More Upper Level Jobs Cut; Railfan Laments Disappearing Rail

The slow economic climate of this decade (1970s) continues to plague local industry and the Eagle River Division.  Today, more upper level jobs were cut as the Rock Bottom Brewery was removed.  Railfan Henry Fomer recalls busier, happier times. “I was just here yesterday chasing trains with my dog – that’s my dog there – Diesel – and saw a tank car being unloaded, and boxcars being loaded and unloaded.  Today, I came back and see this!  Talk about disappearing rails!  The railbed, the brewery, and even the foundations and the ground itself is gone.  Vaporized.  Do you think maybe all that alien stuff  – aliens from outer space – you know, the legal kind – is really true?  Did you here there were reports by some people of seeing a giant just before things began to disappear.  They say he didn’t have much hair – what he did have was gray, he could use a shave, and needed to lose some weight.”

Henry Fomer and Diesel

Rock Bottom Brewery Before it Closed

Henry photographs devastation as Diesel looks on.

Full extent of the carnage evident in this aerial view.

Hoegaarden locals never knew there was a lower deck underneath their town with more railroad tracks. Before we left, Henry added that he guessed the local taverns would all have to go back to selling Budweiser now that the local brewery is gone.




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