousEBT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 5RobertsdalePACoal, bituminousEBT
1950Rockhill Coal Co No 9AlvanPACoal, bituminousEBT
1955Rockingham Feed & SupplyExeterNHfeed, grain, seedB&M
1955Rockingham Gas CoNewmarketNHLPGB&M
1950Rockwell Coal & Supply CoMt MorrisMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1982Rockwell Intl Auto Ops DvChelseaMIAuto stampings, wire prodNYC
1982Rockwell Intl Auto Ops DvTroyMIAuto stampings, wire prodNYC
1982Rockwell Intl Automotive OpnsAlleganMIMV parts & acc*C&O,NYC
1955Rockwood SprinklerWorcesterMAsprklr eqtB&M
2003Rocky Top Wood PreserversHagerstownMDLumber TreatingCR,NS
1971Rodd A I Lbr CoTemperanceMILumberAA
1955Rodney Hunt Machine CoOrangeMAmachyB&M
1950Roe Lbr CoPlymouthMILbr ydC&O
1950Roeper H C JGrand RapidsMIPoultry feed dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Rogers Co J & JAusable ForksNYPaperD&H
1950Rogersville Elev CoRogersvilleMICoalC&O
1950Rogersville Elev CoRogersvilleMIElevC&O
1950Roh Fred Lbr CoGrand RapidsMIWhsl lbr dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Rohm & HaasBristolPAChemicalsPRR
1956Rohm & HaasPhiladelphiaPAChemicals, plasticsRdg
1956Rohm & HaasPhiladelphiaPAChemicalsRdg
1950Rohn Distr CoSaginawMIReadycut garage distr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Rolling Mill Prods CoDetroitMIWhse*C&O,various
1955Rollstone Foundry CoFitchburgMAfdyB&M
1990Roma FoodsS Bound BrookNJFlourRdg
1950Roma Wine & LiquorBaltimoreMDBulk WineBO
2004RomarAllstonMAmisc mdseCSX
1955Romar Tissue MillsWheelwrightMApaper prodB&M
1950Romulus Feed StoreRomulusMIFeed dlr*C&O,Wab
1950Romulus HdwRomulusMIHdw*C&O,Wab
1966RonzoniL I CityNYPasta productsLIRR
1947Roofers SupplyUticaNYRoofing matlNYO&W
1950Roofing Svc CoLansingMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Roosevelt Paper CoConcordNHPrtg PaperBM
1950Rosback F P CoBenton HarborMIMachinery*C&O,NYC
1950Rose Truck & Caster CoDetroitMITruck & caster plt*C&O,various
1950Rosedale Knitting CoLaurel DalePAFabric, naturalRdg
1950Rosenau BrosLansfordPAClothing productsL&NE
1950Rosenbaum Fred & GordonWatervlietMIFertz dlrC&O
1976Rosenbloom PaperLowellMAFibre Content not less than 80% woodpulp, waste or mixturesBM
1950Rosevale Packing CoLansingMIHides*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Ross & Hall Lbr CoSt LouisMICoal, lbr, bldrs suppC&O
1976Ross Bldg Sply CentgerLebanonNHsteel rebarBM
1950Ross Carrier CoBenton HarborMIMach plt*C&O,NYC
1990Ross LabsSturgisMICoal, coconut oilNYC
1950Ross LabsSturgisMIMedical productsNYC
1950Ross Sales & SvcFlintMIAuto accessories dlr*C&O,GTW
1970RothsteinWoburnMABaking Ingred.B&M
1995Rothstein BBostonMACorn mealNH
1976Rourke ENO Paper CoWilmingtonMAPrinting PaperBM
1950Rouseville Cooperage CoRousevillePADrums, metalPRR
1976Route 495 WhseTewksburyMApaper, printingBM
1951Rowan P A & SonsGranvilleNYBeer, aleD&H
1955Rowe G WHennikerNHautosC&C
1950Rowe Henry Mfg CoNewaygoMIWood prods pltC&O
1955Rowel BrosNewportNHbldg matlsC&C
1950Rowley Coal CoBeldingMICoal ydC&O
1955Rowse Vinegar CoSomervilleMAfood prodB&M
1939Roxalin Flexible Lacquer CoElizabethNJLacquerCNJ
1955Roy J G Lumber CoChicopeeMAlbrB&M
1950Royal Casket CoZeelandMICasket factoryC&O
1976Royal FurnitureSomervilleMAFurniture, WoodenB&M
1955Royal Furniture CoSomervilleMAfurnB&M
1990Royal LubricantWhippanyNJLube oilM&E
1955Royal Paper CoHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1971Royster Farm SvcMarletteMIPotashC&O
1955Ruby WinesEverettMAwinesB&M
1990Ruco PolymerHicksvilleNYResinsLI
1976Ruderman FurnitureMaldenMAFurnitureBM
1957Rufus Deering CoPortlandMEbldg suppB&M
1955Ruggles Fuel CoLittletonNHcoal, oilB&M
1950Ruhfs Feed StoreLansingMIFeed*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Rumford PressConcordNHpaperB&M
1950Rummell & SchaeferGeraMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Runciman C H CoClarksvilleMIBeansC&O
1950Runciman C H CoClarksvilleMICoalC&O
1950Runciman C H CoGrand RapidsMIBeans, grain*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Runciman C H CoGrantMIOnion shipperC&O
1950Runciman C H CoLowellMIBeans, grainC&O
1950Runciman C H CoLowellMICoal, feedC&O
1950Runciman C H Oil CoLowellMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,M&NE
1955Rural Gas ServiceFarmingtonNHLPGB&M
1955Russell Lumber CoLowellMAlbrB&M
1955Rust Master Chemical CoCambridgeMAchemB&M
1966Rutgers MetalBushwick BranchNYScrapLIRR
1971Ruth & Deng SupplyMt ClemensMIPaperGTW
1950Ruth Farmers Elev CoRuthMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Ruth Farmers Elev CoRuthMIElevC&O
1959Rutland Bonded WhseRutlandVTDairy prodRut
1959Rutland Fire Clay CoRutlandVTClay prods (incl LCL)Rut
1959Rutland Fire Clay CoRutlandVTPlaster, oils, coal, chemRut
1952Rutland Groc CoRutlandVTGroc prod whslRut
1959Rutland HeraldRutlandVTNewsprintRut
1959Rutland Waste & Metal CoRutlandVTScrap metalRut
2004RVJLeominsterMAplastic pelletsGRS
2004RVJLeominsterMAplastic pelletsGRS
1976Ryan & Scully IncNew BedfordMAToilet paperNH
2004Ryan Ready-MixFranklinCTcementNECR
1952Rybinski Salvage CoS DoverMEScrap meatlAGE*
1944Ryerson Jos T & SonCambridgeMAsteel prodB&M
1976S & O Opg Co IncScotiaNYGround Clay - Bagged 'Hi Dri'BM
1955S Acton CoalS ActonMAcoalB&M
1950S E W FrielQueenstownMDCanned foodsB&E (PRR)
1955S End Grain CoManchesterNHgrain, feedB&M
1950S Haven Lbr CoS HavenMICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1950S Haven Pickle CoS HavenMIPickle sta*C&O,NYC
1950S Lyon Lbr CoS LyonMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1955S Medford Mason Supply CoN SomervilleMAbrick, tile, cementB&M
1950S Morgan Smith CoYorkPAMachineryWM
1950S Park Scrap Iron & Metal CoPt HuronMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1960S Portland Planing MillPortlandMEWood prodsPT
1955S Portland Planing MillS PortlandMEplaning millPTRy
1950S T & H Oil CoPt HopeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950S T & H Oil CoUnionvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
2004S&H BrickS BridgewaterMAbricksCSX
1955Sabin Coal CoNorthamptonMAcoalB&M
2004Sack StorageWorcesterMAmisc mdseCSX
1950Sacks SamColomaMIWatermelonsC&O
1955Saco Brick CoBiddefordMEbrickB&M
1955Saco Junk CoBiddefordMEscrapB&M
1976Saco Tanning Co.SacoMESulphate AmmoniaBM
1950Saco-Lowell ShopsBiddefordMEMachineryB&M
1955SAF-T-PAK CorpLawrenceMApackagingB&M
2004Safety-KleenSouthboroughMAliquid wastesCSX
1950Safeway StoresWashingtonDCCanned goods, meats, fruits, vegPRR
1950Safeway StoresWilmingtonDEmeat prod*PRR,Rdg,B&O
1955Sagamore Coal CoLynnMAcoalB&M
1959Sagi EFlorenceVTFeedRut
