Just the Facts

Journey back to the 1970s as first and second generation diesels of the Frisco, Missouri Pacific, Katy (M-K-T), and Alton & Southern railroads ply the rails. Local switching keeps crews busy working rail-served Midwestern industries.  A steel mill, scrap dealer, cement factory, quarry, brewery, various grain elevators, mill, shoe factory, food wholesaler and other rail-served industries dot the landscape.  Sound-equipped locomotive consists head manifest freights, locals, turns, extras, and a passenger train; all contributing to the operating action on this signaled, CTC dispatcher-controlled HO-scale layout.



Eagle River Division


Scale: HO (1:87)
Period/Era: Nineteen-Seventies
Railroads: Missouri Pacific Lines (MOPAC), St. Louis-San Francisco RR (Frisco), Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR (M-K-T), and Alton & Southern Railway.
Track: Atlas Code 83 and Code 100
Turnouts Mainline: No. 6 and 8; Spurs: No. 4 and 5.
Dispatching: CTC
Control: Lenz Easy-DCC; CVP wireless throttles
Signals: Tomar, Oregon Rail, Custom-built.   CTI Electronics Acela network.
Car Forwarding: JMRI Operations Software
System Map: (Under revision.)
Crew Size: 6 to 8
Jobs: Dispatcher, Yardmaster, Locals: Brewery,  Katy, Cement & Quarry Job, Steel Mill, Industrial Park Turn.
Max. Grade 2.5%

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