Kudos to CTI Electronics


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More specifically, kudos to Tim at CTI Electronics.  He not only sells a great product in his fully integrated model railroad control system, but his customer service is second to no one else in the industry.  I have used CTI modules for years to power all the signals and some of the other sensing and switching requirements on my model railroads.  CTI modules are simple to install, and are fully programmable.

CTI Signalman modules power all the signals on the Eagle River Division.  Each Signalman will connect to 16 leds.  Most of my modules are common anode, but I also have 1 or 2 Signalman models designed for searchlight signals.  I use a Switchman module to control relays, lighting, and small motors.  A Watchman module monitors turnout position on some of my turnouts, to report back to the computer software (I currently use JMRI – previously used TrainController.)

Usually, everything works great.  After an October thunderstorm with quite a bit of lightening, I noticed my CTI network was not working.  It turns out that one of the lightening strikes got a little too close and took out an IC chip in three of my modules.  Tim was able to diagnose the problem over the phone, and promptly provide me with replacement chips without charge.  Now that’s service with a capital “S”.

Thanks Tim!

(Hmmm – I wrote most of this blog last November (2016) but never published it.  Doh – must have gotten distracted by something shiny!  I am publishing it now because I want everyone who reads it to know what a great guy Tim is, and that CTI Electronics is a class act.)



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