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  • For Canada, Provinces are listed as States


76Abex Industries LtdJoliettePQFerro ManganeseCP
76ABEX Industries LtdJoliettePQFoundry SandCP
1971Abitibi PaperSudburyONNewsprintCP
1971Abitibi Paper SalesSault Ste MarieONPaperCP
90Abitibi PricePine FallsMBPaperCN
76Abitibi Price Sales CorpIroquois FallsONStd Newsprint Paper, 72 rollsONT
76Abitibi Price Sales CorpChandlerPQNewsprintCN
61Abitibi SalesSte Anne de BeauprePQPaperCN
90Abitibi-Consolidated PaperAlmaPQNewsprintAlma&Jonquieres(CN)
76Abitibi-Price Sales CorpJonquierePQPaper newsprintCN
76Acadia Forest ProductsS NelsonNBWoodpulpCN
62Ackland Hardwoods & SpecialitiesWinnipegMBlumber CP
62Acme Chrome FurnitureWinnipegMBsteel/furnitureMidland
62Acme Fast FreightVancouverBCfreight forwarderGN
62Acme Sash & DoorWinnipegMBlumber CN
62Acme Shingle Co LtdVancouverBCshingle mfrsV&LI
62Acme Steel Co LtdVancouverBCsteel GN/CN
50Acme Wood Prods CoWalkervilleONWood prods plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Active Trading Co LtdVancouverBCscrap GN
56ADMWindsorONVegetable oil,ag prod, canola oilWab,EssexTerl
90Advanced Environmental ServicesWindsorONMdse for packagingEssexTerl
90AFA Forest ProdWindsorONLbr for transloadingEssexTerl
90AFG Glass CoScarboroughONGlassware, prodsCP
90Alberta & Orient GlycolPrentissABEthylene glycol, polyethyleneCP
90Alberta BiocleanFort SaskatchewanABEthyl butyl ether, isobutyleneCN
90Alberta EnvirofuelsEdmontonABMethyl-tertiary-butyl etherCP
90Alberta SugarTaberABSugarCP
62Alberta Western Wholesale LumberVancouverBClumber GN/CN
62Alberta Western Wholesale LumberWinnipegMBlumber CP
62Alberta Wheat PoolVancouverBCgrain elevator CP
90Albright & Wilson CoBuckinghamPQSodium chlorateCP
90Alcan Aluminum Ltd.KitimatBCAluminum ingotsCN
76Alcan LtdArvida PQAnthracite CoalRS
76ALCOA CanadaArvidaPQAluminum IngotsRS
62Alcock Downing & Wright LtdVancouverBCplumbing suppliesCP
50Algoma Steel WorksSault Ste MarieONSteel beams, plate, rods, sheetAC,Soo
1971Algoma StlSault Ste MarieONGravel, brickSOO,CP
1971Algoma Stl CorpSudburyONStl ingotsCP
58Allandale Lumber & FuelAllandaleONPetr prodCN
53Alliance Paper Mills LtdGeorgetownONPaperCN
62Allis Chalmers CoWinnipegMBtractorsCP
62Alsip Brick & Tile CoWinnipegMBbrick & clayCP
76Aluminum Co of CanadaArvidaPQBrick, Fire ClayRS
76Aluminum Co of CanadaShawiniganPQaluminum ingotsCN
62Aluminum Co of Canada LtdVancouverBCaluminum mfrCN
62American Can CoVancouverBCtinplate/tin cansCP
62American Traders Co LtdVancouverBCscrap metalsGN
90Amoco Canada PetroleumBretonABLPGCP
56Amoco Canada PetroleumTaylorBCLPGPGE
90Amoco Canada PetroleumSarniaONLPGCN
90Amoco Fabrics & FibersBrantfordONFabric, textiles, yarnCN
90Amoco Fabrics & FibersHawkesburyONFabric, textiles, yarnCN
62Anderson Bros Lumber Co LtdVancouverBClumber mfrsV&LI
55Anderson Flax MillLucknowONFlax, oatsCN
62Anthes Imperial LtdWinnipegMBplumbing mfrsCP
62Archibald F CoWinnipegMBmerchandise brokersCP/CN
62Arlington Lumber & Fuel CoWinnipegMBlumber CP
62Armco Drainage & Metal CoVancouverBCpipe V&LI
62Armco Drainage & Metal CoWinnipegMBsteel productsCP
62Armstrong Commission CoWinnipegMBcattle CP/CN
62Armstrong Cork Canada LtdVancouverBClinoleumCP
1953Army Central Mechl DeptHagersvilleONmil eqtCN
62Arrow Transfer Co LtdVancouverBCfreight forwarderV&LI
62Ashdown Hardware CoWinnipegMBhardware CN
62Ashdowns LtdVancouverBChardware GN/CN
62Associated Foundry LtdVancouverBCfoundryBCE
50Atkinson I LloydSheddenONCoal yd*C&O,NYC
50Atkinson J HLeamingtonONFlour, feed*C&O,NYC
1971Atlanta Mussens EqtFrederictonNBRoad grading implts, machyCP
62Atlas Iron & Metals CoVancouverBCscrap GN
62Atlas Steels LtdVancouverBCsteel CN
58Aurora Flour & Feed MillAuroraONFlour, feedCN
1953Auto SpecialtiesWindsorONAuto partsCN
90AvenorThunder BayONNewsprintCN
94AvenorThunder BayONNewsprintCN
62Aylmer Products LtdVancouverBCcanned goodsV&LI
62B C Brokerage CoVancouverBCiron/steelV&LI
62B C Equipment Co LtdVancouverBCmachinery/tractorsGN/V&LI
62B C Forwarding Co LtdVancouverBCpool car operatorsGN
62B C Ice & Cold Storage LtdVancouverBCcold storage/fish shippersCP
62B C Packers LtdVancouverBCfish productsGN
62B C Sugar Refining Co LtdVancouverBCsugar refineryCP
62B C Tractor & Equipment LtdVancouverBCmachinery/tractorsV&LI
62B C Wire Rope & Supply CoVancouverBCwire rope/logging suppliesBCE
62Babcock Fisheries LtdVancouverBCfish packersCP
62Bain Donald H LtdVancouverBCfood brokersCP/V&LI/CN
62Balfour Guthrie Co (Canada) LtdVancouverBCimport & exportGN
62Bapco PaintVancouverBCpaint CP
62Barber-Ellis of Vancouver LtdVancouverBCwhlse paperCP
76Baron Rubber LtdSt Jerome PQClayCN
62Barrett & Co LtdWinnipegMBroofingCN
58Barrie Fuel & SupplyBarrieONCoalCN
58Barrie TanningBarrieONHidesCN
76BASF CanadaSt Vincent De PaulPQOctyl AlcoholCP
50Bates P D & CoRidgetownONSteel prods plt*C&O,NYC
62Bay Lumber Co LtdVancouverBClumber mfrsCP
85-01Baymag Mines Company Ltd.Mt. BrussilofBCMagnesiteCP
74BC Forest prodsKennedyBCLumberPGE
90Beachville LimeBeachvilleONLimeCP
44Beatty Bros FdyFergusONStoves, dryers, ranges, space htrs, appl, partsCN,CP
44Beatty Bros FdyFergusONStl, castings, lbr, coalCN,CP
62Beatty LaminatedVancouverBCwood productsCN
50Beaver Lbr CoMerlinONLbr ydC&O
50Beaver Lbr CoRodneyONLbr yd*C&O,NYC
55Beaver Lumber CoWinghamONLumberCN
62Beaver Soap CoWinnipegMBsoapCP
62Belkin Paper Box LtdVancouverBCpaper box mfgV&LI
76Bell Asbestos Mines LtdThetford MinesPQAsbestos Fibre,1080 bagsQC
62Bell Refrigerators CoWinnipegMBinsulation CN
76Ben Mandelcorn IncMontrealPQSynthetic wasteCP
50Bendig BrosLeamingtonONCement dlr*C&O,NYC
50Benn Iron FdyWallaceburgONFdyC&O
50Bennett Glass CoWalkervilleONGlass prods plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Bercov & Allen LtdVancouverBClaundry suppliesCP
50Berry Bros IncWalkervilleONPaint plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Bestovall Canning CoVancouverBCfruit/vegetable canneryCN
62Bestwood Cedar Shingle Co LtdVancouverBCshingle mfrsYorke
62Biltwell FurnitureVancouverBCfurniture GN
62Bingham Equipment CoVancouverBCmachinery/trucksV&LI
62Bissinger & CoVancouverBChides V&LI
62Blackwell Brokerage CoVancouverBCcanned goodsCP
62Blue Ribbon LtdWinnipegMBgroceriesCN
76Blythe-Green JourdainMontrealPQShelled No. 1 select runner peanutsCP
50Bogden & Gross Furn FactoryWalkertonONFurnCN
62Boland BrosWinnipegMBtanks etcCN
62Bole FoodsWinnipegMBpoultry suppliesCN
62Bonar & Bemis LtdVancouverBCbag mfrsGN
62Bonar Bemis LtdWinnipegMBbagsCP
62Booth Fisheries CorpWinnipegMBfishCP
90Borden ChemicalEdmontonABFormaldehyde, resinsCP
62Borden CoWinnipegMBegg powderCP
62Borden Co LtdVancouverBCdairy products CP
50Border Cities Wire & Iron LtdWalkervilleONWire distr*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
90Border Reload IncWindsorONLbr for transloadingEssexTerl
62Borgerson H A LtdVancouverBChardware & grocery whlseCP
50Borrowman DanMerlinONFeed & grain dlrC&O
62Bottled Gas LtdVancouverBCLPGBCE
90Bowater Mersey PaperLiverpoolNSNewsprintCN
62Bowes CoWinnipegMBglucoseCN/CP
90BP Canada Energy CoWindsorONPropane, butaneEssexTerl
50-01BPB WestrocInvermereBCGypsumCP
62Brade Storage & Distributing CoVancouverBCdist. pool carCP
46Bradford Co-op Stge LtdBradfordONParsnips, cauliflower, beets, radishesCN
58Bradford Fertz & ChemAuroraONChemCN
62Braid Builders SuppliesWinnipegMBbldg suppliesCN
62Brandham & HendersonVancouverBCpaint mfrV&LI
50Bressett Lbr CoDresdenONLbr ydC&O
62Brett Young CoWinnipegMBseed CN
62Bridge Tank (Western) LtdWinnipegMBsteel CP
62British American Chemical Co LtdVancouverBCchemicalsGN
62British American Oil Co LtdVancouverBCoil & petroleum distrsCP
62British American Oil Co LtdWinnipegMBpetroleum productsCP
62British Reinforcing CoVancouverBCsteel GN/CN
62British Ropes Canadian FactoryVancouverBCwire rope mfrGN/CN
58British-American Oil CoBarrieONPetr prodCN
55British-American Oil CoHanoverONPetr prodCN
55British-American OIl CoWiartonONPetr prodCN
55British-American Oil CoWinghamONPetr prodCN
76Brockville Chemicals LtdMaitlandONClay 50# paper bagsCN
50Brook Wollen MillSimcoeONwool, textilesLE&N
62Brown & RutherfordWinnipegMBlumber CP
58Brown's Feed MillBarrieONFeedCN
1953Brunner MondAmhertsburgONSoda ash, sodium carbonateCN
76Brunswick Mining and SmeltBrunswick MinesNBLiquid Mining ReagentCN
62Buckerfields LtdVancouverBCmilling/grain productsCP
95Buckeye PacificExeterBCParticle board, wood prodBCOL
62Builders Mutual SupplyWinnipegMBbrickCN
1962Building Prods LtdPont RougePQI&S Castings roughCP
