Yard Work

Westburg Cargill Plant

Westburg Cargill Plant

I did a little yard work this afternoon. That statement can certainly have more than one meaning, can’t it? In this case, the yard work was not on my layout, it was outside the house and involved putting down some mulch, filling a few pots with plants, and doing a little trimming. Why am I mentioning this on my model railroad blog? Well because I did a little yard work on the layout as well, but it had nothing to do with classifying cars. Nope. The yard work I did consisted of adding some scenic details to some more of the layout. Lots of grass, dirt, a few trees, a couple of stumps, and a billboard were planted. I’m happy to report that the static grass applicator I built last year from a converted Harbor House Freight electric fly-swatter, worked splendidly with my static grass from Scenic Express.

I am happy with the results. The thing I am most happy about is that static grass doesn’t grow once it has been planted. (maybe “static grass” has a double-meaning..) I won’t ever have to pay someone to mow all that grass 3 or 4 times a month! And, I’ll never have to rake a single leaf from those new trees. No wonder they say that model railroading is fun!


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