Bare Wood Yields to More Grass, Weeds, Bushes, and Trees

The “Plywood Central” look of the Eagle River Division is slowly disappearing.  If you’ve ever done any scenicking of your own model railroad, you know the key word here is slowly.  Creating scenery has to be one of my most favorite parts of model railroading, but it also seems to be one of the most time-consuming. Here’s what I have to show for a couple of weekend’s of work on the layout.  I must confess, not all of my time was spent on scenery.  I had to build one of the elevator kits (Walthers new Prairie Co-Op kit).  I also installed a couple of grade crossings and worked on some roadway that is in another area of the layout, and did some trouble-shooting of an electronic issue I was having. The scenes shown are complete except for ballasting the track.  That’s a future project.  Similar photos of some of these scenes appeared in my last post, but more work has been done in these areas since those photos were captured.   These shots were all grabbed with my iPhone.




Henry’s Junkyard & House – Coldwater


Need parts? Henry’s Junk Cars – Coldwater


Henry in Front of His House – Coldwater


Brown Shoe Co. Building – Westburg

Midwestern Grain Co. - Wesburg

Midwestern Grain Co. – Wesburg


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