The Previous Layout

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.”

— Confuscius

My passion for model railroading has changed and grown over the years.  What hasn’t changed is my affection for the two railroads I remember most from my childhood, the Missouri Pacific and the Frisco.  A move several years ago caused me to abandon my previous layout, but when it came to rebuild, I stuck with my favorite scale, HO, and my favorite roads, Mopac and Frisco.

The Meramec Valley and Pacific Line Layout is based on the Missouri Pacific Lines Sedalia Sub from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri.  The modeled portion of the Frisco is from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri.  The name for my layout comes from the Meramec River Valley, which the eastern portion of the division traverses before reaching St. Louis.

Locations represented on the layout are St. Louis, Sedalia, Springfield, Valley Park, Pacific, Washington and Kansas City.  With two railroads modelled, St. Louis and Kansas City serve dual purposes: Mopac yards are represented at both towns, while Frisco is just a staging yard at both.   The layout includes two MOP staging yards as well, one representing Dupo and points East of St. Louis, and another representing Pueblo, CO / North Platte, NE.

One of the most frequently hauled commodities on this operation is grain.  The layout is set in the mid 1960’s to mid 1970’s.  First generation diesels are still plentiful, but you could see an occasional SD40.  Purists may not approve, but there are still some diesels in the original Loewy blue and gray scheme as well as plenty of Jenks Blue-painted power on the MOP.  Frisco locos are mostly Mandarin Orange, but there are a couple of old black with yellow-stripe Alcos that can be seen switching the Springfield yard.

The layout was built for operation.  Unfortunately, I know a lot more about operating now than I did when I started constructing the layout.  The first full-scale operating session has not been held yet.  It is my goal.  I’ve been working on the signals and the CTC panel.  When that is done, I really need to get to work making some waybills.


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