62Building Products & Coal CoWinnipegMBbrick etcCN
62Building Products CoWinnipegMBpaper/stoneCP
55Bumstead Grist MillWinghamONGrainCN
62Burgess Battery CoVancouverBCbatteriesV&LI
62Burgess Battery CoWinnipegMBbatteriesCP
62Burns CoWinnipegMBpacking house productsCP
1950Burns LtdVancouverBCmeat prod*BCH,CN,CP,GN
50Butcher Engrg Ent LtdWalkervilleONAuto accessories plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
58Cadillac Lumber CoMapleONLumberCN
1953Calvert DistilleriesAmhertsburgONWhiskeyCN
1989CAMIIngersollONautos Chev Tracker, Suzuki VitaraCN,CP
50Canada & Dominion Sugar CoWallaceburgONSugar refineryC&O
48Canada Bread CoOwen SoundONBakery suppCN,CP
50Canada Bread CoWalkervilleONBakery*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Canada Car CoVancouverBCmachinists & steel fabricatorsCN
62Canada Cement CoWinnipegMBcement CP/CN
90Canada Cement La FargeFort WhyteMBCementCP
90Canada Cement La FargeSteep RockMBCementCN
76Canada Cement Lafarge LtdCelsonPQCalcium Aluminate CementNJ
76Canada Cement Lafarge LtdDelsonPQCalcium Aluminate CementNJ
76Canada Cement Lafarge LtdDelsonPQCementNJ
76Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.MarelanPQCalcium Aluminate CementCP
44Canada Cereal & Milling CoFergusONGraham flour, oatmeal, oat hullsCN
62Canada Chain & Forge CoVancouverBCchain mfrsV&LI
76Canada Colors & Chem c/o Brique Citadelle LtdMontmorencyPQManganese Ore - ground - baggedCN
76Canada Colors & Chem c/o Trinity Brick Prod LtdClarenvilleNFManganese Ore - ground - baggedCN
62Canada Creosoting Co LtdWinnipegMBcreosoting plantCP/CN
1953Canada Iron FdysSt ThomasONCast iron pipeCN
62Canada Iron FoundriesWinnipegMBiron & steel CP
62Canada Malting CoWinnipegMBcoal/maltCP
62Canada Metal CoWinnipegMBsheet metal CP
76Canada Packer LtdNotre Dame JctNFJuice in Glass 101CNR
50Canada PackersWalkertonONTurnipsCN
55Canada Packers cold storageHarristonONPoultry dressed, frz, eggsCN
62Canada Packers LtdVancouverBCpacking house productsCN
62Canada Packers LtdWinnipegMBpacking house productsCN/CP
62Canada Pad & Filler CoWinnipegMBlintersCP
62Canada Paint CoWinnipegMBpaint CP
62Canada Rice Mills LtdVancouverBCriceCN
90Canada StarchCardinalONStarchCN
62Canada Starch Sales LtdVancouverBCstarch BCE
50Canada Wood ProdsRodneyONBasket factory*C&O,NYC
62Canadian Allis ChalmersWinnipegMBmachineryCP
90Canadian American FoodsHarrowbyMBSoybean meal, food prodCP
90Canadian American FoodsNipawinSKSoybean mealCP
62Canadian Automobile EquipmentWinnipegMBauto supplies CN
50Canadian Automotive Trim LtdWalkervilleONAuto accessories plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Canadian B C Telephone SupplyVancouverBCelectrical suppliesV&LI
62Canadian Banana CoWinnipegMBbananasMidland
50Canadian Canners LtdRidgetownONCanning plt*C&O,NYC
1971Canadian CeeluloseWestleryBCLumberCP
62Canadian Co-op ImplementsWinnipegMBlumber & steelCP
62Canadian Coal SalesWinnipegMBcoal CN
76Canadian Electrolytic ZincVallefieldPQZinc Ingots, 41CNR
62Canadian Fairbanks MorseWinnipegMBmachineryCP
62Canadian Fairbanks-Morse CoVancouverBCmachinery/hardwareCP
62Canadian Fish ProducersWinnipegMBfishCP
62Canadian Fishing Co LtdVancouverBCfish packersCP
62Canadian Forest Products LtdVancouverBClumber mfrsV&LI
62Canadian Forest Products Ltd (Eborne Div)VancouverBClumber mfrsV&LI
62Canadian Forest Products Ltd (Shingle Div)VancouverBCshingle mfrsV&LI
58Canadian GEBarrieONCoal, steel, elec suppliesCN
58Canadian GEBarrieONElec eqtCN
76Canadian General ElectricMontrealPQCooling boxes or RefirigeratorsCN
62Canadian General Electric CoVancouverBCelectric materials whlseGN/CN
62Canadian General Electric CoWinnipegMBelectrical suppliesCP/CN
76Canadian Gypsum Co LtdHillsboroughNBRolls Pulp board noibn not corr or ind fibrCNR
90Canadian Gypsum div USGHagersvilleONGypsum, wallboardCN
50Canadian Ind LtdChathamONFertz pltC&O
76Canadian Ind Ltd c/o St Lawrence StevQuebec CityPQSodium Nitrate Oxidizer, bulkCNE
62Canadian Industries LtdVancouverBCchemicals/explosivesCN
62Canadian Industries LtdWinnipegMBchemicalsCP
76Canadian Industries LtdMatagamiPQNitrate SodaCN
76Canadian Industries, Ltd.BeloeilPQPhospate RockCN
76Canadian International PaperVaudreuilPQPulpboardCP
76Canadian Intl Paper CoLa TuquePQClay in Paper BagsCN
76Canadian Johns Manville Asbestos LtdDanvillePQpallets - used & rubber inflatable dge -usedCN
76Canadian Johns-ManvilleDanvillePQAsbestos shortsCN
62Canadian Johns-Manville CoWinnipegMBbldg suppliesCN
55Canadian Kenworth LtdBurnabyBCTrucksCN
50Canadian Motor Lamp CoWalkervilleONAuto accessories plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Canadian National Carbon CoVancouverBCbatteriesCP
90Canadian Occidental ChemicalsN VancouverBCSodium hydroxide, chlorine, LPGCP
90Canadian Occidental ChemicalsAmhertsburgONSodium hydroxide, chlorineNYC
62Canadian Pittsburgh IndustriesVancouverBCglassCN
62Canadian Pittsburgh IndustriesWinnipegMBglassCP
58Canadian PorcelainHamiltonONceramic prodsTH&B
76Canadian Refractories Dresser DivGranvillePQMagnesite firebricks and anchorsCP
90Canadian Rock SaltWindsorONSalt mineEssexTerl
62Canadian S M Rogers CoWinnipegMBsheet metal CP
62Canadian Schenley LtdVancouverBCdistillers CN
50Canadian Sirocco CoWalkervilleONBlower plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
35Canadian Soyabeans LtdMiltonONSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP
62Canadian Steel Strapping CoVancouverBCsteel strappingCN
76Canadian VickersMontrealPQsteel plateCP
62Canadian Western Box CoWinnipegMBlumber CN
1950Canadian Western Lumber Co LtdFraser MillsBCWood ShinglesCN
62Canadian Westinghouse CoVancouverBCelectrical suppliesCP
62Canadian Westinghouse CoWinnipegMBelectrical suppliesCN/CP
62Canadian Wire & CableVancouverBCwire CP
62Canadian Wood Pipe & TanksVancouverBCwood pipeCP
90CanCarbMedicine HatABCarbon blackCP
62Capital Coal CoWinnipegMBcoal CN
1971Carey CanadianE BroughtonPQWooden palletsQC
90Cargill (Export Elevator)Thunder BayONGrainCN
62Carling Breweries (BC) LtdVancouverBCbreweryV&LI
90Carpenter ChemicalMalportONGlycolCP
62Carter J BWinnipegMBlampblackCN
62Case J I CoWinnipegMBfarm implementsCN
62Cassidy's Buscombe's LtdVancouverBCglassware/crockeryCP
1953Cdn BridgeWindsorONSteelCN
50Cdn Canners LtdDresdenONCanning pltC&O
50Cdn Canners LtdHighgateONCanning pltC&O
50Cdn Canners LtdKingsvilleONCanning pltC&O
50Cdn Canners LtdW LorneONCanning plt*C&O,NYC
1953Cdn CarborundumNiagara FallsONAbrasivesCN
1953Cdn Cellucotton ProdNiagara FallsONCottonCN
1953Cdn Crushed StoneHagersvilleONLimestoneCN
1953Cdn CyanamidNiagara FallsONChemCN
1953Cdn Ind LtdWindsorONChemCN
76Cdn Johns Manville Asbestos LtdAsbestosPQWooden PalletsCN
50Cdn Oil CosLeamingtonONBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
1953Cdn Shredded WheatNiagara FallsONCerealCN
80Cdn Veg Oil Prods Div Cda PackersHamiltonONSoybean oil, meal*CP,TH&B
90Celanese CanadaClover ValleyABFormaldehyde, methyl alcoholCP
90Celanese CanadaMillhavenONPlastic pelletsCP
76Celanese Canada Ltd.DrummondvillePQWoodpulp not grnd or powdCP
62Central Grain CoWinnipegMBfeed CP
62Century Sales LtdVancouverBCfurnacesGN
90Certainteed CanadaCalgaryABFiberglassCN
90Certainteed CanadaBramptonONFiberglassCN
90Certainteed CanadaBurlingtonONFiberglassCP
56Certainteed CanadaMidlandONFiberglass*CN,CP
56Certainteed CanadaMississaugaONFiberglassCP
56Certainteed CanadaWestonONFiberglass*CN,CP
56Certainteed CanadaMontrealPQFiberglass*CN,CP
56Certainteed CanadaSte ApollinairePQFiberglassCN
56Certainteed CanadaSte CatharinesPQFiberglassCN
1971CF IndNorcoSKPotashCN,CP
56Champion Road EquipmentGoderichONConstruction equip.*CN,CP
55Chas Wyld Feed MillRipleyONFeedCN
50Chatham Erecting CoChathamONStruct stlC&O
50Chatham Water WorksChathamONPumping staC&O
76Chemical Refineries LtdNapervillePQParadichlorobenzolNJ
90ChemproxBecancourPQHydrogen peroxideCN
55Chesley Chair CoChesleyONFurn, chairsCN
62Chess BrosVancouverBCwhlse fruit & vegetablesGN
90Chevron CanadaEdmontonABMethyl-tertiary-butyl etherCP
90Chevron CanadaBurnabyBCAsphalt, av gas, diesel, gasoline, lube, waxCN
55Chick Fuel & SupplyPalmerstonONCoal, lumberCN
62Chick Lumber & FuelWinnipegMBcoal/lumberCP
62Chipman Chemical CoWinnipegMBchemicalsCP
62Christie-Brown & Co LtdVancouverBCbakery productsCN
62Christie-Brown & Co LtdWinnipegMBmolassesCP
80Chrysler BramaleaBramptonONautos Chrysler Concorde, 300M, Dodge Intrepid, MagnumCN
56Chrysler BramaleaBramptonONSteelCN
62Chrysler Corp of Canada LtdVancouverBCparts divisionV&LI
