Trains are running on the River Division

The trains began to run in January, actually. The lower level was complete enough for me to host the first operating session on The River Division in mid-January. Three other operators joined me to switch the cement factory at Riverside, the steel mill in Ferritin, the grain elevator in Millerton, and the industries served by the M-K-T in the towns of Oak Hill and Eagle Junction.

The recently added Powershield-X Circuit Breakers by DCC Specialties performed flawlessly. The lower level is divided into 4 power sections. No more having the whole system go down and having to reset all of the signals because of a short caused somewhere on the layout. The upper level, when complete will be divided into 3 separate power districts. Each level is powered by its own 5 amp booster.

Veteran operators, Ron White, Dave Woomer, and Ray Wells did a great job working their respective areas. A few minor problems were identified and have since been corrected. All three operators agreed that they are looking forward to the next session, and are anxious to come back to operate again.


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