Working “The Beer Run” – Hoegaarden

In our last blog, our train had finished work at Westburg and was headed east to Hoegaarden, where it will work the Sherwin Williams Paint Factory and the Rock Bottom Brewery.   Our train left Westburg with ten (10) cars.  Eight of those cars are to be delivered to Hoegaarden.  Here is our current train make-up:


The yellow Railbox (RBOX) car will continue on to Lafayette.  The 8 green cars will be left at Hoegaarden.

Here is a description of how today’s crew went about their pickups (pulls) and set-outs (spots) at Hoegaarden.

The train pulls into the siding at Hoegaarden clear of the main and returns the turnout back to normal position for the main:


Our crew uncouples the locomotive from the train and visits the spurs to make today’s designated pick-ups, then shoves these 5 cars onto the paint spur to get them out of the way for now. 2 cars are picked up from Sherwin Williams, one from brewery buildings #5 and #1, and one from the grain bins.
Below, our crew has returned to the siding with their locomotive:


Next, our crew pulls the 4 set-outs (dark-blue cars) and the Railbox car (yellow) off the siding and spots the dark blue cars on the designated brewery spurs.  In the figure below, this work has been done, and the locomotive still coupled to the Railbox car is picking up the (orange) cars they left on the paint spur earlier (locomotive is shown in red in this figure):


Our crew is using the paint track crossover to return to Hoegaarden siding with all the cars that were picked up from the brewery and Sherwin Williams (locomotive is shown in red in this figure)::


Now our crew couples to the light blue boxcars destined for Sherwin Williams, and pushes these 3 cars over the crossover and on to the paint spur.  The caboose is left on the siding, west of the crossover:


With the 3 cars for Sherwin Williams on the paint spur and clear of the crossover, the crew uncouples the locomotive from the cars on the siding and runs to the east end of the siding, then returns west to the paint spur.  The three cars for the paint factory or pushed into position and spotted at the appropriate locations:


With the Sherwin Williams cars spotted, our locomotive has returned to the siding and re-coupled to the cars and the caboose.  After notifying the dispatcher and obtaining clearance, our crew can depart Hoegaarden with 7 cars.  (1 Railbox car picked up in Westburg, 5 cars picked up at Hoegaarden, and 1 caboose):


Looks like our crew will be in Lafayette in time for supper!











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