Lessons learned from first MV&P session

While there were no disasters or major mishaps during the first operating session of the MV&P, there were some problems that need attention. I am wishing that I had taken better notes the day of the session..

A few things that I can remember:

  • Replace scale couplers with Kadee #5’s. The small scale couplers are more difficult for operators with less than perfect eye-site to uncouple. (work in progress!)
  • Secure all coupler pockets, especially the push-on kind, by screwing them to the frame of the car.
  • Install additional lighting over the East Staging yard (done!)
  • Repair a few problem freight cars with truck and/or other coupler issues.
  • Work on incline for track connecting East Staging with St. Louis.
  • Replace 5-pin DIN jacks at Kansas City. (New jacks on order!)
  • Add car card boxes at East Staging and University Printing. (on order!)
  • Add throttle pocket at East Staging. (on order!)
  • Add markers to manual turnouts on dispatcher panel (done!)
  • Finish CTC panel switches on dispatcher panel
  • Work on slight hump in junction track at Clayton.
  • Purchase one additional LH90 throttle.
  • Fill out additional waybills.
  • Don’t run Sedalia jobs and Valley Park jobs at same time. (Operators get in each other’s way.)
  • Add turnout panel controls at Valley Park and JR Cement.

I’ve got a bit of work to do!


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