1950Saginaw Brick CoSaginawMIBrick kiln*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Cabinet CoSaginawMICabinet factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw City ofSaginawMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Creamery CoSaginawMIDairy*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Cty Road CommSaginawMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Dock & Terl CoSaginawMITerl dock*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Malleable Iron Div GM CorpSaginawMIFdy, auto parts*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Mfg CoSaginawMIWashboards, ironing tables factory*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Prods CorpSaginawMIMotor bike plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Salt Prods CoSaginawMISalt plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Scrap Baling CoSaginawMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Sheet Metal Parts CorpSaginawMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Saginaw Sugar Beet Growers AssnSaginawMIFertz plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1959Saiger S RBurlingtonVTWhsl grocRut
2004Saint-GobainMilfordMAsilica sandCSX
1950Salem Coal & Feed CoSalemMICoal yd, feed dlrC&O
1955Salem Lumber CoSalemMAlbrB&M
1955Salem Oil & Grease CoSalemMAgrease, lubeB&M
1955Salem Terminal Coal CoSalemMAcoalB&M
1950Salt City Bev CoManisteeMIBev dlrC&O
1950Saltmarsh FredSuncookNHCoalSuncV(B&M)
1956Saltpoint SupplyMaloneNYBldg matlRut
1966Salwin PaperBushwick BranchNYPaperLIRR
1966Sampson BagBushwick BranchNYPaper prodLIRR
1950Sampson Die & Engrg CoFlintMIDie pattern shop*C&O,GTW
1955Samson Cordage WorksShirleyMAropeB&M
1976San Giorgio Macaroni CorpLebanonPAGrain products, flourRDG
1955San Vel Contracting CoLittletonMAcontrB&M
1971Sandell StorageCadillacMIDry milkAA
1950Sanders FredDetroitMIConfectionery dlr*C&O,various
1950Sanders JosCusterMIBeansC&O
1950Sandusky City ofSanduskyMISupp yd*C&O,DC&S
1976Sandy Hill CorpHudson FallsNYSandD&H
1955Sanel Auto PartsConcordNHauto partsB&M
2004Sanford & HawleyManchesterCTlumberCSO
2004Sanford & HawleyW SpringfieldMAlumberCSX
1950Sanford Coal & Lbr CoSanfordMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1990Sanford ScrapCarnegiePAScrap ydPRR
1950Sanilac Coop IncSanduskyMIElev*C&O,DC&S
1950Sanilac Cty Rd CommSanduskyMISupp yd*C&O,DC&S
1950Sanilac Tile & Block CoSanduskyMICement block plt*C&O,DC&S
1944Sanitary Cement CoEverettMAcementB&M
1950Sanitary DairyMuskegonMIDairy*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Sanitary Supply CoFlintMIChem dlr*C&O,GTW
1971Sanitation Eqt CoPatersonNJMachineryEL
1950Sanocide Spray CoFennvilleMIChem pltC&O
1971Santium N LbrHowellMILumberAA
1971Santium N LbrVernonMILumberAA
1983Saranac Milk Co. (1983)SaranacMIMilk productsGTW
1976Saratoga Board MillsMechanicvilleNYScrap Paper - BaledD&H
1950Saratoga Coal & Oil CoSaratoga SpgsNYCoal, anthracite, bituminousD&H
1960Saratoga Flour & Bakers SupplySaratoga SpgsNYflour, sugarD&H
1955Sargeant & HoyNewportNHbldg matlsC&C
1955Sargent Coal CoNorwichVTcoalB&M
1955Sargent Coal CoMerrimacMAcoalB&M
1944Sargent Plywood CoCambridgeMAplywoodB&M
1981Sargent SandYumaMISandAA
1981Sargent Sand (1981)N EpworthMISandLud&Nor
1955SAS MachineryPortlandMEmachyB&M
1966Saston Building MaterialBabylonNYBldg matlLIRR
1950Saugatuck Lbr & Coal CoNew RichmondMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1955Saugus Scrap Metal CoLynnMAscrapB&M
1955Sauquoit Paper CoGardnerMApaper prodB&M
1955Savage Arms Co J Stevens DivChicopee FallsMAfirearms, ammoB&M
1939Savory & GleaserLincolnNJSteel structCNJ
1950Sawyer & CoAlbanyNYFruitsD&H
1950Sawyer Farmers Exchange IncSawyerMICoal ydC&O
1950Sawyer Farmers Exchange IncSawyerMIGrainC&O
1950Sawyer Fruit ExchBenton HarborMIProduce shipper*C&O,NYC
1955Sawyer Lumber CoWorcesterMAlbrB&M
1950Saxman Coal & Coke CoLincoln TwpPACoal, bituminousB&O
1966Saxon PaperL I City Degnon TerlNYPaperLIRR
1966Saxon PaperL I City Degnon TerlNYPaperLIRR
1956Saxonville USAS SudburyMAPlywoodNH
1950Scafer Candy & Tobacco CoFlintMITobacco & conf dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Scanlan Peter S & SonsDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1955Scanlon Coal CoLynnMAcoalB&M
1971Schaberg LbrMarletteMILumberC&O
1950Schaberg-Dietrich Hdw CoLansingMIHdw dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Schaefer F&M BrewingAllentownPAMalt*CNJ,LV,L&NE,Rdg
1976Schaefer F&M Brwg Mltg Grn DivBuffaloNYMaltLV
1950Schaeffer F&M Brewing CoAlbanyNYBeerD&H
1982Schafer Bakeries IncLansingMIBread, bakery prod*NYC,GTW
1950Schaff Precast Concrete CoFlintMIStone yd*C&O,GTW
1990Schaffner WarehouseEmsworthPAMdsePRR
1950Schairer JBenton HarborMIBeer distr*C&O,NYC
1950Scharrer Bernard EBirch RunMIFertz dlrC&O
1947Scheidelman P FUticaNYBev, cd gdsNYO&W
1950Scheidt M CIoniaMIRR tie shipper*C&O,GTW
1950Schellenbarger LLake OdessaMIFertz dlrC&O
1976Schenectady ChemicalsRotterdam JctNYTurpentineBM
1960Schenectady GazetteSchenectadyNYPaperD&H
1955Schenectady Lumber CoScotiaNYlbrB&M
1955Schenectady Varnish CoRotterdam JctNYpaintsB&M
1960Schiable Oil CoSpringfieldNJPetr prodRV
1950Schillaci BrosMuskegonMIProduce dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1944Schleicher F J Paper Box CoEverettMAboxesB&M
1971Schlitz Jos CoCadillacMIGrainAA
1950Schlosser JohnIoniaMIImplt dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Schluckebier H JGeraMIImplt & fertz dlrC&O
1976Schmitt P J CoBuffaloNYSugar C/L PalletizedLV
1950Schmitt T TrailersLansingMIAuto trlr dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1952Schmitzer-Bates FurnitureEllenMEFurnitureAGE*
1966Schoenberg SaltE New YorkNYSaltLIRR
1950Schoeneman Inc JChambersburgPAClothing productsWM
1950Schoenheer Lbr CoFountainMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1951Schoharie City Coop DairiesCobleskillNYFeed, dairy suppD&H
1971Scholl LbrCressonaPALumberRDG
1952Scholl Lumber CoEllenMELumberAGE*
1957Schotterbeck FossPortlandMEChemsB&M
1950Schrader Lbr & Coal CoNew BuffaloMICoal, lbr ydC&O
1976Schraft Candy CoCharlestownMACorn SyrupBM
1966Schroeter Lumber Co.RoslynNYLumberLIRR
1950Schuble TedMinden CityMIImplt & fertz dlrC&O
1950Schuette Beer DistrPlymouthMIBeer distrC&O
1950Schuitema CGrantMIFertzC&O
1950Schultz Edw & SonSanduskyMIHay & straw shipper*C&O,DC&S
1971Schunk RonClareMIPotashC&O
1950Schutknecht A JBenton HarborMIFertz dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Schwab Elev CoEagleMICoalC&O
1950Schwab Elev CoEagleMIElevC&O
1950Schwartz Ben B & SonsDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Schwartz LHollyMIScrap yd*C&O,GTW
2004Schweitzer-Maudt Paper CoLeeMApulpHRR
1990Schweitzer-Maudt Paper CoLeeMAPaperNH
1950Scientific Brake & Eqt CoSaginawMIAuto trlr plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1947Scintilla Div Bendix CorpSidneyNYMachinery, boilersNYO&W
1947Scintilla Div Bendix CorpSidneyNYSteel, coalNYO&W
1950Scott Frank BLakeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Scott Lugers Lbr CoHollandMILbr ydC&O
1976Scott PaperDetroitMIPaper toilet, pkgs*NYC,PRR
1976Scott PaperChesterNJfacial tissues*PRR,Rdg
1976Scott PaperChesterPATissue facial pkgsPRR
1976Scott PaperCroydonPAPaper napkins pkgsPRR
1976Scott PaperEddystonePATissue facial pkgs sl&t*PRR,Rdg
1976Scott Paper CoDelairNJPaper napkinsPRR
1976Scott Paper CoDelairNJToilet PaperPRR
1976Scott Paper CoFt EdwardNYfacial tissues, paper napkinsD&H
1972Scott Paper CoFt EdwardNYHemlock woodpulpD&H
1976Scott Paper CoFt EdwardNYPaper TowelsD&H
1976Scott Paper CoFt EdwardNYPaper wrapping waxed in pkgs sl&tD&H
