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Journey back to the 1970s as first and second generation diesels of the Frisco, Missouri Pacific, Katy (M-K-T), and T.R.R.A. railroads ply the rails.  Lots of local switching keeps crews busy at Midwestern industries.  A steel mill, scrap dealer, cement factory, quarry, brewery, various grain elevators, mill, shoe factory, food wholesaler and other rail-served industries dot the landscape.  Sound-equipped locomotive consists head manifest freights, locals, turns, extras, and a passenger train; all contributing to the operating action on this signaled, double-decked, CTC dispatcher-controlled HO-scale layout.

Name: Eagle REAGLERIVER2014stretchiver Division
Inspired by MOPAC’s slogan “The Route of the Eagles” and FRISCO’s route along the west bank of the Mississippi River, “The River Division”.
Scale: HO. 1:87
Period/Era: 1969-1979
Railroads: Missouri Pacific Lines (MOPAC), St. Louis-San Francisco RR (Frisco), Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR (M-K-T), and
Terminal RR of St. Louis (TRRA)
Location: Freelanced. Missouri. Fictitious location names and industries.
Superintendent: Mopac Mike
Dispatching: CTC
Control System: Lenz Easy-DCC corded throttles;  CVP wireless throttles
Software: JMRI
Car Forwarding: Computer-generated manifests and switchlists.  Click here to view a typical manifest. Example is for Train SPFCT – the steel mill turn.
System Map:

Click above image to enlarge.

Crew Size: 8
Jobs: Dispatcher, Brewery Job, Oak Hill Local, Cement & Quarry Job, Steel Mill, Industrial Park Turn, Yardmaster; Manifests, Peddlers & Coal Drags
Layout Description:






The Eagle River Division is a fictional division of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad with right-of-way along the west bank of a mighty river, from the major river city of Lafayette, Missouri to the town of South Park to the South.  Right-of-way is shared with the Missouri Pacific from South Park north to Eagle Junction.

Industries served by the Frisco include Purina Mills at Oak Hill, Riverside Cement and Sulphur Springs Quarry, and the industries at South Park.  Missouri-Pacific served industries include a steel mill, a brewery, and several grain elevators.  The Katy (MKT) and Terminal RR of St. Louis (TRRA) are also represented with interchanges between the MKT and Frisco at Oak Hill, and between the TRRA and Frisco at South Park.  Additionally, the MOP and Frisco interchange at Oak Hill.

Mopac and TRRA service industries on the Illinois side at the town of Ferritin,where Ferritin City Steel, Ferritin Industrial Park, and Madison Power & Light are located.

Mopac freight trains travel east and west between Waldo and Lafayette.  Frisco trains run between South Park and Lafayette.  South Park Terminal is a staging yard for Mopac, Frisco, and TRRA trains. Western Waldo Yard is a working classification yard for the Mopac.  Lafayette Terminal serves as eastern staging for Mopac and Frisco trains.  Katydid is staging for M-K-T (Katy) Railroad trains.

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