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  • Much of the data in these files is not very clean.  By that we mean that a large number of abbreviations have been used and there is little consistency in how data was entered.  When searching for commodity like lumber for example, also try “lbr”.   Also try  “merch” and “mdse” for merchandise, “frt” for freight, “stl” for steel, etc.  Some city names may not contain proper punctuation.  For example we found St. Louis entered as “St Louis” with no period after “St”.
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19397-Up Bottling CoKnoxvilleTNbottling worksL&N
19567-Up Bottling Co of Kansas CityKansas CityMOSugarCB&Q
19567-Up Bottling Co of Kansas CityKansas CityMOBeveragesCB&Q
199084 LumberFt WorthTXLumberAT&SF
1939A & J Mfg CoGadsdenALmfr stoves, fdyL&N
1941A & P Coal CoHaileyvilleOKCoal (200 tons daily)RI
1950A & R Fruit CoPaintsvilleKYProduce dlrC&O
1990A C ElevatorArkansas CityKSWheatMP
1939A E F Gas & Oil CoBaxterKYpetroleum productsL&N
1966A L Coal Co A L No 1EmmettWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1939A M Lumber & Box CoNashvilleTNmfr box/cratesL&N
1956A P G LimeNew BraunfelsTXLimeMP
1955A P Green IndustriesFultonMOBricks*GM&O,Wab
1955A P Green IndustriesMexicoMOBricksGM&O
1956A P Green IndustriesPryorOKBricksMP
1990A P Green IndustriesSulphur SpringsTXBricksKCS
1941A R Hacker Grain CoAlineOKCoalRI
1972A-One ConcreteWichitaKSlimestone, lime, cement, sandSLSF
1955AAA Feed CoSpringfieldMOfeedSLSF
1939Abazzie BrosGulfportMSjunk scrap iron & metal dealerIC
1950Abbott C EStauntonVAApple shipper*C&O,CW
1950Abbott E MNew CastleVACoal ydC&O
1939Abbott LaboratoriesSt LouisMOchemicalsL&N
1965Abbott Laboratories Inc.Kansas CityMODrugsKCT
1990ABC CokeN BirminghamALCokeSLSF
1965ABC Fireproof Whse CoKansas CityMOWarehouseSLSF
1990ABC RailCaleraALRailroad wheelsSou
1965ABC Salvage CoKansas CityMOJunk YardMP
1956ABCO IndRoebuckSCCoatingsC&WC (ACL,CC&O)
1990Abernathy FurnitureKansas CityMOFurnitureKCT*
1939Abernathy Grain & Feed CoPulaskiTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1976Abex Corp Friction Prod GroupWinchesterVAAsbestos fibreB&O
1990Abilene Concrete & SupplyAbileneKSCementAT&SF
1990Abiti Timber Co.Roaring RiverNCWood sidingSou
1950Abitt A B & CoNewport NewsVAWhsl grocC&O
1939Abraham Brothers Packing CoMemphisTNpacking house productsL&N
1972Absorbent Cotton CoValley ParkMOcottonSLSF
1956Access Warehouse CoKansas CityMOMerchandiseCB&Q
1994Aceite Baja CaliforniaEagle PassTXCottonseedSP
1956Ack Sales CoKansas CityMOMerchandiseCB&Q
1950Ackerman Lbr CoHuntingtonWVBldrs suppC&O,B&O
1976Acme BrickBennetTXBrick, building or faceTP
1976Acme BrickBridgeportTXBrick Heritage king sizeRI
1976Acme BrickDentonTXBrick Bldg or Face BrickMP
1976Acme BrickFort WorthTXBrickMP
1941Acme Brick CoBridgeportTXbrick/tileRI
1976Acme Brick CoMalvernARbricksRI
1976Acme Brick CoPerlaARBrick, building or faceMP
1976Acme Brick CoAlexandriaLABrick, building or faceL&A
1965Acme Briquets Inc.Kansas CityMOBriquetsKCT
1939Acme Casket CoMemphisTNcasketsL&N
1950Acme Constr CoSkeltonWVBlacktop & readymix concrete plt*C&O,Vgn
1939Acme Distributing CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1965Acme Fast FreightSt JosephMOFreight ForwardersCGW
1950Acme Fast Freight IncKansas CityKSForwarder FreightWab
1950Acme Limestone CoSnow FlakeWVLimestone pltC&O
1939Acme MillsGreensburgKYfeed millL&N
1939Acme MillsHopkinsvilleKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Acme Paper Stock CoLouisvilleKYscrap paperL&N
1950Acme Stone CoAdenKYCrushed stoneC&O
1950Acme Visible Records CoCrozetVAPaper prods pltC&O
1939Acton Coal CoBirminghamALcoalL&N
1939Ad GregoryCiscoGAcotton dealerL&N
1972Adair Concrete CoLebanonMOsand, bulk cement, gravel, limeSLSF
1941Adair MortonKomaltyOKGrain/feedRI
1990Adams IndMonroeLAPlastic pelletsA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1990Adams IndMonroeLAPlastic productsA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1947Adams J D CoSt LouisMOroad machineryMBT
1940Adams Leaning Wheel GradersKansas CityMORoad gradersRI
1976Adams Packing AssocAuburndaleFLCanned Citris Juice*ACL,SAL
1950Adel Precision Prods CorpHuntingtonWVToy & kitchenware factory*C&O,B&O
1950Ader W MPikevilleKYSawmillC&O
1990ADMDodge CityKSWheatAT&SF
1956ADMFredoniaKSBarley, wheatMP
1956ADMKansas CityKSBranCB&Q
1990ADM (export elevator)AmaLAGrainMP
1990ADM CorpMontgomeryALCottonseed prods*ACL,CofG,GM&O,L&N,SAL,WofA
1990ADM CorpN Little RockARCottonseed prods*RI,MP,SSW
1990ADM CorpSweetwaterTXCottonseed prod*AT&SF,TP
1956ADM MillingN Kansas CityMOWheatCB&Q
1956ADM MillingN Kansas CityMOCorn starch, flourCB&Q
1990ADM MillingAbileneKSFlourUP
1956ADM MillingCarthageMOSoybean mealCB&Q
1956ADM MillingCarthageMOSoybeansCB&Q
2004ADM-Farmland ElevatorSaginawTXGrainFW&D,ATSF
1939Advance Battery Mfg CoLouisvilleKYbatteriesL&N
1942Advance Creosoting & Chem CoSuffolkVAPetr prods, chemsVgn
1965Aermotor Co.Kansas CityMOWindmillsMP
1947Aero Service StationShrewsberryMOgasolineSLSF
1995Aeropress CorpWinspurLALPG
1939Aetna Oil Service IncGlencoeKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Aetna Oil Service IncHopkinsvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Aetna Oil Service IncLexingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Aetna Oil Service IncLouisvilleKYrefineryL&N
1939Aetna Oil Service IncWilliamsburgKYpetroleum productsL&N
1976Affiliated of FLTampaFLPaper prods*ACL,SAL
1950Afton Cash StoreAftonVACoal yardC&O
1990AG ProcessingVan BurenARSoybeansMP
1990Agchem South CentralMonroeLAFertilizerA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1950Agenbright E CChristianVASawmillC&O
1972Aggiville SupplyMonettMObagged animal feedSLSF
1950Agri Lime CorpStauntonVALime plt*C&O,CW
1990Agri-Industries (Export Elevator)Galena ParkTXGrainSP
1956Agrico Ag ChemPierceFLPhosphate*ACL,SAL
1980Agrico ChemicalAgrockFLPhosphateSAL
1982Agrico ChemicalBig BendFLPhosphateSAL
1980Agrico ChemicalBrewsterFLPhosphateACL
1980Agrico ChemicalRocklandFLPhosphateSCL
1990Agricultural MineralsAmarilloTXFertilizerAT&SF
1950Agsten H B & SonCharlestonWVContractor's ydC&O
1955Aines Farm Dairy Co.Kansas CityMOCream, eggs, milkKCT
1955Aines Farm Dairy Co.Kansas CityMOMilk prods, creamKCT
1950Air Cond & Htg Supply IncCovingtonKYAir cond & htg eqt dlrC&O
1994Air LiquideBayportTXArgonSP
1990Air Products & ChemicalsPasadenaTXPlasticSP
1990Air Products & ChemicalsCalvert CityKYPlasticIC
1990Air Products & ChemicalsStrangTXStyrene monomerSP
1947Air Reduction Sales CoSt LouisMOliquid airMP
1939Air Reduction Sales CoMobileALoxygenL&N
1941Air Reduction Sales CoWichitaKSgas mfg plantRI
1939Air Reduction Sales CoLouisvilleKYliquid gasesL&N
1950Air Reduction Sales Div Air Redn CoRichmondVAOxygen & acetylene gas pltC&O
1950Air Reduction Sales Div Air Redn CoHuntingtonWVOxygen & acetylene gas*C&O,B&O
1976Airco CarbideLouisvilleKYCalcium CarbideBO
1947Airway Gas CoSt LouisMOgasolineMP
1939Airways Oil & Gas CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Ajax Corrugated Paper CoSt LouisMOpaper boxesL&N
1990AJC InternationalPearsonMSFrozen chickensIC
1995AJC InternationalDallasTXFrozen poultrySP
1950Akers Bev CoNewport NewsVABeer & ice distrC&O
1976Akers SupplyMatewanWVMagnetite Iron Ore, type 6N&W
1990Akzo CascoBlythewoodSCResinsSou
1990Akzo CascoBlythewoodSCPaper productsSou
1990Akzo ChemicalBayportTXClay slurrySP
1990Akzo Nobel ChemicalBayportTXClaySP
1995Akzo Nobel ChemicalBayportTXSlurry (aluminum compound catalyst)SP
1995Akzo Nobel ChemicalPasadenaTXClaySP
1995Akzo Noble ChemicalsLemoyneALCarbon DisulfideSou
1972AL Drydock & Ship Bldg CoMobileALcoil steelSLSF
1946Al K Hall DistilleryFillmoreLAAlcohols industriel, medicinalDL*
1939Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control BoardMontgomeryALwhlse liquorsL&N
1939Alabama Appliance CoBirminghamALelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1939Alabama Brick & Tile CoDecaturALmfr brickL&N
1939Alabama By-Products CorpTarrantALfertilizer (producer sulfate of ammonia)L&N
1939Alabama Coal CoAnnistonALcoalL&N
1939Alabama Coal Mining CoFlorenceALcoalL&N
1939Alabama Commission CoMontgomeryALlivestock dealerL&N
1939Alabama Cooperage CoColumbianaALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Alabama Gas CoDecaturALgas mfg plantL&N
1939Alabama Gin & Peanut CoSamsonALpublic warehouseCofG
1976Alabama Kraft CoMahrtALPulpboardSCL
1939Alabama Limestone CorpCaleraALlimeL&N
1956Alabama MarbleGantts QuarryALMarbleL&N
1939Alabama Mill & Elevator CoBirminghamALgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Alabama MillsClantonALcotton millL&N
1939Alabama MillsGreenvilleALcotton spinning/weavingL&N
1939Alabama MillsWetumpkaALcotton millL&N
1939Alabama Oil CoFlorenceALpetroleum productsSOU
1939Alabama Pipe CoAnnistonALfoundryL&N/SOU
1939Alabama Pipe CoTalladegaALcast iron pipeL&N
1939Alabama Pipe Co Coosa FoundryGadsdenALfoundryL&N
1939Alabama Power CoMobileALelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1939Alabama United Ice CoMobileALmfr iceL&N
1939Alabama Warehouse CoMobileALpublic warehouseL&N
1939Alabama Warehouse CoMontgomeryALfertilizerL&N
1939Alabama Warehouse CoMontgomeryALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Alabama-California Wine CoMontgomeryALwinesL&N
1939Alabaster Lime CoScotrockALlimeL&N
1939Alabaster Lime CoSiluriaALlimeL&N
1990Alamac Knits incClintonNCKnit fabricsACL
1990Alamac Knits IncLumbertonNCKnit fabrics*SAL,V&CS
1990Alamc Knits IncDyersburgTNKnit fleece, jersey, stretch fabrics*GM&O,IC
1994Alamo Forest ProductsSan AntonioTXLumberSP
1966Alaska Coal Co HawleyHawleyWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1939Albany Grain & Coal CoDecaturALgrain/feed dealer, coalL&N
1990Albemarle CorpEthylARMethyl bromideL&NW
1950Albemarle Distr CoCharlottesvilleVABeer distr*C&O,Sou
1950Albemarle Fruit Packing IncCharlottesvilleVAApple, peach shipperC&O
1950Albemarle Motors IncCharlottesvilleVAAuto dlr*C&O,Sou
1950Albemarle Paper CoRichmondVAPaper prods pltSou
1950Albemarle Weaving CoCharlottesvilleVATextile plt*C&O,Sou
1950Albemarle-Michie CoCharlottesvilleVAWhsl groc*C&O,Sou
1965Albers Milling Co.Kansas CityMOFeed ManufacturersKCS-MP
1942Alberta Feed & Grain CoAlbertaVAGrain, feedSAL,Vgn
1939Albrecht Feed & Elevator CoSt LouisMOgrain elevator/feed millMBT
1990Albright & Wilson CoLee CreekNCPhosphoric acidSou
1939Albright Tobacco Loose Leaf FloorGallatinTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1941Albright-Pates IncLittle RockARSugar whlser, groocRI
1995Alcalo Foresto (Mexican)Eagle PassTXWaste paperSP
1980Alcan AluminumElizabethtonTNAluminum ingots, scrapET&WNC
1990Alcan AluminumAnacondaKYAluminum barsL&N
1956Alcan AluminunSebreeKYAluminum ingotsL&N
1976Alcan SalesGreenvilleSCaluminum ingotsP&N
1941Alcee Stewart & CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1990AlcoaBadinNCAluminum ingotsWSSB (ACL,Sou,N&W,NSRy)
1990AlcoaAlcoaTNAluminum ingotsL&N
1990AlcoaPalestineTXAluminum ingotsMP
1990AlcoaRockdaleTXAluminum ingots & wireRS&S (I&GN[MP])
1956AlcoaRockdaleTXAluminaRS&S (I&GN[MP])
1990AlcoaBauxiteARAlumina, bauxiteBXN (MP,RI)
1939Alcoa Brick & Tile CoAlcoaTNmfr brick, tileL&N
1990Alcoa IncHernandoMSAluminum partsIC
1995Alcoa Specialty ChemicalW Lake CharlesLAsodium aluminateSP
1990Alcoa Specialty ChemicalsW Lake CharlesLASodium aluminateSP
1990AlcomaAlcomaFLFrozen juicesSAL
1950Alderson Livestock MktAldersonWVLivestockC&O
1939Alert Coal CoCovingtonKYcoalL&N
1947Alex Kilpatrick & Sons Foundry CoSt LouisMOfoundryMBT
1939Alex Kontos Fruit CoBirminghamALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1976Alexadnria Seed CoAlexandriaLASeed, grass; peat, bagsL&A
1965Alexander Fuel & Lumber Co.Kansas CityMOFuel-LumberSLSF
1956Alexander Wayne Co TheKansas CityMOWaste paperCB&Q
1976Alexandria Iron & SupplyAlexandriaLA#2 steel bundles for remeltingL&A
1976Alexandria SeedAlexandriaLAGrass seeds top seedsSP
1990Alford Refrig.WarehouseDallasTXFrozen poultrySP
1939Alger Sullivan Lumber CoCenturyFLgrain/feed dealer, fertzL&N
1939Alger Sullivan Lumber CoCenturyFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Alhambra Tile CoNewportKYtileL&N
1941Aline Tire & Oil CoAlineOKPetroleum productsRI
1990All Church PressFt WorthTXPaperAT&SF
1885Allcutt Packing Co 1885 (Org by W.P. Allcutt who had been supt at Armour for 15 years)Kansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1965Alldredge-Madget Feed Supply Co.St JosephMOFeedCB&Q
1975Allegany Tire & Battery CoClintwodVATires, batteriesV&O*
1950Alleghany Chevrolet CoCovingtonVAAuto dlrC&O
1950Alleghany CoClifton ForgeVABldrs suppC&O
1950Alleghany Ice CoCovingtonVAIce pltC&O
1950Alleghany Milling CoCovingtonVACoalC&O
1950Alleghany Milling CoCovingtonVAFlour & feed millC&O
1939Allen E T CoAtlantaGAhay/feed/flour dealerL&N
1947Allen Industries IncSt LouisMOauto upholsteringMBT/StLB&T
1950Allen L CStauntonVAFeed dlr*C&O,CW
1960Allenberg Cotton CoLaGrangeGACotton balesACL
1956Alley Feed CoSt JosephMOFeedCB&Q
1956Alley Feed CoSt JosephMOFeedCB&Q
1939Allhoff Brothers IncSt LouisMOfeed dealer, coalMBT/StLB&T/L&N
1950Alliance Fertz CoEllersonVAFertz dlrC&O
1995Alliant Tech SystemsTitusvilleFLMissile booster segmentsFEC
1965Allied Building Materials Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsKCT
1970Allied Chem Corp Independent DivNitroWVChemsNYC
1990Allied ChemicalStrangTXHydrogen flourideSP
1990Allied ChemicalRadio IslandNCAviation fuelBMC (ACL)
1990Allied ChemicalBaton RougeLASoda ashKCS
1947Allied Chemical & Dye Corp (Barrett Division)St LouisMOroofingMP
1976Allied Chemical CorpMarylandLAplasticsL&A
1965Allied Container Corp.Kansas CityMOContainersKCS-KCT
1939Allied Mills CoMemphisTNfeed millL&N
1947Allied Mills IncSt Louis CtyMOpoultry feedMBT/StLB&T
1942Allied Mills IncPortsmouthVAFlour,feedN&PBL
1990Allied PaperJacksonALPaper, prtg paperSou
1956Allied Paper Bag CorpKansas CityMOPaper bagsCB&Q
1939Allied Road Machinery CoMontgomeryALmachinery dealerL&N
1990Allied-SignalGeismarLAHydrofluoric acidKCS
1990Allied-SignalMarylandLAPlastic pelletsL&A
1956Allied-SignalHopewellVAPlastic pellets*N&W,SAL
1947Alligator Oil Clothing CoSt LouisMOraincoatsMP
1941Allis-Chalmers Mfg CoEldonMOFarm implementsMP
1941Allis-Chalmers Mfg CoOklahoma CityOKFarm implementsRI
1941Allis-Chalmers Mfg CoWichitaKSFarm implementsRI
1947Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co Tractor DivisionSt LouisMOtractorsWAB
1947Alpha Portland Cement CoAlphaMOcementSLSF/MP
1947Alpha Tank and Sheet Metal WorksSt LouisMOmetal tanksMP
1941Alta Vista Farmers UnionAlta VistaKSGrain/feed, coalRI
1940Alta Vista Farmers UnionAlta VistaKSGrainRI
1976Alterman Foods c/o Perishable WhseAtlantaGAWdplp dishes paltes or trays nested*ACL,SAL
1990Alternate Building Mat.SelkirkKSAggregates, cementMP
1990Alternate Building Mat.SelkirkKSReady MixMP
1950Altman Cash Feed StoresCharlestonWVFeed, flour mill, seed, hay*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Altman's Cash Feed StoresBeckleyWVFeed, flour, seed, hay*C&O,Vgn
1950Altman's Cash Feed StoresHuntingtonWVFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,B&O
1950Altman's Cash Feed StoresLoganWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Altman's Cash Feed StoresOak HillWVFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,Vgn
1950Altman's Cash Feed StoresRonceverteWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1990Alton Box BoardOak CliffTXFiberboardAT&SF
1978Alton Box Board CoSpringfieldMOpaperSLSF
1978Alton Box Board CoSpringfieldMOboxesSLSF
1972Alton Boxboard CoPacificMOkraft paperSLSF
1947Alton Brick CoMaplewoodMObrickMP
1947Alton Brick CoMaryland HtsMObrickRI
1947Alton Brick CoSt Louis CtyMObrickMBT
1965Alton Elevator Co Salina Terl ElevKansas CityMOGrain ElevatorGM&O
1939Altoona Warehouse CoAltoonaALpublic warehouseL&N
1939Altoona Warehouse CoAltoonaALcotton compress/whseL&N
1956AlumaxMt HollySCAluminum ingotsACL
1965Aluminum Co of AmericaKansas CityMOAluminumKCS
1990Aluminum SalesCrowleyTXAluminum productsAT&SF
1940Alva Roller MillsAlvaOKFlourRI
1990Alvarez Jo Broker (Mexico)LaredoTXHardwaresMP
1947Alvey Conveyor Mfg CoSt LouisMOconveyorsManRy
1962Amarillo Hdwe CoSt LouisMOMechanics hand toolsNKP
1956Amax ChemicalCoronetFLPhosphate, fertzSAL
1942Amer Ag Chem CoS NorfolkVAFertilizer, ag chemsN&PBL
1950Amer Agric Chem CorpCharlottesvilleVAFertz*C&O,Sou
1972Amer Bitumuls & Asph CoMobileALasphaltSLSF
1942Amer Brake Shoe & Fdy CoPortsmouthVARy car partsN&PBL
1950Amer Brewing CoNewport NewsVABreweryC&O
1942Amer Brick CoBricoVABrickN&W
1965Amer Brk Shoe Co Brk Shoe & Castg DivKansas CityMORailroad SuppliesCB&Q
1950Amer Can CoRichmondVATin can plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Amer Car & Fdy CoHuntingtonWVFdy, RR carsC&O,B&O
1940Amer Compress & Whse Co IncAlexandriaLACottonRI,L&A
1950Amer Container CorpHuntingtonWVAuto accessories plt*C&O,B&O
1950Amer Fruit GrowersCrozetVAFruit shipperC&O
1950Amer Fruit GrowersGreenwoodVAPeach shipperC&O
1951Amer Fruit GrowersChesneeSCPeachesCC&O
1950Amer Gas Util CoBeckley JctWVSupply ydC&O
1970Amer Liberty Oil Ref CoMt PleasantTXOil prod, roofing matlSSW
1970Amer Mfg CoFt WorthTXOilfield eqt, pumps, fittingsSSW
1950Amer Oil & Gas CoRainelleWVBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1950Amer Oil CoLynchburgVABulk gas & oilC&O,Sou
1950Amer Oil CoStauntonVABulk gas & oil*C&O,CW
1950Amer Oil CoGlen MorganWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Amer Paper CoRichmondVAPaper prods pltC&O
1942Amer Peanut CorpSuffolkVAPeanutsSou,Vgn
1950Amer Silk Mills IncOrangeVATextile plt*C&O,Sou
1950Amer Suppliers incMaysvilleKYTobacco packing whse*C&O,L&N
1950Amer Suppliers IncS RipleyKYTobacco packing whseC&O
1940Amer Vinegar CoOklahoma CityOKVinegarRI
1939American Agricultural Chemical CoMontgomeryALfertilizerL&N
1939American Agricultural Chemical CoPensacolaFLsulphuric acid, fertzL&N
1939American Agricultural Chemical CoLouisvilleKYfertilizerL&N
1990American Air FilterDallasTXAir filtersAT&SF
1939American Air Filter Co IncLouisvilleKYmachinery dealerL&N
1965American Alloys Corp.Kansas CityMOAluminum SmelterKCS
1965American Auto Parts Co Inc.Kansas CityMOAuto PartsKCT
1965American Automatic Electric Sales Co.Kansas CityMOTelephone EquipmentKCT
1939American Bakeries CoGadsdenALbakeryL&N
1947American Bakers Machinery CoSt LouisMObakers machineryMP
1965American Battery Mfg CoKansas CityMOBatteriesKCS
1947American Bearing CorpSt LouisMObearings (industrial)MP
1965American Beauty Macaroni Co.Kansas CityMOMacaroniUP
1939American Bituminous CoSt LouisMOasphaltL&N
1947American Bitumuls CoMaplewoodMOasphaltStLB&T
1939American Brake Shoe & Foundry CoSt LouisMOcar wheelsMBT
1956American Brake Shoe CoKansas CityMORailway partsCB&Q
1990American BrickMalvernARBricksMP
1939American Builders Supply CoLouisvilleKYbldg suppliesL&N
1947American Builders Supply CoSt LouisMObldg materialsMP
1956American Can CoKansas CityMOTinplateCB&Q
1956American Can CoKansas CityMOCans, containersCB&Q
1947American Can CoSt LouisMOtin & fibre cansMBT/MP
1978American Can CoMemphisTNcansSLSF
1976American Can Co c/o Naheola MillNaheolaALPaper Towels & Toilet PaperMB
1976American Can Co c/o Naheola MillNaheolaALWoodpulp balesMB
1947American Car & Foundry CoSt LouisMOrailway materialMP/StLTrfRy
1947American Carloading CorpSt LouisMOfreight forwardersSLSF
1950American Carloading CorpKansas CityKSForwarder FreightATSF
1939American Cast Iron Pipe CoBirminghamALcast iron pipe & fittingsL&N,Sou,SLSF,BS
1960American Cast Iron Pipe CoBirminghamALcast iron pipeSLSF
1939American Castings CoBirminghamALcast iron culvert pipesL&N
1947American Central Fruit Auction CoSt LouisMOfruit auction house, honeydew melonsWAB
1950American Central Fruit Auction CoSt LouisMOCantalopes, grapes, potatoes, celery, pearsWAB
1956American ColloidLetohatcheeALAggregatesL&N
1965American Compressed Steel Inc.Kansas CityMOScrap Iron-SteelMP
1947American Cone & Pretzel CoSt LouisMOpretzelsMP/ManRy
1990American Cotton GrowersLittlefieldTXCottonAT&SF
1955American Creosoting CoSpringfieldMOpoles, rr tiesSLSF
1972American Creosoting CoPensacolaFLcreosoteSLSF
1965American Creosoting Co.Kansas CityMOCreosoting Ties-PolesRI
1965American Cross Arm & Conduit Co.Kansas CityMOCross Arms woodenCB&Q
1976American Cyanamid CoBrewsterFLPhospate Rock, phosphateACL
1976American Cyanamid CoSavannahGAFerrous Sulfate*ACL,SAL
1976American Cyanamid Co.SavannahGAtitanium dioxide, 1600 bagsSou
1965American Dairies Inc.Kansas CityMODairy ProductsKCT
1941American Electric CoWichitaKSelectrical machinery/suppliesRI
1965American Excelsior Corp.Kansas CityMOExcelsiorMKT
1990American FructoseDecaturALCorn syrupSou
1956American FructoseDimmittTXCorn syrupFW&D
1939American Handle CoIron CityTNmfr hickory handlesL&N
1956American Hospital Supply CoKansas CityMOMedical products, pharmaceuticalsCB&Q
1941American Iron & Machine WorksOklahoma CityOKoil well supply houseRI
1939American Iron & Metal CoMemphisTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1947American Lead Construction CoMaplewoodMOleadMP
1956American LimestoneKnoxvilleTNLimestoneL&N
1956American LimestoneNashvilleTNLimestone*L&N,NC&StL,TC
1990American LimestoneTri-CitiesTNLimestoneCSXT
1976American Lumber CorpRocky MountNCLumberN&W
1956American Maize ProductsDimmittTXcorn starchFW&D
1947American Manganese Steel DivisionSt Louis CtyMOsteelMBT
1939American Marble & Granite CoSylacaugaALmarble (quarry)L&N
1950American Meat CoKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1947American Metal Barrel CoSt LouisMOused barrelsMBT
1939American Nicotine CoHendersonKYinsecticidesL&N
1939American Oak Leather CoDecaturALmfr tanning extract, sand, gravelL&N
1939American Oak Leather CoLouisvilleKYhidesL&N
1939American Oak Leather CoLouisvilleKYleather (tanners)L&N
1939American Oil CoDe Funiak SpgsFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939American Oil CoGulfportMSpetroleum productsIC
1950American Oil CoClifton ForgeVABulk gas & oilC&O
1950American Oil CoCaldwellWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950American Packing CoSt LouisMOdressed meatvarious
1990American PetroleumPecan GapTXGasolineAT&SF
1947American Press Brick CoSt Louis CtyMObrickMBT
1947American Pulverizer CoHowardMOspecial machineryMP
1947American Radiator & Standard Sanitary CorpSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesWAB
1939American Radiator CoLouisvilleKYradiators/boilersL&N
1947American Red CrossSt LouisMOsupply depotSLSF
1947American Refrigerator Transit CoSt LouisMOrefrigerator carsWAB/MP
1997American RiceFreeportTXRiceUP
1990American Rice GrowersBrooksTXRiceAT&SF
1990American RockwoolNolanvilleTXRockwoolAT&SF
1983American Salt (1983)LyonsKSSaltAT&SF
1972American Salt CoLyonsMOsaltSLSF
1965American Sash & Door Co.Kansas CityMOSash-DoorsKCT
1939American Service CoNashvilleTNmfr iceL&N
1947American Smelting & Refining CoMaplewoodMOsmeltingMP
1939American Snuff CoClarksvilleTNmfr snuff tobaccoL&N
1947American Steel & Wire CoSt LouisMOnails/wireMP
1939American Steel & Wire CoLouisvilleKYnails/wireL&N
1939American Stove Co (factory branch whse)AtlantaGAwhlse gas stove dealerL&N
1939American Stove Co (Quick Meal Branch)St LouisMOmfr stovesMBT
1939American Sugar Refining CoNew OrleansLAsugar refiner, molassesL&N
1939American Suppliers IncOwensboroKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plant, whseL&N
1976American Synthetic Rubber CorpLouisvilleKYRubber, Synthetic Crude in BalesB&O
1939American Syrup & Preserving CoNashvilleTNcanned tomatoesL&N
1941American Syrup & Sorghum CoSt LouisMOmfr molasses/syrupsTRRA
1960American Thread CoSevierNCCoal, salt, starchCC&O
1960American Thread CoSevierNCThreadCC&O
1950American TobaccoNorfolkVACigarettesUNK
1939American Tobacco CoHopkinsvilleKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1947American Transportation CoSt LouisMOfreight forwardersSLSF
1939American Tri-State Paper Box CoNashvilleTNpaper boxesL&N
1971American TripoliSenecaMOTripoli, grd, bagsSLSF
1965American Venetian Tile Co.Kansas CityMOTerrazzo WorkKCT
1942American Viscose CoRoanokeVARayonVgn
1965American Walnut Co.Kansas CityMOLumber walnutKCS-KCT
1941American Warehouse CoLittle RockARpublic warehouseRI
1965American Warehouse Co.Kansas CityMOWarehouseMILW
1939American Waste Material CorpSt LouisMOscrap iron/paper/ragsStLTrfRy
1939American Wine CoSt LouisMOwinesL&N
1939American Zinc Lead & Smelting CoSt LouisMOsulphuric acidL&N
1939American Zinc Lead & Smelting CoSt LouisMOzinc & lead smelting/refining, sulphuric acidL&N
1990American-SynpolPort NechesTXRubber, syntheticKCS
1956Ameron IndSpartanburgSCPipeSou
1990Ameron IndBurkburnetTXPipeMKT
1939Ames CorpOwensboroKYcedar chests/chairs/living room furnitureL&N
1966Amherst Coal Co Amherst 1 PlantPardeeWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Amherst Coal Co Lundale IPardeeWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Amherst Coal Co ParagonRum JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990AmocoSugar CreekMOButane, coke, asphaltAT&SF
1990Amoco ChemicalTexas CityTXStyrene monomerTCT
1990Amoco ChemicalsTexas CityTXButadiene, xyleneTCT
1990Amoco ChemicalsDecaturALChemicalsSou
1990Amoco ChemicalsCooper RiverSCPlastic pelletsEC&B (SAL)
1990Amoco ChemicalsCedar BayouTXChems, plastic pelletsMP
1990Amoco ChemicalsChocolate BayouTXChems, plastic pelletsMP
1990Amoco ChemicalsPasadenaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersMatehualaMXFabric, textiles, yarnFNM
1956Amoco Fabrics & FibersRocky MountNCFabric, textiles, yarnACL
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersSenecaSCFabric, textiles, yarnSou
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersSpartanburgSCFabric, textiles, yarnSou
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersAftonVAFabric, textiles, yarnC&O
1956Amoco Fabrics & FibersRoanokeALFabric, textiles, yarnACL
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersBainbridgeGAFabric, textiles, yarnSAL
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersHazelhurstGAFabric, textiles, yarnSou
1990Amoco Fabrics & FibersNashvilleGAFabric, textiles, yarnSou
1990Amoco Foam ProductsMalvernARPlastic pelletsMP
1990Amoco Foam ProductsSmyrnaGAPlastic pelletsSou
1990Amoco Foam ProductsGreensboroNCPlastic pelletsSou
1956Amoco Foam ProductsBeech IsSCPlastic pelletsCh&WC (ACL,CC&O)
1956Amoco Foam ProductsBeech IsSCFoam productsCh&WC (ACL,CC&O)
1990Amoco Foam ProductsCorsicanaTXPlastic pelletsSSW
1990Amoco Foam ProductsCorsicanaTXFoam productsSSW
1956Amoco Foam ProductsWinchesterVAPlastic pelletsPRR
1956Amoco Foam ProductsWinchesterVAFoam productsPRR
1950Amoco Oil CoMalvernARPetr prodsRI
1990Amoco Petr ProdsTexas CityTXAviation fuel, chemsTCT
1990Amoco PolymersAugustaGAPlastic pelletsSou
1956Amoco PolymersGreenvilleSCPlastic pellets*C&WC,G&N,P&N,Sou
1990Amoco PolymersRock HillSCPlastic pelletsSou
1950Amory Geo W JrHamptonVASeafoodC&O
1960Amory Sand & Gravel CoAmoryMSAggregatesSLSF
1939Amos-James Grocery CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1940Anadarko Cotton Oil MillAnadarkoOKCottonseed oilRI
1990Anchor HockingWeirtonWVGlass prodsPRR
1941Anchor Milling CoEugeneMOLumberRI, MP
1940Anchor Milling CoEugeneMOGrainRI, MP
1965Anchor Roofing & Siding Co.Kansas CityMORoofing - SidingSLSF
1950Anchor Sales CoBeckleyWVMine & mill supplies*C&O,Vgn
1956Anchor Steel Warehouse IncKansas CityMOHydrochloric acid, stl coils, slabsCB&Q
1939Andalusia Brick CoAndalusiaALmfr brickL&N
1939Andalusia Grocery CoAndalusiaALwhlse groc, sugarL&N
1939Anderson & Leigh FoundryBirminghamALfoundryL&N
1939Anderson Box & Basket CoHendersonKYmfr box/cratesL&N
1956Anderson Box CoKansas CityMOBoxesCB&Q
1939Anderson Clayton & CoAtmoreALcotton broker/dealerSLSF
1990Anderson Clayton FoodsShermanTXCottonseed oilMKT
1977Anderson Elev EastEmporiaKSGrainAT&SF
1976Anderson V E MfgRomeGAaluminum ingotSou
1965Anderson-Stolz Corp.Kansas CityMOTreating CompoundsKCT
1939Andres Stone & Marble CoKnoxvilleTNmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1965Andrew Cty Mutual Telephone CoSavannahMOLine Material-PolesCGW
1939Andrews Steel Co Globe Iron Roofing DivNewportKYformed steel bldg mtlsL&N
1939Andrews Steel Co Globe Iron Roofing DivNewportKYiron & steel roofing, sidingL&N
1939Andrews Steel Co Newport Rolling Mills DivisionNewportKYgalvanized steel sheets, stl pipeL&N
1990Angelo RiceMcCroryARRiceMP
1939Anglo Sweet Feed Mill CoOwensboroKYfeed millIC
1976Anglo-American Clays Corp.SandersvilleGAGround clay in bags, bulkSAN
1939Anglo-American Mills Corp CoOwensboroKYmachinery dealerIC
1990Anheuser BuschWilliamsburgVABeerC&O
1947Anheuser Busch IncSt LouisMObeerMP/ManRy/StLTrfRy
1990Anheuser Busch IncSt LouisMODiatomaceous earth, riceMP/ManRy/StLTrfRy
1978Anheuser Busch Inc.SpringfieldMOwheat, hops, barley, cansSLSF
1978Anheuser Busch Inc.SpringfieldMObeerSLSF
1956Anheuser-BuschCartersvilleGADiatomaceous earth*L&N,NC&StL,SAL
1965Anheuser-Busch Inc.Kansas CityMOBeveragesKCT
1956Anhueser BuschLouisianaMOBeerCB&Q
1956Anhueser BuschSt JosephMOBeerCB&Q
1960Annada Elevator CoAnnadaMOGrainCB&Q
1939Anniston Bonded WarehouseAnnistonALpublic warehouseL&N
1939Anniston Cordage CoAnnistonALcotton millSOU
1939Anniston FoundryAnnistonALfoundryL&N/SOU
1939Anniston Ice & Coal CoAnnistonALcoalL&N
1939Anniston Ice & Coal CoAnnistonALmfr iceL&N
1939Anniston Scrap Materials CoAnnistonALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N/SOU
1939Anniston Scrap Materials CoSelmaALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Anniston WarehouseAnnistonALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Anniston Wholesale Grocery CoAnnistonALsugar, grocL&N/SOU
1939Anniston Yarn MillsAnnistonALwoolen millL&N/SOU
1990Anthony Farmers Coop ElevatorAnthonyKSWheatAT&SF
1950Anthony Lumber CoMalvernARSaw, planing millRI
1940Anthony Whsl Groc CoAlvaOKGroc, whslRI
1941Anthony Williams Lumber CoCalionARLumber/forest productsRI
1940Anthony-Jones Lumber CoTinsmanARSaw, planing millRI
1955Antoine FeedIndependenceMOFarm eqt, feed, seeds, fertzGM&O
1950Antrim C W & SonsRichmondVACoffee roastersSou
1972Antrim Lumber CoAugustaKSbagged cementSLSF
1972Antrim Lumber CoAugustaKSlumber, plywood, gypsum boardSLSF
1946Antsinna Pants CoFillmoreLAClothing, mens'DL*
1941Apache Milling CoApacheOKfeed, grainRI
1969Apco CoKansas CityMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1939Apex Oil CorpNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Apex Oil CorpNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1941Apex Oil Products CoEldoradoARPetr prodRI
1941Apex Oil Products CoEldoradoARPetr prodRI
1956APG LimeKimballtonVALimeN&W
1939Appalachia Grocery CoAppalachiaVAwhlse groceriesL&N
1950Appalachian Briquette & Charcoal CoKelly ViewVACharcoalInt
1950Appalachian Elec Power CoCabin Creek JctWVPole ydC&O
1950Appalachian Elec Power CoCharlestonWVPole ydB&O
1950Appalachian Elec Power CoKenovaWVPower pltN&W
1950Appalachian Elec Power CoLoganWVPower pltC&O
1950Appalachian Elec Power CoMontgomeryWVElec power pltC&O
1939Appalachian MillsKnoxvilleTNunderwear mfrL&N
1976Appalachian TimberSumitWVSwitch TiesBO
1950Appalachian Wood Preserving CoGoshenVAWood trtg pltC&O
1976Apple White IncAlexandriaLAWood chipsL&A
1939Applegate Grain CoPensacolaFLfeed millL&N
1960Appliance Distributors WhseBirminghamALappliancesSLSF
1970AR Glass Container CorpJonesboroARGlass bottles, jars, contrSSW
1970AR Power & Light CoLaynaARPoles, elec eqtSSW
1970AR Rice Growers CoopJonesboroARRice, soybeansSSW
1970AR Rice Growers Coop (Riceland Foods Inc)StuttgartARRice, soybeansSSW,RI
1950Aracoma Bev CoLoganWVBeer distrC&O
1990Arcadian Corp.WoodstockTNFertilizer, ureaIC
1990Arcadian Corp.GeismarLAAnhydrous ammonia, fertzIC
1950Arcady Farm Supply IncRichmondVAFeed dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1941Archer Drug CoLittle RockARdrugsRI
1939Archer-Daniels-Midland CoSt LouisMOpaint/oil/varnishMP
1950Archer-Daniels-Midland CoSt LouisMOLinseed Oil, soybean oil, soybean oil cakeMP
1950Archer-Daniels-Midland CoSt LouisMOSoybeansMP
1990Arco ChemicalChannelviewTXMEK, allyl alc, butanediol, prop oxideMP
1990Arco ChemicalChannelviewTXStyrene monomerSP
1990Arco ChemicalDeer ParkTXMethyl-tertiary-butyl ether, glycolSP
1956Arco ChemicalS CharlestonWVGlycolC&O
1990Arco ChemicalLake CharlesLAAliphatic diisocyanate, toluene diisKCS
1990Arco MetalsSebreeKYAluminum ingotsL&N
1976Arcola LbrWarrentonNCLbrWar (SAL)
1939Arctic Ice CoLouisvilleKYmfr iceL&N
1950Arctic Ice Stg CoPaintsvilleKYIce pltC&O
1950Argenbright E CMillboroVASawmillC&O
1990AristechPasadenaTXPhthalic anhydrideSP
1990Aristech ChemicalLa PorteTXPlastic pelletsSP
1956Arizona ChemicalsGulfportMSResinsL&N
1965Ark Bakery Holsum Bakers of KCKansas CityMOBakeryMKT
1941Ark-La Petroleum CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsRI
1950Arkansas Aluminum AlloysLake CatherineARAluminum alloy ingots, shapesRI
1972Arkansas Cement CoArkco-ForemanARcement bulk, baggedSLSF
1976Arkansas Cement CoForemanARPortland Cement in bulkSLSF
1976Arkansas Cement CorpAlexandriaLAPortland Cement in bulkL&A
1990Arkansas CharcoalCarbon CityARCharcoalMP
1941Arkansas Coffee CoLittle RockARcoffee/spices wjslMP
1990Arkansas EastmanBatesvilleARDetergentsMP
1990Arkansas EastmanMagnessARPlastic pelletsMP
1990Arkansas Eastman Chem CoBlythevilleARChemicals, fine*SLSF,SSW
1941Arkansas Fertilizer CoN Little RockARFertilizerRI
1939Arkansas Fuel Oil CoBirminghamALpetroleum productsL&N
1941Arkansas Fuel Oil CoEldoradoARPetroleum productsRI
1941Arkansas Fuel Oil CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsRI
1941Arkansas Fuel Oil CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsSSW
1941Arkansas Fuel Oil CoJonesboroLAPetroleum productsRI
1941Arkansas Fuel Oil CoRustonLAPetroleum productsRI
1939Arkansas Fuel Oil CoGulfportMSpetroleum productsIC
1939Arkansas Fuel Oil CoClarksvilleTNpetroleum productsTC
1941Arkansas Independent Oil CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsRI
1990Arkansas LimeBatesvilleARLimeMP
1941Arkansas Paper CoLittle RockARpaper whslMP
1990Arkansas Paper GroupHot SpringsARPaperMP
1940Arkansas Pipe & Scrap Matl CoEldoradoARScrap metalRI
1978Arkansas River Sand CoTulsaOKsandSLSF
1972Arkansas Waster Paper CoFt SmithARwaster paperSLSF
1950Arkell Safety Bag CoNewport NewsVAPaper prods pltC&O
1972Arkhoma Sand & Gravel CoFayettevilleARsand, limestone, bulk cementSLSF
1950Armco Drainage & Metal Prods CoAshlandKYSteel pltC&O
1966Armco Steel Corp RobinhoodWest JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Armco Stl CorpAshlandKYSteel pltC&O
1950ArmourHutchinsonKSPoultry - FrozenMP
1939Armour & CoAnnistonALmeatL&N
1940Armour & CoLittle RockARMeat prodRI
1939Armour & CoPensacolaFLmeatL&N
1950Armour & CoAtlantaGAmeat prod*AWP,ACL,CG,Ga,L&N,NCSL,SAL,Sou
1950Armour & CoTiftonGAmeat prod*ACL,Sou
1950Armour & CoLexingtonKYPHP whseC&O
1950Armour & CoPikevilleKYPHP whseC&O
1940Armour & CoAlexandriaLAMeat prodRI
1950Armour & CoCharlottesvilleVAPHP whse*C&O,Sou
1950Armour & CoLynchburgVAPHP whse*C&O,N&W,Sou
1950Armour & CoNewport NewsVAPHP whseC&O
1939Armour & CoNortonVAmeatL&N
1950Armour & CoRichmondVAPHP whseC&O
1942Armour & CoRoanokeVAPHPN&W
1950Armour & CoBeckleyWVPHP whse*C&O,Vgn
1950Armour & CoHuntingtonWVPHP whseC&O
1950Armour & CoLoganWVPHP whseC&O
1950Armour & CoMorgantownWVPHPB&O
1950Armour & CoSt JosephMOMeat dressed (branch plant)StJB
1956Armour & CoSt JosephMOAmmonia, cans, coal, fiberboardCB&Q
1956Armour & CoSt JosephMOSalt, sawdust, soda ash, sugarCB&Q
1956Armour & CoSt JosephMOBone meal, cd meats, greaseCB&Q
1956Armour & CoSt JosephMOHides, lard, meat, tallow, tankageCB&Q
1947Armour & CoSt LouisMOmeatTRRA
1940Armour & CoMcAlesterOKMeat prodRI
1950Armour & CoMemphisTNmeat prodvarious
1939Armour & CoNashvilleTNmeatL&N
1964Armour & Co (IBP 1967)EmporiaKSdressed meatATSF
1960Armour (opened 1904, closed 1962)Ft WorthTXmeat prodT&P
1940Armour CreameriesElk CityOKCreameryRI
1939Armour CreameriesLouisvilleKYcreameryL&N
1939Armour Creameries & Cheese FactoryCampbellsvilleKYcreameryL&N
1939Armour Fertilizer WorksBoylesALfertilizerL&N
1939Armour Fertilizer WorksMontgomeryALfertilizerL&N
1956Armour Fertilizer WorksKansas CityMOFertilizerCB&Q
1939Armour Fertilizer WorksMt PleasantTNmfr phosphate rockL&N
1939Armour Fertilizer WorksNashvilleTNsulphuric acid, fertzL&N
1942Armour Fertilizer Works IncMoney PtVAFertzN&PBL
1956ArmstrongPensacolaFLWood panelingSLSF
1956ArmstrongMaconGAWood panelingSou
1956ArmstrongMebaneNCPlastic pelletsSou
1939Armstrong Cork CoPensacolaFLinsulation fibreboardSLSF
1976Armstrong Cork CoArmstrongGAInsulating Fiberboard - packagedSou
1976Armstrong Cork CoArmstrongGApainted wallboardSou
1976Armstrong Cork CoArmstrongGABoards, buildingSou
1950Armstrong Prods CorpHuntingtonWVHH appl plt*C&O,B&O
1950Arnett J GRoyaltonKYGrocC&O
1950Arnett J GRoyaltonKYSawmillC&O
1941Arnold BernsPeabodyKSCoalATSF
1939Arnold N C & SonCullmanALmfr sash/doors/blindsL&N
1939Arnold N C & SonPhelanALsawmill & planing millL&N
1941Arnold Oil CoForrest CityARPetroleum productsRI
1939Arnold-Hamilton & DykesRichmondKYfruit/vegetables, whsl grocL&N
1947Arpe Metal WorksSt LouisMOsheet metalMP
1965Arrow Manufacturing Co Inc.Kansas CityMODry Cleaning PadsSLSF
1956Arrowhead Iron Works IncKansas CityMOSteel productsCB&Q
1965Artesian Ice & Cold Storage Co.St JosephMOCold StorageCGW-CB&Q-UT
1947Artistic Furniture CoSt LouisMOfurnitureMBT/WAB
1947Artophone CorpSt LouisMOhousehold appliancesWAB
1990Arturo Flores, Agent (Mexico)Eagle PassTXCotton seedSP
1956AsarcoGloverMOLead, zinc productsCB&Q
1956AsarcoSweetwaterMOLead concentratesCB&Q
1956AsarcoWest ForkMOLead concentratesCB&Q
1990AsarcoCoyTNZinc concentratesCSXT
1990AsarcoImmelTNZinc concentratesCSXT
1956AsarcoNew MarketTNZinc concentratesSou
1990AsarcoYoungTNZinc concentratesCSXT
1990AsarcoAmarilloTXZinc ingotsFW&D,AT&SF
1990AsarcoAmarilloTXCopper productsFW&D,AT&SF
1990AsarcoCorpus ChristiTXZinc ingotsMP
1990AsarcoEl PasoTXSulfuric acidSP
1978Ash Grove Lime & Cement CoSpringfieldMOlime bags, bulk, cement bags, bulkSLSF
1950Ashand Oil & Refining CoKenovaWVBulk gas & oilN&W
1956Ashland ChemicalNealWVMaleic anhydrideN&W
1956Ashland ChemicalCatlettsburgKYBenzene, cumene, MEB etherC&O
1956Ashland ChemicalCatlettsburgKYMethyl-tertiary-butyl etherC&O
1956Ashland ChemicalCatlettsburgKYNaptha, petr prods, xyleneC&O
1990Ashland ChemicalPlaquemineLAMethyl alcoholMP
1950Ashland Fdy & Mach WorksAshlandKYFdyC&O
1950Ashland Feed & Seed CoAshlandKYFeed, produce, hay, strawC&O
1950Ashland Fruit & Veg CoAshlandKYProduce dlrC&O
1950Ashland Groc CoAshlandKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Ashland Hatchery CoAshlandKYHatcheryC&O
1950Ashland Heating CoAshlandKYElec appl, heatingC&O
1950Ashland Home Tel CoMoreheadKYSupp yd*C&O,M&NF
1950Ashland Home Tel CoVanceburgKYSupp ydC&O
1950Ashland Home Telephone CoAshlandKYPole ydC&O
1950Ashland Monument CoAshlandKYMonument dlrC&O
1950Ashland Motors IncAshlandKYAuto dlrC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoAshlandKYPetr prodsC&O
1956Ashland Oil & Refining CoCatlettsburgKYClay catalystsC&O
1956Ashland Oil & Refining CoCatlettsburgKYAsphalt, av gas, fuel oil, gasolineC&O
1956Ashland Oil & Refining CoCatlettsburgKYKerosene, LPG, lube oilC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoCollinsKYOil refineryC&O
1939Ashland Oil & Refining CoCovingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoJenkinsKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoMt SterlingKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoSalt LickKYCrude oilC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoVan LearKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoBeckleyWVBulk gas & oil*C&O,Vgn
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoLoganWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Ashland Oil & Refining CoSpragueWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Ashland Oil & Refining Co River TerminalMaysvilleKYpetroleum productsC&O
1950Ashland Publishing CoAshlandKYPublishersC&O
1950Ashland Sanitary Milk CoAshlandKYDairyC&O
1950Ashland Scrap Matl CoAshlandKYScrap ydC&O
1965Asner Blocks & Building Materials Inc.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsMP
1950Asphalt Paving SvcRichmondVABlacktop plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1994Associated FreezerHoustonTXCheeseSP
1990Associated FreezerRichardsonTXFrozen chickensSP
1995Associated FreezersLa PorteTXButterSP
1947Associated Furniture Mfg CoSt LouisMOfurnitureIT
1990Associated GrocersArgentineKSGroceriesAT&SF
1965Associated Grocers Inc.Kansas CityMOGrocersUP
1939Associated Grocers of AlabamaBirminghamALwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Associated Grocery CoSt LouisMOwhlse grocersTRRA
1939Associated Ice & Fuel CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1965Associated Lumber & Millwork Co.Kansas CityMOMillworkSLSF
1990Associated Milk ProducersStephenvilleTXMilkAT&SF
1990Atchison County Grain GrowersAtchisonKSBarleyAT&SF
1939Atchison R E Lumber CoBessemerALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Athens Coal & Transfer CoAthensTNcoalL&N
1990Athens FurnitureAthensTNFurniture, bedsL&N
1939Athens Grain CoAthensALgrain/feed dealer, coalL&N
1939Athens Grain CoAthensALfeed millL&N
1939Athens Hosiery MillsAthensTNwoolen and worsted millSOU
1939Athens Ice & Coal CoAthensALcoalL&N
1939Athens Ice & Coal CoAthensALmfr iceL&N
1939Athens Oil CoAthensTNpetroleum productsL&N/SOU
1939Athens Planing MillAthensTNplaning millL&N
1939Athens Plow CoAthensTNfarm implementsL&N
1939Athens Stove WorksAthensTNmfr stovesL&N
1939Athens Warehouse CoAthensALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Atkins V B Grocery & Commission CoSelmaALgrain/feed dealer, whsl grocL&N
1965Atkinson Aluminum & Steel Co.Kansas CityMOSteel JobbersKCS
1939Atlanta Coal CoAtlantaGAcoalL&N
1939Atlanta Gas Light CoAtlantaGAgas stove dealer, refrigL&N
1976Atlanta IntercelOakland CityGAScrap PaperAWP
1939Atlanta Milling CoAtlantaGAfeed mill, flourL&N
1939Atlanta Paper CoAtlantaGApaper boxesL&N
1960Atlanta Steel Hoop CoAtlantaGASteel baling wire, rebar, fence posts, nailsL&N
1939Atlantic CoMontgomeryALmfr iceL&N
1939Atlantic CoAtlantaGAbeer distributor, ice refrigL&N
1950Atlantic CoNorfolkVAIce*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Atlantic CoNashvilleTNcold storage warehouseL&N
1950Atlantic Comm CoRichmondVAProduce broker*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Atlantic Comm CoHuntingtonWVProduce dlr*C&O,B&O
1939Atlantic Commission CoBirminghamALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Atlantic Commission CoAshlandKYProduce dlrC&O
1939Atlantic Commission CoSt LouisMOproduce brokersWAB
1939Atlantic Commission CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1990Atlantic CreosotingPort WentworthGATiesSou
1942Atlantic Furn Mfg CoNorfolkVAFurnN&W
1950Atlantic Greyound CoSpring HillWVFuel oilC&O
1942Atlantic Jute MillsNorfolkVASacking, burlap, twineN&W
1942Atlantic Refining CoAlbertaVAPetr prodSAL
1950Atlantic Refining CoLynchburgVABulk gas & oil*C&O,N&W,Sou
1950Atlantic Refining CoStauntonVABulk gas & oil*C&O,CW
1990Atlantic VeneerBeaufortNCVeneerBMC (ACL)
1990Atlantis PlasticsCarbondaleOKPlastic prodTSU
1990Atlas ChemicalAtlasMOAmmonium nitrateMP
1939Atlas Coal CoCapitoKYcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1950Atlas Coal CoNewportKYCoal yd*C&O,L&N
1950Atlas Concrete Prods CoMt SterlingKYCement block pltC&O
1965Atlas Equipment Co.Kansas CityMOMachineryMILW
1941Atlas Fuel CoLittle RockARCoalRI
1939Atlas Iron & Metal CoGadsdenALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1947Atlas Iron WorksSt LouisMOfabricatorsMBT
1956Atlas Paint & Glass Mfg CoKansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1950Atlas Powder CoAllenKYPowder magazineC&O
1950Atlas Powder CoCharlestonWVPowder magazine*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Atlas Powder CoRainelleWVExplosives magazine*C&O,NYC
1997Atlas RoofingDaingerfieldTXShinglesKCS
1941Atlas Supply CoMcPhersonKSoil well supply houseRI
1950Atlas Wine CoRichmondVABeer & wine distr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Atlumor Mfg CoKnoxvilleTNliving room furnitureL&N
1939Atmore Milling & Elevator CoAtmoreALgrain/feed dealer, seedSLSF
1939Atmore Milling & Elevator CoAtmoreALfeed mill, mol;assesSLSF, l&N
1962ATSF RyTopekaKSRy car castings or forgingsATSF
1939Audubon Furniture CoHendersonKYbedroom furnitureL&N/IC
1950Augco Feed CoWaynesboroVAFeed dlr*C&O,N&W
1950Augusta Coop Farm BureauStauntonVAFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,CW
1950Augusta Coop Farm BureauWaynesboroVAFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,N&W
1950Augusta Dairies IncStauntonVADairy*C&O,CW
1950Augusta Farm Supply CoAugustaKYImplt dlrC&O
1950Augusta Fruit & Produce CoStauntonVABeer distr, produce dlr*C&O,CW
1950Augusta Furn CoStauntonVAFurn dlr*C&O,CW
1950Augusta Motor CoAugustaKYAuto dlrC&O
1990Aunt Nellies Liberty BrandLatoniaKYFood prodL&N
1972Aurora Lumber CoAuroraMOgypsum board, plywood, lbrSLSF
1939Auter Jas CooperageLouisvilleKYmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1950Autin Packing Co.HoumaLAmeat prodSP
1956Automatic Sprinkler CoKansas CityMOSprinkler systemsCB&Q
1990Avco AerostructuresGlencliffTNAirplane partsSou
1950Avery J WProvidence ForgeVASawmillC&O
1947Avery O BHowardMOroad machineryMP
1950Avey Drilling Mach CoCovingtonKYMetal drilling mach pltC&O
1965Avon Products Inc.Kansas CityMOCosmeticsMP
1939Avondale MillsBirminghamALcotton millL&N
1939Avondale MillsSylacaugaALcotton spinning/weavingL&N
1939Avondale MillsSylacaugaALgrain/feed dealer, mfr boxes, cratesL&N/CofG
1939Avondale Mills Sycamore DeptSycamoreALcotton millL&N
1976Avoyelles Wholesale GrocerAlexandriaLAPancake Mix, Biscuit Mix and corn mealL&A
1976Avoyelles Wholesale GrocerAlexandriaLAFrozen fruits & vegsL&A
1976Avoyelles Wholesale GrocerAlexandriaLASugar refd pkgdL&A
1990Award FoodsDallasTXMixed foodsAT&SF
1947Axelson Mfg Co Ltd (Plant No 2)St LouisMOoil well suppliesMP
1941Axtell CoFort WorthTXHardwaresRI
1950Ayers Mineral CoLexingtonTNHeavy Molding SandNC&StL
1950Aylett Lbr CoHanoverVALbr ydC&O
1990Azrock Ind.San AntonioTXTile, brickSP
1995Azrock IndustriesHoustonTXLandscaping bricks, tileSP
1990Azteca MillingFurgusonTXCorn mealAT&SF
1990Azteca Milling CoPlainviewTXFlour, corn*AT&SF,FW&D
1990B & D PlasticsTroyALPlastic productsSou
1940B & F Chem CoOklahoma CityOKChemsRI
1965B & G Wrecking & Supply Co.Kansas CityMOSalvage MaterialKCS
1941B & O Cash StoreTempleOKPetroleum products, grain, feedRI
1939B B S Grocery CoGadsdenALwhlse sugar dealerL&N
1950B CoHintonWVBeer distrC&O
1990B F Goodrich ChemicalStrangTXPlastic pelletsSP
1956B F Goodrich ChemicalDeer ParkTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990B Hills ForwardingEl PasoTXBoraxSP
1950B I C C CableJones MillARElec cableRI
1941B S & M Coal CoHaileyvilleOKCoal (15 tons daily)RI
1956B&J Paper CoKansas CityMOPaper productsCB&Q
1941Babb Oil CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsMKT
1950Babcock Coal & Coke CoSewellWVBeehive coke pltC&O
1976Bacar Sales c/o Hasman & Baxter WhseMiamiFLPaper towelsFEC
1976Backer Le Jeune Inc % Kelly Weber & CoLake CharlesLAFoodstuffsKCS
1941Badger Lumber CoHerringtonKSPaints, coalMP
1941Badger Lumber CoMarionKSCoalATSF
1965Badger Lumber Co IncKansas CityMOLumberK&MR&T
1950Bagby Lbr CoHitchensKYBldrs suppC&O
1939Bailey A Z Grocery CoDecaturALwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1939Bailey Box CoMobileALmfr box/cratesL&N
1939Bailey Coal CoBessemerALcoalL&N
1941Bailey Mfg CoOklahoma CityOKVinegarRI
1940Bain Peanut CoChicoTXPeanutsRI
1947Baird & Maguire IncBadenMOdisinfectantsWAB
1950Bakelite Div Union Carbide & Carbon CorpS CharlestonWVChem pltC&O
1990Baker FurnitureAndrewsNCFurnitureSou
1997Baker Hughes InternationalLake CharlesLABariteSP
1976Baker ManufactoringPinevilleLAParticleboardL&A
1947Baker Reilly J Oil CoSt LouisMOindustrial oilsWAB
1956Baldor Electric CoKansas CityMOMotors & generatorsCB&Q
1947Baldwin Coal & Coke CoSt LouisMOcoal/cokeMP
1947Baldwin Gas Products CoSt LouisMOgasolineSLSF,RI
1939Baldwin Pope Marketing CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Baldwin-EcholsBalcony FallsVACoal ydC&O
1950Balentine CoGreenvilleSCmeat prod*ACL,P&N,Sou
1950Ball Lbr CoHintonWVSawmillC&O
1950Ballantine P & CoNewport NewsVABeer distrC&O
1950Ballard & BallardNorfolkVAFlour*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1950Ballard & BallardManWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Ballard & Ballard CoKnoxvilleTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Ballard & Ballard CoNashvilleTNflour millL&N
1972Ballentine Produce CoVan BurenARproduceSLSF
1939Balsano Fruit & Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Baltz Brothers Packing CoNashvilleTNmeat prodL&N
1939Bama CoMontgomeryALfoundryL&N
1939Banana Supply CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1941Banfield Bros Packing CoEnidOKFertilizerRI
1947Bank Building & Equipment Corp of AmericaSt LouisMObank building & equipmentManRy
1947Banke-Baer Extract & Preserving CoSt LouisMOextracts & preservativesMP
1941Banner Co-op Elevator AsssociationBannerOKCoalRI
1947Banner Iron WorksSt LouisMOiron worksMP
1947Banner Sand & Hauling CoSt LouisMOsand & haulingMP
1953Banner Splashdam Coal Co Open Fork MineNoraVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1939Bannon W PLouisvilleKYwall plasterL&N
1965Banquet Canning Co.St JosephMOPoultry ProcessorsCGW
1978Banta Fruit CoSpringfieldMOproduceSLSF
1942Baptist Orphanage of VaSalemVACoalN&W
1981Bar-S Foods (formerly Cudahy Packing)AltusOKfranks, luncheon meats, sausage*ATSF,SLSF,MKT
1981Bar-S Foods (formerly Cudahy Packing)ClintonOKfranks, luncheon meats, sausage*ATSF,RI,SLSF,ATSF
1981Bar-S Foods (formerly Cudahy Pkg)LawtonOKfranks, luncheon meats, sausage*RI,SLSF
1965Barada & Page Inc.Kansas CityMOHeavy ChemicalsMP
1965Barber Medicine Co.Kansas CityMOStock RemediesRI
1950Barboursville Coal CoBarboursvilleWVCoal ydC&O
1950Barc Elec CoopMillboroVASupp ydC&O
1950Bardenheier John WineSt LouisMOWineWAB
1947Bardenheier John Wine & Liquor CoSt LouisMOwhlse liquorsWAB
1950Bardstown FarmsBardstownKYmeat prodL&N
1941Bareco Oil CoNewportARPetroleum productsRI
1941Bareco Oil CoWichitaKSRefineryRI
1939Barge Oil CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1950Barger BrosBuchananVACoal ydC&O
1950Barger Produce CoLoganWVProduce dlrC&O
1950Barium Reduction CorpS CharlestonWVChem pltC&O
1939Barker R M Tobacco CoCarrolltonKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plantL&N
1990Barlett CoopBarlettKSWheatAT&SF
1939Barnes & Cavis Lumber CoGulfportMSplaning millIC
1947Barnes HospitalSt LouisMOhospitalWAB
1950Barnes Lbr CoCharlottesvilleVASaw & planing millC&O
1950Barnes Lbr CoChristianVASaw & planing millC&O
1956Barnes Mfg Co IncKansas CityMOLawn mowersCB&Q
1950Barnes S WCrozetVASawmillC&O
1950Barnes S WOrangeVASawmill*C&O,Sou
1939Barnett Lumber CoBirminghamALmfr sash/doors, planing millL&N
1970Barnett Seed & Feed CoShermanTXbagged animal feed, seedSLSF
1941Barnsdoll Oil CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1941Barnsdoll Oil CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1980Baroid Oil Field Services (1980)MonroeLABariteA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1990Barrackville MineBarrackvilleVACoalB&O
1942Barrett CoRoanokeVAAsphalt, tarN&W
1950Barrett Div Allied Chem & Dye CorpAshlandKYCoal tar pltC&O
1970Barrett Div Allied Chem CoCamdenARRoofing matlsSSW
1939Barrett Oil CoRussellvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Barrow T M Coal & Contract CoOwensboroKYcoalIC
1939Barry Commission CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1947Barry-Wehmiller Machinery CoSt LouisMOmachineryMBT
1990Bartel & Shore ChemKansas CityMOChemsKCT*
1965Bartlett & Co Grain River-Rail ElevKansas CityMOGrainUP
1965Bartlett & Co.St JosephMOGrainUT
1956Bartlett Coop AssnBartlettKSBarleyMP
1990Bartlett MillingCoffeyvilleKSBarleyMKT
1952Bartlick Mining Co Lonesome Branch MineVirelcoVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1965Barto Grain & Coal Co.Kansas CityMOCoal-FeedKCS
1939Barton Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr shoe polishMBT
1939Barytes Mining CoCartersvilleGAbarytesL&N
1990BASFTheodoreALPlastic pellets, resinsTASD
1990BASFGeismarLAPolypropylene glycol, anilineIC
1990BASFFreeportTXPlastic pellets, resinsMP
1990BASFFreeportTX2-ethylhexanol, butyl acrylate, alcoholMP
1990BASF CorpBoyceTNLatex rubberCNO&TP
1995BASF CorpTexas CityTXWeed killer, chemSP
1990BASF CorpGeismarLAUrethane polyolIC
1947Basic Chemical CoSt LouisMOindustrial chemicalsMP
1947Basic Scrap Metals CorpSt LouisMOscrap metalsStLTrfRy
1950Basic-Witz Furn Ind IncStauntonVAFurn & fixture factory*C&O,CW
1950Basic-Witz Furn Ind IncWaynesboroVAFurn factoryC&O,N&W
1990Basile Rice DryerBasileLARiceMP
1947Baskowitz Robt CoSt LouisMOnew & used bottlesManRy
1939Bass & CoClarksvilleTNplumbing suppliesL&N
1939Bass & CoClarksvilleTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1976Bassett Furniture Ind IncBassettWVFurnitureN&W
1976Bassett Furniture IndsBassettVAFurniture, WoodenN&W
1941Batchelor Oil CoJeffersonOKCoalRI
1950Bath Wood Prods CoPrestonKYWood pallets factoryC&O
1990Batliner Waste PaperKansas CityMOPaper, wasteKCT*
1939Batson Grocery CoSylacaugaALsugarL&N
1942Battaglia Produce CoNorfolkVAProduceN&W
1965Battenfeld Grease & Oil CorpKansas CityMOGrease-OilMKT-StLSF
1969Battenfeld Grease & Oil CorpKansas CityMOoilSLSF,MKT
1950Battetown Fruit CoStauntonVADried apple shipper*C&O,CW
1956Bauer Barge Co. (Export Elevator)HoustonTXGrainFW&D
1939Bauer Bros Commission CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Baughman Milling CoStanfordKYfertilizerL&N
1939Baughman Milling CoStanfordKYfeed mill, grainL&N
1950Baum & AdlerKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1950Bavarian Brewing CoCovingtonKYBreweryC&O
1939Baxley Feed CoSylacaugaALgrain/feed dealerCofG
1972Baxter Lumber CoNeodeshaKSlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1960Baxter Travenol LaboratoriesN CoveNCMedical supplies, glucoseCC&O
1939Bay Mill CoBay MinetteALsawmillL&N
1941Bay Refining CorpMcPhersonKSRefineryRI
1956Bay State Milling CoLeavenworthKSWheatCB&Q
1956Bay State Milling CoLeavenworthKSFlourCB&Q
1965Bay State Milling Co.LeavenworthKSFlour MillCB&Q
1996BayerEldonTXToluene diisocyanateSP
1956Bayer Corp.New MartinsvilleWVAniline, pigmentsB&O
1990Bayer Ind.BaytownTXChlorineSP
1995Bayou Pipe CoatingNew IberiaLAPipeSP
1990Bayou Pipe CoatingNew IberiaLASteel pipeSP
1990Bayou Pipe CoatingPort of New IberiaLAPipeSP
1990Bayou Pipe CoatingPort of New IberiaLAPipe, coatedSP
1990Bayside Grain Elevator (Export Elevator)ReserveLAGrainKCS
1939Beach Coal CoClarksvilleTNcoalL&N
1939Beach W E & SonsClarksvilleTNfertilizerL&N
1941Beall C E Hide CoDodge CityKSHides/pelts/wool/greaseRI
1939Beam Geo L StockyardsMemphisTNlivestock dealerL&N
1956Beam James B Distilling CoFrankfortKYWhisky*C&O,L&N
1939Beam Jas B Distilling CoClermontKYdistilleryL&N
1960Beaman Lumber CoMarionNCLumberCC&O
1976Bean W R & Son IncFulcoGAPaper printingSCL
1939Bear Brand Hosiery CoHendersonKYcotton millL&N/IC
1970Bear Brand Roofing CoBeardenARRoofing matlSSW
1956Bear Is Paper CoAshlandVAPaperRF&P,C&O
1939Bear Lumber CoMontgomeryALpaint/oil/varnishL&N
1990Beardsley Equity CoopBeardsleyKSWheatCB&Q
1939Beare Ice & Coal CoHumboldtTNcoalL&N
1939Beare Ice & Coal CoHumboldtTNmfr iceL&N
1939Beare Ice & Coal CoMilanTNcoalL&N
1939Beare Ice & Coal CoMilanTNmfr iceL&N
1939Beasley Produce CoAthensALgrain/feed dealer, seedL&N
1940Beatrice Creamery CoOklahoma CityOKCreameryRI
1942Beatrice Creamery CoNorfolkVACreameryC&O
1950Beatrice Creamery CoRichmondVAButter, cheese & egg dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1965Beatrice Foods Co.St JosephMOCreameryCGW
1939Beatrice Lumber CoBeatriceALplaning millL&N
1990Beattie Farmers Union CoopFrankfortKSBarleyUP
1955Beatty CoalKansas CityMOFuel Oil, coalKCT
1956Beatty Grocery CoSt JosephMOCd fruit, cd gds, cd juices, cd meatsCB&Q
1956Beatty Grocery CoSt JosephMOCd veg, cereal, flour, fruit, milkCB&Q
1956Beatty Grocery CoSt JosephMOGroc, mxd fds, salt, sugarCB&Q
1950Beatty J WLexingtonVAFeed, seedC&O
1950Beaumont GlassMorgantownWVGlassB&O
1950Beaver Block CoGlen MorganWVCement block pltC&O
1950Beaver Lbr & Supply CoMartinKYBldrs suppC&O
1950Becher J B & Son IncRonceverteWVSawmillC&O
1947Beck & Corbitt Iron CoSt LouisMOwhlse iron & steelMBT
1947Beck Casket CoSt LouisMOcasketsMP
1950Beck's City Bakery IncNewport NewsVABakeryC&O
1965Becker Iron Metal Co.St JosephMOJunkCGW
1990Becker Sand & GravelLillingtonNCSand, stonoeSou
1990Becker Sand & GravelBennetsvilleSCSand, stonoeACL
1956Becker Sand & GravelCashSCSand, stonoeACL
1941Beckers Petroleum CoStuttgartARPetroleum products, grain, feedRI
1950Beckley Bldg Supply CoMabscottWVCement brick pltC&O
1950Beckley Distr CoBeckleyWVBeer distr*C&O,Vgn
1950Beckley Feed & Supply CoBeckleyWVFeed, flour, seed, hay*C&O,Vgn
1950Beckley Hdw & Supply CoBeckleyWVHdw*C&O,Vgn
1950Beckley Ice & Feed CoBeckleyWVFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,Vgn
1950Beckley Ice & Feed CoMabscottWVBeer distrC&O
1976Beckley MagnetiteRaleighWVMagnetite Iron OreCO
1950Beckley Motor CoBeckleyWVAuto dlr*C&O,Vgn
1950Beckley Newspapers CorpBeckleyWVNewspaper*C&O,Vgn
1947Beckman BrosOlivetteMObldg materialsRI
1947Beckman BrosClaytonMOfeedsRI
1950Beckner Clyde W IncCharlestonWVMachy dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Beckstoffer Lbr CoRichmondVABldrs supp*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Bedford & Tuttle Coal CoWinchesterKYCoal yd*C&O,L&N
1941Bedford Oil CoAlvaOKPetroleum productsATSF
1950Bedford Timber & Land CoDillwynVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1939Bedford-Nugent Sand & Gravel CoHendersonKYsand/gravelL&N
1966Beech Knob Coal Co Beech KnobClearcoWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1947Beehler Steel Products CoEdenMOsteelWAB
1990Beker Ind.TaftLAMolten sulfurMP
1950Belcher S S CoHintonWVScrap ydC&O
1956Belger Warehouse IncKansas CityMOFAKCB&Q
1956Belger Warehouse IncKansas CityMOFAKCB&Q
1939Belknap Hardware & Mfg CoLouisvilleKYelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1939Belknap Hardware & Mfg CoLouisvilleKYfarm implements, plbg suppL&N
1939Belknap Hardware & Mfg CoLouisvilleKYwhlse hardware, stoves, auto partsL&N
1939Bell County Lumber CoMiddlesboroKYsawmillL&N/SOU
1950Bell Creek Farm Supply CoDixieWVFeed dlrC&O
1965Bell D. B & Son Inc.Kansas CityMOGolf Course EquipmentKCPS
1947Bell Fuel & Material CoMaplewoodMOfuel & materialStLB&T
1939Bell Grocery CoBaxterKYgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, sugarL&N
1939Bell J WParisKYfertilizerL&N
1947Bell M A & CoSt LouisMOcastingsManRy
1939Bell Mfg CoRiver JctFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Bells Coal CoBellsTNcoalL&N
1939Bells Light & Water CoBellsTNelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1939Bells Light & Water CoBellsTNcotton broker/dealerL&N
1966Bellwood Coal Co BellwoodBellwoodWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1950Belmont Trap Rock CoStauntonVAStone slate & slag*C&O,CW
1960Belton Concrete CoBeltonMOsand, cement, limestone, limeSLSF
1960Belton Grain CoBeltonMOcorn, wheat, soybeansSLSF
1960Belton Grain CoBeltonMObulk fertilizerSLSF
1960Belton Lumber CoBeltonMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1966Belva Coal Co Belva 2Rum JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990Belvieu Environmental FuelsMont BelvieuTXMethyl-tertiary-butyl ether, propylene xideMP
1940Bemberg & SonsLittle RockARIron fdyRI
1939Bemis Bros Bag CoMemphisTNbagsL&N
1942Bemis Bros Bag CoNorfolkVABagsN&W
1947Bemis Bros Bag Co (New Bag Dept)St LouisMObagsManRy
1947Bemis Bros Bag Co (Paper Bag Specialty Div)St LouisMObagsMP
1947Bemis Bros Bag Co (Used Bag Dept)St LouisMObagsMP
1947Bemis Bros Bag Co (Visinet Mill)St LouisMObagsManRy
1950Bemis Eqt CoRichmondVAContr eqt dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Ben-Hur Erection CoSt LouisMOsteel fabricatorL&N,MBT
1940Benedict Coal CorpSt CharlesVACoal, bituminousL&N
1939Benedict Coal Corp Benedict & Virglow MinesBenedictVAcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1965Bennett-Rogers Pipe Coating Inc.Kansas CityMOPipe WrappersUP
1941Benoit Hall Lumber CoJonesboroLASaw/planing millRI
1941Benson Bros Lumber CoEldonMOLumber, coalMP
1960Benson Lumber CoBeltonMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1965Benson Manufacturing CompanyKansas CityMOAluminum ProductsKCT-MP
1950Benson-Phillips CoNewport NewsVACoal, bldrs supp, cement pltC&O
1950Benthall BrosPhoebusVABldrs supp, grocC&O
1950Bently & ChristyGarrisonKYCoal ydC&O
1950Bently BrosGarrisonKYFertzC&O
1970Benton Casket Mfg CoFordyceARCasketsSSW
1941Benton Hardware CoFordyceARFarm implementsRI
1941Benyon-O'Keefe Fireproof Storage CoFort WorthTXpublic warehouseRI
1947Benz JosSt LouisMOcoal/cokeMP
1939Berger Coal Mining Co Wilbar MineWilbarKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1956Berger Foods CoSt LouisMOBottle caps, glass bottlesCB&Q
1956Berger Foods CoSt LouisMOCanned goods, picklesCB&Q
1955Berghauser Hardware Co.FultonMOAppl, wire, hdw, paint, roofing, seedGM&O
1965Bergman Coal & Material Co.LeavenworthKSCoalCGW
1960Bergner Bowman Matthews LbrBolivarMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972Bergner Bowman Matthews LbrLebanonMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972Bergner Bowman Matthews LbrMarshfieldMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972Bergner Bowman Matthews LbrMt VernonMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1942Berkley Mach Works & Fdy Co IncBerkleyVAFdy, machyNS (old)
1976Berkline CorpMorristownTNUpholstered furnitureSou
1939Berman Bros Iron & Metal Co IncBirminghamALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1965Bermingham & Prosser Co.Kansas CityMOPaperKCS
1941Bernice Implement CoBerniceLAFarm implementsRI
1940Bernice Mill CoBerniceLASaw, planing millRI
1939Bernstein Neiman CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Berol Pen CoWaynesboroVAPen & pencil plt*C&O,N&W