50Chrysler Corp of Canada LtdWalkervilleONAuto plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Chrysler Corp of Cda LtdChathamONAuto parts pltC&O
56Chrysler Ebticoke Casting PlantTorontoONAluminum foundry*CN,CP
90Chrysler Pilette PlantWindsorONAutos (Ram Van Wagons)*CN,CP,NYC,C&O,Wab
56Chrysler Windsor Assy PlantWindsorONautos Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, PacificaEssex Terl
62Chyzyk CoWinnipegMBscrap CP
56Cincinnati MilacronWindsorONMachine tools*CN,CP,NYC,C&O,Wab
50City Ice SvcChathamONIce pltC&O
62City Lumber & FuelWinnipegMBcoal CP
50Clark G E & SonDresdenONCoal, bldrs suppC&O
76Clark Pool Cars c/o CNR Turcot YdsMontrealPQFurniture, wood: BR,DR,LR,Occ.CN
50Clark W LtdHarrowONCanning pltC&O
58Clarke & ClarkeBarrieONHidesCN
62Claydon CoWinnipegMBsteel CP
50Clifford B HRuthvenONVegetable shipperC&O
1950CoasPac Meat LtdAbbotsfordBCmeat prod*BCHy,CP
62Coast Steel FabricatorsVancouverBCsteel GN/CN
50CockshuttBrantfordONfarm eqtLE&N
44Cockshutt Farm EqtFergusONImpltsCN
62Cockshutt Plow CoWinnipegMBfarm implementsCP
50Coles R FRodneyONFlour, feed*C&O,NYC
50Coles W RRodneyONCoal yd*C&O,NYC
62Colgate Palmolive CoVancouverBCsoapCP
76Collins & Aikman LtdLaCollePQBales Processed Waste Synthetic Staple FiberCN
62Columbia Bitulithic Co LtdVancouverBCpaving materialsV&LI
90Columbian Chem CanadaHamiltonONCarbon blackCP
90ComincoTrailBCCopper, zinc prods, lead ingots, SO2CP
90Cominco FertilizersVanscoySKPotashCP
62Commerical Chemicals LtdVancouverBCchemicalsGN/CN
62Commerical Scrap Iron Metal Trading Co LtdVancouverBCscrap iron GN/CN
62Commonwealth Construction CoVancouverBCcontractor CP
90Conagra FertilizerBeamerABAmmonium nitrateCN
50Conklin Planing MillsKingsvilleONLbr, planing millC&O
76Connick CorpMontrealPQRags-Bales Mixed Institution PackedCN
50Consol Lbr CoWallaceburgONLbr ydC&O
50Consol Leaf Tobacco CoKingsvilleONTobacco stg wgseC&O
1953Consol Snd & GravelWaterfordONAggregatesCN
90Consolidated BathurstCap de la MadeleinePQNewsprintCP
62Consolidated MotorsWinnipegMBautosCN
76Consolidated Newspring Co LtShawiniganPQCoresCP
62Consolidated Plate Glass (Western) LtdWinnipegMBglassCN
50Consolidated Sand & Gravel CoParisONaggregatesLE&N
76Consolodated Bathurst Newsprint Ltd.ShawiniganPQNewsprintCP
56Contenants Greif IncLaSallePQFiberboard*CP,NYC
56Contenants Greif IncMaple GrovePQFiberboardNYC
56Contenants Greif IncPointe Aux TremblesPQFiberboardCN
1971Continental Forest ProdEdmontonABLumberCN
1971Continental Forest ProdChasmBCLumberPGE
1971Continental Forest ProdExeterBCLumberPGE
62Continental Marble CoVancouverBCmarbleGN
50Contl Leaf Tobacco CoKingsvilleONTobacco stg wgseC&O
50Cook LyleSheddenONElev*C&O,NYC
1971Coop AgricoleGranbyPQAg impltsCN
50Coop Supply CoKingsvilleONElevC&O
76Cooperative Federee de QuebeSt Romuald Det LevPQCrushed Oyster Shells - BaggedCN
76Cooperative Federee de QuebecMontrealPQPhosphate Rock, Bulk GroundCNR
58CopacoAllandaleONGrease, tankageCN
50Cornhill Jas Sons LtdChathamONBrick kilnC&O
50Corporate Town of WalkervilleWalkervilleONSupp yd*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Cottam Farmers LtdRuthvenONCoalC&O
50Cottam Farmers LtdRuthvenONElevC&O
53Cottrell J BPt ElginONCoal, lumberCN
62Cowin CoWinnipegMBsteel Midland
62Cran Mowat & DreverWinnipegMBfruitsMidland
76Crane Canada LTD St Johns PQClayCPR
62Crane LtdVancouverBCpipe GN/CN
62Crane LtdWinnipegMBplumbing suppliesCN
62Crawford StorageVancouverBCstorageCP
62Crescent Fruit CoWinnipegMBfruitsMidland
2001Crestbrook Forest IndustriesCanal FlatsBCLumberCP
2001Crestbrook Forest IndustriesCranbrookBCLumberCP
2001Crestbrook Forest IndustriesElkoBCLumberCP
2001Crestbrook Forest IndustriesParsonBCLogsCP
2001Crestbrook Forest IndustriesSkookumchuckBCKraft PulpCP
1971Crestwood Forest IndNelsonBCLumberCP
62Crone Storage Co LtdVancouverBCstorage & forwardersCP
62Crossman Machinery LtdVancouverBCelectrical machineryV&LI
50Crow F S Coal CoChathamONCoal ydC&O
62Crown Broom ProductsVancouverBCmanufacturing BCE
62Crown Cartage LtdVancouverBCstorage & forwardersV&LI
90Crown Cork & Seal CoWestonONCans, alum, steel*CN,CP
90Crown Forest ProdLarkinBCLumberCP
62Crown Fuel CoWinnipegMBcoal CN
62Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd (Ocean Falls BC)VancouverBCnewsprint/pulpVancr Tug
62Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd (Woodward Lndg)VancouverBCpaper convertingCN
62Crown Zellerbach Paper CoWinnipegMBpaper CP
1971Crowsnest IndElkoBCLumberCP
76Cyanamid of Canada LtdSt JeanPQpulpboard n/cCNE
76Cyanamid of Canada, Ltd.St JeanPQPulpboard, not corrugatedCNE
50D & W Lbr CoWallaceburgONLbr ydC&O
62Dairy Supplies LtdVancouverBCdairy machineryCP
50Dales Orrie LCoatsworthONCoal ydC&O
50Darling & Co of Cda LtdChathamONHides, tallow dlrC&O
58Davidson CoalAuroraONCoalCN
50Davies Feed Mfg CoDuttonONFeedC&O
58Davis Leather CoNewmarketONHidesCN
62Davis Trading & Supply CoVancouverBCscrap steelGN
62De Fehr & SonsWinnipegMBstoves CP
62Deeks-McBride LtdVancouverBCbldg materialsGN
58Deere JohnWellandONfarm impltsTH&B
62Deere John Plow CoWinnipegMBfarm implementsCP/CN
62DeLaval Co LtdVancouverBCdairy suppliesCP
62DeLaval Co LtdWinnipegMBdairy suppliesCP
50DeShaw F EMuirkirkONBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
62Dietrich-Collins Equipment LtdVancouverBCmachineryV&LI
50Dinsmore-McIntire LtdWalkervilleONBldrs supp*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Disston Henry & Son LtdVancouverBCsawsCP
44Dixon LbrFergusONLbrCN
62Dom-Tar Construction Materials LtdVancouverBCbldg materialsGN/CN
90Doman Forest ProductsNew WestminsterBCLumberGN
90Domcor CanadaFarnhamPQTileCP
90Dome PetroleumKaybobABLPGCN
62Dominion Bridge CoVancouverBCsteel GN/CN
62Dominion Bridge CoWinnipegMBsteel CP
62Dominion Bronze & IronWinnipegMBmetalsMidland
62Dominion Foundry CoWinnipegMBsand CP
62Dominion Fruit CoWinnipegMBfruitsMidland
50Dominion Glass CoWallaceburgONGlass pltC&O
62Dominion Glass Co LtdVancouverBCglassBCE
32Dominion Linseed Oil CoBadenONSoybean oil, mealCN
62Dominion Lumber & Fuel CoWinnipegMBlumber/coalCP
62Dominion MaltingWinnipegMBmaltCN
62Dominion Motors LtdWinnipegMBtractors/autosCN
62Dominion Oxygen CoVancouverBCacetyleneGN
62Dominion Rubber CoVancouverBCrubber goodsGN/CN
62Dominion Rubber CoWinnipegMBrubber goodsCN
35Dominion Soya Prods CoMontrealPQSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP
62Dominion TannersWinnipegMBhidesCP
1962Dominion Tar & Chem LtdThoroldONI&S Castings roughCN
76Domtar Fine Papers LtdCornwallONPrinting PaperCN
90Domtar IncMississaugaONFiberboardCN
90Domtar IncRed RockONFiberboardCP
90Domtar IncTrentonONFiberboardCP
56Domtar IncWhite RiverONLumber, wood chipsCP
56Domtar IncMalarticPQLumber, wood chipsCN
56Domtar IncSte-FrancoisePQLumber, wood chipsCN
56Domtar IncSte-MariePQLumber, wood chipsQC
56Domtar IncVal-d'OrPQLumber, wood chipsCN
84-01Domtar Inc.Canal FlatsBCGypsumCP
56Domtar LithographTorontoONPaper*CN,CP
76Domtar Newsprint Sales LtdPort AlfredPQStd Newsprint Paper, whiteRS
90Domtar PackagingCalgaryABFiberboardCP
56Domtar PackagingRichmondBCFiberboardCN
56Domtar PackagingWinnipegMBFiberboard*CN,CP,GN,NP
56Domtar PackagingMonctonNBFiberboardCN
90Domtar PackagingBarrieONFiberboardCN
56Domtar PackagingConcordONFiberboardCN
56Domtar PackagingLeasideONFiberboard*CN,CP
56Domtar PackagingPeterboroughONFiberboard*CN,CP
56Domtar PackagingScarboroughONFiberboardCN
56Domtar PackagingSt. MarysONFiberboard*CN,CP
56Domtar PackagingMontrealPQFiberboard*CN,CP
90Domtar PaperCornwallONPaper waste, kaolin, wood chipsCN
90Domtar PaperMississaugaONPaper wasteCN
90Domtar PaperRed RockONPulpboardCP
90Domtar PaperTrentonONPulpboardCP
90Domtar PaperCornwallPQPulpwoodCN
90Domtar PaperWindsorPQPaperCN
90Domtar PaperWindsorPQPulpwoodCN
76Domtar Pkg Ltd - Kraft PaperE AngusPQClay - BaggedQC
76Domtar Pulp LtdQuevillonPQWoodpulpCN
56Domtar-Sifto SaltGoderichONSalt*CN,CP
90Donohue PaperClermontPQNewsprintCN
1971Dow ChemEdmontonABAntifreezeCN
1971Dow ChemWinnipegMBAntifreezeCN
90Dow Chem CanadaSarniaONStyrene, polystyrene, polyethylene, epoxy resins*CN,C&O
1960Dow Chem CanadaSarniaONCaustic soda, latex paint*CN,C&O
90Dow Chem CanadaWestonONStyrofoam insulation prods*CN,CP
90Dow Chem CanadaVarennesPQStyrofoam insulation, emulsion polymersCN
90Dow Chemical CanadaFort SaskatchewanABEthylene glycol, oxide, chlorine, propane, butaneCN
1960Dow Chemical CanadaFort SaskatchewanABCaustic sodaCN
90Dow Chemical CanadaFort SaskatchewanABPolystyreneCN
62Dowse Sash & DoorWinnipegMBsashCN
62Dr Ballards Animal Food ProductsVancouverBCanimal foodsCN
50Dresden Farmers CoopDresdenONCoal ydC&O
50Dresden Farmers CoopDresdenONGrainC&O
