Upper Level Jobs Disappear as ERD Management Acts on Threats to Downsize

On Wednesday evening, crews began removing track at Waldo Yard, after track abandonment approval was granted to the railroad.  All track between Waldo and Riverside Junction is slated for abandonment and removal.

This makes up the entire upper deck of the Eagle River Division, resulting in the loss of several upper level jobs including the Hoegaarden Beer job and the Westburg local.  Rumors are stirring of a new brewery to be built near Lafayette.

Yardmaster Humpin Tuplease was not too happy when we caught up with him early Thursday.  “I come in this mornin’ and all our jobs is gone – I mean gone – the whole entire complete yard’s  gone too – just vanished – like it ain’t never existed.  It’s as if the earth just opened up and she swallered the whole dang thing.”

The photos below show 1) the nearly empty Waldo yard prior to demolition, and 2) after the yard (and all the upper level benchwork) was removed.





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