1976Scott Paper CoFt EdwardNYPine Woodpulp, toilet paper pkgsD&H
1950Scott Paper CoChesterPAPaper Towels, toilet paperPRR
1976Scott Paper CoChesterPAPaper wrapping waxed in pkgs sl&tPRR
1976Scott Paper CoChesterPAWoodpulpPRR
1976Scott Paper CoChester Tilghman StreetPAPaper TowelsPRR
1976Scott Paper CoBaltimoreMDPaper, Scrap in BalesPRR
1976Scott Paper CoBaltimoreMDToilet paperPRR
1976Scott Paper CoWestbrookMEPlastic MaterialBM
1976Scott Paper CoWinslowMEWoodpulp, hardwood balesMEC
1976Scott Paper CoWinslowMEBagged StarchMEC
1976Scott Paper Co c/o Dist Unlimited IncVoorheesvilleNYToilet PaperD&H
1976Scott Paper Co c/o Herman Whse CorpDelairNJToilet PaperPRR
1976Scott Paper Co c/o Mack Whse CorpCroydonPAToilet Paper in PkgsPRR
1976Scott Paper Co c/o Pioneer Whse CorpDelairNJToilet PaperPRR
1976Scott Paper Co.Ft EdwardNYPaper, Scrap in BalesD&H
1976Scott Paper Co.Ft EdwardNYCorr fibrebd boxes flatD&H
1976Scott Paper Co.Ft EdwardNYPaper productsD&H
1976Scott Paper Co.WestbrookMEClay, carload in bulkBM
1976Scott Paper Co.WestbrookMEtitanium dioxide, 1600 bagsBM
1950Scott T GPaines 2MICoal yd*C&O,NYC
1939Scott Walter & CoPlainfieldNJPrinting pressesCNJ
1950Scotten Dillion CoDetroitMITobacco dlr*C&O,various
1950Scottville Creamery CoScottvilleMIDairyC&O
1950Scottville Lbr CoScottvilleMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Scoville Mfg CoWaterburyCTCopper Pipe & FittingsNH
1950Scowcraft H CoBenton HarborMIMetal dlr*C&O,NYC
1976Scranton Corregated Box CoScrantonPAWoodpulp BoardD&H
1976Scranton Corregated Box Co.ScrantonPAScrap corragated chippingsD&H
1976Scranton Litho Co IncScrantonPANewsprint paperD&H
1944Scrap Iron & Metals IncLowellMAscrapB&M
1966Sea Cliff Coal & LumberGlen CoveNYCoal, lumberLIRR
1970Seaboard Allied MillingAlbanyNYGrainD&H
1950Seaboard Coal Dock CoS AmboyNJCoal, bituminousPRR
1976Seaboard Plastics CorpIrvingtonNJAsbestos ShortsLV
2004SeafreezeDavisvilleRIfish (bait)SVT
1990Seagertown BeverageSaegertownPABevsErie
1976Seagram Distillers CoSt DenisMDAlchoholic LiquidsB&O
1976Seagram Jos E & SonsSt Denis StaMDSpentmash dried grainB&O
1950Seal Rite Caulking CoDetroitMICaulking cmpd mfr*C&O,various
2004Sealed AirHolyokeMAplastic pelletsPV
1982Sealed Power CorpMuskegonMIAuto eng parts, piston rings, cylinders*C&O,GTW
2004Seaman PaperOtter RiverMAscrap paperGRS
1966Sears RoebuckVanderveer ParkNYMdse (chain store)LIRR
1971Sears Roebuck & CoMaywoodNJVacuum cleaners, coolersNYSW
1930Sears Roebuck & CoBostonMAMdseB&A (NYC)
1976Sears Roebuck & CoMadawaskaMEPaper groundwood nctd rollsBAR
1976Sears Roebuck & Co c/o Alco Gravure CoHalethorpeMDPaper groundwood rollsBO
1976Sears Roebuck c/o Alco Gravure CoGlen BurnieMDPaper groundwood nctd rollsB&Ann
1944Sears Roebuck CoEverettMAmdseB&M
1955Sears Roebuck CoFitchburgMAmdseB&M
1955Sears Roebuck CoLynnMAmdseB&M
1944Sears Roebuck CoN SomervilleMAmdseB&M
1955Sears Roebuck CoSomervilleMAmdseB&M
1957Sears Roebuck CoPortlandMEmdseB&M
1950Sears Roebuck CoBay CityMIWhse*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1950Sears Roebuck CoFlintMIDept store*C&O,GTW
1950Sears Roebuck CoGrand RapidsMIWhse*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Sears Roebuck CoLansingMIWhse*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Sears Roebuck CoMuskegonMIWhse*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Sears Roebuck CoPt HuronMIWhse*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1955Sears Roebuck CoManchesterNHmdseB&M
1950Sears Roebuck CoPt NewarkNJFurniture, hdw, htg eqt, linoleum, paintPRR
1950Sears Roebuck CoPt NewarkNJMdse, appl, clothing, fixt gas & elecPRR
1950Sears Roebuck CoPt NewarkNJPlastics, plbg fixt, radios, rugs & upholsteryPRR
1950Sears Roebuck CoPt NewarkNJShoes, tools, toysPRR
1956Sears Roebuck CoMaloneNYMdseRut
1947Sears Roebuck CoUticaNYMdseNYO&W
1990Sears Roebuck CoGreensburgPAMdsePRR
1950Sears Roebuck CoPhiladelphiaPAFurniture, hdw, htg eqt, linoleum, paintPRR,Rdg
1950Sears Roebuck CoPhiladelphiaPAMdse, appl, clothing, coal, fixt gas & elecPRR,Rdg
1950Sears Roebuck CoPhiladelphiaPAPlastics, plbg fixt, radios, rugs, upholsteryPRR,Rdg
1950Sears Roebuck CoPhiladelphiaPAShoes, tools, toysPRR,Rdg
1966Sears WarehouseFarmingdaleNYMdse (chain store)LIRR
1950Seasongood HarveyGlenlordMICoal ydC&O
1950Seaway TerminalPort HuronMICoffeeGTW
1950Sebewaing BakerySebewaingMIBakeryC&O
1950Sebewaing Brewing CoSebewaingMIBreweryC&O
1950Sebewaing Concrete Prods CoSebewaingMIConcrete prods pltC&O
1950Sebewaing Farmers Coop UnionSebewaingMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Sebewaing Gas & Oil CoSebewaingMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sebewaing Gas & Oil CoUnionvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sebewaing Ind IncSebewaingMIStamping pltC&O
1950Sebewaing Lbr CoSebewaingMILbr ydC&O
1950Sebewaing Sandstone Brick CoSebewaingMICoal yd, brick, sewer pipeC&O
1950Sebewaing Village ofSebewaingMISupp ydC&O
1955Security Steel & Wire WorksSomervilleMAsteel posts, wireB&M
1950Seiten J J CoDetroitMIPolish mfr*C&O,various
1950Seiter BrosClareMILbr yd*AA,C&O
1952Semancik Coal CoRangeley River JctMECoalAGE*
2004SEMASSRochesterMAmunicipal solid wasteBCLR
1956Seneca FoodsWilliamsonNYFruit juiceNYC
1950Seng & CookMuskegonMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Senhart A BMcBridesMIImplt dlrC&O
1955Sentinal Prtg CoKeeneNHnewsprintB&M
1950Sentinel Prtg CoHollandMINewspaperC&O
1950Sentinel-Std Publ CoIoniaMIPublisher*C&O,GTW
1950Sergeant E M CoKalamazooMICoal, bituminous; fuel oilNYC
1960Serv. LiquorSchenectadyNYbeer, liquorD&H
1955Service Caster & Truck CorpSomervilleMAmachy, eqtB&M
1955Service Grocers Co-OpChicopeeMAgrocB&M
1950Service Iron WksDetroitMIIronwork processing plt*C&O,various
1990Service MerchandiseMontgomeryNYCameras, toys*Erie,NYC
1956SetterstixCattaraugusNYPaper productsErie
2004Seven DHartfordCTlumberCSO
2004Seven DSuffieldCTlumberCSO
1950Seven Up Bottling CoHollandMIBottling pltC&O
1947Seven Up Bottling IncUticaNYSugarNYO&W
1955Sevigny H J Lumber DealerHennikerNHLbrC&C
1955Sevigny H J Lumber DealerLebanonNHLbrB&M
1955Sevigny H J Lumber DealerSunapeeNHLbrC&C
1990Sewell PlasticsHunkerPAPlastic prodPRR
1944Sexton Can CoEverettMApackagingB&M
1982Shakespeare CoKalamazooMISporting, athletic gds*GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Shamokin Dress CoShamokinPAClothing productsRdg
1955Shanahan FuelGreenfieldMAcoal, olB&M
1971Shannon Bros IncNew YorkNYSchool forms, paperEL
1990Shannopin MinePolandPACoalMonong
1950Shapiro K IncDetroitMImeat prodvarious
1950Sharkey DonAlmaMIImplt dlr*AA,C&O
1950Sharkey DonSt LouisMIImplt dlrC&O
1966Sharon Coal CoSharonPACoalPRR
1966Sharon SteelFarrell (Wheatland)PAOre, scrap, coke, limestone, stl slabsPRR
1966Sharon SteelFarrell (Wheatland)PATinplate, stl sheet, stl prodPRR
1950Sharon Stl Prods CoDetroitMIStl prods plt*C&O,various
1990Sharon TubeSharonPAPipe*Erie,NYC,PRR
1950Sharp & Dohme CoPhiladelphiaPAPharmaceuticalsB&O
1950Sharp A EFlintMIBldr*C&O,GTW
1955Sharp Arthur Farm SupplyBradfordMAfeed, grain, seedB&M
1950Sharp Fred Sales & SvcUnionvilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1990Sharpsville Quality CastingSharpsvillePAFdy*Erie,NYC,PRR