50Dresden Grain & Feed CoDresdenONFeed, grainC&O
50Dresden Planing MillsDresdenONPlaning millC&O
90Du Pont CanadaSarniaONPlastic pelletsCN
90Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IGibbonsABHydrogen peroxideCP
90Du Pont De Nemours & Co E IMaitlandONHydrogen peroxideCN
1971Dunkley Lbr CoDunkleyBCLumberPGE
1950Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods LtdTorontoONTire TubesCN
50Duplate Windsor LtdWalkervilleONGlass plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
55Durham Furn LtdDurhamONFurnCN
55Durham Sand & GravelDurhamONAggregates, ballastCN,CP
62Dustbane ProductsWinnipegMBsoup compoundCN
50Dutton Flour MillsDuttonONFlour millC&O
1971Duval CorpDuvcoSKPotashCN,CP
76Eastern Pottery LtdCornwallONClay & Water MixedCN
62Eatern Terminal ElevatorWinnipegMBgrain CP
62Eaton T C LtdVancouverBCmerchandiseGN/CN
62Eaton T C LtdWinnipegMBmerchandiseCN
62Economy Feed CoWinnipegMBscreeningsCP
76Eddy E BHullPQBaled PaperCP
36Edgar Soya ProdsBelle RiverONSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP,Wab
62Edmunds & Walker Co LtdVancouverBCfish CN
50Elec Steam Radiator CoWalkervilleONRadiator plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
58Electro MetallurgicalWellandONcarbon rodsTH&B
1953Elgin Coop SvcsSt ThomasONGrain elevCN
50Elgin Coop SvcsW LorneONCoal, feed*C&O,NYC
50Elgin Coop SvcsW LorneONGrain*C&O,NYC
76Elmac Warehousing c/o Can AmLacollePQFurnitureNJ
62Emco (Western) LtdWinnipegMBplumbing suppliesCP
62Empire Brass Mfg Co LtdVancouverBCplumbing/heating suppliesGN/CP
62Empire Sash & DoorWinnipegMBlumber CN
62Empire Sheet Metal CoWinnipegMBsteel CN
1971Empress FoodsRichmondBCPies, fzBN
79Erco Industries Ltd (1979)Port MaitlandONPhosphoric acid, fertz, animal feed ingredientsTH&B
1953Erie Flooring & Wood ProdW LorneONWood flooringCN
50Erie Produce CoLeamingtonONProduce dlr*C&O,NYC
50Erieau Shipbuilding CoErieauONShipbuilding pltC&O
1953Essex FarmersEssexONGrain elevCN
90Eurocan Pulp & PaperKitimatBCPulpboardCN
closed-96Evans Forest Products Ltd.DonaldBCLumberCP
2001Evans Forest Products Ltd.GoldenBCPlywood, laminated veneer lumberCP
58Evans FuelNewmarketONCoalCN
62Evans Products Co LtdVancouverBClumber V&LI
58Eves W H LtdNewmarketONCoal, lumberCN
62Excelsior Paper Stock LtdVancouverBCpaper GN
55Eydt W H Coal YardHanoverONCoalCN
62F & F Equipment CoVancouverBCmachinery/wire ropeV&LI
62Fabris Marinelli LtdWinnipegMBsandCP
62Fairey Co LtdVancouverBCbrickBCE
62Falcon HardwareWinnipegMBhardware CN
95Falconbridge LtdTimminsONSulfuric AcidONT
62Farmers AbattoirWinnipegMBpacking house productsCP/CN
62Federal Grain CoWinnipegMBseed CP
62Federated Co-operativesWinnipegMBgrain, feed, seedCN/CP
62Feedrite MillsWinnipegMBpoultry suppliesCP
50Ferris L T HdwHarrowONHdw dlrC&O
62Finning Tractor & Equipment CoVancouverBCmachinery GN
62Firestone Tire & Rubber CoVancouverBCrubber goodsCN
62Fishermans Coop FederationVancouverBCfish CP
53Fitton-Parker Furn LtdSouthamptonONFurnCN
90Flake Board Co LtdSt.StephenNBParticle boardCP
62Flavelle Cedar LtdVancouverBClumber CP
50Fleming H M & SonBlenheimONHdwC&O
90FMC ChemicalsPrince GeorgeBCHydrogen peroxideCN
62Forbes Robt Co LtdVancouverBCfood brokersCP
1971Ford MotorGuelphONLawnmowersCP
1971Ford MotorMillgroveONLawnmowersCP
55Ford Motor CoOakvilleONautos Ford WinStar, Freestyle, Merc MontereyCN
50Ford Motor Co (TMEP)WindsorONAuto parts, enginesEssexTerl
62Ford Motor Co of CanadaVancouverBCauto partsBCE
62Ford Motors CoWinnipegMBautosCN
1965Ford ON TruckOakvilleONtrucks Ford F-150, F-250CN
1967Ford St ThomasTalbotvilleONautos Ford Crown Vic, Merc Grand Marquis, Merc MarauderWab
90Fording CoalGreenhillsBCCoalCP
50Forest Basket CoLeamingtonONBasket plt*C&O,NYC
62Forsyth A J & CoVancouverBCsteel CN
58Forsythe LubricationHamiltonONlube prodsTH&B
50Fraser Lbr & Box CoWalkervilleONLbr, box plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
56Freightliner CorpSt ThomasONTrucks*CP,NYC,C&O,Wab
62Frigidaire Sales CorpWinnipegMBrefrigerators CN
62Frost Machinery CoWinnipegMBmachineryCP
62Ft Rouge Coal CoWinnipegMBcoal CN
62Fyfe-Smith J Co Ltd VancouverBChardwood CP
80G M CorpScarboroughONVansCP
56G M CorpSte TheresePQAutos (Grand Prix, Cutlass), partsCP
76G M of Canada St Therese Asby pltSt TheresePQAuto PartsCP
62Gainers LtdVancouverBCpacking house productsV&LI
50Galbraith J MDuttonONCoal, bldrs suppC&O
50Garden Tractor & Eqt CoWalkervilleONTractor plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Garden Valley Food Prods LtdWallaceburgONCanning pltC&O
62Gault Bros LtdVancouverBCwhlse drygoodsCP
62Gaults LtdWinnipegMBdry goodsCP
76Gazer Wool Stock Ltd.BrantfordPQSynthetic waste for recyc purpCN
50Geddes JCoatsworthONElevC&O
90General Chemical CanadaAmherstburgONSulfuric acidNYC
90General Electric LachinePQMachineryCN
76General Latex & Chem LtdCandiacPQRubber LatexCN
62General Motors Products LtdVancouverBCautos CN
62General Motors Products LtdWinnipegMBautosCP
62General Paint Corp of CanadaVancouverBCpaint GN
62General Steel WaresWinnipegMBsheet ironCP
90Genl ChemWindsorONInd chemsEssexTerl
90Genl Latex & Chem CorpBramptonONLatex cmpds, polyurethane prods*CN,CP
1953Genl Steel WaresLondonONFurniture, officeL&PS
76Genstar Chemicals Ltd.MaitlandPQProcessed clayCN
90Georgia PacificThoroldONPulpboardCN
98-01Georgia Pacific Inc.Canal FlatsBCGypsumCP
90Gerdaum SteelSelkirkMBSteel bars, rebarCP
62Gilcrhrist Engineer & SteelVancouverBCsteel fabricatorsGN/CN
62Gilfix S H & Co LtdVancouverBCcanned goodsBCE
62Gilfix S H & Co LtdWinnipegMBpopcornCN
50Gillanders D J & SonsLeamingtonONCoal, feed*C&O,NYC
50Gillanders D J & SonsLeamingtonONGrain*C&O,NYC
62Giroday Sawmills LtdVancouverBClumber V&LI
62Globe Bedding CoWinnipegMBlintersCP
62Globelite BatteryWinnipegMBbatteriesCP
1955GM #1OshawaONautos Chev Impala, Monte CarloCN
1955GM #2OshawaONautos Buick Century, Regal, Pontiac Grand PrixCN
90GM CorpWindsorONAuto transmissionsEssexTerl
1965GM TruckOshawaONtrucks Chev Silverado, GMC SierraCN
53Goetz J A Turnip StorageMildmayONTurnipsCN
50Goodison FisheriesErieauONFisheryC&O
50Goodison Ind LtdSarniaONImplt plt*C&O,CN
56Goodrich B FPort RobinsonONLatex rubberWab
90Goodrich B FShawiniganPQTiresCN
62Goodrich Rubber Co of Canada LtdVancouverBCrubber GN/CN
76Goodyear Tire & RubberVallefieldPQRosin OilCN
76Goodyear Tire & RubberVallefieldPQTiresCN
62Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoVancouverBCrubber GN/CN
62Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoWinnipegMBtires CN
90Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoBowmanvilleONConveyor belts*CN,CP
90Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoCollingwoodONHose prodCN
90Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoOwen SoundONPower trans belts*CN,CP
90Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoQuebec CityPQMolded rubber prod*CN,CP,QC
50Gordon Mfg CoWallaceburgONFdyC&O
62Gordon Russell LtdVancouverBCmachinery V&LI
76Grace Cheimal Ltd Davision Chemical DivVallefieldPQClay bulk carloadCN
62Grand Forks Co-op Growers ExchangeGrand ForksBCpotatoesCP
62Grand Forks Potato Growers AssnGrand ForksBCpotatoesCP
62Grand Forks Sawmills LtdGrand ForksBClumber CP
62Grant Industries B C LtdVancouverBCinsulation GN
50Gray L HRidgetownONEgg shipper*C&O,NYC
76Great A&P Tea CoIslingtonONclay, groundCP
48Great Lakes Elev CoOwen SoundONGrain (ex lake)CN
1971Great Lakes PaperThunder BayONPaperCN
62Great West Metal ProductsWinnipegMBsteel CN
62Green A P & CoWinnipegMBfirebrickCN
90Green Ind A PActonONBricksCN
90Green Ind A PSmithvilleONBricksTH&B
50Greenmelk CoWallaceburgONGrain & feed millC&O
56Greif Containers IncLloydminsterABFiberboard*CN,CP
56Greif Containers IncFt FrancesONFiberboardCN
90Greif Containers Inc.BellevilleONFiberboardCN
90Greif Containers Inc.BowmanvilleONFiberboardCP
56Greif Containers Inc.MiltonONFiberboard*CN,CP
56Greif Containers Inc.Niagara FallsONFiberboard*CN,NYC,Wab
56Greif Containers Inc.Stoney CreekONFiberboard*CN,TH&B
56Greif Containers Inc.WinonaONFiberboardCN
53Grey-Bruce CoopElmwoodONFeedCN
62Griffin Wheel CoWinnipegMBsteel wheelsCN/CP
62Grinnell Co of CanadaVancouverBCpipe GN
95Gulf CanadaHomeglenABLPGCPRS
76Gulf Oil of Canada LtdShawiniganPQAnthracite CoalCP
55Gunn-Son Talking Machine CoWinghamONPhonographsCN
62Gurney Products LtdVancouverBCstoves V&LI
62Gypsum Lime & Alabastine Co LtdVancouverBClime V&LI
62Gypsum Lime & Alabastine Co LtdWinnipegMBbldg materialsCP/CN
1953Hagersville QuarriesHagersvilleONLimestoneCN
1953Haldimand QuarriesHagersvilleONLimestoneCN