1970Berry Asphalt Ref CoStephensARAsphalt, heavySSW
1941Berry Dry Goods CoLittle RockARtoys/notions/linoleum whsl, clothingRI
1947Berry Tractor & Equipment CoSt LouisMOtractorsMP
1939Bertolla & SonsLoxleyALseed dealer, fertz, fruit, vegL&N
1939Bertolla & SonsLoxleyALpotatoes/cucumbers/corn/soybeans/cottonL&N
1939Bertolla L & SonsRobertsdaleALpotatoes/cucumbers/corn/cane/oranges/truck vegetablesL&N
1950Bertram J CKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1950Bertram J FVanceburgKYFlour, feed & seed dlr, auto dlrC&O
1990Besse Forest ProdSpartaTNPulpwoodNC&StL
1939Bessemer Coal Iron & Land CoBelle EllenALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Bessemer Galvanizing CoBessemerALgalvanized steel workL&N
1939Bessemer Grain & Grocery CoBessemerALgrain/feed dealer, whsl grocL&N
1939Bessemer Ice & Coal CoBessemerALmfr iceL&N
1950Bessire & CoRichmondVABakers' eqt dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1942Best Foods IncNorfolkVAGrocN&W
1955Bestway Moving & StorageSpringfieldMOwhseSLSF
1941Bethlehem International Supply CoWewokaOKoil well supply houseRI
1990Bethlehem MinesBuckannonWVCoalB&O
1947Bettendorf Select Foods IncMaplewoodMOgrocer suppliesStLB&T
1976Better Business FormsPinellas ParkFLprinting paperACL
1950Bettis H CoCharlestonWVBarrel plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1965Beverly Lumber Co.BeverlyMOLumberCB&Q
1950Bickett L Z CoWinchesterKYTruck & farm implt dlr*C&O,L&N
1950Bickford J VHamptonVACoal, bldrs suppC&O
1947Biddle CoSt LouisMOpaintMP
1947Biederman Furniture CoSt LouisMOretail furnitureMBT
1972Biederman's Furniture CoRollaMOfurnitureSLSF
1947Bierman F & Sons Metal & Rubber CoSt LouisMOscrap metalsIT
1952Big Banner Coal Co Banner MineTrammelVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1941Big Bend Quarry CoSt LouisMOstone/crushed stoneTRRA
1947Big Bend Quarry CoSt Louis CtyMOcrushed stoneMP
1966Big Creek MinesPecks MillWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990Big E IndustriesAmarilloTXSoybean oil, coconut oilFW&D
1941Big Four Gas CoWilburtonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Big Four Ice CoOklahoma CityOKfrozen foodRI
1966Big Mountain Coals Inc Prenter 5SethWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1941Big Rock Construction CoLittle RockARsand/gravelMP
1950Big Run Coal & Clay CoPrincessKYBrick & tile kilnC&O
1950Big Sandy Cinder Block CoPaintsvilleKYCinder block pltC&O
1950Big Sandy Hdw CoPaintsvilleKYHdwC&O
1950Big Sandy Livestock CoPaintsvilleKYLivestock shipperC&O
1950Big Sandy Petroleum CoPaintsvilleKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Big Sandy Whsl CoPikevilleKYWhsl grocC&O
1960Bigbee Sand & Gravel CoBigbeeMSAggregatesSLSF
1965Bigelow Rugs & CarpetsKansas CityMOHome FurnishingsKCT
1950Biggs Motor CoGreenupKYAuto dlrC&O
1956Biles N D & CoSt JosephMOLumberCB&Q
1946Bill's Oil YardRaymondaleLAPetr prodDL*
1941Billups Oil CoAlexandriaLAPetroleum productsRI
1939Binder & Spiggle Coal CoAtlantaGAcoalL&N
1939Bingham Transfer CoPensacolaFLpublic warehouseL&N
1947Binz Hide & Tallow CoSt LouisMOhides & tallowManRy
1950Birch Distrib IncAshlandKYHH applC&O
1950Birchall-Hammer Lbr CoBeaver DamVASawmillC&O
1939Birchfield Cowan CoMontgomeryALplumbing suppliesL&N
1939Bird & SonMemphisTNroofing warehouseL&N
1942Birdsong Stg CoSuffolkVAPeanutsACL,Vgn
1939Birmingham Packing CoGadsdenALmeatL&N
1939Birmingham Rail & Locomotive CoBirminghamALmachinery dealerL&N
1939Birmingham Slag CoBirminghamALready mixed concreteL&N
1939Birmingham Slag CoBirminghamALsilica sand, slag, brick & tile, paving matlL&N
1939Birmingham Slag CoEnsleyALmfr brickL&N
1939Birmingham Tank CoBirminghamALfabricated structural steel, galv sheetsL&N
1939Birmingham Tank CoBirminghamALplate work & tanksL&N
1950Bischoff Sons CoCullodenVAGlass prods pltC&O
1950Bishoff Distr CoRichmondVABeer, wine distr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1956Bishop Furniture CoKansas CityMOFurnitureCB&Q
1990Bit By Bit ComputersGarden CityKSComputersMP
1947Bitucote Products CoSt LouisMOasphaltsMP/SLSF
1939Bituminous Materials CoLouisvilleKYroad materialsL&N
1941Blacha & DejmalMundenKSGrain/feedRI
1966Black Band Coal Co OlcottBrounlandWVCoal, metallurgicalKlys Crk (C&O)
1939Black Creek Coal & Coke CoThermalALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Black Creek Coal & Coke Co Thermal MineTraffordALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Black Creek Coal CoThermalALfire clay pitL&N
1939Black Diamond Coal Mining CoBloctonALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Black Diamond Coal Mining CoJohnsALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Black Diamond Coal Mining CoDrakesboroKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1950Black Diamond Fruit & Produce CoHuntingtonWVProduce dlrC&O,B&O
1950Black F H & SonDanvilleWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Black Mountain Corp Mine No 30KenvoirKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Black Mountain Corp Mine No 31KenvoirKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Black Seal Mfg CoNashvilleTNroofersL&N
1939Black Sivalls & Bryson IncHendersonKYoil well suppliesL&N
1965Black Sivalls & Bryson Inc.Kansas CityMOSteel TanksKCS
1939Blackburn Coal CoFranklinTNcoalL&N
1965Blacker Milling & Grain Co.Kansas CityMOGrain-FeedKCS
1939Blackman BrosTalladegaALcoalL&N
1939Blackman BrosTalladegaALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1941Blackman BrosForsytheKSfruits/vegetables, groc, sugarRI
1947Blackmer & Post Pipe CoSt LouisMOpipeMP
1972Blackmon Whsl Groc CoPensacolaFLfoodSLSF
1939Blackstone Hardwood CoBarbourvilleKYsawmillL&N
1990Blacksville MineBlacksvilleWVCoalMonong
1990Blacksville MineWanaWVCoalMonong
1951Blackwell H EInmanSCPeachesSou
1941Blackwell Mill & Elevator CoOkeeneOKfeedRI
1950Blackwood Coal & Coke CoPardeeVACoal, bituminousInt
1940Blaine County ElevGearyOKGrainRI
1941Blaine County ElevatorGearyOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1939Blair Distilling CoSt FrancisKYdistilleryL&N
1940Blair Milling CoAtchisonKSFlourRI
1950Blake A TScottsvilleVAStave millC&O
1940Blakemore Bros Packing PlantForsytheKSMeat prodRI
1950Blalock Fruit & Produce CoRichmondVAProduce DlrSou
1972Blankenship Fertilizer CoMarshfieldMOfertilizerSLSF
1947Blanton CoSt LouisMOBoxesCB&Q/IT
1947Blanton CoSt LouisMOMargarineCB&Q/IT
1939Blanton J B CoFrankfortKYbldg suppliesL&N
1939Blanton Stone CoFrankfortKYsand/gravel, bldg stoneL&N
1950Bldrs Matl CoCharlestonWVLbr ydC&O
1950Bldrs Supply CooLouisaKYBldrs suppC&O
1950Blenko Glass CoMiltonWVGlass prods pltC&O
1939Block Louis Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Blocton Mining CoBloctonALcoal tons/dayL&N
1980Blossman Gas CoElizabethtonTNLPGET&WNC
1950Blossom Dairy CoCharlestonWVDairy*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Blount Grocery CoLewisburgTNsugarSOU
1939Blount Grocery CoMaryvilleTNwhlse groceriesSOU
1950Bloxom BrosNewport NewsVAProduce dlrC&O
1939Blue Bell Globe Mfg CoMiddlesboroKYclothing warehouseL&N/SOU
1940Blue Bonnet Packing CoFt WorthTXMeat prodRI
1939Blue Diamond Coal Co Bonny Blue MineBonny BlueVAcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1939Blue Diamond Coal Co Mayflower MineBonny BlueVAcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1952Blue Diamond Coal Co Toms Creek MineNoraVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Blue Diamond MiningLeatherwoodKYCoal, bituminousC&O
1976Blue Glass Liquor CoAlexandriaLAAlcoholic LiquiorsL&A
1940Blue Grass Coal CoMorganfieldKYCoal, bituminousL&N
1950Blue Grass Cooperage CoKenovaWVStave mill*C&O,B&O,N&W
1939Blue Grass Feed CoLexingtonKYgrain/feed dealer, fertzL&N
1939Blue Grass Feed CoLexingtonKYfeed millL&N
1939Blue Grass Tobacco CoMt PleasantTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1950Blue Jay Mfg CoHuntingtonWVTextile plt*C&O,B&O
1950Blue Plate Foods IncRichmondVAPeanut butter, salad dressing mfr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Blue Ribbon Packing CoHoustonTXmeat prod*RI,FW&D,MKT,MP,SP
1950Blue Ridge Carpet Div James Lees & Sons CoGlasgowVACarpetingC&O
1953Blue Ridge Glass CoKingsportTNGlassCC&O
1950Blue Ridge Groc CoWaynesboroVAWhsl grocN&W
1950Blue Ridge Motor Sales CoLexingtonVAAuto dlrC&O
1942Blue Ridge Rayon MillsAltavistaVATextilesVgn
1950Blue Ridge Slate CoEsmontVAStone, slate, slagC&O
1950Blue Ridge Slate CorpBremoVASlate mineC&O
1950Blue Ridge Stg CoStauntonVACold stg plt*C&O,CW
1942Blue Ridge Stone CoRoanokeVACrushed stoneN&W
1990Blue Ridge Stone Co.Blue RidgeVAStoneN&W
1990Blue Ridge Talc Co.HenryVATalcSou
1990Blue Stone GrainEagle RockVAGrainC&O
1978Bluebonnet FoodsSpringfieldMOcanned vegetablesMP
1950Bluefield Groc CoMabscottWVWhsl grocC&O
1950Bluestone Distr CoHintonWVBeer distrC&O
1946Blum Lumber CoGiniaLALumberDL*
1939Blumberg Iron & Metal CoBaxterKYjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1950Blumfield Hay & Grain CoLexingtonKYFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1947Blumoff Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMBT
1995BMWSpartanburgSCautos BMW Z4 coupe, roadster, X5Sou
1965Board of Public Utilities Kansas City Kan.Kansas CityMOPoles-WireK&MR&T-KCS-MP-UP
1950Boaz Wm H & CoCharlottesvilleVAApples, peaches shipper*C&O,Sou
1950Bob White Packing CoBowling GreenKYmeat prodL&N
1990Boc GasesArroyoWVInd gassesPRR
1950Bockway & Theurer IncHuntingtonWVPlbg supp dlr*C&O,B&O
1950Bodeker Drug CoRichmondVAWhsl drugs*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1947Boeckler Lumber CoEdenMOlumberWAB
1941Boeckler Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1990Boettcher EnterprisesCourtlandKSFertilizerAT&SF
1939Boillin-Harrison CoClarksvilleTNgrain/feed dealer, fruit, vegL&N
1939Boillin-Harrison CoClarksvilleTNwhlse molasses/syrup/sugar dealerL&N
1939Boillin-Harrison CoClarksvilleTNmeatL&N
1990Boise CascadeJacksonALLumber, paper, pulpboardSou
1990Boise CascadeBoise SouthernLAFiberboard, newsprintAT&SF
1990Boise CascadeFisherLALumberKCS
1990Boise CascadeFlorienLAPlywood, veneerKCS
1976Boise Cascade Raygold DivBerryvilleVAPulpboard corr nlt 80% waste paperN&W
1947Boland J V Constr CoSt LouisMOcontractorMP
1947Bolch CarlCarondeletMOgas/oilsMP
1956Boliden IntlCopperhillTNFerric sulfateL&N
1965Boling Office Supply Co.Kansas CityMOOffice SuppliesKCT
1960Bolivar Farmers ExchangeBolivarMOsoybeans, cornSLSF
1978Bolivar Insulation CoSpringfieldMOinsulationSLSF
1947Boltons West Side Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMP
1947Bolzeo C Dredging CoSt LouisMOdredgingMP
1942Bond Bread BakeryNorfolkVABakery suppliesN&W
1939Bond BrosHendersonKYlumberL&N
1939Bond Sanders Paper CoNashvilleTNpaper dealerL&N
1939Bond-Woolf & CoAlcoaTNsawmill & planing millL&N
1947Bonded Hilo Oil CoSt LouisMOdredgingMP
1950Bone Cty Farm SvcDanvilleWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Bone Dry Fertz CoRichmondVAFertz plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Bonham C K & SonBeckleyWVCoal yd*C&O,Vgn
1939Bonifay Heading CoBonifayFLmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1950Bonita Glass CoHuntingtonWVGlass prods plt*C&O,B&O
1990Bonus Crop FertilizerAllenhurstTXFertilizerMP
1950Bonwell & PhillipsMorrisonVACoal ydC&O
1939Boone BrosBardstownKYlumber/bldg suppliesL&N
1966Boone County Coal Corp Boone 2ClothierWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1971Boone Distr CoJohnson CityTNBeerCC&O
1950Boone Lbr CoMadisonWVBldrs suppC&O
1950Boone Motor CoJenkinsKYAuto dlrC&O
1978Booster Feed MillTulsaOKmolasses, corn syrup, corn, oatsSLSF
1978Booster Feed MillTulsaOKanimal feed bags, bulkSLSF
1939Booth Cold Storage CoSt LouisMOcold storage warehouseStLTrfRy,TRRA
1939Booth T M & SonPulaskiTNpoultry/eggsL&N
1939Boothton MineBoothtonALcoal tons/daySOU
1939Boozer Lumber CoAnnistonALsawmill & planing millL&N
1976Borden Chem Div Borden IncRiver TerminalNCFormaldehyde, liquid 50-0%A&R
1956Borden ChemicalLouisvilleKYResins*B&O,C&O,L&N,Mon
1990Borden ChemicalGeismarLAPlastic pelletsIC
1950Borden CoHuntingtonWVDairy*C&O,B&O
1939Borden CoLewisburgTNbaby foodNC&StL
1939Borden CoLewisburgTNcanned milkL&N
1960Borden IncBlythewoodSCPaper productsSou
1953Borden MillsKingsportTNCotton clothCC&O
1950Borden Sales CoNorfolkVAMilk*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Borders Grocery CoElizabethtownKYwhlse groceries, sugarIC
1976Boren Clay Prods. Co.Pleasant GardenNCbrickSou
1990Borg-Warner ChemicalPt BienvilleMSPlastic pelletsCSXT
1965Borings's Jack Kansas City Appliance Co.Kansas CityMOAppliances householdMP
1950Borne CoCovingtonKYStl pltC&O
1950Bosobel Granite QuuarriesSabotVAStone quarryC&O
1939Bouchard Jno & SonsNashvilleTNfoundryL&N
1960Bourbon Rolling MillsBourbonMOfuel oilSLSF
1939Bourbon Stock Yard CoLouisvilleKYlivestockL&N
1939Bourgen Lumber CoParisKYsawmillL&N
1950Boush Ice & Cold Stg CoNorfolkVACold stg plt*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1990BowaterCoosa PinesALNewsprint*ACL,CofG,Sou
1990Bowater LumberAlbertvilleALLumberNC&StL
1956Bowater PaperCatawbaSCKaolinSAL
1956Bowater PaperCatawbaSCNewsprint, paper, woodpulpSAL
1990Bowater Southern PaperCalhounTNPaper wasteSou
1990Bowater Southern PaperCalhounTNNewsprint, paperSou
1950Bowers BrosRichmondVACoffee roasters*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Bowles & Spicer Lbr CoMineralVASaw & planing millC&O
1939Bowles E B CoKnoxvilleTNfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Bowling G WCatlettsburgKYFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Bowling Green Livestock Auction Market IncBowling GreenKYlivestockL&N
1939Bowling Green Milling CoBowling GreenKYfertilizerL&N
1939Bowling Green Milling CoBowling GreenKYfeed mill, grainL&N
1939Bowling Green Sweet Feed Mill CoBowling GreenKYfeed mill, grainL&N
1950Bowling Hdw CoWhite Sulphur SpgsWVBldrs supp, hdwC&O
1950Bowling Motor SalesPikevilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1995Boyd E AssociationPearsonMSFrozen chickensKCS
1950Boyd R ARonceverteWVCoal ydC&O
1939Boyle W C CoHendersonKYgrain/feed dealerL&N/IC
1950Bozarth J AWilliamsburgVASaw & planing millC&O
1990BP ChemicalsGreen LakeTXAcrylonitrileSP
1990BP ChemicalsPort LavacaTXAcrylonitrileSP
1996BP Marine AmericasBrownsvilleTXLube oilSP
1947Bradburg Marble CoSt LouisMOmarbleMP
1939Bradley Bros Grain & Grocery CoBessemerALgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fertzL&N
1965Bradley Lee Linoleum & Carpet Co.Kansas CityMOFloor CoveringsKCT
1950Bradwell & BoswellEllersonVAFertz dlrC&O
1941Bragg Service StationW MemphisARPetroleum productsRI
1950Braham F AScottsvilleVAStave millC&O
1947Bramstedt J H & SonsSt Louis CtyMOcoalStLB&T
1966Branch Fuel Co ThayerThurmondWVCoal, steamC&O
1950Branchland Pipe & Supply CoHuntingtonWVGas & oilwell supp dlrC&O
1950Branchland Pipe & Supply CoPaintsvilleKYOilwell supp ydC&O
1939Brandeis Machinery & Supply Co IncLouisvilleKYmachinery dealerL&N
1941Brandon CoLittle RockARStovesMP
1939Brandon Mill & Elevator CoMariannaFLpeanut shelling plant, grain, feedL&N
1956Braniff International AirwaysKansas CityMOAirplane partsCB&Q
1950Bransford H HFork UnionVACoal ydC&O
1947Brashear Truck CoSt LouisMOfreight haulersTRRA
1990Bray ImplementLamesaTXFarm implementsAT&SF
1947Breckenridge F E Material CoLake JctMObldg materialsMP
1950Breece Veneer CoKenovaWVFurn veneer factoryC&O
1950Breitenstein & SonsDaytonKYCoal ydC&O
1939Breman Iron & Metal CoAtlantaGAscrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Brent C S Seed CoLexingtonKYseed dealer, fertzL&N
1965Brentwood Egg Div Salem Commods IncKansas CityMODairy ProductsSLSF
1947Brentwood Fuel & Material CoBrentwoodMObldg materialsMP
1939Bresler Son & CoOwensboroKYfarm implements, seedL&N
1990Brewster PhosphateBrewsterFLPhosphateSAL
1941Bridgeport Machinery CoHutchinsonKSoil well supply houseRI
1976Bridgeport Mining CoMcWhorterWVCoal 2x4BO
1947Bridges Asphalt Paving CoSt LouisMOasphalt pavingMP/SLSF
1950Bridges Barrow CooNorfolkVAWhsl groc*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Bridges-Smith & CoLouisvilleKYpaintL&N
1990Bridgestone TireMorrisonTNTires, truck, busNC&StL
1965Bright Biscuit Co Inc.Kansas CityMOBakersUP
1941Bright Stock CoEldoradoARRefineryRI
1947Brinkman Geo & Son Fuel CoSt LouisMOfuel & bldg suppliesMBT
1941Briscoe C LMarlowOKFertilizerRI
1950Brittingham Brokerage CoNorfolkVAFood broker*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Britton Grocery CoFloralaALwhlse groceriesCofG
1978Broadstreet Woodworking CoSpringfieldMOhardwoodSLSF
1939Broadwater Feed CoAppalachiaVAgrain/feed dealer, whsl grocL&N
1965Broadway SupplyKansas CityMOHardware-LumberKCPS
1941Broadway Terminal Warehouse CorpSt LouisMOpublic warehouseTRRA
1950Brock Bros Grain CoMaysvilleKYElev, hay*C&O,L&N
1939Brock McVey Co IncLexingtonKYplumbing suppliesL&N
1939Brock W HWinchesterKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1965Brockett C. A Cement Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsKCPS
1939Brockton Heel CoNashvilleTNmfr heels (shoes)L&N
1947Brockway Glass CoSt LouisMOglassMP
1939Broderick & Bascom Rope CoSt LouisMOwire & wire ropeMBT
1941Brokers Office & Warehouse CoWichitaKSpublic warehouseRI
1950Bromm Baking CoRichmondVABakery*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Brookbank Coal CoS RipleyKYCoal ydC&O
1940Brooke-Owen CoChickashaOKGroc, whslRI
1947Brooklyn Street ElevatorsSt LouisMOelevatorsStLTrfRy
1952Brooks Coal CoCarfaxVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1972Brooks Gas CoMarshfieldMOliguified petroleumSLSF
1939Brooks Metcalf & CarrithersLouisvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1950Brooks T M Lbr CoRichmondVAPlaning mill*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Brookside Mills CoKnoxvilleTNcotton spinning millL&N
1941Brose BrosMarionKSfruits/vegetablesATSF
1939Brothers M P CoNashvilleTNsugarL&N
1971Brower MartinKissimmeeFLPaperSCL
1994Browing Ferris IndustriesPlanoTXWaste paperSP
1950Brown & WilliamsonPetersburgVACigarettes, cigars*ACL,SAL
1950Brown Chevrolet CoMontgomeryWVAuto dlrC&O
1990Brown Co Geo CGreensboroNCWood productsSou
1946Brown E & L Grain MillRaymondaleLASchmaltz' MaltsDL*
1955Brown Hardware CoOdessaMOAppliances, roofing, toolsGM&O
1939Brown Lumber CoLewisburgTNsawmill (cedar & walnut lumber)NC&StL
1947Brown M A Paper Box CoSt LouisMOpaper boxesMP,Wab
1939Brown Milling CoGallatinTNfeed millL&N
1950Brown Packing CoLittle RockARmeat prod*RI,MP
1947Brown R J Petroleum CoSt LouisMOoil & napthaMP
1976Brown Roberts HardwareAlexandriaLAGlassware,hdw whslL&A
1950Brown Shoe CoSt LouisMOShoesUNK
1939Brown W P & Sons Lumber CoFallistonALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Brown W P & Sons Lumber CoShelbyALplaning millL&N
1939Brown W P & Sons Lumber CoLouisvilleKYwhlse lumberL&N
1939Brown Wood Preserving CoLouisvilleKYcreosoting plantL&N
1956Brown-Forman DistilleryLouisvilleKYWhiskey, liquorsPRR
1947Brown-McNish Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMP
1970Brown-Miller CoTexarkanaTXPicklesSSW
1956Brownell GrainBrownellKSBarley, wheatMP
1939Browning Coal & Feed CoWinchesterKYfertilizer, coalL&N/C&O
1939Browning Mfg Co (Ohio Valley Pulley Works Div)MaysvilleKYmfr wood pulleys, metal prodC&O
1950Browning Turkey FarmWinchesterKYTurkey farm*C&O,L&N
1976Broyhill Furn Fact Lenoir Chair Co #2NewtonNCFurniture, woodenSou
1976Broyhill Furniture FactoriesRutherfordtonNCFurniture, common householdSou
1976Broyhill Furniture IndLenoirNCCommon FurnitureSou
1939Bruce Dry Docks CoPensacolaFLdry docksSLSF
1940Bruce E L CoLittle RockARSawmill, flooringRI
1960Bruce E L Lbr CoBruceMSLumberM&SV(IC)
1965Bruce E. L. CoKansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsUP
1950Brucks Beer DistrLexingtonKYBeer distr*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1947Bruner P M Granitoid CoSt LouisMOpaving contractorsMP
1947Bruns Stemmerman Coal CoJenningsMOcoalWAB
1976Brunswick Pulp & Paper CoBrunswickGAPulpboard, rollsACL
1976Brunswick Pulp & Paper CoBrunswickGAWoodpulp, pineSou
1965Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.Kansas CityMOBowling-Billiard EquipmentKCT
1950Brust Door & plywood CoHuntingtonWVDoors & plywood*C&O,B&O
1950Bryant H EWinginaVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1956Bublitz Machinery CoKansas CityMOMachineryCB&Q
1965Buchanan County Highway Dept.St JosephMOMaterialCB&Q
1956Buchanan County Hwy DeptSt JosephMOAsphalt, rockCB&Q
1956Buchanan County Hwy DeptSt JosephMOAsphaltCB&Q
1939Buchanan Lyon CoCampbellsburgKYsugarL&N
1939Buchanan Lyon CoCampbellsvilleKYwhlse groceries, hdw, fruit, vegL&N
1939Buck Creek Cotton MillsSiluraALcotton millL&N
1947Buck-X-Ograph CoBenavisMOxray apparatusWAB
1976Buckeye Cellolose CorpJacksonvilleFLWoodpulp bales*ACL,SAL,FEC
1985Buckeye CelluloseMemphisTNSoybean mealL&N
1976Buckeye Cellulose CoFoleyFLWoodpulp balesACL
1976Buckeye Cellulose CorpEdgewoodFLWood Pulp, BalesACL
1939Buckeye Cotton Oil CoSelmaALcottonseed oil millL&N
1960Buckeye Cotton Oil CoCorinthMSCottonseed oilGM&O
1939Buckeye Cotton Oil CoMemphisTNlinter pulpL&N
1939Buckeye Feed & Grain CoBirminghamALgrain/feed dealer, sugarL&N
1950Buckingham Farmers Coop IncDillwynVACanning pltC&O
1950Buckingham Va Slate CoArvoniaVASlateC&O
1941Bucklin Co-op ExchangeBucklinKSCoalRI
1941Bucklin Ice & Coal CoBucklinKSCoalRI
1972Budweiser Distributing CoMobileALbeerSLSF
1950Buena Vista Extract CoBuena VistaVAChem pltN&W
1950Buena Vista MillsBuena VistaVAFeed, flour millN&W
1947Buesking Coal YardGravoisMOcoalSLSF
1950Buffalo Block CoManWVCement block pltC&O
1966Buffalo Mining Co Lorado 2SaundersWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1969Builders Lime & CementKirkwoodMOlime bags, bulk, cementSLSF
1955Builders Matl CoSpringfieldMObldg matlSLSF
1990Builders SandArgentineKSSandAT&SF
1956Builders Steel CoKansas CityMOSteel prods, struct stlCB&Q
1947Builders Supplies IncSt Louis CtyMObldg suppliesStLB&T
1941Bull Moose Coal CoHartfordARCoalRI
1947Bullock Mining CoSt LouisMOmine suppliesIT
1990Bunge CorpHutchinsonKSBarley, wheatAT&SF
1990Bunge CorpSalinaKSBarley, wheatAT&SF
1990Bunge Corp (Export Elevator)DestrahanLAGrainIC
1990Bunge Corp (Export Elevator)GalvestonTXGrainAT&SF
1965Bunge Corp MKT ElevKansas CityMOGrainMKT
1990Bunge Corp WestEmporiaKSSoybean meal, grainAT&SF
1941Bunte Coal CoHutchinsonKSCoalRI
1950Burchett & Wallace Lbr CoOlive HillKYBldrs suppC&O
1972Burchfield Mill CoMarshfieldMOwheatSLSF
1976Bureau Printing & Engraving c/o WhseLortonVAPaper toweling rollsRF&P
1939Burford W L & CoBowling GreenKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plantL&N
1990Burgess PigmentSandersvilleGAKaolinSandv
1965Burgess, W. J.St JosephMOScrap-Storage YardCB&Q-UT
1941Burgner Bowman Mathews Lumber CoPeabodyKSCoalATSF
1939Burke Distributing CoMobileALfood products (oleomargarine)L&N
1939Burkhart F Mfg CoSt LouisMOexcelsior,cottonWAB
1939Burkhart-Schler Chemical CoNashvilleTNchemicalsL&N
1950Burks R PCharlestonWVFruits, veg*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Burley Tobacco WarehouseHorse CaveKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1965Burlington Elev Norris Grain CoKansas CityMOGrain ElevatorCB&Q
1956Burlington Elevator CoSt LouisMOGrainCB&Q
1990Burlington Ind.NantahalaNCFurnitureSou
1990Burlington Ind.MonticelloARCarpetMP
1956Burlington Trading PostKansas CityMOCarpet, flooring, mdseCB&Q
1947Burroughs Glass CoSt LouisMOglassMP
1960Burrton Grain CoBurrtonKScorn, wheat, soybeansSLSF
1949Burrus FeedsDallasTXFeedMKT
1941Burrus Mill & ElevatorDoverOKGrain/feedRI
1941Burrus Mill & ElevatorKingfisherOKfeed, grainRI
1956Burrus MillsSt JosephMOGrainCB&Q
1956Burrus MillsSt JosephMOGrainCB&Q
1965Burrus Mills Inc AT&SF Elev AKansas CityMOGrainAT&SF
1950Burruss Land & Lbr CoDillwynVAPulpwood shipper, saw & planing millC&O
1942Burruss Land & Lumber CoBrooknealVALumberN&W,Vgn
1939Burton J MarionClarksvilleTNlivestock dealerL&N
1941Burton Oil CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsRI
1956Burton-Dixie CorpKansas CityMOMattressesCB&Q
1947Busch Sulzer Bros Diesel Engine CoSt LouisMOdiesel enginesManRy
1950Bush W FHintonWVCoal ydC&O
1939Bush W G & CoNashvilleTNmfr brick, tileL&N
1941Bush-Caldwell CoLittle RockARPaintsRI
1941Bussen Quarries IncSt LouisMOCrushed stoneTRRA
1947Bussen's QuarryBussenMOquarryMP
1947Butane Gas & Appliance CoCollopy SpurMOgas & gas appliancesMP
1960Butane Gas Co IncBolivarMObutaneSLSF
1965Butereg CoKansas CityMOBaker SuppliesKCT
1939Butler & CaldwellMilanTNcoalL&N
1939Butler B FMilanTNfertilizerL&N
1950Butler C ROrangeVACoal, bldrs supp*C&O,Sou
1939Butler County ExchangeGreenvilleALgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fertzL&N
1939Butler Lumber & Shingle CoMemphisTNbldg materialsL&N
1965Butler Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOSteel TanksKCS-MP
1976Butler PaperApexNCprinting paperDS
1947Butler Paper CoSt LouisMOpaperWAB
1965Butler Paper Co.Kansas CityMOPaperMP
1939Butler W N & CoColumbiaTNfeed mill, grainL&N
1939Butner Produce CoLexingtonKYfruit/vegetablesL&N
1956Butts RecyclingSan AngeloTXPaper wasteAT&SF
1947Buxell Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalWAB
1950Byers T P Implt CoStauntonVAMetal prods plt*C&O,CW
1941Byram Lumber CoJunction CityARSaw/planing millRI
1950Byran-BeckStauntonVALbr, bldrs supp*C&O,CW
1939Byrd Coal CoShelbyvilleKYcoalL&N
1950Byrd PerryMoreheadKYFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,M&NF
1941Byrd RogersGuymonOKGrain/feedRI
1939Byrne & Speed Coal CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1939Byron Sash & Door CoLouisvilleKYsash/doors/millworkL&N
1950Byus-Mankin Lbr CoBeckleyWVLumber yd*C&O,Vgn
1950C & A Lbr CoHot SpringsVALbr ydC&O
1941C & F Coffee CoLittle RockARtea/coffee whslRI
1990C & M Pallet CoKansas CityMOLumberKCT*
1990C & S Fireplace DistributorsGarlandTXFireplacesAT&SF
1990C F IndustriesBarracksTXFertilizerMP
1990C F IndustriesDonaldsonLAFertilizerMP
1940C Hide & Metal CoClintonOKScrap metalRI
1950C&O coal dockNewport NewsVACoal, bituminousC&O
1990C-G-F Grain Co.SalinaKSCornAT&SF
1950CA Fruit Growers ExchgRichmondVAFruit brokers*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Cabell Chem CoHuntingtonWVChem plt*C&O,B&O
1950Cabell Coal CoWhite Sulphur SpgsWVCoal ydC&O
1941Cabot Carbon CoLimaOKgas/carbon blackRI
1990Cabot CorpAransas PassTXCarbon blackSP
1990Cabot CorpTate CoveLACarbon blackMP
1990Cabot Corp.N BendLACarbon blackSP
1990Cabot Corp.PampaTXCarbon blackAT&SF
1976Cabot Corp.ParkersburgWVCarbon BlackB&O
1956Cabot Corp.WaverlyWVCarbon blackB&O
1950Cabot Godfrey L IncMabscottWVOilwell supp dlrC&O
1950Cadle's FurnitureDeepwaterVAFurnitureNW*
1939Cahokia Flour CoSt LouisMOflour dealerMP
1941Cain-Hurley Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1990Cajun SugarNew IberiaLASugarSP
1950Cal Fruit Growers ExchangeSt LouisMOProduce wholesalerUNK
1939Calahan Grinding & Machine CoAnnistonALmachine shopL&N
1950Caldwell Mach CoRichmondVATobacco & peanut mach plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Caldwell W E & CoLouisvilleKYtanksL&N
1952Caledonia Coal CoDanteVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Calhoun Chevrolet CoCharlottesvilleVAAuto dlr*C&O,Sou
1939Calhoun County ExchangeAnnistonALgrain/feed dealer, seedL&N
1941Calhoun Gravel CoCram-ArkARsand/gravelRI
1939Calhoun GroceryAnnistonALsugarL&N
1941Calhoun Implement CoChickashaOKFarm implementsRI
1956California Pellet Mill CoKansas CityMOFeed Mill MachineryCB&Q
1947California Tanning CoSt LouisMOleatherManRy
1939California Wine DistributorsMontgomeryALwinesL&N
1940Calion Lumber CoCalionARSaw, planing millRI
1947Callahan Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalWAB
1950Callahan Groc & Produce CoLynchburgVAProduce, groc, beer*C&O,N&W,Sou
1941Callaway-Martin Dillard CoLittle RockARfruits/vegetablesMP/RI
1939Callen Geo MSelmaALseed dealerL&N
1950Calvert & BuckleyMaysvilleKYAuto dlr*C&O,L&N
1970Camark PotteryCamdenARCeramics, pulv glassSSW
1950Camden B HBalcony FallsVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1970Camden Furn CoCamdenARFurn, bedroomSSW
1940Cameron & Co WilliamFt WorthTXSash, doors, blindsRI
1940Cameron Feed MillsN Little RockARFlour, grist, feedRI
1939Camp Knox Lumber Co IncLouisvilleKYlumberL&N
1939Camp Knox Lumber Co IncLouisvilleKYplaning millL&N
1950Campbell Earl FoodsSan AntonioTXmeat prod*MKT,MP,SP
1947Campbell Glass & Paint CoSt LouisMOglass/paintMP
1950Campbell S HRichmondVAFeed & flour dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1990Campbell SoupParisTXScrap tinplateAT&SF
1972Campbell Soup CoFayettevilleARbarley, rice, cornSLSF
1972Campbell Soup CoFayettevilleARsoupSLSF
1939Campbellsville Cooperage CoCampbellsvilleKYmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1939Campbellsville Lumber CoCampbellsvilleKYplaning millL&N
1956Canada Dry Ginger Ale IncN Kansas CityMOBeverages, sugarCB&Q
1956Canada Dry Ginger Ale IncN Kansas CityMOBeveragesCB&Q
1965Canada Dry Ginger Ale Inc.Kansas CityMOBeveragesCB&Q
1972Canada Grain CoAugustaKSbagged fertilizerSLSF
1972Canada Grain CoAugustaKSwheat, corn, soybeansSLSF
1941Canadian Mill & Elevator CoEl RenoOKfeed, grainRI
1941Canadian Mill & Elevator CoWeatherfordOKfeedRI
1939Canale D & CoMemphisTNfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Candlewick Yarn Mfg CoCartersvilleGAcotton yarnL&N
1939Candoro Marble CoKnoxvilleTNmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1966Cannel Block Coal Co MiccoOmarWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1970Cannelton Coal Co Lady Dunn MineCanneltonWVCoalNYC
1970Cannon Craft CoSulfur SpgsTXLouvered shutters, doorsSSW
1950Capital Floor Prods CoRichmondVAFloor coverings*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1976Capital Gazette NewspapersAlexandriaVAnewsprintSou
1940Capital Iron & Metal CoOklahoma CityOKScrap metal,pipeRI
1950Capitol Bldg & Supply CoOwensWVBldrs supp dlrC&O
1950Capitol Cinder Block CoOwensWVCement prods pltC&O
1950Capitol City Beverage CoCharlestonWVBeer distr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1976Capitol Steel & Iron CoHoustonTXStl beamsSP
1950Carbide & Carbon Div Union Carbide CorpS CharlestonWVChem pltC&O
1950Carbide & Carbon Div Union Carbide CorpSpring HillWVChemC&O
1950Carbide & Carbon Div Union Carbide CorpCatlettsburgKYChem pltC&O
1966Carbon Fuel Co Carbon 27DecotaWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Carbon Fuel Co Carbon 6WinifredeWVCoal, metallurgicalWfrd (C&O)
1950Cardox CorpCabin Creek JctWVChem pltC&O
1947Cardox CorpSt LouisMOchemical mfrs & whlseMP
1950Cardox CorpRobinson CreekKYCarbon dioxide pltC&O
1950Carey Meat Packing CoMorristownTNmeat prodSou
1947Carey Philip CoSt LouisMOroofing & insulationWAB
1939Carey Reed CoLexingtonKYroad bldg materialsL&N
1972Carey SaltCarthageMObagged saltSLSF
1990Carey Salt (1983)LyonsKSSaltAT&SF
1939Carey Salt CoSt LouisMOsaltWAB
1990CargillSwan LakeMSCotton seedIC
1976CargillWilmingtonNCSalt (solar, imported)ACL
1960CargillMemphis (Pres Is)TNCorn,soybeansIC
1960CargillMemphis (Pres Is)TNVeg oil,corn sweetenerIC
1994CargillForest CityARCottonseedSSW,SP
1990CargillKansas CityMOWheatAT&SF
1990CargillWichitaKSSoybean oil, flour, sunflower oilAT&SF,UP
1994CargillWichitaKSVegetable oilATSF
1990Cargill (Export Elevator)Port AllenLAGrainKCS
1956Cargill (Export Elevator)ChesapeakeVAGrainPRR
1956Cargill (Export Elevator)NorfolkVAGrain*C&O,ACL,SAL,Vgn
1990Cargill (Export Elevator)Port ArthurTXGrainKCS
1939Cargill IncSt LouisMOgrain dealerL&N
1965Cargill Inc Milw ElevKansas CityMOGrainMILW
1978Cargill Inc Nutrena Feed DivMemphisTNwheat, soybeans, corn, oatsSLSF
1978Cargill Inc Nutrena Feed DivMemphisTNanimal feed bulk, bagsSLSF
1990Cargill SaltHutchinsonKSSaltSSW,RI,H&N
1990Cargill SaltNew IberiaLASaltSP
1990Cargill Soybean ProcessingKansas CityMOSoybean meal, oilKCT*
1990Cargill Steel & WireTulsaOKSlit steel prod (from coils)*ATSF,SLSF,MKT,MV
1990Cargill Steel & WireNashvilleTNSlit steel prod (from coils)*L&N,NC&StL,TC
1990Cargill Steel & WireBeaumontTXWire prod*KCS,MP,GC&SF,SP
1990Cargill Steel & WireHoustonTXSlit steel prod (from coils)*RI,FW&D,MKT,GC&SF,SP
1990Cargill Steel & WirePanama CityFLSlit steel prod (from coils)ASAB
1990Cargilll Steel & WireCarrolltonTXWire prod*SLSF,MKT,SSW
1941Carl BolchChesterfieldMOPetroleum productsRI
1939Carl GolsonColumbianaALplaning millL&N
1939Carledge H H CoCottondaleFLfertilizerA&StAB
1990CarlonPasadenaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1947Carlova IncSt LouisMOcosmeticsRI
1947Carman Co IncSt LouisMOcleaners suppliesMP
1941Carnahan Transfer & Storage CoAlexandriaLApublic warehouseRI
1970Carnation CoSulfur SpgsTXMilk prod, canned, bottledSSW
1939Carnation MilkMaysvilleKYcansC&O
1939Carnation MilkMaysvilleKYbaby food, canned milkC&O
1972Carnation Milk CoMt VernonMOcansSLSF
1972Carnation Milk CoMt VernonMOcanned milk, scrap metalSLSF
1976Carolina ConsolidatorsCharlotteNCFAKSou
1990Carolina EastmanEastmanSCPlastic pelletsCSXT
1950Carolina Lbr CoAshlandKYLbr ydC&O
1950Carolina Lbr CoDanvilleWVBldrs suppC&O
1950Carolina Lbr CoLoganWVBldrs suppC&O
1947Carondelet Foundry CoSt LouisMOcastingsMP
1947Carondelet Ice Mfg & Fuel CoCarondeletMOice & fuelMP
1947Carondelet Mfg CoCarondeletMOcabinetsMP
1939Carothers Coal CoSelmaALcoalL&N
1990Carpenter ChemicalHoustonTXGlycolSP
1941Carpenter Paper CoOklahoma CityOKpaperRI
1950Carr Lancaster Block CoMoreheadKYCement, concrete prods plt*C&O,M&NF
1950Carr Lbr CoMoreheadKYBldrs supp*C&O,M&NF
1939Carr-Trombley Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr sash/doors/blinds,planing millMBT/StLTrfRy/WAB,TRRA
1970Carrier A/C CoTylerTXHVAC eqt, home, commlSSW
1978Carrier Ready-Mix CoMemphisTNcement, gravel, lime, sand, limestoneSLSF
1941Carroll Brough & RobinsonClintonOKfruits/vegetables, groc whslRI
1941Carroll Brough & RobinsonEnidOKGroceries, sugarRI
1941Carroll Brough & RobinsonOklahoma CityOKsugar/syrup whsl, grcRI
1939Carrollton Coal & Sand CoCarrolltonKYcoalL&N
1939Carrollton Coal & Sand CoCarrolltonKYsand/gravelL&N
1939Carrollton Furniture Mfg CoCarrolltonKYbedroom furnitureL&N
1965Carswell Firman L Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOCulverts corrugatedKCS
1950Cartee C SOlive HillKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Carter A L LumberBeaumontTXLumberATSF
1941Carter D HCanuteOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1950Carter E APembertonVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1939Carter Gable Tie & Lumber CoSheffieldALlumberL&N
1939Carter J W & CoNashvilleTNmfr shoesL&N
1942Carter Lumber Co H HRoanokeVALumberN&W
1950Carter Motor SalesPrestonsburgKYAuto dlrC&O
1941Carter Oil CoSeminoleOKPetroleum productsRI
1946Carter's Little River MillsLittle RiverLAMedicines patentDL*
1950Carter-Venable CoRichmondVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Cartersville Barium CorpCartersvilleGAbarium prodsL&N
1939Cartersville Ice & Coal CoCartersvilleGAcoalL&N
1939Cartersville Ice & Coal CoCartersvilleGAmfr iceL&N
1939Cartersville Products CoCartersvilleGAsand/gravelL&N
1969Carthage Marble CoKansas CityMOmarbleSLSF
1978Carver Cotton Gin CoMemphisTNcottonSLSF
1950Cary Chevrolet CoLynchburgVAAuto dlr*C&O,N&W,Sou
1990Casa Linda Fence Co.DallasTXFencingAT&SF
1950Casdorph C J & SonRonceverteWVWhsl grocC&O
1941Case J I CoEnidOKFarm implementsRI
1941Case J I CoOklahoma CityOKFarm implementsRI
1978Case J I CoMemphisTNearth moving equipmentSLSF
1947Case J I Threshing Machine CoSt LouisMOthreshing machinesWAB
1965Case J.I Co.Kansas CityMOAgricultural MachineryMILW
1940Casebeer Iron & Sup CoGalvaKSScrap metalRI
1939Casey D E Seed & Grain CoFranklinTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Cash & Carry GroceriesSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1950Cash & Carry Whsl Groc CoLoganWVWhsl grocC&O
1939Cash Economy Wholesale Grocery CoMcKenzieTNwhlse groceriesNC&StL
1976Cash GroceryAlexandriaLACanned foodsL&A
1939Cash Lumber CoLexingtonKYlumberL&N
1941Cash Oil CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsRI
1941Cash Wholesale CoLittle RockARmerchandise whslRI
1939Cash-Way Coal CoNashvilleTNcoalL&N
1972Cashway Lumber CoArdmoreOKbagged cement, mouldingSLSF
1972Cashway Lumber CoArdmoreOKpoles, lbr, plywood, limeSLSF
1950Casper Coal & Coke B JMatoakaWVCoalNW*
1972Cass County Concrete CoHarrisonvilleMOsand, limestone, cementSLSF
1972Cass County Plant FoodsHarrisonvilleMOpotassium chloride, phosphatesSLSF
1950Cassco CorpCharlottesvilleVACold stg plt*C&O,Sou
1952Cassel Coal CoNoraVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1941Cassell Transfer & Storage CoWichitaKSpublic warehouseRI
1939Casteel C AE BernstadtKYpetroleum productsL&N
1956Castle A M & CoN Kansas CityMOSteel productsCB&Q
1965Castle A. M & Co.Kansas CityMOSteelCB&Q
1950Castle Show Case CoAshlandKYDisplay casesC&O
1990CaterpillarJefforsonGAMachinery partsGv Mdld
1990Caterpillar IncGriffinGAGeneratorsSou
1990Caterpillar IncJeffersonGAMachinery parts, diesel engine partsGainsv Midl (SAL,CG,Ga,Sou)
1990Caterpillar IncThomasvilleGAMachinery parts, diesel engine partsACL
1939Caterpillar Tractor CoMemphisTNmachinery dealerL&N
1978Caterpillar Tractor CoMemphisTNearth moving equipmentSLSF
1950Caterpillar Tractor Parts DepotKansas CityMOAuto PartsMP
1939Cathran Grocery CoSelmaALwhlse groceriesL&N
1950Catlettsburg Livestock CoCatlettsburgKYLivestock shipperC&O
1941Cattleman's Feed CoEl RenoOKCoalRI
1950Cavedo A L & SonRichmondVAMoulding sand pit*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Caywood McClintock & JonesParisKYlivestock dealerL&N
1939Cecilian Milling CoElizabethtownKYgrain/feed dealer, fertzL&N
1965Ceco Steel Products CorporationKansas CityMOSteel Windows-SashUP
1997CelaneseBayportTXFatty alcoholsSP
1965Celex Products Co.St JosephMOEgg ProcessorsCGW
1947Celucoat Products CoSt LouisMOmfr paintWAB
1942Cementile Roofing CoNorfolkVARoofing suppliesN&W
1990Cementos Chihuahua (Mexico)El PasoTXCementAT&SF
1990Cementos Mexicanos SAMonterreyMXCementFNM
1956Cemtec L PFestusMOWaste chemicalsCB&Q
1939Central Alabama Hardware CoSelmaALwhlse hardwareL&N
1941Central Apple HouseHobartOKfruits/vegetablesRI
1965Central Bag Co.Kansas CityMOBagsAT&SF
1950Central Brokerage CoAshlandKYWhsl grocC&O
1939Central Coal & Coke CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1939Central Coml CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1947Central Concrete CoSt LouisMOconcreteMP
1939Central Concrete Construction CoLouisvilleKYcontractorL&N
1947Central Counter CoSt LouisMOleatherMP
1950Central Elkhorn Coal CoLackeyKYCoal ydC&O
1941Central Feed & Seed CoShawneeOKGrain/feedRI
1940Central Fibre ProdsHutchinsonKSBox, crate mfrRI
1940Central Fibre Prods CoHutchinsonKSWallboard, chip board. boxesRI
1956Central Fibre Prods CoKansas CityMOEgg cup flatsCB&Q
1939Central Foundry CoBessemerALcast iron pipe & fittingsL&N
1939Central Foundry CoHoltALpipeL&N
1956Central Fruit CoSt JosephMOFruit, vegCB&Q
1950Central Glass CoHuntingtonWVGlass prods dlrC&O,B&O
1950Central Groc CoMoreheadKYWhsl groc*C&O,M&NF
1939Central Hardware CoSt LouisMOplumbing supplies,whsl hdwMBT,TRRA
1939Central Iron & Coal CoHoltALfoundryL&N
1990Central Kansas ElevatorLyonsKSBarleyMP
1972Central Kansas ElevatorsLyonsMOsoybeansSLSF
1972Central Kansas ElevatorsLyonsMOcornSLSF
1972Central Kansas ElevatorsLyonsMOwheatSLSF
1939Central Kentucky Monument CoParisKYcut stone worksF&C
1950Central KY Natl Gas CoLexingtonKYSupp yd*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Central KY Supply CoLexingtonKYBldrs supp*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1947Central Monument CoSt LouisMOmonumentsMP
1939Central Oak Products CoNashvilleTNmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1947Central Package Car CoSt LouisMOfreight forwardersManRy
1950Central Packing CoKansas CityMOmeat prodKCS
1939Central Panel & Supply CoLouisvilleKYpanelsL&N
1976Central Paper Co. WhseBirminghamALWoodpulp dishes, plates or traysSou
1971Central Paper ProdJohnson CityTNPaper prodCC&O
1965Central Provision Co.Kansas CityMOEggs-PoultryKCS
1939Central Rock CoLexingtonKYstone (quarry)L&N
1939Central Silica CorpCollinwoodTNground tripoliL&N
1990Central SoyaDallasTXFlourAT&SF
1990Central SoyaFt.WorthTXMolassesAT&SF
1990Central SoyaAbileneKSSoybeansAT&SF
1965Central States Grocery Co.St JosephMOGroceriesRI
1947Central States Oil CoOlivetteMOretail oil & gasolineRI
1939Central States Oil CoSt LouisMOpetroleum productsL&N
1947Central States Paper & Bag CoSt LouisMOpaper productsWAB
1965Central States Steel IncKansas CityMOWire-SteelMILW
1956Central Steel Building Co IncKansas CityMOSteel sheet, str stlCB&Q
1956Central Steel Building Co IncKansas CityMOSteel buildingsCB&Q
1965Central Storage Co.Kansas CityMOWarehouseMP
1941Central Terminal CoSt LouisMOpublic warehouseTRRA
1970Central Transformer CorpPine BluffARElec transformersSSW
1947Central Valley Vinegar & Food Products CoSt LouisMOvinegar & food productsMP
1976Central WarehouseFt LauderdaleFLwoodpulp dishes plates traysSAL
1939Central Waste Material CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerStLTrfRy
1950Central Whsl CoPrestonsburgKYWhsl grocC&O
1947Central Wire & Iron WorksSt LouisMOwire & ironManRy
1939Centrala Farmers Co-op IncSelmaALseed dealerL&N
1939Centrala Farmers Co-op IncSelmaALfertilizer (dry mixing plant)L&N
1947Centrifugal & Mechl Ind IncSt LouisMOcentrifugal machineryManRy
1965Centropolis Crusher Co.Kansas CityMOCrushed RockKCS
1947Century Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalSLSF
1947Century Electric Co (Century Foundry Div)St LouisMOelectric motorsWAB,TRRA
1950Century Ribbon Mills IncNewport NewsVATextile pltC&O
1947Century Steel CoSt LouisMOsteelMP
1956Cereal Food ProcessorsKansas CityKSFlourCB&Q
1956Cereal Food ProcessorsKansas CityKSWheatCB&Q
1956Cereal Food ProcessorsWichitaKSFlour*AT&SF,RI,SLSF,MP
1947Cerf Bros Bag CoSt LouisMObagsMP
1965Certain-Teed Products Corp.Kansas CityMORoofing, insulationMP
1990Certainteed CorpAthensGAInsulationSou
1956Certainteed CorpSocial CircleGAPlastic pipe, sidingGa
1990Certainteed CorpMcPhersonKSPlastic pipe, sidingMP
1990Certainteed CorpLake CharlesLAPlastic pelletsMP
1990Certainteed CorpOxfordNCRoofing materialsSou
1990Certainteed CorpWacoTXPlastic pipeSSW
1956Certainteed CorpWichita FallsTXFiberglass*FW&D,MKT
1956Certainteed Corp de MexEagle PassTXFiberglassSP
1940Certified Groc Whsl IncOklahoma CityOKGroc, whslRI
1976CF Ind IncCentralFLphosphoric acidSCL
1976CF Ind IncCentralFLTriple SuperphosphateSCL
1976CF IndustriesPlant CityFLChemicals*ACL,SAL
1995CF IndustriesDonaldsonLANitrogen fertilizer solutionMP
1965CGW Elev Wolcott & LincolnKansas CityMOGrain ElevatorCGW
1966Chaffin Fuel Co Morgan CreekBrushtonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Chafin Coal Co Chafin 2Rum JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1947Chamberlain F B CoSt LouisMOroofing materialMBT
1956Chambers Gas CoParkvilleMOLPGCB&Q
1941Chamolin Refining CoMeadeKSPetroleum productsRI
1947Champ Springs Co (23rd St Team Track)St LouisMOauto & truck springsMP
1950Champee E PMontgomeryWVBldrs suppC&O
1978Champion Building ProductsMemphisTNplywoodSLSF
1965Champion CoKansas CityMOBurial VaultsKCS
1996Champion InternationalWaynesvilleNCFibreboardNS
1996Champion InternationalWaynesvilleNCFibreboardNS
1995Champion InternationalMoscowTXPlywoodSP
1990Champion IntlWaynesboroMSLumberGM&O
1990Champion IntlCantonNCWood chipsSou
1950Champion IntlCantonNCBook Paper, magazine paperSOU
1990Champion IntlCantonNCFiberboard, paperSou
1956Champion IntlRoanoke RapidsNCPaperSAL
1990Champion IntlWaynesvilleNCFiberboardSou
1990Champion IntlCamdenTXLumber, plywoodMC&SA
1990Champion IntlCorriganTXPlywoodSP
1990Champion IntlHertyTXNewsprintANR (SSW,T&NO)
1990Champion IntlSheldonTXNewsprintSP
1990Champion IntlCitronelleALLumberGM&O
1990Champion IntlCourtlandALPaperSou
1956Champion IntlPensacolaFLPaperSLSF
1956Champion IntlWhite HouseFLLumberSAL
1956Champion IntlWaycrossGAPlywoodACL
1950Champion StoresJenkinsKYWhsl grocC&O
1941Champlin Refining CoSalinaKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Champlin Refining CoAlineOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Champlin Refining CoAlvaOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Champlin Refining CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsMKT
1941Champlin Refining CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1947Chandeyson Electric CoSt LouisMOmotorsMP
1990Chaparral SteelWard SpurTXSteel plateAT&SF
1939Chapman Mercantile CoChapmanALfertilizerL&N
1950Chapman Oil CoLouisaKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Chappell Grocery CoPinevilleKYgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fertzL&N
1950Charleston Concrete Pipe CoCharlestonWVConcrete prods plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Charleston Daily MailCharlestonWVNewspaper*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Charleston Elec Supply CoCharlestonWVElec prods whse*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Charleston GazetteCharlestonWVNewspaper*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Charleston Mach & Welding CoCharlestonWVMach shopC&O
1950Charleston Milling CoCharlestonWVFlour & feed millNYC
1939Charleston Mining CoMt PleasantTNmfr phosphate rockL&N
1950Charleston Tile & Marble CoCharlestonWVBldg tile*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Charlottesville Distr CoCharlottesvilleVABeer distr*C&O,Sou
1950Charlottesville Hdw CoCharlottesvilleVABldrs suppC&O
1950Charlottesville Lbr CoCharlottesvilleVASaw & planing millC&O
1950Charlottesville Supply CoCharlottesvilleVAPlbg supp dlr*C&O,Sou
1950Charlottesville Woolen MillsCharlottesvilleVATextile pltC&O
1939Charter Oak Stove & Range CoSt LouisMOmfr stovesTRRA
1939Chase Bag CoSt LouisMObagsTRRA
1965Chase Candy Co.St JosephMOConfectioneryUT
1978Chattanooga Glass CoMemphisTNsandSLSF
1939Cheatham Elec Switching Device CoLouisvilleKYelectric railway suppliesL&N
1965Checkerboard Elev Co Ralston PurinaKansas CityMOFeed-GrainKCS-MP
1947Checkerboard Elevator ASt LouisMOgrain elevatorStLTrfRy/WAB
1950Checkerboard Feed StoreCharlestonWVFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Checkerboard Feed StoreHuntingtonWVCoal, flour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,B&O
1939Checkerboard Feed StoreLouisvilleKYfeed dealerL&N
1956Chemagro CoKansas CityMOMethanesulfonic acid, chlorineCB&Q
1956Chemagro CoKansas CityMOChemicalsCB&Q
1976Chemary FibersWilmingtonNCVisose Staple Fiber*ACL,SAL
1956Chemical IndsKansas CityMOMethanesulfonic acid, chlorineCB&Q
1956Chemical IndsKansas CityMOChemicalsCB&Q
1939Chemical Products CorpCartersvilleGAchemicalsL&N
1947Chemical Sales CoSt LouisMOlaundry suppliesManRy
1990ChemlecoAngletonTXMolten sulfurMP
1939Cheney Lime & Cement CoGraystoneALcement plant, limeL&N
1939Cheney Lime & Cement CoLandmarkALlimeL&N
1939Cheney Lime & Cement CoSiluriaALlimeL&N
1939Cherick L & CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Cherokee MillsNashvilleTNflour millL&N
1941Cherokee-Gravois Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1939Cherry Cotton MillsFlorenceALcotton spinning millL&N
1976Cherry River Coal & Coke CoGauley EagleWVCoalBO
1978Cherry St LbrSpringfieldMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972Cherryvale ElevatorCherryvaleKSwheat, soybeans, corn, oatsSLSF
1950Chesapeake & Potomac Tel CoStauntonVASupp yd*C&O,CW
1942Chesapeake Box & Lumber CoPortsmouthVABoxes, woodenSAL
1990Chesapeake CorpW PointVAPaperSou
1976Chesapeake Corp of VaWest PointVApaper, scrap for recycling onlySou
1976Chesapeake Corp of VaWest PointVAWoodpulp BoardSou
1976Chesapeake Corp of VAWest PointGApaper, wrapping kraft, pulpboardSou
1956Chesmore Seed CoSt JosephMOSeedsCB&Q
1939Chess & Wymond IncLouisvilleKYcooperageL&N
1947Chester Iron and Foundry CoCarondeletMOiron & foundryMP
1941Chesterfield Farmers Elevator & Supply CoChesterfieldMOFarm implements, coalRI
1939Chevrolet Motor Co - St Louis Div of GMSt LouisMOautosMBT
1960Chevron Asphalt CoBlakely IslandALasphaltSLSF
1972Chevron Asphalt CoMobileALasphaltSLSF
1990Chevron ChemicalOak PointLALube oil additivesMP
1990Chevron ChemicalOak PointLAPlywood, veneerMP
1990Chevron ChemicalOak PointLAPetr distillatesMP
1995Chevron ChemicalOak PointLAPetroleum oil #1MP
1956Chevron Chemical/AromaxPascagoulaMSBenzene, tolune, xyleneL&N
1956Chevron USAPascagoulaMSAv gas, butane, diesel, gasoline, lube, waxL&N
1994Chevron USABig SpringTXhot asphaltMP
1990Chevron USACedar BayouTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Chevron USAEl PasoTXAsphalt, av gas, diesel, gasoline, lube, waxSP
1990Chevron USAMobileALAsphaltSLSF
1960Chgo Mill & Lbr CoGreenvilleMSLumberC&G
1946Chic Sale Mfg Co (woodworking)RaymondaleLALumberDL*
1939Chicago Bridge & Iron CoBoylesALtanks/steel plate workL&N
1941Chicago Hide & Fur CoStuttgartARHides/pelts/wool/greaseSSW
1939Chickasaw Cooperage CoMemphisTNmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1939Chickasaw Oil MillMemphisTNcottonseed oil millL&N
1939Chickasaw Wood Products CoMemphisTNmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1939Chickasaw Wood Products CoOwensboroKYmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageIC
1940Chickasha Compress CoChickashaOKCottonRI
1941Chickasha Elevator CoVerdunOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1940Chickasha Iron WorksChickashaOKMachy, boilersRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoAnadarkoOKGrain/feedRI
1940Chickasha Milling CoAnadarkoOKGrainRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoApacheOKCoalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoCarnegieOKCoalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoCarnegieOKfeedRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoChickashaOKfeedRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoFt CobbOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoHobartOKCoalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoLawtonOKCoalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoLawtonOKfeed, grainRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoLone WolfOKCoalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoLone WolfOKfeedRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoMountain ViewOKCoalRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoMountain ViewOKfeedRI
1941Chickasha Milling CoVerdunOKfeedRI
1990Chickasha Oil MillLamesaTXCottonAT&SF
1941Chicoline Feed MillsHobartOKfeedRI/SLSF
1942Chilean Nitrate Sales CorpMoney PtVAFertzN&PBL
1976Chilean Nitrate Sales CorpNorfolkVASodium Nitrate Oxidizer, bulkC&O,N&W
1956Chipman Chemical Co IncKansas CityMOChemical compds, weed killerCB&Q
1950Chisholm L C & SonCharlottesvilleVACoal, readymix cement*C&O,Sou
1939Chocolate Sales CorpSt LouisMOcandy/confectionsL&N
1940Choctaw Cotton Oil MillMcAlesterOKCottonseed oilRI
1947Chouteau Ave Ice & Cold Storage CoSt LouisMOice & cold storageMP
1972Christian County Gas CoOzarkMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1939Christman Veneer & Lumber CoSt LouisMOmfr veneer,lbrMBT/StLTrfRy,TRRA
1972Christopher G C & SonWichitaKSsteel beams, plate, structSLSF
1947Christy Co IncSt LouisMOfire brickWAB
1956Chrysler CorpHazelwoodMOAutos & vehicles*SLSF,MP
1972Chrysler CorpValley ParkMOcoal, coil steel, enginesSLSF
1972Chrysler CorpValley ParkMOoil, gasoline, tiresSLSF
1956Chrysler CorpRamos ArizpeMXEnginesFNM
1956Chrysler CorpMemphisTNMotor veh supp & parts*IC,L&N,RI,SSW,SLSF
1978Chrysler CorpMemphisTNauto partsSLSF
1955Chrysler CorpCarrolltonTXAutos & vehicles*SLSF,MKT,SSW
1955Chrysler CorpLaredoTXMotor veh supp & partsMP
1960Chrysler CorpOrlandoFLAutos & vehicles*ACL,SAL
1956Chrysler CorpAtlantaGAAutos & vehiclesSou
1955Chrysler CorpMorrowGAMotor veh supp & partsCofG
1965Chrysler Corporation Parts DivKansas CityMOAuto PartsUP
1956Chrysler Huntsville Electronics PlantHuntsvilleALElectronic componentsSou
1955Chrysler St Louis North AssyValley Park (St Louis)MOAutos (Le Baron, Diplomat, Caravelle)SLSF
1990Ciba-GeigyMcIntoshALButyl alcoholSou
1939Cicardi BrosSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Cincinnati Cordgae & Paper CoHuntingtonWVPaper & twine dlr*C&O,B&O
1950Cinder Block CoHamptonVACinder block pltC&O
1965Cinder Concrete Products Inc.Kansas CityMOBuilding BlocksKCPS
1990Circle ConcreteZacha Jct.TXCementAT&SF
1995Citgo PetroleumW Lake CharlesLAhot waxSP
1990Citgo PetroleumWest Lake CharlesLAWaxSP
1941Cities Service CoEldonMOPetroleum productsRI
1972Cities Service CoRollaMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1941Cities Service CoClintonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Cities Service CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Cities Service CoLimaOKgas/carbon blackRI
1941Cities Service CoLindsayOKPetroleum productsATSF/RI
1941Cities Service CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Cities Service CoMcAlesterOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Cities Service CoPonca CityOKRefineryRI/ATSF
1941Cities Service CoBoydTXPetroleum productsRI
1972Cities Service Oil CoHarrisonvilleMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1947Cities Service Oil CoHowardMOoil/gasolineMP
1972Cities Service Oil CoJoplinMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Cities Service Oil CoFredoniaKSoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Cities Service Oil CoWichitaKSoil, gasoline, diesel, keroseneSLSF
1960Cities Service Oil CoBolivarMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Cities Service Oil CoClintonMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1965Cities Service Oil Co.Kansas CityMOOil-TiresUP
1939Citizens Coal CoNashvilleTNcoalL&N
1956Citrus WorldLake WalesFLFrozen juices*ACL,SAL
1950City Chevrolet CoHuntingtonWVAuto dlr*C&O,B&O
1939City Coal & Coke CoNashvilleTNcoalL&N
1950City Hdw CoElkhorn CityKYHdwC&O
1939City Ice & Fuel CoNewportKYmfr iceC&O
1947City Ice & Fuel CoBentonMOice & fuelMP
1947City Ice & Fuel CoCarondeletMOice & fuelMP
1950City Ice & Fuel CoClifton ForgeVACoal, iceC&O
1947City Ice & Fuel CoEllendaleMOice & fuelMP
1947City Ice & Fuel CoJenningsMOice & fuelWAB
1947City Ice & Fuel CoOld OrchardMOice & fuelSLSF
1947City Ice & Fuel CoRosedaleMOice & fuelWAB
1939City Ice & Fuel CoSt LouisMOice & fuelSLSF/MBT
1947City Ice & Fuel CoSt Louis CtyMOice & fuelMBT
1947City Ice & Fuel CoUniversity CityMOice & fuelStLB&T
1947City Light Dept (Care Municipal Asphalt Plant)St LouisMOmunicipalMP
1939City Milling CoSylacaugaALgrist/feed millL&N
1939City Motor CoFloralaALautosL&N
1950City Motor Sales CoCovingtonVAAuto dlrC&O
1941City of AnadarkoAnadarkoOKPetroleum productsRI
1956City of Kansas City AirportKansas CityMOAirplane parts, av gasCB&Q
1956City of Kansas City Water DeptKansas CityMOChlorine, limeCB&Q
1972City of PensacolaPensacolaFLpipeSLSF
1941City of SeymourSeymourTXWater trtmt chemsRI
1977City Roller MillEmporiaKSGrainAT&SF
1941City Service CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsMP
1942City Steam laundryPortsmouthVACoalSAL
1978City Util of Spfld ElecSpringfieldMOtransformers, cable, gravelSLSF
1978City Utilities Kissick Pwr PltSpringfieldMOcoalSLSF
1941City Water & Light PlantForrest CityARPetroleum productsRI
1941City Water DepartmentComancheOKPetroleum productsRI
1939City Wholesale Grocery CoBirminghamALwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1941Clair RobbinsWewokaOKPetroleum productsRI
1940Clark & Bernauer Lumber CoMadisonARSaw, planing millRI
1950Clark Cty Tobacco WhseWinchesterKYTobacco whse*C&O,L&N
1939Clark Jr Jas Elec CoLouisvilleKYelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1941Clark Lumber CoHerringtonKSPaints, coalRI
1947Clark's Super Gas CoSt LouisMOgas/oilsStLTrfRy
1956Clark-Elkhron MiningMillardKYCoalC&O
1950Clarke L R & Son IncLightfootVASawmillC&O
1950Clarke L R & Son IncOrangeVALbr shipper*C&O,Sou
1976Clarke Paper CoWheelingWVPaper toilet, towels, traysBO
1939Clarke-Stewart & Wood CoLexingtonKYcoalL&N
1965Clarkson Construction Co.Kansas CityMOMaterial YardKCS
1939Clarksville Canning CoClarksvilleTNcanned tomatoesTC
1939Clarksville Foundry & Machine WorksClarksvilleTNmachinery dealerL&N/TC
1939Clarksville Ice & Coal CoClarksvilleTNmfr iceL&N
1939Clarksville Livestock CoClarksvilleTNlivestock dealerL&N
1947Clausen Bros Ice & Fuel CoJenningsMOice & fuelWAB
1939Clawson J ZPensacolaFLmfr venetian blindsL&N
1939Claxon Shaw Warren & CoLouisvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1965Clay & Bailey Mfg. Co.Kansas CityMOIron Soil PipeSLSF
1950Clay Block CoPettusWVCement block pltC&O
1941Clay Center Grain CoClay CenterKSCoalRI
1950Clay G PElkoVASand pitC&O
1990Clay SuppliesOak CliffTXClayAT&SF
1956Clayco Concrete CoKansas CityMOCementCB&Q
1939Claypool Lumber & Coal CoBowling GreenKYcoalL&N
1939Claypool Lumber & Coal CoBowling GreenKYmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1947Clayton Lumber CoClaytonMObldg materialsRI
1941Clayton Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1939Clayton Supply CoLaDueMObldg materialsStLB&T
1966Clear Creek Fuel Corp BrookeClearcoWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1947Clemens F W CoSt LouisMOfeedManRy
1950Clements H M CoLee HallVACoal ydC&O
1956Cleo Wrap Corp.MemphisTNPaper productsSLSF
1994CliffstarJoplinMOFruit juice concentrateMP
1966Clifftop Smokeless Coal Co Clifftop PlantLandisburgWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1990Clifton Agri ServiceCliftonKSBarleyRI
1950Clifton Foprge-Waynesboro Tel CoClifton ForgeVASupply ydC&O
1950Clifton Forge Dying CorpClifton ForgeVATextile dying pltC&O
1950Clifton Forge Groc CoClifton ForgeVAWhsl grocC&O
1950Clifton Forge Groc CoMarlintonWVWhsl grocC&O
1950Clifton Forge Miling & Feed CoClifton ForgeVAFlour & feed millC&O
1950Clifton Forge-Waynesboro Tel CoWaynesboroVAPole yd*C&O,N&W
1939Clifton Lumber & Coal CoLouisvilleKYlumber, coalL&N
1939Climax Roller MillsShelbyvilleKYfeed millL&N
1956Clinchfield CoalNoraVACoalCC&O
1990Clinchfield Coal CoCarboVACoalSou
1952Clinchfield Coal Co Lick MineLickVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1952Clinchfield Coal Co Moss MineMossVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1952Clinchfield Coal Co No 2 MineDanteVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1952Clinchfield Coal Co No 9 MineClinchcoVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Cline Distr CoMabscottWVBeer distrC&O
1965Cline Truck Co.Kansas CityMOAuto Parts-SteelKCS
1940Clinton Cotton Oil MillClintonOKCottonseed oilRI
1939Clinton Lumber CoMemphisTNplaning millL&N
1956Clorox Chemical CoKansas CityMOCleaning FluidsCB&Q
1942Clover Creamery CoRoanokeVACreamery, dairy prodN&W
1971Clyce Distr CoJohnson CityTNBeerCC&O
1941Clyde Co-op AssociationMedfordOKGrain/feedRI
1952Clyde Rasnake Coal Co South Haysi MineHaysiVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1941Co-op Exchange CoDodge CityKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Co-op GinMangumOKCoalMKT
1941Co-op Grain CoClay CenterKSCoalRI
1947Coal Dealers Sales CoSt LouisMOcoalWAB,IT
1950Coalter Feed CoSt AlbansWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1990Coastal RefiningCorpus ChristiTXButane, LPG, propylene tetramerMP
1990Coastal Refining & MarketingFreeportTXAnhydrous ammoniaMP
1990Coastal Sand & GravelLacombeLASand, stoneIC
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoAshlandKYBottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoLexingtonKYBottling plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoLouisaKYBottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoPaintsvilleKYBottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoPikevilleKYBottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoCharlottesvilleVABottling plt*C&O,Sou
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoClifton ForgeVABottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoCovingtonVABottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoLexingtonVABottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoNewport NewsVABottling pltC&O
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoStauntonVABottling plt*C&O,CW
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoBeckleyWVBottling plt*C&O,Vgn
1950Coca-Cola Bottling CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1965Coca-Cola Bottling Co.Kansas CityMOBeveragesKCT
1947Coca-Cola CoCarondeletMObeveragesMP
1990Coca-Cola FoodsAuburndaleFLFrozen juicesACL
1956Coca-Cola FoodsTampaFLFrozen juices*ACL,SAL
1976Cochran FurnWarrentonNCFurnWar (SAL)
1940Cochran Groc CoMcAlesterOKGroc, sugar whslRI
1950Cochran-Godwin CoCharlottesvilleVACement block plt*C&O,Sou
1950Cochrane & SonKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1976Cochrane Furniture Co. Inc.LincolntonNCFurniture, common woodSou
1956Cockshutt Farm Equipment IncKansas CityMOFarm implementsCB&Q
1950Coddell Constr CoWinchesterKYContr*C&O,L&N
1950Coffman BrosSwoopeVACoal ydC&O
1950Coffman Milling & Produce CoStauntonVAFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,CW
1965Cohen I. J & CoKansas CityMOScrap Iron-SteelKCT
1939Cohen Jos & SonsHendersonKYhidesL&N
1939Cohen Jos & SonsHendersonKYjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1950Coiner Oil CoWaynesboroVABulk gas & oil*C&O,N&W
1942Coker Groc CoPrincetonWVGrocVgn
1947Colabianachi Fuel CoLaDueMOcoalStLB&T
1950Colaw J MStauntonVALivestock shipper*C&O,CW
1939Cold Press MillMemphisTNfeed millL&N
1972Coldwall Oil CoRichlandMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1950Colegrove JosCarntownKYCoal, bldrs suppC&O
1972Coleman Appliance CoJoplinMOappliancesSLSF
1939Coleman Fuel Co Red Bird MineRed BirdKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1976Coleman Furniture CorpPulaskiVAWooden Furniture SLC&WN&W
1990Coleman GrainColemanTXMiloAT&SF
1939Coleman H H CoSt LouisMOchemicalsL&N
1950Coleman L BPikevilleKYGrocC&O
1941Coleman Lamp & Stove CoWichitaKSelectrical machinery/supplies, elec lamps, stovesRI
1950Coleman Packing CoBeckleyWVPHP whse*C&O,Vgn
1976Colfax CreosotePinevilleLAFuel oilL&A
1976Colfax Creosote CoPinevilleLAPoles, untreatedL&A
1976Colfax Creosote CoPinevilleLATimbers, creosoteL&A
1956Colgate-Palmolive (in Mexico via FNM)LaredoTXSoapsMP
1965Colgate-Palmolive Co.Kansas CityMOSoapKCS
