Workin’ on the Railroad (Again)

A couple of projects are currently in the works on the Eagle River Division layout. First project involves some track and industry changes at Williamsville; second project involves adding a turning loop at South Park (Staging) Yard.

Williamsville Track and Industry Changes

At Williamsville, the power plant building was removed. The plant no longer received rail service because of operational changes. Two grain elevators were added in place of the power plant building. A spur was added, and will be shared between the two grain elevator companies.

Photo: Two grain dealers and a new spur replace the former non-rail industry at Williamsville.

Also at Williamsville, the lift-up/drop-down track extension was both widened and lengthened to facilitate operations. This change lengthens both the main line and build track at Williamsville.

New Lift-up/drop-down section at Williamsville.
Larger Lift-Up section used during OPS. This 28″ wide x 36″ long area replaces a smaller, one-track 5″ x 24″ lift-up. Shown here waiting on turnouts to arrive so track can be installed. Two tracks from the main layout will continue onto the lift-up section.

South Park Loop Addition

Not long ago, South Park Yard was changed from a working classification yard into a staging yard. The addition of a loop allows trains coming into the yard to first turn and then back into their assigned staging tracks, so it is properly oriented for its next departure. The loop is located at the West end of the yard.

Turn-around loop added at South Park.
South Park Turn-Around Loop
Trains can be properly oriented for their next departure. The area in the middle of the loop will be occupied by a Metals Fabricating Plant.

More photos will be added as these two projects progress.

Project Update: Williamsville, Dec 23, 2020

Scenery work is completed around the two new grain elevators, and a new tank car unloading facility is added at Pillsbury Mills. The photos below show the completed areas around the elevators and the new tank unloading area.

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