62Halliday Coal CoWinnipegMBcoal CP
55Hanover Wood ProdHanoverONLumberCN
62Hardwood Milling CoVancouverBChardwood BCE
62Haroldson IndustriesVancouverBCfurniture GN
48Harrison LbrOwen SoundONLumberCN
76Harrisons & Crosfield (Canada) LTDLa SallePQClay in bagsCPR
55Harriston CoopHarristonONGrain, feed, fertzCN
55Harriston Stove CoHarristonONStovesCN
50Harrow Farmers Coop Assn LtdHarrowONCoalC&O
50Harrow Farmers Coop Assn LtdHarrowONElevC&O
50Harrow Lbr CoHarrowONLbr ydC&O
50Harthonway Export CoWalkervilleONAuto accessories dlr*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Hawken Milling CoWallaceburgONFlour & feed millC&O
50Hazzard Ice & Fuel CoWallaceburgONCoal ydC&O
90Hearn Ind ParkWindsorONMdse whsingEssexTerl
90Heinz H JLeamingtonONCanned goodsCN
62Heinz H J CoVancouverBCfood productsGN/CN
50Heinz H J Co of CanadaWallaceburgONCanning pltC&O
55Henderson Lumber CoLucknowONLumberCN
53Hepworth Furn CoSouthamptonONFurnCN
50Hercules CanadaBurlingtonONResins, chemsCN
76Hercules Canada LtdPortneuf StaPQRosin Sizing - BaggedCP
76Hercules Canada LtdSt JohnsPQRosinCN
76Hickman A Co LtdFortunePQMoulding, wood, unfinishedCN
62Hilton Insulation & SuppliesWinnipegMBinsulation CP
62Hinde & Dauch Paper CoWinnipegMBpaper productsCP
50Hitch D ARidgetownONCoal yd*C&O,NYC
50Hodge Tobacco Co of Cda LtdKingsvilleONTobacco stg whseC&O
90Hoechst Celanese CanadaEdmontonABPentaerythritolCN
62Holden CoWinnipegMBcontractor suppliesCP
46Holland River GardensBradfordONCelery, onions, carrots, potatoes, lettuceCN
90Home OilCalgaryABLPGCP
1986Honda #1AllstonONautos Honda Civic, Acura ELCN
1986Honda #2AllstonONautos Honda Odyssey, Pilot SUV, Acura MDX, CN
55Honderich FurnMilvertonONFurnCN
90Honeywell AS Canada IncWindsorONInd chemsEssexTerl
50Hore Thos & SonRidgetownONCoal yd*C&O,NYC
1053Horton Stl WorksFt ErieONSteel prodCN
62Howe Sound Co (Brittania Beach BC)VancouverBCminingPGE-Yorke-Foss
62Hudson's Bay CoVancouverBCmerchandiseCP/CN
62Hudson's Bay CoWinnipegMBmerchandiseCN
62Huggard Equipment CoWinnipegMBmachineryCP
62Hutchings Co LtdWinnipegMBglasswareCN
62Hutchinson J SWinnipegMBlivestockCN/CP
62Hydro Electric SystemWinnipegMBmachineryCP
62Ice-Cap Frozen FoodsVancouverBCfrozen foodsGN/CN
62Ideal Brass & PlatingWinnipegMBplbg suppCP
90IMC FertilizerEsterhazySKPotashCP
1971Imperial Lbr CoGrande PrairieABLumberNAR
58Imperial OilAllandaleONPetr prodCN
55Imperial Oil CoCliffordONPetr prodCN
55Imperial Oil CoHanoverONPetr prodCN
53Imperial Oil CoMiltonONPetr prodCN
53Imperial Oil CoPt ElginONPetr prodCN
55Imperial Oil CoWinghamONPetr prodCN
55Imperial Oil Co (Esso)ChesleyONPetr prodCN
62Imperial Oil Co LtdVancouverBCpetroleum CP
62Imperial Oil Co LtdWinnipegMBpetroleum productsCP
50Imperial Oil LtdSarniaONOil refinery*C&O,CN
50Imperial Oil LtdWalkervilleONBulk gas & oil*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Imperial Seed CoWinnipegMBseeds CP
1953Imperialle FuelsLondonONPetr prodL&PS
90IncoThompsonMBLead, nickel prodsCN
90IncoGarsonONNickel concentrateCN
56IncoSudburyONCopper, nickelCP
62Industrial BagsVancouverBCbaggingCN
62Inland Steel & ForgingsWinnipegMBsteel CP
62Insul-Matic CorpWinnipegMBinsulationCP
62Insulation IndustriesWinnipegMBinsulation & materialsCP
1997Intercontinental Packers (1997) Ltd. VancouverBCmeat prod*BCH,CN,CP,GN
50Intercounty Tobacco Growers LtdKingsvilleONTobacco stg whseC&O
62Interline Forwarders LtdVancouverBCfreight forwarderBCE
62International Factory SalesVancouverBCboxesCP
62International Harvestor CoWinnipegMBfarm implementsCP
62International Harvestor Co LtdVancouverBCmachinery CN
62International LaboratoriesWinnipegMBpaint materialCN
76International Paper CoThree RiversPQFibre CoresCP
76International Paper Sales CoGatineauPQPaper Cores ReturnedCP
50Intl Fruit Distr LtdRuthvenONVegetable shipperC&O
56Intl HarvesterChathamONTrucks*CN,CP,Wab
1971Intl Minl & ChemYarboSKPotashCN,CP
76Intl Paper Sales CoTrois RivierePQPaper newsprint nlt 60% groundwood rollsCP
50Irwin G TMerlinONCoal ydC&O
76ITOFCA IncLacolle PQLiq Syn PlasticNJ
90Ivaco IncL'OrignalONScrap metalCN
90Ivaco Inc.L'OrignalONSteel barsCN
62J & M MillsVancouverBClumber millYorke
76James Richardson & SonsTorontoONBrewers Grain in SacksCP
90James River CorpMarathonONPulpboardCP
50James T Howard CoBlenheimONProduce shipperC&O
62Jansen BrosWinnipegMBvegetablesCP
62Javex LtdVancouverBCdisinfectantsCP
55John Howes & SonsHarristonONCoal, lumber, bldg matlCN
50Johnson H E & SonSt ThomasONCoal, bldrs supp*C&O,CP,L&PS,NYC,Wab
62Johnson National Cartage & StorageWinnipegMBmdseCN
50Johnson S CBrantfordONwax prodLE&N
62Johnston National StorageVancouverBCdistributorsCN/CP/V&LI
62Johnston W C CoWinnipegMBlivestockCP/CN
62Jones C & JWinnipegMBpeanutsCN
62Jones Tent & AwningVancouverBCtent mfrsV&LI
62Joy Mfg Co (Canada) Ltd Alpha Fan DivisionWinnipegMBventilating equipmentCP
62Jubliee Coal CoWinnipegMBcoal CN
1971Kalium ChemKaliumSKPotashCN
62Kane Equipment CoWinnipegMBtractorsCP
50Keele AKingsvilleONBasket dlrC&O
62Kellogg Co of CanadaVancouverBCcerealsCP
62Kelly Douglas Co LtdVancouverBCwhlse groceryBCE
1953Kelsey Wheel CoWindsorONSteelCN
1971Kelvinator of CanadaGuelphONRefrigCN
62Kelvinator of Canada LtdVancouverBCrefrigeratorsCN
62Kelvinator of Canada LtdWinnipegMBrefrigerators CP/CN
48Kennedy F Coal & Ice LtdOwen SoundONCoalCN
48Kennedy Wm & Sons FdyOwen SoundONFdyCN
50Kent & Elgin Potato CoopRidgetownONPotato whse*C&O,NYC
50Kent Grain & Feed CoBlenheimONCoal, grainC&O
56KenworthSte TheresePQTrucksCP
50Kerr Eng CoWalkervilleONHydrant, valve plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
1971Ketchum H H Lbr CoQuesnelBCLumberPGE
95Kid Creek MinesTimminsONSulfuric AcidONT
62Kiewel Brewing CoWinnipegMBhops etcCN
62Kilgour's LtdWinnipegMBpaper CN
90Kimberly Clark CanadaThunder BayONPulpboard, tissueCN
62Kimberly Clark Canada LtdWinnipegMBpaper CN
76Kimberly Clark of Canada LtdHyacinthePQSanitary pads, internal type w/applicCN
62Kingston Suppliers LtdVancouverBCappliancesV&LI
50Kingsville Coal & Dock CoKingsvilleONCoal ydC&O
50Kingsville Coop Supply AssnKingsvilleONCoalC&O
50Kingsville Coop Supply AssnKingsvilleONGrainC&O
62Kipp Kelly CoWinnipegMBmachineryCN
55Knechtel Wm & Sons LtdHanoverONFeed, flour; furn, desksCN,CP
50Knight & RigbyBlenheimONBulk gas & oilC&O
50Knight Wm & SonsBlenheimONLivestock shipperC&O
90Kodak CanadaTorontoONPlastic pelletsCN
50Koehring-WatrousBrantfordONheavy eqt, boilersLE&N
90Kovinsky JWindsorONMetal recyclerEssexTerl
62Kraft Foods LtdVancouverBCfood mfgGN/CN
76Kraft Foods LtdSt LaurentPQJuice Citrus Fruit NOIBNCN
50Kriter ARodneyONFertz dlr*C&O,NYC
90Kronos Canada IncVarennesPQPigmentsCN
55Krug Bros & CoChesleyONFurnCN
1953Labatt JohnLondonONBeerL&PS
50Ladora & CoWalkervilleONMedicine cabinet plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62LaFarge CementVancouverBCcement mfrCN
62Laing BrosWinnipegMBcorn CP
76Lake Asbestos of QuebecThetford MinesPQAsbestos ShortsQC
76Lake Asbestos of Quebec LtdBlack Lake PQAsbestos Fibre, 1120 bagsQC
50Lake Erie Coal CoErieauONCoal ydC&O
50Lake Erie Navigation CoErieauONNavigationC&O
62Lake of the Woods MillingWinnipegMBflour CP
50Lake-of-the-WoodsBrantfordONFlour millLE&N
1971Lakehead NewsThunder BayONPaperCP
1993Lakeside Farm Industries (later IBP 1994)BrooksABmeat prodCP
62Laurel Beef CoWinnipegMBmeatCN
62Lawrie Wagon CoWinnipegMBwagon partsCP
50Leamington Hdw CoLeamingtonONCement & hdw dlr*C&O,NYC
50Leamington Ice & Coal CoLeamingtonONCoal, ice*C&O,NYC
50Leamington Lbr CoLeamingtonONLbr yd*C&O,NYC
50Leamington Produce CoLeamingtonONProduce dlr*C&O,NYC
50Leamington Tobacco Sales CorpLeamingtonONTobacco plt*C&O,NYC
56Lear CorpWhitbyONAuto seats*CN,CP
50Lee A SRodneyONImplt dlr*C&O,NYC
76Leigh Textile Canada Ltd.MontrealPQSynthetic waste for recycl purpCN
76Leigh Textiles (Canada) Ltd.E QuebecPQSynthetic waste for recyclingCN
62Lennox Industries LtdVancouverBCfurnacesGN/CN
76Leonard & MacDonald Ltd.St. JohnNBorange juiceCPR
62Libby McNeill & Libby LtdVancouverBCcanned goodsV&LI
62Libby McNeill & Libby LtdWinnipegMBcanned goodsCP
73Lignum Forest ProdsWilliams LakeBCLumberPGE
62Linde Air Products LtdWinnipegMBcarbideCN
50Lindsay E & SoonTuppervilleONCoal, bldrs suppC&O
62Lippert Edw LtdVancouverBCship chandlersGN/CN
62Liquid Carbonic CorpWinnipegMBcoke etcCP
55Litt & Brown Lumber (planing mill)PalmerstonONLumber, cement blocks, bldg matlCN
62Louie H Y CoVancouverBCwhlse groceryBCE
90Lubrizol CanadaNiagara FallsONLube oil, petr prodCN
90Lucerne Foods LtdS FraserBCFrozen fruitsCN
95Lucerne Foods Ltd.S FraserBCFrozen fruitCN