1990Sharpsville Steel FabricatorsSharpsvillePAMetal prod*Erie,NYC,PRR
1950Shaw-Walker CoMuskegonMIOffice furn factory*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
2004ShawsWells BeachMEgroc, fz fdsGRS
1950Shears L R Feed MillFlintMIFeed, seed, grain*C&O,GTW
1950Shedd-Bartush Foods IncDetroitMIFood prods plt*C&O,various
1951Sheffield FarmsBainbridgeNYCreameryD&H
1951Sheffield FarmsE WorcesterNYCreameryD&H
1961Sheffield FarmsEllenburghNYCreameryRut
1947Sheffield FarmsBurkeNYCondensed milkRut
1947Sheffield FarmsChateaugayNYCondensed milkRut
1947Sheffield FarmsCherubuscoNYCreameryRut
1951Sheffield FarmsCooperstownNYCreameryD&H
1947Sheffield FarmsLisbonNYCreameryRut
1951Sheffield FarmsMilfordNYCreameryD&H
1947Sheffield FarmsN LawrenceNYCreamery, cheese cultureRut
1951Sheffield FarmsOneontaNYCreameryD&H
1950Sheffield FarmsPt EdwardNYMilkD&H
1951Sheffield FarmsRichmondvilleNYCreameryD&H
1951Sheffield FarmsSewardNYCreameryD&H
1951Sheffield FarmsSmith BasinNYCreameryD&H
1945Sheffield FarmsRutlandVTCreameryRut
1950Sheffield Farms CoAvon-by-the-SeaNJMilkPRR
1950Sheffield Farms CoWest EndNJMilkPRR
1950Sheffield Farms CoBellefontePAMilkPRR
1950Sheffield Farms CoCantonPAMilkPRR
1950Sheffield Farms CoMill HallPAMilkPRR
1950Sheffield Farms CoRising SpringsPAMilkPRR
1952Sheffield Fox FarmsS DoverMEDairy prodAGE*
1952Sheffield Fox FarmsS DoverMECoalAGE*
1990Sheffield PlasticsCanaanCTPlastic pelletsNH
2004Sheffield PlasticsSheffieldMAplastic pelletsHRR
1950Shekter & Cousins CoDetroitMIScrap yd*C&O,various
1950Shelby Coop AssnShelbyMICoal yd, produceC&O
1950Shelby Ford Tractor Sales CoShelbyMITractor dlrC&O
1950Shelby Lbr CoShelbyMILbr ydC&O
1974Sheldon Bros.Fair HavenVTFeedD&H
1955Sheldon CoalGreenfieldMAcoalB&M
1950Sheldon E H CoMuskegonMISchool furn factory*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Sheldon Forwarding CoHolyokeMAfrt fwdrB&M
1976Sheldon Slate ProductsMiddle GranvilleNYTile, promenade/quarryD&H
1990Shell ChemicalIndustryPAChemsPRR
1976Shell Chemical CoWorcesterMARubber Synthetic CrudeBM
1955Shell Oil CoW BoylstonMApetr prodB&M
1955Shell Oil CoWaltham NMApetr prodB&M
1955Shell Oil CoWaverleyMApetr prodB&M
1955Shell Oil CoS PortlandMEpetr prodPTRy
1950Shell Oil CoMuskegonMIBulk oil plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1955Shell Oil CoKeeneNHpetr prodB&M
1955Shell Oil CoLittletonNHpetr prodB&M
1950Shell Oil Co (R E Vandenbelt)FremontMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Shell Oil CorpMonroeMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1950Shellhorn Boat & Trlr CoLansingMIAuto trlr & boat dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
2003Shelter Systems LtdWestminsterMDBuilding MaterialsMMID
1947Shenandoah RayonUticaNYWood pulpNYO&W
1966Shenango FurnaceSharpsvillePAOre, scrap, coke, limestonePRR
1966Shenango FurnaceSharpsvillePAStl prodPRR
1990Shenango PotteryNew CastlePACeramic prod*Erie,PRR
1950Shenango Pottery CoNew CastlePAPotteryPRR
1966Shenango Provision CoSharonPAPHP (Rath Blackhawk)PRR
1966Shenango Steel FabricatorsSharpsvillePAStl fabricationsPRR
1950Shepard Niles Crane & HoistMontour FallsNYHeavy equipmentPRR
2004Shepaug ReloadHawleyvilleCTlumberHRR
1955Shepherd CoWhite River JctVTplbg suppliesB&M
1947Sheppard & Myers CoHanoverPAShoes (Hanover)PRR
1947Sheppard Foundry R HHanoverPACastingsPRR
1950Sherman Jos FHawthornPACoal, bituminousPRR
1950Sherry I Co IncReadingPAClothing productsRdg
1939Sherwin-Williams CoBound BrookNJInsecticidesCNJ
1950Sherwin-Williams CoFlintMIPaint dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Sherwood CorpBenton HarborMIAppl plt*C&O,NYC
2004Sherwood LumberNew LondonCTlumberNECR
2004Shetucket ScrapNorwichCTscrap metalP&W
2004Shield PackagingWebsterMAaerosol propellantsP&W
1966Shinnecock CoalE HamptonNYCoalLIRR
1966Shinnecock SandBridgehamptonNYSandLIRR
1950Shippers Svc CoDetroitMIProduce dlr*C&O,various
1950Shmeizer Roofing CoSaginawMIRoofing dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
2003Shoffner Ind LLCNew WindsorMDBuilding MaterialsMMID
2004Shop & StopReadvilleMAproduceCSX
1950Shore Lbr & Supply CoEvartMIBldrs suppC&O
1990Shovel Storage WarehouseYoungwoodPAMdsePRR
1990Shovel Transfer & StoragePittsburghPAMdsePRR
2004ShurtleffS PortlandMEcalcium carbonate, saltGRS
1957Shurtleff Wm H & CoPortlandMEsalt, poultry suppB&M,PT
1950Sidell Will & SonFowlervilleMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Sidney Produce CoSidneyMICoal ydC&O
1947Sidney Village ofSidneyNYStoneNYO&W
1950Siler Motor SalesMerrillMIAuto dlrC&O
1990Silgan ContainerCambridge SpgsPAContainersErie
1956Silver Forest Products CoLake LindenMILumber, pulpwoodDSS&A
1950Silver Lead Paint CoLansingMIPaints, wallpaper etc*C&O,GTW,NYC
1957Silver M & CoPortlandMEscrap ironB&M
1950Silver Spgs Water CoDetroitMISpring water*C&O,various
2004SimkinsNew HavenCTclay slurryP&W
1939Simmons CoElizabethNJBeds, beddingCNJ
1976Simmons CompanyBaywayNJFurniture*CNJ,SIRT
1976Simmons CompanyMedfordMAFurnitureBM
1970Simmons Machine ToolAlbanyNYmach toolsD&H
1955Simmons Upholstery CoLawrenceMAlinters, textilesB&M
1944Simon Box CoCambridgeMAboxesB&M
1955Simoniz CoE CambridgeMAwax prodB&M
1950Simplex Display & Fizture CoGrand RapidsMIFixtures, floor coverings*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1955Simplex Time RecorderGardnerMAtime eqtB&M
1976Simplex Time Recorder CoGardnerMAPrinting PaperBM
1955Simplex Wire & Cable CoSomervilleMAwire, cableB&M
1955Simplex Wire & Cable CoPortsmouthNHwire, cableB&M
1982Simplicity Pattern CoNilesMIPublishingNYC
1971Simpson Bldg ProdSalineMILumberAA
1956Simpson PaperPlainwellMIPulpboard, woodpulpNYC
1950Simrall CorpReed CityMICrude oil loading*C&O,PRR
1950Simrall CorpSearsMICrude oil loadingC&O
1950Simrall CorpNewaygoMICrude oil loadingC&O
1950Sims Atlantic Steel CoAlbanyNYIron & steel, scrapD&H
1960Sinclair OilsPatchogueNYFuel, LubeLIRR
1950Sinclair Refining CoPaw PawMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sinclair Refining CoPt HuronMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950Sinclair Refining CoReed CityMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,PRR
1950Sinclair Refining CoWayneMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1950Sinclair Refining CoYaleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1947Sinclair Refining CoUticaNYPetr prodsNYC
1950Sinclair Refining CoMarcus HookPAGasolinePRR,Rdg
1950Sinclair Refining CoCharlevoixMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sinclair Refining CoCliffordMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sinclair Refining CoDetroitMITank farm*C&O,various
1950Sinclair Refining CoGrand LedgeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sinclair Refining CoHollyMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Sinclair Refining CoIoniaMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Sinclair Refining CoLudingtonMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,Lud&N
1950Sinclair Refining CoManisteeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Singer Mfg CoElizabethportNJSewing machCNJ