1990Collingwood GrainHoisingtonKSWheatMP,AT&SF
1956Collingwood GrainLeotiKSBarleyMP
1994Collingwood GrainPlainsKSCornSSW
1990Collingwood GrainSubletteKSCornAT&SF
1940Collingwood Grain CoHutchinsonKSGrainRI
1941Collingwood Grain CoPlainsKSCoalRI
1950Collins A JFork UnionVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1939Collins C L Motor CoSylacaugaALautosL&N
1941Collins Deitz & MorrisLawtonOKGroceriesSLSF
1950Colliver J PAshlandKYStave dlrC&O
1939Colnon A JPensacolaFLfeed millL&N
1947Colonial Baking CoSt LouisMObakeryMP
1950Colonial Chevrolet CoNorfolkVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Colonial Milling CoNashvilleTNflour millL&N
1942Colonial Mince Meat CorpNorfolkVAFood prodN&W
1965Colonial Refining & Chemical Co.Kansas CityMOChemicalsUP
1950Colonial Stores incNorfolkVAWhsl groc*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1950Colonial Stores IncRichmondVAWhsl groc*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1942Colonna's Shipyard IncBerkleyVASteel, ship partsN&W,N&PBL
1956Color CorpLouisvilleKYColorants*B&O,C&O,L&N,Mon
1970Coltex PetrColorado CityTXPetr prodT&P
1950Columbia Baking CoCharlottesvilleVABakery*C&O,Sou
1950Columbia Baking CoCovingtonVABakeryC&O
1965Columbia Bedding Co.Kansas CityMOMattress ManufacturerSLSF
1939Columbia Canning CoColumbiaTNcanned tomatoesL&N
1990Columbia ChemicalsYouensTXCarbon blackAT&SF
1990Columbia ChemicalsMonroeLACarbon blackMP
1939Columbia Coal CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1939Columbia Ice & Cold Storage CoColumbiaTNcold storage warehouseL&N
1947Columbia Iron Works IncSt LouisMOironManRy
1939Columbia Live Stock Market IncColumbiaTNlivestock dealerL&N
1939Columbia Mill & Elevator CoColumbiaTNfeed millL&N
1939Columbia Mill & Elevator CoFlorenceALgrain/feed dealerL&N
1990Columbia NitrogenAugustaGAFertilizerSou
1947Columbia Oil CoSt LouisMOindustrial oilsMP
1955Columbia Paper MillBristolVAPaper prodN&W
1939Columbia Produce CoColumbiaTNpoultry/eggsL&N
1941Columbia Quarry CoSt LouisMOStoneTRRA
1956Columbia Quarry CoCannonMOStoneCB&Q
1990Columbia SilicateS CongareeSCSandACL
1939Columbia Terminals CoSt LouisMOdrayage & warehouseMP/TRRA
1990Columbian CarbonEldoradoARCarbon blackMP
1941Columbian Carbon CoSheerinTXCarbon blackRI
1990Columbian ChemicalsN BendLACarbon blackSP
1965Columbian Hog & Cattle Powder Co.Kansas CityMOLivestock RemediesRI
1976Columbian Rope Co Plymkraft DivNewport NewsVAPaper wrapping rollsC&O
1960Columbus Gravel CoColumbusMSAggregatesGM&O,C&G,Sou
1940Colvin GBerniceLAScrap metalRI
1941Comanche ElevatorComancheOKGrain/feedRI
1965Combe Printing Co.St JosephMOPrinting PaperRI
1941Combined PlantSanfordTXCarbon blackRI
1950Combs Lbr CoLexingtonKYBldrs suppC&O,CNO&TP
1939Combustion Engineering Co Heine Boiler DivSt LouisMOboilersMBT
1939Comet Coal CoCometKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1972Comet Feed Mills, IncArdmoreOKcorn, wheat, oatsSLSF
1990Comet RiceHarrisburgARRiceMP
1990Comet Rice MillsDeWittARRiceSSW
1947Comey Processing Co (Building H)St LouisMObleachersWAB
1990ComincoBuickMOCopper concentrateCB&Q
1941Commander LarabeeWellingtonKSGrainATSF
1941Commander LarabeeWellingtonKSfeedATSF
1965Commander-Larabee Mlg Div ADM CoKansas CityMOFlour-FeedCB&Q
1965Commerce Coal Co.Kansas CityMOCoalKCT
1956Commercial Brokerage CoKansas CityMOCandyCB&Q
1939Commercial Cold Stg & Whse CoMemphisTNpublic warehouseL&N
1990Commercial Cold StorageRockmartGAFrozen vegetablesSou
1939Commercial Color Press IncSt LouisMOprinting paperWAB/MBT
1947Commercial Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr cabinetsMP
1941Commerical Warehouse CoLittle RockARpublic warehouseRI
1947Commonwealth Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMP
1950Commonwealth Motor SalesRichmondVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Commonwelath Sand & Gravel CoRichmondVASand, gravel pit*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Community Coal CoMaryvilleTNcoalSOU
1939Community MillBeltonKYfeed millL&N
1939Community Milling CoIrvingtonKYcoalL&N
1939Community Milling CoIrvingtonKYfeed mill, grainL&N
1950Community Motors CorpStauntonVAAuto dlr*C&O,CW
1950Compton LutherAllenKYSawmillC&O
1978Compton W Side LbrSpringfieldMOgypsum board, lbr, plywoodSLSF
1995Con Flour MillTampaFLflour,mill prods*ACL,SAL
1947Con-Ferro Paint & Varnish CoSt LouisMOpaint/varnishWAB
1990ConagraWallaceNCTurkeys frozen (Butterball)ACL
1990Conagra PoultryHoustonTXFrozen chickensSP
1990ConAgra Poultry FeedCantonGACorn, soybeansGaNE
1939Conasauga River Lumber CoConasaugaTNplaning millL&N
1978Conco QuarriesSpringfieldMOlimestoneSLSF
1972Concrete Block Mfg CoWillardMOcement, sand, limeSLSF
1939Concrete Engineering CoSt LouisMOconcrete posts & pilingsL&N
1990Concrete IndustriesYoderKSCement PowderMP
1947Concrete Products Mfg CoBrentwoodMOcement blocksMP
1972Concrete Supply CoPensacolaFLlime, limestone, cement, sandSLSF
1956Condea VistaJeffersontownKYPlastic pelletsSou
1990Condea VistaWestlakeLAAlumina, AlCl, HCl, detergentsSP
1996Condea VistaAberdeenMSPlastic pelletsIC
1996Condea Vista (1996)Oklahoma CityOKPlastic pelletsAT&SF
1965Cone Elmer W Co.Kansas CityMOWater HeatersMP
1990Cone MillsCliffsideNCTextilesClif (SAL)
1939Conecuh Naval Stores CoCenturyFLnaval stores distillation plantL&N
1950Conger Creosoting CoWaynesboroVACreosoting pltC&O,N&W
1939Congleton Brothers Lumber CoRichmondKYsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Congleton Lumber CoLexingtonKYlumberL&N
1939Conklin Tin Plate & Metal CoAtlantaGAsteel sheetL&N
1966Conley & Sons Coal Co Old Gauley 1Rich Creek JctWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1950Conley M HLackeyKYGenl storeC&O
1950Conlon Baking CoCharlestonWVBakery*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Conlon Baking CoOwensWVBakeryC&O
1950Connor Produce CoLynchburgVAProduce dlr*C&O,N&W,Sou
1990ConocoLake CharlesLALube oilSP
1978Conoco OilRustonLAPetr prodRI
1941Conoco Oil & Refining CoChickashaOKPetroleum productsRI
1972Conoco Oil CoJoplinMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1969Conroy Coffee CoKansas CityMOcoffeeSLSF
1970Consol NursuriesTylerTXRose bushes (reefers)SSW
1950Consol Paper & Box Mfg CoRichmondVAPaper box plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1976Consolated Gas Supply CoGalmishWVLPGBO
1990ConsolidatedNew JohnsonvilleTNAluminum ingotsL&N
1947Consolidated Chemical Laboratory CoSt LouisMOchemicalsMP
1990Consolidated ChemicalsBastropLAAluminum sulfateA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1972Consolidated Flour MillsSaxmanKSflourSLSF
1972Consolidated Flour MillsLyonsMOflourSLSF
1972Consolidated Flour Mills CoWichitaKSwheatSLSF
1972Consolidated Flour Mills CoWichitaKSflourSLSF
1990Consolidated Fuel OilEl DoradoKSAsphaltAT&SF
1965Consolidated Fuel Oil Co Inc.Kansas CityMOPetroleum ProductsKCS
1965Consolidated Products Co.Kansas CityMOMilk CondensingUP
1950Consolidation Coal CoDunhamKYCoal, bituminousC&O
1990Consolidation Coal CoAmonateVACoalN&W
1966Consolidation Coal Co KillarneyStone Coal JctWVCoal, steamC&O,N&W
1966Consolidation Coal Co Lillybrook 3Stone Coal JctWVCoal, steamC&O,N&W
1950Consolidation Coal Co Loveridge MineFairviewWVCoalP&LE
1956Consolidation ServiceMemphisTNFurnitureSLSF
1947Construction Material CoSt LouisMObldg suppliesMP
1994Construction ProductsAshleyTXconcrete additivesSP
1947Consumers Coal CoCarondeletMOcoalMP
1956Consumers Coop AssnKansas CityMOMerchandise, petr prodCB&Q
1965Consumers Cooperative Assn.St JosephMOFertilizerUT
1941Consumers Fuel Association IncHookerOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Consumers Fuel CoWichitaKSCoalRI
1947Consumers Glue CoSt LouisMOglueIT
1947Consumers Iron & Metal CoSt LouisMOiron & metalMBT
1978Consumers MarketsSpringfieldMOproduce, cd gds, grocSLSF
1976Container Corp Of AmerBrewtonALPulboard NOIBN, fiberboardL&N
1976Container Corp Of AmerBrewtonALWoodpulp, not powdered NOIBNL&N
1976Container Corp of AmerMontgomeryALPulpboardLN
1976Container Corp of AmerFernandina BchFLRolled PulpboardSAL
1976Container Corp. of AmericaChattanoogaTNPulpboardSou
1947Continental Baking CoSt LouisMObakeryManRy
1982Continental CanPort WentworthGAPaper, woodpulpSou
1956Continental Can (1982)HodgeLAPaper*RI,NLou&Gul
1976Continental Can CoNixonGAPaper, Pulp Board or Fiber Board, NOIBNSou
1942Continental Can CoRoanokeVACansN&W,Vgn
1956Continental Can CoSt JosephMOTinplateCB&Q
1956Continental Can CoSt JosephMOCansCB&Q
1947Continental Can CoSt LouisMOcansMBT
1939Continental Can CoNashvilleTNcansL&N
1976Continental Can Co IncDixonGAFibre Content not less than 80% woodpulp, waste or mixturesSou
1976Continental Can Co. Inc.HopewellVApulpboard or fiberboard, 22 rollsSAL
1965Continental Color Press Inc.Kansas CityMOPrintingUP
1965Continental Electric Co.Kansas CityMOElectrical AppliancesAT&SF-CB&Q
1995Continental GrainAmarilloTXWheatATSF
1995Continental GrainLubbockTXWheatATSF
1990Continental GrainAtchisonKSBarleyAT&SF
1956Continental GrainHutchinsonKSBarley, wheatSSW
1990Continental GrainTuliaTXWheatAT&SF
1956Continental Grain (Export Elevator)NorfolkVAGrain*C&O,ACL,SAL,Vgn
1956Continental Grain (Export Elevator)MobileALGrainL&N
1956Continental Grain (Export Elevator)AvondaleLAGrainMP
1990Continental Grain (Export Elevator)Bridge CityLAGrainKCS
1956Continental Grain (Export Elevator)WestwegoLAGrainMP
1940Continental Grain CoHeringtonKSGrainRI
1941Continental Grain CoHerringtonKSGrain/feedRI
1939Continental Grain CoSt LouisMOgrain dealerL&N
1941Continental Grain CoDoverOKGrain/feedRI
1940Continental Grain CoDoverOKGrainRI
1939Continental Grain CoNashvilleTNgrain dealerL&N
1972Continental Grain CoFriscoTXcorn, wheat, riceSLSF
1972Continental Grain CoFt WorthTXwheat, corn, soybeans, oats, barleySLSF
1965Continental Grain Co K-M ElevKansas CityMOGrainMP
1960Continental Grain Co.BurrtonKScorn, wheat, soybeansSLSF
1972Continental Oil CoFayettevilleARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1941Continental Oil CoHartfordARPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoAtchinsonKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoClay CenterKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoDodge CityKSPetroleum productsATSF
1941Continental Oil CoForsytheKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoMeadeKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoSalinaKSPetroleum productsRI
1939Continental Oil CoLa GrangeKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Continental Oil CoLouisvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1972Continental Oil CoAuroraMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1947Continental Oil CoCheltenhamMOoilSLSF
1956Continental Oil CoElsberryMODiesel fuel, gasoline, petr prodCB&Q
1956Continental Oil CoSt JosephMODiesel fuelCB&Q
1956Continental Oil CoSt JosephMOGasoline, petr prodCB&Q
1941Continental Oil CoAnadarkoOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoCalumetOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoClintonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoDoverOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoElk CityOKPetroleum productsMKT
1941Continental Oil CoGearyOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoLawtonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoMcAlesterOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoMelfordOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Continental Oil CoMountain ViewOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoPocassetOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoPonca CityOKRefineryRI/ATSF
1941Continental Oil CoRush SpringsOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoSayreOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoShawneeOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoWaltersOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoWatongaOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoWaurikaOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoWeatherfordOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoWilburtonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoGruverTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Continental Oil CoOlneyTXPetroleum productsWF&S
1941Continental Oil CoSeymourTXPetroleum productsFW&D
1939Continental Oil Well Supply CoHendersonKYoil well suppliesIC
1939Continental Oil Well Supply CoOwensboroKYoil well suppliesIC
1956Continental PaperGlasgowKYWaste paperL&N
1941Continental Refining CoAlvaOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Continental Supply CoEldoradoARoil well supply houseRI
1941Continental Terminal Warehouse CoSt LouisMOpublic warehouseTRRA
1976Continetal Peat Co %aAlexandria Seed coAlexandriaLAPeat mossL&A
1950Contl Baking CoRichmondVABakery*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Contl Oil CoNewport NewsVABulk gas & oilC&O
1950Contl Oil CoOrangeVABulk gas & oil*C&O,Sou
1965Contractors Machinery Co.Kansas CityMOContractors EquipmentRI
1976Converse Acoustic %team trackAlexandriaLAGypsum wallboard TileL&A
1990Converse Rubber CoCharlotteNCRubber goods, footware (dist center)*NS,P&N,SAL,Sou
1990Converse Rubber CpLumbertonNCFootware,rubber goods*SAL,V&CS
1990Converxe Rubber CoMissionTXFootware,rubber goodsMP
1990Cook Brothers StuccoHaleTXPlasterAT&SF
1965Cook Gas & Heating Co.St JosephMOLPG SystemsUT
1956Cook Industries (Export Elevator)GalvestonTXGrainFW&D
1950Cook J L Hdw CoHuntingtonWVHdw dlr*C&O,B&O
1965Cook Paint & VarnishKansas CityMOPaint & VarnishCB&Q
1956Cook Paint & VarnishN Kansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1939Cook Stone CoHopkinsvilleKYstone (quarry)L&N
1941Cook Supply CoOklahoma CityOKtanksRI
1942Coop Seed & Farm Supply ServiceRoanokeVASeed, feedVgn
1950Coop Seed & Farm Supply Svc IncHuntingtonWVSeed & farm supp dlr*C&O,B&O
1978Cooper Harry Supply CoSpringfieldMOplumbing fixturesSLSF
1990Cooper Tire & Rubber CoTupeloMSTires*GM&O,SLSF
1965Cooper-Goforth Building Matl CoKansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsMKT
1990Cooperative Farm Chemicals AssnLawrenceKSAmmonium nitrate, nitric acidAT&SF
1990Cooperative Farm Chemicals AssnLawrenceKSAnhydrous ammonia, ureaAT&SF
2004Coors BrewingElktonVABeer (shipped in from CO & repackgd)*C&O,N&W
1960Coors BrewingMemphisTNBeer*IC,Sou,NC&StL
1939Coosa River Lumber CoWetumpkaALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Coosa River WarehouseWetumpkaALcotton compress/whseL&N
1941Copeland BrosLone WolfOKGrain/feed, seedRI
1940Copeland BrosLone WolfOKGrainRI
1990Copolymer Rubber & ChemicalsAddisLALatex rubberMP
1939Copper City Lumber CoCopperhillTNfertilizer, coalL&N
1939Copperhill Grocery CoCopperhillTNgrain/feed dealer, whsl grocL&N
1990Copperweld Tubular Div LTV SteelCounceTNStl tubing, weldedC&CR (GM&O,IC,Sou)
1990Copperweld Tubular Div LTV SteelCedar SpringsGAStl tubing, weldedCIRR
1939Corbin Brick CoWoodbineKYmfr brick, tileL&N
1939Corey-Scheffel Lumber CoLouisvilleKYplaning millL&N
1960Corinth Brick CoCorinthMSBrickSou
1947Corkery Coal & Ice CoSt LouisMOice & coalMP
1939Corley-Powell Produce CoAtlantaGAfruit/vegetablesL&N
1956Corn ProductsWinston-SalemNCCorn syrupWSSB (ACL,Sou,N&W,NSRy)
1950Corn Products Refining Co.N Kansas CityMOCorn Oil Cake, corn syrupUNK
1965Corn Products Refining Co.Kansas CityMOCorn ProductsRI
1941Corn Products Sales CoSt LouisMOsyrup mfrTRRA,Wab
1947Corneli Seed CoSt LouisMOseedMP
1939Cornett Lewis Coal Co Cornett Lewis MineCornettKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Cornett Lewis Coal Co Louellen MineLouellenKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Corte & SonsLoxleyALseed dealer, fertzL&N
1939Corte A A & SonsLoxleyALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Cosby Hodges Milling CoGadsdenALgrain/feed dealer, whsl sugarL&N
1941Cosden Petroleum CoGrahamTXRefinery/shipper/receiver petroleum productsRI
1995Cose LariogloLaredoTXPlastic housewaresMP
1976Costal LumberWeldonNCLumber*ACL,SAL
1950Coston CoHamptonVASeafoodC&O
1939Cothran Grocery CoSelmaALgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Cottam H T CoGulfportMSgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fruit, vegIC
1947Cotto-Waxo CoSt LouisMOsweeping compoundMP
1960Cotton & Ginners Cotton Oil CoBirminghamALcotton oilSLSF
1940Cotton Country Poultry & EggsWaltersOKPoultry, eggsRI
1976Cotton Import & Export CoAugustaGACompressed Cotton BalesSou
1947Cottonwood Fibre CoCarondeletMOfibreMP
1939Cottrell J S & CoOwensboroKYmfr sash/doors/blinds, boxes, cratesL&N
1952Couch & Smith Bros Coal CoHaysiVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1941Couch Transfer CoShawneeOKpublic warehouseRI
1972Coulter Baker Lumber CoArdmoreOKlumber, plywood, gypsum boardSLSF
1947County Roofing & Supply CoBrentwoodMOroofing materialMP
1990Courtney MillsNewrySCCarpetSou
1990Cover LumberWeirtonWVLbrPRR
1939Covington & EudaileyCollege GroveTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1941Covington GinMangumOKCoalMKT
1950Covington Groc CoCovingtonVAWhsl grocC&O
1950Covington Motor CoCovingtonVAAuto dlrC&O
1950Covington Stock YardsCovingtonVALivestock shipperC&O
1950Cowden Mfg CoMt SterlingKYTextile pltC&O
1939Cowley John R & BrosMobileALjunk scrap iron & metal dealer, hideL&N
1971Cox & RichJohnson CityTNCandy, paper, misc mdseCC&O
1950Cox Chevrolet MotorsPaintsvilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1956CP ChemicalsSumpterSCCupric chloride sol, waste chems*ACL,SAL
1939Crabb C L CoAtlantaGAwhlse sugar dealerL&N
1950Craig Botetourt Elec CoNew CastleVAElec suppC&O
1941Craig Coal CoHaileyvilleOKCoal (100 tons daily)RI
1950Craig Motor SalesNew CastleVAAuto dlrC&O
1950Craigsville Milling CoCraigsvilleVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1947Cramer Dry Plate CoSt LouisMOphoto platesManRy
1976Cranberry MagnetiteElizabethtonTNIlmenite ore, magnetite ore, sintered iron oreET&WNC
1950Crandall W O Hdw CoGauleyWVBldrs supp dlrC&O
1950Crane CoCharlestonWVPlbg supp whse*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Crane CoAtlantaGAplumbing suppliesL&N
1965Crane CoKansas CityMOPlumbers SuppliesKCT
1939Crane CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesMBT
1939Crane CoNashvilleTNplumbing suppliesL&N
1950Crane Co.ChattanoogaTNBathroom FixturesUNK
1965Crane Lumber Co.SavannahMOLumber-Coal-Building MaterialsCGW
1939Crawford & CaldwellMaryvilleTNfertilizerL&N
1965Crawford Manufacturing Co Inc.Kansas CityMOAuto Seat CoversUP
1965Creamery Package Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOCreamery SuppliesUP
1947Crean & Scott Construction CoHowardMOroad contractorsMP
1939Creomulsion CoAtlantaGAwhlse drugsL&N
1978Crescent Flour & Feed CoSpringfieldMOanimal feed bags, bulk, wheatSLSF
1947Crescent Oil & Supply CoSt LouisMOwhlse oilMP
1941Crescent Oil CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1950Crescent Paper Tube CoCovingtonKYPaper prods pltC&O
1972Crestwood Building SupplyCrestwoodMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1965CRI&P Elev SimondsKansas CityMOGrain ElevatorRI
1962CRIP RRKansas CityKSRy car castings or forgingsCRIP
1962CRIP RREl RenoOKRy car castings or forgingsCRIP
1947Crispo Cake Cone CoSt LouisMOconesMP
1950Criss & Shaver CoCharlestonWVReadymix plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Criss & Shaver CoHuntingtonWVReadymix cement plt*C&O,B&O
1950Cristman Veneer & LumberSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1972Crocker Lumber CoCrockerMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1939Crockitt D TFranklinTNcoalL&N
1950Crompton-Shenandoah CoWaynesboroVATextile plt*C&O,N&W
1939Cromwell Hardwood Lumber CoMontgomeryALsawmillL&N
1966Crone Coal Co CroneMadisonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Cronk H BGoshenVALogsC&O
1956Crook Paper Box CoKansas CityMOPulpboard, waste paperCB&Q,SLSF
1965Crooks Terminal Warehouses Inc.Kansas CityMOWarehouseMP-StLSF-UP
1960Crosby Forest ProdPicayuneMSLumberPearlRivVal(Sou)
1960Crosby Lbr & Mfg CoCrosbyMSLumberIC
1947Crosby Washburn CoSt LouisMOsoapMP
1960Cross Cotton MillsMarionNCTextiles, threadSou,CC&O
1990Cross Country Trucking (Mex)Eagle PassTXBeerSP
1947Cross Tire ServiceSt LouisMOtiresMP
1950Crossbrook 1CrossbrookVACoal, bituminousInt
1939Crossfield Coal CoGadsdenALcoalL&N
1939Crossway Tobacco CoParisTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1950Crow BrosDillwynVACoal ydC&O
1990Crow CementBoxTXCementAT&SF
1941Crow Creek Sand & Gravel CoMadisonARsand/gravelRI
1939Crow Lumber CoNashvilleTNlbrL&N
1941Crow Oil CoChattanoogaOKPetroleum productsRI
1950Crowe DanNewportKYBeer distr*C&O,L&N
1947Crown Can CoSt LouisMOcansMBT
1950Crown Central Petr CoRichmondVABulk gas & oil*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1947Crown Concrete Block & Material CoSt Louis CtyMObldg materialsMBT
1939Crown Cork & Seal CoSt LouisMObottle topsL&N
1965Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc.Kansas CityMOBottlesKCS
1950Crown Fastener CorpNewport NewsVASlide fastener pltC&O
1947Crown Insulation CoSt LouisMOhome insulationMP
1950Croyden Mfg CoStauntonVATextile plt*C&O,CW
1950Crozet Cold Stg CoCrozetVACold stg pltC&O
1950Crozet Lbr CoCrozetVABldrs supp, saw & planing millC&O
1965Crucible Steel Co of AmericaKansas CityMOSteelKCPS
1939Crum J W Sawmill CoMc KenzieALsawmill & planing millL&N
1950Crump Benj T CoRichmondVAHassocks, appl dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1947Crunden-Martin Mfg CoSt LouisMOhousehold suppliesMP
1966Crystal Block Coal & Coke Co Crystal Block 12MadisonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Crystal Block Coal & Coke Co Crystal Block 9Sarah AnnWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1942Crystal Coal CoRoanokeVACoalVgn
1941Crystal Ice & Fuel CoUnionMOCoalRI
1939Crystal Ice CoBrewtonALmfr iceL&N
1939Crystal Ice CoPensacolaFLmfr iceSLSF
1950Cty Feed & Seed CoLexingtonVAFeed, seedC&O
1972Cuba Limestone CoCubaMOlimstoneSLSF
1950Cudahy closed after 1951 flood (old Kingan Plant)Kansas CityMOMeat prod (slaughterhouse)various
1940Cudahy Packing CoWichitaKSMeat prodRI
1942Cudahy Packing CoNorfolkVAPHPC&O
1941Cullen Lumber CoOklahoma CityOKLumber/building productsRI
1939Cullman Compress CoCullmanALcotton compress/whseL&N
1990Culver Agri ServicesCulverKSWheatUP
1939Cumberlance Tobacco WorksNashvilleTNmfr plug tobacco, snuffL&N
1939Cumberland Chemical CoHopkinsvilleKYfertilizerL&N
1939Cumberland Club Product CoJellicoTNcoffee roasterL&N/SOU
1939Cumberland Distributing CoNashvilleTNwhlse liquorsL&N
1950Cumberland Gasooline CorpCatlettsburgKYLPG pltC&O
1939Cumberland Mfg CoNashvilleTNmfr flavoring extracts, coffeeL&N
1939Cumberland River Sand & Gravel CoNashvilleTNsand/gravelL&N
1939Cumnock-Reed Co IncLouisvilleKYmfr staves/hoops/headingL&N
1941Cunningham B HPoyenARSawmillRI
1950Cunningham J H & CoBuena VistaVACoal yd*C&O,N&W
1939Cupples CoSt LouisMOtiresMP/TRRA/WAB
1939Cupples CoSt LouisMOmfr matches, HH suppliesMP/TRRA/WAB
1947Cupples-Hesse Env. & Litho CoSt LouisMOengraving & lithographingMBT
1947Curran Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMP
1939Curry J C & CoBessemerALfertilizerL&N
1950Curry P CMarlintonWVExtract wood millC&O
1939Curtis Mfg CoSt Louis CtyMOgas station equipmentMBT
1972Curtis Payne Building Supply CoEurekaMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1939Curtiss Mfg CoSt LouisMOauto partsL&N
1940Cutsinger Pipe & Supply CoMcPhersonKSScrap metalRI
1972Cy Carney Butane CoFayettevilleARbutaneSLSF
1976CY/RO IndsDoravilleGAPlastic matl synth sheets as FAKSou
1947Cyclone Fence CoSt LouisMOfencingMP
1965Cyclone Fence Dept Amer Stl & Wire CoKansas CityMOWire FencingUP
1976Cyprus Indl Minl CoJeffersonvilleGAMistrofil Clay 101AMD&S
1976Cyprus Indl Minl CoKaolinGAGround Clay in BulkSAN
1976Cyprus Industrial MinN AikenSCClay 50# paper bagsSou
1976Cyprus Industrial MineralJeffersonvilleGAClay in waterMD&S
1976Cyprus Industrial MineralJeffersonvilleGAMistrostan Clay, bulkMD&S
1976Cyprus Industrial Minerals CoSandersvilleGAClay & Water MixedSAN
1956Cyprus MineralsSylacaugaALCalcium carbonateL&N
1941D J Ethridge Coal CoNewportARCoalMP
1990D S M ChemicalsAvondaleLADyesSP
1965D-X Sunray Oil Co.Kansas CityMOPetroleumMP
1982DAB Inds IncAthensALMotor veh parts & accL&N
1982DAB Inds IncGallatinTNMotor veh parts & accL&N
1982DAB Inds IncNashvilleTNMotor veh parts & acc*L&N,NC&StL,TC
1976Dacotah Cotton MillsLexingtonNCCotton PC - RolledWSSB (ACL,Sou,N&W,NSRy)
1940Dacus Lumber CoW MemphisARSawmillRI
1965Daily Drovers TelegramKansas CityMONewsprintRI
1950Daily PressNewport NewsVANewspaperC&O
1950Daily ProgressCharlottesvilleVANewspaper*C&O,Sou
1997Daimler-ChryslerSantiagoMXtrucks Freightliner M2, Mercedes FLD, FLNFNM
1968Daimler-Chrysler CarTolucaMXautos Chrysler Sebring, PT Cruiser, Dodge Stratus, CirrusFNM
1966Daimler-Chrysler St Louis NFentonMOtrucks Dodge Ram Quad CabSLSF,MP
1959Daimler-Chrysler St Louis SFentonMOautos Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Voyager, Town & CountrySLSF,MP
1995Daimler-Chrysler TruckSaltilloMXtrucks Dodge RamFNM
1990Dairy PakAthensGAPaperSou
1990Dairy PakAthensGAPaper productsSou
1990Dakota GasificationPlaquemineLAAnhydrous ammoniaMP
1995Dal-TileWillisTXFloor tileMP
1939Dallas Compress CoSelmaALcotton compress/whseL&N
1990Dallas Forest ProductsDallasTXLumberAT&SF
1990Dallas Morning NewsDallasTXNewsprintAT&SF
1990Dallas Morning NewsPlanoTXNewsprintAT&SF
1941Dan ShraderGruverTXCoalRI
1965Dan's Spring WorksKansas CityMOAuto SpringsKCT
1955Dana CorpAnnistonALAsbestos productsL&N
1956Dana CorpMontgomeryALForgings, axlesCofG
1955Dana CorpJonesboroARParts & accessoriesSLSF
1955Dana CorpParagouldARRubber & plastic ho*MP,SSW
1955Dana CorpRussellvilleARParts & accessoriesMP
1955Dana CorpHialeahFLMotor veh supp & parts*FEC,SAL
1956Dana CorpPensacolaFLAuto parts, importedSLSF
1955Dana CorpSarasotaFLFluid power valves, auto parts*ACL,SAL
1955Dana CorpAthensGAMotor veh supp & parts*CofG,Ga,SAL,Sou
1955Dana CorpKennesawGAParts & accessoriesNC&StL
1955Dana CorpDanvilleKYGasketsSou
1955Dana CorpElizabethtownKYParts & accessoriesIC
1955Dana CorpFranklinKYFluid power appl &L&N
1956Dana CorpHendersonKYAuto parts*IC,L&N
1956Dana CorpHopkinsvilleKYTruck bodies*IC,L&N,TC
1955Dana CorpCape GirardeauMOParts & accessories, axlesSLSF
1955Dana CorpColumbiaMOParts & accessories, axxlesMKT
1956Dana CorpSt LouisMOMotor veh supp & partsWab
1955Dana CorpCrenshawMSRubber & plastic ho, suppliesIC
1955Dana CorpSledgeMSWarehousing & storageIC
1955Dana CorpCharlotteNCSpeed changers drive, gasketsSAL
1955Dana CorpKings MountainNCWarehousing & storageSou
1955Dana CorpRaleighNCMotor veh supp & parts*SAL,Sou
1955Dana CorpStatesvilleNCParts & accessoriesSou
1955Dana CorpVinitaOKRubber & plastic hose*SLSF,MKT
1955Dana CorpColumbiaSCParts & accessoriesACL
1955Dana CorpDillonSCFilters fuel & oil, air & gasACL
1955Dana CorpGreenvilleSCParts & accessoriesSou
1955Dana CorpLugoffSCParts & accessories, truck trailersSAL
1955Dana CorpBrentwoodTNRubber & plastic hose, gasketsL&N
1955Dana CorpClevelandTNMotor veh supp & partsSou
1955Dana CorpCordovaTNParts & accessoriesNC&StL
1955Dana CorpCrossvilleTNMotor veh supp & partsTC
1955Dana CorpGordonsvilleTNParts & accessories, drive shaftsTC
1955Dana CorpHohenwaldTNRubber, plastic rod, sheet, tube, hoseNC&StL
1955Dana CorpKnoxvilleTNMotor veh supp & parts*L&N,Sou
1955Dana CorpMcKenzieTNRubber & plastic hoL&N
1956Dana CorpMemphisTNWarehousing & storage, auto parts*IC,L&N,RI,SSW,SLSF
1955Dana CorpNewbernTNFabr rubber prod, synth rubber, suppliesIC
1955Dana CorpParisTNGaskets, molded rubber, supplies*L&N,NC&StL
1956Dana CorpDallasTXMotor veh supp & partsSP
1956Dana CorpEl PasoTXRelays & industrialSP
1955Dana CorpLancasterTXFluid power appl &T&P
1955Dana CorpWichita FallsTXMech power trans eqt, struct metalwoork*FW&D,MKT
1955Dana CorpAtkinsVAUniv jointsN&W
1955Dana CorpBristolVAParts & accessoriesN&W
1955Dana CorpBuena VistaVAParts & accessoriesC&O
1955Dana Corp Wix DivGastoniaNCFilters, auto partsSou
1955Dana Corp Wix DivOklahoma CityOKInd machy & eqt, steel spgs, fans*AT&SF,RI,SLSF,MP
1939Dankner S & SonsSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1956Dannen Mills IncSt JosephMOGrainAT&SF-CB&Q-UT
1956Dannen Mills IncSt JosephMOFeed, soybean oil, mealAT&SF-CB&Q-UT
1956Danuser Machine CoKansas CityMOMachineryCB&Q
1950Darling J S & SonHamptonVASeafoodC&O
1950Darling W YCharlottesvilleVALbr broker*C&O,Sou
1941Darrah & CoLittle RockARdrain pipeRI/MP
1950Daugherty & Etherton CoLexingtonKYFood brokers*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1955Davenport Co W LMexicoMOButter, cream, eggs, hides, poultryGM&O
1976Davidison IncAlexandriaLADoorsL&A
1976Davidison IncLafayetteLADoorsSP
1950Davidson & Case LumberOklahoma CityOKLumberATSF
1950Davidson BrosLynchburgVAProduce, grocC&O
1941Davidson Grain CoDodge CityKSPetroleum productsRI
1976Davidson Louisiana Inc.AlexandriaLAPlywood, Ash, Birch, Elm, firL&A
1976Davidson Lumber CoAlexandriaLAMineral wool (glass wool)L&A
1956Davidson Mineral PropertiesLithoniaGABallastGa
1939Daviess County Distilling CoOwensboroKYdistilleryL&N
1939Daviess County Planing Mill CoOwensboroKYplaning millIC
1939Davis Cabinet CoNashvilleTNbedroom furnitureL&N
1939Davis Coal & Ice CoMemphisTNcoalL&N
1939Davis Coal & Ice CoMemphisTNmfr iceL&N
1947Davis Don V Lacquer CoSt LouisMOlacquerWAB
1956Davis Paint CoKansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1939Davis R WMysticKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1941Davis Rubber CoLittle RockARauto tires/bootsRI
1939Davis S WMysticKYcoalL&N
1939Davis S WMysticKYstone (road building & ag limestone)L&N
1950Davis Whsl CoCharlestonWVWhsl groc*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Davison Chemical CorpNashvilleTNsulphuric acid, fertzL&N
1956Dawes Silica MiningEdenGASandCofG
1956Dawes Silica MiningThomasvilleGASandACL
1947Dawley Brick CoSt LouisMObrickMP
1947Day-Brite Lighting IncSt LouisMOlighting equipmentMBT
1978DaycoSpringfieldMOhoses & beltsSLSF
1976Daystrom FurnitureSinaiVAFurnitureNW
1975Dayton Sure-GripElm GroveVARubber heels, prodsV&O*
1947Dazor Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfrs incandescent & floor lampsWAB
1965De Luxe Check Printers Inc.Kansas CityMOPrinting PaperUP
1965De-Raef CorporationKansas CityMOIce Cream PowderMILW-KCS
1995DeaceroEagle PassTXSteel barsSP
1947Dealers' Service & Supply CoSt Louis CtyMOwhlse roofing & bldg suppliesStLB&T
1956Dean Rubber Mfg CoKansas CityMORubber productsCB&Q
1939Dearing C T Printing CoLouisvilleKYprintingL&N
1939DeBardleben Coal CoSelmaALcoalL&N
1977DeBauge BrosEmporiaKSBeer (Coors)AT&SF
1939DeBord J M CoCopperhillTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Debrovy Hyman & SonsLouisvilleKYjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Decatur Box & Basket CoDecaturALsawmill & planing mill, veneerL&N/SOU
1939Decatur Fertilizer CoDecaturALfertilizerSOU
1939Decatur Ice & Coal CoDecaturALcoalL&N/SOU
1939Decatur Ice & Coal CoDecaturALmfr iceL&N/SOU
1939Decatur Iron & Steel CoDecaturALornamental iron, str stlL&N
1950Decatur PackingDecaturALmeat prod*L&N,Sou
1950Decker Clothes IncSkeltonWVTextile plt*C&O,Vgn
1950Decker FoodsSan AntonioTXmeat prod*MKT,MP,SP
1941Deep Rock Oil CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Deep Rock Oil CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1940Deer Creek CreameryAtchisonKSCreameryRI
1941Deer Creek Creamery CoAtchinsonKScreameryRI
1941Deer Creek Elevator CoTonkawaOKGrain/feedATSF
1939Deere John Plow CoSt LouisMOfarm implementsMBT
1942Deere John Plow CoRoanokeVAAg impltsN&W
1976Deerfield Speciality PaperNixonGARolled Wrapping PaperSou
1990Deford LumberDuncanvilleTXLumberAT&SF
1939DeForrest Milling CoMcKenzieTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1990DegaussaNew IberiaLACarbon blackMP
1956Degussa ChemicalsTheodoreALHydrogen peroxideL&N
1990Degussa Corp.IvanhoeLACarbon blackSP
1997Del MonteDallasTXCanned foodsSP
1978Del Monte CorpMemphisTNcanned foodSLSF
1990Del Monte CorpCrystal CityTXCanned vegetablesMP
1990Del Monte CorpDallasTXMixed foodsSP
1990Del Monte CorpBirminghamALMixed foods, cd gdsACL
1972Delano Oil CoSt JamesMOcoalSLSF
1972Delano Oil CoSt JamesMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1955Delco Chassis DivEl PasoTXMotor veh supp & parts*AT&SF,SP,T&P
1955Delco ElectronicsEl PasoTXWarehousing & storage*AT&SF,SP,T&P
1955Delco ElectronicsMcAllenTXSpecialized whsg*MP,SP
1955Delco RemyMeridianMSEngine electrical eqt, relays, ind electr*GM&O,IC,Sou
1955Delco RemyFitzgeraldGABatteries*ACL,SAL
1978Delta Chemical CoMemphisTNchlorineSLSF
1970Delta Comet Rice MillStuttgartARRiceSSW
1990Delta Oil MillsGreenvilleMSCotton seedC&Gr
1990Delta Oil MillsJonestownMSCotton seedC&Gr
1990Delta PlasticsHot SpringsARPlastic pelletsMP
1939Demert & DaughertySt LouisMOchemicalsTRRA
1939Demert & DaughertySt LouisMOlinseed oil/turpentineTRRA
1965Dempster Mill Mfg. Co.Kansas CityMOPipe-WindmillsSLSF
1965DeMuth Stove Repair Co.St JosephMOStove RepairsCB&Q
1939Denbo BAthensALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Denbo BAthensALlivestock dealer, hidesL&N
1958Deneen Mica CoMicavilleNCMicaYRR (CC&O)
1950Dennert H Distr CorpNewportKYBeer distr*C&O,L&N
1941Denning John L CoWichitaKSbroomcorn dealerRI
1947Dennis Petroleum and Chemical CoSt LouisMOpetroleum/chemicalsMP
1977Dennison HideEmporiaKSHides, tallow, tankageAT&SF
1939Denunzio Jos Fruit CoLouisvilleKYfruit/vegetablesL&N
1941Derby Oil CoDodge CityKSPetroleum productsATSF
1939des Cognets Louis CoLexingtonKYbldg materialsL&N
1966Desrosiers Bros Premium MineWest JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1941Determan Produce CoOkarcheOKGrain/feedRI
1950Detroit Mining CoW JctWVMine suppC&O
1950Dettor Edw & MorrisCharlottesvilleVAWhsl groc*C&O,Sou
1956Devoe & ReynoldsLouisvilleKYPaint, varnishPRR
1960DeWeese Div Weyerhauser CorpDeweeseMSLumberGM&O
1971Dewey BrosSumpterSCHaySCL
1971Dewey BrosOnleyVAHay, baledN&W
1950DeWitt H E CoLynchburgVACoal, bldrs supp*C&O,N&W,Sou
1972Dewitt ProduceJoplinMOproduceSLSF
1947Diamond Akali Sales CorpSt LouisMOcleaners suppliesWAB
1950Diamond Fuel Svc CoWaynesboroVACoal yd*C&O,N&W
1950Diamond Ice & Coal CoCharlestonWVIce, coal*C&O,B&O,NYC
1976Diamond InternationalHapevilleGAWoodpulp plates and dishesSou
1976Diamond Intl Corp c/o Martins WH CoLake WalesFLPulpbd or wdpulp plates & dishes*ACL,SAL
1947Diamond Match CoSt LouisMOmatchesMP
1965Diamond Potato Chip Co.Kansas CityMOFood ProductsKCT
1939Diamond Rock Asphalt CoBowling GreenKYasphaltL&N
1980Diamond ShamrockMuscle ShoalsALPotash, chlorine, KCO2, KOHSou
1950Dickens W CMentorKYCoal, feed, seed, flour, hayC&O
1939Dickey W S Clay Mfg CoBirminghamALmfr glazed brick, sewer pipe, tile, drainsL&N
1939Dickey W S Clay Mfg CoKilgoreALshaleL&N
1965Dickey W S Clay Mfg CoKansas CityMOSewer Pipe-TileKCS
1939Dickinson & Young Loose FloorHopkinsvilleKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1941Dierk's Lumber CoHot SpringsARSaw/planing millMP
1965Dierks & Sons Lbr. Co 1805 Swift AveKansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsCB&Q
1956Dierks & Sons Lumber CoN Kansas CityMOBuilding productsCB&Q
1970Dierks Paper MillsPine BluffARPaperSSW,MP
1941Dillaha Fruit CoLittle RockARfruits/vegetablesMP
1947Dinner Bell FoodsSt LouisMObakeryManRy
1950Dixe Whsl Groc CoCovingtonKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Dixie Cash MktDixieWVGrocC&O
1990Dixie Clay CoBathSCKaolinSou
1942Dixie Cotton Gin CoSuffolkVACotton, cottonseedVgn
1940Dixie Culvert CoLittle RockARCulvert pipe, steel tanksRI
1972Dixie Cup Div of American Can CoFt SmithARpaper products, waxSLSF
1970Dixie Dryer IncIndianaARRiceSSW
1939Dixie Engineering & Supply CoMemphisTNmachinery dealerL&N
1939Dixie Fire Brick CoKimberlyALfire clay pit, firebrickL&N
1939Dixie Fuel CoNashvilleTNcoalL&N
1990Dixie FurnitureLexingtonNCFurnitureSou
1942Dixie Guano CoSuffolkVAFertilizerACL,Vgn
1950Dixie Lbr CoClifton ForgeVABldrs suppC&O
1939Dixie Metal Products CorpBessemerALmetal utility cabinets, radiator coversL&N/SOU
1939Dixie Mfg Co No 2ColumbiaTNclothing mfrL&N
1939Dixie MillsClarksvilleTNfertilizerL&N
1939Dixie MillsClarksvilleTNfeed millL&N
1939Dixie National Stock YardsMemphisTNlivestockL&N
1990Dixie PlywoodWhite RockTXPlywoodAT&SF
1942Dixie Portland Flour CoNorfolkVAFlourN&W
1978Dixie Portland Flour CoMemphisTNflourSLSF
1950Dixie Portland Flour MillsRichmondVAFlour mill*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Dixie Vault WorksBoylesALmetal grave vaultsL&N
1942Dixie Veneer CoPortsmouthVAVeneer, woodN&PBL
1939Dixie Warehouse CoLouisvilleKYpublic warehouseL&N
1941Dixie Wholesale Distrib CoLittle RockARliquorRI
1950Dixie Wine CoRichmondVAWine bottlers*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Dixon Chas & CoSt LouisMOchemicalsL&N
1978Dixon Concrete ProductsTulsaOKlime, sand, cement, limestoneSLSF
1941Dobry Flour Mills IncYukonOKFlour, feedRI
1940Dobry Flour Mills IncYukonOKGrainRI
1965Dobson Wooden Package Co.Kansas CityMOPackages woodenKCS
1941Dodge City Co-op ExchangeDodge CityKSCoal, seedATSF/RI
1940Dodge City Co-op ExchangeDodge CityKSGrainATSF/RI
1940Dodge City Flour MillsDodge CityKSFlourRI
1941Dodge City Implement CoDodge CityKSFarm implementsRI
1941Dodge City WarehouseDodge CityKSpublic warehouseATSF
1990Doe Run CoHerculaneumMOLead productsMP
1956Doe Run CoViburnumMOLead prods, sodium sulfate, scrap metalCB&Q
1950Dold Jacob & Son Packing (old Slavens Plant)Kansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1990Dole Fresh FruitBoca RatonFLCanned fruitSAL
1941Dolese BrosDoverOKsand/gravelRI
1939Dolores Brick CorpDoloresFLmfr brick, tileL&N
1950Dominion Chem CoKeswickVAChem pltC&O
1990Domtar GyspumTecificTXWallboardAT&SF
1946Donaldson Canning CoDonaldsonLACd gdsDL*
1965Donaldson Chocolate Co.Kansas CityMOCandy ManufacturersKCT
1939Donaldson M E Feed MillOppALfeed millL&N
1965Donnelly Garment Co.Kansas CityMOGarment ManufacturersKCT
1939Donoho FoundryAnnistonALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1947Donovan Iron and Supply CoSt LouisMOiron & steelManRy
1941Dooley F T Lumber CoBrinkleyARLumber/forest productsRI
1990Dore Rice MillCrowleyLARiceMP
1960Dorgan-McPhillips Packing CoColumbiaMSVegetablesIC
1966Dorothy Coal Co Dorothy 1Elk Run JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1939Dorothy Perkins CoSt LouisMOcosmeticsL&N
1939Dorsel Milling CoNewportKYfeed millL&N
1939Dortch Stove WorksFranklinTNmfr stovesL&N
1950Double Cola Bottling CoLexingtonKYBottling plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Double Cola Bottling CoMartinKYBottling pltC&O
1965Double Cola Bottling Co.Kansas CityMOBeveragesSLSF
1941Double D Oil CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1966Double K Coal Co Arden 5SethWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1956Doucette C L IncKansas CityMOSprinkler systemsCB&Q
1947Doughnut Corp of AmericaSt LouisMOflourWAB
1965Douglas Candy Co.St JosephMOCandyRI
1956Douglas Chemical CoKansas CityMOMethanesulfonic acid, chlorineCB&Q
1956Douglas Chemical CoKansas CityMOChemicalsCB&Q
1939Douglass Saml G & CoNashvilleTNpublic warehouseL&N
1960Dow ChemSavannahGACaustic sodaSou
1956Dow Chem CoCovingtonGAPlastic pellets*CofG,Ga
1990Dow Chem CoTuckerGAlatex emulsions, adhesives, sealants, coatingsSAL
1990Dow Chem CoPlaquemineLAEthanolamine, plastic pellets, chlorineMP
1960Dow Chem CoPlaquemineLACaustic sodaMP
1990Dow Chem CoCrosbyTXGlycolSP
1990Dow Chem CoFreeportTXStyrene monomer, epoxies, caustic sodaMP
1990Dow Chem CoFreeportTXAcetone, chlorine, dichloropropeneMP
1990Dow Chem CoFreeportTXHydrochloric acid, plastic pellets, resin oilMP
1990Dow Chem CoGarlandTXLatex emulsions (for paint, adhesives, sealants)AT&SF
1990Dow Chem CoLaPorteTXPolyurethanes, isocyanate, eng plasticsSP
1990Dow Chem Co (insulation & padding)La PorteTXPolymeric methylene diphenl diisocyanateSP
1990Dow Chem Co Riverside PlantPevelyMOPolystyrene (Styrofoam)MP
1939Dow Chemical CoSt LouisMOindustrial chemicalsMBT
1941Dow Grain CoOkarcheOKGrain/feedRI
1940Dow Grain CoOkarcheOKGrainRI
1939Dowell IncOwensboroKYacidL&N
1956Down River Forest ProductsMaconGAFiberboardMD&S (SAL)
1956Down River Forest ProductsLouisvilleKYFiberboard*B&O,C&O,L&N,Mon
1990Down River Forest ProductsWacoTXFiberboardSSW
1965Downey Box Div Central Fibre Prod Co IncKansas CityMOPaper BoxesUP
1956Doyle Packing CoKansas CityMOSoybean hulls, mealCB&Q
1956Doyle Packing CoKansas CityMODog foodCB&Q
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoAshlandKYBottling pltC&O
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoLexingtonKYBottling plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoPaintsvilleKYBottling pltC&O
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoNewport NewsVABottling pltC&O
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoOwensWVBottling pltC&O
1950Dr Pepper Bottling CoSkeltonWVBottling plt*C&O,Vgn
1956Dr Salsbury's LabsKansas CityMOFarm chemicalsCB&Q
1939Drabelle-Yager Coal CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1939Draper WeatherlyAnnistonALhidesL&N
1939Draughton BrosSpringfieldTNpetroleum productsL&N
1976Dresser MineralsMindenLASilica sandL&A
1965Dresser Sand Co.LeavenworthKSSand-RockMP
1990Dressler Dog FoodArgentineKSSoybean mealAT&SF
1950Drexel FurnitureDrexelNCWalnut WoodSOU
1950Drexel FurnitureDrexelNCFurniture, partsSOU
1950Drexel FurnitureMarionNCFurniture, partsSOU
1990Dreyfus LouisKansas CityKSWheatSSW
1950Drinkard-Payne Buick CorpLynchburgVAAuto dlr*C&O,N&W,Sou
1955Driscoll OilMarshallMOGasoline, grease, motor oil, oil prodsGM&O
1956Dry Branch KaolinDry BranchGAKaolinMD&S (SAL)
1947Dry Ice IncSt LouisMOdry iceWAB
1994DSM Melamine USAAvondaleLAMelamineSP
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E ILouisvilleKYDiflouroethaneSou
1956Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IWurtlandKYChems, chlorosulfonic acid, refrigerant gasC&O
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IMemphisTNHydrogen peroxideIC
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E INew JohnsonTNTitanium dioxideCSXT
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IBeaumontTXAnilineSP
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IBloomingtonTXAdipic acidMP
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IDowlingTXAcrylonitrileAT&SF
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IMarathonTXFluorsparSP
1990Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IOrangeTXDiamine, plastic pelletsMP
1956Du Pont de Nemours & Co E IWaynesboroVAWoodpulp*C&O,N&W
1947Dubuque R A Plbg & Supply CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesWAB
1990Duferc Steel (In Mexico)Eagle PassTXSteel sheet, coilsSP
1950Dugdale Packing CoSt JosephMOMeat prod (slaughterhouse)RI
1939Duke Lumber CoSylacaugaALplaning millCofG
1950Duke T AMaysvilleKYTobacco stg whse*C&O,L&N
1941Dun Stin StoreEldonMOGrain/feedMP
1990Dunavar EnterprisesMemphisTNCottonSSW
1950Duncan Box & Lbr CoHuntingtonWVBldrs suppC&O,B&O
1939Duncan T WLa GrangeKYfertilizer, coalL&N
1956Dundee CementClarksvilleMOCementCB&Q
1956Dundee CementClarksvilleMOCoal, gypsumCB&Q
1939Dunlop Milling CoClarksvilleTNfeed millL&N/TC
1990Dunlop Tire CoGarlandTXTiresAT&SF
1950Dunn BevLexingtonKYBev distr*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1947Dunn Coal CoCheltenhamMOcoalMP
1990Dunn Paper CoWigginsMSPaperIC
1966Duo Coals DuoClearcoWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1970DuPont de Nemours E IGraingersNCChemsACL
1970DuPont de Nemours E I & CoBelleWVAmmonia, methanol, urea, antifreezeNYC
1950DuPont de Nemours E I & CoCharlestonWVPowder magazine*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950DuPont de Nemours E I & CoMabscottWVPowder magazineC&O
1976Dupont E IWilmingtonNCSyntetic Fibers*ACL,SAL
1976Dupont E ITioga (C B S)LASilica sandL&A
1939DuPont-DeNemours E I & CoMineral SpgsALaluminum nitrate, sulphuric acidL&N
1947DuPont-DeNemours E I & Co (Grasselli Plant)St LouisMOmfr chemicalsWAB
1947DuPont-DeNemours E I & Co (National Plant)St LouisMOmfr chemicalsCB&Q/MBT/StLTrfRy
1976Dura-wood Treating CoAlexandriaLASwitchties mixed hardwood,lbL&A
1976Dura-wood Treating CoAlexandriaLACrosstiesL&A
1972Durant Lumber CoDurantOKlumberSLSF
1972Durant Lumber CoDurantOKplywoodSLSF
1972Durant Lumber CoDurantOKgypsum boardSLSF
1939Durkee Famous Foods IncLouisvilleKYvegetable oils/lard substitutesL&N
1990Duro Paper BagCovingtonKYPaper bags*C&O,L&N
1970Duval SulfurGalvestonTXSulfur, bulk for ship loadingAT&SF
1942Duvall G W & Co Norfolk Iron WorksNorfolkVASteel, structuralN&W
1939Dwight Mfg CoAlabama CityALcotton spinning/weavingL&N
1941Dwight Oil CoDwightKSPetroleum productsRI
1972DX-Sunray Oil CoCubaMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1939Dye Candy CoSt LouisMOmfr candy,peanut dlrTRRA
1939Dyer & Moon Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1941Dyke BrosOklahoma CityOKHardwaresRI
1976Dynatron CorpAtlantaGATalc tailings bulk & bags*ACL,SAL
1939E End Coal & Supply CoMaysvilleKYcoalC&O
1950E KY Bottling CoPikevilleKYBottling pltC&O
1950E KY Gas & Oil CoPrestonsburgKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950E KY Lbr & Supply CoLouisaKYLbr ydC&O
1941E L Bruce CoLittle RockARSawmillRI
1939E Quarry CoRock SpringsALstone (quarry)L&N
1950E Side LumberSt LouisMOLumberSOU
1950E Side LumberSt LouisMOBuilding PaperSOU
1941E St Louis Stone CoSt LouisMOStoneTRRA
1971E Tenn State UnivJohnson CityTNCoalCC&O
1939E Tennessee Iron & Metal CoKnoxvilleTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1950E Tennessee Packing CoKnoxvilleTNmeat prod*L&N,Sou
1950E Tennessee Packing CoFt WorthTXmeat prod*RI,FW&D,SLSF,MKT,SSW,ATSF,SP,T&P
1965E-L Wholesale Liquor Co.St JosephMOBeveragesRI
1972Eads Bros. Furniture CoFt SmithARfurnitureSLSF
1947Eagle Boat StoreSt LouisMOboat materialMP
1965Eagle Bottling Co.Kansas CityMOBeveragesKCT
1956Eagle Brook IndWest MemphisTNHydrochloric acidSLSF
1966Eagle Coal & Dock Co StickneyHazy CreekWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1960Eagle Cotton CoMeridianMSCottonseed oilGM&O,Sou
1990Eagle DistFairbanksTXPaper productsAT&SF
1965Eagle Elevator Scoular-Bishop Grain CoKansas CityMOGrain ElevatorMP
1950Eagle Home Insulation CoAshlandKYInsul dlrC&O
1950Eagle Insul CoSpring HillWVInsul dlrC&O
1939Eagle Iron WorksSylacaugaALmachine shop, fdyL&N
1947Eagle Iron WorksCarondeletMOstructural steelMP
1972Eagle PicherGalenaKSzinc concentrate, lead residueSLSF
1972Eagle PicherGalenaKScoal, sulfur, zinc concentratesSLSF
1950Eagle Rock Lime CoEagle RockVAStone quarryC&O
1950Eagle Rock Milling & Mfg CoEagle RockVAFlour & feed millC&O
1995Eaglebrook IncW MemphisARHydrochloric acidBN
1939Earlington Ice CoEarlingtonKYmfr iceL&N
1950Early & Daniel CoAshlandKYFeed, flour, seedC&O
1950Early & Daniel CoHuntingtonWVFlour, feed, seed*C&O,B&O
1939Early & Daniel Co IncCovingtonKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1950Early Dawn Coop Dairy IncWaynesboroVADairy*C&O,N&W
1941Eason Oil CoLawtonOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1966Eastern Assoc Coal Corp Wharton #2WhartonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Eastern Assoc Coal Federal #1Grant TownWVCoalP&LE
1966Eastern Associated Coal Stotesbury 10Stone Coal JctWVCoal, steamC&O
1982Eastern Associated TermLouFLPhosphateSCL
1924Eastern Cotton Oil CoNorfolkVASoybean oil, meal*C&O,ACL,SAL,Vgn
1965Eastern Distributing Co.Kansas CityMOWinesUP
1950Eastern Gas & Fuel CoW JctWVMine suppC&O
1990Eastman ChemMoundvilleALPlastic resinSou
1956Eastman ChemicalKingsportTNBIS 2-Ethylhexyl phthalate CC&O
1956Eastman ChemicalKingsportTNButyl alc, ketones liquid, isophaltic acidCC&O
1956Eastman ChemicalKingsportTNDicyclopentadiene, ethylexyl phthalateCC&O
1996Eastman ChemicalLongviewTXLPGATSF
1956Eastman ChemicalS CharlestonWVChemicalsC&O
1939Eaton Oil WorksCovingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Ebert Motor CoBuena VistaVAAuto dlr*C&O,N&W
1990ECC IntlKaolinGAKaolinSandv
1990ECC IntlSandersvilleGAKaolinSandv
1950Echols BrosStauntonVAContr eqt dlr*C&O,CW
1941Echols Tire ServiceW MemphisARPetroleum productsRI
1939Eclipse Marble & Granite WorksHumboldtTNmarble/granite/cut stone worksM&O
1956Econo CargoMiamiFLCoffeeSAL
1950Economy Chevrolet CoLouisaKYAuto dlrC&O
1939Economy Coal CoMemphisTNcoalL&N
1965Economy Furn Hdw. & Plumbing StoresKansas CityMOFurnitureMP
1965Economy Laboratories Co.Kansas CityMOBoiler CompoundMP
1941Economy Oil CoSalinaKSPetroleum productsRI
1939Economy Oil CoRussellvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1941Economy Wholsesale Grocery CoLittle RockARGroceriesMP
1950Economy Whsl CoBeckleyWVwhsl groc*C&O,Vgn
1941Ed B Mooney IncHot SpringsARpublic warehouseRI
1941Ed I Myer CoLittle RockARpoultry/beer whslRI
1941Eddington Mill CoMcAlesterOKfeedRI
1939Edenton J C & CoHumboldtTNwhlse groceriesM&O
1939Edwards Cigar & Tobacco CoAnnistonALwhlse candy/tobaccoL&N/SOU
1939Edwards Lumber CoLouisvilleKYlumberL&N
1941Egyptian Tie & Timber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1940Ehrlich's Red ElevMarionKSGrainRI
1941Ehrlich's Red ElevatorMarionKSGrain/feedRI
1940Ehrsam J B Son Mfg CoEnterpriseKSScrap metal, cast ironRI
1956Eka NobelColumbusMSHydrogen peroxideSou
1990El Paso Natural GasSoloTXLPGT&P
1941El Reno Mill & Elevator CoEl RenoOKfeedRI
1941El Reno Whlse Grocery CoEl RenoOKfruits/vegetables, groc whslRI
1947Elam Grain CoSt LouisMOgrainWAB
1939Elberta Growers & Shippers CorpFoleyALpotatoes/corn/cucumbers/watermelons/pecan/orangsL&N
1950Elco Lbr CoGlen MorganWVPlaning millC&O
1939Elder-Conway Hardware CoClarksvilleTNmachinery dealer, stoves, hdw, paintL&N
1941Eldon Transfer & Storage CoEldonMOCoalRI
1950Eldridge Packing CoKansas CityMOmeat prodMP
1939Electric Coal CoMemphisTNcoalL&N
1965Electric Storage Battery Co.Kansas CityMOBatteriesKCT
1950Electro-Manganese CorpKnoxvilleTNManganeseUNK
1950Electro-Metallurgical CoHolcomb RockVAFerrochrome pltC&O
1990Elev "A"Kansas CityKSGrainKCT*
1990Elevator "B"Kansas CityMOGrainKCT*
1947Elevator CSt LouisMOgrainMP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaAndrewsSCZircon sandSAL
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaBeaumontTXDimethyl disulfide, sulfideSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaBeaumontTXEthyl, methyl mercaptanSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaChannelviewTXMaleic anhydride, resins, styrene monomerSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaCrosbyTXOrganic peroxidesSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaHoustonTXDimethyl disulfide, sulfideSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaHoustonTXElastomers, rubber chemSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaHoustonTXEthyl, methyl mercaptanSP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaMobileALChemicalsTASD
1956Elf Atochem North AmericaWichitaKSRefrigerant gasesMP
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaCalvert CityKYFoam-blowing agents, HCl. HFlIC
1990Elf Atochem North AmericaCalvert CityKYRefrigerant gases, resinsIC
1956Elf Atochem North AmericaCarrolltonKYChlorineCarr (L&N)
1956Elf Atochem North AmericaCarrolltonKYChemicals, clay catalystCarr (L&N)
1956Elf Atochem North AmericaCarrolltonKYMethanesulfonic acidCarr (L&N)
1960Elizabeth City Oil & Fertz CoElizabeth CityNCSoybean oil, mealSou
1980Elizabethton Herb & Metal CoElizabethtonTNScrap metal [ETRy gons]ET&WNC
1939Elizabethtown Feed & Coal CoElizabethtownKYcoalIC
1939Elizabethtown Ice & Ice Cream CoElizabethtownKYmfr iceIC
1939Elizabethtown Stock Yards CoElizabethtownKYlivestockIC
1940Elk Cotton Oil CoElk CityOKCottonseed oilRI
1939Elk Lumber CoJellicoTNsawmill & planing millL&N/SOU
1939Elk Mfg CoJellicoTNwhlse drugsL&N/SOU
1950Elk R C & L Co Rich Run MineWidenWVCoal, bituminousBC&G (B&O)
1950Elk Refining CoStollingsWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Elk River Coal & Lumber CoSwandaleWVLumber, rr tiesBC&G (B&O)
1970Elk Roofing CoStephensARRoofing, asphaltSSW
1956Elk Run CoalElk Run JctWVCoalC&O
1966Elkay Mining Co Elkay I-ARum JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Elkhorn Fuel CoMarrsKYCoal, bituminousC&O
1952Elkhorn Mining CoElkhorn CityKYCoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Elkhorn Sand CoKiseKYSand pitC&O
1956Elkins Iron & MetalElkinsWVScrap metal*B&O,WM
1947Ellerman John ASt LouisMOcoalMP
1950Elliot Ice CoCharlottesvilleVACold stg plt*C&O,Sou
1950Elliott G T IncHamptonVASeafoodC&O
1939Ellis Ice & Coal CoHopkinsvilleKYcoalL&N
1939Ellis Ice & Coal CoHopkinsvilleKYmfr iceL&N
1990Ellison FurnitureFt WorthTXFurnitureAT&SF
1946Ells Belles Chewing Gum FactoryRaymondaleLACandy, gumDL*
1990Elton DryerEltonLARiceMP
1939Ely Feed CoPensacolaFLgrain/feed dealerL&N
1947Embro Popcorn CoSt LouisMOpopcornMP
1947Emerson Electric MfgSt LouisMOmfr motor fansMP
1947Emerson Electric MfgBenavisMOmfr motor fansWAB
1965Emery Bird Thayer Co.Kansas CityMODepartment StoreKCT
1939Emmart Packing CoLexingtonKYmeatL&N
1939Emmart Packing CoLouisvilleKYmeat storage distr plantL&N
1950Emmerson J HDillwynVAPulpwood shipper, mine propsC&O
1990Empire CokeBirminghamALCokeB&S
1965Empire Cold Storage & Ice Co.Kansas CityMOCold Storage WarehouseMP
1972Empire Dist Electric CoNicholsMOpolesSLSF
1972Empire Dist Power PltGalenaKScoalSLSF
1960Empire District Electric CoBolivarMOpolesSLSF
1972Empire District Electric CoJoplinMOtransformers, cable, polesSLSF
1965Empire ElevatorKansas CityMOGrain StorageMP
1971Empire Furn CoJohnson CityTNLbrCC&O,Sou
1956Empire Milling CoHannibalMOSoybean meal, spent mash, barley, corn seedCB&Q
1960Empire Milling CoHannibalMOGrain mill prodCB&Q
1977Emporia Cold StgEmporiaKSFz foodsAT&SF
1977Emporia Food IncEmporiaKSGrocAT&SF
1977Emporia Ready MixEmporiaKSAggregates, cementAT&SF
1977Emporia Wholesale CoffeeEmporiaKSCoffee, potatoes, produce, sugarAT&SF
1971Enco MatlsJohnson CityTNSheet metal (stamping plt)CC&O
1939Endicott-Johnson CorpSt LouisMOshoe distributorsTRRA
1947Energy Petroleum CoSt Louis CtyMObulk oil stationMBT
1990Engelhard CorpGordonGAKaolinSou
1990Engelhard CorpMc IntyreGAKaolinSou
1976Engelhard Minl & Chem CorpGardenerGAClay in bulkSou
1990Engelhard Specialty Chem.AttapulgasGAKaolin, claySAL
1947Enghauser Iron & Steel CoSt LouisMOscrap ironManRy
1970England Dryer & Elev CoEnglandARRiceSSW
1956Englander Co IncKansas CityMOMattressesCB&Q
1976Englehard Min & Chem CorpMcIntyreGAClay bags, bulk, kaolinSou
1941Enid Elevator CoAlineOKGrain/feed, coalATSF
1950Ennis Frank G CoNorfolkVAPaper prods dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1950Enoch Mfg CoMt SterlingKYTextile pltC&O
1990Enron CorpHoustonTXMethyl alcoholSP
1956Enterprise CoalIsomKYCoalL&N
1965Enterprise Veneer Corp.Kansas CityMOVeneersKCT
1950Enterprise Wheel & Car CorpHuntingtonWVMine car plt*C&O,B&O
1950Epps Gas & Eqt CoWinchesterKYPropane gas*C&O,L&N
1947Equipment Rental CoSt LouisMOrental road machineryMBT
1939Equitable Equipment CoNew OrleansLAelectrical machinery/supplies, boatsL&N
1990Equity CoopLiberalKSWheatSSW
1990Erman HowellTurnerKSScrap metalAT&SF
1950Ernest Eqt & Supply CoLexingtonKYMill supplies*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1941Erskane Williams Lumber CoMadisonARSaw/planing millRI
1950Erwin Feed & Supply CoRonceverteWVFeedC&O
1939Escambia County ExchangeBrewtonALfertilizerL&N
1947Esquimo Ice & Fuel CoSt LouisMOice & fuelMBT
1950Essex CorpCharlottesvilleVAPen, pencil plt*C&O,Sou
1962Essex Wire Corp Wire & Cable DivKansas CityMOCopper wire insul, conduits, cord setsWab
1970Esso Oil CoLaynaARPetr prodSSW
1950Esso Std Oil CoLynchburgVABulk gas & oilC&O,Sou
1956Estech Agricultural Chem.Ft MeadeFLPhosphateACL
1950Estes BWinchesterKYScrap yd*C&O,L&N
1990Esteve BrothersPlainviewTXCottonAT&SF
1990Etahn Allen InteriorsAshevilleNCFurnitureSou
1965Eternacrete Products Inc.Kansas CityMOConcrete BlocksMP
1956Eternit IncProspect HillMOSand, slagCB&Q
1956Eternit IncProspect HillMORoofing materialsCB&Q
1976Ethan Allen Southeastern Distribution CtrMaidenNCWood furniture newC&O
1990Ethyl CorpEthylARDiethylthiophophoryl chlorideL&NW
1990Ethyl CorpEthylAREthylene dibromide, bromineL&NW
1990Ethyl CorpEthylARMethyl bromide, vinyl bromideL&NW
1965Ethyl CorporationKansas CityMOAnti-Knock CompoundKCS
1939Etowah Coal & Ice CoEtowahTNcoalL&N
1939Etowah County ExchangeGadsdenALgrain/feed dealer, seed, fertzL&N
1939Etowah Warehouse CoGadsdenALpublic warehouseL&N
1939Etowah Warehouse CoGadsdenALcotton compress/whseL&N
1965Euclid Ave NurseryKansas CityMONurseryKCS
1941Eugene Farmers ExchangeEugeneMOGrain/feedRI
1977Eureka Mill & ElevEurekaKSGrainMP
1939Eurove IsaacParisKYjunk scrap iron & metal dealer, hidesF&C
1950Eustler H K Lbr CoMarmetWVSawmillC&O
1976Evans Clay Co.McIntyreGAClay, bulkSou
1947Evans David G Coffee CoSt LouisMOcoffee & spicesManRy
1950Evans DrewMoreheadKYSawmill*C&O,M&NF
1950Evans Elkhorn Coal CoLackeyKYCoal ydC&O
1941Evans Feed StoreEldonMOGrain/feedMP
1947Evans Hardwood Flooring CoSt LouisMOflooringSLSF
1950Evans Lbr CoS CharlestonWVBldrs supp, planing millC&O
1950Evans Lbr CoHitchensKYBldrs suppC&O
1950Evans Lead Div Natl Lead CoCharlestonWVLead smelterC&O
1965Evans Lime & Material Co Inc.Kansas CityMOLime-CementKCPS
1939Evansville Packing CoBirminghamALmeatL&N
1947Evens & Howard Div Genl Refractories Mine 6St Louis CtyMOrefractory supplies clay-productsStLB&T
1947Evens & Howard Div of General RefractoriesBrentwoodMOrefractory supplies clay-productsStLB&T
1947Evens & Howard Sewer Pipe CoCheltenhamMOsewer pipeSLSF
1947Evens & Howard Sewer Pipe CoHowardMOsewer pipeMP
1939Everett J C CoMaysvilleKYgrain/feed dealerC&O
1956Everett-Ulery CoSt JosephMOAsphalt, rockCB&Q
1950Evergreen DairyCovingtonVADairyC&O
1939Ewald Iron CoLouisvilleKYbar iron, fdyL&N
1939Ewing-Von Allmen Dairy CoLouisvilleKYcanned milkL&N
1940Ewton Elev OscarSayreOKGrainRI
1941Ewton Elevator CoSayreOKCoalRI
1950ExcelFrionaTXmeat prodATSF
1950ExcelPlainviewTXmeat prod*FW&D,ATSF
1950ExcelDodge CityKSmeat prod*ATSF,RI
1965Excel Auto Radiator Co.Kansas CityMOAuto RadiatorsKCT
1956Excel packing CoWichitaKSMeat prodMP
1956Excelsior Milling CoLouisianaMOBarley, corn, seedCB&Q
1956Excelsior Milling CoLouisianaMOSoybean meal, spent mashCB&Q
1960Excelsior Milling CoLouisianaMOGrain mill prodCB&Q
1956Excelsior Milling CoLouisianaMOFeedCB&Q
1956Excelsior Shredded PaperDoswellVAWaste paperC&O,RF&P
1950Exchange Sawmills Sales CoKansas CityMOLumberUNK
1995Exell LogisticsCarrolltonTXCanned fishSSW,SP
1940Expansion Grain CoChickashaOKGrainRI
1941Expansion Milling CoChickashaOKfeedRI
1947Export Packing CoSt LouisMOexportersWAB/SLSF
1990Exxon ChemicalBaytownTXRubber, synthetic, petr distillates, wax, av gasSP
1990Exxon ChemicalLynchburgVAPlastic pelletsSou
1990Exxon ChemicalBaton RougeLAPhthalic anhydrideIC
1990Exxon ChemicalNew OrleansLAPhthalic anhydride, plasticizerL&A
1990Exxon Chemical AmericasBaton RougeLAMEKIC
1994Exxon Chemical AmericasN Baton RougeLAFlammable liquid NOSKCS
1990Exxon Chemical AmericasN Baton RougeLAFuel oilKCS
1978Exxon CoMemphisTNsolventsSLSF
1994Exxon PipelinePort AllenTXLube oilMP
1990Exxon USABayportTXPlastic pellets, av gas, lube, waxSP
1990Exxon USABaton RougeLACokeIC
1941F & G Petroleum CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1941F C & E P HendersonSanfordTXRefinery/shipper/receiver petroleum productsRI
1955F M StamperMarshallMOBeef, carrots, pork, potatoes, vegetablesGM&O,MP
1955F M StamperMarshallMOFrozen foods (Banquet)GM&O,MP
1990Fair Oaks GrainFair OaksARRiceMP
1970Fair Oaks Grain Drying Coop AssnFair OaksARRiceSSW
1990Fairbanks MorseArgentineKSMachineryAT&SF
1970Fairbanks Morse & CoStuttgartARWater pumps, largeSSW
1965Fairbanks Morse & Co.Kansas CityMOScales-PumpsAT&SF-CRI&P
1950Fairchild Troy BAshlandKYAuto dlrC&O
1965Fairfax Bread Co.Kansas CityMOBakerySLSF
1965Fairfax Concrete Inc..Kansas CityMOReady Mix ConcreteUP
1965Fairfax Engineering Co.Kansas CityKSTool Die ShopUP
1941Fairmont Creamery CoDodge CityKSfruits/vegetables, seedATSF/RI
1941Fairmont Creamery CoDodge CityKScreameryATSF/RI
1940Fairmont Creamery CoLawtonOKCreameryRI
1966Falcon Mining Co FalconRum JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1965Falkenberg Co Inc.Kansas CityMODisplay RacksKCPS
1939Fall JasWaltonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1972Fall River ElevatorFall RiverKSwheat, cornSLSF
1940Faller W CComancheOKScrap metalRI
1947Falstaff Brewing CoSt LouisMObeerWAB
1941Falstaff Dist AgencyLittle RockARbeerMP
1941Famers Home MillOwensvilleMOCoalRI
1976Family Prods IncJacksonvilleFLFAK*ACL,SAL,FEC
1947Famous Barr CoSt LouisMOmerchandise (warehouse)WAB
1950Famous VA FoodsLynchburgVACanning plt*C&O,N&W,Sou
1939Fan-C-Foods IncSt LouisMOpeanut dealerL&N
1977Fanestil Packing CoEmporiaKSProduceAT&SF
1950Fanin Whsl CoPrestonsburgKYWhsl grocC&O
1947Faris W W Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr metal productsMP
1950Farley Farm Supply CoCatlettsburgKYFeed, flour, seed, hayC&O
1965Farm & Ranch Inc.Kansas CityKSLawn SuppliesMP-StLSF-UP
1956Farm Belt Fertilizer & Chem CoKansas CityMOFertilizerCB&Q
1950Farm Bureau SupplyMadisonWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1941Farm Club (MFA)BlandMOGrain/feed, fertzRI
1972Farm Supply Gas CoLebanonMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1939Farm Supply StoreRobertsdaleALseed dealerL&N
1990FarmarcoHutchisonKSCorn, milo, wheatAT&SF
1990Farmarco (Export Elevator)GalvestonTXCorn, milo, wheatGWvs
1972Farmer's Oil & CoopEllsworthMOoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1939Farmers & Ginners Oil CoBirminghamALcottonseed oil millL&N
1939Farmers & Merchants WarehouseAtmoreALcotton compress/whseSLSF
1939Farmers & Traders Livestock Auction MarketBowling GreenKYlivestockL&N
1941Farmers Club ExchangeOwensvilleMOGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Co-op AssnAlvaOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Co-op AssociationUnionMOGrain/feed, fertzRI
1941Farmers Co-op AssociationHobartOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Co-op AssociationKomaltyOKGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Co-op AssociationMountain ViewOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Co-op AssociationOkarcheOKGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Co-op Assocn No. 28GeraldMOGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Co-op ElevatorHydroOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1940Farmers Co-op Elevator AssnChattanoogaOKFeedRI