55Lucknow District CoopLucknowONFeed, fertz, farm supplies, coal, petr prodCN
55Lucknow SawmillLucknowONLumber, slabs, sawdustCN
62Lumber Dealers SupplyWinnipegMBbldg suppliesCP
62Lyonne AllenWinnipegMBappliancesCP/CN
50Mac Constr CoWallaceburgONBldrs suppC&O
62MacDonald Dure LumberWinnipegMBlumber CP
62MacDonalds Consolidated LtdVancouverBCfood merchantsCP
62MacDonalds' ConsolidatedWinnipegMBgroceries/fruitCP
56Mack Trucks IncOakvilleONTrucks*CN,CP
62MacKenzie & FeimannWinnipegMBchemicalsCN
90MacLarens PaperMassonPQNewsprintCP
55MacLean Coal CoWinghamONCoalCN
62MacLeods LtdWinnipegMBfarm implementsMidland
62MacMillan & Bloedel LtdVancouverBCforest productsGN/CN/CP/V&LI
76MacMillan BloedelPrince George BCLumberCNR
76MacMillan Rothsay LtdSt John NBNewsprint PaperCNR
90MacMillan-BloedelPort AlberniBCNewsprint, printing paperCP
62Madsen A P LtdVancouverBCfurniture V&LI
62Mainland Ice & Cold StorageVancouverBCstorage plantCP
62Major Appliances LtdVancouverBCappliancesGN/CN
62Manitoba Barrel & DrumWinnipegMBdrumsMidland
62Manitoba Bridge CoWinnipegMBsteel CP
62Manitoba CartageWinnipegMBdistributorsCP
62Manitoba Cold StorageWinnipegMBfd prodCP
62Manitoba FisheriesWinnipegMBfish CP
62Manitoba Pool ElevatorsWinnipegMBgrain CN
90Manitoba SugarFort GarryMBSugarCN
62Manitoba Sugar CoWinnipegMBsugar molassesCN/CP
50Maple City Gas & Oil CoChathamONBulk gas & oilC&O
62Maple Leaf Construction CoWinnipegMBsteel CP
62Maple Leaf MillingVancouverBCmill productsCP
50Maple Leaf MonarchWindsorONSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP,NYC,C&O,Wab
62Markwill IndustriesWinnipegMBsteel/machineryCN
62Marmac Oil CoWinnipegMBpetroleum productsCP
62Marshall Wells LtdWinnipegMBhardware CN
56MarsulexPrince GeorgeBCSulfur dioxidePGE
62Martin Paper ProductsWinnipegMBpaper CN
76Mashall Steel Co LtdSt Martin JctPQBeams ChannelsCPE
62Massey Harris CoWinnipegMBfarm implementsCP
62Massey-Harris Co LtdVancouverBCmachineryCN
50Massey-Harris Market St PlantBrantfordONag implts, tractorsLE&N,CN
50Matheson J J LeamingtonONImplt dlr*C&O,NYC
50Matier Lbr ProdsWheatleyONLbr ydC&O
50Matl Pressure Cooker Co of CdaWallaceburgONPressure cooker pltC&O
54Maus G WBlenheimONCattleC&O
54Maus G WChathamONCattleC&O
62Maytag CoWinnipegMBwashing machinesCP
50McAleer Mfg CoWalkervilleONMetal polishes plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62McCabe Grain CoWinnipegMBgrain/coalCN/CP
55McCall-Frontenac Oil CoHarristonONPetr prod (Texaco)CN
62McCleery & Weston LtdVancouverBCbldg materialsV&LI
50McClellan H EWheatleyONCoalC&O
50McClellan H EWheatleyONGrain, feedC&O
62McColl Frontenac OilWinnipegMBpetroleum productsCP
50McColl-Frontenac Oil CoWalkervilleONBulk gas & oil*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
58McColl-FrontencAllandaleONPetr prodCN
50McCord CorpWalkervilleONRadiator plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62McCurdy SupplyWinnipegMBbldg materialsCP
62McDiarmid BrothersWinnipegMBcontractor suppliesCN
62McDonald & Wilson LtdVancouverBCimportersCP
55McDonald Coal CoBrusselsONCoalCN
44McFadzean Coal & WoodFergusONCoal, anthracite (Reading Blue Coal)CN
50McGeachy W AErieauONProduce dlrC&O
62McGregor Warehouses LtdVancouverBCdistributorsBCE
62McIntosh CartageVancouverBCstorage & distrBCE
50McKay R WSarniaONBldrs supp*C&O,CN
50McKillop A & Sons LtdW LorneONLbr yd*C&O,NYC
50McLandress J AW LorneONCoal*C&O,NYC
50McLandress J AW LorneONGrain, beans*C&O,NYC
53McLaren Gib Coal ShedPt ElginONCoalCN
62McLaren's LtdVancouverBCfood whlseGN/CN
50McLean Murray CoWheatleyONMachy dlrC&O
62McLennon McFeely & Prior LtdVancouverBChardware GN/CN
62McMahon W G CoWinnipegMBflooring etcCN
62McMillan Bloeder & Powell River Co LtdWinnipegMBlumber/millworkMidland/CP
62McMillan Fur & WoolWinnipegMBhides/saltCP
62McNicol Geo L LtdVancouverBCimportersCP
50McVean O & W LtdDresdenONBent goods plt (caneware?)C&O
50McVicar BrosLeamingtonONCement plt*C&O,NYC
62Meadowlawn Seed SalesWinnipegMBseed Midland
62Memorial Marble & TileWinnipegMBtileCP
62Merchants ConsolidatedWinnipegMBgroceriesCN
62Metal Distributors & MfrsWinnipegMBsteel etcCN
90MethanexMedicine HatABMethyl alcohol, methanolCP
1971Metropolitan LbrLouis CreekBCLumberCN
50Mickle G T & SonsRidgetownONElev*C&O,NYC
50Mid-Dominion Coal CoWalkervilleONCoal yd*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Midland FruitWinnipegMBproduceMidland
62Midwest Paper LtdWinnipegMBpaper CP/CN
53Mildmay CoopMildmayONGrain, petr prod, feed, fertz, fencingCN
55Mildmay CoopNeustadtONGrainCN
62Miller Coal CoWinnipegMBcoal CN
50Miller Lbr & Supply CoW LorneONLbr yd*C&O,NYC
50Milner Turned GdsW LorneONWood prod plt*C&O,NYC
58Milnes Coal Co Yard 7Toronto St Clair StaONCoalCN
62Mine & EquipmentVancouverBCmining equipmentGN
90Mines GaspeNew RichmondPQCementCN
62Minneapolis Moline Power Implement CoWinnipegMBmachineryCP
1950Minnesota & Ontario PaperKenoraONNewsprintCP
90Mobil ChemicalBellevilleONPlastic pelletsCP
55Modern Planned KitchensNeustadtONCabinetsCN
62Molson's Canadian BreweryVancouverBCbreweryV&LI
62Monarch Lumber CoWinnipegMBlumber CP
62Monarch Machinery CoWinnipegMBmachineryCP
62Monsanto Canada Ltd (Vancouver)VancouverBCchemicalsV&LI
62Moore Business FormsWinnipegMBpaper CP
62Moore Dry Kiln Co LtdVancouverBCdry kiln/pipeGN
55Moorefield Feed MillMoorefieldONFeedCN
62More Ray Foods CoWinnipegMBpicklesCP
62Morrison Steel & Wire CoVancouverBCnails & wireV&LI
50Morse ALeamingtonONBasket factory*C&O,NYC
90Morterm LtdWindsorONMarine terlEssexTerl
62Motor Coach IndustriesWinnipegMBsteel bodiesCP
50Motor Prods CorpWalkervilleONAuto accessories plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
95Motts CanadaSt CatherineONTomato productsCN
90Motts CanadaSt.CatharineONTomato productsCN
41-01Mountain Minerals Company Ltd.ParsonBCBariteCP
80-01Mountain Minerals Company Ltd.WillametteBCQuartz sandCP
62Moyer Vico LtdWinnipegMBschool suppliesCN
55Mt Forest ElevMt ForestONGrainCN,CP
62Mt Pleasant Building ProductsVancouverBCsiding/bldg productsCP
50Muellers LtdSarniaONBrass fdy*C&O,CN
62Murray Brantford LtdWinnipegMBpaper CP
62Myer Franks LtdVancouverBCsteel drumsGN
62Nabob Foods LtdVancouverBCcanned goods/coffee/teaGN/CN
76National Cash RegisterDixieONPrinting PaperCP
62National Machinery Co LtdVancouverBCmachineryV&LI
62National Waste Mfg LtdVancouverBCwasteCP
50Natl CarbonWalkertonONCarbon blackCN
1953Natl CarbonWellandONcarbon prodTH&B
1953Natl GrocersNiagara FallsONGroc distributorCN
50Natl Hdw Specialties LtdWallaceburgONHdwC&O
50Neilson Chem CoWalkervilleONChem plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Nelson M C Wood ProdsWheatleyONLbr ydC&O
62Neon Products LtdVancouverBCsteel GN
74Netherlands Overseas MillsPrince GeorgeBCLumberPGE
90New Brunswick International PaperDalhousieNBPaperCN
90Nexen Chems IncWindsorONInd chemsEssexTerl
62Nichols Chemical Co LtdVancouverBCchemicalsCP-Yorke
55Noecker K C Feed Grain & CoalDraytonONFeed, grain, coalCN
95Noranda IncNoranda-RouynPQSulfuric AcidCN
90Norkraft Querillon IncLebel-sur-QuerillonPQPulpboardCN
62North American DistributorsVancouverBCproduceGN
62North American Lub OilWinnipegMBoil CN
62North American LumberWinnipegMBlumber CN
62North Star Oil CoWinnipegMBpetroleum productsCP/CN
62Northern AsbestosVancouverBCbldg suppliesGN/CN
62Northern Electric CoWinnipegMBelectrical machineryCN
62Northern Electric Co LtdVancouverBCelectrical suppliesV&LI
48Northern Paint & VarnishOwen SoundONPaintCN
62Northern Paint CoWinnipegMBpaint CN
62Northern Soap CoWinnipegMBgreasesCN
62Northwest Sack Co LtdVancouverBCbagsCP
1971Northwestern PulpHintonABWoodpulpCN
1971Northwood MillsHoustonBCLumberCN
76Nova Scotia Forest IndustriesPort HawkesburyNSReturned Paper Cores for RewindingCN
90Novacor ChemicalCorunnaONPlastic pellets (polyethylene)CN
90Novacor ChemicalSarniaONStyrene monomerCN
90Novacor ChemicalsJoffreABMethyl alcohol, plastic pelletsCN
76NS Forest IndustriesTupperNSNewsprint PaperCNR
76NS Forest IndustriesTupperNSWoodpulpCNR
76Nyriad Detergents IncQuebecPQPetroleum Alkylate DetergentCP
62O K Packing CoWinnipegMBhides CP
50O'Keefe's Brewing (Walkerville) LtdWalkervilleONBrewery*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
90Oakhill SawmillBridgewaterNSLumberCN
50Oakville Basket CoRuthvenONBasket dlrC&O
58Office Specialty CoNewmarketONDesks, filing cabinetsCN
62Ogilvie Flour MillsWinnipegMBgrain CN/CP
50Oldcastle Farmers Coop CoOldcastleONCoalC&O
50Oldcastle Farmers Coop CoOldcastleONGrainC&O
50Olmstead Fisheries LtdWheatleyONFish shipperC&O
58Ontario Pipe CoSmithvilleONstl pipeTH&B
