Waiting on Real Dirt

Grass is beginning to grow on the Eagle River Division! I decided to take a break from running cables and making connections to block detection units to work on a little scenery – or should I say “work on little scenery”? The first thing I had to do was make a final decision on what else would occupy this stretch of real estate. The Coldwater Elevator was a shoe-in, since I built this model specifically with this location in mind. The rest was up for grabs. As you can see from the images, the junk yard won out. I used one of the Grandt Line row houses for the junkyard owner’s accommodations. It looks like the old Plymouth parked out front is no longer running, so there is an old truck on order for Henry, the owner. It’s a Woodland Scenics’ “Henry’s Haulin” rusted truck. It comes with accessories, including Henry!

The truck will be here tomorrow, just in time to not be in the photos I took this evening. I included an image of the truck to satisfy your curiosity; it’s just not in any of the layout scenes. Which brings me to the title of this blog, so titled because I am waiting on a bag of dirt. Yep. A one-pound bag of dirt is coming tomorrow in my hobby shop order. I can’t remember paying for dirt, except for some topsoil used for prototypical landscaping in my backyard a couple of years ago. My plan is to use some of the Highball Products “Real Dirt” to finish my junkyard scene. Of course I won’t use a whole pound on just this one scene. There is plenty of other scenery that needs to be worked on and I’m sure some of it will include the need for dirt. At $12.95 a pound, it’s only going to be used on the layout. We already decided we won’t be using any of this real dirt for repotting real house plants – it’s more expensive than Miracle Gro!  Really.


Coldwater Elevator


Coldwater Elevator



Henry’s Humble Abode



Tires. Cheap!



Retired tires.



Henry’s truck.



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