The Times They are A-Changin’

Aerial View of South Park Classification Yard

Setting the clocks forward recently for daylight savings time wasn’t the only change on the Eagle River Division. The ERD changes have more to do with operations than with time, but hey, I needed a catchy title for this blog!

What’s the big change? So glad you asked. Eagle River is reopening South Park Yard as a classification yard for Mopac, Frisco, and T.R.R.A. trains. Waldo yard will go back to serving as a west-end staging area.

Why did we do this? Thanks for asking. South Park Yard was originally built as a classification yard. It is conveniently located on the lower level and easy to access. (Waldo yard is more cramped and requires working on an elevated platform.)

Back to the subject of time… when will this change occur? South Park Yard will be ready for building and classifying trains at the next operating session of the ERD.

Here is a list of the expected trains in order of appearance at the yard:


  1. #FTL (T.R.R.A. E. Ferritin Turn)
  2. #834 (SLSF TOFC Manifest)
  3. #SPL (South Park Local)
  4. #SPRSP (SLSF Riverside Turn)
  5. #SPFS (MOP Ferritin Steel Turn)


  1. #LSP (SLSF Lafayette to South Park Manifest)
  2. #SPFS (MOP Steel Turn, returned late from previous session)
  3. #SPRSP (return of SLSF Riverside Turn)
  4. #FTL (return of T.R.R.A. E. Ferritin Turn)

And, in case you wanted to ask…  No, the times of the trains listed above will not be a-changin’.


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