Scenic Wonder

Last time I built a layout, I couldn’t wait to add scenery to it – “scenic it” as a model railroader would say.  The problem with doing that, is that if you want to make changes to your track plan – even modest ones – it becomes a real pain after you have put down a lawn, planted trees, and applied ballast to the road bed.

This time I know better.  It is best to host a few operating sessions to test the layout of the track, location of industries and other structures, etc. prior to spending a lot of time concentrating on scenery.   It takes enough effort to pull up track and roadbed to make adjustments.  Once scenery is in place, I find it more difficult to psych myself up to make changes because I know how long it took me to add all that grass, sidewalks, and roadway.

But, as I get ready to go into my full-time job this morning (the job that supports my addiction to trains), I find myself with a case of scenic wonder.   When I look at photos of my previous layout, where many of the areas had full scenery, I wonder when my new layout will be ready to be taken to the next level.   And by that, I do not mean adding another level of track!

Farm Scene on my Former MV&P Layout

Farm Scene on my Former MV&P Layout


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