OPSIG Industry Database Search: SOUTH Region

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Fill in any or all of the criteria and press Enter or click Search button. Use 2-letter abbreviations for state and providence names and Road initials for railroad names (e.g. MP for Missouri Pacific, SLSF for St. Louis-San Francisco.)

  • Much of the data in these files is not very clean.  By that we mean that a large number of abbreviations have been used and there is little consistency in how data was entered.  When searching for commodity like lumber for example, also try “lbr”.   Also try  “merch” and “mdse” for merchandise, “frt” for freight, “stl” for steel, etc.  Some city names may not contain proper punctuation.  For example we found St. Louis entered as “St Louis” with no period after “St”.
  • If your search comes up empty or with few results, try leaving one or more columns of search criteria blank.
  • Search criteria is not case-sensitive.  It does not matter if you enter “Gasoline” or “gasoline” or “GASOLINE” to search for gasoline for example.
  • To view all records in any region, leave all the search boxes blank and click the Search button.
  • With a little patience we think you will still find these files to be an excellent resource despite some minor limitations mentioned above.


[abase form=”1,search” table=”south” columns=”Commodity=%Commodity%,Town,State,RR=%RR%$Search”  elements=”Commodity,Town,State,RR”]
[abase table=”south” columns=”Era,Industry,Town,State,Commodity,RR”  where ‘Commodity,Town,State,RR’=”AND ‘status’=’1′” echo=”0″ ack=”green” ORDER=”Industry”]

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