1951Sirk LCenter RutlandVTScrap ironD&H
1950Sisco E & SonsSanduskyMIFeed dlr*C&O,DC&S
1947Sitroux CoUticaNYPaper prodsNYO&W
1950Skelly Oil CoMt PleasantMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,AA
1950SKF Ind IncPhiladelphiaPABearingsPRR
1974Skybel TissueGreenwichNYpaper prodGJ
1976Skybel TissueGreenwichNYWaste PaperGJ
1950Slaggert Oil Co (Shell)LudingtonMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,Lud&N
1950Slagle E J & SonSt LouisMIStone dlrC&O
1950Slagle HMcBridesMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sligh Lowry Furn CoHollandMIFurn factoryC&O
1950Sligh-Lowry Furn CoZeelandMIFurn factoryC&O
1955SlumberlandWalthamMAmattresses, beddingB&M
1950Smedberg H & SonsCusterMIImplt & hdw dlrC&O
1950Smith & Tupper Lbr CoNoviMILbr ydC&O
1955Smith A L Iron CoChelseaMAI&SB&M
1950Smith Ag Chem CoHollandMIFertz mfrC&O
1950Smith Agric Chem CoSaginawMIFertz plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Smith BPlymouthMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Smith Bros & Velte CoSunfieldMICoal ydC&O
1950Smith Bros & Velte CoSunfieldMIGrain elevC&O
1950Smith Bros & Velte CoLake OdessaMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1950Smith Bros & Velte CoLake OdessaMIElevC&O
1950Smith Bros & Velte Elev CoWoodburyMICoal ydC&O
1950Smith Bros & Velte Elev CoWoodburyMIGrain elevC&O
1950Smith C B Sales PavillionWilliamstonMIImplt dlrC&O
1950Smith E R Lbr CoHartfordMILbr ydC&O
1974Smith EstateW RutlandVTFeed & grainD&H
1960Smith FeedElnoraNYFeed, coalD&H
1950Smith GlenFarwellMICoal ydC&O
1950Smith H H CoMuskegonMIPacking house*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1971Smith LbrGrand RapidsMILumberPC
1951Smith Lbr CoRutlandVTLbr, bldg prodD&H
1947Smith Mfg S MorganYorkPAMachyPRR,WM
1950Smith O WLyonsMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Smith R DHowellMIImplt dlr*C&O,AA
1950Smith Steel Fabr CoBenton HarborMIStl fabr plt*C&O,NYC
1950Smith VernonBellaireMIPulpwood, bolts shipper*C&O,EJ&S
1950Smith, Kline & French Labs.PhiladelphiaPAPharmaceuticalsPRR
1966Smithtown Lumber Co.SmithtownNYLumberLIRR
1950Smitty's Bev CoMuskegonMIBev dlr*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
2004Smurfit-StoneMontvilleCTscrap paperNECR
2004Smurfit-StoneW HavenCTlinerboardCSX
1950Snell W G CoMonroeMILbr yd*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1944Snider Fuel CorpBostonMAcoal, oilB&M
1950Snipe & MattenReemanMIProduce shipperC&O
1957Snodgrass EllisPortlandMEcontrB&M
1950Snover Grain CoCarsonvilleMIFeed, seed, hayC&O
1950Snover Grain CoPalmsMIHay shipperC&O
1950Snover Grain CoTyreMICoal ydC&O
1950Snover Grain CoTyreMIGrain elevC&O
1955Snow F H Canning CoOld Orchard BeachMEcd gdsB&M
1950Snow White Baking CoMuskegonMIBakery*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1974Snyder HeatingCobleskillNYCoalD&H
1956So Cumberland Planing Mill CoCumberlandMDMillworkB&O
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoRevereMApetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoS PortlandMEpetr prodPTRy
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoAshlandNHpetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoConwayNHpetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoKeeneNHpetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoManchesterNHpetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoMilfordNHpetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoPortsmouthNHpetr prodB&M
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoSpringfieldVTpetr prodSTerl
1955Socony Mobil Oil CoWhite River JctVTpetr prodB&M
1949Socony Oil CoPeterboroNHPetr prodB&M
1950Socony Vacuum Oil CoPt HuronMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1947Socony Vacuum Oil CoUticaNYPetr prodsNYC
1944Socony Vacuum Oil CoSomervilleMApetr prodB&M
1950Socony Vacuum Oil CoFlintMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Socony Vacuum Oil CoGrand RapidsMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Socony Vacuum Oil CoGreenvilleMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1960Socony-VacuumPortlandMEPetr prodPT
1950Sodus Point Coal PierSodus PointNYCoal, bituminousPRR
1950Sohio Fleetwing IncPlymouthMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sohio Petr CoMt PleasantMICrude oil loading*C&O,AA
1971Sohiogro SvcQuincyMIPotashPC
2004SolutiaIndian OrchardMAplastic pelletsCSX
2004SolutiaIndian OrchardMAplastics raw materialsCSX
1955Solux Chemical IncRevereMAchemB&M
1950Solvay Process DivGrand RapidsMISoda ashPRR
1955Solvent Chem CoEdgeworthMAchemB&M
1950Somerset Shoe CoSkowheganMEShoesMEC
1955Somerset Surplus CorpSomervilleMAmdseB&M
1955Somerville Charcoal CoSomervilleMAcharcoalB&M
1955Somerville Dressed Meat & Wool CoSomervilleMAPHPB&M
1939Somerville Iron WorksSomervilleNJStoves, rangesCNJ
1955Somerville Machine & Foundry CoSomervilleMAmachyB&M
1955Somerville Smelting CoSomervilleMAmetalsB&M
1971Somerville ThosWashingtonDCRefrigPC
1950Somsel BrosKalevaMIBldrs suppC&O
1950Sonneveldt CoGrand RapidsMIFlour, bakery supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1956SonocoPennsburgPAScrap metalRdg
1939Sonoco Prods CoGarwoodNJPaper prodsCNJ
1990Sonoco Products CoShepherdMIContainers/food, consumer prodAA
1955Sonoco Products CoLowellMApaper prod, plasticsB&M
1955Souhegan Valley Feed & SupplyMilfordNHfeed, grain, seedB&M
1957Soule Glass & Paint CoPortlandMEglass, mirrors, store frontsB&M,PT
1957Soutar J CoPortlandMEscrap metalB&M
1950South Amboy Coal PiersS AmboyNJCoal, bituminousPRR
1944South Fruit & Produce CoBostonMAproduceB&M
2004South Shore distributionE HartfordCTmisc mdseCSO
1966South Shore ProduceBridgehamptonNYProduceLIRR
1950South Side Coal & Supply CoPittsburghPACoalPRR
1950South Side Coal CoManisteeMICoal ydC&O
1966Southampton CoalSouthamptonNYCoalLIRR
1966Southampton LumberSouthamptonNYLumberLIRR
1966Southampton ProduceBridgehamptonNYProduceLIRR
2004Southern ContainerAyerMAlinerboardGRS
1955Southern Maine Feed Co Div Beacon MillingS PortlandMEgrain, feedB&M
1955Southern Rice SalesCharlestownMAriceB&M
2003Southern States CoopBaltimoreMDAnhydrous AmmoniaCSXT
2003Southern States CoopBaltimoreMDFertilizerCSXT
2003Southern States CoopLynchMDFertilizerMDDE
2003Southern States CoopPrestonMDFertilizerMDDE
2003Southern States CoopSadlersvilleMDFertilizerMDDE
2003Southern States CoopSykesvilleMDFertilizerCSXT
2003Southern States CoopTaneytownMDDry Bulk FertilizerMMID
2003Southern States CoopWestminsterMDDry Bulk FertilizerMMID
2003Southern States CoopWoodshoreMDDry Bulk FertilizerMMID
1976Southern Wood Piedmont c/o W N Footer NE Pwr & Svc IncMerrimackNHCreosoted pine polesB&M
1966Southold LumberSoutholdNYLumberLIRR
1955Southwell Combing CoN ChelmsfordMAtextilesB&M
1950Southwick G H CoGrand RapidsMIProduce broker*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1970Southworth Tractor co.MenandsNYag eqtD&H
1950Sparling A EDetroitMIGas sta eqt dlr*C&O,various
1950Sparta Coop AssnSpartaMILivestock shipperC&O
1982Sparta Fdy Div Muskegon Piston Ring CoSpartaMIDuctile castings, powdered metal compsC&O
