Layout Specs

Frisco Coonskin Logo
Name: Saint Louis Frisco Lines
Scale:HO (1:87)
Railroads:Missouri Pacific Lines (MoPac)
St. Louis-San Francisco RR (Frisco)
Also represented: MKT, N&W, C&TS, A&S, TRRA
Track:Atlas Code 83 and Code 100
TurnoutsMainline: No. 6 and 8; Spurs 7 Yards: No. 4, 5, & 6.
Dispatching:CTC (using JMRI Panel Pro)
Control:Lenz Easy-DCC; CVP wireless throttles.  PSX Circuit-Breakers.
Signals:Tomar, Oregon Rail, Custom-built.   CTI Electronics Acela network.  Arduino network, NCE Light It Decoders.
Car Forwarding:JMRI Operations Software; MR SLAM for formatting manifests & switch lists
System Map:(Under revision.)
Crew Size:6 to 8
Jobs:Dispatcher, Yardmaster, Locals, Manifests, Unit Trains. Yard Transfers
Max. Grade2.5%


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