1941Farmers Co-op Elevator AssociationHennesseyOKGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Co-op Elevator AssociationWaltersOKGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Co-op ExchangeAlineOKGrain/feed, coalATSF
1941Farmers Co-op ExchangeLawtonOKGrain/feedSLSF
1941Farmers Co-op MillChattanoogaOKfeedRI
1941Farmers Co-op Milling & Elev AssnCarnegieOKCoalRI
1941Farmers Co-op Milling & Elev AssnCarnegieOKfeed, grainRI
1941Farmers Co-op Oil CoCarnegieOKPetroleum productsRI
1939Farmers Coal & Supply CoMaysvilleKYcoal, lbrC&O
1972Farmers CoopVan BurenARbagged animal feedSLSF
1972Farmers CoopVan BurenARbagged fertilizer, seedSLSF
1972Farmers CoopAltamontKSanimal feed.fertz, soybeans, cornSLSF
1972Farmers CoopAltamontKSwheatSLSF
1955Farmers CoopSlaterMOSeed CornGM&O
1955Farmers CoopSlaterMOAlfalfa, corn, milo, soybeans, wheatGM&O
1960Farmers CoopTrentonMOAgric machy, feed, fencing, fertz, seedNLD*
1990Farmers Coop ElevatorNickersonKSWheatAT&SF
1956Farmers Coop Elevator AssnGreenleafKSBarleyMP
1956Farmers Coop GrainHavenKSBarleyMP
1950Farmers Coop Stock YdMt SterlingKYLivestock shipperC&O
1977Farmers ElevMolineKSGrainAT&SF
1940Farmers Elev CoGeraldMOGrainRI
1972Farmers ElevatorHarrisonvilleMOcorn, soybeansSLSF
1941Farmers ElevatorWellingtonKSGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Elevator CoGeraldMOGrain/feed, fertzRI
1941Farmers Elevator CoGrandfieldOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Elevator CoMincoOKGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Elevator CoRingwoodOKCoalRI
1941Farmers Elevator CoTempleOKGrain/feedRI
1950Farmers Eqt & Supply CoAldersonWVImplt dlrC&O
1941Farmers ExchangeMotaMOGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers ExchangeMotaMOFertilizerRI
1990Farmers Export (Export Elevator)GalvestonTXGrainAT&SF
1950Farmers Feed CoLexingtonKYFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1955Farmers Fuel Co.HigginsvilleMOMining equipmentGM&O
1955Farmers Fuel Co.HigginsvilleMOCoalGM&O
1939Farmers Gin & WarehouseThomastonALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Farmers Gin CoBellsTNfarm implementsGM&N
1939Farmers Gin CoBellsTNcotton broker/dealerGM&N
1990Farmers GrainMachovecTXMiloAT&SF
1941Farmers Grain & Elevator CoOwensvilleMOGrain/feedRI
1940Farmers Grain & Elevator CoOwensvilleMOGrainRI
1941Farmers Grain & Feed CoEl RenoOKCoalRI
1941Farmers Grain & Seed CoGreensburgKSGrain/feedRI
1941Farmers Grain & Supply CoHerringtonKSGrain/feed, fertzRI
1941Farmers Grain CoCalumetOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Grain CoWatongaOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Grain Feed & Coal CoGraniteOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1950Farmers Implt CoStauntonVAImplt dlr*C&O,CW
1942Farmers IncSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1939Farmers Loose Leaf Warehouse CoFranklinTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1939Farmers Mercantile CoTalladegaALgrain/feed dealer, fertzL&N
1941Farmers Mill & Elevator CoEl RenoOKfeedRI
1939Farmers Mutual Co-op AssnFoleyALpotatoes/corn/cucumbers/watermelons/pecan/orangsL&N
1941Farmers Oil CoNewportARPetroleum productsMP
1941Farmers Produce CoEldonMOGrain/feed, fertzRI
1965Farmers Produce Co.St JosephMOProduceUT
1990Farmers Rice MillingLake CharlesLARiceMP
1939Farmers Sales CoWinchesterKYlivestock dealerL&N
1950Farmers Seed & Supply CoLynchburgVAFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,N&W,Sou
1939Farmers Supply CoAtmoreALfarm implts, fertz, seedL&N
1950Farmers Supply CoLexingtonKYElec appl, flour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Farmers Supply CoPaintsvilleKYFlour, feed, seedC&O
1939Farmers Supply Co (Allis Chalmers Plow Co)AtmoreALmachinery dealerL&N
1950Farmers Tobacco WhseMt SterlingKYTobacco whseC&O
1941Farmers Union Co-op AssociationClintonOKGrain/feed,coalRI
1941Farmers Union Co-op ExchangeOkeeneOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Farmers Union Co-op ExchangeWeatherfordOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1940Farmers Union Co-op ExchangeWeatherfordOKFeedRI
1941Farmers Union Co-op Gin CoFt CobbOKCoalRI
1965Farmers Union Jobbing Assn.Kansas CityKSFeeds-GrainUP
1939Farmers Union WarehouseAnnistonALpublic warehouseL&N/SOU
1939Farmers Union WarehouseAnnistonALcotton compress/whseL&N/SOU
1939Farmers Union WarehouseGadsdenALpublic warehouse, fertzL&N
1939Farmers Union WarehouseGadsdenALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Farmers Warehouse CoAthensALcotton compress/whseL&N
1990Farmland IndBartowFLPhosphate fertilizerSAL
1990Farmland IndCoffeyvilleKSPetroleum productsMKT,UP
1990Farmland IndDodge CityKSAnhydrous ammoniaAT&SF
1990Farmland IndHutchinsonKSWheatSSW
1990Farmland IndLawrenceKSAnhydrous ammonia, wheatAT&SF
1990Farmland IndPollockLAAnhydrous ammoniaIC
1956Farmland IndJoplinMOPhosphate fertilizerCB&Q
1990Farmland IndSt JosephMOHerbicides, insecticidesAT&SF
1956Farmland IndEnidOKAnhydrous ammonia, ureaSLSF
1990Farmland IndAmarilloTXAntifreeze, chemsAT&SF
1990Farmland IndAmarilloTXDiesel, dog food, gasoline, oil, tiresAT&SF
1995Farmland IndustriesGreen BayFLmolten sulfurCSXT
1995Farmland IndustriesLawrenceKSFertilizer solutionATSF
1976Farrel & SonsPinewoodSCClay - grnd - 5/10#bags Grand UnionACL
1965Farrington Jim Lbr & Coal Co IncKansas CityKSCoal-Building MaterialsKCS
1965Fashion Line Paper Bag Co.St JosephMOPaper Bag ManufacturerCGW
1939Faulk T S & CoSamsonALfertilizerL&N
1941Faulkner & CompanyLittle RockARGroceriesMP
1950Faulkner Clifford CToanaVACanning pltC&O
1950Faulkner Distr CoLexingtonKYBeer distr*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1939Faulkners Builders & Supply CoLexingtonKYbldg materials, coalL&N
1990Faultless Starch CoKansas CityMOStarch bulk, baggedKCT*
1939Fay T MBrewtonALfertilizerL&N
1950Fayco Lbr & Supply CoOak HillWVBldrs supp*C&O,Vgn
1950Fayette Bottling & Ice CoMontgomeryWVDairy prod, ice, bevsC&O
1950Fayette Cinder Block CoMontgomeryWVCinder block pltC&O
1966Fayette Low Ash Coal Co FayetteKeeneys CreekWVCoal, steamC&O
1947Fayette R PlumbSt Louis CtyMOaxesMBT
1939Fayette R PlumbingSt LouisMOmfr hardwareMBT
1950Fed Fdy Supply CoHansfordWVFdy facings pltC&O
1950Fedders J H & SonsCovingtonKYFeed, flour, seed, hayC&O
1939Federal Chemical CoLouisvilleKYfertilizerL&N
1939Federal Chemical CoNashvilleTNfertilizerL&N
1947Federal Coal CoMaes SpurMOcoalMP
1947Federal Cold Storage CoSt LouisMOcold storage warehouseMBT
1965Federal Cold Storage Co.Kansas CityKSWarehouseMP
1970Federal CompressPine BluffARCotton bales (in/out)SSW
1940Federal Compress & Warehouse CoLittle RockARCottonRI
1940Federal Compress & Warehouse CoNewportARCottonRI
1939Federal Compress & Warehouse CoMemphisTNcotton compress/whseL&N
1960Federal Compress CoAberdeenMSCotton (bales)*SLSF,IC
1960Federal Compress CoClarksdaleMSCotton (bales)IC
1960Federal Compress CoColumbusMSCotton (bales)C&G,Sou,SLSF
1960Federal Compress CoCorinthMSCotton (bales)*GM&O,Sou
1960Federal Compress CoMaconMSCotton (bales)GM&O
1960Federal Compress CoMeridianMSCotton (bales)*GM&O,IC,Sou
1960Federal Compress CoOkolonaMSCotton (bales)IC
1960Federal Compress CoTupeloMSCotton (bales)*GM&O,SLSF
1960Federal Compress CoW PtMSCotton (bales)*C&G,GM&O,IC
1947Federal Emergency Warehouse Assn of St LouisSt LouisMOgovt storage warehouseWAB
1950Federal Ice CoAshlandKYIce, cold stgC&O
1990Federal MineMiracle RunWVCoalPRR
1976Federal Paper BoardAcmeNCpulpboard n/c*ACL,SAL
1976Federal Paper Board CoAcmeNCWood Pulp, not powdered, NOIBN*ACL,SAL
1976Federal Paper Board Co. Inc.RichmondVAPulpboard NOIBNRF&P
1939Federal Paper Stock CoSt LouisMOscrap paperMBT
1990Federal Paperboard CoRiegelwoodNCPaperSou
1956Federal-Mogul Service ManufacturersKansas CityMOBearingsCB&Q
1947Federated Metals Div Am Smelting & Refining CoSt LouisMOindustrial railway metalsSLSF
1941Feeders Supply CoWewokaOKGrain/feedRI
1941Fehlig Bros Box & Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1947Fehling Bros Box Lumber CoSt LouisMObldg materialsStLTrfRy
1939Fehr Frank Brewing CoMemphisTNbeer distributorL&N
1965Feinberg Bros Iron & Metal Co.Kansas CityKSScrap MetalKCT
1990Feldspar CorpMc IntyreGAKaolinSou
1958Feldspar CorpBowditchNCFeldsparYRR (CC&O)
1956Feldspar CorpMinproNCFeldsparCC&O
1958Feldspar CorpSpruce PineNCFeldspar; sand, glass/ceramic/steelCC&O
1939Felice & CoCovingtonKYfruit/vegetablesL&N
1956Feller Lumber CoLeavenworthKSLumberCB&Q
1939Fenley's Model Dairy CoLouisvilleKYcreameryL&N
1990Fenton Rice CoopFentonLARiceMP
1950Ferebee-Johnson CoLynchburgVAMill supp dlr*C&O,N&W,Sou
1939Feree Pattern CoLouisvilleKYscreens/woodworkL&N
1947Ferer Aaron & SonsSt LouisMOscrap rag dealersMBT
1955Ferguson Flour & Feed CoSpringfieldMOflour, feedSLSF
1971Ferguson TrfrJohnson CityTNFurnCC&O
1939Ferncliff Feed & Grain CoLouisvilleKYfeed millL&N
1966Ferndale Mining Co Ferndale 1Elk Run JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1960Fernwood Box CoFernwoodMSPackaging matlFC&G
1956Ferrel A C Butane GasSavannahMOButaneCB&Q
1990Ferrell GasHutchinsonKSLPGSSW
1950Ferrell W ONew CastleVACoal ydC&O
1939Ferriss Warehouse & Storage CoPensacolaFLpublic warehouseL&N
1950Ferron H T CoCharlottesvilleVAReadymix cement, blocks*C&O,Sou
1950Fesenmeier Brewing CoHuntingtonWVBreweryC&O,B&O
1950Feuchtenberger BakeryAshlandKYBakeryC&O
1941Feuquay Grain CoBillingsOKGrain/feedRI
1940Feuquay Grain CoBillingsOKGrainRI
1941Feuquay Grain CoEnidOKGrain/feedRI
1941Feuquay Grain CoOkeeneOKGrain/feedSLSF
1950Fibre Board Contr Co sub Robt Gair CoRichmondVAPaper prods pltC&O
1939Fickett Brown Mfg CoAtlantaGAmfr brooms/mopsL&N
1939Fidelty Fruit & Produce CoAtlantaGAfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Field Packing Co IncOwensboroKYmeat, ice, creameryL&N
1990Fieldcrest CannonPhenix CityALTextilesSou
1990Fieldcrest CannonFieldaleVATextilesSou
1990Fieldcrest CannonKannapolisNCTextiles, towelsSou
1941Fields & NagleKomaltyOKRefineryRI
1990Fiesta Warehouse & DistSan AntonioTXLumberSP
1939Fillo BrosSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1990Fina Oil & ChemicalBayportTXPlastic pelletsSP
1970Fina Oil & ChemicalBig SpringTXPetr prodT&P
1990Fina Oil & ChemicalBrunsLAPlastic pelletsL&A
1990Fina Oil & ChemicalCarvilleLAPlastic pelletsSP
1990Fina Oil & ChemicalStrangTXPlastic pelletsSP
1955Finkbinder Trfr & Stg CoSpringfieldMOwhseSLSF
1965Fireside Marshmallow Mfg. Co.Kansas CityKSMarshmallow ManufacturersMP
1990Firestone Tire & Rubber CoPrescottARTiresP&NW (MP)
1956Firestone Tire & Rubber CoRussellvilleARTires & tubesMP
1955Firestone Tire & Rubber CoLake CharlesLATires & tubes*KCS,MP,SP
1942Firestone Tire & Rubber CoRoanokeVATires, auto suppliesVgn
1947Firestone Tire & Rubber CoSt LouisMOtiresWAB
1955Firestone Tire & Rubber CoWilsonNCTires & tubes*ACL,NS(old)
1990Firestone Tire & Rubber CoDallasTXTiresAT&SF
1956Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.Kansas CityMOTiresCB&Q-KCT
1956First ChemicalPascagoulaMSAnilineL&N
1990First ChemicalBaytownTXAnilineMP
1941Fischer Cement & Roofing CoLittle RockARdrain tile/sewer pipeRI
1947Fischer Chas F Coal CoBadenMOcoalWAB
1978Fischer Lime & Cement CoMemphisTNbagged lime, cementSLSF
1950Fish J T & CoLoganWVScrap iron ydC&O
1947Fisher Body - St Louis Div GMSt LouisMOautomobile bodiesMBT
1965Fisher Body Kansas City DivisionKansas CityKSAuto BodiesKCS-MP
1950Fisher J W JrLoganWVBldrs suppC&O
1995FitesaLinwoodNCpolypropylene pelletsNS
1942Fitzgerald Coal CoAltavistaVACoalSou,Vgn
1950Fitzgerald Lbr CoBalcony FallsVASawmillC&O
1939Fitzsimmons Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalTRRA
1947Fix Frank Fuel & Material CoJenningsMOcoal & bldg materialWAB
1965Fixtures Manufacturing Corp.Kansas CityKSRestaurant FixturesSLSF
1991Flammer J W CoPaulineKSFeed (wheat), baggedAT&SF
1950Flanagan Mrs C DLouisaVACoal ydC&O
1950Fleet C B CoLynchburgVADrug plt*C&O,N&W,Sou
1939Fleet Oil CoMiddlesboroKYpetroleum productsL&N/SOU
1950Fleiss E EIron GateVACoal ydC&O
1965Fleming CoKansas CityKSGroceriesCB&Q
1956Fleming Co TheN Kansas CityMOCd fruit, cd gds, cd juicesCB&Q
1956Fleming Co TheN Kansas CityMOCd meats, cd veg, cereal, flourCB&Q
1956Fleming Co TheN Kansas CityMOFruit, grooc, mxd fds. salt, sugarCB&Q
1950Fleming F FIrwinVACoal ydC&O
1950Fleming F FPembertonVACoal ydC&O
1956Fleming Wine CoKansas CityMOWineCB&Q
1956Fleming Wine CoKansas CityMOWineCB&Q
1939Flemming Transfer & Warehouse CoBirminghamALpublic warehouseL&N
1940Fletcher Coffee & Spice CoLittle RockARPeanutsRI
1955Fletcher GrainMarshallMOAnhydrous ammonia, feed, fertzGM&O
1955Fletcher GrainMarshallMOAlfalfa, barley, corn, milo, soybeans, wheatGM&O
1939Fletcher Wilson Coffee CoNashvilleTNpeanut shelling plantL&N
1947Flinn M L Paving CoSt LouisMOroad contractorsMP/ManRy
1950Flint Bowling SuppliesKellysvilleWVSports eqtNW*
1965Flint Casket Co.Kansas CityKSBurial CasketsKCT
1950Flint R LPettusWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1960Flintkote CorpMeridianMSRoofingSou,IC,GM&O
1990Flintkote CorpFt WorthTXWallboardAT&SF
1940Flook A L Grain CoGalvaKSGrainRI
1952Flora Sheckler South Haysi MineHaysiVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1939Florala Fair-Britton Grocery CoFloralaALgrain/feed dealerCofG
1939Florala Gin & Warehouse CoFloralaALcotton broker/dealerL&N/SOU
1939Florala Gin CoFloralaALfertilizerL&N
1939Florala Ice Cold Storage CoFloralaALcoalL&N
1939Florala Ice Cold Storage CoFloralaALmfr iceL&N
1939Florala Stock YardsFloralaALlivestockL&N
1939Florence Cotton MillsFlorenceALcotton weaving millL&N
1939Florence Ice & Coal CoFlorenceALmfr iceL&N
1939Florence Stove CoSt LouisMOstove dealersL&N
1939Florence Wagon WorksFlorenceALmfr farm wagonsL&N
1947Flori Pipe CoSt LouisMOwhlse cast iron pipeMBT
1956Florida DistillersLake AlfredFLAlcoholic beverage, ethyl alcoholACL
1990Florida Portland CementBrookvilleFLCementSAL
1956Florida Power & LightCrystal RiverFLCoalACL
1990Florida RockRomeGAStoneSou
1990Florida Rock CoMaconGAStoneSou
1960Florida SteelIndiantownFLSteel rebar (elec furnace)SAL
1950Flowers Baking CoMullensWVBakery suppliesNW*
1965Flowers Vegetable CoKansas CityKSGreenhouseCB&Q
1939Floyd Ben WMorganfieldKYpeachesIC
1941Floyd HatcheryWewokaOKGrain/feedRI
1950Flynn ForwardingSt LouisMOForwarderUNK
1990FMC ChemicalsSanta ClaraMXHydrogen peroxideFNM
1990FMC ChemicalsBayportTXHydrogen peroxideSP
1956FMC ChemicalsSpring HillWVHydrogen peroxideC&O
1976FMC CorpS CharlestonWVsodium caustic liqC&O
1970FMC Corp Amer Viscose DivNitroWVCellophaneNYC
1970FMC Corp Organic Chem DivNitroWVOrganic chemsNYC
1994Foamex LPMesquiteTXFoam wasteMP
1965Fogarty's Coal & Grain Co.St JosephMOCoal-GrainCB&Q
1939Foley Building & Supply CoFoleyALsawmillL&N
1965Folger Coffee Co.Kansas CityKSCoffeeKCS
1939Foltz Coal CoHumboldtTNcoalL&N
1941Fones Bros Hardware CoLittle RockARHardwares, paint, stoves whslRI
1941Fones Bros Hardware CoLittle RockARFurnitureRI
1939Food Sales CoAtlantaGAcanned goods/dried beans (food broker)L&N
1976Food Services DistGreenvilleSCWoodpulp dishes plates traysP&N
1970FordCuaututlanMXtrucks Ford f-250/f-350 pickups, f-650/f-750 cab/chassisFNM
1986FordHermosilloMXautos Ford Escort ZX2, FocusFNM
1988FordMonterreyMXautos Ford F-53 motor homeFNM
1939Ford & DukeGallatinTNredrying plantL&N
1947Ford AtlantaHapevilleGAautos Ford Taurus, Merc SableSou
1941Ford Co-op ExchangeFordKSPetroleum products, grain, feedRI
1940Ford Co-op ExchangeFordKSGrainRI
1965Ford J B Div Wyandotte Chem CorpKansas CityKSChemicalsMP-StLSF-UP
1951Ford KC SUVClayCoMoMOtrucks Ford Escape, Mazda TributeWab
1957Ford KC TruckClayCoMoMOtrucks Ford F-150Wab
1969Ford KY TruckLouisvilleKYtrucks Ford Excursion. F-250, F-350 pickups, F-450/550 cab/chassisL&N
1955Ford Motor CoMaitlandFLAutos & vehiclesACL
1955Ford Motor CoMcDonoughGAMotor veh supp & partsSou
1955Ford Motor CoO'BannonKYAutosL&N
1950Ford Motor CoPaintsvilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1956Ford Motor CoBerkeley (St. Louis)MOAutosWab
1956Ford Motor CoChantillyVAAutos & vehicles*C&O,Sou,RF&P
1976Ford Motor CoNorfolkVAauto bodt partsN&PBL,Vgn
1956Ford Motor CoNorfolkVAtrucks Ford F-150N&PBL,Vgn
1956Ford Motor CoKansas CityMOAuto partsCB&Q
1947Ford Motor CoRobertsonMOautos/trucksWAB
1955Ford Motor CoCharlotteNCMotor veh supp & parts*SAL,Sou
1956Ford Motor CoTabor CityNCAutosACL
1955Ford Motor CoTulsaOKFlat glass*AT&SF,MKT,MV,SLSF
1955Ford Motor CoCordovaTNAutos & vehiclesNC&StL
1978Ford Motor CoMemphisTNauto partsSLSF
1950Ford Motor CoNashvilleTNAuto GlassL&N
1955Ford Motor CoCarrolltonTXMotor veh supp & parts*SLSF,MKT,SSW
1955Ford Motor CoEl PasoTXMotor veh supp & parts, air cod eqt*AT&SF,SP,T&P
1955Ford Motor CoGalena Park (Houston)TXAutos & vehicles, partsSP
1955Ford Motor CoLaredoTXWarehousing & storageMP
1948Ford St LouisHazelwoodMOtruckss Ford Explorer, Merc Mountaineer, Lincoln AviatorWab
1955Ford TruckLouisvilleKYtrucks Ford Explorer, Ranger, Merc MountaineerL&N
1972Ford Wholesale Grocery CoFt SmithARproduce, grocSLSF
1950Ford Willis Coop CanneryColumbiaVACanning pltC&O
1946Ford's PotteryRaymondaleLACeramicsDL*
1970Fordyce Furn & Cabinet CoFordyceARFurn, churchSSW
1970Fordyce Lbr CoFordyceARLumberSSW
1940Fordyce Whsl Groc Store CoFordyceARGroc, whslRI
1939Foreign & Domestic Veneer CoKnoxvilleTNmfr veneerL&N
1941Forest Park Lbr & Supply CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1939Forest Products Chemical CoMemphisTNchemicalsL&N
1955Forester Chem CoSpringfieldMOchemsSLSF
1950Forge Mfg CoClifton ForgeVATextile pltC&O
1940Forgey Iron & Metal CoShawneeOKScrap metalRI
1939Fork Ridge Coal & Coke CoFork RidgeTNcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1990FormosaPoint ComfortTXEthylene glycol, ethylene oxidePC&N
1990Formosa PlasticsPoint ComfortTXChlorine, plastic pellets, NaOHPC&N
1990Formosa PlasticsBaton RougeLAPlastic pelletsIC
1972Fornman Lumber CoFayettevilleARlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1965Forrester Cut Stone Co.Kansas CityKSStoneSLSF
1939Fort Hartford Coal CoBishnorKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1990Fort Worth Pipe SupplyFt WorthTXPipeAT&SF
1941Fort Worth Poultry & Egg CoFort WorthTXeggs/poultryRI
1941Fort Worth Sand & Gravel CoFort WorthTXsand/gravelRI
1950Fose Bros CoCovingtonKYBldrs suppC&O
1947Foster Bros Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr bed springsWAB
1950Foster R W & M BGladstoneVACoalC&O
1950Foster R W & M BGladstoneVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Foster Thornburg Hdw CoHuntingtonWVWhsl hdwC&O
1956Foster-Dixiana Sand CoColumbiaSCSand*ACL,SAL
1947Fouke Fur Co (Sealskin Plant)St LouisMOfursMP
1881Fowler Bros (National Packing Co) 1881Kansas CityMOLardvarious
1941Fowler Equity ExchangeFowlerKSCoalRI
1941Fowler Equity Grain CoFowlerKSPetroleum products, grain, feedRI
1978Fowler Mud Service IncRustonLAOilwell drilling mudRI
1970Fox Bros Hdw CoPine BluffARHdw, bldg matl, plbg suppSSW
1941Fox Bros Mfg CoSt LouisMOmillworkManRy/SLSF,TRRA
1939Fox Grocery CoLewisburgTNwhlse groceries, sugarNC&StL
1939Fox Iron & Metal CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Fox Peter & Son CoNashvilleTNpoultry/eggsL&N
1939Fox Peter & Son CoHopkinsvilleKYpoultryL&N
1939Fox Peter Son CoHopkinsvilleKYpoultryL&N
1939Fox Ridge Coal Co Hanby MineHanbyKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1995Foxworth-Galbraith LumberSaginawTXTileFW&D
1978Fraenkel Whsl Furn CoMemphisTNfurnitureSLSF
1952Fraley Coal CoSt PaulVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Fraley Dearing MotorsWaylandKYAuto dlrC&O
1950Frampton D B & CoGarrisonKYTiesC&O
1950Frampton D B & CoLouisaKYTie dlrC&O
1950Frampton D B & CoRoyaltonKYSawmillC&O
1950Frampton D B & CoRushKYSawmillC&O
1950Frampton D B & CoKenovaWVLbr & forest prods*C&O,B&O,N&W
1990France StoneGreencastleALStoneCSXT
1939Frankfort Equipment CoFrankfortKYfarm implementsL&N/F&C
1939Frankfort Ice & Coal CoFrankfortKYcoalL&N/F&C
1939Frankfort Ice & Coal CoFrankfortKYmfr iceL&N/F&C
1950Franklin Bldg & Supply CoLexingtonKYBldg matl*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1941Franklin County Oil CoUnionMOPetroleum productsRI
1939Franklin Ice CoFranklinTNmfr iceL&N
1990Franklin Lime CoNolanvilleTXLimeAT&SF
1939Franklin Limestone CoFranklinTNlimestoneL&N
1939Franklin Limestone CoNashvilleTNbldg materialsL&N
1965Franklin Research Distributors Inc.Kansas CityKSFloor Wax-CleanersKCT
1939Franklin Tobacco Warehouse CoFranklinTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1939Frazier E M CoLindenALmfr table & chair stockSLSF
1947Frazier-Davis Construction CoHowardMOsteel erectorsMP
1941Fred CasterlineDodge CityKSSeed, coalATSF
1972Fredonia Coop AssnFredoniaKSbulk fertilizerSLSF
1941Freeburg Roller MillFreeburgMOGrain/feed, fertzRI
1940Freeburg Roller MillsFreeburgMOFlour, grainRI
1976Freeport Kaolin CoGordonGAclay slurry, bulk, bagsSou
1990Freezer ServicesGarden CityKSMeatsAT&SF
1941Freidman's Pipe & Metal CoEldoradoARoil well supply houseRI
1956Freightliner CorpClevelandNCTrucksSou
1956Freightliner CorpGastoniaNCTrucks*P&N,Sou
1990Freightliner CorpMt HollyNCTrucks*P&N,SAL
1956Freightliner Custom Chassis CorpGaffneySCBus chassisSou
1950French G RussellCharlestonWVBldg supp dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1978French R T CoSpringfieldMOcayenne peppers, boxes, bottlesSLSF
1978French R T CoSpringfieldMOtomato paste, mustard seedSLSF
1950Frick CoCharlestonWVMach plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1941Frick-Reid Supply CoEldoradoARoil well supply houseRI
1941Frick-Reid Supply HouseOlneyTXoil well supply houseWF&S
1950Fricke Pie & Baking CoHuntingtonWVBakery*C&O,B&O
1947Friend Hide & Fur CoSt LouisMOhides & fursMP
1972Friend Tire Co.MonettMOtiresSLSF
1940Friesen Grain CoInmanKSGrainRI
1941Friesen Grain Co TheInmanKSGrain/feedRI
1950Frigid Stg CoHuntingtonWVStg whse*C&O,B&O
1939Frissell C T Distributing CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1990Frito-LayHerefordTXWheat, cornAT&SF
1947Fritz Geo J Foundry & Machine CoSt LouisMOspecial machineryManRy
1976FRM IncOrlandoFLbags of talc tailings*ACL,SAL
1972Frontier Bag CoGrandviewMOplastic pelletsSLSF
1978Frontier Steel CorpTulsaOKsteel girders, plateSLSF
1950Frost Coal & Fuel CoHamptonVACoal ydC&O
1950Fruend AugustKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1947Fruin-Colnon Contracting CoCollopy SpurMOcontractorSLSF
1939Fruit & Produce ExchangeMemphisTNfruit/vegetablesL&N
1941Fruit Dispatch CoWichitaKSfruits/vegetablesRI
1950Fruit Growers CoopCrozetVACoal, flour, feed, seed, hay, basketsC&O
1939Fruit Supply CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1976Fry Div Owens Corning FiberglassJacksonvilleFLbags of talc tailings*ACL,SAL,FEC
1956Fry Lloyd A Roofing CoKansas CityMORoofingCB&Q
1965Fry Lloyd A Roofing Co.Kansas CityKSRoofingCB&Q
1941Fry-Fulton Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA,MP
1965Frye Asphalt Co.Kansas CityKSPaving MaterialKCS-KCT
1976Frye Copy SystemsDecaturGArolls carbonizing paperGa
1956Fryogas Co TheKansas CityMOLPGCB&Q
1941Ft Cobb ElevFt CobbOKGrain/feedRI
1940Ft Cobb ElevFt CobbOKGrainRI
1939Ft Negley MillsNashvilleTNfeed millL&N
1940Ft Worth Paper CoFt WorthTXBoxesRI
1940Ft Worth Poultry & Egg CoFt WorthTXPoultry, eggsRI
1972Ft. Smith Rim & Bow CoFt SmithARlumberSLSF
1972Ft. Smith Rim & Bow CoFt SmithARwooden barrelsSLSF
1947Fuel Oil CoMaplewoodMOfuel oilStLB&T
1947Fuel Oil Co of St LouisSt LouisMOfuel oilWAB
1950Fuel Process CoS CharlestonWVChem pltC&O
1965Fuller Brush Co.Kansas CityKSBrooms-BrushesUP
1950Fulton Bag & Cotton MillsAtlantaGABags, textilesGa,L&N
1965Fulton Bag & Cotton MillsKansas CityKSBagsK&MR&T
1939Fulton Bag & Cotton MillsSt LouisMOcotton & burlap bagsMBT
1955Fulton Fire Brick CoFultonMOFirebrick, clayGM&O
1947Fulton Iron Works (Wellston Plant)St LouisMOmfr machineryWAB
1941Fulton Wassell Paper CoLittle RockARpaper whslMP
1950Funk Lbr CoStauntonVASawmill*C&O,CW
1939Funkhouser R J & Co IncBolivarGAcoalL&N
1939Funkhouser R J & Co IncBolivarGApetroleum productsL&N
1939Funkhouser R J & Co IncBolivarGAslate (quarry)L&N
1939Fuqua Cotton CoHumboldtTNcotton broker/dealerM&O
1996Furman LumberStaffordTXTileSP
1976Furn Shippers AssocN HickoryNCFurnitureSou
1990Furniture Brands IntlThomasvilleGAFurn bedroom, dining roomACL
1978Furniture CenterMemphisTNfurnitureSLSF
1965Fyrogas CoKansas CityKSLP GasCB&Q
1950G & G Coal CoNewport NewsVACoal ydC&O
1966G.B.'s Coal Mine G B 3RupertWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1972G.J. Marr Material CoCubaMOcoalSLSF
1960GA PacificGlosterMSLumber,plywoodICG,Sou
1960GA PacificLouisvilleMSLumberGM&O
1960GA PacificTayklorsvilleMSLumberIC
1960GA PacificWigginsMSLumberIC
1976Ga Pacific CorpMinnetaGAPine Plywood NativeSou
1976Ga-Tenn Mining & ChemWrensGAGround Clay - Bagged NOIBN SL&CSou
1997GacomeEagle PassTXSteel sheetSP
1939Gadsden Hardware CoGadsdenALwhlse hardwareL&N
1939Gadsden Ice & Fuel CoGadsdenALmfr iceL&N
1939Gadsden Iron CoGadsdenALcast iron pipeL&N
1939Gadsden Marble & Granite CoGadsdenALmarble/granite worksL&N
1939Gadsden Scrap Material CoGadsdenALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1990GAF CorpLancasterSCFiberglassLa&Ch
1947Gaines Hardwood Lumber CoSt LouisMOlumberCB&Q/MBT/StLTrfRy
1939Gallatin Coal & Lumber CoGallatinTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1939Gallatin Ice & Coal CoGallatinTNmfr iceL&N
1939Gallatin Live Stock Auction Market IncGallatinTNlivestock dealerL&N
1939Gallatin Tobacco Loose Leaf FloorGallatinTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1956Gallo WineMadisonMSWineSou
1956Gallo WineIrvingTXWineFW&D
1956Gallo WineOrlandoFLWine*ACL,SAL
1990Gallo WineBaton RougeLAWineL&A
1960Galloway Bros Feed & SeedElsberryMOGrainCB&Q
1956Galloway Bros Feed & Seed CoElsberryMOAntifreeze, chems, dog foodCB&Q
1956Galloway Bros Feed & Seed CoElsberryMOFeed, fertz, seedCB&Q
1941Ganahl LumberSt LouisMOLumberTRRA,Wab
1990Ganahm SA (Mexican)Eagle PassTXCoil steel (steel sheet)SP
1941Gano Grain CoFowlerKSGrain/feedRI
1940Gano Grain CoFowlerKSGrainRI
1939Gantt Turpentine CoFloralaALnaval storesL&N
1941Garber Co-op AssociationGarberOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Garber Milling CoGarberOKfeedRI
1939Garden City Heading CoGarden CityALmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1939Gardiner-Warring CoFlorenceALclothing mfrSOU
1941Gardner Coal & Ice CoHutchinsonKSCoalRI
1950Gardner Milling CoWaynesboroVAFeed mill*C&O,N&W
1946Gargle Oil CoDonaldsonLAPetr prodsDL*
1990Garland InsulationGarlandTXInsulationAT&SF
1990Garland Lumber & CabinetsGarlandTXLumberAT&SF
1976Garland Norris Co.MethodNCWoodpulp dishes, plates or traysSou
1956Garner Oil CoKansas CityMOPetroleum productsCB&Q
1950Garrett Lbr CoGarrettKYLbr, sawmillC&O
1950Garst Jack & SonBarbours CreekVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Garst Jack & SonNew CastleVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1956Garvey ElevatorFreeportKSBarleyMP
1969Garvey ElevatorKansas CityMOgrainSLSF
1990Garvey ElevatorSilicaKSBarleyAT&SF
1956Garvey ElevatorsConway SpringsKSBarleyMP
1990Garvey ElevatorsHoraceKSWheatMP
1990Garvey ElevatorsHutchinsonKSBarley, wheatAT&SF
1990Garvey GrainWichitaKSMilo, barleyAT&SF
1972Gas ServiceWichitaKSliqified petroleumSLSF
1965Gas Service CoKansas CityKSGas Stoves-HeatersGM&O
1939Gasden Hardware CoGadsdenALfarm implementsL&N
1939Gaseteria IncLouisvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Gasteria IncLexingtonKYBulk gas & oil*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1969Gate City Petroleum CoKansas CityMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1960Gatesville Gravel CoGatesvilleMSAggregatesGM&O
1990Gateway GrainWashingtonMOGrainMP
1950Gathright C AMaidensVACoal ydC&O
1950Gauley Motor CoMontgomeryWVAuto dlrC&O
1966Gauley Mountain Coal Co Rich Creek 2Rich Creek JctWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1950Gaw Chas SWaynesboroVAPublic whse*C&O,N&W
1966Gay Realty Co McGayeLoganWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990Gaylord ContainerBogalusaLAPaper wasteIC
1990Gaylord ContainerGarlandTXFiberboardAT&SF
1947Gaylord Container CorpSt LouisMOpaper boxesManRy
1960Gaylord Container Div Crown-Zellerbach CorpBogalusaLAPaper, waste paperGM&O,IC
1965Gaylord Contr Corp Div Crown-ZellerbachKansas CityKSPaper BoxesKCT
1950GE CoCharlestonWVElec prods whseNYC
1950GE Co KY Glass WorksLexingtonKYGlass prods plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1978GE Co Mphs Lamp WksMemphisTNsandSLSF
1970GE CorpJonesboroARElec motors, fractional HPSSW
1950GE Supply CoLexingtonKYElec prods whse*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950GE Supply CoRichmondVAElec appl dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1941Geary Mill & Elevator CoGearyOKfeedRI
1941Geary Mill & Elevator CoHitchcockOKfeedRI
1950Geddys Fuel incEwellVACoal ydC&O
1939Gedge Oil CoButlerKYpetroleum productsL&N
1941Geiger & Adams CoLittle RockARSugar whlserRI
1956Geiger A M Cement CoLeavenworthKSClay, coal, gypsumCB&Q
1956Geiger A M Cement CoLeavenworthKSCement, tileCB&Q
1965Geiger A. M Cement Co.LeavenworthKSTile-CementCB&Q
1965Geiger Red-E Mix Co.LeavenworthKSMixing PlantMP
1941Geis MillEnidOKfeedRI
1947Geldback Petroleum CoSt LouisMOoil/gasolineMP
1965General Alum Smltg Co US By-prod CorpKansas CityKSMetalsMP
1976General American CorpHearneTXBad order tank carTP
1939General Asbestos & Supply CoLouisvilleKYasbestos productsL&N
1972General Baking CoWichitaKSflour, salt, sugar, cornmealSLSF
1965General Box Co Forrester-Nace DivKansas CityMOBoxesKCS-MP-StLSF
1976General Box Div c/o Warrenton NCWarrentonNCLbrWar (SAL)
1976General Box Div c/o Warrenton NCWarrentonNCBases, Production Pattern and Stock (crated)War (SAL)
1976General Box Div c/o Warrenton NCWarrentonNCcrates, palletsWar (SAL)
1956General Cable CoKansas CityMOCableCB&Q
1939General Cable CorpSt LouisMOmfr cableMBT
1939General Candy CoSt LouisMOmfr candyL&N
1947General Carloading Co IncSt LouisMOpool car distributorMP
1990General Coal CoAppalachiaVACoalInt
1990General Electric ApplianceAppliance ParkKYRefrigerators, applL&N
1939General Electric CoBirminghamALelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1941General Electric CoLittle RockARelectrical machinery/suppliesRI
1972General Electric CoWichitaKSappliancesSLSF
1956General Electric CoKansas CityMOAppliancesCB&Q,KCT
1978General Electric CoSpringfieldMOappliancesSLSF
1947General Electric CoSt LouisMOelectric motors & transformersIT
1978General Electric CoTulsaOKappliancesSLSF
1978General Electric CoMemphisTNappliancesSLSF
1990General Electric Spec ChemicalMorgantownWVChemsMonong
1956General Electric Supply CoKansas CityMOElectrical suppliesCB&Q-UP
1947General Engineering CoSt LouisMOmfr special machineryMP
1947General Fireproofing CoSt LouisMOoffice suppliesTRRA
1990General FoodsTopekaKSPet food, canned food, food prodUP
1972General Gas CoLebanonMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1941General Grain CoEnidOKGrain/feedRI
1941General Grain CoHydroOKCoalRI
1941General Grain CoWatongaOKGrain/feedRI
1940General Grain CoWatongaOKGrainRI
1978General Grocer CoSpringfieldMOproduce, grocSLSF
1939General Grocer CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesTRRA
1965General Heating & Cooling Co.Kansas CityKSHeating-Cooling SystemsMILW
1939General Iron & Steel CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerStLTrfRy
1965General Marine Co.St JosephMOBoatsStJB
1947General Materials CoSt LouisMOconstruction materialsSLSF
1947General Meat CoSt LouisMOpacking house productsWAB
1947General Metal Products CoSt LouisMOsteel stampingsMP
1941General MillsHydroOKfeed, grainRI
1956General MillsJohnson CityTNWheatCC&O
1956General MillsJohnson CityTNFlour, feedCC&O
1956General MillsCovingtonGAMixed foods*CofG,Ga
1956General MillsKippKSWheatMP
1990General MillsTopekaKSWheatUP
1947General Mills IncSt LouisMOgrocersMBT
1940General Mills incOklahoma CityOKFlourRI
1940General Mills Southwestern DivLittle RockARFlour, grist, feedRI
1994General MotorsBrownsvilleTXAuto partsSP
1947General Outdoor Advertising CoSt LouisMOoutdoor advertisingWAB
1956General Petroleum CoSt JosephMOPetroleum prods, gasolineCB&Q
1972General Portland CementFredoniaKScementSLSF
1940General RefractoriesBelleMOClayRI
1976General Serv. Adm.NorfolkVAPrinting PaperNPB
1953General Shale Prod CorpKingsportTNBrickCC&O
1990General TireDallasTXTiresAT&SF
1956General Tire & Rubber CoKansas CityMOTiresCB&Q
1965General Warehouse Co.Kansas CityKSWarehouseKCS-StLSF
1939General Waste Trading CorpSt LouisMOscrap paper/rags, wipersStLTrfRy
1940Genl Atlas Carbon CoGuymonOKCarbon black (Pelletex)RI
1942Genl Baking CoNorfolkVABakery suppliesN&W
1950Genl Cigar CoHuntingtonWVCigar factory*C&O,B&O
1950Genl Dept StoresBeckley JctWVWhsl grocC&O
1950Genl Dept StoresHuntingtonWVWhsl genl mdse*C&O,B&O
1950Genl Dept Stores Whse #97Mt CarbonWVGenl storeC&O
1975Genl Foods Electric Cooker DivSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1965Genl Foods Sales Div. Genl Foods CorpKansas CityKSFood ProductsMP-StLSF-UP
1990Genl Latex & Chem CorpCharlotteNCLatex cmpds, polyurethane prods*NS,P&N,SAL,Sou
1990Genl Latex & Chem Corp div Dow Chem CoDaltonGALatex, polyeurethane chems (carpet backing)*NC&StL,Sou
1990Genl Mills Gold Medal FlourKansas CityMOFlour, feedKCT*,MP
1942Genl Nut CoNorfolkVANutsN&W
1950Genl Refractories CoChristyKYClay mineC&O
1950Genl Refractories CoGrahnKYClay mineC&O
1950Genl Refractories CoHaldemanKYBrick kilnC&O
1950Genl Refractories CoHitchensKYBrick kilnC&O
1950Genl Refractories CoOatsKYClay mineC&O
1950Genl Refractories CoOlive HillKYBrick kilnC&O
1950Genl Whsl CorpRichmondVADry gds, notions*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1941Gentry Grease & Oil CoEnidOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Gentry Oil CoEnidOKPetroleum productsRI
1940Gentry ProduceChickashaOKEggs, poultryRI
1941Gentry Severance Lumber CoOklahoma CityOKLumber/building productsRI
1941Geo E Gano Grain CoPlainsKSCoalRI
1941Geo E Gaus Oil CoFowlerKSPetroleum productsRI
1947George P D CoSt LouisMOmfr paintWAB
1950Georgetown Galleries incHuntingtonWVFurn factory*C&O,B&O
1976Georgetown ManorMiamiFLnew wood furnitureSAL
1995Georgia GulfAllemaniaLAphenolMP
1990Georgia GulfAllemaniaLAAnhydrous ammonia, methyl alcoholMP
1990Georgia GulfAllemaniaLASodium chlorate, NaOH, plastic pelletsMP
1990Georgia GulfLake CharlesLAFertilizerMP
1990Georgia GulfPlaquemineLAPhenolMP
1956Georgia GulfJoplinMOFertilizerCB&Q
1956Georgia GulfGallmanMSPlastic pelletsIC
1956Georgia GulfPasadenaTXLPGSP
1956Georgia KaolinDry BranchGAKaolin clay, bulk, bagsMD&S (SAL)
1995Georgia KaolinSandersvilleGAclayNS
1976Georgia Kaolin ClayKaolinGAGround clay in bulkSAN
1976Georgia Kaolin Co.KaolinGAClay & water mixed not exc 70% solidsSAN
1982Georgia KraftMeadGAPaperSou
1956Georgia MarbleGantts QuarryALMarble, lime, slurryL&N
1956Georgia MarbleTateGAMarble prods, slurryL&N
1956Georgia MarbleThomasvilleGAMarble, slurryACL
1939Georgia Marble CoNelsonGAmarble (quarry)L&N
1956Georgia PacificCrossettARWaxAD&N (RI,MP)
1956Georgia PacificCrossettARPlywood, paper prod, toilet paperAD&N (RI,MP)
1956Georgia PacificFordyceARLumber, plywood, chips*A&LM,AD&N,RI,MP
1990Georgia PacificPalatkaFLFiberboardSou
1976Georgia PacificDurandGAplywoodSou
1990Georgia PacificMonticelloGALumberSou
1976Georgia PacificRussellvilleGAParticle BoardSCL
1990Georgia PacificBlue RapidsKSWallboardUP
1956Georgia PacificLillieLAParticle boardRI
1995Georgia PacificMonroeLAPlywoodMP
1990Georgia PacificMonroeLAPlywoodMP
1990Georgia PacificTecificTXWallboardAT&SF
1990Georgia PacificBig IslandVAFiberboardC&O
1990Georgia PacificBrooknealVALumberVgn
1956Georgia PacificMt HopeWVLumberC&O
1978Georgia PacificSpringfieldMOlumber, plywoodSLSF
1976Georgia PacificAsheboroNCCorrugated Boxes - FlatCar&NW (Sou)
1976Georgia PacificPlymothNCLumberACL
1976Georgia PacificRussellvilleSCParticleboardSou
1978Georgia PacificMemphisTNplywoodSLSF
1995Georgia PacificFt WorthTXPlywoodSP
1990Georgia Pacific (1990)AugustaGALumberSou
1976Georgia Pacific CorpLithoniaGApulpboard, bundlesGa
1976Georgia Pacific CorpPort GardnerLAPulpwood, hardwoodL&A
1976Georgia Pacific CorpZacharyLAPulpwood, hardwoodL&A
1976Georgia Pacific CorpConwayNChardboardSAL
1976Georgia Pacific Corp.JonesNCPine plywood, nativeSCL
1976Georgia Pacific Corp.ViennaGAPaperACL
1976Georgia Pacific PlywoodSavannahGAwood, lam w/veneerSou
1939Georgia Paper Stock CoAtlantaGApaper stock dealerL&N
1939Georgia Paper Stock CoAtlantaGAjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Georgia Power CoAtlantaGAelectric utilityL&N
1939Georgia Power CoAtlantaGAelectrical machinery/supplies, stovesL&N
1976Georiga Pacific CorpAcmeTXGypsum Wallbd 4x8FWD
1941Gephart Filling StationPeabodyKSPetroleum productsATSF
1941Gerald Feed StoreGeraldMOGrain/feedRI
1960Gerald Grain CoGeraldMOGrainNLD*
1960Gerald Oil CoGeraldMOGasoline, lube oilRI,NLD*
1941Gerald Roller MillsGeraldMOPetroleum productsRI
1941Gerald Roller MillsGeraldMOfeedRI
1990Gerber Baby WearLumbertonNCTextilesV&CS
1956Gerber Baby WearPelzerSCTextilesP&No (SAL,CC&O)
1990Gerber Baby WearBallingerTXTextilesSP
1990Gerber ProductsQueretaroMXCanned goodsFNM
1990Gerber ProductsAshevilleNCCanned goodsSou
1995Gerber ProductsFt SmithARCanned baby foodKCS
1965Gerber Products Co.St JosephMOBaby FoodsCGW
1947Gereke-Allen Carton CoSt LouisMOpaper cartonsMBT
1965Gereke-Allen Carton Co., Wholesale Div.St JosephMOPublic WarehouseRI
1939Gernert Bros Lumber CoLouisvilleKYplaning millL&N
1990Gerogia GulfDonaldsonvilleLAFertilizerMP
1939Gerst Brewing CoNashvilleTNbreweryL&N
1965Getchell Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co.St JosephMOLaundryCGW
1990Getty Oil CoAbileneKSGasolineAT&SF
1941Geyer & Adams CoLittle RockARGroceriesRI
1950Giannini Lbr CoMontgomeryWVBldrs suppC&O
1971Giant WhslJohnson CityTNCd gds, grocSou
1990Gibbon LumberKansas CityMOLumber, bldg matlKCT*
1941Gibbs Bros CooperageHot SpringsARCooperageMP
1939Gibbs Commission CoNashvilleTNlivestock dealerL&N
1950Gibson Oil CoMaysvilleKYBulk gas & oil*C&O,L&N
1939Gibson Seed CoParisTNseed dealer, fertz, farm impltsNC&StL
1950Gibson Whsl Groc CoLexingtonKYWhsl groc*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1939Gideon-Anderson Lumber CoSt LouisMOmfr staves/hoops/heading,cooperage,lbrStLTrfRy,TRRA
1990Gifford-Hill-AmericanVictoriaTXConcrete pipeSP
1990Gifford-Hill-AmericanGrande PrairieTXCement, steel plateMP
1990Gifford-Hill-AmericanGrande PrairieTXConcrete pipeMP
1990Gifford-Hill-AmericanHoustonTXConcrete pipeSP
1990Gifford-Hill-AmericanLubbockTXConcrete pipeAT&SF
1939Gilbert CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Gilbert Groc CoMaysvilleKYWhsl groc*C&O,L&N
1950Gilbert Stg & Trfr CoLynchburgVAWhse*C&O,N&W,Sou
1970Gilchrist Bag CoCamdenARGarment bagsSSW
1947Gillerman Gus I & M CoSt LouisMOscrap ironStLTrfRy
1939Gillerman Iron & Metal CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Gillette Grain CoNashvilleTNgrain dealerL&N
1950Gilley Oil & Refining CoHaroldKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gillum EmeryAshlandKYPHPC&O
1941Gilman & KosterLittle RockARfruits/vegetablesMP
1972Gilman FeedJoplinMOfeedSLSF
1960Gilman Paper CoSt MarysGAPaper kraft, corrugatedStM (SAL)
1976Gilman Paper CoSt. MarysGApaper, wrapping noibnStM (SAL)
1976Gilman Paper CompanyKingslandGAPaper Bags on PalletsStM (SAL)
1950Gilmore Lbr & Constr CoPrestonKYCoal, lbr ydC&O
1939Gilreath J Hugh Hardware CoCartersvilleGAfarm implements, whsl hdwL&N
1947Ginn J RSt LouisMOlinseed oil/turpentineMP
1950Gissel Packing CoHuntingtonWVPacking house*C&O,B&O
1947Gittins G W Clay Prods CoMaryland HtsMOclay productsRI
1956Glacko Central Co Div Ecko ProdsKansas CityMOMetal productsCB&Q
1950Glamorgan Pipe & Fdy CoLynchburgVAFdy*C&O,N&W,Sou
1950Glasgens J & H CoNew RichmondKYTextile pltC&O
1950Glasgow Brewing CoNorfolkVABrewery*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1955Glasgow Sand CoGlasgowMOSandGM&O
1950Glass JeromeHitchensKYFeed, fertzC&O
1956Glastic CorpKansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1939Glazer Iron & Metal CoKnoxvilleTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1950Gleason H M CoCharlottesvilleVAImplt dlr*C&O,Sou
1939Glenmore Distilling CoOwensboroKYdistilleryL&N
1978Glenstone Block CoSpringfieldMOsand, lime, cementSLSF
1978Glenview Coal CoMemphisTNcoalSLSF
1976Glidden Durkee Div SCMJacksonvilleFLRosin Oil*ACL,SAL,FEC
1947Glidden Paint CoSt LouisMOpaintMP
1950Glo Sales CoWaylandKYAuto dlrC&O
1950Glo White Chem CoHuntingtonWVChem prods plt*C&O,B&O
1941Globe Envelope CoOklahoma CityOKEnvelopesRI
1941Globe Oil & Refining CoMcPhersonKSRefineryRI
1990Globe RefractoriesKenilworthWVRefractory brickPRR
1976Globe TicketOrlandoFLprinting paper*ACL,SAL
1966Glogora Coal Co Blue Pennant 15Elk Run JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1976Glove Co IncOrmewood StaGAWaste Paper C/LAWP
1941Glover Oil CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsRI
1950Glover Packing CoHernandoMSmeat prodIC
1950Glover Packing CoAmarilloTXmeat prod*RI,FWD,ATSF
1939Glueck E HSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1981GMRamos ArizpeMXautos Buick Rendezvous, Pontiac AztekFNM
1994GMSilaoMXtrucks Chev Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Cad EscaladeFNM
1979GMOklahoma CityOKautos Chev Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Isuzu AscenderAT&SF
1947GMDoravilleGAautos Chev Venture, Pontiac Montana, Olds SIlhouetteSou
1981GMBowling GreenKYautos Chev Corvette, Cadillac XLRL&N
1978GMShreveportLAautos Chev S10, GMC Sonoma, Chev ColoradoS
1965GM Buick Motor Div PartsKansas CityKSAuto partsUP
1965GM Buick-Olds-Pontiac AssyFairfax (KC)KSAutosMP
1965GM Chevrolet-Kansas City DivLeeds (KC)MOAutos (Malibu, Monte Carlo)MP,KCS
1956GM CorpHazelwoodMOAutos (Chevrolet, Chevette, lt trucks) & partsSLSF
1955GM CorpBrookhavenMSEngine electrical eIC
1955GM CorpClintonMSParts & accessoriesIC
1955GM CorpJacksonMSWarehousing & storage*IC,GM&O
1956GM CorpJuarezMXParts & accessoriesFNM
1956GM CorpSilaoMXAutosFNM
1960GM CorpCharlotteNCAutos & vehicles*SAL,Sou
1956GM CorpCharlotteNCAir cond eqptSou
1955GM CorpDuncanSCParts & accessoriesSou
1955GM CorpArlingtonTXtrucks Chev Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Cad EscaladeT&P
1955GM CorpEl PasoTXEngine electrical eqt, parts*AT&SF,SP,T&P
1956GM CorpFt WorthTXAutos & vehiclesSP
1956GM CorpHoustonTXAutos & vehiclesSP
1955GM CorpIrvingTXAutos & vehicles*RI,FW&D,SLSF
1955GM CorpLaredoTXMotor veh supp & partsMP
1955GM CorpFredericksburgVAMotors & generatorsRF&P
1955GM CorpMartinsburgWVMotor veh supp & partsB&O
1955GM CorpAthensALParts & accessoriesL&N
1955GM CorpCottondaleALWarehousing & storageSou
1955GM CorpGadsdenALNonferrous wire*L&N,NC&StL,Sou
1955GM CorpTuscaloosaALParts & accessories*GM&O,L&N,Sou
1956GM CorpJacksonvilleFLEngines, parts*ACL,SAL,FEC
1955GM CorpTampaFLAutos & vehicles*ACL,SAL
1960GM CorpW Palm BeachFLAutos & vehicles*FEC,SAL
1955GM CorpAlbanyGAEngine electrical e*ACL,CofG,SAL
1956GM CorpDoraville (Atlanta)GAAutos (Malibu, Mone Carlo, Cutlass, El Camino)Sou
1956GM CorpLakewodd (Atlanta)GAAutos (Chevette, lt trucks) & partsSou
1955GM CorpOlatheKSEngine electrical e*AT&SF,SLSF
1955GM CorpMonroeLAVehicle lighting eq*KCS,IC,MP
1956GM CorpNew OrleansLAWarehousing & storageNOPB
1955GM CorpReisor (Shreveport)LAAutosMP
1990GM CorpShreveportLATrucks, pickup*IC,KCS,SSW,MP
1956GM Corp Delco Products DivKansas CityMOAuto partsCB&Q
1990GM de MexicoBrownsvilleTXAuto partsSP
1955GM Delco ElectronicsBrownsvilleTXSpecialized whsgSP
1956GM Delphi ElectricMatamorosMXParts & accessoriesFNM
1955GM Delphi ElectricWichita FallsTXEngine electrical e*FW&D,MKT
1956GM DeltronicsMatamorosMXParts & accessoriesFNM
1987GM FairfaxKansas CityMOautos Pontiac Grand Prix, Chev MalibuUP
1956GM Frigidaire Sales CorpKansas CityMOAppliances, refrigCB&Q
1955GM Oldsmobile DivIrvingTXAutos & vehicles*RI,FW&D,SLSF
1965GM Parts DivKansas CityKSAuto PartsKCS-MP
1956GM Pontiac DivAtlantaGAAutos & vehiclesSou
1956GM Pontiac DivMemphisTNAutos & vehicles*IC,L&N,RI,SSW,SLSF
1956GM Pontiac DivHoustonTXAutos & vehiclesSP
1955GM Pontiac DivIrvingTXAutos & vehicles*RI,FW&D,SLSF
1990GM SaturnSpring HillTNautos Sat S series, Vue, IonS
1983GM TruckWentzvilleMOtrucks Chev Express, GMC SavanaWab
1994GM TruckTolucaMXtrucks Chev, GMC cab/chassis C SeriesFNM
1965GM Truck & Coach DivKansas CityMOAuto PartsUP
1965GM United Motors Service DivKansas CityKSAuto PartsUP
1996GNB TechnologiesE ColumbusGASalt cakeNS
1990GNB TechnologiesEast ColumbusGASodium sulfateSou
1990GNI-Corpus Christi FactoryCorpus ChristiTXWaste chemicalsTxMx
1939Gobble Lumber CoDecaturALsawmillSOU
1939Goddard Grocer CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1965Goetz M.K Brewing Co.Kansas CityMOBeveragesKCT
1965Goetz, M. K., Brewing Co.St JosephMOBreweryCGW
1978Gold Bond Div Natl GypsumMemphisTNgypsum boardSLSF
1990Gold Kist IncValdostaGAPeanutsSou
1975Gold Kist IncSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1950Goldberg CoRichmondVAFurn dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1965Goldblatt Tool Co.Kansas CityMOHand ToolsKCT
1947Goldburg I R Plumbing & Supply CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesWAB
1950Golden Dream Food CorpAshlandKYCoffee roasters, food prodC&O
1990Golden PeanutAshburnGAPeanutsSou
1950Golden West Foods IncBedfordVAmeat prodN&W
1941Goldenstein Pipe & Supply CoPonca CityOKoil well supply houseATSF
1950Goldman Paper Stock CoRichmondVAScrap paper*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Goldring N CoPensacolaFLwhlse liquors, beerL&N
1994Goldstsons MAlexander CityALWaste ragsNS
1939Goltsman Ben RMontgomeryALwinesL&N
1939Goodfellow Lumber CoSt LouisMOlumberMBT,TRRA
1941Goodfellow Lumber CoSt LouisMOMillworkMBT,TRRA
1939Goodin Lumber & Coal CoLebanonKYcoalL&N
1965Goodjohn Sash & Door Co.LeavenworthKSSash-DoorsMP
1950Goodman Elec CoNorfolkVAElec appl dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1950Goodman Hdw CoNewport NewsVAHdwC&O
1965Goodman Pipe & Supply Co.Kansas CityMOPipe-PlumbingKCT
1990Goodpasture GrainLubbockTXWheatAT&SF
1990Goodrich B FCalvert CityKYDicyclopentadieneIC
1990Goodrich B F ChemicalCalvert CityKYSodium hydroxide, chlorineIC
1956Goodrich B F ChemicalLouisvilleKYVinyl chloride monomer, tiresSOU
1972Goodrich B F CoWichitaKScarbon black, rubberSLSF
1972Goodrich B F CoWichitaKStiresSLSF
1947Goodrich B F Tire & Rubber CoSt LouisMOtires & mechanical suppliesMP
1965Goodrich B. F Co.Kansas CityMOTires-TubesUP
1995Goodrich ChemicalCalvertKYSodium HydroxideIC
1976Goodwill Ind-Suncoast IncSt PetersburgFLRags-Bales Mixed Institution Packed*ACL,SAL
1955Goodwin Grocer Co Cliff BMarshallMOGroceriesGM&O
1939Goodwyn Crockery CoMemphisTNcrockery/dishes/glasswareL&N
1939Goodyear Decatur MillsDecaturALTire cord & fabric, textilesL&N
1956Goodyear Roofing & HeatingLeavenworthKSRoofingCB&Q
1965Goodyear Roofing & HeatingLeavenworthKSRoofingCB&Q
1939Goodyear Service CoBirminghamALpetroleum productsL&N
1955Goodyear Tire & RubberCalhounGAFabricated rubber prodNC&StL
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberCartersvilleGATire cord & fabric, textiles*L&N,NC&StL,SAL
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberMorrowGATires & tubesCofG
1990Goodyear Tire & RubberTopekaKSCarbon blackMP
1990Goodyear Tire & RubberTopekaKSTiresMP
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberFayettevilleNCTires & tubesACL
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberLawtonOKTiresSLSF
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberLawtonOKSilica productsSLSF
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberSpartanburgSCTread rubberSou
1955Goodyear Tire & RubberUnion CityTNTires & tubes*GM&O,NC&StL
1990Goodyear Tire & RubberBayportTXAcetoneSP
1955Goodyear Tire & RubberCheekTXSynthetic rubberAT&SF
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberGreenvilleTXTires & tubes*L&A,MKT,SSW,SP
1955Goodyear Tire & RubberHoustonTXSynthetic rubberSP
1990Goodyear Tire & RubberSincoTXAcetoneSP
1955Goodyear Tire & RubberTylerTXTires & tubes*MP,SSW
1956Goodyear Tire & RubberDanvilleVATires & tubes*Atl&Dvl,Sou
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoRadfordVATread rubberN&W
1950Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoRichmondVATires (whse)*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoGadsdenALtiresL&N
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoHuntsvilleALTires (Dunlop)*NC&StL,Sou
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoSocial CircleGATread rubberGa
1956Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoHannibalMORubber hosesCB&Q
1947Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoSt LouisMOtires & mechanical suppliesWAB
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoAsheboroNCTire cord, steelCar&NW (Sou)
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoSpring HopeNCConveyor beltsACL
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoStatesvilleNCTire moldsSou, Alexander
1990Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoBeaumontTXSynthetic rubber, hydrocarbon resins*KCS,MP,GC&SF,SP
1965Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co Inc.Kansas CityMOTires, tubesCB&Q-KCT-StLSF
1960Goodyear Tire CoNatchezMSTiresIC
1939Gordon & FriedbergerColumbianaALcotton broker/dealer, whseL&N/SOU
1947Gorman Coal CoBrentwoodMOcoalStLB&T
1965Gorman'sKansas CityMOFurnitureMP
1965Gorzik Paul Co.Kansas CityMOScrap SteelK&MR&T
1950Goshorn Hdw CoCharlestonWVWhsl hdw*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Goshorn J O CoMemphisTNfarm implementsL&N
1939Goslin Birmingham Mfg CoBirminghamALfoundry, mach shopL&N
1976Goudchaux - Henderson SugarReserveLASugar refd pkgdLATT
1965Gould National Batteries Inc.LeavenworthKSBatteriesMP
1942Gowing D H Veneer CoPortsmouthVAWood veneersN&PBL
1976Grace & Co W RKearneySCvermiculite, in bagsC&WC
1947Grace Sign & Mfg CoSt LouisMOroad signsManRy
1990Grace W RAikenSCKaolinSou
1990Grace W RHoustonTXLignin liquorSP
1990Grace W RHoustonTXGlueSP
1994Grace W RHoustonTXLignin liquorSP
1990Grace W RBartowFLPhosphateSAL
1956Grace W RMulberryFLPhosphate*ACL,SAL
1939Gracey F P & BrosClarksvilleTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1950Gracie & SonHuntingtonWVMonumentsC&O
1950Gragg & TallmanDurbinWVCoal ydC&O
1976Graham Jones PaperEdgewoodFLpaper towelsACL
1941Graham Mill & Elevator CoMegargelTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Graham Mill & Elevator CoOlneyTXfeed, grainRI
1941Graham Mill & Elevator CoRendhamTXfeed, grainRI
1941Graham Mill & Elevator CoSeymourTXfeed, grainRI
1956Graham Paper CoKansas CityMOPaperCB&Q
1939Graham Paper CoSt LouisMOpaperTRRA
1939Graham Paper CoSt LouisMObagsTRRA
1947Grain Feed MillsSt LouisMOgrain/feedMP
1990Grain ProceesingKansas CityMOLiquor byproductSSW
1997Grain ProcessingKansas CityMOGrain mash feedSSW
1951Gramlin Market CoChesneeSCPeachesCC&O
1976Grand Union CoMiamiFLPulpbd or wdpulp plates & dishesSAL
1941Grandfield Gin CoGrandfieldOKGrain/feed, coalMKT
1972Grandview Bldg MatlGrandviewMOlumber , plywoood, gypsum bdSLSF
1947Granite Bituminous Paving CoSt LouisMOstreet pavingWAB
1942Granite MemorialsRoanokeVACut stoneN&W
1976Granite MountainSweet HomeARSandMP
1976Granite Mountain QuarriesDrury SpurARStone, bulk riprapMP
1976Grant ChemIrenaLASodium sulfite, wasteL&A
1941Grant-Billingsley Fruit CoWichitaKSfruits/vegetablesRI
1950Grapette Bottling CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1970Grapette CoCamdenARSoft drinks (Grapette)SSW
1939Grapevine Coal Con Grapevine MineMadisonvilleKYcoal tons/dayL&N/IC
1947Grasso Bros Coal CoGrasso SpurMOcoalMP
1950Grasty H E & BrosOrangeVACoal*C&O,Sou
1950Grasty H E & BrosOrangeVASaw & planing mill*C&O,Sou
1950Gravely Waynesboro CoWaynesboroVAImplt dlr*C&O,N&W
1950Gravely WV IncSpring HillWVGarden tractor dlrC&O
1942Graves-Humphreys Hardware CoRoanokeVAHdwN&W
1950Gravins W F CoRichmondVAButter, egg, cheese dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1970Gravis Cement CoLaynaARCement, aggregatesSSW
1941Gravois Planing Mill CoSt LouisMOLumberManRy,TRRA
1947Gravois Planing Mill CoSt LouisMOmillworkManRy,TRRA
1939Gray & Dudley CoNashvilleTNmfr stovesL&N
1950Gray & Owens CoAugustaKYCement block pltC&O
1942Gray Bros Excelsior CoJarrattVAExcelsiorVgn
1939Gray Knox Marble CoKnoxvilleTNmarble/granite worksL&N
1950Gray Lbr CoOyster PtVASaw & planing millC&O
1972Gray Oil Co.NeodeshaKSoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1942Graybar Elec CoNorfolkVAElec suppliesC&O
1941Graybar Electric CoOklahoma CityOKelectrical machinery/suppliesRI
1939Graybar Electric CoBirminghamALelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1965Graybar Electric Co Inc.Kansas CityMOElectrical AppliancesSLSF
1978Graystone Quarry CoSpringfieldMOlimestoneSLSF
1947Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesWAB
1939Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea CoNashvilleTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1965Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.Kansas CityMOGroceriesUP
1965Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.Kansas CityMOProduceKCT
1990Great Lakes CarbonKremlinOKCarbon productsMP
1990Great Lakes ChemicalEl DoradoARBromineED&W (MP,RI)
1976Great Sou Paper CoHiltonGARolls, Pulpboard NOIBNSou
1990Great Southern Paper CoCedar SpringsGAPaperCIRR
1990Great Southern PlywoodCedar SpringsGAPlywoodCIRR
1965Great Western Manufacturing Co.LeavenworthKSImplements-MachineryCB&Q
1956Great Western Mfg CoLeavenworthKSFarm machy, impltsCB&Q
1956Great Western Paint Mfg CoKansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1956Great Western Sugar TerminalSt LouisMOSugar, bulk, liquidCB&Q
1956Great Western Sugar TerminalSt LouisMOSugar, bulk, liquidCB&Q
1947Greater St Louis Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalWAB
1939Greeley Stone CoRussellvilleKYstone (quarry)L&N
1969Green A P Fire Brick CoKansas CityMObrickSLSF
1990Green A P IndEllisvilleMSBricksIC
1990Green A P IndBessemerALBricksB&S
1950Green Bag Cement CoLawtonKYLimestone shipperC&O
1990Green Bay PackagingLittle RockARSalt cakeSSW
1956Green Bay PackagingPerryARFiberboardRI
1990Green Bay PackagingCarbondaleOKPkg matlTSU
1960Green Bros Gravel CoGeorgetownMSAggregatesGM&O
1939Green County Milling CoGreensburgKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Green Foundry CoSt LouisMOfoundryMBT
1956Green Ind A PThomasvilleGABricksACL
1990Green Industries A PLittle RockARBricksMP
1955Green L A Seed CoSpringfieldMOseedSLSF
1939Green River Pipe Line CoMunfordvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Green Silvers Coal CoMalcomsonKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1947Greenbriar Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalWAB
1950Greenbriar Market IncN CaldwellWVLivestock mktC&O
1950Greenbriar Milling CoAldersonWVHay, bldrs suppliesC&O
1950Greenbriar Milling CoAldersonWVFlour, feed, seedC&O
1950Greenbrier Valley Live Stock Mktg AssnRonceverteWVLivestock dlrC&O
1950Greenup Milling CoGreenupKYFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Greenville Ice CoGreenvilleALcoalL&N
1939Greenville Ice CoGreenvilleALgrist mill, iceL&N
1952Greer Clintwood Coal Co Greer MineMullinVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1952Greer Clintwood Coal Co Holly Creek MineHolly CreekVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Greer Lbr CoFarmerKYSawmillC&O
1951Greer Peach CanneryChesneeSCEmpty cans, sugar, waterCC&O
1951Greer Peach CanneryChesneeSCPeaches, cannedCC&O
1965Greer, J.J., Co.St JosephMOContractors SuppliesCB&Q
1939Greever Motor SalesNortonVAautosL&N
1941Gregory-Robinson & SpeasLittle RockARvinegar whslRI
1982Greif Bros CorpTuckerGAFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticSAL
1982Greif Bros CorpPlaquemineLAFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plastic
1982Greif Bros CorpAlloyWVFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticNYC
1982Greif Bros CorpNew MartinsvilleWVFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticB&O
1982Greif Bros CorpWestonWVFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticB&O
1982Greif Bros CorpBladenboroNCFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticSAL
1956Greif BrothersWinchesterKYFiberboard*C&O,L&N
1956Greif BrothersWinchesterKYContainers*C&O,L&N
1956Greif BrothersHuntingtonWVFiberboard*C&O,B&O
1956Greif BrothersHuntingtonWVContainers*C&O,B&O
1947Griesedieck Bros Brewing CoSt LouisMObeerMP/ManRy
1978Griesemer Stone CoSpringfieldMOlimestoneSLSF
1940Griffin Groc CoWilburtonOKGroc, whsl, sugarRI
1941Griffin Grocery CoHoldenvilleOKSugar whlserRI
1950Griffin Pie CoS CharlestonWVBakeryC&O
1965Griffin Wheel CoKansas CityMORailway Car WheelsKCS-KCT
1941Griffin Wholesale Grocery CoOklahoma CityOKsugar/syrup whsl, grocRI
1941Griffith Brokerage CoWichitaKSsugar brokerRI
1950Griffith Provision CoDownsKSmeat prodMP
1950Grimm G GBrentKYCoal, bldrs suppliesC&O
1939Grimm G G Lumber & Coal CoNewportKYcoalC&O
1947Grinnell CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesSLSF
1956Grinnell Co IncKansas CityMOPipeCB&Q
1939Grobmyer Coal & Lumber CoCarrolltonKYgrain/feed dealer, coal, fertzL&N
1950Groc Baking CoLexingtonKYBakeryC&O
1939Grocer Baking CoBowling GreenKYbakeryL&N
1939Grocers Baking CoLouisvilleKYbakeryL&N
1947Grocers Warehouse Co No 2St LouisMOwarehouseMBT
1941Groseclose Grain CoWaurikaOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1975Gross FoundryClintwoodVAI&S castingsV&O*
1939Grossman Iron & Metal CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerStLTrfRy
1950Grote Mfg CoCovingtonKYMetal prods pltC&O
1940Grovers GinShawneeOKCottonRI
1950Grt A & P Tea CoHuntingtonWVWhsl groc*C&O,B&O
1939Gruber Paul F CoMemphisTNmfr box/cratesL&N
1941Gruner Philip & Bros Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1990Grupo IdesaCoatzacoalcosMXEthanolamine, ethylene glycol, oxideFNM
1990Grupo IdesaCoatzacoalcosMXPhthalic anhydride, plastic pelletsFNM
1990Grupo PrimexAltamiraMXPhthalic anhydrideFNM
1950Grymes Oil CorpShadwellVABulk gas & oilC&O
1990GS Roofing Prod.Little RockARRoofing materialsMP
1956GS Roofing Prod.CharlestonSCRoofing materials*ACL,SAL
1976GSA Supply Dist FacilityDuluthGAPaper towelsSou
1976GSA Supply Dist Facility c/o Sav St DocksSavannahGAPaper towels s/fold*ACL,SAL
1976GSA Supply Dist. FacilitySavannahGAWoodpulp dishes, plates or trays*ACL,SAL
1976GSA Supply Dist. FacilityFranconiaVAPaper TowelsRFP
1990GST Inc.Kansas CityMOScrap ironMP
1990GTE Automatic ElectricDallasTXCableAT&SF
1956Guardian IndustriesMineral WellsMSFiberglassSLSF
1947Guenther Salt CoSt LouisMOsaltMP
1947Guidicy Marble & Tile CoSt LouisMOmarble & tileMP
1956Guignard Brick CoCayceSCBricksSAL
1990Guilford Mills IncGreensboroNCTextiles dyed, finishedSou
1990Guilford Mills IncLumbertonNCKnitted fabrics*SAL,V&CS
1965Guinn Hide & Fur Co.St JosephMOHides-WoolCGW
1950Gukf Refining CoStauntonVABulk gas & oil*C&O,CW
1947Gulf Carloading CoSt LouisMOpool car operatorMP
1946Gulf Coal & Coke CoGiniaLACoalDL*
1971Gulf OilJohnson CityTNGasolineCC&O
1972Gulf Oil CoHarrisonvilleMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Gulf Oil CoFayettevilleARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1941Gulf Oil CoForrest CityARPetroleum productsRI
1970Gulf Oil CoLaynaARPetr prodSSW
1972Gulf Oil CoPensacolaFLoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1972Gulf Oil Co.Ft SmithARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Gulf Power CoPensacolaFLpolesSLSF
1939Gulf Refining CoAndalusiaALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoDecaturALpetroleum productsSOU
1939Gulf Refining CoFloralaALpetroleum productsL&N/CofG
1939Gulf Refining CoGreenvilleALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoMontgomeryALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoSamsonALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoSelmaALpetroleum productsL&N
1941Gulf Refining CoEldoradoARRefineryRI
1941Gulf Refining CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsRI
1941Gulf Refining CoNewportARPetroleum productsMP
1941Gulf Refining CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsSSW
1939Gulf Refining CoDe Funiak SpgsFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoPensacolaFLpetroleum products (bulk storage)SLSF
1939Gulf Refining CoCartersvilleGApetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoBardstownKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoBereaKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoCarrolltonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoFrankfortKYpetroleum productsL&N/F&C
1950Gulf Refining CoGulfcoKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Gulf Refining CoHarlanKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoIrvingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Gulf Refining CoLexingtonKYBulk gas & oilCNO&TP
1939Gulf Refining CoLouisvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoMadisonvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoMorganfieldKYpetroleum productsIC
1950Gulf Refining CoMt SterlingKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Gulf Refining CoMunfordvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Gulf Refining CoOlive HillKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Gulf Refining CoOwensboroKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Gulf Refining CoPrestonsburgKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoShelbyKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1941Gulf Refining CoRustonLAPetroleum productsRI
1939Gulf Refining CoGulfportMSpetroleum productsIC
1939Gulf Refining CoPascagoulaMSpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoCopperhillTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoFranklinTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoGallatinTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoLa FolletteTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoMaryvilleTNpetroleum productsSOU
1939Gulf Refining CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Gulf Refining CoSpringfieldTNpetroleum productsL&N
