Doing Grass


I did a lot of grass this weekend. Before you call DEA, the local police, Neighborhood Watch, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, please let me explain. When a model railroader does a lot of grass, chances are he is doing just what I did – putting down more scenery on his model railroad layout. As a matter of fact, I also did some weeds, some gravel, some black-top, some ballast, and even some (gasp) talus. I’m happy with the results, and thrilled that a little more of the “Plywood Pacific” disappeared under a blanket of static grass, paint, ground foam, talus, and crushed limestone. Oh yeah, I drank a beer on Saturday, and had a glass of wine with dinner on Sunday, but I drank responsibly, didn’t drive, and I’m well over 21. Maybe I’ll do some more grass next weekend. As a model railroader, of course!

Here are some photographs of the Oak Hill area, showing the disappearance of the raw plywood surface:


Picadilly Wholesale parking lot gets blacktop surface.


Scenery added around MFA Grain Elevator at Oak Hill.


Grass and ballast added.      Oak Hill.


Plywood disappearing under scenery at Oak Hill.


Track ballasted and grass growing at Coop Fertilizer siding.


Scenery added around McGraw Oil Company.


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