Session No. 3

The third operating session on the Eagle River Division is in the history books. Well, maybe not in the actual books, but it is history. There were surprisingly few hiccups – a turnout with a bad point that had to be replaced, a couple of dragging couplers, and a few issues with the logic in the computer control panel. These have been addressed and corrected.

This was the second session that included the recently added upper level, and the first session since the reconfiguration of Oak Hill. The changes in Oak Hill involved adding track for a couple of elevators, changing the track to the yard throat, and moving a couple of other industries. Fortunately, my son Justin was home on leave, and crawled under the layout to re-install several tortoise switch machines that had to be moved.

For this third session, fellow local model-railroaders Dave Woomer, Ron White, and Ray Wells joined Justin and Myself to operate the layout.  Dave had the Brewery Job, Ron – the steel mill, Ray – Oak Hill, Justin – the Cement Factory & Quarry, and myself – Dispatcher.

The anticipated addition of a fifth Lenz throttle will allow a total of six operators (including myself) at the next operating session.

Block detection still needs to be added to one last part of the upper level. Next, it’s time to start permanently placing structures, and working on scenery. On this layout, I promised myself not to glue buildings in place, do any ballasting of track, nor add any detailed scenery until I was certain the track plan was going to work. (I am glad that I waited, given the moving of track and industries that took place in Oak Hill.) But, Session No. 3 has now sealed the deal. Operations went smoothly, and the industries have found permanent positions on the layout.

Now, where did I put that glue?


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