FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Non-painted layout backdrops are a combination of preprinted backdrops from SceniKing and Backdrop Warehouse.  Some building flats and backdrops are from Angietracksideflats, an eBay seller. 

The main level of the layout is divided into 3 power districts and 4 breaker subdistricts.  DCC circuit breakers are PSX Power Shields manufactured by DCC Specialties.  One of the layout boosters is a DR5033 Digiboost manufactured by Dijikeijs and fully compatible with the Lenz XpressNet network. Lenz is the primary source for layout power.

The signal network uses SignalMan Control Modules to drive signal LEDs, and is manufactured by CTI-Electronics.  Each Signalman module controls up to 16 signal lamps, has built-in signal brightness adjustment, synthesized yellow tint adjust for bipolar LEDs, and onboard current limiting overload protection. 

Non-bipolar layout signals are common anode and manufactured by Tomar, NJ International, and Oregon Rail. The 3-headed signal at Riverside Junction was custom-built by Richard of Custom Signal Systems.

Train movement is controlled by JMRI PanelPro and JMRI OperationsPro software. Manifests and switch lists are formatted and printed using versions of ManifestCreator and SwitchListCreator.

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