1950Sparta Lbr & Fuel CoSpartaMICoal & lbr ydC&O
1950Sparta Motor Sales CoSpartaMIAuto dlrC&O
1950Sparta Oil & Gas CoSpartaMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sparta Tractor & Implt CoSpartaMIImplt dlrC&O
1971Spartan StoresGrand RapidsMIPaperPC
1982Sparton Electr Div Sparton CorpJacksonMIElectr prodNYC
1970Spaulding BrickCharlestown Yard 21MAbrickB&M
2004Spaulding BrickSomervilleMAbricksGRS
1955Spaulding Fibre CoHayesNHtextilesB&M
1955Spaulding Fibre CoMiltonNHtextilesB&M
1970Spear Machine CoBurnt HillsPAMachyBH&BF*
1955Spec Insul Mfg CoHoosick FallsNYinsulB&M
2004Specialty MineralsCanaanCTLimestone, ground; calcium carbonateHRR
2004Specialty MineralsRenfrewMAcalcium carbonateGRS
1990Specialty PapersRiegelsvilleNJFiberboardPRR
1944Specialty Shoe Mfg CoE CambridgeMAshoesB&M
1966Speed QueenL I CityNYAppliancesLIRR
1950Speer Carbon CoSt MarysPAElectrical componentsPRR
1950Spelman J RCovertMICoal, feed dlrC&O
1950Spence BrosSaginawMIContr supp yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1955Spencer HardwareKeeneNHhdwB&M
1960Spencer Kellogg & Sons IncBuffaloNYSoybean oil, meal*NYC,PRR,Erie,LV,DL&W,NKP
1950Spencer Lumber & SupplySpencerMACement sacks, hdw, luberB&M
2004Spencer PressWells BeachMEpaperGRS
1944Spencer-Kellogg CoBostonMAcontrB&M
1950Sperry Corp. New Holland DivNew HollandPAHay harvesters, farm machineryPRR
1982Sperry Vickers Div Sperry Rand CorpTroyMIMachy & eqt, MV Parts & accNYC
2004Spicer GasGrotonCTpropaneP&W
1971Spiegl Foods IncDetroitMIFz fdsGTW
1944Spiers Brick CoSomervilleMAbrickB&M
1955Sprague Electric CoN AdamsMAelec eqtB&M
2004Sprague EnergyS PortlandMEcoal,oresGRS
1950Spring Air CoHollandMIMattressesC&O
1944Springfield Commercial Body CoE CambridgeMAsteel, auto partsB&M
1955Springfield Facing CoChicopeeMAtextilesB&M
1955Springfield FuelsSpringfieldVTcoal, oilSTerl
1955Springfield Photo Mt CoHolyokeMApaper prodB&M
1955Springfield RepublicanSpringfieldMAnewsprintB&M
1950Sprout Waldron & CoMuncyPAMachineryRdg
1950Spun Castings CoWhitehall-MontagueMIFdyC&O
1950Squire Dingee Pickle CoSanduskyMIPickle sta*C&O,DC&S
1950Squire Dingee Pickle CoBridgemanMIPickle staC&O
1950Squire Dingee Pickle CoChaseMIPickle staC&O
1950Squire Dingee Pickle CoClioMIPickle staC&O
1950Squire Dingee Pickle CoIronsMIPickle staC&O
1950Squire HatcheryHowellMIHatchery*C&O,AA
1970SS PierceWoburnMAfood productsB&M
1955SS Pierce CoCharlestownMAfood prodB&M
1950St Clair Coal CoSt ClairPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950St Clair Cty Rd CommPt HuronMISupp yd*C&O,GTW,PH&D
1950St Clair Cty Rd CommAvocaMISupply ydC&O
1950St Clair Garment CoSt ClairPAClothing productsRdg
1950St Clair Rubber CoSt ClairMIAuto partsPH&D
1950St Joe Mach IncStevensvilleMIMach pltC&O
1971St Joe Paper CoNewcastleDEFiberboardPC
1950St Joseph City ofSt JosephMISupp yd*C&O,NYC
1950St Joseph Lead CoJosephtownPAZinc productsP&LE
1950St Julian Wine CoPaw PawMIWineryC&O
1970St Lawrence CementEverettMAcementB&M
1950St Louis City ofSt LouisMISupp ydC&O
1950St Louis Coop Creamery CoSt LouisMIDairyC&O
1950St Louis HatcherySt LouisMIHatcheryC&O
1950St Louis Sugar Beet Growers AssnSt LouisMIFertz pltC&O
1951St of VTCastletonVTRoad matlD&H
1950St Regis PaperAlbanyNYPulpwoodD&H
1956St Regis PaperCarthageNYPrinting paperNYC
1956St Regis PaperCarthageNYPulpwoodNYC
1976St Regis Paper CoScotiaNYPulp Board or Fiber Board, NOIBNBM
1955St Regis Paper CoPepperillMApaper prodB&M
1976St Regis Paper CoCosticanMELumber native slcMEC
1976St Regis Paper Co Bucksport MillBucksportMEGround Clay in BulkMEC
1982St Regis Paper Co Mich Carton DivBattle CreekMIPaperbd, folding cartonsGTW,NYC
2003ST ServicesBaltimoreMDNitrogen fertilizer solutionsCSXT
1990St. Joe PaperAspinwallPAPaper prodPRR
1950Sta-Bull Fence & Supply CoDetroitMIFencing dlr*C&O,various
1955Staff BrosClaremontNHCoke, fuel oil, coal anthr, bitC&C
1950Stahelin Nurseries IncDetroitMINursery stock dlr*C&O,various
1950Stahelin's NurseeryBridgemanMINursery stock dlrC&O
1955Stahl Finish CoPeabodyMAtextilesB&M
2004Staley A EWestboroughMAcorn syrupCSX
1944Staley A E Mfg CoE CambridgeMAstarch, corn syrupB&M
1966Staley ElevatorL I City Degnon TerlNYGrainLIRR
1976Staley Mfg Co A EMorrisvillePACorn Gluten FeedPRR
1976Staley Mfg Co A EHoultonME100# bags Staley potato starchBAR
1950Stallkamp L GZeelandMIProduce & eggsC&O
1950Stamping Prods CoDetroitMIGarage doors*C&O,various
1944Standard Box CoChelseaMAboxesB&M
1944Standard BrandsSomervilleMAfood prodB&M
1955Standard Burner CoClintonMAfurnace eqtB&M
1944Standard Chemical CoE CambridgeMAchemsB&M
1955Standard Duplicating Machine CoChelseaMAoffice eqtB&M
1966Standard Folding Box CompanyL I City Degnon TerlNYFiberboardLIRR
1950Standard Fruit & S S CoPhiladelphiaPAFruitsPRR
1955Standard Lumber CoSomervilleMAlbrB&M
1960Standard OilPatchogueNYFuel, LubeLIRR
1939Standard Oil CoBaywayNJPetr prodCNJ
1950Standard Oil CoAlbanyNYPetroleum productsD&H
1950Standard Oil CoAltoMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoBad AxeMIBulk oil & gasC&O
1950Standard OIl CoBaldwinMIGas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoBangorMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoBay PortMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoBellaireMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,EJ&S
1950Standard Oil CoBridgemanMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoBrightonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoBrown CityMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoCabletonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoCarletonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoCarsonvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoCasnoviaMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoClareMIBulk gas & oil*AA,C&O
1950Standard OIl CoClioMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoColomaMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoCroswellMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoDeckervilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoDetroitMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,various
1950Standard Oil CoEdmoreMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoElktonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoEllsworthMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoErieMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoEvartMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard Oil CoFairgroveMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Standard OIl Co of INBay CityMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,D&M,GTW,NYC
1944Standard Oil Co of NYE CambridgeMApetr prodB&M
1944Standard Oil Co of NYEverettMApetr prodB&M
1955Standard Overall CoManchesterNHclothingB&M
1976Standard Packaging CorpSt AlbansVTcups, dkg ppr nstd w/wo lidsCV
1955Standard Paper CoBellows FallsVTpaper prodB&M
1950Standard Pressed Steel CoJenkintownPAHardwareRdg
1956Standard Products CoDearbornMIAuto plastic trim, seals, vibr control systemsWab
1976Standard Sales & Dist IncChicopeeMAFurnitureBM
1955Standard Steel CoWatertownMAsteelB&M
