Moving Up


Frame-building and track-laying of the upper level of the River Division – Route of the Eagles layout began early last month. I am happy to report that the track is down and there is power to the rails all the way from the lower level to just pass the brewery operation. Spur-tracks and switch machines are installed at the brewery, and most of the brewery buildings have been assembled. There are 3 spurs in, with one more to be added as soon as I am in receipt of a Walthers #4 Left-hand Code 83 turnout. Once the fourth spur track is installed and wired, I plan to do some test-switching operations in the area.

A fifth spur in the area of the brewery curves around the corner to a collection of structures whose function is yet to be determined. A couple of possibilities: chemical/pharmaceutical distributor, or a large printing operation..


Industrial Complex

The double-track bridge I constructed out of aluminum channel, and held in place by cabinet magnets, is wired, tested, and ready to be put in service.

If I can get a couple more buildings put together, and some waybills made, we will be able to operate on the River Division once again with the addition of a new job – a MOPAC train to work the Rock Bottom Brewery! My goal to have the second operating session before Mid-May.


Mike enjoys family, music, computers, photography, travel, trains and most all facets of model railroading, especially ops.

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