1941Gulf Refining CoBowieTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Gulf Refining CoJacksboroTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Gulf Refining CoOlneyTXPetroleum productsWF&S
1941Gulf Refining CoSeymourTXPetroleum productsRI
1950Gulf Refining CoCharlottesvilleVABulk gas & oil*C&O,Sou
1950Gulf Refining CoCovingtonVABulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoE LexingtonVABulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoBeckley JctWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Gulf Refining CoRainelleWVBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1960Gulf States Creosoting CoFlowoodMSTreated lumberIC,GM&O
1960Gulf States Creosoting CoHattiesburgMSTreated lumberSou
1960Gulf States Creosoting CoMeridianMSTreated lumberSou,IC,GM&O
1960Gulf States Creosoting CoN GulfportMSTreated lumberIC
1960Gulf States Paper CoTuscaloosaALPaperGM&O,L&N,Sou
1976Gulf States Paper CorpDemopolisALPulpboard, rollsSou
1939Gulf States Paper CorpHoltALmfr wrapping paper bags & pulpboardL&N
1939Gulfport Coal CoGulfportMScoalIC
1939Gulfport Creosoting CoMobileALcreosoting plantL&N
1939Gulfport Feed CoGulfportMSgrain/feed dealer, seed, farm impltsL&N
1939Gulfport Fertilizer CoGulfportMSmfr fertilizerIC
1939Gulfport Ice CoGulfportMSmfr iceIC
1939Gulfport Lumber & Coal CoGulfportMScoalIC
1939Gulfport Scrap Material CoGulfportMSjunk scrap iron & metal dealerIC
1950Gullett C Lbr CoFarmerKYFlooringC&O
1941Gully Refining CoShawneeOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Gumm Distributing CoLittle RockARStovesRI
1939Gunn Ice Cream CoPensacolaFLice creamL&N
1965Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMORailroad MaterialUP
1950Guthrie Morris & Campbell CoCharlestonWVDry goods, notions*C&O,B&O,NYC
1947Gutman Ben Truck Service CoSt LouisMOfreight haulers & pool car distributorsIT
1972Guy's Nuts & Potato Chip CoWichitaKSpotatoesSLSF
1950Guyan Chevrolet IncAshlandKYAuto dlrC&O
1950Guyan Color & Chem WorksHuntingtonWVChem plt*C&O,B&O
1950Guyan CreameryHuntingtonWVDairy*C&O,B&O
1950Guyan Distr CoLoganWVBeer distrC&O
1950Guyan Eagle Coal Co 5KellyWVCoal, bituminousC&O
1950Guyan Lbr CoW HamlinWVLbr & bldrs supp ydC&O
1966Guyan Logan Coal Co G F B MinePecks MillWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Guyan Machy CoLoganWVMine machy pltC&O
1950Gwinn Bros & CoHuntingtonWVFlour & feedC&O
1960H & B Lumber CoSevierNCLumber (in & out)CC&O
1947H P Coffee CoSt LouisMOcoffeeMBT
1947Haas JohnSt LouisMOcoalMP
1939Haas-Lieber Grocery CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1940Hacker A H Grain CoAlineOKGrainRI
1947Hacker O F WhseSt LouisMOhidesMP
1939Hackney H T CoAthensTNgrain/feed dealer, fruit, veg, sugar, fertzL&N/SOU
1939Hackney H T CoHarlanKYwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Hackney H T CoJellicoKYfertilizer, sugarL&N
1940Hackney I & S CoEnidOKSteel tanksRI
1990Hackney Iron & SteelWoodTXScrap metalAT&SF
1939Hackney Jellico CoMiddlesboroKYgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fertz, sugarL&N/SOU
1950Haden Chesley A CoCrozetVAFruit shipperC&O
1947Hadley Bros & UhlMaplewoodMOplating oilsStLB&T
1947Haefle Hide & Tallow CoSt LouisMOhide & tallowMP
1956Hafner Grocery CoHannibalMOCd fruit, cd gds, cd juicesCB&Q
1956Hafner Grocery CoHannibalMOCd meats, cd veg, cereal, flourCB&Q
1956Hafner Grocery CoHannibalMOFruit, grooc, mxd fds. salt, sugarCB&Q
1960Hafner Grocry CoHannibalMOFoodsCB&Q
1947Hagar C & Sons Hinge Mfg CoSt LouisMOhingesManRy
1941Hagel Ice & Coal CoAtchinsonKSCoalRI
1976Hailey TransferHickoryNCFurnitureSou
1950Haislip Baking CoLoganWVBakeryC&O
1950Hajoca CorpStauntonVAPlbg whse*C&O,CW
1990Hale CementHaleTXCementAT&SF
1941Hale-Halsell Grocery CoHoldenvilleOKfruits/vegetables, groc whsl, sugarRI
1976Haley Transfer & Storage Inc.High PointNCFurnitureSou
1976Haley Trfr for Furn Shprs AssnN HickoryNCFurnitureSou
1947Halitosine CoSt LouisMOantiseptics & cosmeticsMP
1939Hall & DavisShelbyvilleKYsawmillL&N
1956Hall Bros IncKansas CityMOPrinting paperCB&Q
1956Hall Bros IncKansas CityMOPrinted matter, waste paper, greeting cardsCB&Q
1939Hall Creek Coal CoBloctonALcoal tons/dayL&N
1950Hall EdgarBannerKYCement block pltC&O
1972Hall Grocery CoMonettMOfood productsSLSF
1965Hall Lumber Co.SavannahMOLumber-Posts-Building MaterialsCGW
1939Halliburton Oil Well Cementing CoOwensboroKYacidL&N
1950Hamer J P Lbr CoKenovaWVSawmill*C&O,B&O,N&W
1950Hamer J P Lbr CpMt CarbonWVSawmillC&O
1950Hamer Lumber CoKelly ViewVALumberInt
1939Hamilton Bros CoGulfportMSplumbing suppliesIC
1950Hamilton Paper CoRichmondVAWaxed paper prods plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1946Hamm & Berger Meat PackersDonaldsonLAMeat prodDL*
1939Hamm Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1965Hamm's Distributing Co.St JosephMOBeveragesUT
1965Hamm-Singer Corp.Kansas CityMOBeveragesKCS
1947Hammer Dry Plate CoSt LouisMOphoto platesManRy
1976Hammon Business FormsVintonVAPrinting PaperNW
1970Hammond Bag CoPine BluffARPaper bagsSSW
1950Hammond Coal CoCovingtonVACoal ydC&O
1939Hammond Iron CoLabucoALcoal tons/dayL&N
1956Hammond Sheet Metal CoSt LouisMOSheet metalCB&Q
1972Hamolka Grain ElevatorEllsworthMOsoybeans, wheat, cornSLSF
1990Hampel Oil Dist.WarrensburgMOPetr prodMP
1950Hampton Box CoHamptonVASawmillC&O
1976Hampton Hardwood Corp.Newport NewsVAMoulding, wood, unfinishedC&O
1942Hampton Roads Paper CoNorfolkVAPaperN&W
1971Hampton Roads TractorNorfolkVACraneN&W
1950Hampton Scrap Metal CoHamptonVAScrap ydC&O
1939Hamrick E HCartersvilleGAfruit/vegetables, whsl grocL&N
1939Hancock Tobacco Loose Leaf FloorGallatinTNtobacco warehouseL&N
1939Hancock-Cooper Loose FloorHopkinsvilleKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1947Handlan IncSt LouisMOrailway suppliesMP
1990Hankins LumberQuitmanMSWood chipsSou
1941Hanna & CoEldoradoARFarm implementsRI
1978Hanna Lumber CoTulsaOKlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1939Hanna Mfg CoNashvilleTNmfr handlesL&N
1939Hannibal Edw Ice & Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMBT
1956Hannibal Oil CoHannibalMOPetroleum productsCB&Q
1956Hannibal Produce CoHannibalMOFruit, potatoes, produceCB&Q
1950Hannon J MorrisFishersvilleVAFruit shipperC&O
1946Hap. Hazard Packing CoDonaldsonLAFruit, vegsDL*
1950Happy Hall Lbr CoMiltonWVBldrs suppC&O
1939Harbeson Lumber CoDe Funiak SpgsFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1950Harbison-Walker Refractories CoSilicaKYClay mineC&O
1940Harbison-Walker Refractory CoOwensvilleMOClayRI
1950Harbison-Walker Reractories CoOlive HillKYBrick kilnC&O
1982Harborlite (1982)VicksburgMSPerliteIC
1990Harborlite Corp.VicksburgMSPerliteIC
1990Harborside Refrigerated SvcHoustonTXButterSP
1947Hardboard Fabricators IncSt LouisMOfabricate masonite productsWAB
1940Hardeman King & CoOklahoma CityOKGrainRI
1941Hardeman King CoOklahoma CityOKFertilizerRI
1941Hardeman Milling CoMcAlesterOKFertilizerRI
1941Hardeman Milling CoMcAlesterOKfeedRI
1939Hardesty & Mahar Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1947Hardesty Wm & Kenneth Mahar Coal DealersSt Louis CtyMOcoalStLB&T
1939Hardin County Milling CoElizabethtownKYgrain/feed dealerIC
1950Harding Coal CoStauntonVACoal yd*C&O,CW
1975Harding Wood ChipsElm GroveVAWood chipsV&O*
1939Hardison W HLewisburgTNmachinery dealer, seed, coalNC&StL
1939Hardison W T & CoNashvilleTNsand/gravelL&N
1947Hardwell Wm TMaplewoodMOgas/oilStLB&T
1950Hardy Salt CoSt LouisMOSalt bagsMP
1950Hardyman J FMaysvilleKYBldrs supp*C&O,L&N
1939Harford CoSt LouisMOpaper dealerL&N
1972Hargis Lime CoLebanonMOlime, bags, bulkSLSF
1939Harlan Central Coal Co Totz MineTotzKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Harlan Corp Benito MineBenitoKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Harlan Fruit CoHarlanKYgrain/feed dealer, seed, fruit, vegL&N
1939Harlan Ice & Refrigeration CoHarlanKYmfr iceL&N
1939Harlan Industrial Collieries Co Dower MineDowerKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Harlan Lee & Refrigeration CoHarlanKYcoalL&N
1939Harlan Wallins Coal Corp Marne MineMarneKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Harlan Wallins Coal Corp Sanborn MineSanbornKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Harlow J B Grocery CoDecaturALwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1950Harman L EIvyVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1971Harmon Ice & CoalJohnson CityTNCoalCC&O
1950Harper & AgnorLexingtonVACoal, feed, seed, flour, hayC&O
1950Harper E A & CoMorrisonVABldrs supp, grocC&O
1950Harper W WMarlintonWVSawmillC&O
1958Harris ClaySpruce PineNCClay, groundCC&O
1939Harris Coal CoColumbiaTNcoalL&N
1942Harris Hardwood Flooring CoRoanokeVAFlooringN&W
1971Harris Mfg CoJohnson CityTNLbrCC&O
1971Harris Mfg CoJohnson CityTNFlooringCC&O
1939Harris Transfer & Warehouse CoBirminghamALpublic warehouseL&N
1947Harris Wool & Fur CoSt LouisMOwool, furMBT,L&N
1947Harrison Lumber & Hardware CoSt LouisMOlumber/hardwareWAB
1947Harrison Radiator Div GMCSt LouisMOcar radiatorsMBT
1960Harry Harris Lumber CoBurrtonKSlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1960Harry Harris Lumber CoBurrtonKSpipeSLSF
1941Harry HunterOkarcheOKGrain/feedRI
1939Harsh K G Phosphate CoNashvilleTNchemicalsL&N
1950Harshburger Milling CoMiltonWVFlour & feed millC&O
1939Hart Coal CorpMorton's GapKYcoalL&N
1939Hart Coal Corp Moss Hill MineMortons GapKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Hart Coal Corp Victoria No 11MonarchKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Hart Coal Corp Victoria No 9MonarchKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Hart W T & SonsElizabethtownKYcoalL&N
1950Harter Trfr CoCovingtonVAWhseC&O
1947Hartford CoSt LouisMOpaperTRRA
1939Hartley Boiler WorksMontgomeryALfoundryL&N
1939Hartman Fruit & ProduceSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Hartselle Grocery CoHartselleALwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Hartsville Oil CoHartsvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1976Hartz Mtn Prdts CorpWrensGAGround ClaySou
1990Harvest Queen ElevatorPlainviewTXWheatAT&SF
1940Harvey Coal CoHarveytonKYCoal, bituminousL&N
1956Harvey Electric Supply CoKansas CityMOAppliancesCB&Q
1966Harvey Sales Co West GilbertGilbertWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Harvey W M Coal & supply CoNewportKYCoal, bldrs supp*C&O,L&N
1950Harwood BrosRichmondVAPaint plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1990Hase PetroleumHoustonTXWaxSP
1950Hasendeubel Grocery CoSt LouisMOCantalopes, onions, canned tomatoesManRy
1950Hasendeubel Grocery CoSt LouisMOCanned VegetablesManRy
1939Hassell & Parkes IncIron CityTNmfr hardwood flooring, planing millL&N
1939Hassell Lumber CoCollinwoodTNsawmill & planing millL&N
1947Hassendeubel Grocery CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesManRy
1950Hastings & Crew Lbr CoWinchesterKYCoal & lbr yd*C&O,L&N
1939Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal CoNewportKYcoalL&N
1947Hauptmann Peter Tobacco CoSt LouisMOtobacco & liquorsManRy
1941Hauserman Grain CoWhite CityKSCoalRI
1950Hausman Packing CoBrownsvilleTXmeat prod*MP,SP
1952Hawkins Bros Coal CoElkhorn CityKYCoal, bituminousCC&O
1978Hawkins Milling CoSpringfieldMOanimal feedMP
1950Hawkins Tie & Lbr CoLouisaKYTies, lbrC&O
1950Hawkins Tie & Lbr CoVanceburgKYTiesC&O
1966Hawks Nest Mining Co BoonesboroCotton HillWVCoal, steamC&O
1966Hawks Nest Mining Co Kimberly 1Mt CarbonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1941Hawley Lumber CoHerringtonKSPaints, coalMP
1939Hawthorn Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1939Haydon Coal & Oil CoSpringfieldKYcoalL&N
1947Hayes Adhesives CoSt LouisMOmfr adhesive tapeMBT
1947Hayes Freight LinesSt LouisMOfreight truckingMP
1950Hazel-Atlas Glass CoMill CreekOKSilica SandSLSF
1950Hazel-Atlas Glass CoWheelingWVBottle CapsUNK
1972Heade ElevatorCrockerMOsoybeans, corn, wheatSLSF
1956Healy Coop ElevatorHealyKSWheatMP
1950Hearne John CoCatlettsburgKYCement block pltC&O
1965Heart of America Packing Co Inc.Kansas CityMOProduce freshKCS
1995Heartland CementIndependenceKSCementMP
1990Heartland MillGarden CityKSGrainMP
1990Heartland MillGarden CityKSProcessed FlourMP
1950Hearty-VA IncFishersvilleVAFruit shipperC&O
1947Heat Master Furnace Oil CoSt Louis CtyMOfuel oilStLB&T
1950Heath W J & SonNorwoodVASawmill, pulpwood shipperC&O
1950Heath W J & SonRivervilleVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1956Heaven Hill DistilleryLouisvilleKYWhiskeyPRR
1940Hedley Whsl Groc CoWewokaOKGroc, whsl, sugarRI
1950Hedrick BrosRushKYMine prop shipperC&O
1939Heidelberg Brewery CoMontgomeryALbreweryL&N
1950Heidelberg Brewing CoCovingtonKYBreweryC&O
1947Heil Packing Co (23rd St Team Track)St LouisMOmeat packersMP
1939Heimansohn LuiClarksvilleTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealer, hidesTC
1947Heinecke Coal & Supply CoSt LouisMOcoal/bldg materialsMP
1947Heinrichsmeyer H Feed CoCarondeletMOfeedMP
1947Heintz Steel & Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr steelCB&Q
1956Heinz H J CoKansas CityMOCanned goodsCB&Q
1947Heinz H J CoSt LouisMOfood productsWAB
1950Heinz H J CoNorfolkVACd gds dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1947Helfrich Wm Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMP
1950Hellier Coal & Coke CoHillierKYBeehive coke pltC&O
1950Hellman Lbr CoCovingtonKYBldrs suppC&O
1950Helme Geo W CoLynchburgVATobacco whse*C&O,N&W,Sou
1960Hemmover Coal & Transfer CoHannibalMOCoal, bituminousCB&Q
1939Hempstead Oil & Storage CoMobileALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Henderson Baker Lumber CoMyrtlewoodALsawmillL&N
1939Henderson Brewing CoHendersonKYmfr iceL&N
1939Henderson Elevator CoHendersonKYgrain/feed dealerL&N/IC
1939Henderson Gravel CoFlomatonALsand/gravelL&N
1939Hendricks-Staebler Tar & Oil CoLouisvilleKYroad materialsL&N
1956Henitz Steel & Mfg CoSt LouisMOSheet steelCB&Q
1941Henley Farmers ExchangeHenleyMOGrain/feed, fertzRI
1940Henley Farmers ExchangeHenleyMOGrainRI
1996Hennington Cold StorageStilwellOKFrozen chickensKCS
1950Henrico Lbr CoWilliamsburgVASaw & planing millC&O
1976Henry Lee CoMiamiFLPaper toilet, tissue cleansingSAL
1939Hensgen-Peters-Smith CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1950Henson S BTrevilianVASaw & planing millC&O
1950Herbert Cold Stg & Ice CoCrozetVACoalC&O
1950Herbert Cold Stg & Ice CoCrozetVAIce, cold stg pltC&O
1976Hercules IncHerculesVARosinSCL
1976Hercules IncHopewellVACotton Linters PulpSAL
1976Hercules IncSavannahGARosin sizing, drumsSou
1976Hercules IncW SavannahGARosin Sizing - BaggedSou
1990Hercules Inc.BaxleyGAResinsSou
1990Hercules Inc.BrunswickGAResinsACL
1939Hercules Powder CoMc AdoryALmfr high explosivesL&N
1939Hercules Powder CoMcAldoryALaluminum nitrateL&N
1950Hercules Powder CoBrunswickGAResins*ACL,Sou
1956Hercules Powder CoCosgroveMOChemicalsCB&Q
1956Hercules Powder CoCosgroveMOExplosivesCB&Q
1960Hercules Powder CoGulfportMSExplosivesIC,Sou
1939Hercules Powder Co (Paper Makers Chem Div)PensacolaFLnaval stores distillation plant, chemsL&N
1950Hercules Powder Co.HattiesburgMSResinsIC,MSC
1955Hereford J B & BrosOdessaMOMerchandise, shoesGM&O
1940Herget H GPattersonARCooperage, hoops, staves, headingRI
1947Herkert & Meisel Trunk CoSt LouisMOmfr trunksCB&Q
1950Herman Sausage CoTampaFLmeat prod*ACL,SAL
1939Hermann Oak Leather CoSt LouisMOmfr harness leatherMBT
1939Hermitage Coal CoNashvilleTNcoalL&N
1939Hermitage Portland Cement CoNashvilleTNcement plantL&N
1976Herndon J E CoEmoreeSCRags old scrap bagging cut & torn for conv into fiber onlySCL
1941Herring Oil CoPlainsKSPetroleum productsRI
1978Herrman LumberSpringfieldMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972Herrman Lumber CoRollaMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1965Herrmann Co SteelKansas CityMOBuildersUP
1956Hershey Wholesale Grocery CoKansas CityMOCd fruit, cd gds, cd juicesCB&Q
1956Hershey Wholesale Grocery CoKansas CityMOCd meats, cd veg, cereal, flourCB&Q
1956Hershey Wholesale Grocery CoKansas CityMOFruit, grooc, mxd fds. salt, sugarCB&Q
1950Hi-Grade Concrete Prods CoLoganWVReadymix concrete pltC&O
1965Hibbs Farm ServiceLeavenworthKSFeedAT&SF
1972Hickey Oil CoJoplinMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1950Hickory Corp of AmerNew SidingVALog shipperC&O
1939Hicks Dobson CoNashvilleTNseed dealerL&N
1950Hiden Stg & Fwd CoNewport NewsVAWhseC&O
1947Hiertz Theo Metal CoSt LouisMOindustrial metalsMP
1950Higgins & IrvineLexingtonVAPlaning millC&O
1950Higgins Groc CoBeckley JctWVWhsl grocC&O
1960Higgins ShipbuildingHiggins (E New Orleans)LASteel,machyL&N
1955Higginsville Lumber CoHigginsvilleMOLumber, roofing, wheatGM&O
1955Higginsville MIlling CoHigginsvilleMOFlourGM&O
1950Higgs & Young IncCrozetVABasket & barrel pltC&O
1950Higgs & Young IncFishersvilleVABasket & barrel pltC&O
1950Higgs & Young IncStauntonVABaskets & barrel mill*C&O,CW
1950Higgs & Young IncWaynesboroVABasket & barrel factory*C&O,N&W
1956High Life Sales CoKansas CityMOBeerCB&Q,MP
1990High Plains DistEmporiaKSAppliancesMP
1990High Point ChemicalHigh PointNCResinsSou
1950Highfield RConcordKYCoal ydC&O
1939Highland Crate CooperativeBonifayFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1950Highland Cty AAAHot SpringsVAFertzC&O
1939Highland Park Fuel CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1950Highland Park Sand CoRichmondVASand & gravel pit*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Highsplint Coal Co Hilo MineHiloKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Hightower BrosSylacaugaALjunk scrap iron & metal dealer, livestockL&N
1939Hightower Coal CoSylacaugaALcoalL&N
1947Highway Fuel CoCheltenhamMOcoalSLSF
1956Hilgert Fruit CoSt JosephMOFruit, vegCB&Q
1939Hill Service CoGlasgowKYpetroleum productsL&N
1969Hill-Behan LumberKirkwoodMOlumberSLSF
1947Hill-Behan Lumber CoLaDueMOlumberWAB
1941Hill-Behan Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1941Hill-Behan Lumber CoSt LouisMOMillworkTRRA
1950Hill-Rohrer Lbr CoBeckleyWVLbr yd*C&O,Vgn
1950Hillard Ridge Coal CoLexingtonKYCoal yd*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1939Hillerich & Bradsby CoLouisvilleKYbaseball bats (Louisville Slugger)L&N
1950Hilliard Coal & IceRichmondVACoal yd*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1995Hills Forwarding CoEl PasoTXBoraxSP
1966Hillview Coal Co HiliviewHawleyWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1990Himont USABayportTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Himont USABeaumontTXPlastic pelletsMP
1947Hinde & Dauch Paper CoSt LouisMOmfr paper boxesMBT
1978Hines Edw Lumber CoSpringfieldMOlumberSLSF
1950Hinkle J PLouisaKYFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Hinneman E EHot SpringsVALbr ydC&O
1947Hinrichs-Goltermann Fuel and Material CoSt LouisMOcoal/bldg materialsMP
1950Hinton Beef & Provision CoMobileALmeat prod*GM&O,L&N,Sou
1950Hinton Bldrs Supply CoHintonWVBldrs suppC&O
1950Hinton Block CoHintonWVCement block pltC&O
1950Hinton Hatchery & Feed CoHintonWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1947Hipolte CoSt LouisMOmfr food productsManRy
1947Hires Bottling CoSt LouisMOmfr root beerMP
1940Hobart Cotton Oil MillHobartOKCottonseed oilRI
1939Hobbie Elevator CoMontgomeryALgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Hobbie Elevator CoMontgomeryALfeed millL&N
1939Hobbs Banana CoNashvilleTNfruit/vegetablesL&N
1941Hobbs Western CoCamdenARcross tiesRI
1941Hobbs Western CoEldoradoARcross tiesRI
1941Hobbs Western CoJunction CityARcross tiesRI
1941Hochman C AWewokaOKFertilizerRI
1941Hodge Hunt Lumber Mfg CoRustonLASaw/planing millRI
1939Hodges E ACaryvilleFLsawmillL&N
1939Hoe J R & SonsMiddlesboroKYmachinery dealerL&N/SOU
1939Hoe J R & SonsMiddlesboroKYfoundryL&N/SOU
1990Hoechst CelaneseClear LakeTXEthyl acrylateSP
1990Hoechst CelaneseClear LakeTXEthylene glycol, oxide, ethyl acetateSP
1990Hoechst CelaneseClear LakeTX2-ethylhexanol, acrylic acid, butyl acrylateSP
1990Hoechst Celanese ChemicalKings MillTXCoalAT&SF
1990Hoechst Celanese ChemicalKings MillTXAcetic anhydrideAT&SF
1996Hoechst Technical PolymersShelbyNCPlastic pelletsSou
1956Hoechst Technical PolymersSpartanburgSCPlastic pellets*C&WC,CC&O,P&N
1956Hoechst-Kureha ChemicalWilmingtonNCResins*ACL,SAL
1972Hoerner BoxesFt SmithARpaper productsSLSF
1950Hoesel Martin HosieryStauntonVAHosiery factory*C&O,CW
1942Hoffman Cigar CoNorfolkVATobacco prodN&W
1939Hoffman R LThorsbyALiron oreL&N
1965Hoffman Radio Corp.Kansas CityMORadio-Television WarehouseUP
1965Hogue Geo Mercantile Co.Kansas CityMOPeanut ButterMP
1939Hohenberg M & CoWetumpkaALcotton broker/dealerL&N
1965Hohenschild Welders Supply Co.Kansas CityMOWelding supplyKCT
1939Hokinsville Stone CoHopkinsvilleKYstone (quarry)L&N
1941Holdenville Mill & Elevator CoHoldenvilleOKFertilizer, coalRI
1941Holdenville Mill & Elevator CoHoldenvilleOKfeedRI
1941Holdenville Oil CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1940Holdenville Pipe & Metal CoHoldenvilleOKScrap metalRI
1947Holekamp Lumber CoGravoisMOlumberSLSF
1947Holekamp Lumber CoMaplewoodMOlumberMP
1947Holekamp Lumber CoOld OrchardMOlumberMP
1941Holekamp Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1941Holekamp Lumber CoSt LouisMOMillworkTRRA
1939Holland Blow Stave CoDecaturALmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N/SOU
1939Holland Lumber CoPonce De LeonFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1950Holliday BrosGordonsvilleVACoal, bldrs suppC&O
1965Holliday Sand & Gravel Co.Kansas CityMOSand-GravelUP
1941Hollis & CoLittle RockARMachinery dealerRI
1947Hollmann Henry C Produce Co WhseSt LouisMOproduceRI
1976Holly Hill Fruit Prods CoDavenportFLCitrus Fruit & juices, cannedACL
1995Holly SugarAmarilloTXSugarBN
1972Holmes & Dozier Produce CoWichitaKSproduceSLSF
1970Holmes & Parban CoFordyceARPulpwoodSSW
1950Holmes Packing Plant.Kansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1941Holmes W H Grain CoHoldenvilleOKGrain/feedSLSF
1950Holsinger Lbr CoStauntonVABldrs supp yd*C&O,CW
1971Holston Distr CoJohnson CityTNBeerCC&O
1971Holston Oil CoJohnson CityTNLube oil (cans)CC&O
1950Holston River Lbr CoStauntonVASawmill*C&O,CW
1950Holsum Baking CoCharlestonWVBakery*C&O,B&O,NYC
1990Holsum Food ProdKansas CityMOFoods, flour, sugarCB&Q, KCT*
1956Holsum Products DivisonKansas CityMOFood productsCB&Q, KCT*
1947Holt Drayage CoSt LouisMOdrayageTRRA
1950Holt S W & CoNewport NewsVAWhsl grocC&O
1950Holtz P E Sons CoCharlestonWVPacking house*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Holtz P E Sons CoSpring HillWVMeat prods dlrC&O
1947Holtzmann M Metal CoSt LouisMOscrap metalWAB
1941Home Appliance CoWichitaKSStovesRI
1939Home Fruit & Produce CoHarlanKYgrain/feed dealer, seed, fruit, vegL&N
1965Home Improvement Co.St JosephMOBuilding MaterialsMP
1947Home Insulating CoSt LouisMOhome insulationSLSF
1950Home Lbr & Supply CoMt SterlingKYBldrs suppC&O
1990Home Lumber & SupplyMcPhersonKSHdw, lumberMP
1939Home Lumber CoWinchesterKYsawmillL&N
1939Home Oil & Gas CoHopkinsvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Home Oil & Gas CoOwensboroKYpetroleum productsIC
1939Home Oil & Gas CoColumbiaTNpetroleum productsL&N
1941Home Oil CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsMKT
1950Home Oil CoHot SpringsVABulk gas & oilC&O
1939Home Oil CoDecaturALcottonseed oil millL&N
1956Home Oil Gas CorpSt JosephMOGasoline, propane, petr prodCB&Q
1990Home PetroleumConwayKSFuel oilAT&SF
1939Home Tobacco CoRichmondKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1940Homer C J CoHot SpringsARFruit, vegetables, grainRI
1990Homer Laughlin ChinaNewellWVChina prodPRR
1947Homo C A Coal CoBentonMOcoalMP
1950Honaker T A Lbr CoHintonWVBldrs suppC&O
2001HondaLincolnALautos Honda OdysseySou
1965Hood Abner Chemical Co.Kansas CityMOChemicalsMP
1976Hood H P IncDunedinFLOrange Juice, Hoods ChilledACL
1950Hook Motor CoAugustaKYAuto dlrC&O
1941Hooker Equity ExchangeHookerOKGrain/feedRI
1976Hooker Furniture Corp.MartinsvilleVAfurniture, woodSou
1950Hooks & ApplegateGarrisonKYCoal, flour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1965Hooven & Allison CoKansas CityMOCordage-TwineAT&SF
1939Hoover & Mason Phosphate CoMt PleasantTNmfr phosphate rockL&N
1990Hoover UniversalPrincetonKYAppliancesCad (IC)
1972Hope Builders SupplyHopeARcement bags, bulk; limestone, sandSLSF
1972Hope Feed CoHopeARbagged animal feedSLSF
1978Hope Lumber CoTulsaOKlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1939Hopkinsville Livestock CoHopkinsvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1939Hopkinsville Milling CoHopkinsvilleKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Hopt Lumber CoMilanTNsawmillL&N
2004Horizon MillingSaginawTXFlour, feedRI,ATSF
1950Horman Meat CoMarshallMOmeat prod*GM&O,MP
1950Horn EverettPaintsvilleKYSawmillC&O
1939Horse Cave MillsHorse CaveKYfeed millL&N
1950Hoskins Pontiac CoLynchburgVAAuto dlr*C&O,N&W,Sou
1941Hot Springs MillworkHot SpringsARSash/door/blind mfrMP
1965Hotpoint Appliance Sales Co.Kansas CityMOElectrical AppliancesUP
1950Houchins Mfg CoSkeltonWVCement block plt*C&O,Vgn
1950Houdaille Hershey CorpHuntingtonWVAuto accessories plt*C&O,B&O
1947Houlle Coal and Material CoSt Louis CtyMOcoal/bldg materialsMBT
1939Houlle E DSt LouisMObldg materials,coalL&N
1939House of AbeKnoxvilleTNfruit/vegetablesL&N
1978House of O'BrienSpringfieldMObeerSLSF
1939House-Hasson Hardware CoKnoxvilleTNwhlse hardware, stovesL&N
1941Householder Oil CoClay CenterKSPetroleum productsRI
1956Houston Feed CoSt JosephMOFeedCB&Q
1947Howard CorpSt Louis CtyMOrailway supplies/industrial suppliesStLB&T
1950Howard Distrib CoAshlandKYBeer distrC&O
1950Howard H M Motor CoPaintsvilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1950Howard K G Lbr CoRoyaltonKYSawmillC&O
1971Howard ThosFayettevilleNCPaperSCL
1947Howe Scale CoSt LouisMOscalesWAB
1990Howell Hydrocarbons & ChemChannelviewTXAlkylphenolsSP
1939Howell J E Lumber CoSelmaALmfr veneerL&N
1941Howell Lumber CoClay CenterKSCoalUP
1947Howes Brothers CoSt LouisMOleatherMP
1950Howes Leather CoDurbinWVTanneryC&O
1939Howland Warehouse CoSt LouisMOpublic warehouseL&N,TRRA
1947Hrdlicka Bros Coal & Coke CoSt LouisMOcoal/cokeMP
1950Hubbard & Co Fulton Tool Works DivHuntingtonWVTool shop*C&O,B&O
1950Hubbard Groc CoCharlestonWVWhsl grocNYC
1950Hubbell & Sons Food Products IncHoustonTXmeat prod*RI,FW&D,MKT,MP,SP
1965Hubbell Metals Inc.Kansas CityMOMetal GoodsCB&Q
1941Hubenett Grain CoPrestonKSGrain/feedRI
1940Hubenett Grain CoPrestonKSGrainRI
1976Huber Corp J MLangleySCKaolin claySou
1990Huber J MOakwoodSCKaolinSou
1976Huber J MWarrenvilleSCBagged ClaySou
1956Huber J MEtowahTNKaolinL&N
1990Huber J MFitzgeraldGAKaolinSou
1990Huber J MStapletonGAKaolin clay, baggedSou
1990Huber J MWrensGAKaolinSou
1990Huber J M CorpHuberGAKaolin clay slurry, bulk, baggedSou
1947Huber J M IncSt LouisMOprinting inksManRy
1950Hudgins Motor CoNewport NewsVAAuto dlrC&O
1950Hudson Bailey Paint CoRichmondVAPaint plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1965Hudson H D Mfg CoKansas CityMOImplementsSLSF
1939Hudson Lumber CoPensacolaFLsawmillSLSF
1976Hudson Pulp and Paper CoPalatkaFLPaper Bags, NECACL
1939Huey & EllisonLexingtonKYmerchandise broker, sugarL&N
1939Huff & SonGadsdenALclayL&N
1941Huffer Implement CoHazenARFarm implementsRI
1939Huffstetler & CoMaryvilleTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Huffstetler & CoMaryvilleTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1950Hugger-Davidson Sales CoLexingtonVAWhsl grocC&O
1950Hugger-Davidson Sales CoStauntonVAGroc*C&O,CW
1950Hugh-Stewart Motors IncCharlestonWVAuto dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Hughes C EProvidence ForgeVACoal ydC&O
1990Hughes FertilizerLamesaTXFertilizerAT&SF
1939Hughes Grocery CoFloralaALgrain/feed dealer, whsl grocL&N
1939Hughes Law Lumber CoChipleyFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Hughes Lumber CoLouisvilleKYsash/doors/bldg material, planing millL&N
1950Hughes R MElkoVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Hughes R MRoxburyVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1939Hulen-Toops CoHorse CaveKYcarload poultry dealerL&N
1950Hull Coal CoCharlottesvilleVACoal, bldrs supp*C&O,Sou
1939Humber Lumber CoHendersonKYlumberL&N
1939Humble Coal & Coke CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1972Humble Oil CoFayettevilleARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Humble Oil CoFt SmithARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1970Humble Oil CoIrvingTXoil, gasoline, diesel, keroseneSLSF
1941Humble Oil CoOlneyTXPetroleum productsWF&S
1939Humboldt Canning CoHumboldtTNcanned strawberries, tomatoesL&N
1939Humboldt Gin CoHumboldtTNcotton broker/dealerL&N
1939Humboldt Marble & Granite WorksHumboldtTNmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1939Humboldt Milling CoHumboldtTNfeed mill, grainM&O
1939Humboldt Storage CoHumboldtTNstrawberries/beans/cabbage/tomatoes/potatoes/corn/cottonL&N
1939Humbrecht-Langlois & JohnsonNashvilleTNlumberL&N
1956Hume Mfg CoKansas CityMOBasketsCB&Q
1990Humphrey Preperation PlantMaidsvilleWVCoalMonong
1939Humphreys-Godwin & CoMemphisTNcottonseed products shipper/brokerL&N
1965Hund & Eger Bottling Co.St JosephMOBeveragesCGW
1950Hungerford Coal CoRichmondVACoal yd, oil burners, fuel oil*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Hunkins-Willis Lime & Cement CoSt LouisMObldg materials, coalMP,TRRA
1947Hunkins-Willis Lime & Cement CoSt LouisMOlime/cement,gravelMP,TRRA
1941Hunnmell Grocery CoLittle RockARGroceriesMP
1950Hunt Crab MealHamptonVAFertzC&O
1990Hunt J B RiceStutgarttARRiceSSW
1994Hunt J B Rice HullingStuttgartARRice hullsSSW
1972Hunt Limestone CoOsceolaMOlimestoneSLSF
1941Hunt Motor CoLiberalKSFarm implementsRI
1995Hunt PlywoodHC VeneerLAPlywoodMP
1990Hunt PlywoodHC VeneerLAPlywoodMP
1994Hunt PlywoodTickfawLAPlywoodIC
1990Hunt PlywoodTickfawLAPlywoodIC
1978Hunt Wesson FoodMemphisTNcanned foodSLSF
1990Hunt Wesson FoodsIndependenceMOCanned goodsMP
1956Hunt Wesson FoodsMemphisTNCanned goodsSLSF
1956Hunt Wesson FoodsMemphisTNCanned goods, cooking oilsSLSF
1990Hunt Wesson FoodsDallasTXCanned goodsAT&SF
1990Hunt Wesson FoodsFairbanksTXCanned fruitSP
1990Hunt Wesson FoodsFulcoGACanned goodsSCL
1956Hunt Wesson FoodsSavannahGACanned goods, soybean oil, cooking oils*ACL,SAL
1990Hunt-Wesson FoodsHaleTXMixed foods, cd gdsAT&SF
1941Hunter Milling CoWellingtonKSfeed, grainRI
1950Huntington Chair CorpHuntingtonWVFurn factory*C&O,B&O
1950Huntington Feed & Supply CoHuntingtonWVFlour, feed, seed*C&O,B&O
1950Huntington Fruit & Produce CoHuntingtonWVProduce dlr*C&O,B&O
1950Huntington Gravel & SupplyHuntingtonWVSand & gravel*C&O,B&O
1950Huntington Hdwd CoKenovaWVSawmill*C&O,B&O,N&W
1950Huntington Publishing CoHuntingtonWVNewspaper*C&O,B&O
1950Huntington Spring Bed CoHuntingtonWVBedspring pltC&O
1950Huntington Tobacco CoHuntingtonWVTobacco whseC&O
1950Huntington Water CorpHuntingtonWVSupp ydC&O
1950Huntington Whsl Furn CorpHuntingtonWVFurn dlrC&O
1990Huntsman ChemicalChesapeakeVAPlastic pelletsSou
1990Huntsman ChemicalBayportTXStyrene monomerSP
1990Huntsman ChemicalPort NechesTXEthylene glycol, oxideSP
1950Hurricane Feed & Farm SupplyHurricaneWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1947Hussmann-Ligonier CoSt LouisMObutchers suppliesMP
1956Huston Wood CoHannibalMOCoalCB&Q
1939Hutcherson-Dougherty CoGlasgowKYlivestock dealerL&N
1950Hutchinson C W IncHuntingtonWVAutomatic sprinklers*C&O,B&O
1940Hutchinson Fdy & Steel CoHutchinsonKSMachy, I&S fdyRI
1990Hutchinson Salt div IMCHutchinsonKSSaltATSF
1941Huttig Sash & Door CoSt LouisMOMillworkTRRA
1942Huttig Sash & Door CoRoanokeVABldg matlsVgn
1950Hwy Concrete Pipe CoMt SterlingKYConcrete prods pltC&O
1956Hy-Klas Food ProductsSt JosephMOCd fruit, cd gds, cd juicesCB&Q
1956Hy-Klas Food ProductsSt JosephMOCd meats, cd veg, cereal, flourCB&Q
1956Hy-Klas Food ProductsSt JosephMOFruit, grooc, mxd fds. salt, sugarCB&Q
1965Hy-Klas Food Products Co.St JosephMOWarehouseCB&Q-MP
1947Hydraulic Press Brick CoSt LouisMObldg bricksSLSF/MP
1965Hydraulic-Press Brick Co.Kansas CityMOBrickMP
1960Hydro Gas CoBlairstownMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1941Hydro Grain & Seed CoHydroOKCoal, grain, feedRI
1939Hyman-MichaelsSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1990IBP IncAmarilloTXFrozen meats, hides, tallow lardAT&SF
1990IBP IncSt FrancisTXLardAT&SF
1990IBP IncEmporiaKSFrozen meats, hides, tallow lardAT&SF
1990IBP IncHolcombKSFrozen meats, hides, tallow lardAT&SF
1980IBP new 1980 boxed beefGarden CityKSMeat dressed (branch plant)ATSF
1990ICIGeismarLAMethylene diphenyl diisocyanateIC
1956ICI PolyesterFayettevilleNCPlastic pelletsACL
1990ICI PolyurethaneGeismarLADiphenylmethaneKCS
1990Idaho Timber ProductsFt WorthTXLumberAT&SF
1950Ideal Fishing Float CoRichmondVAWood & cork specialties dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1956IMC FertilizerNoralynFLPhosphateSAL
1990IMC-AgricoNew WalesFLPhosphate chemicals, fertzCSXT
1956Imperial Central States Oil CoSt JosephMOPetroleum products, gasolineCB&Q
1966Imperial Colliery Co Imperial 11-13-15Cane ForkWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Imperial Colliery Co Imperial 8-12-14Imperial JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990Imperial Holly SugarSugar LandTXDiatomaceous earth, cokeSP
1990Imperial Holly SugarSugar LandTXSugar, molasses, beet pulpMP
1990Imperial Holly SugarAmarilloTXSugarFW&D
1990Imperial Holly SugarGalvestonTXSugarMP
1990Imperial Holly SugarHerefordTXCokeAT&SF
1990Imperial Holly SugarHerefordTXMolasses, sugar, sugar beet pulpAT&SF
1950Imperial Ice Cream CoHuntingtonWVDairy*C&O,B&O
1950Imperial Ice Cream CoStollingsWVDairyC&O
1956Imperial Mill CoClarksvilleMOBarley, corn, seedCB&Q
1956Imperial Mill CoClarksvilleMOSoybean meal, spent mashCB&Q
1960Imperial Mill CoClarksvilleMOGrain mill prodCB&Q
1966Imperial Smokeless Coal Co Quinwood 2Peaser JctWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1995Imperial SugarSugarlandTXDiatomaceous earthSP
1942Imperial Tobacco CoPortsmouthVATobaccoACL,N&PBL,NS (old)
1947Imse-Schilling Sash & Door CoSt LouisMOmillworkMP
1970INCO Metal Prod CorpCarrolltonTXFabr metal prod, bed frames, cabinetsSSW
1976Ind Chem Div Allied Chem CorpPerkinsWVMethyl chloride tech gr spec 640 flam comp gasB&O
1939Independent Concrete Pipe CoSt LouisMOconcrete pipeL&N
1947Independent Concrete Pipe CorpOlivetteMOconcrete pipeStLB&T
1939Independent Loose Leaf Tobacco WarehouseGreensburgKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1965Independent Lumber & Coal Co.St JosephMOLumber-CoalStJT
1947Independent Oil CoSt LouisMOoil/gasolineMP
1941Independent Oil CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Independent Oil CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsSSW
1947Independent Plumbing & Heating Supply CoSt LouisMOplumbing & heating suppliesWAB
1990Independent SaltKanopolisKSSaltUP
1939Indian Refining CoCovingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Indian Refining CoCynthianaKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Indian Refining CoHopkinsvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Indian Refining CoRichmondKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Indian Refining CoWinchesterKYpetroleum productsC&O
1947Indl Iron & Metal Co Public Team Tr 10St LouisMOscrap ironMP
1996Industria AceiteLaredoTXTallowTM
1990Industria Mexico (Via Fnm)Eagle PassTXAluminum oreSP
1996Industria Quimsa SALaredoTXPetroleum oil #1SP
1947Industrial Decorative Floor CoSt LouisMOdecorative floorsSLSF
1947Industrial Engineering and Equipment CoSt LouisMOelectrical & heating equipmentMP
1965Industrial Heating & Plumbing Co.St JosephMOPlumbingRI
1990Industrial Mfg. & RepairNewtonKSMach partsMP
1990Industrial Mfg. & RepairNewtonKSGeneratorsMP
1990Industrial Minerals Mexico (Mexican)Eagle PassTXZinc productsSP
1965Industrial Paper Stock Co.St JosephMOWaste PaperCB&Q
1956Industrial Prods Mfg CoKansas CityMOSand, slagCB&Q
1956Industrial Prods Mfg CoKansas CityMORoofing materialsCB&Q
1950Industrial Rayon CorpCovingtonVATextile pltC&O
1965Industrial Specialties Co.Kansas CityMOChemicalsSLSF
1939Industrial Tractor & Equipment CoNashvilleTNroad machinery dealerL&N
1939Ingalls C E CoKnoxvilleTNmfr veneerL&N
1939Ingalls Iron WorksBirminghamALfabricated structural steelL&N
1939Ingalls Iron WorksDecaturALstructural steel/ironSOU
1960Ingalls ShipbuildingPascagoulaMSSteel,machyMSE,L&N
1941Ingle BrosLindsayOKbroomcornRI
1965Ingle Bros Broom Corn Grain & Supply CoKansas CityMOBroom CornCB&Q
1956Ingle Bros Broom Corn Grain & Supply CoKansas CityMOBroom cornCB&Q
1939Ingram Mfg CoNashvilleTNcotton millL&N
1950Ingram Paper CoBluefieldWVPaperNW*
1990Inland Cold StorageArgentineKSProduceAT&SF
1965Inland Cold Storage Co Inc.Kansas CityMOCold StorageAT&SF
1956Inland ContainerConalcoTNFiberboardCSXT
1980Inland Container CoElizabethtonTNPulpboardET&WNC
1976Inland Container CorpCarrolltonTXBoxes, BDLS CORR FBRESSW
1950Inland Gas CorpLackeyKYGas distrC&O
1990Inland Orange IncMulfordTXFiberboardSabRivN (AT&SF,SP,KCS,MP)
1950Inland Service CorpCharlottesvilleVACold stg plt*C&O,Sou
1965Inland Steel Products Co.Kansas CityMOSteelMKT
1950Inland Svc CoWaynesboroVACold stg plt*C&O,N&W
1947Inland Waterways CorpSt LouisMOtransfer freight to/from bargesStLTrfRy
1941Innis Milling Co TheInmanKSfeedRI
1965Insul-Wool Insulation Co.Kansas CityMOInsulationMP
1947Insulating & Material CoSt LouisMOhome insulationManRy
1939Inter Mountain Coal & Lumber CoPutneyKYsawmill & planing millL&N
1939International Agricultural Chemical CoMontgomeryALfertilizerL&N
1939International Agricultural Chemical CoPensacolaFLfertilizerL&N
1939International Agricultural Chemical CoMt PleasantTNmfr phosphate rockL&N
1939International Agricultural Chemical CoWalesTNphosphateL&N
1939International Agricultural CorpFlorenceALfertilizerL&N/SOU
1947International Harvest Hat CoSt LouisMOmfr straw hatsManRy
1978International HarvesterMemphisTNtractorsSLSF
1939International Harvester CoSt LouisMOfarm implementsWAB
1939International Harvester CoNashvilleTNfarm implementsL&N
1941International Harvestor CoLittle RockARFarm implementsRI
1941International Harvestor CoHutchinsonKSFarm implementsRI
1941International Harvestor CoWichitaKSFarm implementsRI
1956International MillingN Kansas CityMOWheatCB&Q
1956International MillingN Kansas CityMOFlourCB&Q
1965International Milling Co.Kansas CityMOFlour-FeedCB&Q
1990International Minerals & ChemSuttonFLPhosphateSCL
1956International MultifoodsN Kansas CityMOFlourCB&Q
1990International PaperE Moss PtMSPaperMsExp (GM&O,L&N)
1990International PaperPascagoulaMSFiberboardMsExp (GM&O,L&N)
1956International PaperGeorgetownSCFiberboard, pulpboardSAL
1990International PaperNacogdochesTXParticle board, wood prod, waferbd, fiberbdSP
1956International PaperCenturyFLFiberboardL&N
1990International PaperBastropLAPulpwood, sodium hydroxide, wood chipsA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1990International PaperBastropLAPaperA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1990International PaperBastropLAPaper, fiberboardA&LM,MP
1950International PaperSpringhillLAFiberboardLA
1990International PaperWigginsLAFiberboard, paperKCS
1990International Paper CoMobileALPulpwood, chipsTASD
1990International Paper CoMobileALTurpentine, fiberboardTASD
1972International Paper CoMobileALcaustic soda, chlorine, pulpwoodTASD
1972International Paper CoMobileALlime, kaolin, sodium sulphate, acidTASD
1972International Paper CoMobileALpaper products, newsprint, boxesTASD
1976International Paper CoPanama CityFLBales Woodpulp, not Powdered NOIBNASAB
1947International Salt CoSt LouisMOsaltSLSF
1955International ShoeMarshallMOLeather, latex rubber, shoesGM&O
1955International ShoeMarshallMOShoesGM&O
1956International Shoe CoHannibalMOBoxes, leather, rubber (latex)CB&Q
1960International Shoe CoHannibalMOShoesCB&Q
1972International Shoe CoSt JamesMOcoalSLSF
1947International Shoe CoSt LouisMOmfr shoesManRy
1941International Shoe CorporationBlandMOShoesRI
1941International Stacy CorpMcPhersonKSoil well supply houseRI
1956International SweetnersSt LouisMOSugarCB&Q
1939International Tobacco Co of America IncLouisvilleKYmfr cigarettesL&N
1950Interstate AmiesiteN CaldwellWVBlacktop pltC&O
1977Interstate BakeryEmporiaKSBakery prod (Dolly Madison)AT&SF
1965Interstate Chemical Products Co.Kansas CityMOChemicalsUP
1956Interstate HardwoodsElkinsWVLumber*B&O,WM
1950Interstate Metal CoOwensWVScrap ydC&O
1976Interstate Paper CorpInterstateGAPulpwood Rolls NOIBNSCL
1976Interstate Paper CorpRiceboroGAPulpboard rollsSAL
1939Interstate Wholesale Grocery CoJellicoTNgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fruit, vegL&N/SOU
1939Interstate Wholesale Grocery CoJellicoTNsugarL&N/SOU
1970Intl Creosoting & Constr CoTexarkanaTXTreated poles, ties, timbersSSW
1950Intl Harvester CoRichmondVAImplt dlrC&O
1965Intl Harvester CoSt JosephMOImplementsUT
1958Intl Minerals & Chem CoKonaNCFeldspar; sand, glass/ceramic/steelCC&O
1989Intl Minerals & ChemicalsBartowFLPhosphateSAL
1950Intl Nickel CoHuntingtonWVNickel & monel rolling mill*C&O,B&O
1960Intl Paper CoChickasaw (Mobile)ALPaperAT&N(SLSF),Sou,TRASD
1970Intl Paper CoPine BluffARPaperSSW,MP
1960Intl Paper CoKreole (Moss Pt)MSPulpboard, rollsMSE,L&N
1960Intl Paper CoNatchezMSWoodpulpSou,IC,MSCent,MP
1965Intl Paper Co Container DivKansas CityMOPaper ContainersK&MR&T
1965Intl Paper Co Long-Bell DivKansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsCB&Q
1970Intl Paper Co Sou Kraft Mill Baypak PlantCamdenARPaper bagsSSW,MP
1955Intl Protein CoSpringfieldMOfood additivesSLSF
1950Intl Shoe CoMarlintonWVTanneryC&O
1965Iowa-Missouri Walnut Co.St JosephMOLogs-LumberCB&Q
1941Ira NealFaxonOKGrain/feedRI
1950Ironton Fire Brick CoBradmeyerKYClay mineC&O
1990Island Creek CoalVansantVACoalSou
1956Island Creek CoalPine CreekWVCoalC&O
1953Island Creek Coal CoScarletWVCoalC&O
1966Island Creek Div Elk Creek 1EmmettWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Island Creek Div Guyan 1Huff JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Island Creek Div Guyan 5KellyWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Island Creek Div Island Creek 27LoganWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Island Creek Div WyomingOliverWVCoal, steamC&O,N&W
1990Italgrani ElevatorSt LouisMOFlourMP
1939Italian-American Macaroni Mfg CoBirminghamALmfr macaroni & spaghettiL&N
1997Itap SAEagle PassTXClay bricksSP
1950Itman WasherKellysvilleWVCoalNW*
1976ITOFCA IncGreensboroNCLiq Syn PlasticSou
1976ITT RayonierRiceSCWoodpulp N/Grd or Pwdrd balesCRR
1976ITT Rayonier IncCharlestonSCC/L Wood Pulp*ACL,SAL
1976ITT Rayonier IncGreenvilleSCWoodpulpP&N
1976ITT Rayonier IncRosserGAwoodpulpSou
1976ITT Rayonier Inc c/o E Coast TerlSavannahGAWoodpulp Bales*ACL,SAL
1976ITT Rayonier Inc.Fernandina BchFLWoodpulp not grnd or powdSAL
1990Iuka Coop ExchangeIukaKSBarleyMP
1990Ivester PalletMurphyNCPalletsSou
1990Ivey Lumber SalesDallasTXLumberAT&SF
1976IXL Furniture CoElizabeth CityNCFurniture-Kitchen Cabinets and Furn Parts WoodSou
1972J & J Fruit CoFayettevilleARproduceSLSF
1941J H Salley Grain CoForsytheKSGrain/feedRI
1941J M Radford Whlse Grocery CoGrahamTXmolasses & sugar whsl dealerRI
1990J M Screen PrintingDallasTXPrinting paperAT&SF
1941J P DuncanLittle RockARSawmillMP
1990Jachin LumberJachinALLumber, wood chipsM&B
1990Jack Jones LumberArgentineKSLumberAT&SF
1939Jackes-Evans Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr stovesMBT
1939Jacks Coal YardAlabama CityALcoalL&N
1941Jacksboro Milling CoJacksboroTXfeed, grainRI
1940Jackson County Gin & Milling CoNewportARFlour, grist, feedRI
1956Jackson County Grain Terminal (Export Elev.)PascagoulaMSGrainL&N
1950Jackson Furn & Supply CoElkhorn CityKYFurn dlrC&O
1941Jackson Gin CoJonesboroLAPetroleum productsRI
1950Jackson H WKeswickVACoal ydC&O
1939Jackson Lumber CoLockhartALsawmill & planing millL&N/CofG
1950Jackson Whsl CoElkhorn CityKYWhsl grocC&O
1952Jacobs Fork Coal Corp Jacobs Fork MineSplashdamVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1939Jacobs Packing CoNashvilleTNmeatL&N
1956Jacobs Sales CoKansas CityMOMerchandiseCB&Q,UP
1956Jacobs Whse CoKansas CityMOFAKCB&Q
1947Jacuzzi Bros Inc of MoMaes SpurMOwater pumpsMP
1950James & Maggard Clay CoGrahnKYClay mineC&O
1965James Oil Co.St JosephMOPetroleum ProductsCB&Q-MP
1990James River CorpNaheolaALAluminum sulfate, chlorine, pulpwoodM&B
1990James River CorpNaheolaALSodium hydroxide, wood chipsM&B
1990James River CorpPenningtonALPaperM&B
1990James River CorpPenningtonALPaperM&B
1950James River Oil CoRichmondVABulk gas & oil (Crown Central Petr)Sou
1966Jamey Coal Co Jamey 2LoganWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1939Jamison Anchor Bedding CoNashvilleTNmattressesL&N
1978Janss LumberSpringfieldMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1950January & Wood CoMaysvilleKYTextile plt*C&O,L&N
1950Jarman's IncCharlottesvilleVAPrinting plt*C&O,Sou
1939Jarrell B C & CoHumboldtTNmfr box/cratesL&N
1950Jarrett Mfg CoSalt LickKYBldrs suppC&O
1941Jas Hutchinson & SonSt LouisMOSugar whlserTRRA
1939Jefferson Lumber CoAlabama CityALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Jefferson Lumber CoHancevilleALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Jellico Coal CoAtlantaGAcoalL&N
1939Jellico Grocery CoBarbourvilleKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Jellico Grocery CoHarlanKYgrain/feed dealer, whsl grocL&N
1939Jellico Grocery CoJellicoKYwhlse groceries, fertz, sugarL&N
1939Jellico Hardware CoJellicoTNpaint/oil/varnish, whsl hdwL&N/SOU
1947Jenkin-Guerin IncSt LouisMOindustrial oilsManRy
1939Jenkins Brick CoMontgomeryALmfr brick, tileL&N
1990Jenkins H W Wholesale LumberMemphisTNLumber, veneerSSW
1965Jenkins Music Co.Kansas CityMOMusical InstrumentsMILW
1965Jennens W. H Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOPlaster OrnamentsKCPS
1939Jennings C P Lumber CoFalkvilleALsawmill & planing millL&N
1947Jennison-Wright CorpSt LouisMOswitch tiesMP
1941Jerry Reidt Coal CoHaileyvilleOKCoal (200 tons daily)RI
1939Jervis Foundry & Machine CoDecaturALfoundryL&N/SOU
1956Jesco LubricantsKansas CityMOGrease, oilCB&Q
1950Jesse E WPrestonsburgKYBldrs suppC&O
1966Jet Sewell Mining ColetCrichtonWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1940Jett & Wood Central Whsl Groc CoForsytheKSGroc, whslRI
1990Jewel Smokeless Coal CoVansantVACoalSou
1942Jewel Tea CoRoanokeVAGrocN&W
1939Jewel Tea Co IncLouisvilleKYcoffee/tea/etcL&N
1965Jewell & Sherman CoKansas CityMOFood ProductsCB&Q
1956Jewell & Sherman CoKansas CityMOFood productsCB&Q
1965Jewell Coal Co.Kansas CityMOCoalKCT
1976Jo Mil House of FurnAlexandriaLAFurnitureL&A
1941John Deere Plow CoLittle RockARFarm implementsMP/RI
1941John DurbinBlandMOsand/gravelRI
1942Johns-Manville CorpJarrattVAInsulationVgn
1947Johns-Manville CorpSt LouisMObldg materials/insulationSLSF
1965Johns-Manville Sales Corp.Kansas CityMORoofing-SidingKCT
1950Johnson W SCraigsvilleVACoal ydC&O
1974Johnson & JohnsonShermanTXcottonSLSF
1974Johnson & JohnsonShermanTXmedical suppliesSLSF
1939Johnson & Son Lumber CoMontgomeryALplaning millL&N
1941Johnson Auto CoW MemphisARPetroleum productsRI
1941Johnson Brokerage CoWichitaKSsugar brokerRI
1972Johnson Bros Seed CoVan BurenARseedSLSF
1965Johnson C F Transfer CoKansas CityMOTransfer-WarehouseMILW
1950Johnson C I & SonsWinginaVAMine props & pulpwood shipperC&O
1940Johnson Carl A EDwightKSGrainRI
1971Johnson City FdyJohnson CityTNCokeCC&O
1971Johnson City FdyJohnson CityTNStl prodCC&O
1971Johnson City Power BdJohnson CityTNPoles, utilityCC&O
1971Johnson City PressJohnson CityTNNewsprintCC&O
1950Johnson Feed StoreHitchensKYFeed, fertzC&O
1972Johnson Fertilizer ServiceMt VernonMOpotassium chloride, phosphatesSLSF
1965Johnson Gordon Poultry Equipment CoKansas CityMOPoultry EquipmentSLSF
1950Johnson Motor CoElkhorn CityKYAuto dlrC&O
1947Johnson S C & SonsSt LouisMOhousehold polishesWAB
1956Johnson S C Co IncKansas CityMOFloor Wax-PolishCB&Q
1939Johnson Stone Co IncNashvilleTNmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1942Johnson-Carper Furn CorpRoanokeVAFurnN&W
1947Johnston Tin Foil & Metal CoCarondeletMOtin foilMP
1940Johnston W B Grain CoAlvaOKGrainRI
1939Joint-Lyons Lumber CoFrankfortKYbldg suppliesL&N/F&C
1941Jones & HousmanLabadieMOOilRI
1965Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.Kansas CityMOSteel ProductsUP
1950Jones I CW ViewVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1941Jones J FPoyenARPlaning millRI
1976Jones ManufacturingHumboldtTNCotton WasteGM&O
1939Jones Mercantile CoCartersvilleGAgrain/feed dealer, fertz, farm impltsL&N
1939Jones Mercantile CoCartersvilleGAcotton broker/dealerL&N
1941Jonesboro Gin CoJonesboroLAGrain/feedRI
1941Jonesboro Gin CoWinnfieldLAGrain/feed, fertzRI
1940Jonesboro Gin CoWinnfieldLACottonRI
1990Jonesboro GrainJonesboroARRiceSSW
1972Joplin Cement CoCarthageMOcementSLSF
1972Joplin Cement CoJoplinMOsand, cementSLSF
1972Joplin Furniture CoJoplinMOfurnitureSLSF
1972Joplin Water WorksJoplinMOchlorineSLSF
1940Jordan Junk Co S NMcAlesterOKScrap metalRI
1950Jordan Motor CoJenkinsKYAuto dlrC&O
1976Jordan Stationers & Printers %Hawthorne TfrAlexandriaLAPrinting paperL&A
1990Jorgensen Steel SupplyKansas CityMOSteel prod (whse)KCT*
1956Joseph ZielinskiLeavenworthKSBeveragesCB&Q
1956Joslyn Mfg & Supply CoKansas CityMOElectrical suppliesCB&Q
1950Joy Mfg CoHuntingtonWVMine machy dlr*C&O,B&O
1972Joyce Wm T Whsl LbrJoplinMOlumberSLSF
1976Judd & RetweilerStrasburgVARolls printing paperSou
1956Juliana Coal CoErbaconWVCoalB&O
1941Julius Seidel Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1940Junction City Lumber CoJunction CityARSaw, planing millRI
1941Junge Biscuit CoOklahoma CityOKBakery productsRI
1941Junk Baking CoLittle RockARBakery productsRI
1939Jurkiewicz V & SonsSummerdaleALpotatoes/corn/cucumbers/soybeansL&N
1950Justice J HPikevilleKYSawmillC&O
1990K & M ElevKansas CityMOGrainKCT*
1956K C Barrel & Package CoKansas CityMOBarrelsCB&Q
1955K C BroomKansas CityMOStraw, wood prodsKCT
1955K C BroomKansas CityMOBroomsKCT
1990K C Power & Light Hawthorne WorksKansas CityMOCoal, bituminousKCT*
1955K C ToyKansas CityMOToysKCT
1956K C Tractor & Implement CoKansas CityMOFarm implements, tractorsCB&Q
1990K J MineMaidsvilleWVCoalMonong
1990K-T Clay De Mexico SA De CVMonterreyMXClayFNM
1947Kahlmeyer BrothersSt LouisMObldg materialsMP
1939Kahn Grocery CoPensacolaFLwhlse groceries, liquors, beerL&N
1972Kahn Grocery CoPensacolaFLfoodSLSF
1956Kaiser Alum & Chem Sales IncKansas CityMOAluminum productsCB&Q
1990Kaiser Aluminum & ChemicalChalmetteLAAluminum ingotsSou
1990Kaiser Aluminum & ChemicalRavenswoodWVAluminum ingotsB&O
1950Kaiser Geo PackingKansas CityMOmeat prodMP
1976Kalmbach BurkettShreveportLAFeed prep A&PL&A
1950Kanawha Block CoCharlestonWVConcrete prods plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Kanawha Block CoMarmetWVCinder block pltC&O
1950Kanawha Cement Prods CoCharlestonWVCement block plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Kanawha Cement Prods CoSpring HillWVCinder block pltC&O
1990Kanawha CoalAshfordWVCoalC&O
1950Kanawha Distr CoCharlestonWVBeer distr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Kanawha Mfg CoCharlestonWVMine car pltC&O,NYC
1950Kanawha Valley Lbr CoCharlestonWVBldrs suppNYC
1950Kanawha Valley Oil CoSpring HillWVFuel oilC&O
1950Kanawha Valley Power CoMarmetWVElec power pltC&O
1950Kanawha Welding Rod CoCharlestonWVMetal prods plt*C&O,B&O,NYC
1982Kanotex Refining CoArkansas CityKSPetr ref, explorMP
1968Kansas Army Ammun PltParsonsKSammunitionSLSF
1956Kansas City Diesel Power CoKansas CityMOHeavy equipmentCB&Q
1950Kansas City Dressed Beef CoKansas CityMOmeat prodMP
1965Kansas City Dressed Beef Co.Kansas CityMOPacking HouseMP
1965Kansas City Envelope Co.Kansas CityMOPaper-EnvelopesKCT
1950Kansas City Fruit CoKansas CityMOCantaloupes, grapes, potatoes, celeryUNK
1950Kansas City Fruit CoKansas CityMOHoneydew melons, pearsUNK
1965Kansas City Fuel Oil Co.Kansas CityMOFuel OilSLSF
1965Kansas City Hay Press Co.Kansas CityMOFoundryMP
1965Kansas City Kansas City ofKansas CityMOStreet DepartmentMP
1965Kansas City Kansas City ofKansas CityMOWater Treatment PltUP
1965Kansas City Ks City ofKansas CityMOUtility Water & Light PltKCS-MP
1965Kansas City Limeolith Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsKCS
1965Kansas City Marble & Tile Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding StoneSLSF
1965Kansas City Mo City ofKansas CityMOAsphalt PlantKCT
1956Kansas City Mower CoKansas CityMOLawn mowersCB&Q
1965Kansas City Natural Slate Co.Kansas CityMORoofing-FlooringMKT
1965Kansas City P & L Co 5212 Winner RdKansas CityMOPole YardKCT
1965Kansas City P & L Co NortheastKansas CityMOPower PlantKCS
1884Kansas City Pkg House 1884 (AJ Morris, SW Bull & Miller)Kansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1965Kansas City Pottery Co.Kansas CityMOPotterySLSF
1990Kansas City Power & LightTecumsehKSCoalAT&SF
1965Kansas City Public Service CoKansas CityMOStreet RailwaysKCPS
1965Kansas City Pump Co.Kansas CityMOPlumbing SuppliesCB&Q-UP
1965Kansas City Slate & Tile Roofing Co.Kansas CityMORoofingKCT
1940Kansas City Soybean Mills IncKansas CityKSSoybean meal, oilRI
1965Kansas City Star Co.Kansas CityMONewspaperKCT
1965Kansas City Stock Yards Co.Kansas CityMOStockyardsKCC
1965Kansas City Structural Steel Co.Kansas CityMOSteel FabricatorAT&SF
1956Kansas City Terminal WarehouseKansas CityMOFAKCB&Q-MP-SfLSF-UP-Wab
1965Kansas City Terminal Warehouse Co.Kansas CityMOFAKCB&Q-MP-SfLSF-UP-Wab
1965Kansas City Wire & Iron WorksKansas CityMOWire FencingKCT
1956Kansas Flour Mills CoN Kansas CityMOWheatCB&Q
1956Kansas Flour Mills CoN Kansas CityMOFlour, feedCB&Q
1965Kansas Flour Mills Co.Kansas CityMOFlour-FeedCB&Q
1940Kansas Flour Mills CorpEnterpriseKSGrainRI
1972Kansas Gas & ElectricCherryvaleKSpolesSLSF
1972Kansas Gas & ElectricWichitaKSpoles. cableSLSF
1965Kansas Ind Inc.Kansas CityMOLightweight AggregateK&MR&T
1941Kansas Lumber CoClay CenterKSCoalRI
1956Kansas Mill ElevatorWichitaKSWheat*AT&SF,RI,SLSF,MP
1960Kansas Milling CoBurrtonKSflour, corn mealSLSF
1965Kansas Paint & Coal Co.Kansas CityMOCoal-PaintK&MR&T
1965Kansas Paper Co Inc.Kansas CityMOPaper ArticlesUP
1956Kansas Power & Light CoLeavenworthKSCoal, limeCB&Q
1956Kansas Power & Light CoLeavenworthKSFly ashCB&Q
1965Kansas Power & Light Co.LeavenworthKSFuel OilUP
1965Kansas Power & Light Co.LeavenworthKSPole YardMP
1965Kansas Service Grocers Inc.Kansas CityMOGroceriesUP
1943Kansas Soybean MillEmporiaKSSoybeans, meal, oilMKT
1941Kansas-Nebraska Fertilizer CoWichitaKSFertilizerRI
1978Karchmer Iron & Supply CoSpringfieldMOI&SSLSF
1950Karpen S & BrosLexingtonKYUpholstered furn*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1965Karrasch Electric Co.St JosephMOElectric SuppliesMP
1956Katz Drug CoKansas CityMOCosmetics,mdse, pharmCB&Q
1965Kaufman Harry Co.Kansas CityMOScrap MaterialMP
1965Kaw Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.Kansas CityMORoofingMP
1965Kaw Storage & Warehouse Co Inc.Kansas CityMOWarehouseKCS-KCT
1972Kay Concrete CoMonettMOcement, gravel, lime, sandSLSF
1972Kay Concrete CoMt VernonMOcement, gravel, lime, sandSLSF
1941Kay County Co-op AssociationTonkawaOKGrain/feedATSF
1939Kaysing Iron WorksSt LouisMOsteel fabricatorL&N
1965KC Barrel & Package Co IncKansas CityMOBarrelsCB&Q
1965KC Pipe & Steel Div I H Cohen & CoKansas CityMOSteel-PipeKCT
1990KCS ElevKansas CityMOGrainKCT*
1956Keasby & Mattison CoProspect HillMOSand, slagCB&Q
1956Keasby & Mattison CoProspect HillMORoofing, sidingCB&Q
1939Keco Milling CoMcKenzieTNfeed millNC&StL
1939Keego Clay Products CoKeegoALmfr common brickL&N
1976Keeler Aluminum Chairs EasternE WaynesboroGAAluminum ChairsSou
1965Kees-Lyons Oil Co.St JosephMOOil MarketersUT
1997Keeton ServiceCaldwellTXPotassium chlorideSP
1950KeffersMarmetWVBldrs suppC&O
1947Keightly Brothers Coal and Coke CoSt LouisMOcoal/cokeSLSF/MP
1941Keimer ProduceMedfordOKGrain/feedRI
1939Keith-Simmons CoNashvilleTNpaint/oil/varnish, whsl hdwL&N
1947Kelleher Carloading & Distributing CoSt LouisMOcarloading & distributingMP
1939Keller Hay & Grain CoNewportKYhay/grain/feed dealerL&N
1976Keller Mfg Co.CulpepperVAfurniture k.d.Sou
1941Keller Seed StoreShawneeOKGrain/feed, fertzRI
1972Kelley Lumber CoFayettevilleARlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1990Kellogg CoMemphisTNCerealIC
1978Kellogg CoMemphisTNcerealSLSF
1939Kellogg Sales CoAtlantaGAcerealL&N
1965Kellogg Sales Co.Kansas CityMOCerealsUP
1965Kellogg-Kelly Seed Co.St JosephMOSeedsRI
1965Kelly Asbestos Products Co.Kansas CityMOAsbestosKCT
1939Kelly Lumber CoSpringfieldKYlumber/bldg suppliesL&N
1956Kelly Springfield Tire CoN Kansas CityMOTiresCB&Q
1970Kelly Springfield Tire CoIrvingTXtiresSLSF
1941Kelly Switch & Elevator CoPonca CityOKGrain/feedRI
1960Kelly-Springfield Tire CoFayettevilleNCTires*Ab&Rock,ACL,NS(old)
1970Kelly-Springfield Tire CoN Little RockARTiresSSW
1965Kelly-Springfield Tire CoKansas CityMOTires-TubesCB&Q
1960Kelsay Feed & Grain CoBlairstownMOanimal feed bags, bulkSLSF
1965Kelsey NurseriesSt JosephMONursery StockRI
1972Kelso Milling CoMt VernonMOcorn, soybeansSLSF
1965Kelvinator Div Nash-Kelvinator Sales CorpKansas CityMOElectrical AppliancesMILW
1939Kelvinator Div of Nash-Kelvinator CorpAtlantaGAwhlse refrigeratorsL&N
1970Kely-Springfield Tire CoTylerTXTiresSSW
1990Kemira IncSavannahGATitanium dioxideSou
1939Kemmerer Gem Coal Co Kemmerer Gem No 2KemmererVAcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1976Kemp Furniture IndustriesGoldsboroNCfurniture metal or woodACL
1939Ken-Rad Tube & Lamp Corp IncOwensboroKYradio tubesL&N
1941Kendrick King Lumber CoChickashaOKPaintsRI
1970Kenmar Mfg CoTylerTXFurn. living roomSSW
1952Kennedy & Combs Coal CoAllenVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1978Kennedy Brick & Steel CoSpringfieldMObrick, stl beams, plateSLSF
1939Kennedy HSummerdaleALpotatoes/corn/cucumbers/soybeansL&N
1950Kennedy Sand CoMentorKYFdy sandC&O
1939Kennett-Murray CoNashvilleTNlivestock dealerL&N
1939Kenney C D CoSt LouisMOsugarL&N
1950Kenny C D Div Consol GrocCovingtonVAWhsl grocC&O
1950Kenny C D Div Consol GrocKenovaWVWhsl groc*C&O,B&O,N&W
1950Kenosha BeefAlmaGAmeat prodACL
1939Kentucky & Virginia Leaf Tobacco Co IncOwensboroKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plant, whseL&N
1939Kentucky Cardinal Coal CorpCardinalKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Kentucky Concrete Pipe Co IncOwensboroKYmfr concrete pipeL&N
1950Kentucky Flooring CoChristianVAFlooring millC&O
1939Kentucky Independent Oil CoMaysvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Kentucky Independent Packing CoLexingtonKYmeatL&N
1939Kentucky Lumber & Millwork CoLouisvilleKYplaning millL&N
1956Kentucky May Coal CoJacksonKYCoalL&N
1939Kentucky Mfg CorpLouisvilleKYwagonsL&N
1939Kentucky Mine Supply CoHarlanKYelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1939Kentucky Mine Supply CoHarlanKYfarm implements, plbg suppL&N
1939Kentucky Mine Supply CoHarlanKYmachinery dealer, stoves, hdw, paintL&N
1939Kentucky Oil Products CoWinchesterKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Kentucky Oxygen & Hydrogen CoLouisvilleKYchemicalsL&N
1939Kentucky Power & Light CoCarrolltonKYmfr iceL&N
1939Kentucky Public ServiceLouisvilleKYgrain elevatorL&N
1939Kentucky Rock Asphalt CoBowling GreenKYasphaltL&N
1950Kentucky Sausage CoLexingtonKYmeat prod*C&O,L&N,Sou
1939Kentucky Scrap Material CoLexingtonKYjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Kentucky Stone CoIrvingtonKYstone (quarry)L&N
1939Kentucky Stone CoRussellvilleKYstone (quarry)L&N
1939Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Co Adalia MineAdaliaKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Co Belva MineBelvaKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1950Kentucky Toasted Chip CoAshlandKYToasted wood chip pltC&O
1939Kentucky Tobacco CoHopkinsvilleKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plant, whseL&N
1977Kentucky UtilitiesTyroneKYCoalSou
1939Kentucky Wall Plaster CoLouisvilleKYplaster/lime/cementL&N
1990Kentucky-Tennessee ClayKaolinGAKaolinSandv
1990Kentucky-Tennessee ClaySandersvilleGAKaolinSandv
1990Kentucky-Tennessee ClayCrenshawMSClayIC
1990Kentucky-Tennessee ClayLangelySCKaolinSou
1956Kentucky-Tennessee ClayGleasonTNClayNC&StL
1950Kentucky-Tennessee Clay CoSpruce PineNCFeldspar for santitary wareCC&O
1950Kentucky-Tennessee Clay CoMayfieldKYBall clay for sanitary wareGMO, IC
1939Kentucky-Tennessee Light & Power CoBowling GreenKYmfr iceL&N
1956KenworthKansas CityMOTrucksUP
1970Keon's Food StoreSulfur SpgsTXGrocSSW
1947Kercher Edw FSt Louis CtyMOretail flooring contractorsStLB&T
1941Kern-Limerick IncLittle RockARMachinery dealerMP
1990Kerr GlassSand SpringsOKGlass prodSS
1950Kerr Glass Mfg CorpHuntingtonWVGlass prods plt*C&O,B&O
1939Kerr Grain Co IncNashvilleTNgrain dealerL&N
1956Kerr Mc Gee ChemicalHamiltonMSTitanium dioxideSLSF
1976Kerr-Mcgee CorpTexarkanaTXPoles, untreatedKCS
1939Kerrigan Ornamental Iron Works CoNashvilleTNiron/steel fabricatorL&N
1947Kesl Jos Rental Equipment CoSt LouisMOroad equipmentMBT
1941Kesse Ice & Coal CoAtchinsonKSCoalRI
1941Ketchum's Milling & Fuel CoW MemphisARCoalRI
1965Kewanee-Ross Corp.Kansas CityMOBoilersMILW
1990Keystone FurnitureWhite RockTXFurnitureAT&SF
1947Keystone Iron & Metal CoSt LouisMOiron & metalStLTrfRy
1939Keystone Lime CoKeystoneALlimeL&N
1941Kib Warren Hardware CoShawneeOKFarm implementsRI
1950Kidwell Coal CoMaysvilleKYCoal yd*C&O,L&N
1990Kildare CoopNewkirkOKWheatAT&SF
1941Kilgore BrosFordyceARHides/pelts/wool/grease, feedRI
1940Kilgore BrosFordyceARGrainRI
1952Kilgore Coal CoSt PaulVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1972Killingsworth Feed MillWillardMOmolassesSLSF
1941Kilpatrick Bros Lumber CoOklahoma CityOKLumber/building productsRI
1941Kilpatrick Bros Lumber CoOklahoma CityOKPlaning mill/sash/door/blind mfrRI
1941Kimball Milling CoChattanoogaOKfeed, grainRI
1941Kimball Milling CoClintonOKfeedRI
1941Kimball Milling CoWaurikaOKfeedRI
1976Kimberly ClarkSmythNCSanitary pads, paper towelsSou
1956Kimberly ClarkBeech IsSCPulpboard, tissue paperCh&WC (ACL,CC&O)