1990Standard Steel ProductsLatrobePAStl prodPRR
1950Standard Steel Spring CoCoraopolisPAAuto partsP&LE
1966Standard Wine & LiquorL I City Degnon TerlNYLiquorsLIRR
1950Standleman E HMonroeMIFurn dlr*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1990Stanford LumberApolloPALbrPRR
2004Stanley BostitchClintonCTwireP&W
1950Stanley J A & GFarwellMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Stanton ElevStantonMICoal ydC&O
1950Stanton ElevStantonMIGrain elevC&O
1944Star Beef CoE CambridgeMAPHPB&M
2004Star ContainerLeominsterMAlinerboardGRS
1966Star Corrugated BoxMaspethNYFiberboardLIRR
2004Star DistributorsW HavenCTbeerCSX
1947Star FuelUticaNYCoal, anthracite & bituminousNYO&W
2004Star GasDavisvilleRIpropaneSVT
2004Star GasPortlandMEpropaneGRS
1990Star Kist FoodsBloomsburgPACanned fishRdg
1966Star LiquorL I City Degnon TerlNYLiquorsLIRR
1955Star Market CoWatertownMAgrocB&M
1950Star of the West Milling CoGeraMICoal, grain, additivesC&O
1950Star of the West Milling CoGeraMIFlour, feed, baking mizesC&O
1971Star PaperKalamazooMIPaperPC
1950Star Prod CoBad AxeMIBulk oil & gasC&O
1950Star Trfr LineGrand RapidsMITruck line*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Star Watch Case CoLudingtonMIWatch case factory*C&O,Lud&N
1950Star Woolen CoCohoesNYRagsD&H
1950Starbuck FrankTraverse CityMIPotato whse*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Starbuck FrankAldenMIPotato warehouseC&O
1950Starbuck FrankAngellMIPotato whseC&O
1950Starbuck FrankCharlevoixMIPotato whseC&O
1950Stark Eng CoSaginawMIMachy plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1976Stars & StripesBayonneNJPaper, groundwood, 81 rollsLV
1970Staso Milling CoHamptonNYSlateD&H
1970Staso Milling CoCastletonVTSlate granulesD&H
1950Staso Milling CoPoultneyVTSlate rofing matlD&H
1955State Fuel CoRevereMAcoal, oilB&M
1966State Hospital (coal trestle)Kings ParkNYCoalLIRR
1966State Hospital (store house)Kings ParkNYGroc, suppliesLIRR
1971State JournalLansingMIPaperPC
2004State Line ScrapAttleboroMAscrap metalP&W
1955State of MaineScarborough BeachMEsuppB&M
1955State of NH Highway DeptConwayNHsuppB&M
1955State of NH Highway DeptHillsboroNHsuppB&M
1944State of NH Laconia State SchoolLaconiaNHsuppB&M
1976State of PAAllentownPAPeanut OilLV
1971State of PAScrantonPAFz meatD&H
1959State of VtBenningtonVTSaltRut
1959State of VtCenter RutlandVTSaltRut
1959State of VtChesterVTSalt, asphaltRut
1959State of VtFlorenceVTSalt, chloride, asphaltRut
1959State of VtManchesterVTSalt, asphaltRut
1959State of VtMiddleburyVTSalt, chloride, asphaltRut
1959State of VtNew HavenVTSalt, chloride, asphaltRut
1959State of VtRutlandVTSalt, asphaltRut
1971State PaperPortlandMEPaperBM
1955Statler Tissue CoE CambridgeMApaper prodB&M
1976Statler Tissue CorpAugustaMEPaper napkins sl&cMEC
1976Statler Tissue CorpAugustaMEPaper TowelsMEC
1976Statler Tissue CorpAugustaMEWaste Paper for RecycMEC
1970Staunton BrewryTroyNYbeerD&H
1950Std Automotive PartsMuskegonMIAuto accessories plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Std Block & Mfg CoLansingMICement block plt*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Std Brands IncFlintMITea & coffee dlr*C&O,GTW
1950Std Coal Ice & Supply CoDetroitMICoal, ice, bldrs supp*C&O,various
1950Std Cotton Prods CoFlintMIInsul plt*C&O,GTW
1950Std Fuel Eng CoDetroitMIFdy supp dlr*C&O,various
1976Std FurnitureNewburghNYUpholstered furniture*EL,NYC
1950Std Groc CoGrand RapidsMIWhsl groc supp*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Std Groc CoHollandMIWhsl grocC&O
1950Std Lime & Stone CoManisteeMIMagnesite pltC&O
1950Std Lime & Stone CoStronachMIRefractories pltC&O
1950Std Oil CoPaw PawMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoPlymouthMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoPortlandMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoPullmanMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoReed CityMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,PRR
1950Std Oil CoS LyonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoSanduskyMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,DC&S
1950Std Oil CoScottvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoShelbyMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoSt LouisMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoStantonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoSunfieldMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoThompsonvilleMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,AA
1950Std Oil CoUblyMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoWebbervilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoWhite CloudMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoWhitehall-MontagueMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoWilliamstonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoYaleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoZeelandMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoFountainMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoFowlervilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoFreelandMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoFremontMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoGrand BlancMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoGrand HavenMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Std Oil CoGrand LedgeMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoGrantMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoHarbor BeachMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoHartMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoHartfordMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoHemlockMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoHollyMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Std Oil CoHowellMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,AA
1950Std Oil CoHudsonvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoIoniaMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW
1950Std Oil CoJeddoMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoLake OdessaMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoLakeviewMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoLawrenceMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoMarletteMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoMayvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoMerrillMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoMidlandMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1950Std Oil CoMt MorrisMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoMt PleasantMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,AA
1950Std Oil CoMullikenMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoMuskegonMIBulk gas & oil*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Std Oil CoNew BostonMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoNewaygoMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoNorthvilleMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoNoviMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Std Oil CoOkemosMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1982Std Prods CoSchenectadyNYAuto extr rubber prod, window gaskets*NYC,D&H
