Implements of Mass Production, E-I-E-I-O

Assembly of an American Model Builders HO 726 Implement Barn with Corral Kit was recently completed, and has been installed on the layout.  This is a laser-cut wooden kit.  It was easy to assemble and we hope you agree that it produced a good-looking small barn that would look at home on any family farm in the nineteen-seventies.  Nothing like a barn-raising to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something!

Farmer MacDonald (the elder) is pleased that he now has a place to protect his implements from the elements.  The fenced in area adjacent to the barn corrals his cattle and a couple of horses.  Maybe someday, someone will write a song about Old MacDonald and his farm animals…

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Implement Barn and Corral – MacDonald Farm

Implement Barn and Corral – MacDonald Farm



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