62Overseas Commodities LtdVancouverBCchemicalsGN
62Overwaites LtdVancouverBCgrocersGN/CN
56Pacific Abrasives SupplyGrand ForksBCSlagGN
94Pacific Abrasives SupplyGrand Forks BCAbrasives, slagBN
62Pacific Bolt MfgVancouverBCbolts etcV&LI
90Pacific Elevators (Export Elevator)VancouverBCGrainCN,CP
1971Pacific ForestDunkleyBCLumberBCOL
62Pacific MeatVancouverBCpacking house productsV&LI
62Pacific Metals CoVancouverBCscrap dealersGN
62Pacific Produce Co LtdVancouverBCproduceBCE
62Pacific Tractor & EquipmentVancouverBCmachineryCP
55Palmerston CreameryPalmerstonONCoalCN
55Palmerston Fuel SupplyPalmerstonONCoalCN
1950Palmont Packers Sausage DivMontrealPQmeat prod*CN,CP,NYC
56Parris Hunt & BehrensDawson CreekBCOatsNAR
62Paul Moore Co LtdVancouverBCbrewery suppliesCP
62Paul Moore Co LtdWinnipegMBbrewers suppliesCN
62Paulin ChambersVancouverBCconfectionsGN
62Paulin Chambers CoWinnipegMBcandy mfrMidland/CP
96PCS PotashCorySKPotashCP
96PCS PotashLaniganSKPotashCP
96PCS PotashRocanvilleSKPotashCP
62Pedlar PeopleWinnipegMBsteel sheetsCP
50Peerless Constr CoWalkervilleONBldrs supp*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Pellissier's LtdWinnipegMBhops CN
62Pembina Mountain ClaysWinnipegMBclay CP
62Penner Tire CoWinnipegMBtires CP
50Penslar Chem CoWalkervilleONDrugs whse*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Peoples Co-opWinnipegMBcoal CP
55Peppler Bros Furn CoHanoverONFurnCN,CP
58Perks J A Feed MillNewmarketONFeedCN
62Perlite ProductsWinnipegMBinsulation CP
62Perry H L CoWinnipegMBstorageCN
90Pet IncCottamONTomato productsCN
90Pet IncWestonONMixed foodsCP
90Petro-CanadaDickinsonONLube oilCN
62Philips ElectricVancouverBCappliancesV&LI
62Pilkington Glass Co LtdVancouverBCglassV&LI
62Pilkington Glass Co LtdWinnipegMBglassCN
62Pioneer ElectricWinnipegMBelectrical suppliesCN
90Pioneer Grain (Export Elevator)N VancouverBCGrainCN
50Pollard Ind LtdHarrowONLbr ydC&O
50Polymer CorpSarniaONSynthetic rubber plt*C&O,CN
76Polysar LTDSarniaONButadiene Inhibited Fmbl Comp GasC&O
56Pope & TalbotGrand ForksBCLumber, plywoodGN
90Ports Canada (Export Elevator)ChurchillMBGrainCN
90Ports Canada (Export Elevator)MontrealPQGrainCN
1971Potash Corp of AmerPotascoSKPotashCP
90Potash Corp of SaskatchewanAllanSKPotashCN
50Powell A B CoBlenheimONLbr ydC&O
62Powell EquipmentWinnipegMBmachineryCN
62Powell River Co Ltd (Powell River BC)VancouverBCnewsprint/pulpK N Co
90PPG CanadaBeauharnoisPQSodium chlorateCN
76Premier Brands IncRiviere-du-LoupPQPeat moss balesCN
1971Prince Albert PulpPrince AlbertSKWoodpulpCN
62Proctor & Gamble CoWinnipegMBsoapsCP
76Proctor & Gamble Paper Prod Co Cda LtdBellevillePQWoodpulp not powd NOIBNCN
62Provincial Concrete & Builders SupplyWinnipegMBcement CP
62Purity Flour MillsWinnipegMBfeed CP/CN
62Quaker Oats Co LtdVancouverBCcerealsGN/CN
62Quaker Oats Co LtdWinnipegMBcerealsCP
62Quality Bed Spring CoWinnipegMBsteel CP
90Quno Corp.ThoroldONPaperCN
62Railway & Power Engineering Co LtdVancouverBCmachineryV&LI
90Rainy River Forest ProdKenoraONNewsprintCP
58Ralston-PurinaSmithvilleONfeed millTH&B
62Rathwell ThosWinnipegMBrefrigerators CN
62Rawleigh W T CoWinnipegMBdrugsCP
62Ray-O-VacWinnipegMBcans etcCP
62Rayonier Canada Sales LtdVancouverBClumber V&LI
48RCA VictorOwen SoundONCabinetsCN
62RCA Victor Co LtdVancouverBCappliancesGN/CN
62RCA Victor Co LtdWinnipegMBappliancesCN
1953Reaume P L Fuels (Champion Oil)WindsorONPetr prodCN
62Red River Co-op SupplyWinnipegMBcoal CN
62Red River GrainWinnipegMBgrain CP/CN
50Reedy & CainPt LambtonONCoal, bldrs suppC&O
62Regal Bedding CoWinnipegMBlintersCP
76Reindeau EngMontrealPQAnthraciteCP
1953Reliance PetrEssexONOil distrCN
50Reliance Petr LtdSt ThomasONBulk gas & oil*C&O,CP,L&PS,NYC,Wab
55Reliance PetroleumMoorefieldONPetr prodCN
1971Remarks OrchardsWalkervilleONManureC&O
90Repap IncThe PasMBLumber, paperCN
50Richards Gordon DWallaceburgONCoal ydC&O
62Richardson A D & CoVancouverBCconfectionsGN/CN
90Richardson Terminal (Export Elevator)Thunder BayONGrainCN
62Richie Harold FVancouverBCbottlesBCE
96Riverside Forest ProductsCrozel SpurBCLumberCPRS
48Robertson P L Mfg Co LtdMiltonONSteel wireCN
53Robertson P L Mfg Co LtdMiltonONScrewsCN
62Robin Hood FlourWinnipegMBcerealsCP
58Robinson Feed MillStroudONFeedCN
62Robinson Webber CoWinnipegMBglasswareCN
62Rockgas Propane CoVancouverBCLPGBCE
55Roderick Martin Grain ElevRipleyONGrainCN
55Roe Feeds Milling CoAtwoodONFeedCN
62Rogers Fruit CoWinnipegMBfruits/vegetablesMidland
53Rogers W HSouthamptonONBldg supplies, fuel oil, coal, lumberCN
76Rolland Paper CoSt JeromePQClayCN
62Ross & Howard Iron Works CoVancouverBCfoundryCP
76Rothsay Paper CorpSt JohnNBStd Newsprint Paper, white, 93 rlsCN
62Rowan Steel CoVancouverBCsteel CN
62Ruby C SVancouverBCjuiceCP
55Rundle J P Feed MillPalmerstonONFeedCN
62Rusen Fruit CoWinnipegMBfruits/vegetablesCP
50S Essex GrocLeamingtonONProduce dlr*C&O,NYC
1953Sansone Fruit CoLondonONFruit, produceL&PS
58Sarjeant Lewis & RobertsonBarrieONCoalCN
50Sarnia Fuel CoSarniaONCoal yd*C&O,CN
50Scarfe Paint & VarnishBrantfordONPaint prodLE&N
50Schneider WmRodneyONFertz dlr*C&O,NYC
50Schultz Die Casting Co of CdaWallaceburgONFdyC&O
53Schwalm SawmillMildmayONLumberCN
62Scott Bathgate CoWinnipegMBgroceriesCN
62Scott Fruit CoWinnipegMBfruit Midland
76Scott Maritimes Pulp LtdAbercrombieNSWoodpulpCNR
96SCRHigh PrairieABWood products (medium density fiberboard/MDF)CN
62Sea Foods LtdVancouverBCfishCP
62Security Storage CoWinnipegMBhousehold goodsMidland
50Service LtdChathamONCoal ydC&O
62Shea's Winnipeg BreweryWinnipegMBbrewery suppliesCN
96Shell CanadaCopithornABLPGCPRS
95Shell CanadaScotfordABStyrene monomer, LPGCPRS
79Shell CanadaSarniaONIsopropanol, polypropylene, LPG, solventsC&O
79Shell CanadaSarniaONPropyleneC&O
50Shell CanadaMontrealPQLPG, fuels, solventsCN
58Shell Oil CoNewmarketONPetr prodCN
62Shell Oil Co of B C LtdVancouverBCrefiningCP
55Shell Ol CoHarristonONPetr prodCN
50Shepley AsaNew CanaanONLbr ydC&O
96Sherridan FertilizerBeamerABAmmonium nitrateCN
62Sherwin Williams Paint CoWinnipegMBpaintsCP
62Shragge Metals LtdWinnipegMBscrap iron CP
50Sibbick G RParisONcoalLE&N
58Simcoe Dist CoopAllandaleONFencing, cementCN
62Simmons LtdVancouverBCfurniture GN/CN
62Simmons LtdWinnipegMBlintersCP
90Simplot ChemicalsBrandonMBFertilizerCN
1971Simpson Bldg ProdHudson BaySKLumberCN
1971Simpson SearsTorontoONFireplace partsCN
76Simpson Sears LTDRexdale EtobicokePQPrinting PaperCN
76Simpsons Sears LtdSt LaurentPQFurniture, woodenCN
62Simpsons-Sears LtdVancouverBCdepartment storeBCE
62Slade & Stewart LtdVancouverBCwhlse produceGN
50Smith CKingsvilleONLbr ydC&O
62Smith Davidson & Lecky LtdVancouverBCpaper CP
50Sombra Lbr & Supply CoSombraONLbr, bldrs suppC&O
32Soy Bean Oil & Meal Coop Co of Cda LtdChathamONSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP,Wab
36Soya Mills LtdStratfordONSoybean oil, mealCN
55Spiesz Furn CoHanoverONFurnCN,CP
62Sprague Lumber CoWinnipegMBlumber CP
62St Boniface AbattoirWinnipegMBpacking house productsCN
50St Clair Grain & Feeds LtdMerlinONFeed & grain dlrC&O
50St Clair Grain & Feeds LtdWallaceburgONGrain elevC&O
90St Lawrence CementClarksonONCementCN
76St. Lawrence Chemical Co.HullPQClay, bulkCPR
62Standard Broom CoWinnipegMBbroom cornCP
62Standard Chemical CoWinnipegMBchemicalsCP
62Standard Oil Co of B CGrand ForksBCPetroleum productsCP
62Standard Oil Co of B C LtdVancouverBCoil CP
62Standard ProduceWinnipegMBpoultryCP
62Standard Tube & T I LtdVancouverBCpipe CN
62Stanley Brock LtdVancouverBCcleaning compoundCP
62Stanley Brock LtdVancouverBCplumbing suppliesCP
62Stanley Brock LtdWinnipegMBlaundry suppliesCN
50Std Fdy & Supply CoWalkervilleONFdy*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
58Steel Co of Canada Hamilton WorksHamiltonONstl prodTH&B
58Steel Co of Canada Page Hersey WorksWellandONStl prod, tubingTH&B
76Steinbergs LtdMontrealPQCanned Citris JuiceCN
62Stephens G F CoWinnipegMBpaintsCN
90Sterling Pulp Chemicals Grande PrairieABSodium chlorateCN
90Sterling Pulp Chemicals VancouverBCSodium chlorateCP
90Sterling Pulp Chemicals Thunder BayONSodium chlorateCN
90Sterling Pulp Chemicals BuckinghamPQSodium chlorateCP
53Stevens-Hepner Brush FactoryPt ElginONBroom cornCN
53Stevens-Hepner Brush FactoryPt ElginONBrushes, broomsCN
76Stinson Fortier LtdCartiervillePQMRC Fire BrickCN
1953Stokely Van CampEssexONCd gdsCN
50Stokely-Van Camp of Cda LtdWheatleyONCanning pltC&O
62Strong Scott Mfg CoWinnipegMBelevator machineryCP
90SuncorFort McMurrayABShale oilCN
58Superior PropaneMapleONLPGCN
58Supertest OilAllandaleONPetr prodCN
