Eagle River Operations – January 2018

Here are some photos of a group of dedicated model railroaders enjoying a Saturday morning of operations on the Eagle River Division.

Thank you Ron Williams for sharing the first 6 or 7 photos below!

Dave contemplates his next move at Oak Hill.

The steel mill’s switch engine.

Steve is the master at work at Ferritin City Steel this morning.

Dave takes it all in stride as he works Ferritin Industrial Park.

Yours truly at the dispatcher’s panel. Photo was taken just as I was restarting the system.

Ron White has everything under control as the senior yardmaster at Waldo Yard this morning.

Kurt is working the Cargill plant at Westburg in this photo.

Ray watches his train while Kurt and Ron work their jobs. The other Ron is working Waldo yard in the back.

Frisco train is held while a Santa Fe manifest takes the diverging route.

Dave is headed back to South Park yard after completing his work at Ferritin Industrial Park, while Ron works Westburg on the upper level.

Sometimes during a session, it seems like everyone ends up in the same spot. From left to right (back to front) are Ron, Ron, Kurt, and Ray.


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