Smooth Operators

Six talented model railroaders and experienced operators participated in the action during Eagle River Division’s operating session on Saturday, August 12th 2017.  There were the usual derailments, problem couplers, and minor electrical issues that always seem to magically appear during an ops session, but they were infrequent, and nobody died.

Guest and Master Model Railroader Ron Williams surprised the group with a box of delicious Krispy Kreme donuts, which soon disappeared.  Hot coffee, snacks, and cold drinks were also available.  Ron also brought a Kato Union Pacific business car with him, which we added to a passenger train, and ran as a business special.  It caught us off-guard enough that I am not sure anyone captured a photo of it.

The photos below show Ron, Ron, Mike, Steve, Dave, and Dan deep in though and hard at play.  Click on any image to enlarge.

And Dan, I apologize again for not telling you I was turning off the layout.   Oops.

Ron Williams makes one of many switching moves at Sulphur Springs Quarry using a Frisco FM H-10-44 locomotive.

Ron White is a big fan of car cards and waybills. We are fortunate he even considers operating on a layout that uses computer-generated switch lists!

Mike Young thinks he looks puzzled, but we know he is just contemplating his next move as he works Rock Bottom Brewery at Hoegaarden.

Steve Christeson locates the spur for his next spot as he switches South Park. South Park Terminal yard is directly behind South Park.

Dave Woomer assembles his outgoing T.R.R.A. train at Ferritin Industrial Park. The train will terminate at South Park Terminal, which is a visible staging yard.

The inter-plant moves, pulls, and spots keep Dan Batson occupied as he works the Ferritin City Steel plant.


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