Goodbye Car Float, Hello Doughboy

The car float that once occupied the left end of one section of the layout, has floated down river to a new home (off the layout). Silos and elevators and structures that make up the Pillsbury Milling plant now stand on the filled in bay

A photo of the area before the car float operation was removed.
Pillsbury Milling – Grain unloading tracks are in the foreground. Bulk flour loading is on the back side.
Tracks from L to R: Grain receiving (2), for now tracks (2), bulk flour & mix shipping, chlorine tank, bulk sugar, liquids (molasses, sugar, vegetable oil), & boxcar shipping docks. Not shown in the photo is a receiving dock for incoming boxcar loads. The Greasy Spoon Diner in the foreground is going to need a proper parking lot for a couple of hot rods (and its roof needs a little attention to get rid of the dust).

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