1956Kimberly ClarkCoosa PinesALPulpboard, tissueACL
1990Kimberly-ClarkCorinthMSFabricC&CR (GM&O,IC,Sou)
1939Kimbrough W L & SonGuthrieKYsawmillL&N
1947Kin-Septic CoSt LouisMOantisepticsMP
1950Kinconnnon T CPendletonVACanning pltC&O
1950King Brand Food Prods Inc Processing DivMiamiFLmeat prod*FEC,SAL
1950King Chas & SonCharlottesvilleVAWhsl grocC&O
1939King Dobbs & CoAtlantaGAwhlse groceriesL&N
1965King Lumber Co Inc.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsKCT
1990King MeatGarden CityKSMeatsAT&SF
1950King Powder CoKikoKYBlack powder pltC&O
1939King Warehouse CoOppALpublic warehouseL&N
1887Kingan Packing Co 1887 (six large bldgs Kansas Ave at Kansas River)Kansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1939Kingan Provision CoLebanonKYcreameryL&N
1941Kingfisher Co-op Elevator AssociationKingfisherOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Kingfisher Mill & Elevator CoHitchcockOKfeed, grainRI
1941Kingfisher Mill & Elevator CoKingfisherOKfeedRI
1941Kingfisher Oil CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1976Kingsford Co.ParsonsWVCharcoal, Briquettes in BagsWM
1947Kingshighway Feed CoSt LouisMOfeedsMP
1976Kingsport PressKingsportTNPrinting PaperCC&O
1950Kinner & Sons J DGreenupKYLbr millC&O
1941Kiowa Lumber CoOklahoma CityOKLumber/building productsRI
1950Kirby Lbr CoRaleighWVSawmillC&O
1972Kirgan ElevatorSt JamesMOcorn, soybeans, wheatSLSF
1939Kirk-BreslinMaysvilleKYtobacco warehouseC&O
1939Kirkpatrick Sand & Cement CoCoosadaALsand/gravelL&N
1941Kirkwood R G Lumber CoWhitewaterKSCoalMP
1939Kirschbaum Mfg CoRichmondKYchilderens clothing mfrL&N
1990Kirschner Div David J Joseph CoWilderKYScrap metalsL&N
1950Kist Bottling CoPikevilleKYBev dlrC&O
1939Kitchen KompactLouisvilleKYkitchen cabinetsL&N
1950Klaene Fdy CoCovingtonKYFdyC&O
1950Klarer of KentuckyLouisvilleKYmeat prodvarious
1941Klassen Coal YardInmanKSCoalRI
1940Klein J B Iron & Fdy CoOklahoma CityOKStructural, reinforcing steel, copper prodsRI
1950Kline Chevrolet CoNorfolkVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1947Klipsch Wm & Son Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalMBT
1950Klotz BrosStauntonVAScrap yd*C&O,CW
1939Klotz Confection CoLouisvilleKYpeanutsL&N
1939Klotz Confection CoLouisvilleKYmfr candyL&N
1965Klughartt A. A Machinery Co.Kansas CityMOImplementsMP
1939Klyman's Nu-Way StoresNashvilleTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1956Knapheide Mfg CoW QuincyMOAuto parts, sheet steelCB&Q
1956Knapheide Mfg CoW QuincyMOTruck bodiesCB&Q
1950Knapp Monarch CoSt LouisMOInsecticideMP
1950Knapp Sherrill ILPElsaTXmeat prodSP
1947Knapp-Monarch CoSt LouisMOelectric household suppliesMP
1956Knicks Mend-Rite CoKansas CityMORubber products, tire repair matlCB&Q
1956Knieb Coal & Implt CoSt JosephMOFarm implements, coalCB&Q
1939Knight Iron & Metal CoBirminghamALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Knight Mercantile CoCartersvilleGAwhlse hardwareL&N
1950Knothe Bros CoCharlottesvilleVATextile plt*C&O,Sou
1956Knott County CoalKiteKYCoalC&O
1950Know Stove CoDeepwaterVAStovesNW*
1947Knox Glass Associates IncSt LouisMObottlesStLTrfRy
1960Knox Glass CoFlowoodMSGlasswareGM&O,IC
1941Knox Refining CoGarberOKPetroleum productsRI
1939Knox Stove WorksKnoxvilleTNmfr stovesL&N
1939Knoxville Gas CoKnoxvilleTNgas mfg plantL&N
1939Knoxville Ice & Cold Storage CoKnoxvilleTNcold storage warehouseL&N
1939Knoxville Iron CoKnoxvilleTNangle iron, bars, steel prodL&N
1939Knoxville Sangravel Material CoKnoxvilleTNsand/gravelL&N
1990Koch ChemicalViolaTXXylene solutionsAT&SF
1947Koch HospitalKochMOhospitalMP
1994Koch MaterialsMachovecTXhot asphaltATSF
1997Koch NitrogenSterlingtonLAfertilizerUP
1965Koch Refrigerators Inc.Kansas CityMOStore RefrigeratorsUP
1970Kochton Plywood & Veneer CoFt WorthTXPlywood, bldg matlSSW
1939Koehler-Spalding CoLouisvilleKYmerchandise broker, chemsL&N
1939Koehler-Spalding CoLouisvilleKYsugar/syrups, peanutsL&N
1939Koeneman Wm Comm & Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1947Koken Companies IncBadenMObarber suppliesMBT
1939Koll Grocery CoOwensboroKYwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1939Koppers CoWoodwardALcreosote oil, disinfectants, refined tarsL&N
1939Koppers CoWoodwardALroad tar, roofing, paints, waterproofingL&N
1970Koppers CoFordyceARLumber, treated, rr tiesSSW
1950Koppers CoRussellKYCreosoting pltC&O
1950Koppers CoRichmondVACreosoting & tie plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1976Koppers CoCharlestonSCTreated PolesSou
1976Koppers Co IncFlorenceSCTreated Poles*ACL,SAL
1990Koppers Co IncDeer ParkTXAsphaltSP
1990Koppers Co IncHoustonTXCoal tarSP
1956Koppers Co IncFollansbeeWVCoal tar, cokePRR
1947Koppers Co Tar & Chemical DivisionSt LouisMOtar productsMP
1965Koppers Co Wood Preserving DivisionKansas CityMOCreosotingKCS-MP
1976Koppers CompanyN Little RockARPoles, untreatedMP
1990Koppers IndDoyleTNRR ties, greenNC&StL
1950Kopperston Coalition MineKopperstonVACoalNW*
1976Kraft FoodsLakelandFLJuice Citrus Fruit NOIBNACL
1955Kraft FoodsMarshallMOEggs, milkGM&O
1955Kraft FoodsMarshallMOMayonnaise, processed eggsGM&O
1978Kraft FoodsSpringfieldMOflourSLSF
1978Kraft FoodsSpringfieldMOcheeseSLSF
1978Kraft FoodsMemphisTNfoodSLSF
1990Kraft FoodsDallasTXMixed foodsMP
1956Kraft Foods CoKansas CityMOFood productsCB&Q
1950Kraft Foods CoHuntingtonWVFood prods dlr*C&O,B&O
1990Kraft IncNorthgateTXMixed foodsAT&SF
1939Kraft Phoenix Cheese CoGallatinTNcreameryL&N
1956Kramer Mach & Engr ProductsLeavenworthKSMachineryCB&Q
1965Kramer Machine & Engr. Products Co.LeavenworthKSMachine WorksCB&Q
1947Kraus Saml CoSt Louis CtyMOcontractorStLB&T
1950Krause Mayo CoHilton VillageVACoalC&O
1941Krause Mfg CoHutchinsonKSFarm implementsRI
1950Kreck FoodsDallasTXmeat prodvarious
1947Krenning-Schlapp Grocer CoSt LouisMOgrocersWAB
1939Krey Packing CoSt LouisMOpacking house productsMBT/StLTrfRy
1956Kroger CoKansas CityMOCd fruit, cd gds, cd juices, cd nuts, walnutsCB&Q
1956Kroger CoKansas CityMOCd meats, cd veg, cereal, flourCB&Q
1956Kroger CoKansas CityMOFruit, grooc, mxd fds. salt, sugarCB&Q
1947Kroger CoSt LouisMOgrocers, cd veg, pearsSLSF
1941Kroger CoLittle RockARfruits/vegetables, groc, sugar whslRI
1976Kroger CoCollege ParkGAPaper tissue health prod mixedAWP
1940Kroger Groc & Baking CoLittle RockARGroc, whslRI
1942Kroger Groc & Baking CoRoanokeVAGroc, bakery suppN&W
1950Kroger Groc CoHuntingtonWVWhsl groc*C&O,B&O
1939Kroger Grocery & Baking CoNashvilleTNwhlse groceries, coffeeL&N
1939Kroger Grocery & Baking CoLexingtonKYwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1939Kroger Grocery & Baking CoLouisvilleKYwhlse groceries, bakeryL&N
1970Kroger Grocery CoIrvingTXproduce, grocSLSF
1965Kuhlman Plastic Co Inc.Kansas CityMOPlasticsKCS
1939Kupferle John C Foundry CoSt LouisMOplumbing supplies, fdyMBT/StLTrfRy
1950Kurdy Motor SalesS CharlestonWVAuto dlrC&O
1950KY & WV Power CoAshlandKYSupply ydC&O
1950KY & WV Power CoBannerKYGas pltC&O
1950KY & WV Power CoLouisaKYSupp ydC&O
1950KY & WV Power CoPaintsvilleKYSupp ydC&O
1950KY & WV Power CoPikevilleKYSupp ydC&O
1950KY Bread CoPaintsvilleKYBakeryC&O
1950KY Bread CoPikevilleKYBakeryC&O
1950KY Concrete Pipe CoLexingtonKYConcrete pipe plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950KY Fire Clay CoGatesKYClay mineC&O
1950KY Food StoresLexingtonKYWhsl groc*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950KY Util CoLexingtonKYSupp yd*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950KY Util CoMaysvilleKYPower plt*C&O,L&N
1950KY Util CoMoreheadKYSupp ydM&NF
1950KY Util CoMt SterlingKYSupp ydC&O
1950KY Water CoJenkinsKYWater trtmt pltC&O
1950KY Whsl CoPikevilleKYWhsl grocC&O
1950KY WV Gas CoPrestonsburgKYPipe stgC&O
1990Kyanite Mining CoDillwynVAKyanite (aluminum silicate)C&O
1990L L Forwarding (Mexican)LaredoTXTallowTxMx
1972L.J. Davis Lime CoSt JamesMOlimeSLSF
1976LA GroceryAlexandriaLACanned foodsL&A
1976LA State PenitentiaryBaton RougeLACotton, balesL&A
1939LaBoiteaux CoKnoxvilleTNmfr pulpboardL&N
1950Lacewell Orthopedic ShoesKellysvilleWVShoesNW*
1947Lacklong Supply CoSt Louis CtyMOroofingStLB&T
1972Laclede Electric CoopLebanonMOtransformersSLSF
1972Laclede Electric CoopLebanonMOcableSLSF
1947Laclede Gas Light CoSt LouisMOmaterial/storage yardManRy/StLTrfRy/WAB
1939Laclede Gas Light CoSt LouisMOmfr gas,cokeMP
1950Laclede Packing CoSt LouisMOmeat prodvarious
1956Laclede SteelMaryvilleMOSteel productsCB&Q
1990Laclede SteelBenwoodWVSteel beamsB&O
1939Laclede Steel CoSt LouisMOsteel rolling millL&N
1947Laclede Stoker CoSt LouisMOindustrial stoker castingsMP
1947Laclede-Christy Clay Products CoHowardMOfire brick & clayMP
1947Laclede-Christy Clay Products CoSt LouisMOfire brick & clayMP
1947Laclede-Christy Clay Products CoArloeMOfire brick & claySLSF
1947Laclede-Christy Clay Products CoCheltenhamMOfire brick & claySLSF
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoCentraliaMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoFarberMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoFultonMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoHigginsvilleMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoLouisianaMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoMarshallMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoMexicoMOLumberGM&O
1955LaCrosse Lumber CoSlaterMOLumberGM&O
1947Ladue Plumbing Supply CoSt Louis CtyMOplumbing suppliesStLB&T
1972Lady Baltimore Inst Whsl GrocWichitaKSfoodSLSF
1966Lady Melody Mines Inc BentreeOpen Fork JctWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1990LaFarge GypsumStevensKYGypsum prodsC&O
1950Lafayette Packing CoLafayetteALmeat prodCG
1966Lafayette Springs Coal Co LafayetteRaders RunWVCoal, steamMdw Rvr Lbr (NF&G)
1939Lagarde J BAnnistonALsand/gravelL&N
1970LaGloria Ref CoTylerTXPetr prod, gasoline, dieselSSW
1978Laird Brick CoMemphisTNbrickSLSF
1947Laister-Kauffman Aircraft Corp A BuildingSt LouisMOaircraftMP
1939Lake BrosSpringfieldKYseed dealer, coalL&N
1939Lamar Grocery CoSelmaALwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Lamb Ira & CoNashvilleTNboat builderL&N
1952Lambert Coal Co Lambert MineNoraVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1950Lambert F HFishersvilleVAFruit shipperC&O
1950Lambert J W Lbr CoGlen MorganWVBldrs suppC&O
1956Lambert Lumber CoLeavenworthKSLumberCB&Q
1939Lambert Lumber CoLewisburgTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millNC&StL
1965Lambert Lumber Co.LeavenworthKSLumberCGW-CB&Q
1950Lambert Mfg CoWaynesboroVABldrs supp*C&O,N&W
1939Lambert-Grisham Hardware CoHendersonKYelectrical machinery/suppliesL&N
1939Lambert-Grisham Hardware CoHendersonKYseed dealer, fertz, stoves, hdw, impltsL&N
1942Lamberts Point Docks IncNorfolkVAMdseN&W,N&PBL
1990Lamesa CompressLamesaTXCottonAT&SF
1947Landau Towel & Linen Service IncSt LouisMOlaunderersMBT/StLTrfRy/RI
1947Lander CoSt LouisMOcosmeticsRI
1939Landis Machine CoSt LouisMOshoe machinery dealerWAB/MBT
1950Landmark Food CoSt JosephMOmeat prod*ATSF, CB&Q,StJB
1972Landmark Lumber CoLenexaKSlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1950Landrum & HammackRichmondVASheet metal plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1942Lane CoAltavistaVAFurnitureSou,Vgn
1976Lane CoRocky MountVAFurniture, woodN&W
1939Lane Lumber CoHorse CaveKYlumber/bldg suppliesL&N
1990Lang Stegman FertilizerSt LouisMOFertilizerTRRA
1965Langdon Supply Co.Kansas CityMOMill Factory SuppliesUP
1956Lange Bros CoSt LouisMOFertilizerCB&Q
1939Langenberg Bros Grain CoSt LouisMOgrain dealerL&N
1939Lanier BrosAtlantaGAwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1965Lansing Co.Kansas CityMOEqt industrialUP
1940Larabee Elev CoGreenburgKSGrainRI
1941Larabee Elevator CoGreensburgKSGrain/feedRI
1939Larabee Flour CoSt LouisMOflour dealerL&N
1965Larabee Flour MillsSt JosephMOFlour-FeedUT
1941Larabee Flour MillsMedfordOKFlour,feedATSF
1956Larabee Flour Mills CoKansas CityMOWheatCB&Q
1956Larabee Flour Mills CoKansas CityMOFlourCB&Q
1978Laramic Tire Distributing CorpMemphisTNtiresSLSF
1941Laretto J DLabadieMOCoalRI
1990Laroche IndGeismarLAChlorineIC
1950Laros Textiles CoNewport NewsVATextile pltC&O
1990LaRouche Anhydrous AmmoniaKansas CityMOChemsKCT*
1939Larsen H CLouisvilleKYsheet metal worksL&N
1947LaSalle Iron WorksSt LouisMOindustrial iron fabricatorsManRy
1939Lassater Lumber CoParisTNbldg materialsNC&StL
1976Lassetter & Co IncBirminghamALPaperSou
1947Lassiter Fuel & Lubricating CoSt LouisMOfuel oilWAB
1939Latonia Ice & Fuel CoCovingtonKYcoalL&N
1939Latonia Ice & Fuel CoCovingtonKYmfr iceL&N
1939Latonia Refining CoCovingtonKYrefineryL&N
1939Laubheimer Block CoNashvilleTNmfr tileL&N
1965Laundry & Chemical Supply Co Inc.Kansas CityMOLaundry SuppliesKCS
1966Laura Coal Co KingstonKingstonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Lavino E J & CoReusensVAFerromanganese pltC&O
1978Lawhon John F Furn CoTulsaOKfurnitureSLSF
1950Lawrence A C Leather CoAshlandKYTanneryC&O
1947Lawrence Milling CoSt LouisMOflour/feedMP
1947Lawrence Whse CoCarondeletMOflour/feedMP
1939Lawrenceburg Pressed Brick CoLawrenceburgTNcoalL&N
1939Lawrenceburg Pressed Brick CoLawrenceburgTNmfr brickL&N
1950Lawson J L Hdw CoGreenupKYBldrs suppC&O
1940Lawton Iron & MetalLawtonOKScrap metalRI
1941Lawton Refining CoKomaltyOKRefineryRI
1950Lawton Silica Sand CoLawtonKYMoulding sandC&O
1950Layfield T GProvidence ForgeVASaw & planing millC&O
1941Layne Arkansas CoStuttgartARMachinery dealerSSW
1950Le John Mfg CoHuntingtonWVElec prods plt*C&O,B&O
1990Lea Ind Div La-Z-BoyMorristownTNFurniture, storageSou
1950Leader Publ CoStauntonVANewspaper*C&O,CW
1950Leader Tractor & Impt CoRichmondVAImplt dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1960Leaf River Forest ProductsAugustaMSPulpboardSou
1956Lear CorpFenton (St Louis)MOAuto seatsSLSF
1990Lear CorpWentzvilleMOAuto seats, interiorsWab
1956Lear CorpArlington (Fort Worth)TXParts & accessoriesMP
1950Leas & McVitty IncBuena VistaVATannery*C&O,N&W
1942Leas & McVitty Inc Salem TannerySalemVALeatherN&W
1956Leavenworth Steel CoLeavenworthKSSteel productsCB&Q
1965Leavenworth Water Co.LeavenworthKSWater PlantMP-UP
1976Lebanon ChemWarrentonNCFertz, limeWar (SAL)
1972Lebanon Feed & Seed CoLebanonMOanimal feedSLSF
1939Lebanon Oak FlooringLebanonKYplaning millL&N
1966Leckie Smokeless Coal Co Anjean 8Peaser JctWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1965Lederle Labs Div Amer Cyanimid CoSt JosephMOSerum ProductsUT
1950Lee & CostanHamptonVAFeed, fertzC&O
1939Lee Baking CoAtlantaGAbakeryL&N
1965Lee Foods Div. Consol Foods CorpKansas CityMOGroceriesUP
1965Lee H. D Co Inc.Kansas CityMOWork ClothingMILW
1941Lee Holland Service StationW MemphisARPetroleum productsRI
1950Lee L L & SonRonceverteWVBldrs suppC&O
1965Leeds Material Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding SuppliesSLSF
1966Left Fork Fuel Co Timtony 2HawleyWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1939Lefton B & Sons Iron & Metal CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1947Lefton Industrial CoSt LouisMOscrap ironMP
1947LeGear Medicine CoSt LouisMOpoultry/feeds etcMP
1950Leggett & Platt CoWinchesterKYMetal prods plt*C&O,L&N
1942Legum I W Coal & Oil CoNorfolkVACoal, petr prodN&W
1939Lehigh Coal CoLehighALfire clay pitL&N
1956Lehigh Portland CementFordwickVACementC&O
1990Lehigh Portland Cement (Mex.)Eagle PassTXCementSP
1950Lehigh Portland Cement CoFordwickVACement millC&O
1939Lehigh Portland Cement CoBoylesALcement plantL&N
1950Lehman-Roberts CoLexingtonKYBlacktop plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1976Leigh Textile CoWellfordSCCotton, Synthetic waste for recycl purpSou
1976Leigh Textile CoLowlandTNRayon Waste - BaledSou
1976Leigh Textile Co.SpartanburgSCSynthetic waste for recyclingSou
1950Leinenkugel Brewing CoKruseWVBeerNW*
1970Lenox CoLaynaARHVAC eqtSSW
1947Leonson Corrugated Box CoSt LouisMOboxesMP
1995Leprino FoodsPearsonMSCheeseKCS
1939Lerio Patent Cup CoMobileALsteel barrelsL&N
1939Lerio Patent Cup CoMobileALturpentine cups/aprons/ice cansL&N
1939Lerner Fruit & Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Leschen A & Sons Rope CoSt LouisMOwire & wire ropeMBT
1947Leston & CoSt LouisMOfood productsMP
1965Letts Box & Manufacturing Co.St JosephMOCooperageUT
1941Letts Box & Mfg CoOklahoma CityOKBox/crate mfrRI
1990Levelland Vegetable OilLevellandTXVegetable oilAT&SF
1990Lever BrothersSt LouisMOSodium sulphateTRRA
1956Lever BrothersCartersvilleGASoda ash, sodium sulphate*L&N,NC&StL,SAL
1947Lever Brothers CoSt LouisMOsoaps/powdersManRy/MP
1950Levinson Livestock CoWilliamsburgVALivestock shipperC&O
1950Levinson Packing CoNewport NewsVAPacking houseC&O
1939Levy DPensacolaFLscrap metal dealerL&N
1939Levy Jacob & BrosLouisvilleKYplumbing supplies, bldg matlL&N
1939Lewin A M Lumber CoCovingtonKYmfr sash/doors/blindsL&N
1947Lewin-Mathes Co (G Mathes Division)St LouisMOmetalsWAB
1970Lewis & Lavender Grocer CoShermanTXproduce, grocSLSF
1939Lewis Bear CoPensacolaFLpaint/oil/varnish, whsl drugsL&N
1976Lewis Business FormsJacksonvilleFLprinting paper*ACL,SAL,FEC
1965Lewis E. D Greenhouses Inc.Kansas CityMOFloristCB&Q
1950Lewis Furn CoLoganWVFurn dlrC&O
1950Lewis HdwCoMarmetWVBldrs suppC&O
1939Lewis L T & SonsNashvilleTNmfr brickL&N
1950Lexington Brokerage CoLexingtonKYFood brokers*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1939Lexington Concrete Products CoLexingtonKYconcrete blocksL&N
1950Lexington Cut Stone CoLexingtonKYCut stone ydC&O
1950Lexington Herald LeaderLexingtonKYNewspaper*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Lexington Motor Sales CoLexingtonVAAuto dlrC&O
1939Lexington Roller MillsLexingtonKYfeed mill, grainL&N
1950Lexington Water CoLexingtonKYSupp ydC&O
1950Libbey-Owens Gas DeptS MaldenWVOil refineryC&O
1990Libbey-Owens-Ford GlassE LaurinburgNCGlassLau&Sou
1990Libbey-Owens-Ford GlassTulsaOKSoda ashMKT
1939Libby McNeil & LibbyMemphisTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1950Libby McNeill & LibbyNorfolkVACd gds dlrN&W,C&O
1950Libby-Owens-Ford Glass CoOwensWVGlass prods pltC&O
1947Liberty Bell Oil CoSt LouisMOoil/gasolineMP
1939Liberty Cash GrocersMemphisTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1978Liberty Cash Grocers IncMemphisTNproduce, grocSLSF
1939Liberty Cherry & Fruit CoCovingtonKYcandied & preserved fruitsL&N
1947Liberty Foundry Co Plant No 1CarondeletMOfoundryMBT
1990Liberty GlassSapulpaOKGlass prodTSU
1950Liberty Limestone CorpRocky PtVAStone quarryC&O
1990Liberty RiceAbbevilleLARiceSP
1950Lichford L ELynchburgVAProduce dlrC&O
1950Lieber Supply CoLexingtonKYMill supplies*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1947Lieber Tank Car CoMaes SpurMOretail oil & gasolineMP
1947Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoSt LouisMOsmoking/chewing tobaccoMP/SLSF
1939Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoLexingtonKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plantL&N
1950Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoLexingtonKYTobacco stg whseC&O,CNO&TP
1939Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoParisKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plantL&N
1950Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoS RipleyKYTobacco packing whseC&O
1950Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoRichmondVACigarette pltC&O
1950Liggett & Myers Tobacco CoHuntingtonWVTobacco whseC&O
1939Liggett Coal & Feed CoMemphisTNcoalL&N
1941Light Grain & Milling CoGuymonOKfeed, grainRI
1941Light Grain & Milling CoHookerOKfeedRI
1940Light Grain & Milling CoForsytheKSFeed, grainRI
1947Lilie-Hoffman Cooling Towers IncSt LouisMOindustrial cooling systemsWAB
1939Lillie Mill CoFranklinTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1950Lilly Ice & Bottling WorksPembertonWVBev, explosives, flour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,Vgn
1976Lily Division % Mid City Ind WarehouseAugustaGAwoodpulp dishes plates trays*ACL,SAL
1978Lily Tulip Div Owens-IllSpringfieldMOpaperSLSF
1978Lily Tulip Div Owens-IllSpringfieldMOpaper cupsSLSF
1965Lily-Tulip Cup Corp.Kansas CityMOPaper CupsMP
1960Lincoln Co Farm Bureau Svc CoElsberryMOPetr prodCB&Q
1956Lincoln County Farm BureauElsberryMOAnhydrous ammonia, antifreezeCB&Q
1956Lincoln County Farm BureauElsberryMOChemicals, diesel fuel, feedCB&Q
1956Lincoln County Farm BureauElsberryMODog food, fertz, fuel oil, gasolineCB&Q
1956Lincoln County Farm BureauElsberryMOSeeds, tiresCB&Q
1956Lincoln County Farm BureauElsberryMOCorn, milo, soybeansCB&Q
1965Lincoln Electric Co.Kansas CityMOElectrical AppliancesMKT
1950Lincoln Electric MotorsMullensWVMotors elecNW*
1947Lincoln Engineering CoSt LouisMOmaterial yardsMBT
1990Lincoln GrainAtchisonKSBarley, wheatMP
1990Lincoln GrainColbyKSBarleyUP
1942Linde Air ProdsRoanokeVAGases compressedN&W
1950Linde Air Prods CoS CharlestonWVChem pltC&O
1939Linde Air Products CoLouisvilleKYliquid gasesL&N
1956Linde Air Products CoKansas CityMOWelding gasCB&Q
1947Linde Air Products IncSt LouisMOindustrial gasesWAB
1956Linde Corp.Deer ParkTXArgonSP
1939Linden Ice & Coal CoLindenALmfr iceL&N
1939Linden Stock YardsLindenALlivestockSLSF
1939Linden WarehouseLindenALgrain/feed dealer, fertzSLSF
1939Linden WarehouseLindenALcotton ginSLSF
1940Lindsay Bonded Whse CoBerniceLACottonRI
1940Lindsay Cotton Whse CoLindsayOKCottonRI
1950Lindsay's PlasticsIrontonWVPlastic prodNW*
1941Lindsey Farm Equipment CoBerniceLAFarm implements, fertzRI
1940Lindsey Grain ElevBerniceLAGrainRI
1941Lindsey Grain ElevatorBerniceLAGrain/feedRI
1956Line Materials CoKansas CityMOElectrical suppliesCB&Q
1939Linen Thread CoAnnistonALcotton millL&N/SOU
1972Linn Grain CoNeodeshaKSwheat, corn, soybeansSLSF
1947Linson O E IncJenningsMOlease tank carsWAB
1972Lion Oil CoFt SmithARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Lion Oil CoHopeARoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1941Lion Oil CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsMP
1941Lion Oil CoNewportARPetroleum productsMP
1941Lion Oil CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsSSW
1939Lion Oil Refining CoGulfportMSpetroleum productsL&N
1939Lion Oil Refining CoMilanTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Lion Oil Refining CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Lipscomb E P & SonsFoleyALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1972Lipscomb Grain & Seed CoNicholsMOseed, grainSLSF
1955LiptonIndependenceMOMilk prods, paper, sugarGM&O
1955LiptonIndependenceMOTomato prods, vegetable oilGM&O
1990Liquid AirBorgerTXCarbon dioxideAT&SF
1990Liquid CarbonicDallasTXCarbon dioxideAT&SF
1947Liquid Carbonic Acid CoSt LouisMOcarbonic gasWAB
1965Liquid Carbonic CorpKansas CityMOCarbonic GasAT&SF
1972Liquid Fertilizer & Chem CoMonettMOpotassium chloride, phosphatesSLSF
1990Liquid Sugar IncKansas CityMOSugar, liqKCT*
1995Liquid SugarsDallasTXSugarSP
1941Little Rock Box Mfg CoLittle RockARBox/crate mfrMP
1941Little Rock Broom WorksLittle RockARbroom mfrRI
1941Little Rock Cold Storage CoLittle RockARpublic warehouseMP
1939Livestock Producers AssociationMontgomeryALlivestock dealerL&N
1939Livingston M & CoParisTNwhlse groceriesNC&StL
1950Locher & CoBalcony FallsVABrick kilnC&O
1950Locher Silica CorpGoshenVAGlass sandC&O
1965Lock Joint Pipe Co.Kansas CityMOConcrete PipeAT&SF-CB&Q
1960Lock Spgs RefineryLock SpringsMOCrude OilNLD*
1960Lock Spgs RefineryLock SpringsMODiesel fuel, gasoline, lube oilNLD*
1965Locomotive Finished Material Co.St JosephMOFoundryCB&Q-UT
1939Loeb-Apte CoAtlantaGAcanned goods/vinegar/dried beans (food broker)L&N
1950Logan Baking CoLoganWVBakeryC&O
1939Logan CoLouisvilleKYiron beds, wire goodsL&N
1950Logan Concretet Prods CoLoganWVCement block pltC&O
1950Logan Groc CoLoganWVWhsl grocC&O
1950Logan Hdw & Supply CoLoganWVWhsl hdwC&O
1950Logan Lbr CoHuff JctWVSawmillC&O
1950Logan Planing MillLoganWVMillworkC&O
1941Logan R T Lumber CoNewportARSawmillRI
1950Logan Sand CoRangerWVRiver sand pitC&O
1965Lone Eagle Auto Parts Co.Kansas CityMOScrap MetalKCT
1950Lone Jack Stone CoEmilVAStoneC&O
1990Lone Star CementSylvesterTXCementAT&SF
1990Lone Star CementDallasTXCementAT&SF
1990Lone Star CementHaleTXCementAT&SF
1990Lone Star CementMarynealTXCementAT&SF
1939Lone Star Cement CoRaglandALcement plantL&N
1942Lone Star Cement CorpS NorfolkVACementN&PBL
1970Lone Star Instl Grocery CoIrvingTXproduce, grocSLSF
1976Lone Star LaFarge Co.NorfolkVACalcium Aluminate CementC&O
1947Lone Star Package Car CoSt LouisMOfreight forwardersSLSF
1990Lone Star SteelLone StarTXSteel pipeT&N (L&A)
1952Long & Long Coal Co South Haysi MineHaysiVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1955Long Bell Lumber CoKansas CityMOPine LogsKCT
1955Long Bell Lumber CoKansas CityMOLumberKCT
1941Long Bell Lumber CoMedfordOKLumber/forest productsRI
1950Long David SRonceverteWVCoal ydC&O
1939Long Lewis Hardware CoBessemerALmachinery dlr, farm impltsL&N
1939Long Lewis Hardware CoBessemerALpaint/oil/varnish, plbg suppL&N
1939Long Lewis Hardware CoBessemerALwhlse hardwareL&N
1950Long Super Mine Car CoOak HillWVMine machy plt*C&O,Vgn
1939Longview Saginaw Lime WorksLongviewALlimeL&N
1956Longwear Paint & Varnish WorksKansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1939Looney E MIron CityTNsawmillL&N
1941Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoOklahoma CityOKBakery productsRI
1939Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoKnoxvilleTNbakery goodsL&N
1939Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoNashvilleTNbakery goodsL&N
1942Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoRoanokeVABakery suppN&W
1939Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoMontgomeryALbakery goodsL&N
1941Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoLittle RockARBakery productsRI
1939Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoLexingtonKYbakery goodsL&N
1939Loose-Wiles Biscuit CoLouisvilleKYbakeryL&N
1965Lorber Mercantile Co (Katz Drug Co)Kansas CityMOMerchandiseCB&Q
1939Lorillard P & CoShelbyvilleKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plantL&N
1941Louds Coal CoLawtonOKCoalSLSF
1956Louis Dreyfus Corp (Export Elevator)Moss PointMSGrainMsExp (GM&O,L&N)
1976Louis Marx Co. of WVGlendaleWVChilds Vehicles KD PlasticB&O
1976Louis Marx Co. of WVWheelingWVChilds Vehicles KD PlasticB&O
1950Louisa Feed SvcLouisaVACoal, flour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Louisa Groc CoLouisaKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Louisa Supply CoLouisaKYGroc, flour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1990Louisiana BrickMonroeLABrickA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1941Louisiana Iron & SupplyEldoradoARoil well supply houseRI
1956Louisiana Mill CoLouisianaMOBarley, corn, seed, soybean mealCB&Q
1956Louisiana Mill CoLouisianaMOSpent mashCB&Q
1960Louisiana Mill CoLouisianaMOGrain mill prodCB&Q
1990Louisiana PacificCarthageTXLumberAT&SF
1997Louisiana PacificJasperTXWood paneling, lbrBNSF
1994Louisiana PacificNew WaverlyTXWaferboard, wood prodMP
1995Louisiana PacificSilsbeeTXWood products (medium density fiberboard/MDF)ATSF
1996Louisiana PacificLogansportLAPlywoodSP
1990Louisiana PacificLogansportLAPlywoodSP
1976Louisiana Pacific CorpCarlaLASwitchties mixed hardwoodL&A
1990Louisiana PlywoodHuntLAPlywoodKCS
1956Louisiana Water WorksLouisianaMOChlorine, limeCB&Q
1976Louisiana WholesalersAlexandriaLAFeed prep A&PL&A
1990Louisiana-Pacific CorpClevelandTXPlywood, lbr*AT&SF,SP
1939Louisville Asphalt CoLouisvilleKYasphaltL&N
1939Louisville Axe & Tool CoLouisvilleKYtoolsL&N
1960Louisville Brick CoLouisvilleMSBrickGM&O
1939Louisville Bridge & Iron CoLouisvilleKYstructural/bridge ironL&N
1939Louisville Car Wheel & Railway Supply CoLouisvilleKYwheelsL&N
1939Louisville Cement CoLouisvilleKYlime/cement/saltL&N
1939Louisville Cereal Mill CoLouisvilleKYgrits & meal, feedL&N
1950Louisville Fire Brick CoAdenKYClay mineC&O
1950Louisville Fire Brick CoGrahnKYBrick kilnC&O
1939Louisville Fire Brick CoLouisvilleKYmfr firebrickL&N
1939Louisville Gas & Electric CoLouisvilleKYgas mfg plantL&N
1939Louisville Gas & Electric CoWinchesterKYbutane gasL&N
1939Louisville Growers Co-opLouisvilleKYpotatoes/onions/truck vegetablesL&N
1939Louisville Live Stock ExchangeLouisvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1939Louisville Pottery CoLouisvilleKYpottery mfrL&N
1939Louisville Provision CoLouisvilleKYmeat storage distr plantL&N
1939Louisville Public Warehouse CoLouisvilleKYpublic warehouseL&N
1939Louisville Refining CoLouisvilleKYrefineryL&N
1939Louisville Scrap Material Co IncLouisvilleKYjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Louisville Textiles IncLouisvilleKYcotton spinning millL&N
1960Louisville Tie CoLouisvilleMSRR tiesGM&O
1939Louisville Veneer MillsLouisvilleKYsawmill, veneerL&N
1978Love Oil CoSpringfieldMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1950Lovegrove Milling & Feed CoCharlottesvilleVAFeed, flour, seed, hayC&O
1990Loveridge MineLoveridge MineWVCoalPRR
1939Lovin J FDecaturALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Loving C NHot SpringsVACoal ydC&O
1947Lowell BleacheryCarondeletMOcotton piece bleachersMP
1939Lowery BrosOcoeeTNgrain/feed dealer, public whse, petr prodL&N
1940Lowry JohnsonFordyceARStaves, hoopsRI
1990Lowrys FoodsFt WorthTXCornAT&SF
1939Loxley Produce CoLoxleyALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Loxley Produce CoLoxleyALpotatoes/cucumbers/corn/soybeans/cottonL&N
1947Loy-Lange Box CoSt LouisMOpaper boxesManRy
1972LP Gas CoClintonMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1966ltmann Coal Go ItmannElmoreWVCoal, steamC&O,N&W
1947Lubrite Refining CoSt LouisMOoil & gasoline storageMP
1990LubrizolDeer ParkTXFuel oil, lube oil, antiknock compoundSP
1994LubrizolDeer ParkTXPetroleum oil #1SP
1976Lubrizol CPNHoustonTXSodium sulfite, wasteSP
1965Luce Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOLuggageKCT
1950Luck G IHanoverVACoal ydC&O
1950Luckado A LBeaver DamVACoal ydC&O
1950Lucky Stride Shoes incMaysvilleKYShoe factory*C&O,L&N
1965Lucky Tiger Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOHair TonicSLSF
1947Ludlow Sayler Wire CoSt LouisMOmfr wireWAB
1939Luke Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1947Lumber Yard Supply CoSt LouisMObldg suppliesMP
1972Lumbermans Millwork & SupplyArdmoreOKpostsSLSF
1965Lumbermen's Supply Co.St JosephMOLumber-WindowsAT&SF-CB&Q
1965Lumbermen's Supply Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsAT&SF
1975Lumis CorpSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1947Lungstras Dyeing & Cleaning CoSt LouisMOdyeing & cleaningMP
1969Lusco Brick & StoneKansas CityMObrick, stoneSLSF, MKT
1950Lykes BrosAlbanyGAmeat prod*ACL,CG,GaN,SAL
1976Lykes Pasco Packing CoDade CityFLCitrus Fruit Jces, canned, frozen*ACL,SAL
1990Lynch J ElevatorsBeverlyKSBarley, wheatUP
1950Lynchburg Diamond Ice CoLynchburgVAIce pltC&O
1950Lynchburg Fdy CoLynchburgVAFdyC&O,Sou
1950Lynchburg Iron & Metal CoLynchburgVAScrap ydC&O
1950Lynchburg Milling CoLynchburgVAFlour & feed millC&O
1950Lynchburg Rendering CoLynchburgVAFats & tallow*C&O,N&W,Sou
1950Lynd J ERussellKYGrocC&O
1950Lynn PontiacRichmondVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1965Lyon Bert & Co.Kansas CityMOHides-WoolKCS-KCT
1977Lyon County Rural Elect AdminEmporiaKSPoles, elec suppAT&SF
1978Lyon Frank DistributingSpringfieldMORCA televisionsSLSF
1990Lyondell PetrochemicalChannelviewTXEthyl alcohol, methyl-tertiary-butyl etherSP
1990Lyondell PolymersLa PorteTXPlastic pelletsSP
1996Lyondell Polymers (1996)PasadenaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1996Lyondell Polymers (1996)VictoriaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1951Lyons Fertilizer CoTampaFLFertzSAL
1939Lyons IncNashvilleTNmfr golf clubsL&N
1939M & H Valve & Fitting CoAnnistonALfoundrySOU
1939M & R Canning CoOwensboroKYcanned vegetablesL&N
1952M R S CollieriesElkhorn CityKYCoal, bituminousCC&O
1941M S & A Coal CoHaileyvilleOKCoal (15 tons daily)RI
1965M. F. A. CooperativeSt JosephMOGrain-FeedRI
1950Ma-Co Pinwood CoBartowWVWood prods pltC&O
1950Mabscott Supply CoMabscottWVMine suppC&O
1939Mac Smith Garment CoGulfportMSmfr shirts/pajamasIC
1990Mac Whyte Wire RopeFt WorthTXRopeAT&SF
1950MacGregor Motors IncCharlottesvilleVAAuto dlr*C&O,Sou
1965Machinery & Supplies Co Inc.Kansas CityMOMachinery usedKCT
1947Mack International Motor Truck CoSt LouisMOtrucks/bussesManRy
1982MacMillan-BloedelPine HillALPaperSou
1947Maco Enameling CoSt LouisMOenameling foundryMP
1956Macon ElevatorMaconMOGrainCB&Q
1956Macy's Kansas CityN Kansas CityMOAir conditioners, appliancesCB&Q
1956Macy's Kansas CityN Kansas CityMOFurniture, lamps, linoleumCB&Q
1956Macy's Kansas CityN Kansas CityMOMerchandise, plastic gds, radiosCB&Q
1956Macy's Kansas CityN Kansas CityMORugs, shoes, TVs, tools, toysCB&Q
1965Macy's Kansas City Department StoreKansas CityMOMdseCB&Q
1939Made Rite Products CoSt LouisMOmfr bldg matls,paintL&N
1950Made-Rite Furnace & Pipe Fitting CoNewportKYFurnace, air cond*C&O,L&N
1950Madison Groc CoMadisonWVGroc, flour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Madison Grocery CoRichmondKYfruit/vegetables, whsl grocL&N
1939Madison Street Terminal Warehouse CorpSt LouisMOpublic warehouseMBT,TRRA
1947Maes Brick CoMaes SpurMObrickMP
1950Maggard Motor SalesPaintsvilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1976Maggioni & Co L PSavannahGACanned Oysters*ACL,SAL
1939Magic City Furniture CoGadsdenALliving room furnitureL&N
1939Magic City Paint & Varnish CoBirminghamALpaintL&N
1971MagnavoxJohnson CityTNLbr (cabinets)CC&O
1990Magnolia Hardwood FlooringMagnoliaARWood floringL&NW
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoCotton PlantARPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoEldoradoARPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoMansfieldARPetroleum productsSLSF
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoNewportARPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoRustonLAPetroleum productsIC
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoWinnfieldLAPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoAlvaOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoCalumetOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoCarnegieOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoChickashaOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoClintonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoEnidOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoGuymonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoHartshorneOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoHookerOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoHydroOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoLawtonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoMcAlesterOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoMelfordOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoOkeeneOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoPearsonOKrefinery/shipper/receiverRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoWaltersOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoWewokaOKRefinery/shipper petroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoWilburtonOKPetroleum productsMKT
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoBowieTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoJacksboroTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoOlneyTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Magnolia Petroleum CoSeymourTXPetroleum productsFW&D
1941Magnum Mill & Elevator CoMagnumOKfeedRI
1950Mahan CoWinchesterKYFeed, implt dlrL&N
1950Maidenform Brassiere CoHuntingtonWVTextile plt*C&O,B&O
1950Maier W J Stg CoHuntingtonWVWhseC&O
1947Majesky P CSt LouisMOmfrs agentStLB&T
1939Majestic Building Materials CorpSt LouisMObldg materialsL&N
1939Majestic Building Materials CorpSt Louis CtyMObldg materialsStLB&T
1947Mallinckrodt Chemical WorksSt LouisMOmfr chemicalsMBT/StLTrfRy/WAB
1947Maloney Electric CoSt LouisMOmfr transformersMBT/MP
1950Malvern Brick & Tile CoAbcoARBrick, Face*RI,MP
1947Manchester Machine CorpSt Louis CtyMOspecial machinesStLB&T
1939Manganese CorpAnnistonALmfr high grade manganese oreL&N/SOU
1947Manglesdorf Ed FSt LouisMOfeed/grainMP
1947Mangold Stave & Cooperage CoCarondeletMOliquor barrelsMP
1939Mangret BrosTalladegaALcotton compress/whseL&N
1941Mangum Brick & Tile CoMangumOKCoalRI/MKT
1941Mangum Brick & Tile CoMangumOKface brick/tileRI/MKT
1940Mangum Cotton Oil MillMangumOKCottonseed oilRI
1950Manhattan Shirt CoAmericusGAClothingCG
1946Manila Rope Co (O'Riley & O'Realy)RaymondaleLARope prodsDL*
1950Mankin Lbr CoOak HillWVBldrs supp*C&O,Vgn
1956Manley IncKansas CityMOPopcornCB&Q
1950Mann W DAlleghanyVAWood extract pltC&O
1956Mannen-Smith Supply CoSt JosephMOLumberCB&Q
1941Manning J BPattersonARSawmillRI
1939Manning-Orgain Supply CoClarksvilleTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1950Mansbach Metal CoLoganWVScrap ydC&O
1950Mansbach Metal CoAshlandKYScrap ydC&O
1939Mansfield Coal & Lumber CoParisKYsawmillL&N
1939Mansfield Oil CoParisKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Mantiply E MFishersvilleVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1960MapcoMemphisTNPetr prod, LPGIC
1965Mapes Moulded Pulp Div Central Fibre Prod CoKansas CityMOEgg Cup FlatsCB&Q
1980Mapes Piano String CoElizabethtonTNWireET&WNC
1947Maplewood Planing Mill CoMaplewoodMOmillworkMP
1947Mar-Kay Mfg CoSt LouisMOpaintsManRy
1941Marathon Oil CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1960Marathon Sou Paper Div James River Paper CoNaheolaALPaperM&B
1939Marble City Lumber CoSylacaugaALplaning millCofG
1939Marble Ice & Coal CoSylacaugaALmfr iceL&N
1976Marcantel FeedWelshLAGrass seeds top seedsSP
1939Marcum Grocery CoCampbellsvilleKYfruit/vegetables, whsl grocL&N
1941Marianna Oil & Refining CoOklahoma CityOKRefineryRI
1939Marine Fertilizer CoGulfportMSmfr fertilizerIC
1939Marine Junk CoMobileALjunk scrap iron & metal dealer, hidesL&N
1956Marion Co Producers AssocnHeltonMOFeed, grainCB&Q
1941Marion Co-op Equity ExchangeMarionKSGrain/feed, coalATSF/RI
1939Marion J HRussellvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1941Marion Lumber CoMarionKSCoalRI
1977Mark II LumberEmporiaKSLbr, cementMKT
1950Marks L V & Sons CoAugustaKYShoe factoryC&O
1950Marks LinwoodBeaver DamVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1965Marley Co IncKansas CityMOCooling TowersUP
1950Marlinton Elec CoBartowWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Marlinton Elec CoMarlintonWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1941Marlow Ice & Fuel CoMarlowOKCoalRI
1956Marquette CementCowanTNCementNC&StL
1947Marquette Cement Mfg CoCarondeletMOmfr cementMP
1956Marsh Steel CorpKansas CityMOSteel productsCB&Q
1975Marshall Chem CoIndian HillWVChemsV&O*
1939Marshall County Creamery IncLewisburgTNcreameryNC&StL
1941Marshall Implement & Garage CoClay CenterKSFarm implementsRI
1939Marshall Spring & Bedding CoKnoxvilleTNmattressesL&N
1939Marshall Spring & Bedding CoNashvilleTNmattressesL&N
1939Marshall Stove WorksLewisburgTNmfr stovesL&N
1972Marshfield Block CoMarshfieldMOcement, sand, limeSLSF
1950Marsico BrosMontgomeryWVCinder block pltC&O
1939Marske Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1941Mart St L IncSt LouisMOpublic warehouseTRRA
1950Martin & DickinsonDiascundVATimber piling shipperC&O
1950Martin & JonesRonceverteWVBldrs suppC&O
1950Martin & RichardsonNewport NewsVASeafoodC&O
1950Martin Chevrolet CoRichmondVAAuto dlrSAL
1950Martin Hdw CoCharlottesvilleVAWhsl hdwC&O
1976Martin L CloseAlexandriaLAFoodstuffsL&A
1950Martin Lbr CoMartinKYBldrs suppC&O
1941Martin Lumber CoEnterpriseKSCoalRI
1977Martin Marietta Limestone (Concrete Matls Co)MolineKSLimestone, crushed, limeAT&SF
1939Martin Oil CoLouisvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Martin Stove & Range CoFlorenceALmfr stovesL&N
1976Martin Timber CoRoyLALumberL&A
1972Martin Tire & Supply CoWichitaKStiresSLSF
1939Martin W L Broom & Mop CoLouisvilleKYmops & broomsL&N
1984Martin-Marietta AluminumLewisportKYAluminum ingotsL&N
1939Maryville Grocery CoLewisburgTNsugarSOU
1939Maryville Grocery CoMaryvilleTNwhlse groceriesSOU
1939Maryville Ice & Coal CoMaryvilleTNmfr iceSOU
1950Maryville Packing CoMaryvilleMOmeat prod*CB&Q,Wab
1939Maryville Strawberry Growers AssnMaryvilleTNstrawberriesL&N
1950Mason Mfg CoNewport NewsVATruck body pltC&O
1950Mason's Texas Dept StoresBluefieldWVMdseNW*
1990Masonite CorpCrosbyMSWood productsIC
1950Masonite CorpLaurelMSBoards (Bldg, wall, or insul)GM&O,Sou
1955Massengill S E CoBristolTNPharmaceuticalsSou
1970Massey ButaneLaynaARLPGSSW
1950Massey Concrete Prods CorpMelbourneKYConcrete prods pltC&O
1978Massey Ferguson CoMemphisTNtractorsSLSF
1965Massey-Concrete Products Co.Kansas CityMOConcrete ProductsKCS-KCT
1970Massey-Ferguson Farm EqtLaynaARFarm eqtSSW
1947Massey-Harris Harvestor Co IncSt LouisMOfarm equipmentWAB
1965Massey-Harris-Ferguson Inc.Kansas CityMOImplementsUP
1978Masters Jackson Paving CoSpringfieldMOlimestone, sand, cementSLSF
1978Masters Jackson Paving CoSpringfieldMOlime, asphalt, oilSLSF
1976Masters MerchantsHollywoodFLWoodpulp dishes plates traysSAL
1950Matacia Fruit CoCharlottesvilleVAFruit & produce dlrC&O
1947Materials Packing and Forwarding CoCarondeletMOcementMP
1947Materials Service CoMaplewoodMObldg materialsMP
1941Matheny Oil CoWewokaOKPetroleum productsRI
1950Mathews Block CoOwensWVCement prods pltC&O
1939Mathews Tire CoSylacaugaALautosL&N
1960Mathieson AlkaliSaltvilleVACaustic sodaSou
1942Mathieson Alkali Works IncNorfolkVAChemsN&W,N&PBL
1939Mathis Peanut CoFloralaALpeanut shelling plantL&N
1939Matthews Furniture CoBirminghamALparlor & living room furnitureL&N
1950Matthews-Curtis CoNatural BridgeVASand, quartzite, stone*C&O,N&W
1939Mattingley Sheep CoSt LouisMOlivestock dealerL&N
1976Maule Ind IncMauleFLMagnesite firebricks and anchorsFEC
1947Maull L CoSt LouisMOfood productsWAB
1950Maupin BrosCharlottesvilleVAPulpwood shipper*C&O,Sou
1965Maurer Fruit & Vegetable Co.Kansas CityMOProduceMP
1965Maurer-Neuer Meat PackersKansas CityMOMeat PackersMP
1950Maurer-Neuer Meat PackersKansas CityMOmeat prodMP
1990Maxwell Hardwood FlooringMarandiARWood floringAD&N (MP,RI)
1940Maxwell Steel CoFt WorthTXStructural, reinforcing steelRI
1939Maxwell W RAtmoreALfertilizerL&N
1965May Coal & Building Materials Co.Kansas CityMOCoal-Building MaterialsMP
1947May Department Store CoSt LouisMOdepartment storeWAB
1950May Groc CoRoyaltonKYGroc, feedC&O
1939May Hardwood CoLouisvilleKYlumberL&N
1939May Hardwood CoLouisvilleKYplaning millL&N
1939May Hosiery MillsNashvilleTNcotton millL&N
1990Mayfield Coop ElevatorMayfieldKSWheatAT&SF
1976Mayo VeneerWhitakersNCUnfigured veneerACL
1941Mays R H GrocerFordyceARGroceriesRI
1950Maysville Brick CoMaysvilleKYBrick kilnC&O
1950Maysville Concrete Block CoMaysvilleKYCement block plt*C&O,L&N
1939Maysville Livestock Sales CoMaysvilleKYlivestock dealerSOU
1939Maysville Lumber CoMaysvilleKYsawmillC&O
1956Maytag Corp.Kansas CityMOAppliancesCB&Q
1939McAdams & MorfordLexingtonKYwhlse drugsL&N
1940McAlester Macaroni FactoryMcAlesterOKFood prodRI
1941McAlestor Coal CoHaileyvilleOKCoal (20 tons daily)RI
1941McAlestor Fruit CoMcAlesterOKfruits/vegetablesRI
1950McAllister & Bell IncCovingtonVAFlour millC&O
1947McCabe-Powers Auto Body CoSt LouisMOmfr auto bodiesMKT/MBT
1939McCall Brokerage CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939McCall Lumber CoJellicoTNsawmill & planing millL&N/SOU
1978McCalls Fruit CoSpringfieldMOproduceSLSF
1939McCann Nabors Steel CoNashvilleTNiron/steel fabricatorL&N
1939McCarthy-Jones & Woodward Co IncNashvilleTNroad machinery dealer, I&S fabricatorL&N
1990McCarty FarmsPearsonMSFrozen chickensIC
1950McCary H PEsmontVACoal ydC&O
1939McCauley & RichardsonRussellvilleKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1977McCauley Bros FeedVersaillesKYFeedSou
1950McClain Motor Sales CoVanceburgKYAuto dlrC&O
1939McCleary Bros IncMemphisTNchemicalsL&N
1939McClellan Coal CoPensacolaFLcoalL&N
1950McClure-Harper CoMt SterlingKYWhsl grocC&O
1941McCoa Chevrolet CoW MemphisARPetroleum productsRI
1939McCollough BrosAtlantaGAfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950McComas H SW HamlinWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939McComb Supply CoJellicoTNpaint/oil/varnishL&N/SOU
1939McComb Supply CoJellicoTNwhlse hardwareL&N/SOU
1939McComb Supply CoHarlanKYelectrical machinery/supplies, plbg suppL&N
1939McComb Supply CoHarlanKYfarm implementsL&N
1939McComb Supply CoHarlanKYmachinery dealer, stoves, hdw, paintL&N
1972McCord Ozark Whsl GrocFayettevilleARfoodSLSF
1950McCormick Lbr CoMt SterlingKYBldrs suppC&O
1939McCormick Lumber CoLexingtonKYplaning millL&N
1950McCubbin Chevrolet CoGreenupKYAuto dlrC&O
1950McCue C PurcellGreenwoodVAApples, peaches shipperC&O
1941McDonald & CoJonesboroLAfruits/vegetablesRI
1965McDonald A.Y Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOPlumbing-HeatingMP-UP
1956McDonald Beverage CoLeavenworthKSBeveragesCB&Q
1965McDonald Beverage Co.LeavenworthKSBeveragesCB&Q
1939McDonald Bros Coal & Ice CoMemphisTNcoalL&N
1939McDonald Bros Coal & Ice CoMemphisTNmfr iceL&N
1965McDonald Grain Co.Kansas CityMOGrain-CoalMKT
1950McDonald R SBeaver DamVALbr ydC&O
1939McDonald-Glass Grocery CoAnnistonALwhlse groceriesL&N
1947McDonnell Aircraft CorpSt LouisMOmfr aircraftSLSF,TRRA
1976McDonnell DouglasSt LouisMOjet fighter fuselageSLSF,TRRA
1978McDonnell DouglasTulsaOKjet fighter fuselageSLSF
1960McDowel Scrap YardMarionNCScrapCC&O
1939McDuffie StallworthBeatriceALsawmill & planing millL&N
1965McGehee CoKansas CityMODehydrating EquipmentGM&O
1990McGehee GrainMcGeheeARRiceMP
1950McGhan J EPaintsvilleKYFlour, feed, seedC&O
1950McGinnis R EGreenupKYPulpwood shipperC&O
1950McGovern Buick IncRichmondVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939McGowin Sawmill CoRuthvenALsawmill & planing millL&N
1950McGraw James IncRichmondVAMill supp dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950McGraw-Hill PublishingSt LouisMOMagazinesUNK
1950McGuire Feed CoCharlestonWVFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950McIlvain J GibsonDixieWVSawmillC&O
1939McIntyre & DavidsonMurteaKYcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1950McJunkin Supply CoAllenKYMine, mill, oilwell suppliesC&O
1977McKay C R Oi CoEurekaKSPetr prod (Phillips)MP
1939McKenzie Gin CoMcKenzieTNcotton broker/dealerL&N
1939McKenzie Ice & Coal CoMcKenzieTNcoalNC&StL
1939McKenzie Implement CoMcKenzieTNfarm implementsL&N
1939McKenzie Milk Products CoMcKenzieTNcreameryNC&StL
1939McKenzie Milling CoMcKenzieTNfeed millNC&StL
1950McKesson & Robbins IncHuntingtonWVWhsl drug dlr*C&O,B&O
1965McKesson & Robbins Inc.Kansas CityMOBeveragesCGW
1955McKesson Chem CoSpringfieldMOchemsSLSF
1978McKesson Wine & SpiritsSpringfieldMObeerSLSF
1941McKesson-Lincoln Drug CoLittle RockARdrugsMP
1947McKesson-Robbins Drug CoSt LouisMOdrugsManRy
1950McKinney Newman CoLexingtonKYElec prods whse*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950McLaughlin B EMarlintonWVCoal ydC&O
1941McLean Arkansas Lumber CoN Little RockARSawmillRI
1941McMahon Transfer CoSt LouisMOpublic warehouseTRRA
1978McMicheal Concrete CoTulsaOKlime, sand, cement, limestoneSLSF
1950McMillion Motors IncCharlestonWVAuto dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939McMullian JMariannaFLturpentine stillL&N
1962McNally Pittsburgh Mfg CorpPittsburgKSPaperboard not prtd not corr not coatedMP
1941McNeill A JSeymourTXCoalRI
1950McNeill Lbr CoMaysvilleKYBldrs supp*C&O,L&N
1950McNutt Ed & SonDoverKYCoal ydC&O
1939McPheeters Warehouse CoSt LouisMOwarehouseStLTrfRy,TRRA
1947McQuay-Norris Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr piston ringsMP
1947McQuay-Norris Mfg Co (Navy Division)St LouisMOnavy suppliesWAB
1950McRoberts Supply CoCharlestonWVAuto accessories dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950MD & WV Lbr CoEdwightWVSawmillC&O
1990MDCMemphisTNCanned fruit juicesSSW
1972Mead ContainersFt SmithARpaper productsSLSF
1990Mead CorpStevensonALPaper, fiberboard, corr boxes, containersSou
1990Mead CorpAtlantaGABoxes, corrugated*L&N,Sou
1990Mead CorpLynchburgVAPaperSou
1976Mead CorpKingsportTNPrinting PaperCRR
1939Mead CorpNashvilleTNmfr pulpboardL&N
1950Mead Corp Heald DivLynchburgVAPulpwoodC&O
1950Mead Corp Heald DivLynchburgVAStraw, boxboard, tanning extractC&O
1990Mead PaperMahrtALFiberboardSou
1980Mead PaperKingsportTNPaper, printingCC&O
1990Mead ProductsWhite RockTXPaperAT&SF
1956Meade Coal CoKansas CityMOCoalCB&Q
1950Meador Poulson & PriddyRichmondVAProduce dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Meadow River Lbr CoRainelleWVSaw & planing mill*C&O,NYC
1966Meadow River Lbr CoRupertWVLumberNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1947Medart Fred Mfg CoSt LouisMOgymnasium equipmentManRy
1950Meddin Packing CoSavannahGAmeat prod*ACL,CG,S&A,SAL,Sou
1990Medusa CementClinchfieldGACementSou
1978Meek C Lumber CoSpringfieldMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF,MP
1950Meeks Motor CoPaintsvilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1956Meier J J & CoSt JosephMOWheatCB&Q
1956Meier J J & CoSt JosephMOFeed, flourCB&Q
1976Meincke & Son A MMcIntyreGAclay in bulkSou
1941Meinrath Brokerage CoWichitaKSsugar brokerRI
1950Meisel Machy CoHuntingtonWVMill machy plt*C&O,B&O
1990Melamine ChemicalsDonaldsonvilleLAMelamineMP
1939Memphis Broom & Brush CoMemphisTNbroom/brushesL&N
1939Memphis Compress & Storage CoMemphisTNcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Memphis Paper CoMemphisTNwhlse paper & paper articlesL&N
1939Memphis Rice MillMemphisTNriceL&N
1939Mengel CoLouisvilleKYsawmill, veneerL&N
1950Mengel CoWaylandKYSawmillC&O
1947Mengel U.S. Plywood CorpSt LouisMOmfr plywoodMP
1990Menlo-Rexford Coop AssnMenloKSWheatUP
1939Meramec Portland Cement & Material CoSt LouisMOsand/gravelL&N,TRRA
1972Meramec Valley Block CoValley ParkMOcement, sand, limeSLSF
1947Mercantile Fuel CoBenavisMOcoal/bldg materialsWAB
1997Mercedes-Benz TuscaloosaVanceALautos Mercedes M-class SUV, Grand Sport TourerSou
1950Mercer Storage & TransferMullensWVWarehouseNW*
1950Merchant Shippers AssociationSt LouisMOForwarder FreightUNK
1965Merchants Biscuit Co.Kansas CityMOCookies-CrackersUP
1965Merchants Carloading Co Inc.Kansas CityMOFrt forwarderGM&O
1950Merchants Cold Stg CoRichmondVACold stg pltC&O
1939Merchants Fertilizer & Phosphate CoPensacolaFLfertilizerL&N
1950Merchants Groc CoOrangeVAWhsl groc*C&O,Sou
1939Merchants Ice & Cold Storage CoLouisvilleKYcold storage warehouseL&N
1939Merchants Ice & Fuel CoCarondeletMOretail coalMP
1939Merchants Ice & Fuel CoSt LouisMOretail ice & fuelWAB/MBT/MP
1939Merchants Supply CoAnnistonALwhlse groc, sugarL&N
1947Merck & CoSt LouisMOpharmacistsMP
1976Merrit R MTiogaLAFeed prep A&PL&A
1939Merritt Stave CoClarksvilleTNmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1950Mershon SvcWilliamsburgVABulk gas & oilC&O
1947Mesker Bros Iron CoSt LouisMOwindow sashesMP/MBT
1947Messmer Brass CoSt LouisMOindustrial brassManRy
1956Metal Goods CorpKansas CityMOMetal productsCB&Q
1947Metalo Goods CorpSt LouisMOaluminum brass copper zinc and lead bushing fittingsMBT
1947Metals Disintegrating Co of MissouriShrewsberryMOmetal scrapSLSF
1971Methodist Publishing HouseNashvilleTNPaperL&N
1950Metzgers H & SonsRichmondVABarrel dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1947Meyer A E Service StationSt LouisMOretail service stationMP
1947Meyer Blanke CoSt LouisMOdairy equipment & suppliesManRy
1947Meyer Bronson & SonSt LouisMOhidesMP
1947Meyer Bros Drug CoSt LouisMOdrugsManRy
1941Meyer Bros Drug CoLittle RockARdrugsMP
1972MFASt JamesMOfertilizerSLSF
1956MFA ElevatorLouisianaMOAnhydrous ammonia, antifreezeCB&Q
1956MFA ElevatorLouisianaMOCorn, milo, soybeansCB&Q
1960MFA ExchangeElsberryMOPropaneCB&Q
1956MFA ExchangeElsberryMOChemicals, diesel fuel, feedCB&Q
1956MFA ExchangeElsberryMODog food, fertz, fuel oil, gasolineCB&Q
1956MFA ExchangeElsberryMOSeeds, tiresCB&Q
1960MFA ExchangeElsberryMOGrainCB&Q
1972MFA FeedCubaMOfeedSLSF
1972MFA Feed and Milling CoRollaMOfeed bag, bulkSLSF
1972MFA Feed CoLebanonMOanimal feedSLSF
1972MFA Milling CoAuroraMOoats, soybeans, wheat, bagsSLSF
1978MFA Milling Coop No 1SpringfieldMOcorn, wheatSLSF
1978MFA Milling Coop No 1SpringfieldMOanimal feed bags, bulkSLSF
1972MFA Oil CoCrockerMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1941MFA Oil CoUnionMOPetroleum productsRI
1972MFA Oil CoAuroraMOoil, diesel, gasolineSLSF
1972MFA Plant FoodAuroraMOfertilizerSLSF
1972MFA Plant FoodRollaMOphosphatesSLSF
1972MFA Plant FoodsLebanonMOfertilizerSLSF
1978MFA Plant FoodsSpringfieldMOpotassium chloride, phosphatesSLSF
1955MFA Seed DivMarshallMOFeed, seed, fertzGM&O
1955MFA Seed DivMarshallMOAlfalfa, barley, corn, feed, soybeans, wheatGM&O
1939Michael Supply CoSylacaugaALplumbing suppliesL&N
1978Michelin Tire CorpMemphisTNtiresSLSF
1950Michie CoCharlottesvilleVAPrinting plt*C&O,Sou
1950Mickleberry Food Products Meat DivSt LouisMOmeat prodvarious
1950Mickleberry Food Products Reitz DivKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1947Micotto R C Construction CoShrewsberryMOindustrial contractorsSLSF
1995Mid America PackagingPine BluffARWaste paperSSW
1941Mid Continent Petroleum CoEldonMOPetroleum productsRI
1941Mid Continent Petroleum CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1956Mid Florida WarehousePlymouthFLTomato productsSAL
1940Mid Kansas Milling CoClay CenterKSGrainRI
1976Mid State Beer Dist.ClarenceLABottles, beer mtyL&A
1990Mid West ReloadKansas CityKSLumber prodsKCT*
1990Mid-America Pipe Line CoConwayKSFuel oilAT&SF
1956Mid-Continent Distributors IncKansas CityMOAlcoholic beveragesCB&Q
1965Mid-Continent Grain Co.Kansas CityMOGrain ElevatorGM&O
1939Mid-Continent Petroleum CoRussellvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Mid-Continent Petroleum CoSpringfieldKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Mid-South Machinery CoMemphisTNmachinery dealerL&N
1965Mid-States Ornamental Iron Co.Kansas CityMOOrnamental IronKCT
1956Mid-West Chandelier CoKansas CityMOElectrical suppliesCB&Q
1965Mid-West Conveyor Co Inc.Kansas CityMOConveyorsUP
1940Mid-West Grain CoBucklinKSGrainRI
1965Mid-West Terminal Warehouse Co.Kansas CityMOWarehouseMILW-KCT
1942Midatlantic Concrete Pipe & Prods CorpNorfolkVAConcrete prodN&PBL,Vgn
1950Middle States Bitminous CoAshlandKYBlacktop pltC&O
1950Middle States Bituminous CorpHuntingtonWVBlacktop plt*C&O,B&O
1950Middle States Concrete CoAshlandKYReadymix concrete pltC&O
1975Middlebrooks Milling Co (1975)WarwickGASoybeansSou
1939Middlesboro Milling CoMiddlesboroKYfeed mill, grainL&N
1939Middlesboro Wholesale Grocery CoMiddlesboroKYwhlse sugar, grain, feed, whsl grocL&N/SOU
1939Middlesboro Wholsesale Grocery CoMiddlesboroKYfertilizerL&N
1956Midland Flour Milling CoKansas CityMOWheatCB&Q
1956Midland Flour Milling CoKansas CityMOFeed, flourCB&Q
1965Midland Manufacturing Co Inc.Kansas CityMOElectrical EquipmentUP
1947Midland Products CoSt LouisMOpaper productsMP
1947Midland Reclamation CoJenningsMOrepair tank carsWAB
1965Midland Steel & Aluminum Co.Kansas CityMOFabricatorsRI
1939Midland Valley CorpSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1960Midsouth MillingMemphis (Pres Is)TNCorn,soybeansIC
1960Midsouth MillingMemphis (Pres Is)TNVeg oil,corn sweetenerIC
1950Midstate Constr Div Martin-MariettaJones MillARAggregateRI
1950Midwest Bottle Gas CoMentorKYPropane gasC&O
1965Midwest Cold Storage & Ice Corp.Kansas CityMOWarehouseKCS
1947Midwest Consultants IncSt LouisMOshoe polish/printing inkMBT
1990Midwest CoopBuffalo ParkKSBarleyUP
1990Midwest CoopGrainfieldKSBarleyUP
1965Midwest Creamery & Dairy Supply Co.Kansas CityMODairy SuppliesMP-StLSF
1947Midwest Distributors IncSt LouisMOroofing & insulationMP
1990Midwest ElectricSyracuseMOMachMP
1978Midwest FarmsRustonLACornstarch, liq sugarRI
1955Midwest Fiber SAles CoSpringfieldMOpaper prodSLSF
1990Midwest Grain CoPlainviewTXWheatAT&SF
1990Midwest Grain ProductsAtchisonKSAlcoholic bev, denatured alc, grain spiritsAT&SF
1965Midwest Oil Co.Kansas CityMOLubricating OilsMP
1947Midwest Oil Refining CoSt Louis CtyMOretail oilTRRA
1965Midwest Paving Co.Kansas CityMOPaving MaterialSLSF
1990Midwest PetroleumGreat BendKSPetr prodMP
1990Midwest PetroleumGreat BendKSGasoline, chemMP
1947Midwest Piping and Supply CoSt LouisMOoil well suppliesManRy
1990Midwest SteelPearlandTXSteel pipeAT&SF
1965Midwest Steel Corp.Kansas CityMOSteel FabricatorKCT
1947Midwest Wire & Paper Products CoSt Louis CtyMOwire & paper productsStLB&T
1950Midwest Wool Marketing AssociationKansas CityMOWool - greasedMP
1941Mier H AAbileneKSGrain/feedRI
1940Mier H AAbileneKSGrainRI
1941Mikes Gas HouseWilburtonOKPetroleum productsMKT
1939Milam Feed MillNew OrleansLAfeed mill, grainL&N
1939Milan Box CoMilanTNmfr box/cratesL&N
1939Milan Compress CoMilanTNcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Milan Milling CoMilanTNcotton broker/dealerL&N
1940Milan Spot Cash Whsl HouseWinnfieldLAGroc, whsl, fertzRI
1960Milbrook BakeryBirminghamALflour, sugar, saltSLSF
1966Milburn Colliery Co Milburn 3MilburnWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1941Miles Feed CoEldoradoARGrain/feedRI
1995Miles IncEldonTXToluene diisocyanateSP
1956Miles IncNatriumWVDiphenylmethaneB&O
1939Miles P W Lumber CoDe Funiak SpgsFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1965Milgram Food Stores Inc.Kansas CityMOGrocersKCS-KCT-StLSF
1990Millard RefrigerationPearsonMSCheeseIC
1996Millard Refrigeration ServiceHidalgoTXFrozen orange juicesMP
1990Millard Refrigeration ServiceAttallaALCheeseSou
1939Miller & Co IncSelmaALsawmillL&N
1939Miller Coal CoLewisburgTNcoalNC&StL
1950Miller EarlPrestonKYCoal, fertz, limeC&O
1947Miller M TSt LouisMOscrap ironMP
1939Miller Mfg CoNashvilleTNlumberL&N
1950Miller Paint Mfg CoHuntingtonWVPaint plt*C&O,B&O
1972Miller ProduceJoplinMOproduceSLSF
1939Miller T R Mill CoBrewtonALcreosoting plantL&N
1939Miller T R Mill CoBrewtonALsawmill & planing mill, boxes, cratesL&N
1950Miller Whsl Groc CoLouisaKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Millhiser Bag CoRichmondVABag & textile plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1947Millstone I E Constr CoSt LouisMOcontractorWAB
1939Milnor H C Sand CoKnoxvilleTNsand/gravelL&N
1995Milpark Drilling FluidsBoeufLABariteSP
1990Milpark Drilling FluidsBoeufLABariteSP
1941Milton Oil CoEldonMOPetroleum productsMP
1947Milton Oil CoRichmond HtsMOwhlse oil & gasolineStLB&T
1939Milton SanchezLexingtonKYmerchandise brokerL&N
1942Milwaukee Bottling CoNorfolkVABeveragesVgn
1966Minden-Sewell Coal Co Minden 1ThurmondWVCoal, steamC&O
1990Minera Reakar (Mexican)El PasoTXClaySP
1950Mineral Milling CoMineralVAFeedC&O
1947Mines Equipment CoSt LouisMOmining suppliesWAB
1965Minneapolis-Moline Co.Kansas CityMOImplementsUP
1947Minner & CoSt LouisMOhidesRI/SLSF
1990Minnesota Mining & Mfg Co (3M)Zacha JctTXFAKAT&SF
1939Mirabelle Supply CoSt LouisMObrewery suppliesL&N
1947Mirax Chemical Products CorpSt LouisMOchemicalsMP
1990Mississippi ChemicalYazoo CityMSFertilizerIC
1938Mississippi GlassMorgantownWVGlassB&O
1939Mississippi Glass CoSt LouisMOglassMBT
1939Mississippi Gulfport Compress CoGulfportMScotton compress/whseIC
1997Mississippi LimeMosherMOLimeUP
1956Mississippi Phosphate (1996)PascagoulaMSAnhydrous ammoniaL&N
1939Mississippi River Sand & Material CoSt LouisMOsand/gravelStLTrfRy
1972Mississippi River Sand CoPacificMOsandSLSF
1947Mississippi Valley Barge LinesSt LouisMOtransfer freight to/from bargesStLTrfRy
1939Mississippi Valley Furniture CoMemphisTNwhlse furnitureL&N
1947Mississippi Valley Stock Yards Co No 1St LouisMOstock yardsMBT
1939Mississippi Valley Structural Steel CoMaplewoodMOstructural steel/fabricatorStLB&T/MP
1939Mississippi Valley Structural Steel CoSt LouisMOsteel fabricatorL&N
1939Missouri Bag CoSt LouisMOnew & 2nd hand bagsMBT
1947Missouri Baking CoSt LouisMObakeryMP
1947Missouri Boiler WorksSt LouisMOsheet ironMP
1955Missouri Farmers AssociationMexicoMOSoybean mealGM&O
1939Missouri Floor CoLaDueMOlumber,flooringStLB&T
1939Missouri Floor CoSt LouisMOlumberL&N
1947Missouri Goodwill IndustriesSt LouisMOscrap paperWAB
1956Missouri Gravel PitLa GrangeMOGravelCB&Q
1972Missouri Highway DeptLebanonMOoilSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptLebanonMOgravelSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptLebanonMOsandSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptLebanonMOasphaltSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptMarshfieldMOoil, gravel, sand. asphaltSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptMonettMOoil, gravel, sand. asphaltSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptMt VernonMOoil, gravel, sand. asphaltSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptRichlandMOoil, gravel, sand, asphaltSLSF
1972Missouri Highway DeptRollaMOoil, gravel, sand, asphaltSLSF
1956Missouri Mapes CoKansas CityMOEgg cup flatsCB&Q
1947Missouri Oil CoSt LouisMOretail oil & gasolineMP
1960Missouri Ordnance PlantCosgroveMOMunitionsCB&Q
1947Missouri Pacific ElevatorCarondeletMOgrain elevatorMP
1947Missouri Paint & Varnish CoSt LouisMOpaint/varnishWAB
1961Missouri Paper Stock CoSt LouisMOPaperTRRA,L&N
1947Missouri Paper Stock CoSt LouisMOscrap paperTRRA,L&N
1947Missouri Perma-Tac CoRock HillMOmfr commercial chemicalsMP
1956Missouri Portland Cement CoFt BellefontaineMOGypsum, coalCB&Q
1956Missouri Portland Cement CoFt BellefontaineMOCementCB&Q
1956Missouri Portland Cement CoProspect HillMOGypsum, coalCB&Q
1956Missouri Portland Cement CoProspect HillMOCement, bulk, sacksCB&Q
1941Missouri Portland Cement CoSt LouisMOGravelTRRA
1965Missouri Portland Cement Co.Kansas CityMOCementAT&SF
1956Missouri Produce YardKansas CityMOProduceCB&Q
1947Missouri Products CoSt LouisMOmfr drugsMBT
1972Missouri Public Service CoClintonMOpolesSLSF
1947Missouri Rolling MillBentonMOfence posts & steelMP
1965Missouri Solvents & Chemicals Co.Kansas CityMOChemicalsKCS
1972Missouri St Hwy DeptCrockerMOoil, gravel, salt, asphaltSLSF
1972Missouri St Hwy DeptGrandviewMOoil, gravel, salt, asphaltSLSF
1972Missouri State Highway DeptSt JamesMOoil, gravel, sand, asphaltSLSF
1980Missouri State Highway DeptBolivarMOoil, limestone, asphalt, sandSLSF