55Supertest Oil CoWinghamONPetr prodCN
50Supertest Petr CorpChathamONBulk gas & oilC&O
50Supertest Petr CorpLeamingtonONBulk gas & oil*C&O,NYC
50Supertest Petr CorpSt ThomasONBulk gas & oil*C&O,CP,L&PS,NYC,Wab
62Swartz BrothersVancouverBCfruit/vegetablesGN
62Sweeney Cooperage LtdVancouverBCcooperageCP
55Swift Canadian CoHanoverONPoultryCN,CP
1971Swift Canadian CoAllen MinesSKPotashCN
62Swift Canadian Co LtdVancouverBCpacking house productsCP
62Swift Canadian Co LtdWinnipegMBpacking house productsCP/CN
56Sydney SteelSydneyNSRailsCN
76Sydney Steel CorpSydneyNSMortar high temp bndn, FirebrickCN
46Tamblyn MillBradfordONFencing, seed, feed, coalCN
50Tanglefoot CoWalkervilleONFlypaper plt*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Taylor & Pearson B C LtdVancouverBCauto accessoriesGN
50Taylor Forge & Pipe CoHamiltonONPlumbing materialsTH&B
50Taylor T H CoChathamONFlour millC&O
50Taylor T H CoDresdenONElevC&O
50Taylor T H CoTuppervilleONPickle staC&O
62Tees & Persee LtdWinnipegMBgroceriesCP
50Telephone City GravelDuttonONaggregatesLE&N
62Terminal CartageVancouverBCdistributorsCN/CP
62Terminal Fruit & ProduceVancouverBCproduceCP
90Terra IntlCourtrightONAnhydrous ammoniaCN
62Tessler Iron & MetalWinnipegMBscrap iron CP
50Thayers LtdBlenheimONBulk gas & oilC&O
50Thayers LtdWallaceburgONBulk gas & oilC&O
56The Pas LumberPrince GeorgeBCLumberPGE
56Thomas Built BusesWoodstockONBuses*CN,CP
50Thompson & Smith LtdChathamONImplt dlrC&O
62Thompson Lumber & FuelWinnipegMBcoal CN
50Thompson Sales & SvcDuttonONFertz dlrC&O
50Thompson Supply CoWallaceburgONCoal, bldrs suppC&O
50Thompson W G LtdBlenheimONCoalC&O
50Thompson W G LtdBlenheimONGrain, beansC&O
50Thompson W G LtdRodneyONBeans, grain*C&O,NYC
50Thompson W G LtdRodneyONCoal*C&O,NYC
76Thurso Pulp & PaperThursoPQPaperCP
62Tidewater Oil CoWinnipegMBoil CP
56Timber Forest ProductsMackenzieBCLumberPGE
1988TMMCCambridgeONautos Toyota Corolla, Matrix, Lexus RX330CN
62Tomlin Lumber CoGrand ForksBClumber CP
38Toronto Elev LtdTorontoONSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP
76Toronto Quilting Ltd.LachinePQSynthetic Waste Material - BaledCN
76Touraine Plywood IncTourainePQPuna CorestockCP
62Transco Services LtdVancouverBCwarehouseGN
62Transcontinental Storage & DistributingVancouverBCstorageGN
55Treleaven Milling CoRipleyONFlourCN
56Tri-Mac TruckingCascadeBCLumberCP
75Triangle PacificNelsonBCLumberCP
76Triangle PacificQuesnelBCLumberPGE
97Trus Joist MacMillanAnnacisBCWood strandSRY(BNSF)
50Turner H LBlenheimONMachy dlrC&O
90U S Gypsum CanadaWindsorNSGypsumCP
90U S Gypsum CanadaMontrealPQWallboardCP
90U S Gypsum CanadaSt JeromePQWallboardCN
90Union CarbidePrentissABDitetraethylene, ethylene oxideCN
90Union CarbidePrentissABPlastic pellets, tetraethyleneCN
90Union CarbidePrentissABTritetraethylene, ethylene glycolCN
90Union CarbideBouchervillePQPlastic pelletsCN
62Union Fuel & Builders SuppliesWinnipegMBcoal CN
62Union Stock YardsWinnipegMBlivestockCP/CN
90Uniroyal ChemicalsElmiraONChemical compoundCN
76Uniroyal LtdMontrealPQGround ClayCP
90United AggregratesLimehouseONLimestoneCN
50United Farmers CoopEbertsONCoal ydC&O
50United Farmers CoopTuppervilleONCoal, lbrC&O
50United Farmers CoopTuppervilleONGrainC&O
62United Fruit LtdVancouverBCproduceGN
62United Grain GrowersWinnipegMBgrain/machineryCN
90United Grain Growers Terminal (Export Elev)VancouverBCGrainCN,CP
62United Milling & Grain Co LtdVancouverBCgrain productsGN
90United Oil ProductsLloydminsterABSoybean mealCN
62United Vinegar CoWinnipegMBbarrelsCN
62United-Universal FruitWinnipegMBfruit Midland
50Univ Button Fastening & Button Co of CdaWalkervilleONButton factory*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
62Universal Carloading CoWinnipegMBfreight forwarderMidland
1971US Borax ChemAllen MinesSKPotashCP
76US Gypsum Exp Co c/o Canadian Gypsum Co LtdSt JeromePQPulpboard NOIBNCNR
76Valiquette Ltd N GMontrealPQFurniture, wood: BR,DR,LR,Occ.CN
76Valvoline Oil of CanadaBouchervillePQPetro Lub OilCN
62Van Waters & Rogers B C LtdVancouverBCchemicalsGN
62Vancouver Equipment Corp LtdVancouverBCmachineryGN
62Vancouver Ice & Cold StorageVancouverBCcold storageCP
62Vancouver Iron Works LtdVancouverBCmachinery V&LI
62Vancouver Rolling MillsVancouverBCsteel V&LI
62Vancouver Salt Co LtdVancouverBCsaltGN
62Vancouver Sawmills LtdVancouverBClumber GN
62Vancouver Wire RopeVancouverBCwire ropeCP
50Vanguard SuppliesLeamingtonONProduce dlr*C&O,NYC
62Variety Supply CoWinnipegMBragsCP
76Victor Woolen Products Ltd.St VictorPQRayon wasteQC
62Victoria Tile & Brick SupplyVancouverBCbldg suppliesV&LI
52Victory Mills LtdTorontoONSoybean oil, meal*CN,CP
56Vinoco PetroleumTilburyBCLube oilGN
62Vulcan Machinery & EquipmentWinnipegMBmachineryCP
W Lorne Lbr CoW LorneONLbr, polesCN
50W Lorne Mfg CoW LorneONTextile plt*C&O,NYC
90Walker Hiram & Sons (Seagrams)WindsorONDistillery, whiskeyEssexTerl
1953Walker Metal ProdsWindsorONSteel (for mufflers)CN
50Walkerville Bag Mfg CoWalkervilleONBag factory*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Walkerville Dairy CoWalkervilleONDairy*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
50Walkerville Lbr CoWalkervilleONLbr yd*C&O,CN,CP,NYC,Essex Terl,Wab
90Wallace Stone QuarryWallaceNSStoneCN
50Wallaceburg Brass LtdWallaceburgONFdyC&O
62Walter Woods CoWinnipegMBwoodenwareCP
50Warwick T C & Sons LtdBlenheimONLbr ydC&O
50Warwick T C & Sons LtdRidgetownONLbr yd*C&O,NYC
50Waterloo Mfg CoChathamONImplt dlrC&O
62Watkins J R ProductsWinnipegMBdrugsCP
62Watons Truesdale CoWinnipegMBgrocery brokersCN
55Watt E S & Sons Feed MillPalmerstonONFeedCN
62Weeks Arthur CVancouverBCtile importersCP
62Weiller Williams CoWinnipegMBlivestockCP
62Weinstein Co LtdVancouverBCproduceGN
1971WeldwoodStoney CreekONLumberCN
90Weldwood CanadaMitsueABParticle boardCN
56Weldwood CanadaExeterBCLumberPGE
1971Weldwood CanadaQuesnelBCLumberBCOL
62Wellwood F J CoWinnipegMBlumber/coalCP
50Welsh FuelsBrantfordONcoal, petr prodLE&N
62West Coast Hardwoods LtdVancouverBClumber GN
62Westeel CoVancouverBCsteel V&LI
62Westeel ProductsWinnipegMBsteel CN
62Western Bridge & Steel FabricatorsVancouverBCsteel GN/V&LI
62Western Chemical IndustriesVancouverBCfish oilsCP
90Western Coop FertilizerReginaSKFertilizerCP
55Western FdyWinghamONStoves, furnaces, castings, sheet metalCN
90Western Forest Products Honeymoon BayBCLumberE&N
62Western Grocers LtdWinnipegMBgroceries CP
62Western Gypsum CoVancouverBCbldg suppliesCP
62Western Gypsum CoWinnipegMBbldg materialsCN
62Western Insulation Co LtdVancouverBCinsulation V&LI
95Western International Forest ProdBeauharnoisPQParticleboardCR
50Western Lbr & Shingle CoPrince GeorgeBCLbr, Interior Fir*CN,PGE
50Western ON Experimental FarmRidgetownONGrain shipper*C&O,NYC
62Western Packaging CoVancouverBCfruit & vegetable packagingGN
62Western PlywoodsVancouverBCplywoodV&LI
62Western Shingle MillVancouverBCshinglesCP
56Western Star CorpKelownaBCTrucks*CN,CP
56Western Star CorpMississaugaONBus chassis/frameCP
56Western Star CorpTorontoONTrucks*CN,CP
62Western Vinegar CoWinnipegMBbarrelsCN
58Westinghouse ElectricHamiltonONTransformers (high-wide)CN,TH&B
62Weston SalesWinnipegMBbiscuitsCN
62Westroc IndustriesVancouverBCfoundry suppliesV&LI
95Weyerhaeuser CanadaShaverABWoodpulp, pulpboardCN
90Weyerhauser CanadaEdsonABParticle board, wood prod, fiberboardCN
1971Weyerhauser CoLumbyBCLumberCN
50Whaley GeoRuthvenONFruit shipperC&O
50Wheeler Lbr CoRidgetownONLbr yd*C&O,NYC
48Wiarton CoopWiartonONCoalCN
1971Widman IndSmithersBCLumberCN
62Wilkinson Co LtdVancouverBCsteel V&LI
76Willett Fruit CompanySt JohnNBCd Citrus Fruit JuiceCPR
62Williams A R Machinery LtdVancouverBCmachineryCP
50Wilson Broom CoRidgetownONBroom factory*C&O,NYC
44Wilson's MillFergusONFeed (Purina)CN
1953Windsor Daily StarWindsorONNewsprintCN
90Windsor TreatmentWindsorONMuni sewage processorEssexTerl
62Winnipeg (City of)WinnipegMBsuppCP
62Winnipeg Casket CoWinnipegMBlumber CP
62Winnipeg Cold StorageWinnipegMBpacking house productsCP
62Winnipeg Cooperage CoWinnipegMBlumber, staves, hoopsCN
62Winnipeg Paint & Glass CoWinnipegMBglass/lumberCN
62Winnipeg Paper CoWinnipegMBwaste paperMidland
62Winnipeg Rendering CoWinnipegMBtankageCN
62Winnipeg Supply & FuelWinnipegMBcoal CP/CN
62Wood John Co LtdWinnipegMBsteel CP
62Woodward Stores LtdVancouverBCdepartment storeGN/CN
62Wrights Canadian Rope CoVancouverBCwire ropeV&LI
56Ymir Valley Forest ProdFruitvaleBCLumberGN
1953Zalev BrosWindsorONScrapCN
53Zeigler LumberPt ElginONLumberCN

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