Train originates in North Staging. Crew moves train to South Park Yard, where cars are exchanged. Crew then proceeds to Beaver Cove to work local customers before returning to North Staging. This crew works for the Missouri-Kansas Texas Railroad.


Train originates in South Park Yard. Crew moves train to Lafayette, home of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Using the plant’s dedicated switcher, they pull and spot cars, and make inter-plant moves as indicated on their manifest. When complete, the train turns at Lafayette, and returns southbound to South Park Yard. The brewery is worked by a crew working for the MoPac.


Job description will be posted soon!


Ferritin is a busy place. Work depends on the shift and on what work the previous crew left unfinished. Ferritin Steel needs to be worked – there are set outs, pick ups, and interplant moves to be made. The car float at Williamsville needs to be loaded and/or unloaded. Arriving and departing manifests need to be classified and built at Middle Yard, and Pillsbury Mills needs to be switched. MoPac & US Steel.


Two locals work the local customers in this town. The largest industry is the Purina Mills Plant, which is served by the morning local. The afternoon local works any industries not serviced by the morning crew, so there is always plenty of local switch work to be done. Oak Hill is worked by a Frisco crew.


River Cement and Sulphur Springs Quarry make up the two industries at Riverside. Crews start their day by loading and weighing each covered hopper of dry cement before moving them to the shipping track. Next, loaded boxcars of bagged cement are pulled from the shipping dock and replaced with empy cars. Coal hoppers, various additive hoppers, and tank cars are switched and taken to Riverside Yard, where a train will be built. Empty lime hoppers are pulled and taken to the quarry, and loaded hoppers brought back on the return trip. Boxcar loads of explosives and tank cars loaded with fuel are delivered to the quarry. The old Alco from Blue Star Ready-Mix will bring empty cars to Riverside Yard and return home with loads of cement and aggregate. MoPac & Calico &Turpin Springs.


The crew is kept busy working several manifests, and a local. A coal drag and one or two passenger trains may be thrown in for good measure.


A small yard, a trailer on flat car operation, and a street department operation keep the crew busy. A train is built and a transfer run made by this Frisco crew over to South Park Yard and back.


Job description will be posted soon!

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