1965Missouri State Highway Dept.St JosephMOSuppliesAT&SF
1947Missouri State Oil CoShrewsberryMOoil & gasolineSLSF
1939Missouri Steel & Wire CoSt LouisMOwhlse hardwareL&N
1972Missouri Steel CastingsJoplinMOclay, sand, gravel, scrap steelSLSF
1956Missouri Valley Bridge CoLeavenworthKSStructural steel, sheet stl, rivetsCB&Q
1965Missouri Valley Oil Co.Kansas CityMOPetroleum ProductsKCT
1965Missouri Valley Serum Co.Kansas CityMOSerumKCS-MP
1965Missouri Valley Steel Inc.LeavenworthKSShipyardMP
1956Missouri Valley Wallpaper CoKansas CityMOWallpaperCB&Q
1941Missouri Warehousing CoSt LouisMOpublic warehouseTRRA
1965Missouri Water & Steam Supply Co.St JosephMOPlumbing SuppliesRI
1939Missouri-Illinois Material CoSt LouisMOsand/gravelL&N
1947Missouri-Illinois Tractor & Equipment CoSt LouisMOfarm machineryMBT
1956Mitchelhill Seed CoSt JosephMOSeedsCB&Q
1941Mitchell & RouseMarlowOKpublic warehouseRI
1955Mitchell Ceiling CoSpringfieldMObldg matlsSLSF
1947Mitchell Clay Mfg CoHowardMOfire brick & clayMP
1939Mitchell Coal & Material CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1940Mitchell Cotton Whse R HDubachLACottonRI
1939Mitchell W HBirminghamALcoalL&N
1997Mitsui CompanyEagle PassTXRolled steelSP
1950Mize Supply CoWaynesboroVAMill supp whse*C&O,N&W
1956MO Iron Metal CoSt JosephMOScrap metalCB&Q
1956Mobil ChemicalShawneeOKPlastic pelletsRI
1990Mobil ChemicalBeaumontTXBenzene, lube oil, additives, tolueneMP
1990Mobil ChemicalBeaumontTXPlastic pelletsMP
1990Mobil ChemicalAgricolaFLPhosphateACL
1956Mobil ChemicalNicholsFLPhosphate*ACL,SAL
1956Mobil ChemicalLa GrangeGAPlastic pellets*ACL,A&WP
1990Mobil ChemicalChalmetteLABenzene, toluene, xyleneKCS
1990Mobil OilChalmetteLAAviation fuel, diesel, fuel oil, gasolineKCS
1990Mobil OilChalmetteLALPG, lube oilKCS
1990Mobil OilBeaumontTXAviation fuel, diesel, fuel ooil, gasolineMP
1990Mobil OilBeaumontTXLube oil, LPGMP
1990Mobil OilChaisonTXWaxL&A
1970Mobil Oil CoIrvingTXoil, gasoline, diesel, keroseneSLSF
1960Mobil Oil CoBolivarMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Mobil Oil CoClintonMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1941Mobley Construction CoNewportARsand/gravelMP
1941Modern Equipment CoOklahoma CityOKFarm implementsRI
1939Modern Lumber & Millwork CoLouisvilleKYlumber/bldg materialL&N
1947Modern Oil & Supply CoSt LouisMOlube oilsManRy
1939Modern Sand & Gravel CoSt LouisMOsand/gravelStLTrfRy
1977ModineEmporiaKSAuto radiatorsAT&SF
1950Moeschl-Edwards Corrugating CoCovingtonKYStove & stl doors pltC&O
1939Moffatt & Bibb IncLouisvilleKYlumber brokerL&N
1978Mohawk Rock & Sand CoTulsaOKlimestone, sandSLSF
1976Mohegan Intl CorpNew OrleansLAPine TarL&A
1940Mokin Egg CoSt JosephMOPoultry, eggsRI
1978Moley Produce CoTulsaOKproduceSLSF
1990Mon PowerFt MartinWVCoalPRR
1990Mon PowerRivesvilleWVCoalMonong
1956Monarch Lumber CoKansas CityMOBuilding productsCB&Q
1950Monarch Milling CoMt SterlingKYFlour & feed millC&O
1950Monarch Oil CoRichmondVABulk fuel oil*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1941Monarch Refining CoOklahoma CityOKRefineryRI
1947Monark Petroleum CoHowardMOoil & gasolineMP
1972Monett Lumber CoMonettMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1950Moneyhon G WAugustaKYLbr ydC&O
1978Monroe Concrete CoRustonLACement, aggregatesRI
1939Monroe Flour CoMemphisTNflour millL&N
1939Monroe J D & CoBirminghamALpeanut shelling plantL&N
1950Monroe Trfr CoNewport NewsVAWhseC&O
1950MonsantoNitroWVVulcanizing CompundNYC
1956MonsantoSt LouisMOResin plasticizerCB&Q
1990MonsantoAma Jct.LAFertilizerMP
1990MonsantoLulingLAPhosphoric acidMP
1970Monsanto Chem CoNitroWVChemsNYC
1939Monsanto Chemical CoAnnistonALmfr phosphate rock, chemL&N/SOU
1947Monsanto Chemical CoCarondeletMOchemicalsMP
1939Monsanto Chemical CoSt LouisMOsulphuric acid,chemsManRy/MP
1939Monsanto Chemical CoMt PleasantTNchemicalsL&N
1956Monsanto TextilesGreenwoodSCTextilesSAL
1990MontellLake CharlesLAPlastic pelletsKCS
1995Montell USABayportTXpolypropylene pelletsSP
1950Montgomery Distr CoMontgomeryWVBeer distrC&O
1950Montgomery Feed & Farm Supply CoMontgomeryWVProduce, flour, feed,seed, hayC&O
1939Montgomery Gravel CoFlomatonALsand/gravelL&N
1939Montgomery Livestock CommissionMontgomeryALlivestock dealerL&N
1939Montgomery Mfg CoMontgomeryALshirt mfrL&N
1939Montgomery Oak Flooring CoMontgomeryALsawmillL&N
1950Montgomery R S CoNorfolkVARefrig*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Montgomery Union Stock YardsMontgomeryALlivestockL&N
1956Montgomery Ward & CoSt JosephMOMerchandiseCB&Q
1970Montgomery Ward & CoFt WorthTXMdseSLSF
1965Montgomery Ward & Co.Kansas CityMOMerchandiseKCT,UP
1950Montgomery Ward CoStauntonVADept store supp*C&O,CW
1950Montgomery Ward CoMabscottWVWhseC&O
1950Montgomery Whse CoMontgomeryWVWhsl grocC&O
1950Monticello DairyCharlottesvilleVADairy*C&O,Sou
1941Moon Dist CoLittle RockARliquor whslRI
1939Moon John & CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1976Mooney Mfg. Co.Flowery BranchGAfurniture, woodSou
1939Mooney Oil CoLondonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Moore & MurrayRussellvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1947Moore Benj & CoSt LouisMOpaintsManRy
1976Moore Business FormsHeflinALPaper groundwood rollsSou
1976Moore Business FormsBuckhannonWVrolls printing paperBO
1976Moore Business Forms IncFredericksburgVAPaper printing rollsRFP
1950Moore Lbr CoPikevilleKYLbr, bldrs supp, flour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1942Moore Milling CoSalemVAGrain, feedVgn
1939Moore W AWetumpkaALsawmillL&N
1939Moore-Newton Lumber CoCullmanALsawmill & planing millL&N
1965Moorhead Brick & Tile Co.St JosephMOBrick-TileCGW
1956Moorlane CoKansas CityMOPipe fittingsCB&Q
1942Mootz BakeryPrincetonWVBakery suppliesVgn
1939More C T (broker)St LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1939Morehead John C Transfer CoLouisvilleKYdrayageL&N
1950Morehead Lbr CoMoreheadKYBldrs supp*C&O,M&NF
1950Morehead WhseMoreheadKYHH appl dlr*C&O,M&NF
1939Moretti-Harrah Marble CoBrownsonALmarble (quarry)L&N
1939Moretti-Harrah Marble CoSylacaugaALmarble (quarry)L&N
1947Morgan Arthur Trucking CoSt LouisMOcontract truckerWAB
1950Morgan CollierFullertonKYCoal ydC&O
1978Morgan F E & CoRustonLACoffeeRI
1941Morgan F E & CoRustonLAGrain/feedRI
1940Morgan F E & CoRustonLAGrainRI
1939Morganfield Stock YardsMorganfieldKYlivestockIC
1950Morganton Furniture CoMorgantonNCFurnitureSOU
1950Morgantown BrickMorgantownWVBrickB&O
1950Morgantown Glassware GuildMorgantownWVGlassB&O
1950Morrell GeoRichmondVALbr yd*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Morrell John & CoTopekaKSmeat prod*ATSF,RI,UP,MP
1939Morris BrosMemphisTNmarble/granite worksL&N
1950Morris Packing Plant.Kansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1939Morrison Bros Home Oil CoMadisonvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N/IC
1976Morrison Lbr Co c/o Burlington House FurnShalebrickNCLumber white pine pkgs sl&cHPT&D
1976Morrison Lbr Co c/o Otis Broyhill Furn CoMarionNCLumber white pine pkgs sl&cSou
1982Morrison Molded Fiber Glass CoBristolVAFiberglass plastic prod, concrete molds*N&W,Sou
1990Morrison-Gregg-Mitchell GrainColbyKSBarleyRI
1960Morrow Lumber CoBillingsMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972Morrow MillingCarthageMOwheatSLSF
1972Morrow MillingCarthageMOflourSLSF
1950Morth Mtn Brick CoChristianVABrick kilnC&O
1941Morton Adaire Grain CoPonca CityOKGrain/feedATSF
1976Morton FoodsCrozetVAwoodpulp dishes plates traysC&O
1976Morton SaltWilmingtonNCSalt (solar, imported)ACL
1990Morton SaltGrand SalineTXPotashT&P
1990Morton SaltGrand SalineTXSaltT&P
1990Morton SaltHutchinsonKSSaltAT&SF,SSW,RI
1990Morton SaltWeeks IslandLASaltSP
1939Morton Salt CoSt LouisMOsaltMBT
1990Morton Salt Weeks Island MineNew IberiaLASaltSP
1990Morton-ThiokolPascagoulaMSSilicone rubberMsExp (GM&O,L&N)
1976Mosher Steel CoHoustonTXStructural SteelSP
1976Mosher Steel CoSan AntonioTXBeams AnglesSP
1939Moss & McCormackCarbonALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Moss Milling CoGreensburgKYfeed millL&N
1956Moss Oil CoElsberryMOPetroleum products, gasolineCB&Q
1939Moss Produce CoStanfordKYpetroleum productsL&N
1960Moss T J Tie CoColumbusMSRR ties*C&G,Sou,SLSF
1965Motor Radio Co Inc.Kansas CityMOElectric AppliancesKCT
1950Mott Mach & Mfg CoHuntingtonWVMetal prods plt*C&O,B&O
1939Mott W H Lumber CoNashvilleTNsawmillL&N
1939Mound City Fruit & Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1947Mound City Ice & Cold Storage CoSt LouisMOice & cold storageWAB
1947Mound City Macaroni CoSt LouisMOmacaroniMP
1947Mound City Paint CoSt LouisMOpaintsMP
1939Mound City SugarsSt LouisMOsugarL&N
1947Mound City Supply CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesMP
1950Mound Svc CoS CharlestonWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1939Mountain City Milling CoGadsdenALgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Mountain Dew Coal CoLexingtonKYfarm implementsL&N
1939Mountain Dew Coal CoParisKYcoalL&N
1939Mountain Grocery CoJellicoTNgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fruit, vegL&N/SOU
1939Mountain Grocery CoJellicoTNsugarL&N/SOU
1950Mountain Motors IncBeckleyWVAuto dlr*C&O,Vgn
1941Mountain View Grain CoMountain ViewOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Mountain View Lumber CoMountain ViewOKPaintsRI
1976Moureau Gin Co.MoreauLACotton, balesL&A
1950Mower Lbr CoBentreeWVSawmillC&O
1950Mower Lbr CoCassWVSawmillC&O
1950Mower Lbr CoNallenWVSawmill*C&O,NYC
1947Mozel Chemical Products CoSt LouisMOmfr chemicalsMBT,L&N
1962MP RRPalestineTXRy car castings or forgingsMP
1941Mpls-Moline Power Impls CoEnidOKFarm implementsRI
1941Mpls-Moline Power Impls CoOklahoma CityOKFarm implementsRI
1990Mrs Smiths BakeriesStilwellOKFz desserts, Pet-Ritz pet foodKCS
1990Mrs Smiths BakeriesSpartanburgSCFz desserts, Pet-Ritz pet foodSou
1990Mrs Smiths BakeriesSuwaneeGAFz desserts, Pet-Ritz pet foodSou
1960MS Chem CoBayou Casotte (Pascagoula)MSFertzL&N
1960MS Chem CoN Yazoo CityMSFertzIC
1960MS Power CoPurvisMSCoalSou
1960MS Power Co Plant DanielsEscatawpaMSCoalMSE
1956Mt Airy Iron & MetalMt AiryNCScrap metalSou
1972Mt Vernon Lumber CoMt VernonMOlumber , plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1950Mtn Dew Coal CoLexingtonKYCoal, feed*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Mtn St Supply CoHuntingtonWVJanitor supp dlr*C&O,B&O
1965Mueller Brass CompanyKansas CityMOBrass FittingsSLSF
1978Mulhollan Furniture WhseSpringfieldMOfurnitureSLSF,MP
1990Mulnix Clay CoMulnixLAClayL&NW
1941Munden Oil CoMundenKSPetroleum productsRI
1965Mundet Cork Corp.Kansas CityKSCork InsulationSLSF
1947Mundet L & SonsSt LouisMObottle crowns/insulationMP
1947Municipal Asphalt PlantSt LouisMOasphalt plantMP
1947Municipal Service BldgSt LouisMOstoring materialTRRA
1955Municipal UtilitiesMarshallMOCoalGM&O
1939Munns BrothersLexingtonKYmeat, hidesL&N
1941Munsey & SonsDodge CityKSFarm implementsATSF
1939Murphy Chair Co IncOwensboroKYfurnitureL&N
1970Murphy CorpPine BluffARPaperSSW,MP
1941Murphy F RFossOKCoalRI
1956Murray J E & CoKansas CityMOElectrical equipmentCB&Q
1950Murray Oldsmobile CoRichmondVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Murray Tile CoCloverportKYmfr roofing & floor tileL&N
1965Murray W. E Transfer & Storage Co.Kansas CityMOStorageKCT
1941Musick Oil CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1976Mutual CompanyHollywoodFLwoodpulp dishes plates traysSAL
1939Mutual Service CoLouisvilleKYroofing & bldg materialsL&N
1950Myer-Bridges CoHuntingtonWVWhsl hdw dlr*C&O,B&O
1950Myers & ClarkAshlandKYElevC&O
1939Myers-Whaley CoKnoxvilleTNfoundryL&N
1966Mynu Coals Inc Peach Creek Chilton No 1Peach CreekWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Myrna Mills IncMineralVATextile pltC&O
1947N Market Feed Co Grain & Seed DivSt LouisMOgrain/feedMP
1960N Missouri Lumber CoHannibalMOCoal, bituminous, lumberCB&Q
1947N St Louis Lumber & Plywood CoSt LouisMOlumber/plywoodWAB
1950N&W coal dockLambert PointVACoal, bituminousN&W
1941Nabors Oil CoWinnfieldLAPetroleum productsRI
1947Nahlik Lumber CoSt LouisMOlumberMP
1939Nall H H CoAtlantaGApeanut dealerL&N
1942Nansemond Groc CoSuffolkVAGrocN&W
1939Napathalene Products CoTarrantALnapthaleneL&N
1990Naranja Rock CoNaranjaFLStoneFEC
1950Narcise PatsyHuntingtonWVProduce dlr*C&O,B&O
1941Nash & Finch CoClintonOKGroceriesRI
1950Nash CoWolf CreekWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1941Nash Hardware CoFort WorthTXHardwaresRI
1940Nash Hdw CoFt WorthTXHardware, whslRI
1965Nash Kelvinator Sales Corp.Kansas CityKSRefrigeratorsMILW-UP
1965Nash Motors Div Amer Motors Sales CorpKansas CityMOAuto PartsUP
1941Nash-Finch CoForsytheKSfruits/vegetables, groocRI
1940Nash-Finch CoEnidOKGroc, whslRI
1941Nash-Finch CoLawtonOKGroceriesSLSF
1939Nashville Barrel & Drum CoNashvilleTNcooperageL&N
1939Nashville Breeko Block & Tile CoNashvilleTNmfr tileL&N
1939Nashville Bridge CoNashvilleTNiron/steel fabricatorL&N
1939Nashville Bridge CoBessemerALstructural steel/bridges etcL&N
1939Nashville Builders Supply CoNashvilleTNbldg materials, tileL&N
1939Nashville Cedar CoNashvilleTNsawmill, whsl lbrL&N
1939Nashville Chair CoNashvilleTNfurniture dealerL&N
1939Nashville Corrugated Box CoNashvilleTNpaper boxesL&N
1939Nashville Cotton Oil MillNashvilleTNcottonseed oil millL&N
1939Nashville Gas & Heating CoNashvilleTNgas mfg plantL&N
1939Nashville Live Stock Commission CoNashvilleTNlivestock dealerL&N
1939Nashville Pottery CoNashvilleTNpottery mfr, flower potsL&N
1939Nashville Roller MillsNashvilleTNflour millL&N
1939Nashville Warehouse & Elevator CorpNashvilleTNgrain dealer, public whseL&N
1939Nashville Wholesale Liquor CoNashvilleTNwhlse liquorsL&N
1956Nassau MetalsGastonSCScrap metalSAL
1950Nathan L FNorfolkVAPoultry dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939National Ammonia CoSt LouisMOchemicalsL&N
1947National Bearing Metals CorpHowardMOindustrial railroad bearingsMP
1950National BeefLiberalKSmeat prodRI
1956National Bellas Hess IncN Kansas CityMOMerchandiseCB&Q
1965National Bellas Hess Inc.Kansas CityMOMdse Mail OrderCB&Q
1939National Biscuit CoMontgomeryALbakery goodsL&N
1941National Biscuit CoLittle RockARBakery productsRI
1972National Biscuit CoWichitaKSflour, saltSLSF
1972National Biscuit CoWichitaKSfood prodSLSF
1956National Biscuit CoKansas CityMOCorn syrup, flour, salt, sugarCB&Q
1956National Biscuit CoKansas CityMOBakery productsCB&Q
1939National Biscuit CoNashvilleTNbakery goodsL&N
1947National Box CoSt LouisMOboxesMBT
1947National Brick CoSt LouisMObrickMP
1972National By-ProductsWichitaKShidesSLSF
1939National Candy CoSt LouisMOmfr candyMP
1965National Carbon Co.Kansas CityMOCarbonKCT
1950National Carloading CorpKansas CityMOForwarder FreightATSF
1947National Carloading CorpSt LouisMOLCL mdseSLSF
1939National Casket CoNashvilleTNcasketsL&N
1939National Cast Iron Pipe CoTarrantALcast iron pipe & fittingsL&N
1947National Chair CoSt LouisMOchairsMP
1966National Coal Mining Co Island Creek No 28LoganWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1965National Compressed Steel Corp.Kansas CityMOScrap IronKCS
1990National Coop Refinery AssnMcPhersonKSLPG, lube oil, oil, waxAT&SF
1990National Cooperative Refinery AssnMcPhersonKSAsphalt, diesel fuel, gasoline, keroseneAT&SF
1950National Distillers Products CorpLouisvilleKYEmpty Drums or BarrelsL&N
1950National Distillers Products CorpLouisvilleKYAlcohol in bond, liquors, distilleryL&N
1939National Distilling CoFrankfortKYdistilleryL&N
1939National Fireproofing CoBirminghamALmfr tile & clay roofingL&N
1947National Foundry & Machine CoSt LouisMOspecial machinesMP
1939National Fruit CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950National Fruit Products CoWinchesterVAFruits, apple prodPRR,W&W
1950National Fruit Products CoMartinsburgWVFruitsPRR
1982National GypsumMobileALPaperL&N
1990National GypsumGarden CityGAWallboardSou
1976National Kaolin PdctsNatkaSCGround ClaySou
1965National Laboratories Corp.Kansas CityMOSerumsKCS
1947National Lead Co (Magnus Bearing Division)St LouisMObearing metalMP/WAB
1947National Lead Co (Natl Pigments & Chemicals)St LouisMOpaint pigmentsStLTrfRy
1947National Lead Co (Natl Pigments & Chemicals)St LouisMOIlmenite (titanium) oreStLTrfRy
1947National Lead Co (St Louis Lead & Oil Co Plant)HowardMOpaintsMP
1947National Lead Co (St Louis Lead & Oil Co Plant)CheltenhamMOpaintsSLSF
1947National Lead Co (Titanium Division)CarondeletMOpaint pigmentsMP
1965National Lead Co.Kansas CityMOLead ProductsRI
1955National Livestock CommKansas CityMOCattle, sheep, hogsKCC ,KCT
1965National Manufacturing Co.Kansas CityMOMilk Bottle CapsSLSF
1947National Package Drugs IncSt LouisMOdrugsMBT
1950National Packing (prerviously Fowler Bros & Ruddy Packing)Kansas CityMOMeat prod (slaughterhouse)various
1941National Refining CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsMP
1947National Refrigerator CoCarondeletMOindustrial refrigeratorsMP
1939National Roofing & Supply CoLouisvilleKYroofing & bldg materialsL&N
1976National Screen CoSuffolkVAScreen DoorsNW
1947National Slug Rejector CoSt LouisMOslug rejectors for vending machinesMBT
1990National SouthwireHawesvilleKYAluminum ingotsL&N
1990National StarchN Kansas CityMOCorn starchUP
1965National Steel Products Co.Kansas CityMOSteelSLSF
1939National Supply CoWinchesterKYoil well suppliesC&O
1939National Traffic Guard CoAtlantaGAmfr rail & highway guardsL&N
1950National VinegarHoustonTXVinegarSP
1947National Vinegar CoSt LouisMOvinegarManRy,MP
1939National WarehouseMobileALcotton broker/dealerL&N/SOU
1939National Woodworks IncBirminghamALkitchen furniture, cooperageL&N
1990National ZincBartlesvilleOKZinc productsMP
1976Nationwide Papers IncKansas CityMOWoodpulp dishes plates trays nestedKCT
1955Nationwide Papers IncSpringfieldMOnewsprintSLSF,MP
1950Natl Beverage CoCharlestonWVBeverage distr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1950Natl Biscuit CoLynchburgVABakeryC&O
1950Natl Biscuit CoNewport NewsVABakeryC&O
1950Natl Biscuit CoStauntonVABakery*C&O,CW
1950Natl Biscuit CoHuntingtonWVBakeryB&O
1950Natl Biscuit CoLexingtonKYBakery prods dlr*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1976Natl Cash Register CoMorristownTNPrinting paper rollsSou
1950Natl Container CorpBig IslandVAPaper prods pltC&O
1950Natl Couch CoHuntingtonWVFurn factory*C&O,B&O
1950Natl Fruit Prod CoWaynesboroVAApple butter & vinegar pltC&O,N&W
1970Natl HomesTylerTXPrefab homesSSW
1947Natl Lead Co DeLore Works Natl Pigment & ChemCarondeletMOpaint pigmentsMP
1950Natl Mallison Fabrics CorpBuena VistaVATextile plt*C&O,N&W
1950Natl Mattress CoHuntingtonWVMattress factoryC&O,B&O
1950Natl Mine Supply CoJenkinsKYMine suppC&O
1950Natl Mine Svc IncMabscottWVMining machy & suppC&O
1942Natl Screen Co incSuffolkVAScreeningVgn
1950Natl Stl Prods CoHuntingtonWVBed & furn spg plt*C&O,B&O
1950Natl Supply CoPaintsvilleKYOilwell supp ydC&O
1942Natl Wire Hanger Mfg CoNorfolkVAWire prodN&W
1941Natural Wood ProductsLittle RockARFurniture (dinette, breakfast)RI
1950Natwick J & CoEdwightWVSawmillC&O
1950Neal Mills F CoRichmondVATobacco flavor mfr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Nearing Coal & Builders Supply CoMariannaFLcoalL&N
1939Neel Tobacco CoLouisvilleKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1950Neff J P & Son IncStauntonVAApple shipper*C&O,CW
1939Nehi Beverage CoLouisvilleKYbottling worksL&N
1950Nehi Bottling CoAshlandKYBeverage distrC&O
1950Nehi Bottling CoPaintsvilleKYBottling pltC&O
1950Nehi Bottling CoCharlottesvilleVABottling plt*C&O,Sou
1950Nehi Bottling CoCovingtonVABottling pltC&O
1950Nehi Bottling CoStauntonVABottling plt*C&O,CW
1950Nehi Bottling CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1950Nehi Bottling CoMcRossWVBottling plt, beer distr*C&O,NYC
1950Nehi Bottling CoRainelleWVBev dlr*C&O,NYC
1950Nehi Bottling WorksLexingtonKYBottling plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Neider F A CoAugustaKYAuto accessories pltC&O
1987Nekooska PaperAshdownARPaperSLSF
1941Nelson Grain CoClintonOKGrain/feed, seed, coalRI
1950Nelson Lbr CoBarboursvilleWVLbr ydC&O
1947Nelson N O Mfg CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesWAB
1972Neodesha Coop AssnNeodeshaKSfertilizer bulk, liquidrSLSF
1965Neptune Meter Co.Kansas CityMOMetersCB&Q
1990Neste Resinas (Mexico)Eagle PassTXFormaldehyde, adhesivesSP
1995Nestle Puerto RicoHarborLAEvaporated milkSP
1990Nestle Puerto RicoHarborLAMilk productsSP
1990Netex Oil MillWolfe CityTXCotton seed, oilAT&SF
1950Nettleton C B & CoCovingtonVACoal yd, planing millC&O
1950Neuhoff Bros Packers IncDallasTXmeat prodvarious
1939Neuhoff Packing CoNashvilleTNmeatL&N
1965Neville Foundry Co Inc.Kansas CityMOFoundryCB&Q
1941Nevins Implement CoDodge CityKSFarm implementsATSF
1950New Castle Supply CoNew CastleVABldrs suppC&O
1976New England Cont. Co.West PointVACarload Woodpulp Board, FibreSou
1950New England Distilling CoCovingtonKYRum distilleryC&O
1939New Era Cereal CoGulfportMSfeed mill, grainL&N
1956New Holland CoDublinGATractorsMD&S (SAL)
1978New Holland Div Sperry RandMemphisTNtractorsSLSF
1939New Horse Creek Coal Co Velma MineVelmaKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939New Ice CoLewisburgTNcoalNC&StL
1939New Ice CoLewisburgTNmfr iceNC&StL
1965New Idea Farm Equipment Co.Kansas CityMOFarm MachineryCB&Q
1939New Mary Fraver Coal Co Downs MineDownsKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1942New Peanut AssocSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1950New Richmond FdyNew RichmondKYFdyC&O
1950New River CoSpragueWVMine supp, feed, flourC&O
1966New River Co Garden GroundPrince Hill JctWVCoal, steamC&O
1966New River Co Lochgelly 2LochgellyWVCoal, steamC&O,N&W
1966New River Co Meadow ForkThurmondWVCoal, steamC&O
1966New River Co SiltixPrince Hill JctWVCoal, steamC&O
1966New River Co SkeltonBeckleyWVCoal, steamC&O
1966New River Co Stanaford 2StanafordWVCoal, steamC&O
1966New River Co TunnelPrince Hill JctWVCoal, steamC&O
1950New River Coal CoKopperstonVACoalNW*
1950New River Groc IncHintonWVWhsl grocC&O
1950New River Groc IncRainelleWVWhsl groc*C&O,NYC
1950New River Oil CoHintonWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950New River Plant FarmHintonWVChem pltC&O
1939New Riverside Ochre CoCartersvilleGApaint matlL&N
1939New Star WarehouseShelbyvilleKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1972Newburg Lumber Co.NewburgMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1976Newco Fibre CompanyCharlotteNCRags, Scrap, Not Clean WAFS Compressed BalesSou
1950Newcomb L MPhoebusVASeafoodC&O
1990Newell PorcelainNewellWVCeramic prodPRR
1939Newport Coal CoNewportKYcoalC&O
1939Newport Industries IncBay MinetteALnaval stores distillation plantL&N
1950Newport News Distilled Ice CoNewport NewsVAIce pltC&O
1950Newport News Feed CoNewport NewsVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Newport News Forms CoNewport NewsVAPrinting formsC&O
1950Newport News Nash CoNewport NewsVAAuto dlrC&O
1950Newport News Refrig PltNewport NewsVACold stg pltC&O
1950Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock CoNewport NewsVAShip ydC&O
1950Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock CoNewport NewsVAMachinery, paper dryer rolls, steel tanksC&O
1950Newport News Waterworks CommNewport NewsVASupp ydC&O
1990Newport SteelWilderKYStl prodsL&N
1990Newsprint SouthGrenadaMSNewsprintIC
1970Newton Salvage YardLaynaARScrapSSW
1990Niagara EnvelopeGarlandTXPaperAT&SF
1990Niagara EnvelopeWhite RockTXPaper productsAT&SF
1965Nichols L. O & Son Mfg. Co.Kansas CityMOMetalwareKCT
1965Nichols SanitoriumSavannahMOHospital-Coal-Printing MaterialCGW
1956Nicks SilicaJacksonTNsilica sandNC&StL
1939Nicolas Cotton MillOppALcotton millL&N
1947Niedringhaus Metal Products CoSt LouisMOmfr metal productsMBT
1976Nipro Inc.AugustaGAChemicals NOIBN, caprolactam*ACL,SAL
1980NissanSmyrnaTNAutos (Sentra)L&N
2003Nissan Motor MfgCantonMSautos Nissan Quest, Pathfinder, Infiniti SUVIC
1982Nissan Motor MfgAguascalientesMXautos Nissan Sentra, Tsuru, Tsubame, Platina, Renault ClioFNM
1966Nissan Motor MfgCuernavacaMXautos Nissan Sentra, Tsuru, Tsubame, Renault ScenicFNM
1983Nissan Motor MfgSmyrnaTNautos Nissan Maxima, Altima, Xterra, FrontierS
1950No Amer Refractories CoHaywardKYBrick kilnC&O
1960No Missouri PropaneTrentonMOLPGNLD*
1965No-Dust-O Co Inc.Kansas CityMOSweeping CompoundMP
1950Nobis PaulNew RichmondKYCoal, feedC&O
1939Noble Overbey CoParisTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Noel & CoNashvilleTNcold storage warehouseL&N
1950Noffsinger & RudsillEagle RockVACoal ydC&O
1950Noland CoNewport NewsVAPlbg supp dlrC&O
1950Noland CoRichmondVAWhsl plbg dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1947Nolte Petroleum CoSt Louis CtyMOretail oil & gasolineStLB&T
1965Noma Lites, Inc.St JosephMOChristmas Tree LightsCGW
1939Noojin Supply CoGadsdenALplumbing suppliesL&N
1947Nooter Jno Boiler Works CoSt LouisMOmfr boilersManRy
1939Nora Mills IncLewisburgTNfeed mill, grainNC&StL
1990Noranda AluminumNew MadridMOAluminum bars, ingotsSSW
1990Nord KaolinJeffersonvilleGAKaolinSou
1960Nord-Buffum Pearl & Button CoLouisianaMOFindingsCB&Q
1941Nordeen Lumber CoDwightKSCoalRI
1947Nordmann Printing CoSt LouisMOprintingManRy
1942Norfolk Elev CoNorfolkVAGrainN&PBL
1942Norfolk Mattress CoNorfolkVABeddingN&W
1942Norfolk Mattress CoRoanokeVABeddingN&W
1942Norfolk Navy YardPortsmouthVASteel, armaments, ships suppliesN&PBL,SAL
1942Norfolk Tallow CoMoney PtVATallowN&PBL
1972Norge Div of Borg-WarnerFt SmithARappliancesSLSF
1955Norman Budget Pak Candies IncSpringfieldMOcandiesSLSF
1942Norman Packing Co IncSuffolkVAPHPN&W
1947Normandy Fuel CoEdenMOretail coalWAB
1970Norrell-Wilder Supply CoFt WorthTXOilfield, refinery suppliesSSW
1947Norris & WietersArloeMOcoalSLSF
1956Norris Grain Burlington ElevN Kansas CityMOGrainCB&Q
1956Norris Grain Burlington ElevN Kansas CityMOGrainCB&Q
1972Norris Grain CoMonettMOcorn, soybeansSLSF
1972Norris Grain CoCarthageMOgrainSLSF
1950North Amer Refractories CoAdenKYClay mineC&O
1950North Amer Refractories CoAshlandKYRefractoryC&O
1950North Amer Refractories CoBailey MineKYClay mineC&O
1939North American Fertilizer CoLouisvilleKYfeed dealerL&N
1939North American Fertilizer CoLouisvilleKYfertilizerL&N
1980North American RayonBembergTNCoal, sulfuric acid, carbon disulphide gasET&WNC
1980North American RayonBembergTNWoodpulpET&WNC
1980North American RayonBembergTNRayonET&WNC
1956North American SaltTampaFLSalt*ACL,SAL
1995North American SaltHutchinsonKSSaltSSW
1950North C R Coal CoLynchburgVACoal yd*C&O,N&W,Sou
1990North Carolina GraniteMt AiryNCGraniteSou
1950North Fork Wood ProdsBartowWVSawmillC&O
1965North K.C. Beverage Co.Kansas CityMOBeveragesCB&Q
1950North Pole Distr CoHuntingtonWVBeer distr*C&O,B&O
1950North Side Supply CoRichmondVAPlaning mill*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1990North Star RecyclingBeaumontTXScrap*KCS,MP,GC&SF,SP
1990North Star RecyclingTampaFLScrap*ACL,SAL
1990North Star SteelCalvert CityKYSteel prod (rolling mill)IC
1990North Star SteelBeaumontTXSteel prod (mini mill)*KCS,MP,GC&SF,SP
1990North Star SteelHoustonTXSteel prod (mini mill)*RI,FW&D,MKT,GC&SF,SP
1990North Texas Mun Water DistWylieTXChlorineAT&SF
1965North Town Lumber Co Inc.Kansas CityMOLumber YardCB&Q
1950Northen W M CoRichmondVABldrs supp, linoleum, tile*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1941Northern Natural Gas CoMullinvilleKSPetroleum productsRI
1939Northrup C E & SonGallatinTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, sawmill, planing millL&N
1976Northwest InternationalGreen MtnNCFoundry SandCC&O
1965Northwest Missouri Electric Coop.SavannahMOSupplies-PolesCGW
1972Northwest TimesFayettevilleARnewsprintSLSF
1947Northwestern Bottle CoSt LouisMObottlesWAB
1940Northwestern Compress CoFt WorthTXCottonRI
1970Norton CementTylerTXCement, aggregatesSSW
1939Norton Coal CoNortonVAcoal tons/dayL&N/N&W/Interstate
1939Norton Coal Corp Narco No 1NortonvilleKYcoal tons/dayL&N/IC
1939Norton Feed CoNortonVAgrain/feed dealer, fertzL&N
1939Norton Grocery CoNortonVAwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Norton Hardware CoNortonVAwhlse hardwareL&N
1939Norton Motor SalesNortonVAautosL&N
1947Norwine Coffee CoSt LouisMOcoffeeManRy
1976Novamont CorpKenovaWVPlastic MaterialsN&W
1939Nowland H WRichlandKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1990NoxsoCharlestonTNSulfur dioxideSou
1950Nu-Grape Bottling CoCharlestonWVBeverage distr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1990Nucor SteelHickmanARCoil steel, steel sheetSLSF
1976Nucor SteelJewettTX#2 steel bundles for remeltingMP
1956Nucor SteelNewbyTXSteel beamsFW&D
1947Null & Morgan Coal & Material CoCheltenhamMOretail coalSLSF
1956Nutrena Feed Mills CoSt JosephMOFeedCB&Q
1965Nutrena Feed Mills Co.Kansas CityMOFeedMP
1941Nutt Cash StoreFordyceARFarm implements, grain, feedRI
1956O K Coop GrainKiowaKSBarleyMP
1950O K Stock YdsMaysvilleKYLivestock shipper*C&O,L&N
1941O K Transfer CoMcAlesterOKpublic warehouseRI
1941O'Bannon BrosLittle RockARappliances whslMP
1990O'Donnell CompressO'DonnellTXCottonAT&SF
1996O'Hanne WorldwideLa PorteTXButterSP
1972O'Neal Lumber CoRepublicMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1972O'Neal Lumber CoRepublicMOcement, sandSLSF
1950O'Neil KlineAugustaKYCoal ydC&O
1941O'Neill Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1950O'Rear Hdw CoMt SterlingKYFertz, hdwC&O
1939O'Toole Geo M & Sons CoSt LouisMOmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1947O'Toole Geo M Stone CoMaplewoodMObldg stoneStLB&T
1990Oak Hill Agri ServiceOak HillKSFertilizerAT&SF
1950Oak Hill Cement Prods CoOak HillWVCement block plt*C&O,Vgn
1939Oakes Chair CoColumbiaTNfurnitureL&N
1946Ob. Long Box & Hamper CoDonaldsonLABoxesDL*
1965Obear-Nestor Glass Co.Kansas CityMOGlasswear-BottlesMP
1965Obee Coal & Material Co.Kansas CityMOCoal YardMP
1947Obermann Iron & Supply CoSt LouisMOscrap ironMBT
1990Occidental ChemicalBayportTXAnhydrous ammonia, alcohols, acetic acidSP
1995Occidental ChemicalBayportTXFertilizer solutionSP
1990Occidental ChemicalBeaumontTXGlycol, ethylene, diethylene, triethyleneMP
1990Occidental ChemicalChocolate BayouTXButane, diesel, gasoline, napthaMP
1990Occidental ChemicalChocolate BayouTXBenzene, butadiene, fuel additivesMP
1990Occidental ChemicalChocolate BayouTXIsopreneMP
1990Occidental ChemicalCorpus ChristiTXButane, diesel, gasoline, LPGMP
1990Occidental ChemicalCorpus ChristiTXBenzene, butadieneMP
1956Occidental ChemicalDeer ParkTXAnhydrous ammonia, chlorineSP
1956Occidental ChemicalDeer ParkTXMethyl alcohol, plastic pellets, NaOHSP
1956Occidental ChemicalHoustonTXCaustic soda solid, chlorine, NaOHSP,PTRA
1956Occidental ChemicalHoustonTXVinyl chloride monomer, waxSP,PTRA
1995Occidental ChemicalHoustonTXFertilizer solution, chemSP,PTRA
1990Occidental ChemicalInglesideTXSodium hydroxide, chlorineSP
1990Occidental ChemicalPasadenaTXVinyl chloride monomerSP
1990Occidental ChemicalEva CityALChlorine, KOH, sodium silicateCSXT
1990Occidental ChemicalMuscle ShoalsALChlorine, pootash, potassium bicarbonateSou
1990Occidental ChemicalMuscle ShoalsALPotassium hydroxideSou
1990Occidental ChemicalOccidentalFLFertilizer, phospatesSou
1990Occidental ChemicalConventLASodium hydroxide, chlorineIC
1990Occidental ChemicalLulingLASulfuric acid, chloorine, sodium hydroxideSP
1956Occidental ChemicalTaftLAChlorine, sodium chlorateT&P
1990Occidental ChemicalTaftLASulfur monochloride, sodium hydroxideMP
1990Occidental ChemicalWadsworthTXPlastic pelletsAT&SF
1950Oceana LoaderOceanaWVCoalNW*
1955Odessa Motor CoOdessaMOAutomobiles, farm eqtGM&O
1966Oglebay Norton Co Acme 2KayfordWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Oglebay Norton Co KayfordKayfordWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Oglebay Norton Co MarforkJarrolds ValleyWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Oglebay Norton Co No 6 MineKayfordWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Oglebay Norton Co Raccoon MineKayfordWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Oglebay Norton Co Shamrock 1KayfordWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1939Ogletree Grocery CoSylacaugaALgrain/feed dealer, sugarL&N
1982Ohio Ferro Alloys CorpMontgomeryALNonferr smelting & ref*ACL,CofG,GM&O,L&N,SAL,WofA
1939Ohio Oil CoMemphis JctKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Ohio Oil CoNewportKYBulk gas & oil*C&O,L&N
1939Ohio Oil CoSpartaKYpetroleum productsL&N
1941Ohio Oil CoEldonMOPetroleum productsRI
1941Ohio Oil CoHydroOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Ohio Oil CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Ohio Oil CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1939Ohio River Sand CoLouisvilleKYsand/gravelL&N
1996Oil Dri Corp of AmerBluntMScat litterKCS
1976Oil Field Scrap & EquipmentAlexandriaLAScrap Carbon SteelL&A
1941Oil Well Supply CoEldoradoARoil well supply houseRI
1939Oil Well Supply CoOwensboroKYoil well suppliesL&N
1941Oil Well Supply CoWewokaOKoil well supply houseRI
1941OK Storage & Transfer CoChickashaOKpublic warehouseRI
1978OK Tire & Supply CoTulsaOKtiresSLSF
1941OK Transfer & Storage CoOklahoma CityOKpublic warehouseRI
1941Okeene Milling CoOkeeneOKfeedRI
1941Okeene Oil CoOkeeneOKPetroleum productsRI
1950Oker Jos & Sons CoSummitKYStave millC&O
1950Oker Joseph & Sons CoAshlandKYStave millC&O
1940Okla Furn Mfg CoOklahoma CityOKSprings, beds, mattressesRI
1940Okla State ReformatoryGraniteOKStone quarry, ballastRI
1941Oklahoma Bonded WarehouseOklahoma CityOKpublic warehouseRI
1940Oklahoma Brass & Aluminum FdyOklahoma CityOKCopper prodsRI
1990Oklahoma BrickPacific Jct.OKBricksMKT
1990Oklahoma Cotton CoopEnidOKCottonAT&SF
1940Oklahoma Furn Mfg CoOklahoma CityOKGenl hh furnRI
1941Oklahoma Gas & Electric CoHarrahOKCoalRI
1941Oklahoma Supply CoOklahoma CityOKjanitor supplies/wiping ragsRI
1941Okmulge Supply CoShawneeOKoil well supply houseRI
1939Old Bourbon Tobacco WarehouseParisKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1950Old DominionJarrattVAmeat prod*ACL,N&W,Vgn
1950Old Dominion Box CoLynchburgVAPaper prods pltC&O
1950Old Dominion Feed CoLynchburgVAFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,N&W,Sou
1939Old Dominion Ice CorpAppalachiaVAmfr iceL&N
1939Old Dominion Ice CorpNortonVAmfr iceL&N
1942Old Dominion Peanut CoSuffolkVAPeanutsVgn
1956Old Hickory ClayGleasonTNClayNC&StL
1990Old Home BakeryHermannMOFlourMP
1939Old Kennebec DistilleryFrankfortKYdistilleryL&N
1956Old Monroe Elev SupplyOld MonroeMOAnhydrous ammonia, antifreezeCB&Q
1956Old Monroe Elev SupplyOld MonroeMOChemicals, diesel fuel, feedCB&Q
1956Old Monroe Elev SupplyOld MonroeMODog food, fertz, fuel oil, gasolineCB&Q
1956Old Monroe Elev SupplyOld MonroeMOSeeds, tiresCB&Q
1956Old Monroe Elev SupplyOld MonroeMOGrainCB&Q
1960Old Monroe Elevator & SupplyOld MonroeMOGrainCB&Q
1950Old Point Fish CoPhoebusVASeafoodC&O
1942Old Reliable PeanutSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1975Old South Charcoal CoElm GroveVACharcoalV&O*
1950Old Style Distr CoCharlestonWVBeer distr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Olderworth Coal CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1995OlinWestlakeLAToluene diisocyanateSP
1990Olin ChemCharlestonTNSaltSou
1990Olin ChemCharlestonTNChlorineSou
1990Olin ChemicalMcIntochALChlorine, HCl, NaOHSou
1990Olin CorpBradenburgKYGlycol, plyol, surfactantsL&N
1956Olin CorpDoe RunKYToluene diisocyanate, urethane polyoolL&N
1990Olin CorpLake CharlesLAAliphatic diisocyanate, toluene diisoocyanateKCS
1990Olin CorpWestlakeLAToluene diisocyanateSP
1995Olin CorpCharlestonTNSodium HydroxideSou
1976Olin Corp.Doe RunKYpolypropylene glycolL&N
1956Olin Matheson Chem Corp WhseKansas CityMOFertilizerCB&Q
1956Olin Matheson Chem Corp WhseKansas CityMOFertilizerCB&Q
1965Olin Mathieson Chem Corp Forest Prod DivKansas CityMOChemicalsUP
1965Olin Mathieson Chem Corp Insecticide DivKansas CityMOChemicalsKCT
1990OlinkraftWest MonroeLAFiberboard, paperKCS,IC
1956OlinkraftWinnfieldLAWood chipsTre&Glf (L&A,RI)
1980Olinkraft (1980)West MonroeLAKaolinIC,KCS
1950Olive Hill Lbr CoOlive HillKYBldrs suppC&O
1965Oliver CorpKansas CityMOImplementsUP
1950Oliver CorpRichmondVAImplt dlrC&O
1947Oliver CorpSt LouisMOfarm equipmentWAB
1939Oliver Farm Implement Sales CoNashvilleTNfarm implementsL&N
1956Olmos Lumber CoSan AntonioTXLumberSP
1941Olney Gin CoOlneyTXCoalWFCS
1941Olney Oil & Refining CoOlneyTXRefineryWF&S
1966Omar Mining Co Omar Preparation PlantSarah AnnWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1941Omar Refining CoGarberOKRefinery/petroleum productsRI
1950Omohundro Coal CoScottsvilleVACoal ydC&O
1956Oneida CoalSuttonWVCoalB&O
1939Oneonta Cotton WarehouseOneontaALpublic warehouseL&N
1939Opp Cotton MillOppALcotton millL&N
1950Orange Concrete Block CoOrangeVAConcrete prods plt*C&O,Sou
1950Orange CreameryOrangeVADairy*C&O,Sou
1950Orange Knitting Mills IncOrangeVATextile plt*C&O,Sou
1950Orange Livestock MktOrangeVALivestock*C&O,Sou
1950Orange Madison Coop Farm BureauOrangeVAGroc, flour, feed, seed, haySou
1950Orange Shell & Fuse CoOrangeVAPowder plt*C&O,Sou
1950Orange-Madison Coop BureauGordonsvilleVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Orchard Paper CoSt LouisMObagsMBT
1950Orebaugh H CNewport NewsVARoofing, sheet metal dlrC&O
1941Ormand Oil CoRustonLAPetroleum productsRI
1950Orme & JewellMt SterlingKYCoal, fuel oilC&O
1947Osage Box CoSt LouisMOboxesMP
1965Osage Iron & Metal CoKansas CityMOScrap MetalKCS
1972Osage Valley ElectricClintonMOpolesSLSF
1990Osborne Ready MixOsborneKSCementAT&SF
1941Oscar Ewton ElevatorSayreOKGrain/feedRI
1960Osment PaperBirminghamALpaper productsSLSF
1990Ospeca Freight (Mexican)LaredoTXOilTxMx
1947Otis Elevator CoSt LouisMOelevatorsManRy
1965Otis Elevator Co.Kansas CityMOElevatorsKCT
1966Ottawa Land Co OttawaClothierWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990Ouachita FertilizerMonroeLAFertilizer solution, potashA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1990Ouachita FertilizerMonroeLAFertilizerA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1939Oury Iron & Metal CoNashvilleTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1955Outdoor Recreation DistrSpringfieldMOcamping suppliesSLSF
1939Overton Kennedy Flour & Grain CoBirminghamALgrain/feed dealerL&N
1965Overton-Consumers Fuel Co.Kansas CityMOCoalSLSF
1965Ovson Egg Co.Kansas CityMOEggsMP
1939Owen R CGallatinTNmfr smoking tobaccoL&N
1950Owens & Minor Drug CoRichmondVAWhsl drug dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1952Owens Coal Co South Haysi MineHaysiVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1990Owens CorningBeachTXFeltAT&SF
1939Owens Flour & Feed CoAnnistonALgrain/feed dealerL&N/SOU
1976Owens Illinois Inc.Big IslandVApulpboard n/cCO
1941Owens Oil CoGeraldMOPetroleum productsRI
1956Owens-CorningMorehead CityNCRoofing materials*A&EC,Bea&Mor
1965Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.Kansas CityMOInsulationUP
1976Owens-Corning FiberglassServiceTXMineral wool (glass wool)MKT
1990Owens-IllinoisOrangeTXFiberboardSabRivN (AT&SF,SP,KCS,MP)
1950Owens-Illinois Glass CoHuntingtonWVGlass prods pltC&O
1950Owens-Illinois Glass CoOwensWVGlass prods pltC&O
1990Owens-Illionis incLakelandFLGlass containers*ACL,SAL
1939Owensboro Canning CoOwensboroKYcanned vegetablesL&N
1939Owensboro Clay Products CoOwensboroKYclay, brick, tileL&N
1939Owensboro Ditcher & Grader CoOwensboroKYmfr ditchers/graders/terracersL&N
1939Owensboro Dunbrik CoOwensboroKYmfr concrete brickL&N
1939Owensboro Forging CoOwensboroKYmfr auto parts, fdyL&N
1939Owensboro Foundry CoOwensboroKYmfr stoves, fdyL&N
1939Owensboro Ice CoOwensboroKYmfr iceL&N
1939Owensboro Mfg CoOwensboroKYmfr truck & trailer bodiesIC
1939Owensboro Milling Company IncOwensboroKYfeed millIC
1939Owensboro Oil & Grease Co IncOwensboroKYpetroleum productsIC
1939Owensboro Planing Mill CoOwensboroKYplaning millL&N
1939Owensboro Sewer Pipe CoOwensboroKYmfr bldg block, brick,flue liningL&N
1939Owensboro Sewer Pipe CoOwensboroKYmfr sewer pipeL&N
1939Owensboro Stock Yards CoOwensboroKYlivestockL&N
1939Owensboro Wagon Co IncOwensboroKYmfr farm wagonsIC
1960Owensville Oil CoOwensvilleMODiesel fuel, gasolne, lubeNLD*
1939Owenton & Sparta Transfer CoSpartaKYcoalL&N
1972Owlsley Lumber CoPensacolaFLlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1939Owsley-Brewton Lumber CoPensacolaFLsawmill & planing millSLSF
1990Oxy ChemConventLAEthylene dichlorideIC
1990Oxy ChemBayportTXEthanolamine, ethylene glycolSP
1990Oxy ChemBayportTXEthylene oxide, glycol ethersSP
1990Oxy ChemInglesideTXEthylene dichloride, vinyl chlroide monomerSP
1990Oxy ChemPasadenaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Oxy Chem-AlathonVictoriaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1947Ozark Container CoSt LouisMOboxesMP
1978Ozark Gas & Appliance CoSpringfieldMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1978Ozark Hardwood CoSpringfieldMOwalnut logs, oak logsSLSF
1972Ozark Mill & ElevatorOzarkMOcorn, soybeans, oatsSLSF
1955Ozark Motor & SupplySpringfieldMOauto parts, lubeSLSF
1956Ozark-Mahoning CoSeagravesTXSodium sulfateP&SF
1940Ozmun & CoLawtonOKGroc, whslRI
1990P D GlycolBeaumontTXEthylene glycol, oxideSP
1990P L B Grain CoPlainviewTXWheatAT&SF
1939Pace Brick CoBricktonFLmfr face brick, common brickL&N
1995Pace FoodsHebcoTXCanned vegetablesSP
1996Pace FoodsSan AntonioTXTomato productsSP
1950Pace Packing CoSweetwaterTXmeat prod*ATSF,T&P
1972Pacific Lumber CoPacificMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1969Pacific Mutual DoorKansas CityMOlumber , doorsSLSF
1950Pack TracyPaintsvilleKYLivestock shipperC&O
1965Packer Publishing Co.Kansas CityMOPublishersKCS
1950Page-Groves CoLexingtonKYCement block plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1939Paint Glass & Builders Supply CoAnnistonALpaintL&N
1941Painters Transfer & Storage CoChickashaOKpublic warehouseRI
1950Paintsville Groc CoPaintsvilleKYWhsl grocC&O
1941Palacek MillEnidOKSeedRI
1941Palacek MillEnidOKfeedRI
1941Palecek MillsHitchcockOKfeedRI
1939Palmer Asbestos & Rubber CoLouisvilleKYroofingL&N
1960Palmer RediMixElsberryMOCementCB&Q
1956Palmetto Brick CoSumpterSCBricks*ACL,SAL
1956Palmetto Brick Co.WallaceSCBricksSAL
1939Palmyra Lime Products CoClarksvilleTNlimeL&N
1939Palmyra Lime Products CoPalmyraVAlimeL&N
1941Pan Am Petroleum CoJonesboroLAPetroleum productsRI
1941Pan Am Petroleum CoRustonLAPetroleum productsRI
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpAtmoreALpetroleum productsSLSF
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpBessemerALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpClantonALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpColumbianaALpetroleum productsSOU
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpCullmanALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpDecaturALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpMobileALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpOneontaALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpSylacaugaALpetroleum productsCofG
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpWetumpkaALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpLawrenceburgTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pan American Petroleum CorpNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1972Pan-Am Oil CoMobileALoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1965Panacalite Perlite Inc.Kansas CityMOPlaster AggregateUP
1939Panacea Produce CoPensacolaFLfruit/vegetables, grain, feed, grocL&N
1941Panhandle Oil CoOlneyTXPetroleum productsWF&S
1939Pankey BrokerageBirminghamALfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Pannell Auto AgencyLouisaKYAuto dlrC&O
1976Pantasote CoPt PleasantWVPlastic GranulesB&O
1950Panther Brewing CoKruseWVBeer (Three Stooges)NW*
1939Papania Jos & CoLexingtonKYfruit/vegetablesL&N
1969Paper Supply CoKansas CityMOpaper productsSLSF
1990Pappas ConcreteJefferson CityMOCementMP
1941Pappe Oil CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1939Paris Coal CoParisTNcoalNC&StL
1965Paris Homer E Printing Co.Kansas CityMOPrintersKCT
1939Paris Tobacco Warehouse CoParisKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1939Park & Tilford Import CoSt LouisMOwhlse liquorsL&N
1939Park BrosColumbiaTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Park BrosColumbiaTNcorn/wheat/rye/barley/tobacco/potatoes/tomatoesL&N
1939Park City Coal & Lumber CoBowling GreenKYcoalL&N
1939Park City Coal & Lumber CoBowling GreenKYmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1956Park College Power PlantParkvilleMOCoal, limeCB&Q
1956Park College Power PlantParkvilleMOFly ashCB&Q
1990Park GrainBuffalo ParkKSBarley, wheatUP
1939Parker H ASylacaugaALcotton broker/dealerCofG
1950Parker J RProvidence ForgeVACoal ydC&O
1942Parker PeanutSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1939Parks C AMcKenzieTNpetroleum productsNC&StL
1939Parks Chas C Co IncGallatinTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1977Parks Race Oil CoEurekaKSPetr prod (Skelly)MP
1965Parkview Drugs Inc.Kansas CityMODrugsMILW
1956Parkville Government TrackParkvilleMOFAKCB&Q
1950Parkway Motor Sales CoBuena VistaVAAuto dlr*C&O,N&W
1947Parsons Coal & Hauling CoBrentwoodMOcoal & haulingMP
1939Pascagoula Feed & Supply CoPascagoulaMSfertilizerME
1939Pascagoula Oil CoPascagoulaMSpetroleum productsME
1970Pasminco Zinc CoCumberland CityTNZincL&N
1939Patent Button Co of TennesseeKnoxvilleTNbuttonsL&N
1990Patout M A & Sons LtdPatoutvilleLASugar, molassesSP
1975Patrick Coal CoElm GroveVACoalV&O*
1976Patrick Ind IncOcalaFLWood fibre boards wall/insul*ACL,SAL
1996Patrick IndustriesWacoTXParticle boardMP
1950Patterson Distr CoStauntonVAFeed dlr*C&O,CW
1965Patterson-Sargent Co.Kansas CityMOPaintKCT
1939Pattersons QuarryLaconALlimestoneL&N
1950Patton Lbr CoAshlandKYLbr ydC&O
1980Paty Lumber CoElizabethtonTNLumberET&WNC
1978Paul MuellerSpringfieldMOstainless steel vesselsSLSF
1941Paul W Light Lumber CoLiberalKSCoalRI
1956Paulding John I IncKansas CityMOElectrical suppliesCB&Q
1950Pauley Lber CoPikevilleKYLbr, bldrs suppC&O
1939Paulk H B Grocery CoOppALwhlse groceriesL&N
1947Pauly Jail Building CoSt LouisMOjail buildersManRy
1976Paw Paw IndustriesPaw PawWVGraphite FlakesBO
1990Paxon PolymersMarylandLAPlastic pelletsL&A
1996Paxon PolymersMarylandLAPlastic pelletsKCS
1955Paxton LumberKansas CityMOLumber, paint, plywoodKCT
1950Paxton Salvage CoCharlestonWVScrap yd*C&O,B&O,NYC
1972Payless CashwaysGrandviewMOlumber , plywoood, gypsum bdSLSF
1950Payne Coal CoClifton ForgeVACoal ydC&O
1939Payne Whitenack CoLexingtonKYsugarL&N
1965Payway Feed Mills Inc.Kansas CityMOFeedKCS
1956PCS PhosphateWhite SpringsFLPhosphate chemicals, phosphoric acidSou
1956PCS PhosphateWhite SpringsFLSulfuric acidSou
1996PCS PhosphateSaltvilleVAPhosphoric acidSou
1990PCS PhosphateSaltvilleVAFertilizerSou
1996PCS PhosphateKinstonNCPhosphoric acidA&EC,ACL
1956PCS PhosphateKinstonNCFertilizerA&EC,ACL
1941Peabody Co-op Equity ExchangePeabodyKSGrain/feed, coal, fertzRI
1990Peabody Coal CoBeaver DamKYCoalIC
1972Peabody Coal CoCataleOKcoalSLSF
1990Peabody Coal Co Big Mountain MinePrenterWVCoal, steamC&O
1941Peabody Milling CoPeabodyKSfeed, grainATSF,RI
1956Pearl BrewerySan AntonioTXBeer*MKT,MP,SP
1941Pearl Co-op AssocnPearlKSFarm implementsRI
1950Pearman & Sample Lbr CoChristyKYSawmillC&O
1970Pearson Archery EqtPine BluffARCotton pickers, planters, archery eqtSSW
1939Peaslee Gaulbert CorpLouisvilleKYwhlse hardwarePRR
1956Peaslee Gaulbert CorpLouisvilleKYPaintPRR
1990Peavey Inc (Export Elevator)ConventLAGrainIC
1985Pecan Gap Seed House (1985)Pecan GapTXSeedsAT&SF
1976Peck MfgWarrentonNCCoal, cottonWar (SAL)
1947Peck Products CoSt LouisMOdisinfecting oilsMBT/WAB
1965Peck's of Kansas CityKansas CityMODepartment StoreMILW
1965Peck-Woolf Sand & Material Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding MaterialsKCT
1990Peco FoodsTuscaloosaALFrozen chickensGM&O
1990Peco FoodsBay SpringsMSFrozen chickensGM&O
1950Peerless Cement Prods CoCharlestonWVBldrs supp*C&O,B&O,NYC
1947Peerless Coal & Coke CoSt LouisMOcoal/cokeMBT,MP
1939Peerless Coal CoKnoxvilleTNcoalL&N
1950Peerless Coals IncVivianWVCoal, Egg, stoveN&W
1947Peerless Missouri CoSt LouisMOplumbing suppliesMP
1977Peerless OIl CoMolineKSCrude oilAT&SF
1950Peerless Whsl Meat & Provision CoOak HillWVWhsl meats etc*C&O,Vgn
1950Peltz BrosNewport NewsVAShip chandlers pltC&O
1965Peltzman Rag Co.Kansas CityMORagsKCT
1939Pembroke Roller MillsPembrokeKYfeed millL&N
1990Pendleton Hay BarnFarmersvilleTXHayAT&SF
1950Peninsula Chevrolet CoHamptonVAAuto dlrC&O
1950Peninsula Dairy Farm Bureau ExchgNewport NewsVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Peninsula Distr CoNewport NewsVABeer distrC&O
1950Peninsula Iron & Stl CoNewport NewsVAScrap ydC&O
1950Peninsula Supply CoNewport NewsVABldrs suppC&O
1939Peninsular-Lurton CoPensacolaFLnaval stores brokerL&N
1969Penn Central Oil CoKansas CityMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1953Penn-Dixie CementKingsportTNCementCC&O
1939Penn-Lee Coal Co Penn-Lee MinePenn-LeeVAcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1947Pennant Fuel CoSt LouisMOcoalMP
1990Penney J CMemphisTNClothing productsSLSF
1956Pennsylvania Glass SandS CongareeSCSandACL
1976Pennsylvania Glass Sand CorpBerkeley SpgsWVsand ground SL&C paper bagsB&O
1976Pennsylvania Glass Sand CorpHancockWVSand, Ground or PulverizedB&O
1990Pennsylvania House div La-Z-BoyMonroeNCFurn upholsterySAL
1956Pennsylvania Rubber CoKansas CityMOTiresCB&Q
1977Penny Ready MixEmporiaKSSand, cement, bldg suppAT&SF
1956Pennzoil CoShrevepotLAOil, motorIC
1978Pennzoil CoSpringfieldMOoilSLSF
1950Pennzoil CoHuntingtonWVBulk gas & oil*C&O,B&O
1990Pennzoil SulphurRustler SpringsTXMolten sulfurAT&SF
1972Pensacola AppliancesPensacolaFLappliancesSLSF
1939Pensacola Builders Supply CoPensacolaFLbldg materialL&N
1939Pensacola Cooperage CoPensacolaFLmfr staves/hoops/heading, cooperageL&N
1939Pensacola Creosoting CoPensacolaFLcreosoting plantSLSF
1939Pensacola Dairy CoPensacolaFLice creamL&N
1939Pensacola Junk CoPensacolaFLjunk scrap iron & metal dealer, hidesSLSF
1939Pensacola Paper CoPensacolaFLwhlse paperL&N
1939Pensacola Tool & Supply CoPensacolaFLwhlse hardwareSLSF
1971Penthouse IntlLynchburgVAPaperN&W
1939Peoples Coal & Ice CoParisTNmfr iceNC&StL
1950Peoples Coal CoS RipleyKYCoal ydC&O
1939Peoples Fertilizer CoFoleyALfertilizerL&N
1942Peoples Ice & StorageRoanokeVAStg warehouseN&W
1939Peoples Ice CoPensacolaFLmfr iceL&N
1939Peoples Nu Gas CoGlasgowKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Peoples Oil CoPensacolaFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939Peoples Oil CoKnoxvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Peoples Oil CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1950Peoples StoreSalt LickKYFertz dlrC&O
1939Peoples Tobacco Warehouse CoHorse CaveKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1965Peppard Seed Co.Kansas CityMOSeedsMP
1950Pepperell Mfg CoLindaleGACotton fabrics*CG,Sou
1950Pepsi-Cola Bottling CoLexingtonKYBottling plt*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1956Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of K CKansas CityMOSugarCB&Q
1956Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of K CKansas CityMOBeveragesCB&Q
1950Pepsi-Cola Distr CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1962Pepsi-Cola Louisville Bottling CoLouisvilleKYMty glass bottles n/o 1 gal capy, sugar, syrupLN
1950Perfect Brassiere CoHamptonVATextile pltC&O
1965Perfection IndustriesKansas CityMOPetroleum Products-StovesMP-StLSF
1939Perfection Stove CoSt LouisMOstove dealersL&N
1965Perk Dog Food Co.Kansas CityMODog FoodKCT
1950Perkinson J H CoNorfolkVAGroc broker*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1939Perlman F & CoMemphisTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1950Perry & Derrick CoDaytonKYPaints, varnishesC&O
1950Perry Buick CorpNorfolkVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1950Perry DennisRenickWVExtract wood pltC&O
1950Perry J HLouisaKYLbr ydC&O
1950Perry-Norvell CoHuntingtonWVShoe factory*C&O,B&O
1990Pet IncLithoniaGAFrozen foods, mixed foodsSou
1990Pet IncHannibalMOCanned goodsWab
1971Pet IncChickashaOKWaffles, fzSLSF,MKT
1956Pet IncGreenevilleTNMixed foodsSou
1990Pet IncAnthonyTXMixed foodsAT&SF
1939Pet Milk CoBowling GreenKYevaporated milk, creameryL&N
1965Peter Paul Inc.Kansas CityMOCandyMP-StLSF-UP
1939Peterman Gin CoPetermanALcotton ginL&N
1976Peters Chemical CoFreycoVAlimestone, groundBO
1950Peters Coal & Supply CoBellevueKYCoal, lbr ydC&O
1939Peters Coal & Supply CoNewportKYcoalC&O
1965Peterson Coal & Ice ServiceKansas CityMOCoal-IceMP
1947Peterson Planing MillSt LouisMOmillworkManRy
1950Petite GasworksBluefieldWVLP gasNW*
1990PetroliteKilgoreTXWaxes (hot)SP
1947Pevely Dairy CoSt LouisMOdairy productsSLSF/RI/MBT
1990Pfifer Wire ProductsTuscaloosaALScreeningGM&O
1990PfizerLees SummitMOAnimal health prod, distr centerMP
1971PharmacealJohnson CityTNPackaging for pharmCC&O
1969Phelan Coal CoKirkwoodMOcoalSLSF
1947Phelan Faust Paint CoCarondeletMOpaintsMP
1939Phelps Grocery CoHendersonKYwhlse groceries, sugarL&N
1939Phelps J P Stone CoSt LouisMOmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1990Phibro EnergyHoustonTXNapthaSP
1990Phibro EnergyHoustonTXPetroleum napthaSP
1939Philadelphia Quartz CoSt LouisMOchemicalsMBT
1965Philadelphia Quartz Co.Kansas CityMOSilicate of SodaRI-KCS
1965Philco Corp.Kansas CityMORadiosKCT
1939Philco Sales & ServiceLouisvilleKYradios/refrigeratorsL&N
1956Philip MorrisLouisvilleKYCigarettesPRR
1941Phillip Gruner & Bros Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1976Phillip Morris IncRichmondVACigarettsRFP
1939Phillip-JonesMontgomeryALshirt mfrL&N
1990Phillips 66BorgerTXDimethyl disulfide, sulfide, isobutaneAT&SF
1990Phillips 66BorgerTXMethanesulfonyl chloride, acidAT&SF
1990Phillips 66BorgerTXMethyl mercaptan, resinsAT&SF
1990Phillips 66HennesseyTXPlastic pelletsMP
1995Phillips 66PanhandleTXLPGATSF
1956Phillips 66PasadenaTXPlastic pelletsSP
1995Phillips 66 ChemicalDaytonTXPolyethylene pelletsSP
1990Phillips LumberCedar HillTXLumberAT&SF
1972Phillips Oil CoOzarkMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Phillips Oil CoAuroraMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1972Phillips Oil CoClintonMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Phillips Petroleum CoFt SmithARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1941Phillips Petroleum CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoClay CenterKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoDodge CityKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoGreensburgKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoMarionKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoMcPhersonKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoPeabodyKSPetroleum productsATSF
1941Phillips Petroleum CoPrattKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoWhitewaterKSPetroleum productsRI
1960Phillips Petroleum CoBillingsMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1960Phillips Petroleum CoBlairstownMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1941Phillips Petroleum CoEldonMOPetroleum productsRI
1972Phillips Petroleum CoNewburgMOoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Phillips Petroleum CoRollaMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1947Phillips Petroleum CoSt LouisMOgas/oil/household appliancesWAB
1939Phillips Petroleum CoSt LouisMOrefineryL&N
1941Phillips Petroleum CoUnionMOPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoAnadarkoOKPetroleum productsRI
1972Phillips Petroleum CoArdmoreOKoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1941Phillips Petroleum CoAsherOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoElk CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoEnidOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoGearyOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoGuymonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoHobartOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1941Phillips Petroleum CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoMountain ViewOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoWaltersOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoWeatherfordOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoWewokaOKRefinery/shipper petroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoGruverTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoSanfordTXRefinery/shipper/receiver petroleum productsRI
1941Phillips Petroleum CoSeymourTXPetroleum productsRI
1965Phillips Petroleum Co.Kansas CityMORefineryMP-StLSF-UP
1941Phillips Pipe Line CoWichitaKSPetroleum productsRI
1950Phillips W THamptonVAWhsl confectionerC&O
1950Phipps & Bird IncRichmondVAChems dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Phoenix Naval Stores CoGulfportMSrosin/turpentine/pine oilIC
1947Pickel Stone CoSt LouisMObldg stoneMP
1947Pickrel Sales CoSt Louis CtyMOwhlse lumberWAB
1939Pickrel Walnut CoSt LouisMOmfr veneer,sawmillL&N
1939Pickrell & Craig CoMiddlesboroKYpublic warehouse, sugarL&N/SOU
1950Piedmont Apple Prods CoCharlottesvilleVAWinery*C&O,Sou
1960Piedmont BrandCovesvilleVAApplesSou
1976Piedmont Carloading ServiceMartinsvilleVAFurniture, wood: BR,DR,LR,Occ.NW
1950Piedmont Knitting CoGordonsvilleVATextile pltC&O
1950Piedmont Mills incLynchburgVAFlourSou
1950Pierson & Moore CoLexingtonKYTobacco curers & grain dryers*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1990Piggly-Wiggly StorageCharlestonSCRiceSou
1939Piggly-Wiggly StoresNashvilleTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Pike & KreinerSpringfieldTNplaning millL&N
1960Pike Co Producers AssnClarksvilleMOGrainCB&Q
1956Pike County Prod AssocnClarksvilleMOAnhydrous ammonia, antifreezeCB&Q
1956Pike County Prod AssocnClarksvilleMOChemicals, diesel fuel, feedCB&Q
1956Pike County Prod AssocnClarksvilleMODog food, fertz, fuel oil, gasolineCB&Q
1956Pike County Prod AssocnClarksvilleMOSeeds, tiresCB&Q
1950Pike Motor CoPikevilleKYAuto dlrC&O
1990Pikeville CoalJamboreeKYCoalSou
1950Pikeville Ice CoPikevilleKYIce pltC&O
1950Pikeville Supply & Planing Mill CoPikevilleKYBldrs supp, planing millC&O
1950Pilborough LtdDeepwaterVAMdse (mail order)NW*
1995Pilgrim PrideLufkinTXFrozen chickensSP
1976Pilliod Furniture Div La-Z-Boy IncSelmaALPulpboard corrSou
1990Pilliod Furniture Div La-Z-Boy IncSelmaALFurniture, wood & plasticSou
1990PillsburySt LouisMOFlourTRRA
1990PillsburyZacha JctTXMixed foodsAT&SF
1990PillsburyWellsburgWVFood prodPRR
1950Pillsbury Flour MillsNorfolkVAFlour*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1940Pillsbury Milling CoEnidOKFlour, grain, feedRI
1956Pillsbury Mills IncSt JosephMOGrainCB&Q
1956Pillsbury Mills IncSt JosephMOGrainCB&Q
1970Pine Bluff ArsenalPine BluffARMunitionsSSW
1976Pine Bluff Sand & GravelBarretLAStone, bulk riprap,sandL&A
1976Pineville KraftPinevilleLAPulpwood, pine; wood chipsL&A
1976Pineville Lumber CoPinevilleLAGypsum Wallbd 4x8L&A
1965Pioneer Bag Co Plt No 2Kansas CityMOBags-ClothCB&Q
1996Pioneer Chlor AlkaliGeismarLAHydrochloric acidIC
1990Pioneer Chlor AlkaliSt. GabrielLASodium hydroxide, chlorine, HClIC
1950Pioneer Coal CoAugustaKYCoal ydC&O
1947Pioneer Cooperage CoSt LouisMObarrels & kegsMP
1956Pioneer Sand CoSt JosephMOCoal, gypsumCB&Q-UT
1956Pioneer Sand CoSt JosephMOCement, sandCB&Q
1965Pioneer Sand Co.St JosephMOSand-CementCB&Q-UT
1970Pioneer Seed CoLaynaARFertz, seed, rice, soybeans, oatsSSW
1939Pittsburgh Fuel CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1941Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoLittle RockARPaintsMP
1970Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoN Little RockARGlass, paintSSW
1956Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoSt JosephMOGlassCB&Q
1947Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoSt LouisMOpaints/glassSLSF
1939Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoNashvilleTNpaint/oil/varnish, glassL&N
1950Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoRichmondVAChems, plate glass dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1942Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoRoanokeVAGlassN&W
1950Pittsburgh Plate Glass CoClarksburgWVFlat GlassBO
1965Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.Kansas CityMOGlass-PaintCB&Q
1956Pittsburgh Valve & Fittings CorpKansas CityMOPipe fittingsCB&Q
1996Plains Cotton CoopLubbockTXCottonseed oilSP
1941Plains Equity ExchangePlainsKSPetroleum products, coalRI
1964Plankington & Armour, later Armour closed 1965Kansas CityMOMeat prod (slaughterhouse)StLSF
1939Plant Flour Mills CoSt LouisMOgrain dealerL&N
1976Plantation Patterns Inc.WoodlawnALMetallic furnitureSou
1941Planters Co-op ElevatorLone WolfOKGrain/feedATSF
1990Planters Cotton OilPine BluffARCotton seedSSW
1942Planters Nut & Chocolate CoSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1990Planters Peanut CoFt SmithARPeanutsMP
1990PlasticanZacha JctTXPlastic pelletsAT&SF
1975Plastico PlasticsAftonVAPlastic pelletsV&O*
1990Plastics MfgDallasTXPlastic pelletsAT&SF
1982Platnik BrothersBluefieldVAScrap metalN&W
1965Plaza Laundry & Dry CleanersKansas CityMOLaundryKCPS
1950Plbrs Supply CoLexingtonKYPlbg supp dlrC&O
1939Plough IncMemphisTNdrugs & cosmeticsL&N
1939Plumbing & Heating CoNashvilleTNplumbing suppliesL&N
1941Plunkett-Jarrell CoHot SpringsARGroceriesMP
1941Plunkett-Jarrell CoLittle RockARGroceriesMP
1941Plunkett-Jarrell Grocery CoNewportARGroceriesMP
1941Plunkett-Jarrell Grocery CoStuttgartARGroceriesSSW
1978Plywood Supply CoSpringfieldMOplywoodSLSF
1990Pocahontas Fuel CoBishopVACoalN&W
1940Pocasset Grain & Elec GinPocassetOKCottonRI
1941Pocasset Grain & Elevator CoHennesseyOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Pocasset Grain & Elevator CoPocassetOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Pocasset Grain & Elevator CoVerdunOKGrain/feedRI
1947Pockels Drug Glass & Paint CoSt LouisMOdrugs/glass/paintManRy
1972Poe's LP Gas CoNewburgMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1939Pogue H E Distilling CoMaysvilleKYdistilleryC&O