1950Std Sand CoGrand HavenMISand shipper*C&O,GTW
1950Std Stained Shingle CoDetroitMIRoofing dlr*C&O,various
1950Std Supply & Lbr CoIoniaMIBldrs supp*C&O,GTW
1950Std Supply & Lbr CoLudingtonMIBldrs supp*C&O,Lud&N
1950Std Tile & Marble CoMidlandMITile & marble dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Std Tile & Marble CoSaginawMITile, marble dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Std Tube CoDetroitMIStl tubing plt*C&O,various
1950SteelcaseGrand RapidsMIFurn office metal, woodNYC
1950Steffan M CoBangorMIVinegar pltC&O
1950Steffe BrosBrightonMIHay shipperC&O
1950Steffen M M CoColomaMIPickle staC&O
1950Steffen M M CoFennvilleMICider millC&O
1950Steffen M M CoMearsMICider millC&O
1971Steindler Paper CoMuskegonMIPaperGTW
1950Steindler Paper CoPetoskeyMIPaper prods plt*C&O,PRR
1950Steinkopf FNoviMINursery stock dlrC&O
1950Stephenson & LawyerGrand RapidsMIFurn supp dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1953Stephie E MineNisulaMIIron oreG&NH*
1976Sterilite Co.TownsendMAPlastic HsewareBM
1955Sterling Furniture CoLawrenceMAfurnB&M
1950Sterling Struct Stl CoDetroitMIStl plt*C&O,various
1990Sterling VarnishHaysvillePAPaintsPRR
1950Sterzik WilfordPetoskeyMIFertz*C&O,PRR
1950Sterzik WilfordPetoskeyMIPotato whse*C&O,PRR
1944Stetson China CoBostonMAchinawareB&M
1944Stetson Fuel CoCambridgeMAcoal, oilB&M
1956Steuben County CoopColdwaterMIFertilizerNYC
1950Stevens & Thompson Paper CoGreenwichNYPaper productsGJ
1976Stevens & Thompson Paper CoOndawaNYPaper toilet, towels, trays, holdersG&J
1950Stevens Coal CoTrevertonPACoal, anthraciteRdg
1950Stevens Frederick BDetroitMIFdy supp dlr*C&O,various
1950Stevens Henry HFlintMIStg & moving*C&O,GTW
1950Stevens Implt CoWilliamstonMIImplt dlrC&O
1955Stevens J P CoAndoverMAtextilesB&M
1950Stevens JasonShort FallsNHGrainSuncV(B&M)
1950Stevens Mfg CoMt PleasantMIStl prods plt*C&O,AA
1976Stevens Miller LumberSummitNJLumberRV
2004Stevenson LumberStevensonCTlumberHRR
1950Stevensville Lbr CoStevensvilleMILbr ydC&O
1950Stewart A C & SonsBrightonMICoal, feedC&O
1950Stewart EugeneWilliamstonMIAg limestoneC&O
1950Stewart Gerald Lbr CoWalhallaMILbr, pulpwood shipperC&O
1952Stewart Oil CoRangeley River JctMEPetroleum prodAGE*
1950Stewart-Hartshorn CoMuskegonMIShade roller plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Stickley Bros Div Institutional Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn factory*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1944Stickney & Poor Spice CoSomervilleMAspicesB&M
1959Stickney B MBellows FallsVTFeedRut
1950Stiles Lbr & Veneer CoGrand RapidsMIWhsl lbr & veneer dlr*C&O,GTW,NYC,PRR
1950Stl Fabr CoMuskegonMIStruct stl plt*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1950Stl Prods CorpDetroitMISht stl brokers & distr*C&O,various
1950Stl Structural IncMt PleasantMIPrefab house mfr*C&O,AA
1990Stockham ValveSharpsburgPAValvesPRR
1950Stockoski EdwPt AustinMIFertz dlrC&O
1950Stockpole Carbon CoSt MarysPAElectrical componentsPRR
1952Stoddard Gas & Oil T MEllenMEPetroleum prodAGE*
1950Stokeley-Van Camp IncCroswellMICanning pltC&O
1982Stokely-Van Camp IncHartMICd fruits, veg, preservesC&O
1955Stokley Van CampCharlestownMAfood prodB&M
1956Stokley-Van CampScottvilleMICanned goodsC&O
1966Stoll MetalLaurel HillNYScrapLIRR
1950Stoll Packing CoBronxNYmeat prodNYC
1959Stone B HManchesterVTFeedRut
1959Stone Mill Feed StoreBenningtonVTFeedRut
1970Stone SmurfitWakefieldMAPaperB&M
1956Stoney Creek Power PlantBayardMDCoalWM
1955Stop & ShopBostonMAgroc, bakery, flourB&M
1955Stora Kopperburg CoPortlandMEwoodpulp (import)B&M
1955Storage Grocery CoSalemMAgrocB&M
1955Storkline of MassLawrenceMAbaby furnitureB&M
1950Story & Clark Piano CoGrand HavenMIPiano plt*C&O,GTW
1950Stout M C Elev CoIoniaMIElev*C&O,GTW
1950Stout-Wirtz Coal CoIoniaMICoal*C&O,GTW
1976Stover Feed Co.PerkasiePASawdustRdg
1982Stow/Davis Furn CoGrand RapidsMIFurn office wood*NYC,PRR
1950Stowell-McGregor CorpDixfieldMEWood turningsMEC
1950Strabel Lbr CoSaginawMICoal yd, lbr yd*C&O,GTW,NYC
1950Straite Stl & wire CoLudingtonMIMetal prods plt*C&O,Lud&N
1954Strang MillworksChagfordMAMillworkSNE*
2004Strategic MaterialsWorcesterMAcullet (crushed glass )P&W
1954Stratford AssnN Monson JctMACreamerySNE*
1954Stratford Pulp & Paper CoStratford MillsMAPaperSNE*
1955Strathmore Paper CoTurners FallsMApaper prodB&M
1950Streat Geo F Fuel CoFlintMICoal, oil*C&O,GTW
1950Strickland Ice CoTraverse CityMIIce plt*C&O,M&NE,PRR
1950Stroh BrewingDetroitMIBeerPRR
1950Strom & Strom Constr CoMuskegonMIContr yd*C&O,GTW,MR&N,PRR
1959Strong Hdw CoBurlingtonVTHdw, cementRut
1950Stroucal Bldrs CoScottvilleMIBldrs suppC&O
1947Struck CoalUticaNYCoal, anthraciteNYO&W
1950Struthers-Wells CorpTitusvillePASteel products, miscPRR
1950Stuart Fdy CoDetroitMIFdy*C&O,various
1982Stubnitz Spg Div Hoover Univ IncAdrianMIMV parts & acc*DT&I,NYC,Wab
1955Studebaker CorpRevereMAauto partsB&M
1966Studebaker Corp.New Hyde ParkNYAuto partsLIRR
1955Studley Lumber CoRochesterNHlbrB&M
1950Stupakoff Ceramic & Mfg CoDerry Twp (Westmoreland Co)PAElectrical componentsPRR
1947Sturges Mfg CoUticaNYCoal, bituminousNYO&W
1956Sturgis Iron & MetalSturgisMIScrap metalNYC
1955Sturtevant & Haley Beef & Supply CoSomervilleMAPHPB&M
1950Suburb Lbr & Bldg Supply CoMonroeMILbr, bldrs supp*C&O,B&O,D&TSL,NYC,PRR
1944Suburban Coal CoN CambridgeMAcoalB&M
1950Suburban Fuel & Matls CoGrandvilleMICoal, bldrs suppC&O
1955Suburban Natural Gas CoLebanonNHLPGB&M
2004Suburban PropaneMilfordNHptopaneGRS
1990Suburban PropaneWhippanyNJLPGM&E
1980Suburban PropaneBethelVTPropane gas (distributor)CV*
2004Suburban PropaneWindsorCTpropaneCSO
2004Suburban PropaneMarlboroughMApropaneCSX
1970Suburban PropanePlaistowMALPGB&M
1957Suburban Propane DistPortlandMELPGB&M
1966Suffolk FuelBay ShoreNYPetr prodLIRR
1966Suffolk Materials CorpSetauketNYBldg suppLIRR
1966Suffolk PotatoJamesportNYPotatoesLIRR
1966Suffolk PotatoRiverheadNYPotatoesLIRR
1966Suffolk Sand & StonePt JeffersonNYAggregatesLIRR
1976Sugarman BrothersMedfordMAPolystyrene Trays - DisposableBM
2004SulcoSpringfieldMAmisc mdseCSX
2004SulcoSpringfieldMAmisc mdseCSX
1944Sulfax Chemical CoBostonMAchemsB&M
1976Sullivan Paper CoHolyokeMAPrtg PaperBM
1950Summerfield Chevrolet CoFlintMIAuto dlr*C&O,GTW
1966Summers LumberBay ShoreNYLumberLIRR
1956Sun CoClaymontDEEthylene oxidePRR
1966Sun Dew CorpJamaica Freight FacilitiesNYJuicesLIRR
1956Sun OilGirard PointPACumenePRR
1956Sun Oil CoNewarkNJInks*Erie,CNJ,LV
1956Sun Oil CoMarcus HookPACyclohexane, lube oil, oil, petr prodPRR
1950Sun Oil CoMarcus HookPAGasolineRdg
1956Sun Oil CoMarcus HookPAPropylene oxidePRR
1956Sun Oil CoPoint BreezePAGasolineRdg
1955Sun Oil CoRevereMApetr prodB&M
1957Sun Oil CoPortlandMEpetr prodB&M
1950Sun Oil CoEvartMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Sun Oil CoNewaygoMIBulk gas & oilC&O
1976Sun Oil Co of PennaMarcus HookPAPetro Lube OilPRR
1950Sun Shipbuilding & DrydockChesterPACoal, bituminous, steel sheet, structuralPRR
1955Sunapee St