1965Poindexter H. T & Sons Mdse CoKansas CityMODry GoodsKCS
1939Poland Oil CoSt LouisMOpetroleum productsL&N
1939Poland Soap WorksAnnistonALmfr soapL&N/SOU
1939Polar Wave Ice & Fuel CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1950Pollock Iron CoHuntingtonWVScrap yd*C&O,B&O
1980Poly Processing (1980)MonroeLAPlastic tanksA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1941Ponca City Milling CoPonca CityOKCoalATSF
1941Ponca City Milling CoPonca CityOKfeedATSF
1942Pond Bros PeanutSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1990Pontiki CoalPilgrimKYCoalSou
1990Poole ChemicalLamesaTXFertilizerAT&SF
1940Poor Mans Gin CoRound PondARCottonRI
1939Pope Cawood Lumber & Supply CoHarlanKYpaint/oil/varnishL&N
1939Pope Cawood Lumber & Supply CoHarlanKYmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N
1990Port City Plate Steel CoTulsaOKSteel prodSS
1990Port Of GalvestonGalvestonTXRiceSP
1990Port Of New Orleans (Export Elevator)New OrleansLAGrainIC
1990Port of NorfolkNorfolkVACocoa beans, sugarSou
1970Porter Lbr CoLaynaARLbr, bldg matlsSSW
1950Porter Supply CoHuntingtonWVRd machy*C&O,B&O
1950Portion Redi-Foods IncBirminghamALmeat prodvarious
1950Portioned Meats IncCovingtonLAmeat prodGM&O
1956Portland Flour MillsPortlandKSFlourAT&SF
1965Postlewait Co IncKansas CityMOGlassKCT
1990PotlatchPrescottARWood chipsP&NW (MP)
1990Potlatch CorpMcGeeheeARPlywoodMP
1990Potlatch CorpWarrenARPlywoodWar&SalRiv (MP,RI)
1947Potomac Engineering Service CoSt LouisMOfurniture & playground equipmentMP
1939Potter H H Lumber CoNashvilleTNlumberL&N
1995Powder River PetroleumWynnewoodOKLPGATSF
1941Powe Thos E Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1939Powell Lime & Cement CoMemphisTNbldg materials/coalL&N
1972Powell Lumber Co.PacificMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1941Powell Mercantile CoDuncanOKfruits/vegetables, groc whsl, grain, feedRI
1939Powell R A Coal CoHendersonKYcoalL&N
1966Powellton Coal Div Princess Coals Jane Ann 1-2Huff JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1939Power Oil CoLexingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1947Powercraft CorpSt LouisMOpower machineryManRy
1950Powers-Taylor Drug CoRichmondVAWhsl drug dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Powoellton Farmers Grain CopElmoreWVGrainNW*
1956PPG IndOwensboroKYSilica productsL&N
1990PPG IndLake CharlesLAEthyl chloride, tetrachloroethyleneKCS,SP
1990PPG IndLake CharlesLASilica productsSP,KCS
1990PPG IndWest Lake CharlesLA1,1,1-TrichloroethaneKCS
1990PPG IndGreensboroNCCoatingsSou
1990PPG IndShelbyNCPlastic pelletsSou
1995PPG IndustriesNatriumWVCarbon DisulfideB&O
1976PPG Industries, Chemical DivNatriumWVParadichlorobenzolB&O
1990PQ CorpNixonGASodium silicateSou
1939Pralle Baking CoSt LouisMObakeryL&N
1956Pratt & Lambert Inc Waggener Paint DivKansas CityMOPaintCB&Q
1941Pratt Equity ExchangePrattKSGrain/feed, coalRI
1972Pratt Lumber CoFall RiverKSlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1941Pratt Mil & Elevator CoPrattKSfeed, grainRI
1956PraxairDeer ParkTXArgonSP
1947Pre-Cast Slab & Tile CoSt LouisMOconcrete slabsSLSF
1990Preferred FertilizerLamesaTXFertilizerAT&SF
1939Premier Coal CorpParamountKYcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1995Premiere PipeHoustonTXIron pipeSP
1947Preserve Products CoSt LouisMOpreserves & jelliesWAB
1950Pressed Prism Plate GlassSabratonWVGlassB&O
1947Pressite Engineering CoSt LouisMOasphalt & chemicalsSLSF
1947Presto-Lite CoSt LouisMOindustrial gasesWAB
1950Preston Bldg & Supply CoPikevilleKYBldrs suppC&O
1941Preston Co-op Grain & Merc CoPrestonKSPetroleum products, grain, feed, coalRI
1939Price Coal & Ice CoGadsdenALcoalL&N
1939Price Coal & Ice CoGadsdenALmfr iceL&N
1939Price Lumber CoFort DepositALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Price Lumber CoMontgomeryALsawmill & planing millL&N
1965Price Metal Refining Co.Kansas CityMOMetalsGM&O
1950Price's IncNorfolkVAHH eqt*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1965Priebe & Sons Inc.Kansas CityMOEggsMP
1941Prime Miller Petroleum CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1947Prime Oil CoSt LouisMOretail gas stationMBT
1950Princess Dorothy Coal CoW JctWVMine suppC&O
1966Princess Susan Coal Co SusanBrushtonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1942Princeton Fdy & Supply CoPrincetonWVFdyVgn
1942Princeton Mill & Feed CoPrincetonWVGrainVgn
1942Princeton Scrap Metal & Parts CoPrincetonWVScrapVgn
1985Processed MineralsCarey MineKSSaltHut&Nor
1994Procter & GambleBrownsvilleTXFatty alcoholsSP
1990Proctor & GambleJacksonTNPotato chips (Pringles), peanut butter*NC&StL,IC
1956Proctor & GambleFoleyFLPulpboard, paper prodACL
1976Proctor & GambleAlbanyGAWoodpulp bales sl&c*ACL,SAL
1976Proctor & GambleAlexandriaLABoxes, BDLS CORR FBREL&A
1976Proctor & Gamble CoPinevilleLABoxes Corrugated KD FlatsL&A
1947Proctor & Gamble Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr soapWAB
1965Proctor & Gamble Mfg. Co.Kansas CityMOSoapRI-KCS-KCT
1941Producers & Consumers IncSeymourTXCoalWV (FW&D)
1939Producers Co-operative Comm AssnLexingtonKYlivestock dealerL&N
1956Producers Coop AssociationGirardKSBarleyCB&Q
1950Producers Coop ExchangeRichmondVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Producers Coop ExchgGordonsvilleVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1955Producers CreamerySpringfieldMOdairy prodSLSF
1941Producers ExchangeFreeburgMOPetroleum products, grain, feed, farm impltsRI
1990Producers GrainLubbockTXWheatAT&SF
1955Producers Groc CoSpringfieldMOgrocSLSF
1939Producers Live Stock Marketing AssnLouisvilleKYlivestock dealerL&N
1942Producers PeanutSuffolkVAPeanut prod, candy, oil, shells, peanut butterN&W,Sou,Vgn,ACL
1990Producers Rice DryerEltonLARiceMP
1995Producers Rice MillStuttgartARRiceSSW
1990Producers Rice MillWynneARRiceMP
1941Producers Supply & Tool CoGrahamTXoil well supply houseRI
1941Producers Supply & Tool CoOlneyTXoil well supply houseRI
1955Producers Wool HouseSpringfieldMOwoolSLSF
1965Production Mfg. Corp.Kansas CityMOMetal FurnitureSLSF
1950Productos Alimenticos La Higienica SAMexico CityMXmeat prodNdM
1947Progress Press Brick CoSt LouisMObrickMP
1956Proler SteelHoustonTXTinplateSP
1990PromesaShrewsburyLAFrozen fruitsSP
1939Propst Tanks StationCullmanALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Propst-Howell Lumber CoCullmanALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Prosch J CTarrantALcoalL&N
1940Pruden Coal & Coke CoPrudenKYCoal, bituminousL&N
1939Pruden Coal & Coke CoPrudenTNcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1941Pruitt J HLindsayOKGrain/feed, coalRI/ATSF
1972Pruitt Produce CoArdmoreOKproduceSLSF
1947Prunty Seed & Grain CoSt LouisMOseed/grainMP
1965Pruzan's Products Co.Kansas CityMOFruit JuicesKCT
1978Public Service Co of OKTulsaOKpolesSLSF
1976Publix Super Mkts incMiami PlantationFLWdplp dishes paltes or trays nestedSAL
1990Pulaski Furniture CoDublinVAFurnitureN&W
1990Pulaski Furniture CoPulaskiVAFurnitureN&W
1939Pulaski Gin & Grain CoPulaskiTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Pulaski Oil CoPulaskiTNpetroleum productsL&N
1950Pulasli Logging CoOrangeVASawmill*C&O,Sou
1947Pulitzer Publishing CoSt LouisMOpaperWAB
1947Pullman CoSt LouisMOsuppliesMBT/TRRA
1940Pumicate CoFowlerKSSilicaRI
1947Pumicite CoSt Louis CtyMOmfr pumiciteWAB
1950Purcell J SColumbiaVALbrC&O
1950Purcell J SLouisaVASaw & planing millC&O
1950Pure Carbonic CoHuntingtonWVOxygen & acetylene gas plt*C&O,B&O
1965Pure Carbonic Div Air Reduction Co.Kansas CityMODry IceUP
1939Pure Crystal Carbonic CorpScotrockALmfr dry iceL&N
1956Pure Ice Supply CoLouisianaMOIceCB&Q
1950Pure Milk CoAshlandKYDairyC&O
1939Pure Oil CoBarbourvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pure Oil CoCovingtonKYpetroleum productsL&N
1950Pure Oil CoOlive HillKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1941Pure Oil CoSeminoleOKPetroleum productsRI
1939Pure Oil CoKnoxvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Pure Oil CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1950Pure Oil CoCovingtonVABulk gas & oilC&O
1950Pure Oil CoE LexingtonVABulk gas & oilC&O
1950Pure Oil CoWaynesboroVABulk gas & oil*C&O,N&W
1950Pure Oil CoCabin Creek JctWVOil refineryC&O
1950Pure Oil CoDawesWVOil refineryC&O
1950Pure Oil CoHuntingtonWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Pure Oil CoLoganWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1950Pure Oil CoMabscottWVBulk gas & oilC&O
1947Purex Corp IncSt LouisMOdisinfectantsMP
1960Purina Feed CoOwensvilleMOGrainNLD*
1960Purina Feed CoOwensvilleMOFeedNLD*
1947Purina MillsSt LouisMOfeedMBT
1965Purina Mills Ralston-Purina CoKansas CityMOCereal-Feed MillKCS-MP
1965Puritan Compressed Gas Corp.Kansas CityMOMedical GasesCB&Q-KCT
1939Puritan Cordage MillsLouisvilleKYcotton mill, ropeL&N
1950Puritan Stores IncHuntingtonWVGenl mdse*C&O,B&O
1950Purity Baking CoBeckleyWVBakery*C&O,Vgn
1956Pursell IndustriesSylacaugaALFertilizer chemicals, ureaL&N
1950Putnam Cty Feed StoreHurricaneWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1939Putnam R S Coal CoLebanonKYcoalL&N
1950Putney Stephen Shoe CoRichmondVAShoe dlrRF&P
1950Pyles O KRonceverteWVLog shipperC&O
1939Pyne CoLouisvilleKYstructural ironL&N
1947Pyramid CoHowardMObldg materialsMP
1990Pyramid FibersLake CatherineARTire fabricRI
1990Quaker OatsAtchisonKSCanned feed, cereal, oatmealMP
1990Quaker OatsLawrenceKSCanned food, cereal, animal feedAT&SF
1972Quaker OatsJoplinMOoats, sugar, saltSLSF
1990Quaker OatsDallasTXCanned feedSP
1990Quaker OatsGarlandTXMixed foodsAT&SF
1956Quaker Oats CoSt JosephMOBoxes, cans, cocoa, cornAT&SF-CB&Q-CRI&P
1956Quaker Oats CoSt JosephMOCorn meal, corn syrup, flourAT&SF-CB&Q-CRI&P
1956Quaker Oats CoSt JosephMOLard, oats, salt, sugar, wheatAT&SF-CB&Q-CRI&P
1956Quaker Oats CoSt JosephMOCereal, hot; bakery prod, buckwheat flourAT&SF-CB&Q-CRI&P
1939Quaker Oats CoMemphisTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1950Quaker Oats CoShermanTXPuffed Rice cerealSLSF
1950Quaker Oats CoShermanTXRice,oatsSLSF
1939Quaker Oil CorpSt LouisMOpetroleum productsTRRA
1990Quaker StateCongoWVLubricantsNYC,B&O
1950Quality Bakery CoAshlandKYBakeryC&O
1965Quality Banana Co.Kansas CityMOBananasKCS
1950Quality Bedding CoHuntingtonWVMattress factory*C&O,B&O
1950Quality ChevroletMaysvilleKYAuto dlr*C&O,L&N
1950Quality Coal CoCovingtonKYCoal ydC&O
1965Quality Concrete Block Co.St JosephMOConcrete BlocksCGW
1950Quality Fruit & Produce CoHuntingtonWVProduce dlr*C&O,B&O
1950Quality Lbr & Supply CoBeckleyWVLbr yd, bldrs supplies*C&O,Vgn
1941Quality Oil CoUnionMOPetroleum productsRI
1950Qualls M SOlive HillKYWhsl grocC&O
1995Quantum ChemicalStrangTXVinyl acetateSP
1990Quantum ChemicalVidorTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Quantum ChemicalChocolate BayouTXPlastic pelletsMP
1990Quantum ChemicalEagle LakeTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Quantum ChemicalHoustonTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Quartzite StoneBartonKSStoneAT&SF
1939Queen City Furniture CoGadsdenALbedroom furnitureL&N
1947Quick Heet Coal CoMaplewoodMOcoalStLB&T
1946Quick Sand & GravelDonaldsonLAAggregatesDL*
1950Quillen Lbr & Supply CoAldersonWVSawmill, bldg matlsC&O
1950Quillen Lbr & Supply CoRupertWVLbr, sawmill*C&O,NYC
1956Quincy Soybean CoHelenaARSoybeansMP
1947Quinlivan J F & BrothersSt LouisMOgrain/feed dealerMP
1955Quinn ConcreteMarshallMOConcrete, gravel, sand, limeGM&O
1950Quinn M FHamptonVASeafoodC&O
1941Quint County Co-op CreameryMangumOKcreameryMKT
1972Quiring Monument CoWichitaKSmarble, graniteSLSF
1965Quirk Aileen & Sons Inc.Kansas CityMODried BeansCB&Q
1939Quisenberry Coal & Supply CoWinchesterKYfertilizer, coalL&N
1966R & S Coal Co Dunedin 1PrinceWVCoal, steamC&O
1956R C Can CoSt LouisMOTinplateCB&Q
1956R C Can CoSt LouisMOCansCB&Q
1939R V & K Coal Co Prestridge MinePrestridgeKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1965R. C. Can Co.Kansas CityMOPaper CansAT&SF
1990Raceland SugarsRacelandLASugarSP
1940Radford J M Whsl Groc CoElk CityOKGroc, whslRI
1956Radial Warehouse CoKansas CityMOFAKCB&Q
1956Radial Warehouse CoKansas CityMOFAKCB&Q
1950Radio Supply CoNorfolkVARadio & supp dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1950Ragland H D & L WIrwinVAPulpwood, tiesC&O
1939Ragland-Potter CoClarksvilleTNgrain/feed dealer, whsl groc, fruit, vegL&N/TC
1939Ragland-Potter CoClarksvilleTNwhlse molasses/syrup/sugar dealerL&N/TC
1939Ragland-Potter CoClarksvilleTNmeatL&N/TC
1939Ragland-Potter CoNashvilleTNsugarL&N
1939Ragland-Potter CoGlasgowKYstove dealers, whsl groc, sugarL&N
1939Ragland-Potter CoHopkinsvilleKYwhlse groceriesL&N
1939Ragsdale Auto PartsMemphisTNauto partsL&N
1982Raible & Cullman Supply CoCullmanALFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticL&N
1982Raible DivMemphisTNFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plastic*IC,L&N,RI,SSW,SLSF
1939Raible J R CoNashvilleTNmfr staves/hoops/headingL&N
1939Raible J R CoBirminghamALmfr sash/doorsL&N
1982Raible J R DivColumbusMSFibre drums, contr, wooden kegs,plasticSou
1939Rail Joint Reforming CoBirminghamALreformed angle barsL&N
1996Rail Link InternationalLaredoTXLumberMP
1947Railroad Concrete Products CoMaplewoodMOconcrete products & slabsStLB&T
1950Rainbow Art CoHuntingtonWVGlass decorating plt*C&O,B&O
1966Rainelle Airpark Low AshRainelleWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1950Rainelle Supply CoRainelleWVFlour, feed, genl store*C&O,NYC
1976Raintree Lbr CoMichelonMSTreated PolesL&N
1950Raleigh Baking CoBeckleyWVBakery*C&O,Vgn
1950Raleigh Cash Groc CoBeckleyWVGroc, flour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,Vgn
1966Raleigh Eagle Coal Co Rex 6StollingsWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Raleigh Empire Coal Corp Black Knight 3RaleighWVCoal, steamC&O
1966Raleigh Empire Coal Corp Raleigh 7RaleighWVCoal, steamC&O
1950Raleigh Groc CoMabscottWVWhsl grocC&O
1950Raleigh Hdw CoMabscottWVWhsl hdwC&O
1950Raleigh Junk CoMabscottWVScrap ydC&O
1939Raleigh Sand & Gravel CoMemphisTNsand/gravelL&N
1939Ralph Lumber CoSylacaugaALsawmillL&N/CofG
1939Ralston Coal YardMiddlesboroKYcoalL&N/SOU
1990Ralston PurinaAbileneKSSoybeansAT&SF
1990Ralston PurinaWichitaKSSoybean meal, feedMP,RI
1990Ralston PurinaEdmondOKSoybeansAT&SF
1978Ralston PurinaMemphisTNbulk animal feedSLSF
1947Ralston Purina CoSt LouisMOfeedMP/MBT
1939Ralston Purina CoNashvilleTNfeed millL&N
1965Ralston Purina Co.Kansas CityMOGrain-FeedKCS-MP
1940Ralston Purina MillsFt WorthTXFeedRI
1941Ramona Co-op Elev CoRamonaKSGrain/feedRI
1941Rand Beverage Co IncLittle RockARBottling worksRI
1977Rand McNallyVersaillesKYPaper prodSou
1966Ranger Fuel Corp Ranger 1WhartonWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1966Ranger Fuel Corp Ranger 2BarrettWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1965Ranger Oil Co.St JosephMOPetroleum ProductsRI
1941Ranney Davis Mercantile CoEnidOKGroceries, sugarRI
1950Ranson BrosBremoVACoal ydC&O
1947Rapp Fred R WarehouseSt LouisMOgrocersMP
1947Rapp H E Lumber CoCarondeletMOlumberMP
1950Rath Packing CoKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1955Rathbun Tobacco & SupplySpringfieldMOtobacco prodSLSF
1939Ratican-Medley CoOwensboroKYsawmillL&N
1941Raulston Grain CoGarberOKGrain/feedRI
1940Raulston Grain CoGarberOKGrainRI
1939Rausch Naval Stores CoBay MinetteALnaval stores brokerL&N
1947Ravarino & Freschi Importing & Mfg CoSt LouisMOspaghetti & noodlesMP
1950Ravenscraft MotorsMaysvilleKYAuto dlr*C&O,L&N
1956Rawhide Tipple CoVolgaWVCoalB&O
1939Rawlinson J HDeatsvilleALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Rawlinson Lumber CoBaldwinALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Ray Coal CoAthensTNcoalL&N
1939Ray Machinery CoMontgomeryALmachinery dealerL&N
1956Ray-O-Vac WarehouseKansas CityMOBatteriesCB&Q
1946Raymond CollieryDonaldsonLACoalDL*
1941Raymond Heard IncRustonLAGrain/feed, grocRI,IC
1941Raymond Heard IncRustonLAfruits/vegetablesRI,IC
1946Raymondale Brass WorksRaymondaleLABrass castingsDL*
1950Rayon Coal YdCovingtonVACoal ydC&O
1960Rayonier IncFernandinaFLPaper kraft, corrugatedSAL
1968RCAMemphisTNtelevision setsSLSF
1965RCA Victor Distrib CorpKansas CityMOElectrical AppliancesUP
1972REA Electric CoopFayettevilleARpolesSLSF
1941Read A B Hide & WoolWichitaKSHides/pelts/wool/greaseRI
1939Read Brokerage CoAtlantaGAcanned goods (food broker)L&N
1956Reade Mfg Co IncKansas CityMOChemical compoundsCB&Q
1939Ready Mixed Concrete & Supply CoNashvilleTNcementL&N
1950Ready Mixed Concrete CoCovingtonKYReadymix cement pltC&O
1965Ready Mixed Concrete Co.Kansas CityMOCementKCT-StLSF
1956Realock Fence Dept C F & I CorpKansas CityMOFencingCB&Q
1939Reams Lumber CoMiddlesboroKYsawmillL&N/SOU
1947Reardon CoSt LouisMOpaintWAB
1939Reaves Coal & Iron CoAnnistonALcoalSOU
1947Reconstruction Finance Corp St Louis Whse No 1St LouisMOstoring govt propertyMP
1990Recycled Plastic IndGreen BayFLPlastic productsACL
1950Red "A" Feed StoreNew CastleVAFeed, seedC&O
1939Red Ace Petroleum CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1950Red Ash Coal CoStauntonVACoal yd*C&O,CW
1941Red Ball Transfer & Storage CoOklahoma CityOKpublic warehouseRI
1955Red Comb Pioneer Mills IncMarshallMOSoybean mealGM&O
1956Red E Mix Concrete CoSt JosephMOCementCB&Q
1941Red Rock Petroleum CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1940Red Star Milling CoWichitaKSFlourRI
1950Redfern Meat IncAtlantaGAmeat prod*AWP,ACL,CG,Ga,L&N,NCSL,SAL,Sou
1990Redland Stone ProductsBeckmannTXStone. lime rockSP
1947Reed & Steggers Sash & Door CoSt LouisMOmillworkMP
1950Reich-Huntington Iron WorksHuntingtonWVStl fabr plt*C&O,B&O
1976Reichhold Chem IncFoxALcarbolic acidGM&O
1976Reichhold Chem IncFoxALSodium Sulfite, crudeGM&O
1956Reichhold ChemicalJacksonvilleFLResin solution*ACL,SAL
1976Reichhold ChemicalGriffithNCPlastic MaterialSou
1996Reichhold ChemicalHoustonTXResin solutionSP
1990Reichhold ChemicalsTelogiaFLResinsAN (ACL,SAL,L&N)
1965Reichold Chemicals Inc.Kansas CityMOChemicalsUP
1950Reid Stores IncStauntonVAWhsl groc*C&O,CW
1940Reidt Coal Co JerryHaileysvilleOKCoal, bituminousRI
1990Reilly-WhitemanCharlotteNCCanola oil, castor oil, tall oilSou
1940Reimy Produce CoMedfordOKCreameryRI
1947Reinecke C J Lumber CoSt LouisMOlumberManRy
1939Reinecke Coal Mining Co Reinecke MineMadisonvilleKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1947Reis-Moran Lumber CoCarondeletMOlumberMP
1941Reis-Moran Lumber CoSt LouisMOLumberTRRA
1941Reitz Bros Stone CoBentonMObldg stoneMP
1941Reliable Transfer & Storage CoChickashaOKpublic warehouseRI
1939Reliable Varnish CoLouisvilleKYpaintL&N
1941Reliance Carbon CoSheerinTXCarbon blackRI
1947Reliance Coal CoEdenMOcoalWAB
1950Reliance Mfg CoHuntingtonWVTextile plt*C&O,B&O
1970Remington ArmsAdaOKClay pigeons (recreational supplies)SLSF
1947Renard Linoleum & Rug CoSt LouisMOrug & linoleum whseWAB
1965Renard Linoleum & Rug Co.Kansas CityMOFloor CoveringKCT
1950Renick MillsRenickWVFlour, feed, fertzC&O
1939Rennebaum Coal CoHartran FortTNcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1950Republic Carloading & Distributing CoKansas CityMOForwarder FreightMP
1947Republic Carloading and Distributing CoSt LouisMOpool car operatorMP
1972Republic Milling CoRepublicMOwheatSLSF
1990Republic SteelCounceTNCoil steel (steel sheet)C&CR (GM&O,IC,Sou)
1983Republic SteelCounceTNSteel pipeC&CR (GM&O,IC,Sou)
1939Republic Steel & Rail CoSt LouisMOjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Republic Steel Co Sloss Sheffield CoAltoonaALcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Republic Steel CorpRaimundALiron oreL&N
1939Republic Steel CorpSpauldingALiron oreL&N
1939Republic Steel CorpTravallaALcoal tons/dayL&N
1947Republic Steel CorpSt LouisMOwarehouseWAB
1939Republic Steel Corp Birmingham DivBirminghamALbenzol, coke, pig ironL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Birmingham DivBirminghamALsulphate of ammonia, tarL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALbenzol, coke byprod, copper prodsL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALformed roofing prods, fencing, pig ironL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALgalvanized steel sheets, wireL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALnapthalene, solvent naptha, tar, toluolL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALsteel angles & channels, bars & platesL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALsteel ingots & billets, rebars, sheet, slabsL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALsulphate of ammoniaL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivAlabama CityALsulphate of iron (Copperas)L&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALcoke byprods, benzol, napthaleneL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALformed roofing products, fencingL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALgalvanized steel sheets, pig iron, wireL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALsteel angles & channels, bars, plateL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALsteel ingots & billets, rebar, sheet, slabsL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALsulphate of ammonia, solvent napthaL&N
1939Republic Steel Corp Gulfsteel DivThomasALsulphate of iron (Copperas), tar, toluolL&N
1941Republic Supply CoOlneyTXoil well supply houseWF&S
1965Research Laboratories, Inc.St JosephMOSerumRI
1965Research Products Co.Kansas CityMOFumigantsSLSF
1990RevereScottsboroALAluminum ingotsSou
1969Rew MaterialsKansas CityMOgypsum boardSLSF
1939Rex Lumber CoGracevilleFLsawmill & planing millL&N
1976Rex Lumber CompanyRonceverteWVLumber SL&CC&O
1965Rex Welder Co.Kansas CityMOWelding EquipmentKCT
1990Rexene ProductsOdessaTXPlastic pellets, styrene monomerMP
1939Reynolds & CoHopkinsvilleKYwhlse groceriesL&N
1990Reynolds AluminumOak CliffTXAluminum cansAT&SF
1939Reynolds J D CoGlasgowKYstove dealers, whsl groc, sugarL&N
1990Reynolds MetalsListerhillALAluminum ingotsSou
1990Reynolds MetalsArkadelphiaARAluminum ingotsMP
1990Reynolds MetalsJones MillARAluminum ingotsRI
1990Reynolds MetalsCorpus ChristiTXAluminum ingotsMP
1996Reynolds MetalsGregoryTXAluminum oreSP
1976Reynolds Metals Co.BellwoodVANewsprint PaperSAL
1950Reynolds R JDanvilleVACigarettesUNK
1990Reynolds R JTobaccovilleNCCigarettesSou
1939Reynolds R J Tobacco CoLouisvilleKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plant, whseL&N
1939Reynolds R J Tobacco CoMaysvilleKYtobacco stemmery/redrying plantL&N
1941Reynolds-Gammell Lumber CoEldoradoARSaw/planing millRI
1950Rhodes-Walker ChevroletS CharlestonWVAuto dlrC&O
1997Rhone Poulenc Basic ChemHoustonTXfertilizerSP
1990Rhone-Poulenc ChemicalCounceTNAluminum sulfateC&CR (GM&O,IC,Sou)
1939Rice & RainsParisKYlivestock dealerL&N
1941Rice Grain CoGalvaKSGrain/feedATSF
1950Rice Packing CoCovingtonKYSlaughter hosueC&O
1950Rice Produce CoAshlandKYProduce dlrC&O
1990Riceland FoodsArkadelphiaARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsBlackvilleARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsBradfordARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsCorningARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsDudleyARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsDumasARRiceMP
1956Riceland FoodsHelenaARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsLonokeARRiceMP
1990Riceland FoodsStuggartARRiceSSW
1994Riceland FoodsStuttgartARRiceSSW
1990Riceland FoodsTuckermanARRiceMP
1995Riceland FoodsWeinerARRiceSSW
1990Riceland FoodsPoplar BluffMORiceMP
1995Riceland FoodsGalvestonTXRiceSP
1986Riceland Foods (1986)HopeARRiceMP
1950Rich Chevrolet IncHuntingtonWVAuto dlr*C&O,B&O
1965Richards & Conover Hardware Co.Kansas CityMOHardware-SteelKCS-KCT
1940Richards & Conover Hdw CoOklahoma CityOKHardware, whslRI
1950Richards J W & SonMt SterlingKYCoal, bldrs suppC&O
1972Richards-Gebaur AF BaseGrandviewMOordnance, av gas, grocSLSF
1950Richardson C JMarlintonWVGenl storeC&O
1939Richardson Coal & Feed CoClarksvilleTNcoalTC
1950Richardson Feed StoreMoreheadKYFeed, fertz*C&O,M&NF
1939Richardson Grocery CoWinchesterKYwhlse groceriesC&O
1941Richardson Produce CoWichitaKSfruits/vegetablesRI
1950Richardson Tractor CoS CharlestonWVImplt dlrC&O
1950Richardson Tractor CoSpring HillWVImplt dlrC&O
1950Richardson-Stewart Groc CoMt SterlingKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Richey Sales CoAugustaKYImplt dlrC&O
1941Richie Grocery CoRustonLAGroceries, grain, feed, fruit, vegRI
1972Richland Plant FoodsRichlandMOfertilizerSLSF
1946Richmond Barrel CoGiniaLABarrels, woodenDL*
1950Richmond Block CoBeckleyWVConcrete block plt*C&O,Vgn
1950Richmond Broom CoRichmondVABroom factory*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Richmond Cedar WorksRichmondVAWoodenware pltC&O
1950Richmond City Gas WorksRichmondVASupp yd*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Richmond Cold Stg CoRichmondVAIce & cold stg pltC&O
1950Richmond Dairy CoRichmondVADairy*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Richmond Dry Goods CoRichmondVADry gds & notions*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Richmond Fruit & Produce CoRichmondVAProduce dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Richmond Guano CoRichmondVAFertz pltC&O,Sou
1950Richmond Hdw CoRichmondVAWhsl hdwSou
1939Richmond Ice CoRichmondKYmfr iceL&N
1950Richmond Mica CorpNewport NewsVAMica prods pltC&O
1950Richmond Refining CoRichmondVATallow & rendering pltC&O
1950Richmond Rubber CoRichmondVARubber prods whse*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1971Richmond SchoolsRichmondVAPaperSCL
1965Richmond Screw Anchor Co., Inc.St JosephMOSteel AnchorsRI
1946Richmond Slaughter HouseRaymondaleLAMeat prodDL*
1950Richmond Water WorksWesthamVAWater worksC&O
1956Rickman Phosphate CoSavannahMOPhosphateCB&Q
1939Ridgeway Coal Corp Ridgeway MineRidgewayKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1939Ridley Ice & Coal CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1950Ridley Packing CoSweetwaterTXmeat prod*ATSF,T&P
1950Ridley Packing CoDuncanOKmeat prodRI
1939Riedling R DLouisvilleKYfertilizerL&N
1947Riemann Lumber CoSignal HillMObldg materialsStL&BE
1950Rife Loth CorpWaynesboroVAStoves & ram pumps*C&O,N&W
1939Riggs Lumber CoAthensTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millL&N/SOU
1950Riner M WRichmondVAFuel oil*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Ringen StoveSt LouisMOStovesUNK
1950Ripley Fdy & Mach CoS RipleyKYFdyC&O
1950Rish Eqt CoRichmondVAContr eqt plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1950Rish Eqt CoCharlestonWVRd mach distr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1990Ritchie GroceryMonroeLAFeed, flour, canned gdsA&LM (RI,MP,IC)
1950Ritter W M Lbr CoVan LearKYSawmillC&O
1950Ritter W M Lbr CoWaylandKYSawmillC&O
1941Ritterbusch LouisBlandMOGrain/feed, coalRI
1940Ritterbusch LouisBlandMOGrainRI
1970River Brand Rice CoJonesboroARRiceSSW
1978River Cement CoMemphisTNbulk cementSLSF
1939River Sand & Gravel CoOwensboroKYsand/gravelL&N
1941Riverside Feed & Mill ElevatorHutchinsonKSfeed, flourRI
1972Riverside Furniture Mfg. CorpFt SmithARfurnitureSLSF,MP
1939Riverside Mills CoNashvilleTNgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Riverside Underwear CorpFloralaALclothing mfrL&N
1966Riverton Coal Co Krebs 18MahanWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1990Riverware InternationalWest MonroeLAFiberboardKCS
1942Roanoke Apple Prods CoRoanokeVAFoods processedN&W
1942Roanoke Iron & Bridge WorksRoanokeVASteel structVgn
1942Roanoke Paper CoRoanokeVAPaperN&W
1965Robbins & Meyers Inc.Kansas CityMOElectrical EquipmentKCT
1947Robbins G S & Co Whse No 1St LouisMOchemicalsMP
1972Robert Judson Lumber CoCubaMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1956Roberts Bros CoalCharlestonKYCoalIC
1969Roberts Furniture CoKansas CityMOfurnitureSLSF
1950Roberts LeroyHuntingtonWVCoal, stl erectors*C&O,B&O
1970Roberts Rice Mills IncWeinerARRiceSSW
1950Robertson Chevrolet CoRichmondVAAuto dlr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1939Robey Tobacco WarehouseBowling GreenKYtobacco warehouseL&N
1939Robinson & TurleyRichardKYcoalL&N
1939Robinson & TurleyRichlandKYgrain/feed dealerL&N
1939Robinson Bros WarehouseTalladegaALcotton compress/whseL&N
1941Robinson E C Lumber CoBelleMOCoalRI
1941Robinson E C Lumber CoBlandMOCoalRI
1939Rock City Mill & Lumber CoNashvilleTNlumberL&N
1947Rock Hill Asphalt & Construction CoLaDueMOroad asphaltStLB&T
1947Rock Hill Lumber CoRock HillMOlumberMP
1941Rock Hill Stone & Gravel CoRock HillMOstone/gravelMP
1941Rock Hill Stone & Gravel CoSt LouisMOgravel/crushed stoneTRRA
1972Rock Island MillworkWichitaKSlumberSLSF
1972Rock Island MillworkWichitaKSmillworkSLSF
1950Rockbidge Concrete Proods CoE LexingtonVACement block pltC&O
1950Rockbridge Farmers CoopE LexingtonVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1950Rockbridge Farmers CorpLexingtonVACoal ydC&O
1950Rockbridge Roller MillsE LexingtonVAFlour dlrC&O
1950Rockbridge Roller MillsLexingtonKYFlour dlr*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1950Rockbridge Supply CoBalcony FallsVACoal yd, bldrs suppliesC&O
1950Rockbridge Supply CoGlasgowVABldrs suppC&O
1939Rockhold Wholesale Grocery CoRockholdKYwhlse groceriesL&N
1956Rockwell Mfg CoKansas CityMOPipe, fittingsCB&Q
1970Rockwell Valve IncSulfur SpgsTXValvesSSW
1965Roddis Lumber & Veneer Co Inc.Kansas CityMOLumber-VeneerMKT
1939Roden Coal CoMarvelALcoal tons/dayL&N/SOU
1955Rodgers & Baldwin HardwareSpringfieldMOhdw whslSLSF,MP
1939Rodgers W HGallatinTNlivestock dealerL&N
1969Rodney Milling CoKansas CityMOmolasses, corn syrup, wheatSLSF
1969Rodney Milling CoKansas CityMOsoybeans, cornSLSF
1965Rodney Milling Co.Kansas CityMOFlour-GrainSLSF
1950Roegelein CoSan AntonioTXmeat prod*MKT,MP,SP
1947Roesch House Furnishing CoSt LouisMOretail furnitureManRy
1939Roever John C Feed & Milling CoSt LouisMOfeed/grain dealerMBT
1941Roger Mills County Co-op AssociationElk CityOKCoalRI
1939Rogers & Hower Lumber CoShelbyvilleKYsawmillL&N
1950Rogers & Wright IncCharlestonWVMine, mill, oilwell supp dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Rogers Bros Coal CoBevierKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1965Rogers Galvanizing Co.Kansas CityMOGalvanizingKCS
1950Rogers J GLexingtonKYLivestock shipper*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1990Rohm & HaasLouisvilleKYMethyl methacrylate, plastic, pelletsSou
1990Rohm & Haas CoDeer ParkTXMethyl methacrylate (for paint, floor polish, textiles)SP
1972Rolla Daily NewsRollaMOnewsprintSLSF
1972Rolla Feed MillRollaMOwheat, corn, oatsSLSF
1972Rolla Gas & ElectricRollaMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1950Ronceverte Ice & Produce CoRonceverteWVProduce, flour, feed, seed, hay, bldrs suppC&O
1950Ronceverte MillsRonceverteWVFlour millC&O
1947Roofing Application CoUniversity CityMOroofingStLB&T
1939Rooks Mfg CoHumboldtTNmfr box/cratesM&O
1965Roper Geo. D Corp.Kansas CityMOStovesKCS
1965Roper R. J Distributing Co.Kansas CityMOBeveragesKCS
1939Roquemore Sand & Gravel CoHoltALsand/gravelL&N
1965Rose Agate Granite Co.Kansas CityMOMonumentsKCT
1941Rose City Cotton Oil CoN Little RockARSoybean, cottonseed meal/oilRI
1950Rose Morton M CoOlive HillKYTextile pltC&O
1965Rose, Frank, Coal Co.SavannahMOCoalCGW
1941Rosebud Feed CoRosebudMOGrain/feed, coal, fertzRI
1947Rosenthal Paper CoSt LouisMOpaperManRy
1939Rosin Brokerage CoSt LouisMOsugarL&N
1950Ross Concrete & Mortar CoHuntingtonWVReadymix cement plt*C&O,B&O
1956Ross IndustriesBelle PlaineKSBarley, wheatMP
1990Ross IndustriesNewtonKSFlourAT&SF
1965Ross-Frazier Supply Co.St JosephMOIron-Heavy HardwareCB&Q
1990Rossville GrainRossvilleKSBarleyUP
1950Roth Rauh & Heckel IncS RipleyKYShoe factoryC&O
1941Round Porter CoShawneeOKSash/door/blind mfrRI
1940Rousset Bros Clay CoRosebudMOClayRI
1990Rowan CoHoustonTXStructural steelMP
1950Rowan Farmers Supp CoMoreheadKYFeed, fertz, groc*C&O,M&NF
1950Rown Cty Lbr CoChristyKYSawmillC&O
1976Roy O MartinAlexandriaLAPine chipsL&A
1941Royal Crown Bottling CoLittle RockARBottling worksRI
1950Royal Crown Bottling CoBeckleyWVBottling plt*C&O,Vgn
1950Royal Crown Bottling CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1950Royal Crown Bottling CoLoganWVBottling pltC&O
1939Royal Flour CoNashvilleTNflour millL&N
1950Royal Meat Products CoKansas CityMOmeat prodKCS
1965Royal Meat Products Co.Kansas CityMOMeat ProcessorsKCS
1961Royal Packing CoSt LouisMOMeat prodMP
1990Royal Seeds IncGarlandTXSeedsAT&SF
1966Royal Sparks Mining Co RoyalPrinceWVCoal, steamC&O
1950Royal Tire & Eqt CoS CharlestonWVImplt dlrC&O
1950Royalty Smokeless Coal CoSewellWVCoal, cokeC&O
1939Royster F S Guano CoMontgomeryALfertilizerL&N
1947Rozier-Ryan CoSt LouisMOroad machineryMP
1956RPM IncEllavilleGACoatingsCofG
1976RSM Co.BerryhillNCSynthetic Waste Material - BaledSou
1939Ruark R SMorganfieldKYlivestock dealerIC
1947Rubberoid CoProspect HillMOmfr roofingCB&Q
1965Ruberoid CoKansas CityMORoofing ManufacturersKCS
1990Rubicon ChemicalGeismarLAAnilineKCS
1950Ruddy Packing Plt (Natl Pkg Co) Armourdale Amer Dressed Beef & Prov CoKansas CityMOmeat prodvarious
1965Rudy-Patrick Seed Co.St JosephMOSeedCB&Q-UP
1965Rudy-Patrick Seed Co.Kansas CityMOSeeds field, lawnMP-StLSF-KCT*
1939Ruggles J M & SonsKnoxvilleTNmarble/granite/cut stone worksL&N
1939Ruhm Phosphate Chemical CoMt PleasantTNmfr phosphate rockL&N
1960Rulane Gas CoMarionNCLP gasCC&O
1950Rulane Gas Svc IncNewport NewsVAPropane gas dlrC&O
1939Rumsey R LSylacaugaALsawmillL&N
1950Rupert Block & Bldrs Supply CoRupertWVCement block plt*C&O,NYC
1966Rupert Smokeless Coal Co BellClearcoWVCoal, steamNF&G (C&O,NYC)
1947Ruprecht Arthur E Sand Matl & Coal CoCarondeletMOsand/bldg material/coalMP
1947Ruprecht Building Materials CoSt LouisMObldg materialsMP
1950Rural Farm SuppCovingtonVAFlour, feed, seedC&O
1976Ruralist Press Co.AtlantaGAPaperSou
1939Rush Milling CoSylacaugaALgrist/feed millL&N
1940Rush Springs Watermelon AssnRush SpringsOKWatermelonsRI
1940Rush Whsl Groc CoAlexandriaLAGroc, whslRI
1941Russell Brokerage CoWichitaKSsugar brokerRI
1970Russell H L Drykiln CoFordyceARLumberSSW
1939Russell-Heckle Seed CoMemphisTNseed dealerL&N
1941Ruston Compress Warehouse CoRustonLApublic warehouseRI
1941Ruston Hardware & Furniture CoRustonLAFarm implementsRI
1940Ruston Iron & Meatl CoRustonLAScrap metalRI
1978Ruston Oil MillRustonLAGrain, feed, farm suppRI
1978Ruston Oil MillRustonLAVeg oil, feedRI
1940Ruston Oil Mill & Fertz CoRustonLACottonseed oil, fertzRI
1940Ruston Whse & Compress CoRustonLACottonRI
1939Rutger Street Warehouse CoSt LouisMOpublic warehouseStLTrfRy/MP/TRRA
1941Ruth A H Lumber CoDoverOKCoalRI
1965Rutherford Food Corp.Kansas CityMOChili-TamalesKCS
1965Ryan Building Material & Coal Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding Materials-CoalMP
1940Ryan Cotton Oil Mill CoRyanOKCottonseed oilRI
1947Ryan Equipment CorpSt LouisMOroad machineryMP
1965Ryan G. W Distributing Co Inc.Kansas CityMOAppliancesKCT
1939Ryan T J IncSt LouisMOoil & gasolineMP
1947Ryerson Jos T & Son IncSt LouisMOSheet steel, stl bars, beamsCB&Q,StLTrfRy,WAB
1939Ryland Ice CoSamsonALmfr iceCofG
1966S & I Coal Corp CameoGarnerWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1939S & W Lumber CoAndalusiaALsawmill & planing millCofG
1950S Charleston Bldrs Supply CoSpring HillWVBldrs suppC&O
1939S Louisville Coal CoLouisvilleKYcoalL&N
1990S&S MetalsTulsaOKMetal prod whseSS
1939Sabel M & SonMontgomeryALhidesL&N
1939Sabel M & SonLouisvilleKYhidesL&N
1990Sabritas Sub PepsicoMexicaliMXTaco shellsSPdM
1975Sadler's DistilleryAftonVAAlcoholV&O*
1990Safety-KleenElizabethtonTNWaste oilET&WNC
1977SafewayEmporiaKSPet foodAT&SF
1969Safeway BakeriesKansas CityMOflour, sugar, saltSLSF,KCS
1950Safeway Packing CoEl PasoTXmeat prod*ATSF,SP,T&P
1950Safeway Steel Scaffolds CoRichmondVAScaffold mfr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1995Safeway StoresShermanTXTomato productsSP
1972Safeway StoresJoplinMOproduce, grocSLSF
1950Safeway Stores Co. WarehouseKansas CityMOCanned Soup, vegSLSF,KCS
1941Safeway Stores IncLittle RockARfruits/vegetables, sugar whslMP, RI
1972Safeway Stores, IncWichitaKSproduce, grocSLSF
1965Safway Rental & Sales Co.Kansas CityMOScaffoldingKCT
1990SAL ChemicalWeirtonWVChemsPRR
1939Salacoa Lumber CoFairmountGAplaning millL&N
1939Salant & SalantLawrenceburgTNshirt mfrL&N
1942Salem Fdy & Mach WorksSalemVAFdy, machyN&W
1942Salem Groc CoSalemVAGrocN&W
1939Salia E & CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1990Salina Valley Terminal WestSalinaKSBarley, wheatAT&SF
1941Sally Grocer CoBerniceLAGroceries, grain, feed, fertzRI
1965Salsbury's Dr LaboratoriesKansas CityMOFarm ChemicalsCB&Q
1950Salt Lick Milling CoSalt LickKYFlour, feedC&O
1956Salton IncMaconMOToasters, toaster ovensCB&Q
1950Sambol Packing CoKansas CityMOmeat prodKCT
1965Sambol Packing Co.Kansas CityMOPacking House ProductsKCT
1939Sammuels T W Distilling CoDeatsvilleKYdistilleryL&N
1939Samoset Cotton MillsTalladegaALcotton millL&N
1939Samuels & BlumNashvilleTNjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Sanders C SLewisburgTNmfr sash/doors/blinds, planing millNC&StL
1950Sandidge Coal & wood CoLynchburgVACoal & wood yd*C&O,N&W,Sou
1947Sandusky Cooperage & Lumber CoSt LouisMOcooperage/lumberMP
1950Sandusky Cooperage & Lumber Co.Kansas CityMOLumberKCT
1950Sandy Valley Groc CoPaintsvilleKYWhsl grocC&O
1950Sandy Valley Oil CoVirgieKYBulk gas & oilC&O
1941Sanford A PlantSanfordTXCarbon blackRI
1941Sanford B PlantSanfordTXCarbon blackRI
1939Sanford Day Iron WorksKnoxvilleTNmine cars & parts, fdyL&N
1939Sangravel CoLouisvilleKYsand/gravelL&N
1939Sanitary Bag and Burlap CoMemphisTNscrap paperL&N
1946Sanky Wanky Coffee CoRaymondaleLACoffeeDL*
1978Santiam Sou Div Willamette IndRustonLAPlywoodICG
1947Sapo Elixir Chemical CoSt LouisMOcleaning fluidsMP
1941Sassman Oil CoBlandMOPetroleum productsRI
1977Sauder IndEmporiaKSSandMKT
1950Saunders Contr CoHuntingtonWVCement block plt*C&O,B&O
1939Savage Lumber & Mfg CoLexingtonKYplaning millL&N
1978Savage Walter J Purina ChowsRustonLAFeed, ag limestoneRI
1965Sawyer Material Co.Kansas CityMOCoal-LumberKCPS
1947Saxony MillsSt LouisMOmfr flourMP
1950Sayers Whsl Groc CoRoyaltonKYWhsl groc, feedC&O
1940Sayre Whsl Groc CoSayreOKGroc, whslRI
1951SC Peach Growers AssnChesneeSCPeaches (Palmetto Queen)CC&O
1939Scalise BrosSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1947Schaeffer Bros & PowellSt LouisMOoilsMP
1939Schaeffer Produce CoSt LouisMOfruit/vegetablesL&N
1947Scharff-Koken Mfg CoCarondeletMOpaper boxesMP
1947Scharringhausen S CoSt LouisMOmarbleMP
1939Scheirich Mfg CoLouisvilleKYkitchen furnitureL&N
1965Schenley Distillers Inc.Kansas CityMOAlcoholKCS-MP
1950Schenley Prods CorpMaysvilleKYDistillery*C&O,L&N
1965Scherer Manufacturing Co Inc.Kansas CityMOTruck BodiesKCT
1939Schermerhorn Bros CoSt LouisMOcordageL&N
1965Schermerhorn Bros. Co Inc.Kansas CityMORope-TwineMILW
1965Schilling A & Co.Kansas CityMOFood ProductsUP
1965Schiltz Brewing Co Jos.Kansas CityMOBreweryKCS
1976Schindler Bro. SteelSealyTXScrap Carbon SteelMKT
1971Schlitz Jos Brewing CoMemphisTNbarley, hops, corn, cans, bottlesSLSF
1971Schlitz Jos Brewing CoMemphisTNbeerSLSF
1947Schluenberg Geo F Barrel & Drum CoSt LouisMOused barrelsManRy
1939Schlueter Mfg CoSt LouisMOmfr galvanized wire,tinwareL&N
1939Schmetzner & Petty Coal CoHopkinsvilleKYcoalL&N
1950Schneider's TrfrRichmondVAPool car distr*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1972Schnieder Bros Grain & FeedAugustaKSbagged animal feedSLSF
1972Schnieder Bros Grain & FeedAugustaKSfertilizer bulk, liquidSLSF
1976Scholet Furn CoRocky MountNCChairsACL
1939Schonlau Ben F Coal & Coke CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1956Schreiber Mills IncSt JosephMOBarley, corn, seed, soybean mealCB&Q
1956Schreiber Mills IncSt JosephMOSpent mashCB&Q
1956Schreiber Mills IncSt JosephMOFeedCB&Q
1965Schreiber Mills Inc.Kansas CityMOFeed WarehouseRI
1965Schroer Mfg. & Metal Stamping Co.Kansas CityMOMetal StampgsKCT
1941Schuler Fruit CoChickashaOKfruits/vegetablesRI
1941Schuler Fruit CoLawtonOKfruits/vegetablesRI
1941Schuler Fruit CoOklahoma CityOKfruits/vegetablesRI
1990Schull IntlCleburneTXGlassAT&SF
1947Schurk Iron WorksHowardMOsteel fabricatorMP
1969Schutte Lumber CoKansas CityMOlumber, plywood, gypsum bdSLSF
1947Schwartz Bros Feed CoSt LouisMOpoultry feeds & hayManRy
1947Scientific Tablet CoSt LouisMOmfr food productsIT
1952Scott Cty Coal CoStarnesVACoal, bituminousCC&O
1943Scott Cty Milling CoSikestonMOFlourSLSF
1950Scott Depot Glass CoScottWVLamp chimneys pltC&O
1976Scott Furn CoRocky MountNCChairs - Partial LoadACL
1990Scott LumberWeirtonWVLbrPRR
1950Scott M MRichmondVAProduce broker*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1990Scott PaperMobileALPulpwood, wood chipsTASD
1941Scott Paper Box CoLittle RockARPaper box mfrsRI
1976Scott Paper CoMobileALToilet Paper, paper prodTASD
1990Scott Paper CoMt VernonALPaper, tissueSLSF
1976Scott Paper CoSaralandALToilet Paper pkgsSou
1976Scott Paper CoTerminal JctALPrinting paperSou
1939Scott Paper CoAtlantaGAwhlse paperL&N
1941Scott Sash & Door CoLittle RockARSash/door/blind mfrRI
1950Scott T BBig IslandVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Scott-Greene CoBuchananVAAuto dlrC&O
1941Scott-Mayer Commercial CoHot SpringsARGroceriesMP
1941Scott-Mayer Commission CoLittle RockARGroceries, fruits, vegMP
1990Scoular BishopKansas CityMOBarleyKCS
1990Scoular ElevatorHeringtonKSWheatSSW
1990Scoular ElevatorSalinaKSBarley, wheatUP
1990Scoular Grain ElevKansas CityMOGrainKCT*
1939Scoville Oil CoE BernstadtKYpetroleum productsL&N
1941Scrivner & Harry Produce CoShawneeOKGroceriesRI
1941Scrivner & Stevens GroceryShawneeOKsugar whlse/dealerRI
1939Scudders-Gale Grocery CoSt LouisMOwhlse groceriesL&N
1947Scullin Steel CoBentonMOmfr steel and castingsMP
1947Scullin Steel CoCheltenhamMOmfr steel and castingsSLSF
1990Seaboard Allied MillingTopekaKSPet food, soybean meal, flourAT&SF
1965Seaboard Milling Co Rodney Milling DivKansas CityMOFlourSLSF
1950Seacoast Gas CoNewport NewsVAPropane gas dlrC&O
1976Seal Sweet Sales IncLake WalesFLJuice in Glass*ACL,SAL
1955Seal-Test DairyKansas CityMOMilkKCT
1965Sealright Co Inc.Kansas CityMOPaper-Paper CansUP
1965Sealy Mattress Co.Kansas CityMOMattressesMP
1956Seaman & Schuske Metal WorksSt JosephMORoofingCB&Q
1947Sears & Piou CoSt LouisMOglass & air conditioning equipmentMP
1947Sears Roebuck & CoSt LouisMOwarehouseMP
1971Sears Roebuck & CoGrayTNMdseCC&O
1939Sears Roebuck & CoMemphisTNmerchandiseL&N
1941Sears Roebuck & CoHot SpringsARelectrical machinery/suppliesRI
1970Sears Roebuck & CoAlexandriaLAMdseMP
1965Sears Roebuck & Co.Kansas CityMOMerchandiseAT&SF,CB&Q,KCT,UP
1950Sears Roebuck CoAshlandKYDept storeC&O
1950Sears Roebuck CoLexingtonKYWhse*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1990Sears Roebuck CoDallasTXFurnitureAT&SF
1990Sears Roebuck CoGarlandTXFurnitureMKT
1950Sears Roebuck CoCharlottesvilleVADept store*C&O,Sou
1950Seay Milling CoDillwynVAFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1941Security Elevator CoFordKSGrain/feedRI
1941Security Elevator CoForsytheKSPetroleum products, grain, feedRI
1941Security Elevator CoGreensburgKSGrain/feedRI
1941Security Elevator CoGuymonOKGrain/feedRI
1941Security Elevator CoHookerOKGrain/feedRI
1965Security Heater Co.Kansas CityMOStoves-FurnacesMP
1939Security Mills IncKnoxvilleTNfeed millL&N
1947Security Oil CoSt LouisMOheavy oils (industrial)WAB
1950Security Stg & Van CoNorfolkVAFurn whseN&W
1978Security Terminal WhseSpringfieldMOcheeseSLSF
1939Security Warehouse CoAtlantaGApublic warehouseL&N
1939Sefton Fibre Can CoMaplewoodMOmfr fibre cansMP/StLTrfRy
1939Sefton Fibre Can CoSt LouisMOmfr fibre cansL&N
1941Segelhorst BrosGeraldMOPetroleum productsRI
1950Sehon-Stevenson & CoHuntingtonWVWhsl grocC&O
1956Seiberling Rubber CoKansas CityMOTiresCB&Q
1939Seibert A J & CoLexingtonKYwhlse groceriesL&N
1941Seidel Julius Lumber CoSt LouisMOlumberMP
1947Seidel Oil CoSt LouisMOfuel oilMP
1950Seitz Packing CoSt JosephMOmeat prodCB&Q
1956Seitz Packing CoSt JosephMOAmmonia, cans, coal, fiberboardCB&Q
1956Seitz Packing CoSt JosephMOSalt, sawdust, soda ash, sugarCB&Q
1956Seitz Packing CoSt JosephMOSugarCB&Q
1956Seitz Packing CoSt JosephMOBone meal, cd meats, greaseCB&Q
1956Seitz Packing CoSt JosephMOHides, lard, meats, tallow, tankageCB&Q
1950Seldens DairyHamptonVADairyC&O
1950Seligman Chas Distr CoCovingtonKYBeer distrC&O
1939Selma Compress CoSelmaALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Selma Mfg CoSelmaALcotton sacksL&N
1939Selma Mfg Co of MontgomeryMontgomeryALcotton millL&N
1990Selma Oil MillSelmaALSeedsSou
1939Selma Stock YardsSelmaALlivestock (cattle/hogs)L&N
1950Semet Solvay CoAshlandKYCoke pltC&O
1947Semi-Steel Casting CoCarondeletMOcastingsMP
1939Semmes Coal & Ice CoPensacolaFLcoalL&N
1950Seneca GlassMorgantownWVGlassB&O
1940Serenaders Club Ginger Ale CoKansas CityMOBeveragesRI
1941Service CoForrest CityARPetroleum productsRI
1939Service Hardware CoSylacaugaALwhlse hardwareL&N
1956Service MerchandiseNashvilleTNCameras*L&N,NC&StL
1947Service Products CoSt LouisMOmfr food productsMBT
1976Service WholesaleCullodenWVpaper productsCO
1939Servoil IncMemphisTNpetroleum productsL&N
1956Sesco Engineering & Supply CoKansas CityMOTransmissionsCB&Q
1950Seven Island Packing CoFork UnionVACanning pltC&O
1950Seven-Up Bottling CoWaynesboroVABottling plt*C&O,N&W
1950Seven-Up Bottling CoBeckleyWVBottling plt*C&O,Vgn
1950Seven-Up Bottling CoHuntingtonWVBottling plt*C&O,B&O
1965Seven-Up Bottling Co. of KCKansas CityMOBeveragesCB&Q
1972Severy Coop AssnSeveryKSbulk fertilizerSLSF
1976Seward LuggagePetersburgVAtrunks,mty,not nstd*ACL,SAL
1939Seydell-Woolley CoAtlantaGAchemicalsL&N
1939Seydell-Woolley CoAtlantaGAchemicalsL&N
1950Seyler Lbr CoN CaldwellWVSawmillC&O
1940Seymour Cotton Oil CoSeymourTXCottonseed oilRI
1965Shamrad Boiler Co., Inc.St JosephMOBoilersRI
1990Shamrock FibresEl PasoTXFiberboardSP
1950Shamrock Food ProdsS CharlestonWVFood prod dlrC&O
1941Shamrock Oil & Gas CoSheerinTXRefinery/shipper/receiver petr prodsRI
1939Shamrock Oil & Gasoline CoSt LouisMOpetroleum productsL&N
1947Shanfeld Bros Metal CoSt LouisMOscrap materialMBT/StLTrfRy
1947Shapleigh Hardware CoSt LouisMOhardwareTRRA
1950Sharf Distr CoNewport NewsVABeer distrC&O
1965Sharp & Dohme Inc Div Merck & Co IncKansas CityMOPharmaceuticalsUP
1950Shaw H RCaliforniaKYCoal ydC&O
1947Shaw Marble & Tile CoSt LouisMObldg marbleMP
1940Shawnee Cotton Oil CoShawneeOKCottonseed oilRI
1965Shawnee Dairy Cattle Co.Kansas CityMODairy CattleKCC
1940Shawnee Milling CoShawneeOKFlourRI
1940Shawnee Produce CoShawneeOKGroc, whslRI
1950Shawver W F CoCharlestonWVRoofing, bldrs sup dlr*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Shearin CoAtlantaGAmfr cosmetics/toilet goodsL&N
1939Shearman Concrete Pipe CoMontgomeryALmfr sewer pipeL&N
1939Shearn Coal Co Hazel Creek MineBeltonKYcoal tons/dayL&N
1950Shedd Bartush Food Sales CoSpring HillWVFood prods dlrC&O
1939Sheffield Coal Co Long Coal & Wood YardSheffieldALcoalL&N
1939Sheffield Compress CoSheffieldALcotton compress/whseL&N
1939Sheffield Iron & Metal CoSheffieldALjunk scrap iron & metal dealerL&N
1939Sheffield Machine & Foundry CoSheffieldALfoundryL&N
1990Sheffield Steel CoSand SpringsOKSteel prod (minimill)SS
1965Sheffield Stl Co Div Armco Stl CorpKansas CityMOSteelAT&SF-KCS-KCT-MP-StLSF
1939Shefford Cheese CoNashvilleTNcreameryL&N
1978Shelby Wholesale Furn CoMemphisTNfurnitureSLSF
1950Sheldon Lbr CoToanaVASaw & planing millC&O
1990Shell ChemicalApple GroveWVPlastic pelletsB&O
1956Shell ChemicalPt PleasantWVPlastic pelletsB&O
1956Shell ChemicalDeer ParkTXFuel oil, plastic pellets, phenolSP
1956Shell ChemicalHoustonTXHexane, wax, petr napthaSP
1956Shell ChemicalHoustonTXPlastic pellets, ethylene glycol, oxideSP
1990Shell ChemicalGeismarLADetergents, ethylene glycol, oxideIC,KCS
1990Shell ChemicalGeismarLAFatty alcohol, plastic pelletsIC,KCS
1976Shell Chemical CoParkersburgWVRubber Synthetic CrudeB&O
1990Shell OilNorcoLALPGKCS
1990Shell Oil / TransammoniaDeer ParkTXMolten sulfurSP
1947Shell Oil CoSt LouisMObulk oil stationWAB
1939Shell Oil CoFranklinTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Shell Oil CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1939Shell Oil CoClantonALpetroleum productsL&N
1972Shell Oil CoPensacolaFLoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1939Shell Oil CoLouisvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1946Shell Oil CoGiniaLAPetr prodDL*
1990Shell Oil Co.NorcoLAAsphalt, coke, petr prodKCS
1941Shell Petroleum CoUnionMOPetroleum productsRI
1970Shellabarger MillingSalinaKSFlourUP
1950Shen. Valley Apple Cider & Vinegar CoWinchesterWVVinegarPRR
1950Shenandoah Hay & Grain CoWaynesboroVACoal yd*C&O,N&W
1950Shenandoah Valley Orchard CoTablersWVFruitsPRR
1976Shenandoah Valley PressStrasburgVApaperSou
1941Shepard & SonsHobartOKCoalRI
1956Sheridan-Clayton Paper CoSt JosephMOPaperCB&Q
1939Sherrill Oil CoGeorgianaALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sherrill Oil CoLoxleyALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sherrill Oil CoBonifayFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sherrill Oil CoCenturyFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sherrill Oil CoCrestviewFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sherrill Oil CoMariannaFLpetroleum productsM&B
1939Sherrill Terminal CoPensacolaFLpetroleum products (bulk storage)SLSF
1990Sherwin WilliamsGarlandTXPaintAT&SF
1939Sherwin-Williams CoNashvilleTNpaint/oil/varnishL&N
1965Sherwin-Williams Co.Kansas CityMOPaintKCT
1947Sherwood Refining CoSt LouisMOoilsSLSF
1950Shewey Supply CoBuena VistaVACoal yd*C&O,N&W
1941Shields Grain CoRyanOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1941Shields J E Grain CoMarlowOKGrain/feedRI
1947Shillington Box and Lumber CoSt LouisMOmfr wood boxesMP
1990ShintechLake CharlesLAChlorineKCS
1965Shipley Chas P Saddlery & Merc CoKansas CityMOSaddleryRI
1956Shippers' Car Line CorpKansas CityMORy car partsCB&Q
1939Shook & Fletcher Supply CoChampionALiron oreL&N
1939Shook & Fletcher Supply CoTaits GapALiron oreL&N
1965Shostak L Iron & Metal Co.Kansas CityMONon-Ferrous MetalsKCS
1976Shreveport Grain & Elevator CoShreveportLAFeed prep A&PL&A
1947Shrewsberry Material CoShrewsberryMObldg materialsSLSF
1950Shug Glenn Buick Sales & Svc incLexingtonKYAuto dlr*C&O,CNO&TP,L&N
1947Shultz Folding Box CoSt LouisMOpaper boxesManRy
1970Shumaker Naval Ammo DepotCamdenARMunitionsSSW
1941Shumpert A UChattanoogaOKCoalRI
1990Sid Richardson CarbonBig SpringTXCarbon blackAT&SF
1990Sid Richardson CarbonBorgerTXCarboon blackAT&SF
1990Sid Richardson CarbonAddisLACarbon blackMP
1950Sieck Claymore C CoRoxburyVAHolly wreathsC&O
1940Siegel Louis B Co IncLittle RockARScrap metalRI
1950Siegfried J W JrColumbiaVACanning pltC&O
1950Sieloff Packing CoSt LouisMOmeat prodvarious
1947Siemins R E Petroleum CorpMaplewoodMOoil & gasolineMP
1965Sifers Valomilk Confection Co.Kansas CityMOConfectioneryKCT
1990SignodeWeirtonWVStl strapping, eqtPRR
1978SignodeMemphisTNgrain doorsSLSF
1941Silbernagel & CoLittle RockARliquor whslRI
1947Silver Flash Oil CoSt LouisMOretail service stationRI
1965Silver King Oil & Gas Co.Kansas CityMOPetroleum ProductsSLSF
1939Silverhill Farmers AssnRobertsdaleALfertilizerL&N
1939Silverhill Farmers AssnRobertsdaleALpotatoes/cucumbers/corn/cane/oranges/truck vegetablesL&N
1950SimForest CityNCmeat prod*CC&O,SAL,Sou
1950SimMansfieldTXmeat prodSP
1976Simmesport Gin %American CompressAlexandriaLACotton, balesL&A
1976Simmesport Gin Co.SimmesportLACotton, balesL&A
1939Simmons BrosCottondaleFLsawmill & planing millA&StAB
1947Simmons CoSt LouisMOfurnitureWAB
1939Simmons CoMemphisTNbedsL&N
1965Simmons Co.Kansas CityMOMattressesUP
1941Simmons Grain CoSayreOKGrain/feed, coalRI
1939Simmons Hardware CoSt LouisMOwhlse hardwareL&N
1939Simmons W B & CoFlorenceALwhlse groceriesSOU
1965Simonds-Shields-Theis Grain Co.Kansas CityMOGrain ElevatorRI
1997Simplot J RColumbusMSBoraxBNSF
1947Simpson & Barker IncSt LouisMOliquorsSLSF
1990Simpson PaperHoustonTXPulpboard, woodpulpSP
1950Sinclair Glass CoKenovaWVGlass prods plt*C&O,B&O,N&W
1972Sinclair Oil CoHopeARoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoPensacolaFLoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1977Sinclair Oil CoEurekaKSPetr prodMP
1972Sinclair Oil CoSeveryKSoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoAuroraMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoClintonMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoCrockerMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoCubaMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoEllsworthMOoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1969Sinclair Oil CoKirkwoodMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoMonettMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1972Sinclair Oil CoRollaMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1990Sinclair Oil CoW TulsaOKPetr prodMV
1941Sinclair Prairie Oil CoPearsonOKrefinery/shipper/receiverRI
1941Sinclair Prairie Oil CoSeminoleOKPetroleum productsRI
1950Sinclair R G KHamptonVAFeed, flourC&O
1940Sinclair Ref CoFt WorthTXPetr prodRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoFreeburgMOPetroleum productsRI
1947Sinclair Refining CoSt LouisMOoil & gasolineStLTrfRy/MP
1941Sinclair Refining CoAlvaOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Sinclair Refining CoAnadarkoOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoCarnegieOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoChickashaOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoClintonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoDuncanOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoElk CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoEnidOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoHobartOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1941Sinclair Refining CoHoldenvilleOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1941Sinclair Refining CoHookerOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoKingfisherOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoLawtonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoMagnumOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoMelfordOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoOkeeneOKPetroleum productsATSF
1941Sinclair Refining CoSayreOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoShawneeOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoWatongaOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoWaurikaOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoWilburtonOKPetroleum productsRI
1939Sinclair Refining CoMaryvilleTNpetroleum productsSOU
1939Sinclair Refining CoNashvilleTNpetroleum productsL&N
1941Sinclair Refining CoBowieTXPetroleum productsFW&D
1941Sinclair Refining CoFort WorthTXRefinery/shipper petroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoJacksboroTXPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoSeymourTXPetroleum productsWV (FW&D)
1950Sinclair Refining CoIron GateVABulk gas & oilC&O
1939Sinclair Refining CoNortonVApetroleum productsL&N
1942Sinclair Refining CoSuffolkVAPetr prodVgn
1939Sinclair Refining CoAndalusiaALpetroleum productsCofG
1939Sinclair Refining CoBay MinetteALpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sinclair Refining CoGadsdenALpetroleum productsL&N
1941Sinclair Refining CoEldoradoARPetroleum productsRI
1972Sinclair Refining CoFayettevilleARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Sinclair Refining CoFt SmithARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1941Sinclair Refining CoHot SpringsARPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoLittle RockARPetroleum productsMP
1941Sinclair Refining CoNewportARPetroleum productsMP
1941Sinclair Refining CoStuttgartARPetroleum productsSSW
1939Sinclair Refining CoMariannaFLpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sinclair Refining CoPensacolaFLpetroleum products (bulk storage)SLSF
1941Sinclair Refining CoAbileneKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoAtchinsonKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoDodge CityKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoForsytheKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoGreensburgKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoHutchinsonKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Sinclair Refining CoPrattKSPetroleum productsRI
1939Sinclair Refining CoGlasgowKYpetroleum productsL&N
1939Sinclair Refining CoLouisvilleKYpetroleum productsL&N
1941Sinclair Refining CoRustonLAPetroleum productsRI
1947Sinclair Refining CoCarondeletMOoil & gasolineMP
1956Sinclair Refining Co.ElsberryMOPetroleum productsCB&Q
1990Singer FurnitureBryson CityNCFurnitureSou
1940Singer Iron & Metal Co SaulChickashaOKScrap metalRI
1947Sinn Coal CoSignal HillMOretail coalStL&BE
1965Sisalkraft Co.Kansas CityMOBuilding PaperCB&Q
1950Sisk A W & SonsMineralVACanning pltC&O
1939Sistrunk W T & CoLexingtonKYsugarL&N
1947Site Oil CoArloeMOretail oil & gasolineSLSF
1965Sitka Spruce Lumber Mfg. Co.Kansas CityMOLumberSLSF
1976SJH Enterprises IncCharlestnSCWd Plp BalsSou
1972Skelgas CoRosatiMOliquified petroleumSLSF
1972Skelly OilCarthageMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Skelly Oil CoFayettevilleARoil, diesel, kerosene, gasolineSLSF
1972Skelly Oil CoAltamontKSoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1941Skelly Oil CoPeabodyKSPetroleum productsATSF
1972Skelly Oil CoWichitaKSoil, gasoline, diesel, keroseneSLSF
1941Skelly Oil CoEldonMOPetroleum productsRI
1972Skelly Oil CoJoplinMOoil, kerosene, gasoline, dieselSLSF
1972Skelly Oil CoMonettMOoil, diesel, gasoline, keroseneSLSF
1972Skelly Oil CoOzarkMOoil, gasoline, kerosene, dieselSLSF
1941Skelly Oil CoClintonOKPetroleum productsRI
1941Skelly Oil CoLawtonOKPetroleum productsSLSF
1941Skelly Oil CoOklahoma CityOKPetroleum productsRI
1965Skelly Oil Co.LeavenworthKSBulk Oil StationMP
1966Slab Fork Coal Co Slab Fork 2PembertoonWVCoal, steamC&O,N&W
1955Slater ElevatorSlaterMOAnhydrous ammonia, feed, fertz, seedGM&O
1955Slater ElevatorSlaterMOBarley, corn, milo, soybeans, wheatGM&O
1955Slater Mill & ElevatorSlaterMOCoalGM&O
1950Sliger Thos WHuntingtonWVSawmillC&O
1947Sligo Iron Stores CoSt LouisMOiron & steel articlesMKT
1939Sloan J A CoColumbiaTNwhlse groceriesL&N
1976Sloan Paper CoW BirminghamALPaper prtg rollsSLSF
1947Sloan Stores IncSt LouisMOretail hardwareMP
1939Sloan W JSt LouisMOthread mfr/dealerL&N
1939Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron CoBirminghamALpig iron, coke, solvent napthaL&N
1939Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron CoBirminghamALsulphate of ammonia, tar, benzolL&N
1939Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron CoN BirminghamALchemicalsL&N
1939Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron CoSlossALiron oreL&N
1956Small W J CoSmallMOFeedCB&Q
1941Small W J Hay & Grain CoShawneeOKGrain/feedRI
1972Smallwood LP Gas CoJoplinMOliquified petroleum gasSLSF
1939Smelter StoreCopperhillTNgrain/feed dealer, fertzL&N
1947Smith & Brennan Pile CoSt LouisMOconcrete pilingStLTrfRy
1939Smith & Clarke Co IncOwensboroKYfruit/vegetablesL&N
1947Smith & Davis Mfg CoSt LouisMObeds & springsMP/SLSF
1939Smith & Looney Supply CoSylacaugaALfertilizerL&N
1947Smith & Scharff Paper CoSt LouisMOpaper productsWAB
1950Smith A GMaidensVAPulpwood shipperC&O
1950Smith Bowman DistillerySunriseVALiquor (bourbon)W&OD
1939Smith Bros Coal & Mining CoSt LouisMOcoalL&N
1939Smith Coal CoSheffieldALcoalL&N
1976Smith Geo Whse CoKansas CityMOGrass seedsKCS
1939Smith Hugh F Brokerage CoNashvilleTNfruit/vegetablesL&N
1950Smith Meat PackingBlackeyKYmeat prodL&N
1950Smith Moore Body CoRichmondVATruck body plt*C&O,ACL,RF&P,SAL,Sou
1990Smith Oil Co KeithHot SpringsARPetr prodsMP
1950Smith Packing IncNashvilleTNmeat prodL&N
1970Smith Rice MillDeWittARRiceSSW
1950Smith W L & CoCharlestonWVDry goods, notions*C&O,B&O,NYC
1939Smith W T Lumber CoChapmanALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Smith W T Lumber CoGreenvilleALsawmill & planing millL&N
1939Smith W T Lumber CoLindenALsawmill & planing millL&N/SLSF
1972Smith's BakeryMobileALflourSLSF
1939Smith's Bonded WarehouseSylacaugaALcotton compress/whseL&N/CofG
1966Snap Creek Coal Co Snap Creek 6Rum JctWVCoal, metallurgicalC&O
1950Snap-Up Gas Cap CoAshlandKYAuto accessories pltC&O
1950Snead Buick CoClifton ForgeVAAuto dlrC&O
1956Snooks Cooperage CoSt JosephMOBarrelsCB&Q
1939Snyder Dairy ProductsMiddlesboroKYcreameryL&N/SOU
1950So St CoopMaysvilleKYFlour, feed, seed, hay*C&O,L&N
1972Socony Mobil Oil CoAugustaKScaustic liquid potash, acid, clay bagsSLSF
1972Socony Mobil Oil CoAugustaKSaluminum sulfateSLSF
1972Socony Mobil Oil CoAugustaKSbagged lime, soda ash, acidSLSF
1972Socony Mobil Oil CoAugustaKSsilica gel catalyst, copper sulphateSLSF
1972Socony Mobil Oil CoAugustaKSasphalt bulk, drums, cartonsSLSF
1972Socony Mobil Oil CoAugustaKSNaptha, liq petroleum. acid sludgeSLSF
1941Socony Vacuum Oil CoEnterpriseKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Socony Vacuum Oil CoGreensburgKSPetroleum productsRI
1941Socony Vacuum Oil CoInmanKSPetroleum productsRI
1947Socony-Vacuum Oil Co Inc (Lubrite Division)St LouisMOgasoline & oil storageMP
1956SohioW Lake CharlesLACoke*KCS,SP
1950Soicuzzi Fruit CoNorfolkVAProduce dlr*C&O,ACL,N&W,NS,PRR,SAL,Sou,Vgn
1990Soltex PolymersDeer ParkTXPlastic pelletsSP
1990Solvay InteroxDeer ParkTXHydrogen peroxideSP
1990Sonoc roducts CoJacksonvilleFLContainers/food, consumer prood*ACL,SAL,FEC
1976Sonoco Products CoHartsvilleSCPulp Board, fiberboard, paper tubes*ACL,SAL
1970Sou Compress & Whse CoCamdenARCotton bales (in/out)SSW
1950Sou St Coop IncMarlintonWVFlour, feed, seed, hayC&O
1976South Central BellPinevilleLAempty metal reelsL&A
1990South Coast SugarRacelandLASugarSP
1947South Side Wall Paper CoSt LouisMOwall paper & paintManRy
1990Southeast Coal CoCallaKYCoalL&N
1956Southeast DistributorsJacksonvilleFLCanned fish*ACL,SAL
1939Southeastern Casket CoSylacaugaALcasketsL&N
1990Southeastern ClayN AikenSCKaolinSou